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Before we start covering the news I’d like to thank our sponsors, partners and donors. Many thanks for your contributions and for your support. Many thanks also to all the people who help us in other ways with their ideas, their support and to all those who help our community with side projects or by spending time to help other users.

Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma”

The biggest piece of news this month is the upcoming release of Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma”.  We’re hoping to have the BETA ready by mid-June.


A new XApp was implemented to add the ability to bulk rename files in Cinnamon and MATE. The new application is called Bulky and it will ship in Linux Mint 20.2.

In Xfce, Thunar already comes with its own embedded bulk renamer, so Bulky won’t be needed there.

Nemo Content Search

Nemo will feature content search. Until now you could only search for files. In Nemo 5.0 you’ll be able to combine file search and content search, i.e. files which are named a certain way and/or which contain particular words.

Regular expressions and recursive folder searches will be supported.

AMD support in NVIDIA Prime applet

Nvidia-prime-applet 1.2.7 was backported recently. It contains a fix for a regression in ubuntu-drivers-common which made the applet disappear.

It also contains support for computers with AMD/NVIDIA hybrids (i.e. systems with an integrated AMD GPU and a discrete NVIDIA GPU).


The upcoming version of Warpinator will feature the ability to select which network interface you want to use. If you are connected to multiple interfaces (Wireless + ethernet for instance) this allows you to select which network you want to share files on.

A new optional compression setting will also be available. Once enabled on both machines, compression can make transfers up to 3 times faster.


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We’ve got a lot of news for you this month. Before we get into it, let me thank all those who send us their help and contribute to make our project grow. Many thanks to all of you for your donations. Thanks also to our partners and sponsors for being there for us.


With Warpinator you can quickly and easily transfer files from computer to computer across the local network. Warpinator was already available natively for Linux Mint 20, 20.1 and LMDE 4, and as a Flatpak for any other release and for other Linux distributions.

Today we’re delighted to announce that Warpinator is now also available for Android.

To install Warpinator on your Android device simply search for it in the play store, or use the link below:

This port is an independent project written with the Android SDK and led by a developer called “slowscript”. It is hosted on Github at https://github.com/slowscript/warpinator-android.

Aside from a few minor issues (the project is very young) the app already works very well. I was personally amazed to see Warpinator in the play store first, and then to see my phone and my computer see each others and be able to transfer files almost instantly.

I’m also really happy to see 3rd party developers build and improve on top of what we created. When we made Warpinator we solved a need we had within Linux Mint and made the software available for all Linux distributions, but although we wouldn’t spend the resources to make it work on other OSes (Android, iOS, Windows and Mac for instance) we wanted to use simple and open technologies to make it possible for this software to be developed by others. Today, seeing someone put the effort and come up with an Android build is a really cool feeling. I’m really happy to see this happen.

Within the Linux Mint development team Lars Mueller (known as Cobinja on github) has also been working on a mobile version of Warpinator. This is something he did on his own and it isn’t ready so we haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. The interesting thing about this project is that it is based on the Flutter SDK so in addition to an Android app, it could also lead to making Warpinator available on iOS.


While we’re talking about mobile devices and exciting technology, wouldn’t it be great if you could run Linux Mint on your phone and tablet? or anywhere at all? Wouldn’t it be great if you could run Android apps on your computer? This is what Shells is working on and we’re excited today to start a partnership with them.

With Shells.com you can run Linux Mint:

  • in a Web browser on any web enabled device
  • in a desktop app in Windows, Mac or Linux
  • in a mobile app on an Android device
  • in a mobile app on iOS devices

Your desktop environment is in the cloud and immediately available to you from any device and from anywhere at all. Start using it at home on your computer. Open it up from work using a Web browser. Connect to it in the train with a tablet or even access it from that mobile phone in your pocket anytime you need and from anywhere.

To understand how it works imagine if your Virtualbox VMs were in the cloud. You create a “Shell”, select an OS such as “Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon” for instance and tell it to install. Once it’s ready you can boot it and access Linux Mint. You never really have to reboot or shutdown or even logout. You just access your environment when you need it.

Shells automatically performs snapshots. These are not Timeshift snapshots within the OS itself, but global snapshots which can be used to bring back the entire VM to an earlier state.

