Before we start the monthly news, I’d like to thank you for your donations and the support you’re giving us. I’d like to thank our partners and sponsors also and everyone who contributes to Linux Mint.


Last month we gave a preview of some of the new colors in the Mint-Y theme. We thought these would be popular but the feedback wasn’t as positive as we expected. We got mixed reactions and although some people seemed to enjoy them, we also noticed as many people if not more didn’t. I’m glad we tried, and I’m glad this happened before BETA. We’ll take a conservative approach and fine-tune these colors with you during the BETA phase. Basically, we’ll revert or reduce the amount of changes for most colors before BETA, and we’ll set up a meta-issue on Github with one issue per color to let you take part in the process and give feedback on the screenshots and packages we publish.


We also heard your queries on the topic of snapd. This is a topic which is important to us and we already explained our position last year:

[…] as you install APT updates, Snap becomes a requirement for you to continue to use Chromium and installs itself behind your back. This breaks one of the major worries many people had when Snap was announced and a promise from its developers that it would never replace APT.

A self-installing Snap Store which overwrites part of our APT package base is a complete NO NO. It’s something we have to stop and it could mean the end of Chromium updates and access to the snap store in Linux Mint.

A year later, in the Ubuntu 20.04 package base, the Chromium package is indeed empty and acting, without your consent, as a backdoor by connecting your computer to the Ubuntu Store. Applications in this store cannot be patched, or pinned. You can’t audit them, hold them, modify them or even point snap to a different store. You’ve as much empowerment with this as if you were using proprietary software, i.e. none. This is in effect similar to a commercial proprietary solution, but with two major differences: It runs as root, and it installs itself without asking you.

First, I’m happy to confirm that Linux Mint 20, like previous Mint releases will not ship with any snaps or snapd installed. Second, to address this situation we’ll do exactly what we said we would:

  • In Linux Mint 20, Chromium won’t be an empty package which installs snapd behind your back. It will be an empty package which tells you why it’s empty and tells you where to look to get Chromium yourself.
  • In Linux Mint 20, APT will forbid snapd from getting installed.

You’ll still be able to install it yourself and we’ll document this in the release notes, but by default APT won’t allow repository packages from doing this on your behalf.


Linux Mint 20 will feature improved support for NVIDIA Optimus.

In Mint 20, the NVIDIA prime applet now shows your GPU renderer and you can select which card to switch to straight from its menu.

The NVIDIA “On-Demand” profile is also now fully supported both in MATE (by mintmenu) and in Cinnamon (by the Cinnamon menu applet). When you run in that mode, it is your Intel card which renders the session and a menu option is available to let you offload a particular application to your NVIDIA card.

Select an application in the menu, right-click and select “Run with NVIDIA GPU”. It’s that simple.

From the command-line, two new commands are available to offload to GLX or to Vulkan:

  • nvidia-optimus-offload-glx
  • nvidia-optimus-offload-vulkan

To boost compatibility and make it easier to boot Linux Mint 20 in live mode without NVIDIA drivers, “nomodeset” was added to the “Compatibility Mode”.

Multi-Monitor Support

On some computers, hot-plugging monitors has been an issue for years in Cinnamon. Depending on your GPU and graphics drivers this could create black flashing textures around windows and on the background of the newly added monitor. Last month, James Ross (@itzexor in the Mint development team), found a fix for this. Hot-pluggin monitors in the upcoming Cinnamon 4.6 is now smooth as silk. We’ll backport this fix and a few others to Cinnamon 4.4 after the Mint 20 BETA.

In the login screen (Slick Greeter), a new option was added to let you stretch the background across multiple monitors.

System Tray

In Cinnamon’s keyboard applet, you’ll be able to use the middle click button to cycle through keyboard layouts.

In all three DEs (Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce) many of the tray icons were harmonized, given symbolic icons and HiDPI support.

Blueberry, mintupdate, mintreport, nm-applet, mate-power-manager, mate-media, redshift, rhythmbox all use XAppStatusIcon and give the tray a consistent look in Mint 20.

XAppStatusIcon received the ability to handle mouse wheel scrolling events and a new function similar to gtk_menu_popup() which makes it even easier than before to port applications from GtkStatusIcon.

Other News

Last month we received very detailed feedback on Warpinator and some of the networking issues it had in niche cases. I’d like to thank all the people who helped test it. The tool received many stability improvements since.

Nemo received additional performance improvements.


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  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2628
  • Alexa (website ranking): 10631

Work continues on Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” which is planned for June this year. Some of the features which were introduced in LMDE 4 were added to it, such as the live resolution bump in Virtualbox and the activation of APT recommends by default.

Linux Mint 20 will be available in 3 editions (Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce) but only in 64-bit. It will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and use a Linux 5.4 kernel.

Home directory encryption, which was removed in Ubuntu, will continue to be available.

