Monthly News – September 2023

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the BETA. Many thanks also to all the people who sent us donations. Your help is very much appreciated.

ISO images and SecureBoot

A few months ago we mentioned that our ISO production tools and framework needed an upgrade. This was done prior to releasing LMDE 6 and Mint 21.2 EDGE and it allowed us to bring back support for Secureboot in both of these releases.

We’re now able to produce ISO images faster than before and in a much simpler way. We also greatly reduced the internal differences between our Mint and LMDE images. They should support a wider variety of BIOS and EFI implementations and they now boot the same way.


While working on LMDE 6 we came across applications written with GTK4/libAdwaita. These applications are designed for GNOME only and do not support themes. This makes them look different than all other apps and out of place within the desktop.

We solved this issue in LMDE 6 by removing one of them and downgrading the other apps back to their GTK3 versions.

Going forward we’ll need to come up with a decision on how to handle this long-term. This is something that will need to be done in preparation for Linux Mint 22.


LMDE 6 and Mint 21.2 EDGE were recently released.

These releases come with kernels 6.1 and 6.2 respectively, updated grub versions and secureboot support. Both releases feature the latest changes and new features announced in Linux Mint 21.2.


LMDE 5 will reach End of Life on July 1st 2024.

Past that date the repositories will continue to work but the release will no longer receive bug fixes or security updates.

To upgrade LMDE 5 to LMDE 6 visit


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  1. @clem: There is a bug in LMDE 6. The notification window that an internet or VPN connection was successfully created cannot be turned off. It always appears over and over again even when you turn it off.

    Proton VPN also runs unstable under LMDE. Under LM it does not run at all and crashes. This is also stated in the reviews of LM.

    Can you improve this somehow?

    Otherwise, everything is top. LMDE is currently extremely hyped on YouTube. Large Linux Youtuber want to switch to LMDE.

    The trust in Debian is simply greater than in Ubuntu.

    Greetings and love

    1. @heederman
      Bro. Just type LMDE 6 into Search Mask of Youtube.

      I.E. SwitchToLinux Youtuber

  2. I’m probably in the minority but I don’t really care about full gtk3 themes: I just want dark mode to work on everything automatically. Libadwaita does allow for dark mode, even if it’s not identical to the Mint-Y-Dark theme I’ve used for so long, so it’s good enough for me. Of course I certainly wouldn’t mind if y’all managed to come up with a way to make advanced theming work with gtk4. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Although I applaud your release of LMDE 6, it would be more than “ideologically meaningful” to me (and many others) if it supported the armhf and arm64 architectures… after all, Debian does.

  4. @clem:

    I just turned on Secure Boot in the UEFI/Bios settings and it is so clean. It works perfectly. And my StartScreen now also boots in Full HD resolution according to my screen resolution. Before it was way too big.

    Very very clean. And then when you read “LMDE boots…” it really brings tears. I really mean that. Not just because I love LMDE. For me as a Windows switcher from 2 years ago, this is simply the nicest feeling to finally have an OS that you really like and where you can learn so much yourself.

    It really is by far the cleanest LMDE I’ve ever experienced and as I’ve said before. I think the vision to create LMDE didn’t just happen. I believe in God and I think you were told to create LMDE and with Debian you also have an ultra good base, if they of course continue to release so good Debians.
    But I think you will always find a solution, as good as you work together as a team.

    I can only take my hat off to your team and you Clem. It is really a TOP LMDE (still this one notification bug with the Internet connection) but otherwise flawless and clean. I also like the new Cinnamon very much.

    Super thing. You are to be congratulated on your success.

    LMDE Enjojer.

    1. I tried Plasma and KDE and have to say that I dont like them. Cinnamon is by far the best desktop environment and it works flawless in the Mint OS.

      Also Clem already said in a previous blog that they are thinking about Wayland for Mint.

      From all the time I am here, I think we can just let Clem and his team do whatever is best. Because they know what they do. They have the overview. They are the Specialists. We can just be happy and thankful that we get such a good OS like Mint or LMDE.

    2. I’ve never yet been able to get the KDE version of *any* type of linux to work perfectly – there are always more than enoughh bugs for Rentokil!

    3. I tried KDE several times and I always got bugs, none of them critical but they were numerous and annoying. KDE is way too ‘progressive’ to have that level of stability that Cinnamon has. Besides, KDE offers tons of customization options but how many of these does an average person actually use? More than that, the desktop looks rather chaotic when it comes to finding a particular customization setting. No doubt KDE has lots of fans and is great if you like tinkering with the desktop, but in terms of philosophy it seems far from what we get in LM. Perhaps the still-in-the-works Cosmic desktop of Pop Os would be better? Anyway, I believe that Clem and the other Mint developers will solve the problem as they have done since days immemorial.