The pricing model is a monthly subscription per VM with an amount based on the resources allocated. As part of our partnership, Shells is offering 3 months for the price of 2 at https://www.shells.com/pricing?special=linux_mint. 10% of all subscriptions created from this link go towards Linux Mint.

Shells VMs can be hosted in the USA (Chicago, Dallas or Los Angeles), in the Netherlands or in Japan. They have a shared IP address and provide SSH/SFTP access by default. With an extra $1/month they also provide a public static IP address, so you can install any server application in them like you would in a local Linux Mint environment but benefit from the fact that it’s in the cloud.

We’ve been working in tight collaboration with Shells.com to get Linux Mint running and it’s a real pleasure to work with them. We’ve fixed many issues together already. I found them to be extremely able and available. I already worked with Alex Lee in the past and I’m really happy to work with him again.

Going forward Shells.com is planning to provide 3D acceleration to its VMs. This should benefit the Cinnamon desktop. They’re also working on Android. Although this isn’t ready yet, their developers already have an ALPHA with access to the Play store and support for SIP numbers (phone calls, SMS, etc..).

My experience with Shell is complex. I find the technology really amazing and extremely promising. It’s so versatile it really opens the door to a lot of new use cases. The idea that you don’t even need a laptop to carry your environment around, that it’s immediately available to you no matter where you are, no matter what kind of device you have in front of view, if any, that itself is really appealing but it can go from something that just sounds cool to something that is actually really handy depending on the person that is using it. To me here in my rural country side where I work from home and do not commute it just does sound cool but I don’t need it. If I think of my younger self who was traveling through Paris on a daily basis, working on side projects all the time and carrying devices and storage units just to do exactly that then it’s a completely different story. The quality of my network connection also comes greatly into play. Here although 20Mbps (2.5MB per second) is considered quite decent, it’s just not enough for this to be comfortable. It’s usable, I can launch Youtube or Hypnotix in it and watch fluid TV/videos, but moving windows is slow and there’s a noticeable delay which makes it more pleasant to use the local environment rather than the remote one. Again, if I was still living in Paris this would not be an issue. I can see how fluid and comfortable the experience is for people in the US, it’s just not the same here for me in Ireland.

If you are creative, if you travel or commute quite a bit and you enjoy a good connection to the Internet this can be a fantastic idea. If you’re not sure and you want to take it for a ride Shells lets you cancel and refunds your subscription within 7 days.


Hypnotix shipped with a default provider called Free-IPTV. Tensions and personal conflicts arose between Free-IPTV and some of its Github forks, and with other IPTV projects which copied some of its content. This eventually resulted in Free-IPTV closing down its project.

Although this had nothing to do with Hypnotix it impacted users which used the default provider. As a result we changed the default provider from Free-IPTV to Free-TV. This provider is much smaller (it currently provides 114 channels as opposed to 2055 for Free-IPTV) but it’s also very clear on its mission. Similar to the previous provider it only provides free and publicly available TV channels and with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Note: Hypnotix was also backported to the Linux Mint 20 repositories.


Cinnamon 5 will provide management tools to check for and perform updates of Cinnamon spices. As a reminder, a Cinnamon “spice” is an add-on to the desktop environment which is not part of the core desktop. There are 4 types of spices:

  • applets (which run in panels)
  • desklets (which run on the desktop itself)
  • extensions (which modify how Cinnamon functions)
  • themes (which modify the way Cinnamon looks)

Until now to see updates and to apply them you had to go in the system settings or you had to use a 3rd party applet developed by Claudiux called “Spices Update“.

Cinnamon 5 will ship with a command line tool called cinnamon-spice-updater which can list available updates and/or apply them. To make it easy for distributions to integrate Cinnamon spice updates within their Update Manager a Python 3 module will also be provided.

Update Manager

The Mint Update Manager will support Cinnamon spice updates.

Although from a technical point of view they are radically different than APT updates, from a user point of view they will be presented in a very similar manner. You’ll be able to see the same kind of information for them, and to enjoy the same features as you did already, such as the ability to blacklist a particular spice or a version of a spice for instance.

You’ll also be able to automate spice updates. In automatic mode spices will be upgraded shortly after you log in, the DE will then get refreshed (this is barely visible, Cinnamon restarts itself seamlessly, you just see the mouse cursor get reset on the screen when this happens) and a notification will popup to show you what was upgraded.