In Cinnamon the most notable features will be the increased Nemo performance, the ability to change the monitor refresh rate and support for fractional HiDPI resolutions. The systray applet will also delegate support for indicators (libAppIndicator) and StatusNotifier (Qt and new Electron apps) icons to the Xapp StatusIcon applet directly.

On the desktop we’ll introduce a new file sharing tool which makes it really easy to send and receive files across the local network. As you know, we used a ridiculous sounding name to start working on this project and we were looking for a new name for it. We received a huge number of suggestions, which we considered and which we matched against one another. There were quite a few good names, but the funny ones didn’t sound as good as the original and the serious ones sounded too much like a Web 2.0 service. So after looking at names such as “Ethernator”, “Datanator”, “XFiles”, “Overcast”, “Capsule”, “DropZone”, we finally went back to the original name and decided to stick to it. “Warpinator” does sound ridiculous, but many people liked it and after hearing it so much we kind of get used to it.

Warpinator now encrypts communication on the network and includes all the features we planned for it this release cycle. It received a new icon and the only thing missing now are translations. If you want to give it a try, here are packages for Mint 19.3 and LMDE 4.

In LMDE 4, all you need is this package. Download it, install it, Gdebi should ask to install its dependencies and these are available in the LMDE 4 repositories.

In Linux Mint 19.3, the repositories don’t contain the required dependencies, so use the “Software Sources” tool to add the PPA below:

Then refresh your APT cache and you’ll then be able to install Warpinator using this package.

Apturl will use the aptdaemon backend instead of Synaptic and Gdebi will feature a newly revamped user interface:

The Mint-Y theme will provide much brighter colors than before. Here’s a comparison of some of the old colors (on the left) with some of the new ones (on the right):

Here’s Mint-Y-Blue as an example. It used to look like this:

and it now looks like that:

Yellow folders will also be available.

And as you enter the Linux Mint 20 desktop for the first time, the welcome screen will bring these colors to your attention and ask you which one you enjoy the most.

You can test these new colors by installing these packages. Use them for a few days to get used to them and let us know what you think.

And that’s all the news for this month. I hope you’ll enjoy playing with this early release of Warpinator. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and your bug reports. Many thanks to all the people who send us donations and help fund this project and to all the people involved in Linux Mint and its community.


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$96 from 96 smaller donations

If you want to help Linux Mint with a donation, please visit


Linux Mint is proudly supported by 434 patrons, for a sum of $2,308 per month.

To become a Linux Mint patron, please visit


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2578
  • Alexa (website ranking): 10794

Many thanks to all of you for your support and for your donations. LMDE 4 took longer than we anticipated but we managed to add many new features into it and significantly close the gap with the Ubuntu release. Now that it’s released we’re focusing on the new development cycle and the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 package base.


LMDE 3 will reach EOL (End-Of-Life) on July 1st 2020. Past that date the repositories will continue to work but the release will no longer receive bug fixes and security updates from Linux Mint.

To upgrade LMDE 3 to LMDE 4 read “How to upgrade to LMDE 4“.

Mint 20, codename Ulyana

The codename for Linux Mint 20 is Ulyana.

Linux Mint 20 will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 and feature 3 editions: Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

Unlike previous releases, it will only be available in 64-bit.

StatusNotifier, libAppIndicator and libAyatana

Following a change in Electron, XappStatusIcon applets will gain support for StatusNotifier, libAppIndicator and libAyatana.

This support, which was disabled by default in Cinnamon, will be removed entirely from the DE and delegated to the XappStatusIcon applet.

LibAppIndicator and libAyatana have the ability to fallback to xembed (the GTK tray technology), so in Cinnamon, even though support for these technologies was disabled by default, applications using these libraries would still get their icon into the tray. In Mint, the situation was even better because libAppIndicator was patched to fallback to XappStatusIcon before falling back to xembed, thus preserving compatibility with HiDPI and symbolic icons. The problem was with applications using StatusNotifier directly.. which just didn’t fallback to anything at all and had no visible tray icon. With Electron moving to StatusNotifier this issue became more urgent.

XappStatusIcon applets gaining support for these technologies will guarantee better support for modern Electron apps and indicators and it will do so in all distributions, without the need to patch anything.

Nemo performance

The team looked at the performance of the file manager and changes are being made to the way Nemo is handling thumbnails. Although the generation of new thumbnails was done asynchronously, loading existing ones could sometimes have an impact on browsing content and navigating directories.

The main idea behind these changes is to prioritize content and navigation and to delay thumbnails as much as possible. As a result, the content of directories shows up with generic icons before the thumbnails are rendered, but the improvement in performance is quite noticeable.

This also has a positive impact on performance in cases of heavy I/O and slow HDDS, such as when moving videos to external devices.


The tool to send files across the local network is almost ready. We’re looking into data encryption now. It works well, it looks nice, but we still don’t have a name for it.

If anyone has a good name in mind please shout.. otherwise we might actually do call it “Warpinator” 🙂

New colors

Two of the Mint-Y colors were finalized.

This is the new Pink:

and this is the new Aqua:


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