How to upgrade to Linux Mint 21

If you’ve been waiting for this I’d like to thank you for your patience.

It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 20.3 to version 21.

The upgrade instructions are available at:

Take your time

Read all the instructions and take the time to understand them, ask for help if you’re stuck.

The instructions will ask you to be up to date and to prepare system snapshots. Don’t rush into upgrading and do not take shortcuts.

Don’t panic

If you’re stuck or wondering about something don’t hesitate to ask for help:

  • You can post here in the comments section.
  • You can ask for help in the forums.
  • You can connect to the IRC (from within Linux Mint, launch Menu->Internet->Hexchat). If you’re new to IRC, read this tutorial.



    1. No, the upgrade updates the operating system (i.e. the system files). It doesn’t modify your home documents.

    2. Of course it will. But, if you read the documentation and ask for help. Should be a piece of cake!

    3. Yes, that’s how it was for me too. I have done it 3 times, but each time APT, AKV and Apps are shot down. The printer also no longer works. The worst upgrade in many years. I’m back to 20:3 and can’t find an image to burn to CD anywhere.

    4. No quiero estar horas como con windows, ¿esa era la idea de los linux no?

    5. It deleted my Grub on my other machine…now can’t get back to Mint only Win10

    6. You lost me…I’m done with this mess! I haven’t a clue what the heck to do with this.

  1. I don’t want to activate nor to use TimeShift. I don’t like the way use of Timeshift is becoming mandatory to update. We should keep the choice to use or not it.

    1. Where is this in MATE?

      In “Menu -> Preferences -> Requirements” uncheck “Recent Timeshift snapthot”.

    2. I agree with that as I am getting problems with updating to mint 21 as it stays on checking time shift after 6 hours I had enough and shut the computer down could not care less if it rebooted.

  2. I have had several users ask me in the Mint Discord what the eta is for an average pc.
    You mentioned that it may take hours, but do you have some more exact numbers which I could share?

    1. I can’t give you an answer. It really depends on:

      – Your internet connection. The upgrade downloads GB of data.
      – Your computer specs (HDD write speed, CPU/RAM). Once all the updates are downloaded, they still need to be applied.. APT is heavy on resources while extracting packages and upgrading them. This is fast on higher specs but it can take a lot more time on lower specs.

    2. Alright, will pass that note to the users who ask for it.
      Thanks for the hard work once again, Clem.

    3. First computer Asus k52f 2:10 hrs. Second Asus EeePC 1015 PEM 2:55 hrs. Internet connection 10 MB/s. Generally said till 3 hours and done.

    4. I used the mintupgrade tool and everything looked fine at first glance. Than recognized that my printer and scanner drivers have been deleted and that I could not reach most of my favorite websites, e.g.
      I used timeshift to restore my system, but the issues mentioned above are still present. Therefore I am using my smartphone for writung here.
      Due to my experience I cannot recommend to use the mintupgrade tool! Any ideas, how to fix the issues?

    5. It takes about 2 hours. Sometimes it is neccessary to confirm setps, so you have to assit the process.

  3. The name of each orphan packages we want to keep must be manually added in Preferences. It would be more convenient to add them with selecting them in the list of orphan packages with CTRL/SHIFT keys.

    1. I have dozens of orphan packages. The Upgrade Tool supposedly is to make things easier, instead it just tells you how to do manually what it could be doing interactively. Really bad UI design.

    2. @Richard Holmes

      I have the same issue. Quite a lot of orphan packages (3rd party deb packages, manually installed).
      To have them all typed in one by one by hand would literally take me hours!
      The installation process is a joke.

    3. Yeah same issue here, it make de process very long and painful. Typing each orphan package one by one, then adding them one by one in the preferences. Does it suppose to work like that? Or is a bug?

      Beside that: thank you so much for your work Linux Mint team and contributors. I use you OS for work and personal use and it’s super reliable on my laptop! Having something I can count on, is something cool to have in life 🙂

    4. I hope, this will be done. Upgrade does not make sence until – I have a lot of orphan packages and I dont want to see them deleted.

  4. Do I have to have Cinnamon 20.3 to upgrade to LM 21 or does it work from 20.2? I have a USB sound card that was automatically recognized by the system, LM 20.x but not LM 21. If I upgrade from 20.x to 21 the driver will be kept or lost?

    1. You need to upgrade to 20.3 first (Update Manager -> Edit menu).

      If the same driver exists in 21, it should be kept/upgraded.

    2. Having tried upgrading twice now. At the end of the process when it says something like’ the following packages are not in the repository, add the ones you want to keep in preferences’, and having spent hours jumping back and forth from one screen to another to add ( mostly lib) files, it then proceeds, looking at terminal, to say something like ‘ these packages are not in the repository, use apt auto remove to remove them’, then it just removes them all. Make sure you have a backup as in my case it removes the lot. Also be aware that rolling back to 30.3 I lose net access and have to go back to 20.1 and update again.

    3. I Think, you don’ have to upgrade to LM21, it works also from LM 20.1 You can continue with 20.1, its not WIN!
      greatings from Werner, I am Working with LINUX since beginning and never have Problems. have a nice day.
      greatings and have a nice day.

  5. Started to run the upgrade tool. I really think the Mint team need to put some more thought into this. Forgive me speaking so directly.

    Firstly, having to install the tool from the command line is at odds with the idea of a modern operating system. Fine for those who want to use it, but not fine for the average user. I have been driving Unix from command lines since before Linux existed, and I also choose to use GUI.

    Secondly, it will not allow me to proceed unless I configure Timeshift. It’s MY computer and I am an experienced IT professional. I have chosen not to use Timeshift, with a clear understanding of the risks. I could accept a warning as reasonable, even an “Are you sure?” message, but mandating I waste space on a backup I don’t need (no critical files on a fairly vanilla machine) seems at odds with the whole philosophy of freedom in Linux.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope these comments are taken constructively.

    1. It will if you disable the requirement for Timeshift in the preferences. You shouldn’t take shortcuts like these, but in the end of the day it’s your choice entirely so if you want to bypass the need for a snapshot you can do so.

      “apt update; apt install mintupgrade” is much easier to explain than launch this, click here, launch that, click there, click this as well, etc… you could refresh your cache and install mintupgrade without using the CLI, but a clear set of commands is simple to follow, in any language, and works well for everybody.

    2. @ Clem –
      This is not necesseraly a shortcut. I don’t particularly like Timeshift as well, but I rely on Clonezilla – so I have some regular back-up of my system disks – and of course for such upgrade I make a specific back-up.
      I confess I started to rant 2s when reading I had to use Timeshift – but calmed down quickly when realizing you had put the bypass !
      Six computers/laptops here – no issue, went well.

    3. How can any of this be taken constructively? Without reasoning, it’s a rant.

      First, most dedicated utilities for admin use are cli, script, or otherwise shell prompt use only.
      Second, the “linux philosophy” is rarely, if ever, invoked if a given program accomplishes its objective without inconveniencing the end user in the slightest.
      At the end of the day, no on forced this upgrade upon YOUR machine.

    4. 1. Installing a tool from the command line is not difficult, and if you are as “experienced” as you say, then it should not matter to you. Why you’re choosing a GUI over a CLI is beyond me, but to each their own.
      2. You can disable the timeshift requirement in the preferences
      3. You are free to not use this tool, download the latest ISO, and fresh install, nobody is forcing you to use it.

  6. Hi, is it possible to bypass the “Foreign packages” check?

    I have e.g. node.js installed from the official DEB repo, which is v1.6, and the upgradetool wants to downgrade it to v10, which is long depreciated.


    1. My install hung on updating the Foreign Packages.
      It got stuck in a loop where the Packages where trying to downgrade, but internet connectivity was unavailable because of the Upgrade was running.

  7. I’m so glad I did a timeshift backup on 20.3. The 21 update destroyed my display settings and resets the desktop icons to tiny font EVERY single time I closed the lid of my laptop. Lenovo IdeaPad 5 AMD
    Back to 20.3 until I have WAY more confidence in a fix.

    Sorry guys I know this isn’t in keeping with all the other congratulatory messages and I know there’s a tonne of effort put into this (and really, a big Thank You), but this is my reality in the upgrade…

    1. This could having nothing to do with the upgrade itself, and instead be an issue with display settings migration in Cinnamon 5.4 – a lot changed and some configurations may not respond well to the migration..

      Not sure about the desktop icons. If this was a hidpi configuration this points back to the first point about display settings. Once you fix those your desktop icons will be larger.

      If you’re not using Cinnamon, I’m not sure, but still not necessarily an upgrade issue.

    2. Hi Michael, Craig here again… indeed running Cinnamon with 20.3 display settings at scaled 150% 1280×720 (me old eyes need this 🙂 ). I couldn’t find anything in the Vanessa settings that would reprodce this at 16:9 – everthing else just looks either small or “boxy”. So does this just mean I don’t these options in Vanessa and probably won’t ever? I do appreciate the distinction you’re making between Cinnamon 5.4 and the upgrade itself when I reflected on your comment!

  8. mintupgrade now requires a GUI.
    previously mintupgrade worked in the terminal via SSH.
    how now to update Mint in the terminal via SSH ???

    1. Hi VovIK, from ssh you’d need to upgrade it yourself, the Debian way. i.e. by editing the APT sources to replace una/focal with vanessa/jammy and performing an APT dist-upgrade.

  9. The instruction notes say that the upgrade will overwrite files in /etc/ .
    Is this *all* the files?
    Are the entries in /etc/ for non-Mint software – e.g. libreoffice – affected?

    1. It will affect files there from upgraded packages, including libreoffice. Anything in /etc that you may have modified by hand should have a backup copy made during the upgrade (at the same location), so worst case you may have to merge your changes back into the new versoin of the file.

  10. It’s a shame the work has been put into a graphical upgrade tool, but you still need the command line to install it. Isn’t it available through Software Manager?

    1. The instructions only provide the terminal command, but you can also install it thru GUI frontends like Synaptic or Software Manager. However, we’d probably still need to use the command line to run mintupgrade anyway, since typing mintupgrade on the Cinnamon menu doesn’t show any results after installing it.

    2. It’s available in the Software Manager if you want to install it that way, it makes no difference.

      We run it via command line though. This is to make sure you’re able to give us the output if you report an issue.

  11. IMPORTANT! If you have a separate /boot partition, be sure to remove old kernels before upgrading! Otherwise the installer will fall into a new kernel generation loop with missing space.

    1. mintupgrade failed to successfully finalize the upgrade of the system – I can boot, but it got stuck when trying to remove then active kernel:

      dpkg: too many errors, stopping
      Generating grub configuration file …
      /etc/grub.d/bin/grubcfg_proxy: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      run-parts: /etc/kernel/postrm.d/zz-update-grub exited with return code 127
      dpkg: error processing package linux-image-5.4.0-122-generic (–remove):
      installed linux-image-5.4.0-122-generic package post-removal script subprocess
      returned error exit status 1
      dpkg: too many errors, stopping
      Errors were encountered while processing:

      I had just koditv and nodejs installed from their respective versions, and not the default ones.

      Any proposed solution forward? Thank you in advance.

  12. Upgrade done on my computer. It’s an incredible work, congratulations.
    Just a few errors, I will investigate :
    – Apache doesn’t load anymore :
    Aug 8 13:24:41 ordinateur apachectl[1095]: apache2: Syntax error on line 146 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 3 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php7.4.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    – Cryptocoin (cryptocoin@guantanamoe) Cinnamon applet didn’t start anymore, I needed to manually start it once, now it’s OK.
    – DejaDup isn’t installed but I’ve got this error message :
    Aug 8 13:34:22 ordinateur cinnamon-session[1324]: WARNING: t+135,58720s: Could not launch application ‘org.gnome.DejaDup.Monitor.desktop’: Unable to start application: L’exécution du processus fils « /usr/lib/deja-dup/deja-dup-monitor » a échoué (No such file or directory)

    1. – probably a newer version of php than 7.4 to point to now in the .conf file
      – ok
      – I’d check in Startup Applications first

    2. Yes, but it isn’t installed by default. If Brother doesn’t want to update its dependencies, could you install it by default in LM?

    3. The problem is that the dependencies aren’t set in Brother CUPS and LPR drivers. And Brother support is ignoring all inquiries regarding Linux. I tried several times but their support doesn’t mind about Linux.

    4. Indeed, I removed /etc/apache2/mods-available/php7.4.conf, php7.4.load and kept php8.1.conf, php8.1.load and Apache2 is loading now. Thank you for your help.

    5. I removed php7.4 package too and renamed+updated symbolic links /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php7.4.* into /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php8.1.*

  13. Cordial saludo.

    Seria buena idea poner en el GRUB una opción directa que arranque para la herramienta TimeShift junto a los otros sistemas operativos porque a veces no es posible entrar a LinuxMint y en caso de alguna falla, al menos el GRUB nos permitiría recuperar el SO mas fácil:

    Ubuntu (Recovery Mode)
    Windows 10

    Aclaro, solo es una humilde sugerencia si fuera posible tenerla en cuenta a futuro.

    Gracias por su amable atención.

  14. Hi, Do you think I can upgrade, and use the same home partition I have for LM 20.3, letting a LM 20.3 copy in use on another partition ? That’s what I did from LM 20.2 to LM 20.3 and it worked quite well, but here we change the ubuntu version

    1. Technically yes. Is it a good idea though? No.

      Newer software takes older configuration files into account, sometimes updates them to adapt to new formats and/or new/missing keys/sections, but not the other way around.