  5. Dear Clem, I thank you for the great work you do with your team, for me Linux Mint is by far the best Linux distribution, which is why I have it installed on my two laptops and on my desktop computer.

    I currently have two things to report on Linux Mint.

    First, in Linux Mint 21.2 cinnamon, when I decompress compressed folders that were downloaded from Outlook email or when I download compressed folders from my One Drive educational account, the file icons are not displayed correctly, a clock appears as the icon, the strange thing is After a few hours the icons are displayed correctly, I don’t know if other people have reported this problem, I hope they can take some time to see that.
    I tell you that this problem does not occur in Linux mint cinnamon 20.3 or in Linux mint xfce 21.2.

    I tell you that this problem does not occur in Linux mint cinnamon 20.3 or in Linux mint xfce 21.2.

    The second thing is that I have an Honor magicbook X15 laptop, which has the Realtek ALC256 audio chip, which is the cause of the whole problem. On this laptop I installed several Linux distributions and in none of them the audio works, but when installing Ubuntu-based Linux Mint the audio works perfectly, but when LMDE 6 comes out I install it and unfortunately the audio does not work in that version.

    Now I understand the importance of Linux Mint base Ubuntu, and that if there are differences between Linux Mint base Ubuntu and LMDE6, I wanted to comment on it because I know that all the feedback that your users can give you helps you, thank you very much again, and sorry for me English because I wrote using the translator, greetings from Peru.

  6. I don’t suppose whatever solution you go with to solve the GTK4 theming issue will also solve the long-standing issue with GTK3 and now GTK4 applications not adhering to Fitts’ Law?

    My personal pet theory is that, because GNOME by default has the panel at the top, many of the GTK devs don’t realize that you can’t even close a maximized GTK3/GTK4 program window if you click in the top-right corner like you can with GTK2 programs…

    Relevant links:
    Nearly 8-year old GTK issue:
    Mint discussion/suggestion:
    KDE’s implemented workaround:

  7. I’m loving LMDE 6 but reading some of these blog posts I can’t avoid thinking that things don’t look particularly good when I think about the future. Since I doubt you plan to switch to QT or any other alternative to GTK the only long term solution for the theming problem is going to have to include GTK4 with all its consequences. I’m pretty sure that even with libadwaita colors can be customized so it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate Mint’s original themes. I mean I don’t think staying in GTK3 forever is an option and unless the plan is to abandon Cinnamon, things like gtk4 and wayland (I mean is basically already dead) should be included in whatever future plans Mint has, otherwise as much as I love Mint its days are numbered and the last thing I want is to even think about is finding a replacement.

    I know many people (especially around these parts) are resistant to change, but sometimes change is unavoidable and refusing to move forward is the same as choosing self-destruction. It doesn’t need to be a fast change but that change is going to be very necessary soon.

    1. Please highlight Clem’s blog posts that have made you convinced that things don’t look good for the future of Mint.
      You mention not switching to QT. Well their own page states that it isn’t available for Debian So considering that LMDE has to match standard Mint as much as possible, I can only assume this is one such reason not to go down that route. And as for abandoning Cinnamon? You know Clem and team are actually the developers of it right?!

  8. i don’t understand your post.
    clem explicitly wrote:

    “Going forward we’ll need to come up with a decision on how to handle this long-term. This is something that will need to be done in preparation for Linux Mint 22.”

    Meaning they are already dealing with it and will find a solution and decision.

    So far Clem and his team have done a great job. So why draw such a gloomy picture now? I don’t see it so dark. And I think they will find a good solution.

  9. Hello Clem, I am a Linux mint 21.2 cinnamon user and I had to change the Nemo file manager to Thunar. I am a university teacher and as part of my job I receive compressed folders by email (outlook educational account) or I need to download compressed files from the one drive of my educational account, when unzipping the files downloaded from the mentioned sources I cannot see the icons of the files correctly, instead of icons I see a clock that does not allow me to distinguish if the file is a pdf, a worksheet, a presentation or a text file, this problem occurs on my 3 computers and on a colleague’s computer from the university that also uses Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2 but that problem does not occur with the previous version of Nemo, I hope you can take a look at that, in the meantime I will continue using Thunar, thank you.

    1. I get zip files – but the “Archive Manager” shows the contents with appropriate icons and allows me to selectively perform the decompression. It also works with other kinds of compression.

    2. Hi Jeremy, the problem is only with compressed folders that come from the Microsoft 365 educational account, which is the one used by the university where I work. When I unzip files from any other source, the file icons appear correctly, the same thing happens to another friend from the university who has linux mint canela 21.2 and also uses his educational account, that is why I now use thunar where the icons of these uncompressed files are displayed correctly.

    3. I am thinking of changing Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2 for Linux Mint Xfce 21.2 to solve my problem because I use compressed files a lot in my work.