The Update Manager will also handle the automation of Flatpak updates. This was previously located in “Startup Applications”.

Mint 18 EOL

It’s been 5 years already. Linux Mint 18, 18.1, 18.2 and 18.3 reached EOL (End of Life) this month and are no longer supported.

If you are running one of these releases your operating system will continue to work but you will no longer receive security updates from the repositories. We recommend you backup your data and perform a fresh installation of Linux Mint 20.1, which is supported until 2025.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3 which is supported until 2023:

The minor upgrades (18->18.3, 19->19.3) are quite simple, easy and fast. The upgrade from 18.3 to 19 on the other hand is a major upgrade. It is longer and more complicated. Take your time with this one and don’t hesitate to seek assistance within the community, in the chat room or on the forums.


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  • Alexa (website ranking): 13609

Many thanks to all our donors, sponsors and partners and all the people who are involved in helping our project and our community.


Last month we announced problems were found in relation to UsrMerge. In particular, packages built in merged systems were not always fully compatible with non-merged systems. A complete scan was done in Linux Mint to identify any other similar issue and a tool was developed to automate this process. In addition, a system report will be backported to recommend a merge to Mint 20 and 20.1 users whose system is not merged yet.

Updates notifications

Statistics recently showed us that many users did not update their computer. The way other operating systems handle updates is either by forcing their users to do so, or by frustrating them and annoying them until they do.

We spent time looking into this and talking to casual users to understand why they weren’t applying updates. We found many of them were sensitive to the importance of applying updates but didn’t do so simply because they were never really told to. When asked why and when they updated their phone they recognized that the phone update notifications were annoying but that they were successful in making them apply the updates.

Some users expressed a feeling of relief after applying phone updates, both because they felt like they were doing “the right thing” and because they knew the notification wouldn’t come back “for a while”. To us this looks like a partial delegation of responsibility. The user is aware of the importance of the issue and happy to be reminded of it to some extent as long as it doesn’t happen too often. Although the user does not review updates and is likely to apply all of them, he/she is not fully onboard with automation, appreciates being asked consent and decides on the timing of the updates.

Statistics showed us we needed to do something. Feedback showed us people hated to be annoyed, taken hostage or forced to do something they didn’t want (this is a major source of frustration for Mac and Windows users apparently). We also had key principles to respect. This is your computer not ours. You’re also all very different and you use the software we make in very different ways, so we needed to keep that in mind and let you configure and tune the software so it remains flexible and useful no matter how you like to use it.

So with all that said here’s what we did. We designed a notification system which acts as a gentle and welcome reminder and took great care not to turn it into an annoyance.

Although it shows the same information as the tray icon, the notification is more noticeable and creates an opportunity for the user which can either be easily taken or easily dismissed.

For the notification to be welcomed and welcomed again it needs to happen for a reason, to be easy to dismiss if the user is busy, to not come back constantly and to not come back at all for a long while after the user applies the updates. When a notification is dismissed it is snoozed for 2 days. When updates are applied it goes away for a long time. The conditions for the notification to be shown in the first place are configurable.

When it comes to default settings we have casual users in mind, and in particular users who are the least likely to modify the settings. We want the OS the work as best as possible out of the box for them, and be flexible enough to be configured and tuned by more experienced users.

By default the Update Manager shows a notification if a particular update has been available for more than 7 logged-in days or if it’s older than 15 calendar days. These values can be configured all the way down to 2 days (for people who want more notifications) or all the way up to 90 days (for people who want less).

By default the Update Manager also only counts security and kernel updates as being relevant for notifications but you can change that.

The last setting is a grace period. If any update has been applied on your computer in the last 30 days, whether it’s via the Update Manager or via another APT software, no notifications will be shown.

When set to 90 these settings basically mean no notification would be shown for more than 3 months of the computer being outdated. If the goal is to never apply any updates (and there are valid reasons for that in some cases and some environments, test VMs for instance), the solution is simply to disable automatic checks or to even disable the Update Manager itself. If for some reason the use case was to be able to see available updates for more than 3 months but never to apply any of them, then in this case we’d recommend the use of a gsettings key we added for that specific purpose: com.linuxmint.updates tracker-disable-notifications.

We hope the default settings will work well for most people and these notifications will be a useful positive experience. The configuration made available is very flexible and should be able to please everybody.


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