  15. Yes, I have used grub customizer and will try to go over that proposed solution.

    1. Thanks for that!
      Same problem for me.. just put these two lines in terminal and problem gone.

      Thanks man

  16. Just upgraded from 20.03.

    In all very smooth process, no issue encountered.

    Just feel a bit confused at the “Foreign packages” section, where my “nodejs”, “spotify-client” and a “secureboot-db” package must be downgraded. I end up removed node and spotify.

    Then a lot of “orphan” packages are listed, but all safe to remove.

    In all, super job again Mint team, thanks a lot!

  17. My updater has been frozen on the terminal output “Pregenerating ConTeXt MarkIV format. This may take some time…” for a full hour. If I interrupt it, will I be able to use dpkg –configure -a to fix things like I normally do when an update is interrupted?

    1. Update: I aborted and ran mintupgrade again. It got stuck installing things and told me I had to run sudo dpkg –configure -a. Running that gets me stuck again:
      sudo dpkg –configure -a
      Setting up node-stream-each (1.2.3-2) …
      Setting up context (2021.03.05.20220211-1) …
      Running mtxrun –generate. This may take some time… done.
      Pregenerating ConTeXt MarkIV format. This may take some time…

    2. I had the same. Got angry and started to hit Enter on the terminal. Surprisingly pressing Enter continued the installation. mtxrun –generate seems to hang until user presses Enter.

    3. To my previous comment: mtxrun –generate will take some time. Wait a while before hitting Enter.

  18. Updated another PC. Works perfectly, I only needed to reinstall CUPS and LPR drivers. I’m so happy to use LM Cinnamon. I will make a donation again. Hope a lot of people will do so too.

  19. This is what I get when I click on “let’s go” button:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintupgrade/”, line 194, in letsgo
    skip = apt_points_to_destination()
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintupgrade/”, line 78, in apt_points_to_destination
    sources = aptsources.sourceslist.SourcesList()
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 273, in __init__
    self.matcher = SourceEntryMatcher(matcherPath)
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 470, in __init__
    dist = DistInfo(base_dir=matcherPath)
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 184, in __init__
    with open(dist_fname) as dist_file:
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/usr/share/python-apt/templates//’
    Error in sys.excepthook:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/”, line 153, in apport_excepthook
    with os.fdopen(,
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/var/crash/’

    Original exception was:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintupgrade/”, line 194, in letsgo
    skip = apt_points_to_destination()
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintupgrade/”, line 78, in apt_points_to_destination
    sources = aptsources.sourceslist.SourcesList()
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 273, in __init__
    self.matcher = SourceEntryMatcher(matcherPath)
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 470, in __init__
    dist = DistInfo(base_dir=matcherPath)
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/”, line 184, in __init__
    with open(dist_fname) as dist_file:
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/usr/share/python-apt/templates//’
    mintupgrade-inhibit-power: no process found

    Btw file /usr/share/python-apt/templates/ exists.

  20. Hi. I did the update, but I had to go back, because it gave me errors in nodejs, npm, some icons and themes. I leave the comment for you to see. I’m still using version 20.3 for the moment. Thank you.

    1. I have discovered that the Stacer utility will not run on the “Jammy” architecture…

  21. Lovely job guys, worked a treat on my X1. Only oddities was a) touchpad click was off after b) it seemed to pick on google earth, downgraded it at least twice in the process, then after reboot prompted me to upgrade it.

  22. Remember to save your Firefox bookmarks, they all disappeared. Although History from before the update was intact. The update went more or less smoothly except at one point where I had to abort downgrading of secureboot-db, the next time I started, nothing came up in downgradable packages. LibreOffice and even my Steam flatpack is working fine.

  23. I updated a laptop perfectly and simply. But during the upgrade of my desktop, something quite bad happened to my root filesystem in the middle of the upgrade part of the install. So the damaged root filesystem was read-only and I could only reboot at that point. I rebooted into busybox and got a partial functioning system loaded and was able to fireup timeshift and restore my pre-upgrade state. First time I had used timeshift to recover and I was mightily impressed – apart from the fact that I have no network now.
    The error I get on booting up is
    /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/netplan failed with exit status 1.
    If I run netplan as root I get
    /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/netplan : /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ‘GLIB_2.34’ not found (required by /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/netplan )
    I did another timeshift restore from an earlier time in case a file was corrupted in the later restore, but get the same error.
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Update
      It turns out that timeshift did not restore the previous versions of
      Manually restoring them fixed my problem of getting a working 20.3 system back.

      I redid the mintupgrade process and SUCCESS. Apart from that timeshift problem, that was quite a remarkable recovery from the significant hardware glitch in the middle of the process.

      I will report the timeshift fault in the appropriate forum.

  24. Encountered some problems with tex packages and perl problem with locales, helped prefixing LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 dpkg –configure -a
    LC_TIME= dpkg –configure -a for another error

  25. Really nice (hard) work, must say hat off, Clem and whole team. I was impatient because of the delay between ISO release and upgrade. Now I know, that it must have been too hard to prepare all files for upgrade to work well. Thanks for that!

  26. Hi
    I have complicated settings in Photoshop (Wine) and in Blender (Flatpak) addons, will this remain with the upgrade?
    nice day

  27. Using the Upgrade Tool to upgrade from 20.3 Cinnamon to 21.0.

    It gets to “Foreign packages” and says “The following packages need to be downgraded back to official versions:” and lists a number of packages.

    If I click on “Fix” it spins for a while and then repeats the same message with the same list.

    Terminal says:

    Fixing check ‘Foreign packages’
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –allow-downgrades -fyq -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confold” -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-overwrite” git=1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3.5 git-man=1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3.5 inkscape=0.92.5-1ubuntu1.1 kdenlive=4:19.12.3-0ubuntu1 kdenlive-data=4:19.12.3-0ubuntu1 kicad=5.1.5+dfsg1-2build2 kicad-demos=5.1.5+dfsg1-2build2 kicad-doc-en=5.1.5+dfsg1-2build2 kicad-footprints=5.1.5-1 kicad-libraries=5.1.5+dfsg1-2build2 kicad-packages3d=5.1.5-1 kicad-symbols=5.1.5-1 kicad-templates=5.1.5-1 musescore-general-soundfont-small=0.1.9-1 musescore3-common=3.2.3+dfsg1-4build1 secureboot-db=1.5 wine-stable=3.0.1ubuntu1
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    kicad : Depends: libocct-data-exchange-7.3 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: libocct-foundation-7.3 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: libocct-modeling-algorithms-7.3 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: libocct-modeling-data-7.3 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: libocct-ocaf-7.3 but it is not going to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
    Error – Return code: 100

    1. I have the same problème :
      E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages

    2. I had a lot same warning about downgrading kicad (6.0.7), took a long time during that phase of the upgrade, yet when i rebooted i was still ok and on 6.0.7.
      Odd behavior for sure, and had i had to reinstall kicad it would not have been a big deal. just curious.

  28. I made the upgrade without major problems. The system is generally more performant and the graphical interface more consistent.

  29. Linux Mint 20.3 upgraded successfully to Linux Mint 21!
    I lost my custom window title bar, but it seems nice to be really nice anyway.
    Nice job! 🙂

  30. It said I had a successful upgrade, but once I booted from compatibility to upgrade my NVIDIA video card no driver was offered. My video card is a GeForce 9500 GT. Maybe the system minimum requirements should say minimum video required is? Then people will not bother trying to upgrade. No one I think wants that resolution advertised in the system requirements I would think seeing that 21 is an advanced OS. I know you can’t write the driver and NVIDA must. Just tell us we can’t have any new mint OS any more and save us the trouble of trying to do it. Thanks.

  31. I just finished the installation and see an Error while booting up, could not check it yet as it disappears too fast. My main problem is, the update from 20.3 to 21 killed my touchscreen functionality. Any Idea how to fix this? Thank you upfront. Having a GPD P2 Max, which run so well with Linux Mint Cinnamon so far.

  32. My upgrade from 20.3 to 21 worked fine, but I have one serious problem. The router external drive and media server use only smb version 1.0, and apparently this has been totally blocked in 21. I now have no means of accessing my router NAS drive with CIFS.

    1. This may be dumb, but did you try to manually reconfigure the smb.conf file? I also have SAMBA configured for v.1, and I have had no problems. My .conf file is unchanged and I can get into the liked computers.

  33. I just upgraded to Vanessa. First thing that I worried about is the fact that in the Driver Manager the option to use the proprietary NVIDIA driver disappeared. My laptop contains a NVIDIA Corporation C79 [GeForce 9400M] GPU. My screen freezes a lot and I’m pretty sure that this is the problem. I do I fix this?

  34. Using the Upgrade Tool to upgrade from 20.3 Cinnamon to 21.0.

    I too am stuck at the downgrading stage.

    It gets to “Foreign packages” and says “The following packages need to be downgraded back to official versions:” and lists a number of packages.

    If I click on “Fix” it spins for a while and then repeats the same message with the same list.

    Terminal says:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    liblibreoffice-java : Breaks: libjuh-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libjurt-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libridl-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libunoil-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    libreoffice-common : Depends: libreoffice-style-tango but it is not going to be installed
    libreoffice-style-elementary : Depends: libreoffice-style-tango but it is not going to be installed
    ure-java : Depends: uno-libs-private (= 1:7.2.7-0ubuntu0.21.10.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.4 is to be installed
    Depends: ure (= 1:7.2.7-0ubuntu0.21.10.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.4 is to be installed
    Breaks: ure (< 1:7.1.0~) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.4 is to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages
    Error – Return code: 100

    1. Similar issue here (reported above, no one has responded) and others have reported similar on the forums. Upgrade Tool apparently cannot cope with certain unofficial repo issues. And unfortunately the GUI handles it very badly, sending you on a Groundhog Day like loop of the same dialog over and over rather than telling you an error occurred that it can’t handle (which is evident from the terminal output) and guiding you to how to fix it manually (which isn’t). I have been advised elsewhere to remove the offending package and re-install it after upgrade but am waiting to see if other options are mentioned.

    2. I worked around it. Left Upgrade idling on the unmet dependencies step and –
      1. Uninstalled libreoffice
      2. rechecked in upgrade
      3. launched synaptic package manager and searched on and completely removed those packages that upgrade reported
      4. rechecked

      until the upgrade recheck ran clean.
      Straightforward but tedious.
      There were a few later package that needed removing – don’t know if they were libreoffice related or not.

      When the upgrade eventually finished and I rebooted and launched libreoffice, all my localisations has been preserved.

    3. Thanks Fermat,
      It will be a day or 2 before I can try your approach but I’ll give it a go

  35. Hi team. 45 minutes for the entire upgrade from 20.3 to 21. 16GB RAM, dual-core i7, SSD
    I let it uninstall some software, like Tixati and VirtualBox. Tixati I reinstalled with no issues, VirtualBox requires libssl 1.1.1 and from what I see I now have 1.1. Will this be updated to 1.1.1 anytime soon?

  36. After the update from 20.3 to 21 one of my favorite extensions, Transparent Panels, stopped working. I suppose this is now up to the developer to fix?

    1. Gah. That’s one of my favorite extensions, too. I haven’t taken the plunge yet. May wait to see how this shakes out.

  37. Upgrading 20.3 xfce to 21. The Upgrade Tool is stuck on “Package repositories Checking package repositories..” Am I suppored to do something here?????

  38. Mint for many years, but there has never been such a crooked update, guys, this is a disgusting job. I need to delete all my applications to upgrade! It’s easier to switch to another distribution

    1. Same here. Not only do they force you to downgrade/uninstall the apps the installer doesn’t like. But the other ones, that were installed manually from deb packages, you need to enter by hand, one by one. No possibility to export to a list, or to a file, or even a copy paste, let alone some advanced techniques like being actually able to select the ones you’d like to keep, in form of a checkbox, or, since you installed these yourself, the likelihood that you actually want to keep if not all, then most of these packages is high, so why not make it so that you can just select the ones you don’t want to keep? Now imagine having a couple of computers you’d like to upgrade to 21?!

    1. Hello Mentos:

      Some Xapps and blueman have already been backported to LMDE 5.
      I’m sure when the dust settles over the upgrade, Cinnamon will be backported as well.

    2. It’s like Microsoft doing an upgrade from 10 to 11 then saying to do that you can only have apps from the Microsoft Store installed if you want to progress. So I’ve started the hunt for a new distro. I didn’t expect this…

  39. I keep having a problem with /etc/resolv.conf that blocks the machine from the internet (not the network) so I created a batch command (fixresolv) that has the following fix:

    sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf
    echo ‘nameserver’ | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf
    apt install –reinstall resolvconf

    That usually fixes the issue. But it keeps coming back so I hop there’s a more permanent fix soon.
    Keep up the good work.

