Edge ISO available for Linux Mint 21.2

This is a quick announcement to let you know an “Edge” ISO image is now available for Linux Mint 21.2.

This image is made for people whose hardware is too new to boot the 5.15 LTS kernel included in Linux Mint 21.x. It ships with kernel 6.2 instead.

For information on Edge ISO images visit https://linuxmint-user-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/edge.html.

Note: This ISO also brings back support for Secureboot.


  1. LMED is not different from LM except kernel. perhaps it may replace LM. and now it is LMED vs LMDE.
    thanks to the team.

    1. LMDE does still exist and is not the same as the Edge edition from this announcement

      LMDE = Linux Mint Debian Edition (special version based off Debian instead of Ubuntu)

      LMED as you called this = Linux Mint Edge (Ubuntu-based as Cinnamon Edition and etc, but with newer kernel

  2. Hello Clem,

    Like you, I am French, and I apologize in advance for any imperfect English. In the documentation for the Edge ISO version of Linux Mint you state that the Edge ISO image is not as stable as other ISOs and may not support as many proprietary drivers. However, I do not understand your choice not to include in the original version a kernel more recent than 5.15. Kernel 6.1 is also LTS and included in Debian. It is not as recent as that of Ubuntu but it is still a good step forward in supporting recent hardware. This would avoid releasing an Edge version and a lot of people would be happy. That being said, I am aware that you are doing the best for the greatest number of the community and this is only a suggestion. Best regards.

    1. Hi,

      It’s a bit confusing but LTS means Ubuntu Long Term Support, it’s not the same LTS as for the upstream kernel series. Ubuntu also backports commits and fixes continuously onto what it calls its own LTS series. There’s a loose relationship between upstream kernel versions and Ubuntu ones (https://people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/kernel-version-map.html). Ubuntu has a maintenance strategy when it comes to kernels and related CVEs which we follow. On our side we thus either stick to LTS (as in Ubuntu LTS kernel series) or switch to HWE, but we do not at present maintain a separate series if that makes sense.

  3. “Note: This ISO also brings back support for Secureboot.”

    So, if I have a laptop that came with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro preinstalled on it – and I wish to keep it (this time) – then THIS is the .ISO that I need to download and install in order to be able to have everything coexist peacefully, e.g., simply choose the OS I wish to run via a boot menu instead of having to boot into (what passes for) the BIOS menu at power-up, change settings, reboot as per normal, choose linux… then redo everything – reversing those changes – when I wish to switch to the other OS? Meaning then I’ll need to manually install Xfce at first boot and uninstall that Cinnamon thing, I suppose? Is there a handy FAQ for this?

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