  10. I am thinking of changing Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2 for Linux Mint Xfce 21.2 to solve my problem because I use compressed files a lot in my work.

  11. I’ve used Linux Mint since it first became available, some 17 years now, and in all this time I’ve found that whatever development issues may arise Clem and his team come up with ways of working past them while keeping Mint on an even keel. How these current looming technical issues will be dealt with I can’t say. What I can say is that based on past performance the Mint team will solve them, which is something that everyone who benefits from their work is grateful for!..

  12. The easy way to fix GT4 issue is trying to make Linux Mint theme look like GNOME, but having Mint colors and differences

    1. this is really the worst suggestion i have ever heard. you know why cinnamon and mint are so popular? among other things because it looks similar to windows 7/10 and is super easy to use, especially for switchers.

      to make mint look like gnome…then you can go straight to ubuntu or co.

    2. I wouldnt use Mint anymore when it would look like GNOME. I dont like it. Also I think many wouldnt like it. The theme /desktop environment (Cinnamon etc) and the mint tools are the reasosn why people use Mint.

  13. I am running LMDE 6 with secure boot disable and for the first time an encrypt Home partition and it works perfectly. I tried to enable secure boot just for test. In UEFI/Bios settings, I was asked to enter my Administrator Password ( this was new ?) and it was not accepted . I tried to register a MOK password with the command ” sudo mokutil –password ” but it did not work. Is it due to the encryption of my Home partition ?

    1. ??? I was not asked to to enter any password in UEFI / BIOS. Aer you speaking about a passwort to enter UEFI? Thats not Mint related. I just set Secure Boot on and on Standard. And everything worked. Also my home folder is encrypted.

  14. Hallo Leute,habe ein Problem mit meinen All in One PC
    Wer kann mir da helfen?????
    PC Ist ein ASUS Expert Center
    Problem: Meine Systemlautspreche funktionieren nicht
    Wenn ich Kopfhöre oder externe Lautsprecher anhänge habe ich einen Ton
    Betriebsystem: LMCE

    Danke in vorraus

  15. Hi Clem
    I just stumbled over the same issue as described here;
    But the issue affects both screenshot applets and all functions.

    The reason is:
    JS ERROR: Exception in callback for signal: activate: TypeError: Main.Util is undefined

    The trace goes to:
    (cinnamon:97050): Gjs-WARNING **: 19:46:47.044: Some code accessed the property ‘Util’ on the module ‘main’. That property was defined with ‘let’ or ‘const’ inside the module. This was previously supported, but is not correct according to the ES6 standard. Any symbols to be exported from a module must be defined with ‘var’. The property access will work as previously for the time being, but please fix your code anyway.

    I fixed it by:
    — /home/jensverwiebe/Schreibtisch/main(old).js 2023-07-07 15:15:53.000000000 +0200
    +++ /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js 2023-10-18 19:32:07.305487664 +0200
    @@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ const Magnifier = imports.ui.magnifier;
    const LocatePointer = imports.ui.locatePointer;
    const XdndHandler = imports.ui.xdndHandler;
    const StatusIconDispatcher = imports.ui.statusIconDispatcher;
    -const Util = imports.misc.util;
    +var Util = imports.misc.util;

    Please check if this const allover /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js should be replaced completely, i only fixed the screenshot bug by this one line for now. The applets must not be touched.

    Cheers … Jens

  16. LMDE 6 is a really good distro alternatively to Mint Ubuntu-based but I would love if there were both MATE and XFCE flavors along with Cinnamon as it may be a truly smart option, in my opinion. Best regards to you, Clem, and to your amazing teamwork!

  17. @clem: i can’t exactly reproduce the error. but since lmde 6 my firefox freezes (im even on ESR now. tried all the versions) all the time. also my discord. and my keyboard doesn’t respond. its active but then i can’t type anything. i’ve also had the warning that cinnamon crashed several times now. the crash reports show nothing. only when discord crashes and closes. but the freeze problem is also independent of discord.

    does anyone else have this?

  18. I just discovered that the default driver installed by LMDE 6 for my somewhat old HP Laserjet 1320 does not support 2 sided printing. Easily changed but rather annoying! Unfortunately, some mickey-mouse driver was also installed for my Color Laserjet M451dn and I haven’t gotten that solved yet.

    1. OK – I installed the M451dn printer from scratch and everything is fine now using a Postscript driver. I have had just about zero luck with this new “driverless” stuff!

  19. Hi Clem: When installing Linux Mint, if we want a dedicated Home partition , we have to select the option “something else” which is confusing and not very helpfull for beginners.

    A dedicated option will be welcomed, similar to the option ” install bei side a detected existing OS like Windows”
    To overcome this, I had to installed automatically first. Then with Gparted to shrink the last partition and with the free space create a new one . And finally reinstall LM a second time” doing something else”, with /Home on the new partition.

    This is just a suggestion.

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