  40. I have performed an upgrade on my test machine from 20.3
    As Infolibre said “The name of each orphan packages we want to keep must be manually added in Preferences. It would be more convenient to add them with selecting them in the list of orphan packages with CTRL/SHIFT keys” I totally concur. It was a real nuisance having to jump back and forth trying to remember what the exact wording of each package was`

    It would not let me remove ureadahead, i was forced to save it in the orphaned packages list as it kept going round a loop otherwise when I clicked “fix” and would not get rid of it

    Despite me adding BRSCAN2 (part of my brother printer software) to the orphaned packages it decided to try to remove it and completely broke the system as it would not uninstall as threw up errors, and got in a loop. It also broke the update manager which said there was a package to be uninstalled but it would just fail, I had to reinstall the deb package before it would proceed

    I was told I had a “kept back package” and that could be a sign of a problem but there was no advice what to do about it (Google to the rescue)

    After completion and rebooting I had a blank black screen after selecting cinnamon 21 from the grub menu. I had to go to the recovery mode and run repair broken packages to fix it

    After I got it working, I found the upgrade has removed my youtube-dl gui even though I had saved the files in the orphaned packages not to be removed. Ditto Fslint (It did at least tell me it was going to remove the FSlint files, but I had no means of stopping it as had added them to the orphaned packages already

    I was not asked to do a timeshift snapshot (but had already done one today so maybe that is why)

    Other than that, it upgraded fine, but I think I will hold off updating my daily driver machine for now until I have a lot more free time. However, it is a great step forward in ease of use, and easier than doing a clean install, so many thanks to all the team

  41. Hello. Upgraded without big problems. Got stuck on reverting packages until I remembered that I forgot to disable the PPAs. After that was the foreign packages. All related to astronomy and easy to re-install. So I removed them all.

    After that all was fine. Nice

    Had to convert my PPAs so I stopped getting error messages but this took about 20 min.. So all in all it was OK.

    Fine work

  42. New issue – when I go to shut down the machine, the session box has no focus, even if I click on it with the mouse, the tab key does not work and I have to use the mouse to move between suspend, restart, cancel and shutdown

  43. The upgrade tool has been stuck on Checking System Snapshots for 2 hours. The terminal windows behind it says “fixing system snapshots”. Will this eventually move forward or do I need to stop it?

    1. You can try restarting it – it’s safe to do so at that point. Try starting and closing timeshift before doing so. If it continues to be an issue, you can skip the check by disabling it in preferences. If you’re not actually using it, you should seriously consider it, even if only for the upgrade process.

  44. Excited for this update! I’m curious, why do I have to uninstall the upgrade software after I’m done? Big newbie here, so don’t mind me if this is a silly question. 🙂

    1. There is no silly question. But after explanation of what you’re asking for, I guess you’ll fine the answer.
      The utility moves from Linux Mint 20.3 to Linux Mint 21.
      When you’re done, your system is Linux Mint 21.
      What usage could you have of a migration tool from Linux Mint 20.3 to Linux Mint 21 if you’re using Linux Mint 21?
      Yes you probably missed the point that despite its name, the migration tool is for a specific version. When you’ll want to migrate again, the tool, if any, will be fully different. The name may remain, so keeping MB for just a name is a bit of too much, isn’t it?

  45. Went thru the upgrade this morning with only one small hiccup that had nothing to do with you – a bad certificate on a piece of software I don’t even use. All my peripherals / drivers worked from the get go. My desktop was exactly the same and all my data was intact. Running and testing most of the day I believe Mint 21 is at least 10% faster than 20.3. I have no data to back that up but it is noticeably faster . Thank you very much for all of your work – I am a very happy camper!

  46. Hello,
    I just upgraded on my HP DV8-1190ef laptop / MBR with no UEFI (13 years old) LM 20.3 Cinnamon towards LM 21 with the “mintupgrade” tool. It took about 1h10 (for a system partition feed with about 24 GB of data and with 3.8 GB to download).
    Overall everything went well. Great job done by the Mint Team!

    I have some comments and suggestions.
    – TimeShift is not an issue for me as I’m using it regularly. But it’s not at all explained into the Upgrade Instructions, especially the constraint of a dedicated partition because TimeShift is locking it and that you have to setup TS before the upgrade or to change it in the Preferences.
    – Sometime the tool is ambiguous, especially when you get the red wrong-way logo.
    – As mentioned above by other users, it’s really a shame that you cannot at least make copy/paste for “Paquets orphelins” when you have more than one or two of them. For dozens, it’s just a big headache. Back to the Future!
    – The upgrade process was frozen for a while (with Error – Return code: 100), at “Paquets étrangers”, before I understood that my WiFi connection was lost. And any choice to escape from this situation! Fortunately I took a 10 meters Ethernet cable for connecting my PC to my ISP box and clicked again on the button for continuing the upgrade process.
    – I’m not understanding why sometime for “Paquets étrangers” the upgrade must downgrade them when Installed version (Ubuntu) = Official version!
    – I have lost my nVidia GT230M driver which was replaced by the free Nouveau one. This was expected but could be highlighted somewhere in the LM21 specifications, especially for the users who need high GPU performances for their applications.
    – Nouveau driver is also bringing back an old issue: you loose your screen (only very small pixels all around) when you are back from Standby/Sleep mode. The only quick solution is CRTL+ALT+BACK and blindly reconnect yourself.
    – The WiFi connection seems to be also less stable. In LM 20.3 “sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager” was switching OFF then ON the connection. In LM 21 the same command is only switching OFF, no more ON! You are obliged to ON the WiFi with the appropriate button on the PC.

    Last but not least, a great and very helpful file is available after the upgrade process in /home/user/ folder. For me it’s “mintupgrade-2022-08-08T192049.log” with 28,803 lines. We can learn a lot of its content!

    After few hours under Linux Mint 21 and few parameters adjustments, everything seems okay for the time being. I enjoy LM 21!
    Many thanks & congratulations to the Linux Mint Team!

    1. 1- After further tests, here for “Development & Programming”, after upgrading from 20.3 to LM 21 most of the applications previously installed are working but some of them not. This needs some investigations.
      – Not working at all: Mu-Editor, Eric6 and Spyder, even after uninstall, reboot, then reinstall and reboot.
      – Working as expected: Anjuta & Glade, Lua & Python3, Pure Data & Purr Data / Pd-L2Ork, Thonny, VS Code, Yad and ZeroBrane Studio.

      2- Same new weird random graphical behavior on 3 computers running now Linux Mint 21, either after upgrade or with a fresh install.
      – Cannot minimize the applications windows nor close them. Obliged to play with maximize for a while before being able to close them. It’s very strange and irritating. This needs also some investigations.

    2. On my HP DV8 laptop, my Quadruple boot with Linux Mint 21 (SSD), Ubuntu Studio 22.04 (HDD), Manjaro Linux 21.3 (SSD) and Windows 10 (SSD) is (still) working okay after the LM upgrade.
      I just needed to take care about the usual GRUB conflict between Manjaro and the other GNU/Linux OS.
      After the Upgrade to LM21, Rebooted my PC, Selected Manjaro (as in the Grub menu LM is still displayed as v.20.3) and Updated its Grub (which takes unfortunately the ownership vs. the others), Rebooted my PC, and then Selected Linux Mint 21 in the updated Grub (Manjaro) menu.

    3. Answering thanks to your own message:
      > – As mentioned above by other users, it’s really a shame that you cannot at least make copy/paste for “Paquets orphelins” when you have more than one or two of them. For dozens, it’s just a big headache. Back to the Future!

      > Last but not least, a great and very helpful file is available after the upgrade process in /home/user/ folder. For me it’s “mintupgrade-2022-08-08T192049.log” with 28,803 lines. We can learn a lot of its content!

      For instance that you can simply ignore the orphaned packages and after look at this log file to work with them: below “Fixing check ‘Paquets orphelins'” you have the list and you can copy/paste from there.

      So my hint to the developers of this amazing tool would to offer a tool-tip saying that it can be ignored for now and later be found in the log file.

    4. “Gnome Tracker3” is really a big mess!
      Under Linux Mint 21 it’s eating up the CPU resources of my PC by ~ 20 to 30% during ~ 30 mns and making flying CPU temperatures up to the 90s °C, which was not at all the case under LM 20.3.
      Reading on the Web, it seems to be a well known issue with Ubuntu 22.04.

      Well, I will have to install the DConf-editor for changing the Tracker3 indexation behavior (stop it) or done it in CLI.
      – gsettings set org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files crawling-interval -2
      – gsettings set org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files enable-monitors false

      I don’t like at all this auto-forced-indexation which breaks both the system & user security-confidentiality (like in Windows). This should be under the full & total control of the user!

    5. So after further investigations, I got my answers for:
      “Not working at all in LM21: Mu-Editor, Eric(6) and Spyder, even after uninstall, reboot, then reinstall and reboot.”.

      This seems to be related to the changes in Python 3.10, installed by default in at least Ubuntu 22.04 & LM 21:
      “Builtin and extension functions that take integer arguments no longer accept Decimals, Fractions and other objects that can be converted to integers only with a loss (e.g. that have the __int__() method but do not have the __index__() method). (Contributed by Serhiy Storchaka in bpo-37999.)”.

      So, the solution is either to modify by hand the source of these applications or to wait until new compatible versions are available.

  47. Hey Clement, thanks a lot for the update. However, I am unable to connect to any bluetooth devices after the update. Any advice?

    1. Maybe you’re lucky and my solution will work for you. During the migration for some unknown reason the system couldn’t reach the Blueman repo. I changed to a local mirror so I could install.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I was able to troubleshoot the issue. Turns out I was misinterpreting blueman’s interface and how the interactions work with its interface

  48. I’m trying to upgrade linux mint 20.3 using this guide: but I get an error: “Please don’t run this command as root or with elevated privileges.” I already upgraded from mint 19 to version 20, so I already had the mintupgrade package installed. And my version of this package is 2020.07.18.1. When I try to update it, it says that it is the newest version. I reinstalled the package, didn’t help. Has anyone experienced this?
    Host: u0807 Kernel: 5.4.0-122-generic x86_64 bits: 64
    Desktop: Cinnamon 5.2.7 Distro: Linux Mint 20.3 Una

    1. I’m seeing the same behavior. Only the 2020.07.18.1 version of mintupgrade is showing for me.

    2. For me it’s the same – except there is no version installed at all.
      I think the version you mention is a left-over from the Mint-19.3 to Mint-20 update which happened around two years ago.
      mintupgrade is not even offered as an update to me. Could it be that I removed it from the system after the last upgrade and that’s the reason why there is no update.
      Yes, I tried the official repos, no luck.
      The dependencies (acpi, crudini and python3-iniparse) are not installed either.

  49. Lenovo T430s, 8G ram. The upgrade went well, with a slight hang-up at the timeshift check. I did a backup manually. However, on Mint 21 I had several crashes, of KPatience games, the Software Manager, and Firefox. Good thing there was a recent Timeshift backup. I will try again after things have become a little more settled. Thanks to all!

  50. I installed Photoshop under Wine (application management) with difficult plugins and also Blender (Flatpak) with many add-ons and special settings. Will I keep this when upgrading from 20.3 Cinnamon to 21?
    Thanks. Excuse my English

  51. Cool!

    Just out of curiosity will you add a notification in 20.3 telling users to update to 21? I would not have known i was able to upgrade if i wasn’t distracted and came here to check at the right time by luck. I’m assuming you’re working out the last obvious kinks before doing that.

  52. I am posting this comment once again, because my first one was not published…
    I used the mintupgrade tool and everything worked fine at first glance. But afterwards I recognized that I could only visit a few websites, most are not available, e.g. Furthermore, my Epson printer/scanner does not work anymore. The drivers seem to be deleted. I tried to recover my system via timeshift, but the issues mentioned above still remain. Therefore I cannot recommend to use the mintupgrade tool. And the recovery via timeshift did not help, too! Any ideas how to fix my issues?

  53. Bluetooth connectivity has been killed – hopefully this is addressed in a further update – but apart from that this has been an easy 30 minute process on my Intel i3 desktop

    1. I’ve been able to connect devices manually via the terminal (bluetoothctl), but I, too, hope we’ll see a better fix for this problem.

    1. WHAT?? Snapping has been removed?? I use snapping ALL THE TIME. If it’s not in 21.0 I’m glad the upgrade didn’t work, I’ll stick with 20.3.

    2. Never mind (why doesn’t this blog allow editing or deletion of comments?), by “snapping” they mean something different than I do, they call it “tiling” and that’s still available.

    3. Richard Holmes : yes snapping is slightly different than tiling. Tiling is indeed still available (thankfully!), but I used snapping ALL THE TIME myself 🙁

  54. Upgraded on my laptop via mintupgrade. Only 2 issues. Papirus-icon-pack was downgrading and then installing 22.04 version – that is took a lot of time even comparing to firmware. So if you have it, just uninstall before upgrade.
    Also docker-ce was keeping throwing various errors to me in upgrade process. So uninstalled it.
    After all upgrades everything looks fine. Nvidia 515 drivers installed without errors. Backuped stuff restored. Looks like everything working. Thanks for tool.
    Time for upgrade was near 1 hour and 20 minutes. I have 24gb ram i5 8 series and nvme ssd.
    Also it took longer then fresh install.

  55. update failed

    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    E: Unable to locate package webp-pixbuf-loader
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-appimage-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-epub-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-mp3-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-raw-thumbnailer
    Error – Return code: 100

    1. I need more info on this. Please provide the full output of mintupgrade and the output of “inxi -r” in the github issue.

  56. Mint upgrade stopped working at:

    Running check ‘Foreign packages’
    mintupgrade-inhibit-power: no process found

    It would totally close the Mint Update program.

  57. Upgraded without incident. Nice. My only suggestion would be to make Time Shift optional. My preferred Disaster Recovery is imaging my system drives with Macrium Reflect.

