Hi everyone,

I’ll be very brief with the news this month because we’re extremely close to BETA and we want to get everything STABLE in time for Christmas. We’re in a bit of a rush 🙂 

Linux Mint 21.1 reached QA yesterday. A bug in Launchpad is preventing us from accessing some of our translations. We’re also chasing a few bugs related to packagekit and aptdaemon but we’re hoping to have these fixed pretty fast.

As always I want to thank all the people who donate to Linux Mint, and our sponsors. I hope you’ll enjoy the new release. Many thanks to you all.


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Thank you for your donations and for your support.


Blueman was upgraded to version 2.3.4.

Among other fixes this solved a race condition in Cinnamon which led to two Bluetooth icons showing up in the panel.

Less password prompts

The code which lets you remove applications from the main menu  was reviewed and password prompts were removed in situations where administrative permissions weren’t required.

Removing a Flatpak will no longer require a password to be entered. Same goes for simple shortcuts and local applications (i.e. applications which aren’t installed system-wide).

Synaptic and the Update Manager will now also ask pkexec to remember your password so you won’t have to enter it every single time if you perform multiple operations.

Update Manager: Flatpak support

Flatpak support was added to the Update Manager.

This allows Flatpak applications and runtimes to be updated like any other supported types of software.

Cinnamon: Corner bar

In the left section of the panel the show-desktop was replaced by a separator.

A new corner bar applet was added to the right edge. This is a feature which was implemented in Windows. Although the corner bar is less noticeable/discoverable than the show-desktop applet it’s easier to use once you know it’s there. It occupies the corner of the screen so you can get there fast without aiming and with a quick movement of the mouse.

The corner bar supports an action on left click and an action on middle-click. These can be configured to show the desktop, show the desklets, show the workspace selector or the window selector.

The corner bar also supports peek-to-desktop on hover and it shows the desktop if you drag files over it, so it’s easy to drop files on the desktop no matter how many windows are open.

Visual changes

In Nemo’s icon view, selected files used to highlight not only their name but also their icon. This was inconsistent with Nemo’s list view and it didn’t look very nice.

Going forward Nemo will only highlight the file names. The icons won’t be darkened any more. This gives the file manager a much cleaner look.

Icons which represent the desktop were flipped vertically.

The bar they feature to represent the panel is now at the bottom, just like the default panel position in Linux Mint.

A shortcut to access the Display settings was added to the desktop’s context menu.


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Hello everyone,

I’d like to start the news with a big thank you to all the people who help us. Thanks you for your support and your donations.

Linux Mint 21.1

The next version of Linux Mint is planned for Christmas this year.

The codename for Linux Mint 21.1 is “Vera”.

User Guide

Documentation was written and added to the User Guide to cover the following topics:

  • How to reset a forgotten password
  • How to have Bluetooth disabled at boot
  • How to make a Windows live USB stick or a multiboot USB stick


Blueman was updated to version 2.3.2 in Linux Mint 21.

Timeshift 22.06.5 was backported towards Linux Mint 20.x.

The changes made to the Software Sources and the Driver Manager (detailed in the chapters below) will be ported towards Linux Mint 21.

Software Sources

Following the upstream deprecation of apt-key, the Software Sources received changes to rework the way it handles PPA keys.

When a PPA is added its key is now only accepted for the PPA itself, not globally for all APT Sources.

Driver Manager

A lot of work went into improving the Driver Manager.

A dummy hardware device, dummy packages with exotic dependencies and a test mode were added so we could easily troubleshoot a variety of different scenarios.

We made the manager run in user mode so you no longer need a password to launch it.

Debconf is now properly supported. This was an issue for NVIDIA drivers when SecureBoot is enabled. This scenario was fixed.

Packagekit was patched to receive the ability to purge packages (i.e. to not only remove them but to also remove their configuration files). The driver manager now purges removed drivers. This fixes a niche issue with NVIDIA drivers when switching between different versions of the drivers.

The user interface was improved.

Offline support was redesigned. The Driver Manager now shows a dedicated screen if you are offline:

And a different screen if it detects a live USB stick (or DVD):

The way it mounts the live USB stick and adds it as a source to install drivers is more robust than before. These improvements make installing Broadcom wireless drivers easier than before.

ISO Verification Tool

It is important to verify the integrity and authenticity of your ISO image before writing it to a stick. It’s also quite tedious and confusing. So we made it easier.

Right-click your ISO image, select “Verify” and voilà.

The technology at play here is still complex. We’re dealing with signatures and checksums but the verification tool does most of the work for you.

If your ISO is from Linux Mint or Ubuntu, the URLs to the SHA256sum and GPG files are automatically filled in. Just click the verify button.

The tool checks the authenticity of the checkum file and the integrity of the ISO.

USB Stick Formatter and ISO Image Writer

The ISO Image Writer features a “Verify” button which launches the verification tool.

If you try to write a Windows image, it no longer fails. It directs you to helpful documentation.

The user interfaces for the Stick formatter and the Image Writer were also improved.

Desktop Icons

The following desktop icons will be hidden by default in future releases:

  • Computer
  • Home
  • Trash
  • Network

Home is already featured as a panel launcher and a favorite in the main menu. Computer, Trash, Network aren’t used as often and are easily accessible in the File Manager. 

Files placed in ~/Desktop will remain visible as well as mounted devices.

Of course this only affects the default settings. All of this is configurable.


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