  58. I upgraded two machines yesterday with one glitch. My test machine, an antique Dell laptop, upgraded with no issues. On my desktop, Ryzen 5 2400G, Radeon graphics, the Xorg server crashed with an error 1. I found that I needed to remove the nomodeset boot option that was added to deal with a graphics issue with a previous version of Mint. After I removed nomodeset, everything worked as expected.

    1. Follow up: after downgrade to 20.3, I deleted the Linux 5.13 kernel, restarted the upgrade procedure and everything went well. The GRUB menu on my dual boot system needed no further repair, so I am glad.

  59. Had the problem that I got stuck at “pregenerating markIV format”, too.
    If that happens, the packages “context-modules” and “context”, which are installed as part of a TeX-Package, need to be removed first.

    Could you add this to the troubleshooting phase?

  60. Thanks the team for this distro. Using Mate version. A few problems I encountered.

    In Caja, I lost all my bookmarks. In an application, if I open a Save dialog (i.e. in Xed), I see the bookmarks, but they aren’t valid. The problem seems to be that the Upgrade renamed my partitions. Instead of Data, the partition is mounted on Data1, same for my “Video” partition is now mounted on “Video1”. So the links in the bookmarks aren’t valid anymore. How can I change the mount point to remove the “1” at the end?

    A small problem was Hyptonix that was empty. I had to go on IPTV-org github page to find the urls and enter them manually.

    1. It sounds like maybe you had custom mount points before? They should have been preserved, but it’s fairly easy to change these using the Disks utility.

    2. Ok, I found a solution. in /media the folders were already there, so when mounting, the system created a new folder adding 1″ at the end. So I renamed the folders and now the mounting process can’t create the mount point folder to the correct name, without the “1”.
      I wonder if during the upgrade process there was a permission issue with those folders.

    3. Are their mountpoints set to the old (desired) path? You can have a look in /etc/fstab which is where this will be set. It can be edited by hand, but this can be dangerous. The disks utility I mentioned is a safer way to make these sorts of changes.

  61. Thank you for this release! Upgraded without a hitch. The part I like the most is that wifi connects almost instantly after waking from sleep. In 20.3 I had to wait almost 30sec to 1minute.

  62. Hello!
    First off, thank you so much for the effort to release Mint 21!

    But I’m disappointed of this Upgrade Tool. I do like the approach to have a dedicated application. However, installing it through the CLI shouldn’t be the only way to get it.
    Then it only gave me advice what I have to do – manually. I had dozens of orphaned packages. Another big issue for me was a huge list of packages which needed to be downgraded. One of them was WINE, which had to get downgraded from 7 to 3, only to update it to 6 again later. That all was a big bummer, but okay. It’s a big upgrade and I totally understand why this has to be done. Nobody wants a broken system after upgrading, so that’s all kind of okay…

    I ran the upgrade then, it took two hours and then just told me it failed in one step. The CLI told me a bit more and it was a failing post-install script of one package. At this point, I was really annoyed and started to recover the last backup of Timeshift. Side note: I restored the system with Timeshift once and it became unusable after that. So let’s hope for some luck this time… no. The recovery took about 20 minutes and the PC rebooted. After logging in, I only came to blackscreen which seemed to be some issue with lightdm? After running sudo lightdm in a terminal, I’ve got my GUI again. But some crucial drivers like sound and network(!) didn’t work anymore. So this was the second time Timeshift broke my system after restoring from a backup.

    In the end, I installed a fresh Mint 21 from an USB stick. That’s a sad experience for me, since I’ve been using Mint since 19.1 and upgraded all the way until 20.3 without any issues.
    Luckily I have created a shell script the last time I have installed a Mint system. This downloaded and installed many applications I need. This makes the process to reinstall my system a lot easier.

    I have also learned to not use Timeshift anymore since it is simply not a reliable solution for me…

  63. Thanks for a great release!

    I have two issues to report.

    1) My desktop font became garbled during upgrade. I use Inter for everything. Quick search in the comments looks like I am the only one so no biggie.

    2) One regression with the window manager. I used to be able to move a window between workspaces by grabbing it and then using the keyboard shortcut to move workspaces. This no longer works.

    1. All went well with the upgrade although the above point two also happens to me
      “2) One regression with the window manager. I used to be able to move a window between workspaces by grabbing it and then using the keyboard shortcut to move workspaces. This no longer works.”

      Any idea how to enable this?

  64. I decided to roll back to a perfectly good 20.3 using timeshift

    It seemed to work OK but now I have no ethernet internet access on that machine. I have seen this problem on the forums too but no one seems to know how to fix it (have tried different network cables rebooted router etc etc and followed much internet advice). So I now have a machine that I cannot use at all and timeshift has not restored me to a working machine. This is the first time timeshift has failed me to be fair, but if it is no longer reliable it does not help

  65. I had error message (while booting) alike “md5 checksuming failure…” after installing LM-21-beta and updating to LM-21. This md5-checking should just control the installation-packages checksums, but is obsolete on installed system. Removing package “casper” after installation solves that error message. So one could add checksumming to the installation iso-image again. This is a useful feature.

  66. Hello Clément, a big thank you to you and to those who participated in the development of this superb distribution. I downloaded Mintupgrade and did the update in less than an hour everything works perfectly. I prefer this kind of update where we have the choice to do it or not without constantly receiving a notification to install it.
    Very nice job.

  67. Great distribution! I had a problem after upgrading to LM21. After the upgrade said it was successful and I rebooted I could not see my fakeraid device (intel). After troubleshooting I found that if I get into root I can do a dmraid -ay and see the members of the RAID device. I ended up putting this command into the cron of root:
    @reboot dmraid -ay && mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/(the volume I need)

    I believe this is a temporary solution. dmraid should work without manual intervention.

  68. When using the Upgrade Tool, it downgrades a bunch of programs to their old ancient versions from years ago in order to continue. Not sure what the purpose is if everything is currently working. Downgrade so you can upgrade again?

    If you have Windows partition, the Grub menu doesn’t even show up. Using the live cd to repair boot doesn’t work since the correct wireless drivers aren’t even included in the first place. Why is it a requirement for have internet access? Luckily I had an old version of Rescatux.

    After upgrading, it changed my applications to a dark theme. Trying to fix the application to something else in Themes like Mint-X does nothing. It simply gets stuck and stays there. Not interested in dark and moody.

    1. Hi Roth,

      Mint-X received support for dark mode so applications using dark modes suddenly turn dark. That is normal, however these apps usually have a setting in their preferences to disable dark-mode if you don’t like it (hypnotix, xed, xreader etc..).

    2. Themes colors restored by renaming the .config folder in the Home directory to .config.bak and restarting. You will lose your customization for obvious reasons but it seems to have worked.

  69. Can’t use the upgrade tool because it insists on downgrading the “foreign package” wine 7.0 to wine 3.0 before allowing me to proceed. That would cause problems, so I can’t do that. Therefore, I’m looking to upgrade to Mint 21 using the old-fashioned command terminal.

  70. Did the upgrade from Linux Mint 20.3 to 21 and overall it went well on my Lenovo ThinkPad P51. Only issue I ran into was for the foreign packages step, it listed a lot lib packages and other packages that I either didn’t recognize or admittedly too lazy to figure out what it did and some I did recognize, so I just clicked Fix for them all to be blown away and rebooted and things seems to be working well so far. Ran into some issue running apt update where some repos were reporting about “key being stored in legacy keyring”. Found a website on how to fix it (, but saw that those repos listed were not needed for me anyway, so I blew them away in /etc/apt/source.list.d and problem went away. Other than my Audacity application being regressed to version 2.4.2 (had 3.x previously), so far it is working very well. I’ll spend the weekend going further into it and reinstalling some repos I removed, but all in all, a wonderful upgrade experience considering it is a major release. Thanks so much Linux Mint team for an awesome Linux distro. Been using this since Linux Mint 15 and still my goto for sysadmin stuff. Will definitely be donating next week. Take care and best wishes.

  71. Cinnamon crashed during the upgrade; possibly because I didn’t turn off a scheduled Timeshift backup. I restarted the upgrade and it seemed to complete, but I was left with an unbootable system (double boot, Mint and Windows). After much struggling I decided to do a clean install. Well, I sort of have a working system in Mint now, though I had to reinstall all the apps and data, but grub is still screwed up and I can’ t get to Windows. A very frustrating experience. I don’t think this update tool is ready for user release and think you need to do more testing with dual-boot systems. I’m also finding myself more conscious of what no longer works than of any new features.

    1. If you have a working Mint system and you want to be able to boot into Windows again, run the command “sudo update-grub”. It should scan for other operating systems and add them to the boot menu, that worked for me at least, I dual-boot Mint 21 Cinnamon and Windows 11. Hope this is useful.

  72. Running check ‘Final phase’
    Re-installing the meta-package
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –yes –no-install-recommends mint-meta-cinnamon
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    mint-meta-cinnamon is already the newest version (2021.11.18).
    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
    linux-headers-5.4.0-121 linux-headers-5.4.0-121-generic
    linux-image-5.4.0-121-generic linux-modules-5.4.0-121-generic
    Use ‘sudo apt autoremove’ to remove them.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
    Re-installing the multimedia codecs
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –yes –no-install-recommends mint-meta-codecs
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    mint-meta-codecs is already the newest version (2021.11.18).
    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
    linux-headers-5.4.0-121 linux-headers-5.4.0-121-generic
    linux-image-5.4.0-121-generic linux-modules-5.4.0-121-generic
    Use ‘sudo apt autoremove’ to remove them.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
    Installing new packages
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –yes –no-install-recommends neofetch ffmpegthumbnailer amd64-microcode intel-microcode celluloid drawing adwaita-icon-theme-full warpinator alsa-topology-conf alsa-ucm-conf mesa-vdpau-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers cryptsetup-initramfs cryptsetup-run libreoffice-gtk3 gamemode gstreamer1.0-gtk3 gstreamer1.0-pipewire blueman sticky webp-pixbuf-loader xapp-appimage-thumbnailer xapp-epub-thumbnailer xapp-mp3-thumbnailer xapp-raw-thumbnailer
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    E: Unable to locate package webp-pixbuf-loader
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-appimage-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-epub-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-mp3-thumbnailer
    E: Unable to locate package xapp-raw-thumbnailer
    Error – Return code: 100

    1. I need more info on this. Please provide the full output of mintupgrade and the output of “inxi -r” in the github issue.

  73. A big thank you mint team.
    cinnamon 20.3 to 21 upgrade went very well smoothly and successfully, but it took about 8 hrs to complete, perhaps because I upgraded from USB 64GB. I do’nt want to dual boot from windows 10 in the SSD.
    the 21 direct installation in the USB would have been faster but I could not trust the image written to bootable usb. there is 65xxx bytes less in the bootable usb compared to the downloaded image.

  74. Hello

    I am writing this message here because I don’t know where to put it; I am under lmde5 (very good system I am happy with it); I made the update of cinnamon yesterday and since it is the horror: full of thing which functioned before does not function any more! ex: electronmail when it is reduced one cannot use it any more one is obliged to start it again! the keyboard shortcuts simply don’t work anymore so it’s impossible to change workspaces! ….. really this version of cinnamon is an abomination! sorry guys I know you’re doing a lot of effort and I thank you for it but I have to admit it’s a failure!

    Translated with (free version)

    1. I tried to register on github but I can’t (I don’t receive a confirmation email); well, too bad, a bad update can happen, I’m looking forward to the next cinnamon update in 6 laws hoping that it will fix everything that doesn’t work with this update (I see in the comments that several people have problems with this update)

  75. After the update, you cannot drag the window and press ← and → to quickly switch the workspace
    The name of the hard drive has been changed from XXX to XXX1

  76. The Upgrade Tool worked successfully but the only annoying thing was downgrading some packages like LibreOffice’s upgraded ones from the official LibreOffice’s PPA and maintaining the orphaned ones. Nevertheless, all the operations went on like a charm and I think I will donate one more time for your great job as usual.

  77. I have updated to Vanessa. Now there is a problem with the network manager. I get the following error message when I try to activate a hotspot:

    (nm-applet:27614): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 12:40:23.544: invalid unclassed pointer in cast to ‘NMACertChooserButton’

    (nm-applet:27614): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 12:40:23.547: g_type_instance_get_private: assertion ‘instance != NULL && instance->g_class != NULL’ failed

    Using “nmcli c up HotSpot” everything works as desired.

    Is this a bug – can anyone help me, because per cli it is a stopgap 😉

  78. Hi Clem (Bonjour),
    After upgrade to Mint 21, i have some critical issue.
    1) I had to blacklist the update for kernel 5.15.0-46.49. After reboot the system crash with a kernel panic message.
    2) Attempting to update nvidia driver from 510 to 515 with driver manager ends up with the same issue.
    It seems that whatever touch the kernel ends up badly.
    I could recover system each time with timeshift… but well it’s scary.

    Minor issue, my single GPU passthrough with kvm/qemu upon exitiing win10 cannot restart lightdm, so system must be completely rebooted.

  79. This is a only a suggestion for a possible improvement.
    The backports of Cinnamon and its associated applications to LMDE 5 is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much!. A++ effort.
    The backports were so extensive, the thought occurred, why not create a new ISO called LMDE 5 +?

  80. Possible bug?
    After upgrade to 21, when in terminal and entering, say, sudo lshw, which produces much output, using “select all” only selects what is visible, not what is higher up.
    This doesn’t happen with 19.3 or 20.3.
    Clem – would you please try it and see if you get the same.

    1. Thanks for the explanation, Harry. That change seems to me like a sledgehammer to crack a nut!
      I regularly copy and paste hundreds of lines of text from a terminal to a file, but the bug that the change is intended to fix was provoked by selecting many millions of lines, which is rather extreme.
      Very frustrating.

  81. Some applications are opening maximized by default, even when resized and restarted. These include Firefox, Sublime Text, FreeFileSync, Chromium, and Notepad++ (in Wine).

  82. Du foutage de gueule cette mise à jour graphique pour débutants !
    J’ai 2 machines linux mint, la mint lxde s’est mise à jour sans trop de problèmes, la Cinnamon refuse obstinément.
    Déjà 3 tentatives aujourd’hui avec restauration et tout et tout. Ça coince à la fin après 3h de moulinette (connections oblige).
    Une dernière tentative demain en desinstallant les logiciels qui semblent poser problème.

    1. Non, c’est une très bonne idée. Mais c’est le début, donc il y aura certainement des améliorations au fur et à mesure des remontées.

  83. After updating from 20.3 Cinnamon to 21, my title bar texts are now centered in the middle of the title bar instead of being aligned on the left. Is there a way to revert it back?

  84. After restoring my test machine to 20.1 (as a restore to 20.3 left me unable to connect to the internet) then updating it to 20.3 I again tried the upgrade. I spent literally hours typing in all the packages I wanted kept in preferences, and then the upgrade removed them all anyway!! I saw it doing it in the terminal. But it works fine – UNTIL I place the laptop (HP6530b) on the docking station (connected to a KVM) and boot, i see the initial LM logo after grub then the laptop screen stays black, the cursor and hard disc light flash in sync and the docked screen keeps flashing connected/disconnected.

  85. Hello, I am currently using linux mint 20.3 which has been fantastic, without bugs that I could not solve and I am extremely grateful for it. As soon as version 21 came out, I downloaded the image, mounted it on a USB and (both in live and installed mode) the audio does not work. Although it detects the sound board, it does not work. I did exactly the same test with version 20.3 and the audio (also in live mode, as installed) works perfectly. I compared the table of hardware components showing mint from “system information” and in other cases (20.3 and 21) they are exactly the same. How can you solve this issue and be able to move on to the new version of this fantastic distribution? It should be clarified that the tests are done from the PC, no type of virtualization was used.

    from now on thank you very much!

    My hardware:
    Motherboard N68-VS3 FX – chipset NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a
    CPU: AMD FX-6100 64bits
    Graphics: Radeon RX 460
    Audio: – 5.1 CH HD Audio (VIA VT1705 Audio Codec)

  86. I am a hardcore LM user and before giving some impressions of the new version, I want to thank the whole team. Excellent work, thanks for the effort and dedication.
    I have upgraded from LM 20.3 using the “mintupgrade” tool on two machines.
    First of all, I must emphasize that a fresh installation from scratch, takes more effort if you want to get a machine with LM21 and the same applications and features.
    First conclusion: the “mintupgrade” tool helps to upgrade to LM 21, including the applications that are currently installed and running on LM 20.3. The goal is to maintain and upgrade them in a consistent way considering the new technical characteristics of LM 21. Of course it is advisable to understand the messages and recommendations that appear during the process and to note the proposed changes to avoid headaches after the upgrade.
    The decision to use this upgrade method is precisely because I did not want to re-install all the applications and adjust all the features that my machines with LM 20.3 had as well as clean them of libraries and applications that I do not use. On the internet there are many tips how to do this job, safely, so I recommend you to choose one and follow the steps.
    My experience:
    1. Preparation of the machine to be upgraded is essential, considering using timeshift in case something goes wrong and disabling the ppa of third party applications, among other recommendations.
    2. During the upgrade process, several messages appear with possible problems with certain applications and their possible solution. In my case I had to manually delete the java packages for libreoffice in parallel to the process, so that the upgrade process could continue and in others the same process recommended me to delete this or that application, especially third party ones. Of course I took note of them for a post-upgrade adjustment. The update process finished successfully after about 1 hour.
    3. Further adjustments: Major problems appeared with Libreoffice and Wine. In one case the solution was to completely remove Libreoffice, activate the ppa for Ubuntu Jammy and reinstall libreoffice, in the other to activate wine32 bit. Both apps are working. Wine is installed in version 6.0.3 and I could not install Wine 7 (it is not available …?). Other applications were installed considering minor adjustments, Discord, Stremio, Chrome. Regarding the HW I only had to readjust the layout for the keyboard and the printer and scanner both from HP, they were adjusted automatically via hplib. All this took me 1 hour extra mainly because I had to install manually certain libraries needed and these I had to look for them on the internet, but attention they are available …. is what I like about linux (especially Linux Mint) … finally I didn’t have to do anything else. The system is running stable and fast and the rest of the applications are up to date and working.
    Thank you to all the team of LM again.

  87. Hello, i upgraded to Vanessa. It mostly works fine but if i close and open windows the animation is not smooth. And Videos stutter.

    Do you have a solution?

  88. Went through all the messages on this upgrade tool. Tried it myself on one of my laptops but 3 times cancelled as it took more than 2 hrs just checking my Linux Mint Version (time shift unchecked). I gave up and installed a fresh Mint 21 from USB and was done with all my software installed in same amount of time the upgrade tool spent checking my Mint version!! I will do the same for my other Dual Boot computers. Overall I am of the conviction that a fresh install is always way better even from my experience of windows upgrades especially from 10 to 11…..

  89. Did a fresh install of version 21. After just an hour of testing I ran into two major issues: 1) When creating a Web App, I cannot select Brave as the browser. Brave is installed , set to my default browser and works just fine. 2) The power app does not recognize both of the internal batteries on my Lenovo T460. If I right click on the batter icon on the task bar, it show both batteries

  90. Performed the upgrade today (Cinnamon) – went mostly well. I’m seeing most of the items listed previously. Chrome and Firefox open to maximized state and will not remember either the window size and placement after closing and re-opening. There is also no selection in Themes for the window title bar color separate from the App theme selection. Any idea when these might be addressed/fixed?

  91. Have no internet? Tame ferewalld or remove it if you have an external firewall.
    I general much better than was expected!

  92. I am a total noob on Linux. I was a windows user for all I can remember, a year ago cold turkey switched to Linux mint and it felt perfect – everything is clean, easy, steam works, nice icons and the theme was fetched from the internet, what else do you want?

    Anyway, after this update, Linux randomly gives me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for random pages. And I am too noob to find out why this is happening. Tried some hacks from ubuntu and Linux forums, but it does not work.

    Not yet timeshifted, as I’m waiting for some miracle to happen.
    Or maybe I just hope that this can be solved by purging some app and getting it again. I don’t know.

    The good thing about this update is, that it feels like my laptop is working smoother and better in graphic-heavy load. It wasn’t so smooth in the previous version.

  93. I am seriously annoyed about the “deprecated key” issue with the installed ppa !!!! and I am thinking to go back to LM 20.3.

  94. Another small “21” victory, the game Pente (2.2.5 from 2001) now runs with sound effects without having to install and configure alternate sound programs.
    I wish this version had addressed the no-mouse problem with the SGT Game Launcher… maybe next time.

  95. The mintupgrader worked perfectly for me.,,,
    It found a few repos that it could not deal with, and it orphaned the packages from them. It dealt with a huge number of strange repos on my dev server, most without problems, It downgraded some things. I lost internet connection in the middle of it at one point, and it recovered and continued. Sure, lots of “fix” this prompts. Then it finished….I rebooted.

    The system came up clean, I could log in, the desktop was fine. Sure, some orphaned apps and a few dev tools I use were missing, but even my bluetooth audio picked up after login, and what it orphaned and purged is easy to add back. My services on this machine came back, too. It felt like a very debianish way to handle upgrading, and while it is chatty, if you do the fixes and let it do it’s thing, it clearly work well.

    A note on post upgrade issues would be good to attach to the end. For example, if you use gnome mail (evolution) you will have to sign your online accounts back in. I also had to let go of an old cinnamon friend; the opacity plugin, which I love because I loved window manager transparency in xfce moves. Maybe a newer future update will work cleaner with the new muffin. I am sure there must be a few other common things to check after updating.

    1. No problems with evolution here. In fact, I really waited for the upgrade because it was supposed to solve the problem with Evolution not being able to connect to Google contacts any more. 🙂

  96. If I had realised it would take this long to upgrade to 21 … 8 hours and counting … still upgrading, as i write this, I would have simply installed 21 over 20.3, and re installed any missing applications as I needed them.

    I will be doing exactly that for my partner’s computer.

  97. I usually do a clean install but thought I’d try the upgrade this time. Ran into inaccessible repository addresses and unlocateable packages as detailed in posts above, and a broken package (libc6 – I guess from resultant version conflicts due to not being upgraded) that obstinately refused to be unbroken no matter what I tried. So after 2-3 attempts (and rollbacks via timeshift) it sort of was finally upgraded but the broken package persisted. It still seemed messy so I ultimately did a clean install from iso.

    I then installed symlinks as a matter of course, ran it and found multitudes of symbolic dangling links. And then, suddenly, no more broken package. Okay I’ll take that, a broken package that refused to be unbroken no matter what command I threw at it simply fixed by running symlinks(?).

    sudo symlinks -dr / (for anyone newer-to-linux with the issue and not sure of the syntax.)

  98. Hello.
    Had to do a fresh install, after a successful upgrade, due to messing up the new apt-key deprecation. I could not fix it. So I re-installed LM21 and all looks good except for this very annoying Firefox download behavior: I am an amateur astronomer and view a lot of files (pictures, PDFs, …). Firefox now downloads them automatically even when I just want to open and view them. Yes, I applied the “about:config” mod to revert to the old download behavior but Firefox still downloads the file, in parallel, into the Downloads folder. There were a lot of very angry and annoyed users like me who complained about it online. The only fix that seems to work is to dump Firefox for something else. I simply cannot live with this download behavior so I will have to go to another browser. Sad…
    Apart from this, LM21 is very satisfactory. Works as advertised.
    Thanks devs

    1. As for the reason I had to do a fresh install: it has nothing to do with LM21. It seems that Debian is phasing out the use of APT-KEYs in favor of gpg keys, or something… So if you have PPAs in apt you get a warning that apt-keys are “deprecated” and are now in “legacy” mode. You can very safely ignore the warnings and apt works as advertised without further ado. But I found the warnings unsightly and looked for a way to get rid of them. Found a few sites with instructions but I must have messed up some where because after that apt stopped taking my PPAs into account. There was a way to fix, that I found but it involve a lot of CLI time and a lot of ways this 63 Y.O. easily lost user to mess up again. So I decided to fix this the easy way. Just needed a couple hours of spare time.

    2. Hello. Update.
      LM21 still working as advertised. Very satisfied up to now. Except for the very annoying firefox download behavior with some files. Tried to look for another browser but found none that I found good enough to modify the way I browse. So I decided to stick with firefox for now and simply empty the ~/Downloads folder once I am done.
      Some of the browsers I looked into were forks of firefox and exhibited the same behavior when used in LM21. The chrome/chromium derived browsers were too different for this 63 Y.O..
      Anyway, as I said apart from this, life’s good.

  99. Well that took some time, 11 hours in total. 4 hours last night, before I put the machine in Hibernate, then another hour this morning before hibernating, and carting the machine off to my meeting, then another 6 hours till it finally completed.

    At least Nothing Went Wrong. the machine rebooted into 21 just fine. The only issue I have is Apache won’t install properly, hopefully removing it and reinstalling will do the trick.

    I do not recommend this method of upgrading,

    I suggest that anyone who sets their installs up with a separate root and home partition, simply install 21 over the top of 20.x, then reinstall any missing packages. It will be quicker.

    Everyone else would probably be better off to back up their home directory, then install 21, then install any missing packages after recovering their home directory.

    1. Actually Apache isn’t the only issue, it was just the obvious one.

      There’s lots of little niggly things that keep cropping up,

      What I don’t understand is why the Linux Mint Upgrade is so complicated, compared to it’s parent Ubuntu, which upgrades without any issues for me in about 2 hours. Or why it was necessary to replace config files, or remove or simply refuse to continue until ‘issues’ with PPAs were resolved. Or why it had to remove my VPN.

      At the moment I’m considering my options… Should I stay or should I go?

  100. @François Proulx
    Go to the settings and look for “What should Firefox do with other files?”. There is a choice there. Choose to ask each time.

    1. @OmniNegro
      Yes, I know. Thank you. But for some reason, Firefox seems to be ignoring whatever you choose there. That was another complaint by annoyed users (mostly Linux users) in a Mozilla forum. There were Mozilla devs that were saying that it should not happen but the facts are the facts. I am checking out Waterfox. It looks and works like Firefox but right now without the annoying behavior.

  101. This may be trivial, but the “really slick screensavers” that worked in 20.3 with xscreensaver now show up as “not installed” and are not functional. Checking my packages, rss-glx is installed along with all variations of the xscreensaver package. Additionally, it’s no longer possible to use dconf to change the color of the window title bar from “light” to “dark”. Is this by design or just my ineptness with this new version?

  102. i did a fresh installation of Vanessa. It works mostly, but the system stutters when i close and open programs. The feeling is also not so smooth as it was on “Una”. Hope an update will be released.

    Thank you for help.



  103. @Hallo Clem
    Betreff: Blueman Bluetooth Manager
    Bei Notebook neu Installierung funktioniert Blueman nicht
    Bei Stand PC Upgrade von 20.3 auf 21 Blueman funtioniert ohne Probleme

    Vielleicht hilft euch das weiter. Bin kein Linux Experte

  104. Dear LM team,
    I must confess that after my enthusiastic feedback on LM 21, I have been forced to go back to version 20.3 on my main machine.
    The guilty party was the failure of the “deprecated keys” of third-party applications installed via PPA. This failure let you not perform any GUI update nor an update via Terminal !!!!! …. This would not have been a problem if once installed again they would disappear, but they do not. It is also not a very relevant problem if you have one or two apps installed like this, but the solution involved if there are several (in my case more than ten apps…) means a job of copying, pasting, and editing in two files each and go to do this without making a mistake and this for each new third party app you want to install (!!!!!!!) is absolutely a “NoGo”. It might this a problem of Ubuntu, but I don’t care.
    For example, I don’t use LibreOffice but Softmaker, I have games-related apps that are evidently the third party and the wine version is very old, etc…. The system works for sure but not for me, at least not in those conditions.
    Attention: Thanks to Timeshift I was able to roll back without major headaches (except for the loss of the Ethernet connection … which I was able to solve as there are many who are going back to 20.3 from LM 21 and have been able to solve that issue).
    Anyway, I decided to wait maybe for version 21.1 to see if the third party apps key handling is stabilized among other things. THX and please keep the good name of LM.

    1. This issue took a whopping few seconds to find a fix. Please try this next time you upgrade to 21.

      cd /etc/apt
      sudo cp trusted.gpg trusted.gpg.d

  105. Hello all,
    I updated from 20.3 to 21, Mate all the way! As others have reported the gotcha with the update tool not liking libreoffice/libreoffice-still added to the repositories bit me. It took a second try but it then completed.
    The problem with 21 was running a browser. Firefox would crash the session back to the to the login screen. Turning off acceleration and starting in safe mode made no difference. Chromium did the same thing. I didn’t have the time to tinker with graphic card settings so Time Shift brought my system back to 20.3.

    System monitor for 20.3 reports my graphics as:
    Mesa DRI Intel® Q45/Q43 (ELK)

    Stupidly I didn’t look to see what system monitor for 21 thought my graphics card/driver was. Drat. No, I really don’t want to upgrade my graphics card. I’m not a gamer unless playing with spreadsheet charts count!
    I know, not much info to go on. All in all I’m happy with 20.3 so there really wasn’t a real push to upgrade. I’ll wait for 21.1 and try again when I have more time to tinker.
    Thanks for everything!
    Tom S.

  106. Hallo Leute
    Bin neu in der Linux Welt (seit 01.01.2022)
    Zur Zeit habe ich noch Linux Cinnamon 20.3 (Edge) auf meinen Lenovo Legion 5 Notebook
    Wie sieht es aus bei LM21? Kommt da eine Edge Version oder ist dies nicht mehr notwendig.
    Wer kann mir da Bescheid geben.

    Danke für eure Aufmerksamkeit

    1. Der Hauptunterschied zwischen der normalen Version 20.3 und der Edge-Version ist, dass die Edge-Version einen neueren Linux-Kernel enthält, was für die Unterstützung neuerer Hardware wichtig sein kann.
      Die Standardversion von Linux Mint 21 enthält von Hause aus einen noch neueren Kernel als die Edge-Version von 20.3.
      Ich denke, eine Edge-Version wird es frühestens für Linux Mint 21.1 geben.
      Am besten Linux Mint 21 testweise als Live-Version auf dem Rechner laufen lassen, um zu sehen, ob die Hardware korrekt unterstützt wird.

  107. For some reason after upgrade (I use grub customizer) my grub menu remained in old state with LM 20.3 and windows entries so I couldn’t boot into LM anymore. Booting into windows worked, so grub repair helped.

  108. After several scary message about packages, I let it do its thing and upgrade is complete! My applications still work too! Lutris re-updated itself after being forced to downgrade for the upgrade. Cheers!

  109. I upgraded from 20.3 to 21 on the tablet (Asus T101HA). The login screen is still in portrait mode and after the login is in landscape mode (as I chose in the 20.3 settings: display rotate 90 deg left): the fact is that half times, after the login, the screen remains black! and I have to force the restart… The strange thing is that while booting the LM logo and some text is in landscape mode; when it reach the login screen this is in portrait mode!

    Another annoying thing is that now, when I click the Emacs (my build) icon on the panel another identical icon shows up! I created “A new Item” in LM Menu (accessories) and the added (mouse-right) it to the panel: this worked since 2015. Now this does not work any more: the panel icon is duplicated starting Emacs. I cleaned the .local/applications folder and recreated from scratch the process but always two icon when I start Emacs!

    I will not upgrade to 21 on the desktop PC (in dual boot with W10) until this issue is fixed on the tablet!

    BTW, why you use a GUI app to upgrade if its output is all in the terminal? The GUI part is reduced to disable the Timeshift and to a few clicks “OK”, “Next” etc..

  110. Oddly, in my Cinnamon session the Delete key is no longer mapped after the update. In both, LightDM and the virtual console the key does seem to work as expected. Any idea where to look?

    1. Solved! In an attempt to get gTile to work again I must have hit the delete key while in the dialog for assigning the keyboard shortcut for opening gTile and set that to “delete”. Had the extension worked I would have noticed right away. Sorry for the noise.

  111. After upgrade via the tool a Dell xps 7590 from 20.3 cinnamon to 21, I get the first password prompt to unlock the encrypted drive, then to the light-dm logon. After entering my password the screen goes blank/black with the cursor though no desktop appears, only function is to restart via the power button.

    Any pointers, help would be appreciated


    1. Update… waiting 5 or so minutes the desktop appears…

      Shows updates but will not download, connects to wifi, wired or hotspot; have added specific DNS to no avail.

      *** Wonder if the delay at start-up is due to ‘phoning home’ for some reason and not being able to connect to the internet ***

      The adventure continues…

    2. Update 2

      in command line/terminal mode ctrl-alt-f4
      Checking ufw status – shows it is in an “inactive state” – enabling (sudo ufw enable) restores the internet connection – though not through a reboot.

      Doing this does seem to speed up the desktop showing.

  112. Overall, everything went okay. At first I had a problem reinstalling kdenlive again, but there was a conflict with the “melt” package that was in the official repos and the version the “melt-7” version that kdenlive. Wanted to install. Once I purged “melt”, kdenlive installed the version it wanted and everything is fine.

    Looks good!


    1. Hi Jeremiah
      I have also run into “melt” fix error.
      What was the procedure that you followed to reinstall kdenlive and fix the “melt” error?

    2. Henry,

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-stable
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt purge melt
      sudo apt install kdenlive

      You have to purge “melt” first, then kdenlive will automatically install the version of melt that it wants installed (melt-7).

    3. Thanks Jeremiah
      That worked and I have Kdenlive successfully installed.
      Configuring Kdenlive, I got a message “missing MLT module: glaxnimate”, trying to install I have run into some issues I could not resolve:
      – glaxnimate.deb, stable version, glaxnimate 0.5.0+deb-49002eec
      – Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libpython3.8 (>= 3.8.0)
      – According to Synaptic Package Manager: libpython3.10, lbpython2.7 all from Jammy-updates is installed

      Can you please advise how to fix install glaxnimate?

  113. Wow. Multiple problems. Installer “hangs” at different places. Now going back to 20.3
    I will do a clean install when I am ready.

  114. I’ve stopped the upgrade to LM21. There is too much trouble with latest version of libreoffice etc. I hope the forums will provide some help and try again later.

  115. Hi, the upgrade worked fine, but sadly the text editors incl. xed does not display UTF-8 emojis anymore, so i can not edit my source codes which contains lots of special characters …
    Can you fix it?

  116. Hi all,
    first: thanks for all the hard work gone in Mint over all that years! I use Mint for about 5-6 years now (the XFCE edition) and I love it and just donated for the first time!

    Two of my three laptos upgraded smoothly but on the 3rd after logging in (lightdm) there was a 2 minute delay until the desktop shows. It was not only in my work account but on a new account too.
    After some searching I found that the xbrlapi was the culprit. Having good eyes I uninstalled it and it worked. If more information needed, just ask.


    1. Followup: On 2 of my 3 laptops neither Firefox nor Chrome are rendering something 🙁 Falkon fortunatly works) on an I7-8750H the 2nd monitor with INtel-GPU isn’t recognized anymore (Nvidia still does, but it needs more energy)

  117. with “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade” i take
    ** (appstreamcli:2318): WARNING **: 22:40:21.199: Found icon of unknown type ‘unknown’ in ‘system/flatpak/flatpak/cc.nift.nsm/*’, skipping it.

  118. Love Mint (and Timeshift, for that matter). Finally decided to upgrade to LM21 today. On two computers (HP desktop & HP laptop) started process. Made new backups with Timeshift on external hard drives. Updater insisted I make backups, so I deleted the two I had just made and let it go ahead making new ones. Successful, up to there. Still have backup hard drives plugged in (so updater can “find” them). After that, however, Upgrade Tool says: System Snapshots – Checking system snapshots… The little circle is whirling. This has gone on for four hours so far on BOTH computers. Since I started, I’ll go on a while longer. If nothing else happens, I’ll give up. Maybe another day…

    1. “Updater insisted I make backups, so I deleted the two I had just made and let it go ahead making new ones […] Checking system snapshots… The little circle is whirling. This has gone on for four hours so far on BOTH computers. Since I started, I’ll go on a while longer. If nothing else happens, I’ll give up. ”

      The updater app allows you to disable the Timeshift checks via the app’s Preferences menu. If you’re confident you have the backups saved externally, go ahead and disable the checker.

  119. After some hesitation I decided to do the upgrade.
    This is the first time I’ve used an upgrade for a major version change. Usually, in this case, I do a fresh install.
    Everything worked perfectly and the new system works great.

    Many thanks for this upgrade and this fabulous system !

  120. I attempted to upgrade a Linux Mint Xfce installation. It ran for an hour or so, then hung.
    The last lines on the terminal were:
    Setting up appstream (0.15.2-2) …
    Installing new version of config file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream …

    I was able to reboot and run Timeshift to recover. Unfortunately, the ethernet is now not connecting.
    (Sending this on another computer.)

  121. Cinnamon 20.3 to 21 update

    Issue: does not support jammy.

    Having no idea what was going on I asked an acquaintance who told me to adjust the ppas and mirrors to focus on ubuntu and play around with it. After a bit of hit and miss it worked and the upgrade proceeded smoothly.

    I am currently enjoying exploring the new version.

  122. Upgrade to Mint 21 basically worked fine. However, it left the grub menu trying to load 20.3 with a 5.4 kernel which no longer existed. Mint 21 could only be booted via the Advanced Options. However, running boot-repair from a Mint 21 live USB fixed all the problems so now I’m up and running on 21 with all fine. Thanks everyone!

  123. I run a MediaWiki instance on Linux Mint with Apache and MariaDB. The upgrade had installed php8.1 but had not enabled the apache2 configuration for php8.1 and had not upgraded all of the additional php packages required by MediaWiki.

    sudo a2enmod php8.1
    sudo apt-get install php8.1-mbstring php8.1-intl

    The above two operations got php and MediaWiki working after the upgrade.

    I like the combination of a gui mintupgrade that leaves a full detailed log in the terminal window when launched from the command line.

    1. Although I like the detailed log I would appreciate it if it was enhanced with a timestamp each time ‘Running check’ is reported and possibly additional timestamps when the ‘Fix’ or ‘Continue’ button is clicked and the process is again proceeding as well as when it starts and ends. A simple 24 hour timestamp such as ’15:24:00 Running check’ and ’15:24:55 Continuing after Fix selected would help in my opinion.

  124. So I’m getting the sense that Linux Mint 21 isn’t quite ready for primetime. I’ve chosen to do a full install instead of upgrade, since I saw a lot of people having trouble with the upgrade tool. Ever since installing Mint 21, I’ve run into all kinds of issues. Mint-X theme isn’t working properly (widgets aren’t the correct theme on most windows, but are on some), Blueman’s menu gets messed up if I turn bluetooth off and then back on (the lines separating the menu sections turn into grayed-out “Label empty” text, a number of extensions and applets I relied on don’t work well, or at all, and things just generally don’t feel rock solid quite yet. I’ve tried compiling and installing the faustus driver for controlling my ASUS laptop’s keyboard backlight (I had hoped it would have made it into the kernel by now, but… no), and while it worked perfectly in 20.3, it’s not functioning properly in 21 following the exact same installation proceedure, and I can’t control the color or brightness of the keyboard’s backlights. None of these are absolute show stoppers, but they’re certainly annoyances that make Mint 21 not so enjoyable. So I’m debating whether I should reinstall 20.3 again, or just bear through all these annoyances until they (hopefully) get resolved. All this to say, if you want an OS that just works beautifully, I recommend sticking with 20.3 for now and not upgrading to 21. I regret having done that.

    1. I have made the same observation regarding the Mint X theme not working on 21. I had hoped the update this week would resolve this but not so. Something is forcing 90% of all the windows to use dark mode which I can’t diagnose or fix; only the High Contrast theme makes any difference to the windows.

    2. Mark – Interesting. I haven’t run into the dark mode problem at all. Just the widgets not being correct. What programs do you see this happening on, out of curiosity? I’d personally love to have the ability to manually switch to Mint-X dark instead of (or at least in addition to) it doing so automatically, but the Mint devs let me know they don’t plan on doing anything like that with Mint-X, because the theme isn’t used enough (in their view) to justify giving it very much development attention (although, in my opinion, Mint-X is the most beautiful theme on any Linux distro, and deserves a whole theming design team all to itself to make sure it remains the most glorious theme ever!). Mint-Y is unfortunately their main priority, theming-wise, no matter how dull and lifelessly flat and ugly it is (again, my opinion, of course).

    3. Mint-X is rendered more beautifully than ever with the new version of Cinnamon on Linux Mint 21 or the back port on LMDE 5. Gone is the flickering on NVIDIA graphics, the colored buttons and text look fantastic. Except for the GNOME terminal you can go into the individual apps preferences (Pix, Image Viewer, Hypnotix and others ) and turn off the dark theming.

    4. Thank you Clem!
      I have been looking for that terminal for so many years couldn’t figure out how to change it from the dark.

    5. Yes !! In terminal | Preferences | General | Theme Variant, chose “Default”
      and then Profiles Colors | Custom | chose Text : “#FFFFFF” Background : “#3F3F3F”
      Was able to recreate the pleasing to the eye legacy terminal look of previous versions of Mint-X in Linux Mint.
      Here is a screenshot:
      Clem: Since you were monitoring this thread, is there any way in the future to add one more drop down list item like “Mint-X” to the Theme Variant? For myself I can save/insert these settings in dconf but I was thinking about other users.

  125. I did an upgrade to LM21 yesterday and everything went well. However, whenever I now boot or shutdown my Acer Swift 3, I see messages on the screen which are too quick to read. Looking at the log, I also get these:

    1. Failed to start Refresh fwupd metadata and update motd. A start job for unit fwupd-refresh.service has failed
    2. Failed to start casper-md5check Verify Live ISO checksums. A start job for unit casper-md5check.service has failed
    3. mtd device must be supplied (device name is empty)
    4. ACPI Error: Aborting method \_PR.CPU2._CPC due to previous error (AE_NOT_FOUND) (20210730/psparse-529)
    5. x86/cpu: SGX disabled by BIOS.

    I not clever enough to understand or solve these issues and certainly not advanced enough to go digging around in the BIOS etc..

    Are these serious issues and how can I solve them?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello John:
      Those messages are all safe to ignore.
      They are either upstream or kernel bugs except for the last message. #3 is a kernel regression.
      #5 “SGX disabled by bios”​​ It stands for “Intel Software Guard Extensions” which can be set in the BIOS. That is informational.

    2. To casper-md5check failed: According to “askubuntu” this is a bug in Linux Lite 6.0 (and probably Linux Mint too). Just disable the service and the error message will disappear.
      It’s obviously not removed after the installation.
      Command to disable that service is:
      sudo systemctl disable casper-md5check.service

  126. Lot of troble to upgrade.
    Lot of files where need to bee down grade.
    i have to remove libreoffice spotyfi.
    It’s the second upgrade that i have many troubles.
    In the past the upgrade from 17 to 18 works out off the box
    Then 18 to 19 lot of problems because thy change the method of upgrade.
    Form 19 to 20 back to the same old excellent working upgrade like in de past before version 18.
    In the past we have to do the upgrade by update management and that works very smooth never ever problems but now. I have need more than 4 hours do to upgrade 4 linux system 2 only linux and 2 dual boots.
    I’m was not so happy with it

  127. Upgraded in about an hour. Only minor tweaks afterward. My freedom from Microsoft continues. Thx for the hard work.

  128. After two unsuccessful attempts to upgrade 20.3 to 21, which takes more than 3 days of troubles and issue solving (!!??) I give up this task temporarily… I will wait for future development of LM21 and mainly for the NEW (better) mintupgrade tool.

    Frankly speaking, this upgrade is the biggest disappointment during my 6 years LM using period on all my PC’s. So far was LM the best Linux distro I know, but now I am not sure about future LM use. This upgrade is really terrible experience for anyone, who is not a power Linux expert.

    I hope that situation will be solved in the near future …

  129. Hi Clem,
    can some shortcut mechanism be provided for entering a high number of orphan packages?
    such as import from a text file or provide them in one line separated by space, etc ? Any idea is fine. Right now it is painful to enter each of them one by one, as I have around 300.
    Please advise if some mechanism already exists, and if I have not understood it.

    1. Hi Mithun,

      Well, not Clem but hope I can help.
      If I am understanding your issue correctly and just wanting to remove orphaned packages –

      sudo apt-get install deborphan -y
      sudo deborphan | xargs sudo apt-get -y remove –purge -y (2 dashes before ‘purge’ in case they don’t show correctly)

      and –

      sudo apt-get autoremove -y

      to clean up any packages noted as ‘automatically installed and are no longer required’

  130. I did a new install of LM21 Cinnamon and Xfce. Installation went fine. Everything seems to work out of the box. Reinstalling apps has become a piece of cake thanks to the Backup Tool. The printer/scanner on the WiFi was automatically detected. No terminal commands to get the system running. LM 21 is a great leading distro.

    However, there is an issue with Wine on both desktops. I installed Wine by means of the apt install wine-installer.
    I tried to run 2 games which run for almost 16 years now on Wine. They installed without any problems, but they don’t run properly (one crashes, the other one stalls with a black screen). I was able to run the games by emulating a virtual desktop (one of the Wine-settings), without a virtual desktop, they can’t run properly. Is this a known issue?

  131. Think I will wait for 21.1 and continue to use 20.3 I have LM 21 on a separate SSD and will experiment and customize it to my needs when I have time.

    As far as those who are having problems with Timeshift…. try running it manually. Have the discipline to run it once a week or when there is new update has given you trouble in the past. Maintain no more then 4 snapshots depending on your “external” storage drive capacity. I use a separate SSD with a dedicated ext4 partition. A new snapshot takes less then 30 seconds.

    1. I hope you realise that there are many people out there still using HDDs. (In part because of the lack of reliable overwriting of disk blocks with random data — think encryption or file shredding.) For us, a snapshot isn’t 30 seconds, but several long minutes, during which the machine is all but usable.

  132. I’m staying on Mint 20.3(Cinnamon) until I can select all the contents of any terminal session to copy and paste that to a text file on Mint 21. That only selecting what’s viable is not going to work for me if it remains the default behavior there. There are other issues mentioned here as well and the last time there was a major Mint upgrade the instructions were a little more helpful about removing foreign packages and such in advance of a Major Mint Version upgrade.

    I’ll wait to maybe mint 21.1 and see then but if that terminal selection behavior is still there then I’ve still got some more years to wait to upgrade until things are how I expect them to be.

  133. I have a MS Surface Pro 7 machine with Linux Mint 20.3 running the latest Surface kernel. Can I update using this configuration?

  134. The upgrade was a breeze! Though, I crossed fingers on my hands and feet and prayed to the tech gods that everything goes well (just in case 😆). Kudos to the Mint team for the job well done!

  135. Why did the actions “extract here” and “create archive” disappear in the Thunar context menu? How can I get them back?

  136. Not happy with update – update itself ran smoothly – but no ‘Update Manager’.
    When trying to run Lazarus/FPC it could not find – copying from timeshift did not solve problem but I found an old version and got system running.
    Today I installed Update manager – and it installed some updates – but now again Lazarus/FPC can not find libmyhsqulclient.
    If I get all running again – then no more updates 🙁

  137. As the “update/upgrade” to 19.3 eliminated my ability to copy/paste login/passwords into web pages and even following all the detailed instructions on the web, it still is a problem I’ve been very reluctant to “update/upgrade” and now have fallen quite far behind.

    I’m now in a situation which was the reason I left all MS products. Updates/upgrades creating more problems than they fixed. Love Linux Mint and it is 1,000 times better than MS, but there has to be a way to keep current without jumping through hoops. Computers are supposed to work for us not the other way around.

  138. Great choice moving to Blueman. My bluetooth connections and stability have improved markedly. Hats off to the Mint team for such thoughtful roadmap and execution.

  139. Upgrade completed just fine, but since then my monitor will longer go into stand by mode. The screensaver comes on after the appropriate time. Then when the monitor should power off, the screen goes blank for roughly 15 seconds or so and then just comes back on. It’s plugged in with HDMI.

    I don’t see any obvious output from dmesg or syslog that would indicate any trouble. Need some help with where else look please.

  140. Did the upgrade to Mint 21 on a quad-boot computer (XP,W7,W10,Mint 20.3) , was smooth sailing.
    Only thing to do afterwards was to reinstall and update “eid-archive”
    and reactivate numlock.
    Everything up and running in about 90 minuts.

    I also did a fresh Mint 21 install on another computer.
    Got all the usual programs from the software manager.
    Took me about 60 minuts to install and finetune the lot.
    Not a single problem.

    This is how every OS should work.
    Microsoft can still learn a lot from Linux 😉

    Many thanks to the developers of Linux Mint !!!

  141. After having removed/downgraded some suspect packages, upgrade from 20.3 succeeded.
    All running as expected.

    Very well done. Thx a lot.

  142. Trying to upgrade from 20.3, I am stuck at:
    Pregenerating ConTeXT MarkIV format. This may take some time…
    I’m at 4 hours. The installer is not doing anything. What should I do here? I need to have the machine working well by tomorrow.

  143. Hi.

    My laptop has Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20.3 installed as a dual-boot. To boot these OS I’m using Window’s metro bootloader in concert with EasyBCD installed on the Windows system with Grub installed on the Linux Mint partition. If I upgrade will my Grub installation be preserved? Will the upgrade mostly consist of replacing files on the Mint partition without reinstalling Grub? I don’t really want Grub reinstalled on the Windows partition if I can help it or Windows bootloader disturbed if possible.

  144. Well at th eend it works but lots of small snags.
    1-I had to use the UPDATE MANAGER/EDIT?SOFTWARE SOURCE and untick everything is PPAS and ADDITIONAL REPOSITORIES. Without this, the upgrade hang.
    2-Then it found some broken packages. Using PACKAGE MANAGER showed no broken ones. So I copied the names of the broken ones spotted by the upgrade to search and remove them with PACKAGE MANAGER.
    The process went smooth after that. Took a while but OK.
    3-After rebooting my VirtuaBox, Libreoffice and my AC-1200 WIFI dongle did not work.
    I purge VB (would retest later), uninstall LO and reinstall it from FLATPAK. Actually it installed the latest (7.4) version. No luck with my AC-1200. I tried a TP-LINK one and it was recognized without having to install anything.
    4-Last, I find Firefox, Thunderbird slow to start.

  145. Actually it was the first time I had some trouble using mintupgrade. But I admit, it might last on my used unofficial packages. Thanks to Timeshift I had no worries to get my machine back running! Today I spent nearly same time with a clean install of LM 21 Cinnamon and everything went fine (took some time to restore all my settings). The change to Blueman made solaar obsolete and touchstick/touchpad on Thinkpad T570 work fine out of the box, no need for the synaptics-driver anymore. Many thanks for your work, guys!

    At least, one question left: I wanted to create a fresh list of installed applications using the backup-program. Due to the restore from even that list (from Mint 20.3), it won´t create a new one (because there is no application installed by using the application-manager!?). Is that a bug and can I create a “reimportable” list in another way?
    Thanks in advance and keep on, I´m a great fan of MINT!

  146. Please, provide a way to run mintupgrade from tty.
    This should not be a problem for an application that in the previous LTS didn’t have a GUI.Furthermore there is

  147. Sorry…. I was writing…: Furthermore there is neighter help from command line, nor a readme and nor a manpage.

  148. Have a nice day, everyone. An attempt to upgrade to version 21 using “sudo mintupgrade” ended with an error: “ does not support jammy” All attempts to solve the problem ended in failure.
    Why do we need such raw updates? A waste of time.

  149. Have a nice day, everyone. An attempt to upgrade to version 21 using “sudo mintupgrade” ended with an error: “ does not support jammy” All attempts to solve this problem ended in failure, and the help of Ubuntu users who encountered this problem during the upgrade did not go for the future.
    The question is, why release such raw updates? I feel sorry for the time spent on this. And there is no need to delete comments without offering a solution to the problem. I love Mint since the 18th version.)))

    1. I suspect your first comment simply got stuck in pre-moderation instead of being deleted, so it wasn’t visible at that time.

  150. My upgrade to Linux Mint 21 went smoothly and took just over two hours. On the margins, my only gripes with the upgrade are the deprecated key issue and the fact that PulseEffects (updated version 4.8.4) appears to have persistence/stability issues which so far I have been unable to resolve satisfactorily.

    1. I’ve now moved over to EasyEffects (Version 6.2.8) using PipeWire and am extremely pleased with the result. I would certainly recommend others to make the switch. However, you need to follow the installation instructions carefully.

  151. Ok, so I finally decided to upgrade my LM system from 20.3 to 21. I did not run into any critical errors as far as I can tell, but I do have some minor issues that can probably be fixed. Here’s my feedback regarding the upgrade process and less than an hour of feeling around the upgraded system.
    -The upgrade tool wanted to install os-prober relatively early into the process. I uninstalled it on all distros I use since I have a dual-boot setup with another distro, and I’d rather have each distro install and worry about their own grub. Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be a way to move forward with the upgrade process without skipping the os-prober install, so I let the upgrade tool install it and left myself a reminder to uninstall it again after upgrading.
    -The foreign package check could use an automated way of listing all the packages into a text file or something. I understand that having these things around could mess with the upgrade procedure and that they need to be removed first, but there’s also a good chance the user would be interested in installing them again later. In my case, I only had 2 such packages, so this was no biggie.
    -Pretty much the same issue as above when it comes to orphaned packages. In my case, I just let the tool remove all of them since I didn’t need anything from the list, but having to type them 1-by-1 would’ve been grueling if it so happened that I wanted to keep some of them.
    -After rebooting when the upgrade tool prompted me to, I noticed that ubuntu appears 4 times in my EFI boot menu. 3 entries are at the bottom (I assume added by the upgrade process), and 1 entry is sitting right where it used to appear so I assume this is the “old” entry. I picked the “old” entry and it booted into the upgraded system. neofetch says LM 21 kernel 5.15, so I take that as a successful boot into the new system. FWIW, my setup is 2 gpt-formatted HDDs.
    -The minimize and maximize icons are not following the mint-y theme for some reason. This problem was not present when I booted from live usb during the beta, so this might have something to do with the upgrade process. Actually, I have this same problem on my Manjaro system, but I didn’t expect to encounter this problem here. The color on the x/close icon matches the mint-y theme, but the other 2 icons seem to follow the same icons as the Adwaita theme. The Adapta theme switches to its proper maximize icon.
    -The upgraded system switched the window animations back on when they were turned off before upgrading. This is no big deal, but I’m wondering if there’s any log somewhere so that I can see which config files the upgrade had overwritten, and whether it kept the old configs so that I can get my old settings back where applicable.

    1. Update regarding boot entries:
      Based on efibootmgr -v, it looks like installing grub creates 2 entries, 1 for shimx64.efi and 1 for grubx64.efi, and I have 4 entries because the upgrade installed grub on the ESPs of both of my HDDs. Anyway, I used efibootmgr to delete all 4 of those entries, then deleted the ubuntu folder on both ESPs, then ran grub-install. Doing that resulted in 2 ubuntu entries (1 shimx64.efi and 1 grubx64.efi), so I guess this is the new normal behavior in this version of Mint? Previous versions used to create only 1 entry on my hardware afaik.

    2. Update on min/max icons:
      Just out of curiosity, I tried to create an entirely new user on my system just to see if the problem is connected to some config carried over from the previous version. The new user has proper mint-y min/max window icons. So now my question is which config in my actual user folder should I edit to get proper icons here too?

  152. Is it possible to simply install LM 21 from an ISO in an erased partition as if it were the first Linux installation? This has worked in past upgrades, and reinstalling my few apps seems a lot simpler than dealing with all the problems mentioned here. Or has LM 21 installation been programmed to require a previous LM version on the drive?

    1. Simple answer is yes, this is what the installer will offer to do for you.
      I have resorted to nuke and pave with a fresh install due to issues with the upgrade.

  153. The update went surprisingly smooth. I was worried that those “Fix” warnings were going to leave me hanging or make my system unbootable, but sure enough after clicking through and the long wait of the update in general it worked beautifully. Thanks!

  154. Two attempts to upgrade and both failed on “error: 100” message. Conflicts with Baqpaq (Additional) and LibreOffice (PPA) repository.

    1. I had to totally remove Libre Office to get my install to work. It reinstalls it to whatever version it prefers…

  155. So, you propose completely remove all repos and corresponding apps which produce upgrade conflicts before upgrade? The problem is, that after removing Baqpaq+LibreOffice apps together with both repos, upgrade process hang on infinitely without any error or warning message … ??!!

  156. I didn’t know where to report this, but I found an incompatibility in Mint 21 between kde connect and celluloid, every time the smartphone is recognized by kde connect celluloid it closes, this also happens in virtual machines like virtualbox in case it helps reproduce the bug

    1. It’s been reported on and is in closed state, don’t know why. I use to listen to radios and like the buffering feature on celluloid, which is a front-end to mpv so I switched to it on the terminal; you can install mpv-mpris ( to ~/.config/mpv/scripts so you can control mpv over kdeconnect multimedia.

  157. I just upgraded to the latest version of Linux Mint. I’m very happy, the upgrade is simple and went smoothly.
    The Bluetooth connection is better and more complete, the version of LibreOffice is the last one, the screen capture offers new functions which were missing! Plus a whole bunch of improvements!

    Mint in version 21 is still stable, ergonomic and fast! I use the Mate version which I appreciate for its simplicity and which can equip not very powerful computers.

    A big congratulations to the team !

    1. It already is possible. There is a menu button(?-been a few weeks since I upgraded) you can use. If you have any PPA’s you use it would be wise to uncheck them as well.

    2. My bad. The option is in the settings (In “Menu -> Preferences -> Requirements” uncheck “Recent Timeshift snapthot”.). Post update the linked bug is no longer present in Time Shift…

  158. Gnome has introduced a tool-gnome-info-collect-that handles the collection of system usage data, in a similar way to Windows. Even if the developers assure that everything is anonymized, that there is nothing to be afraid of, there is still a rather strange matter: in the end all the data comes to … RedHat. I hope that gnome-info-collect is not in LM 20 or 21.

    1. Whelp, I’m still getting the memtest86+ error, but it is allowing other programs to install update.

  159. Just upgraded to 21 cinnamon from 20.3 cinnamon. Smooth as silk except for TimeShift requirement.. I did about 20 minutes of very basic testing afterwards and had no problems. I was using an old Dell XPS 8500. Thanks for a great operating system. I have tried at least 20 others and I always come back to Mint very quickly. Thank you!

  160. Using up-to-date cinnamon on LMDE5, problem with xreader. When I search a pdf doc, and I type in the characters d, f, or w, the search box does not accept them. Instead, they change the way the text is displayed.
    So for example it’s impossible to search for the word ‘hidden’ but trying to do it puts ‘hien’ in the search box and does undesired things to the display format.

    Otherwise, no prolems. Earlier ones I reported have been fixed. Thanks! Great system!

    OT for this thread, but it seemed like the easiest way to get this reported.


  161. Dear Admins

    Apologies for reposting but I would like to know if the issues I previously posted on (see below here) are serious and do I need to do anything about them. I’m still getting the same when booting and closing down.

    Many thanks.


    I did an upgrade to LM21 yesterday and everything went well. However, whenever I now boot or shutdown my Acer Swift 3, I see messages on the screen which are too quick to read. Looking at the log, I also get these:

    1. Failed to start Refresh fwupd metadata and update motd. A start job for unit fwupd-refresh.service has failed
    2. Failed to start casper-md5check Verify Live ISO checksums. A start job for unit casper-md5check.service has failed
    3. mtd device must be supplied (device name is empty)
    4. ACPI Error: Aborting method \_PR.CPU2._CPC due to previous error (AE_NOT_FOUND) (20210730/psparse-529)
    5. x86/cpu: SGX disabled by BIOS.

    I not clever enough to understand or solve these issues and certainly not advanced enough to go digging around in the BIOS etc..

    Are these serious issues and how can I solve them?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello John:
      I think this is your second post about this. If you copy and paste those messages into a web browser search you would see all those are benign. That is the fastest way to get an answer because all of them have been reported/researched by others.

      Those messages are all safe to ignore.
      They are either upstream or kernel bugs.
      #1 is an upstream bug, same as for #2. (Ubuntu)
      #3 and 4 are kernel regressions. (Ubuntu)
      #5 “SGX disabled by bios”​​ It stands for “Intel Software Guard Extensions” which can be set in the BIOS. That is informational.

  162. Hello,
    did the update, and ended up without networking, because NetworkManager failed to start. Also, after getting the network up, apt update and all apt install attempts reported timeouts (but seemed to function somewhat).
    Finally traced the problems to missing, so installed it manually from .deb. After this, NetworkManager started without problems and the timeouts disappeared from apt logs.
    Hope this helps if someone else has similar problems!

  163. I am not so happy about “Vanessa” because the system doesn´t work smooth. The versions before were better.

  164. My mint upgrade passed without incident (except it did take a little more time than I thought). Following the experience a coupe of suggestions……
    1…Minor point…Why not automatically download / install Mint upgrade tool as part of the process from the normal update dialog rather than manually install / remove??
    2…Foreign packages I have installed Brother printer drivers, this the upgrade process identified, and to keep them I had to manually type in the program name (which I got wrong – finger trouble). why not have check boxes against these packages that you can select / or not – it would be so much easier but apart from that fine!

  165. Hi.

    A Keyboard’s media key shortcuts worked fine with Linux Mint 20.3 (Cinnamon, 64-bit),
    but not anymore (21 Cinnamon, 64-bit). I used mainly a mute, volume down and up “keys”.
    I tried to fix it to install with Synaptic Package Manager “playerctl”, “MPRIS” and
    “evemu” related packages, but nothing worked..

    Here is a some information from my computer:

    Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 i5-4460S SFF Intel® Core™ i5 8(x2) GB DDR3-SDRAM 1000 GB HDD

    $ xinput
    ⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
    ⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
    ⎜ ↳ PixArt Lenovo USB Optical Mouse id=9 [slave pointer (2)]
    ⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
    ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ Power Button id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ HP Webcam HD-4110: HP Webcam HD id=10 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ Lite-On Technology Corp. Lenovo USB Keyboard id=11 [slave keyboard (3)]
    ↳ Lite-On Technology Corp. Lenovo USB Keyboard System Control id=12 [slave keyboard (3)]

    I hope that somebody can help, because I really don’t want to restore a 20.3 from Timeshift..

  166. Hello

    Yesterday I updated my system from 20.3 to 21 and it went smoothly. Good job !

    Here are some suggestions :

    – I hope major updgrades with the new upgrade manger will in the future be without any commands, pretty much like the minor upgrades ( both could be handled by the new upgrade manager ) but it’s a so obvious improvement than I think the Linux Mint team might already be working around it or planned it.

    – I already know the fact than you could skip the Timeshift requirement, but this functionality is quite hidden, and at a first glance it could feels like you have to create a Timeshift image ( and I know it’s safer, but lots of people don’t care, and i think beginners might not even understand what it is ), so I think add a big “skip” button in the “create snapshot” page to desactivate Timeshift snapshot obligation could be a good improvment.

    – For cinnamon, the next big step will be when the update manager will handle Flatpak updates, possibly game changer. But I’ve seen this WIP on githup, so you’re faster than me.

    – I really hate the software center. It’s not really smooth, and more importantly, when someone is looking for a specific software, there is always a lot of propositions by the software center, and the one the person is looking for is not even listed in first. What’s more, you have to choose between the flatpak and the .deb version, and they don’t have the same icon. It’s a mess. I think it could be a good idea to do it the way the Zorin OS store does : you first select your sotware, and then in the top-right corner, you can choose the source of the software, either .deb or flatpak. That is, in my opinion, the right way to handle this problem. I also think it could be good to separate what packages are truly softwares, and what are just add-ons.

    – There is more and more icons in the menu bars, and it’s good thing ! I hope there will be in the future no option without one.

    – I would prefer if the luminosity could be separated from the power managment applet, because it’s a bit hidden in it and so you could see at the same time your luminosity and your battery power.

    – The keywords manager is quite bad, even if it do it’s job. It coul be good if the linux mint team created its own as an Xapp

    Looking forward to see the improvements of Linux Mint

  167. Upgrade went fine – but afterwards had a minor problem. My computer is an oldish desktop (Intel i5) and has a NVIDIA GF119 (GeForce GT520). I have “Power Management” set to turn the monitor (a MAG – also oldish) off at 5 minutes, which worked. However unlike with LM20 it did not turn back on after moving the mouse or hitting the shift key. I was only successful in getting the monitor back on by restarting using “Ctrl-Alt-Backspace”. The Driver being used was the NVIDIA recommended one, “NVDIA-driver-390”, the same one I use on LM20 (not 340).

    After physically turning the monitor off and on each time I used it, I decided to go back to LM20 (my first time using TimeShift for restoring – what a wonderful fast and simple tool!). Is my problem one of the “… small regressions in Cinnamon” that you are working on? Please advise.

    1. Good news! I have done the upgrade again – and this time the problem has disappeared! Although there appears to be a slightly longer lag, the monitor comes back to life now, both with moving the mouse and with hitting the shift key.

      Notwithstanding all of the great assistance from the Linux Mint Forums (thanks everyone for your time and efforts), it appears that it was either a quirk with my first attempt or it was solved through one of the “small regressions in Cinnamon” that have since been done.

      The forum and its contributors are the greatest!

    2. I talked too soon! Although during the day the monitor restarted as it should – this morning, after about 15 hours, it didn’t. Even turning the monitor off then on caused only a “no input” notification for a few seconds. As before, only an “alt-ctrl-backspace” brought the monitor back to life. Guess that I have to live with it!

    3. For documentation sake – and in case this thread is still monitored – the problem still exists but I have the workaround of physically turning the monitor on and off, so I consider it “solved”. Thank you to the wonderful people on the Forums, who spend time and effort sharing their skills and knowledge.

      For further details see in the Forums: “SOLVED LM 21 Power Management – Screen does not turn back on”.

  168. Hi Linux Mint Team!
    I’m still on 19.2 (Tina) and I’m getting ready to upgrade to 21! My computer is an HP Elite Series SFF 8200 with a “Sandy Bridge” i5 Processor, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, and NVIDIA NVS-300. I have all my files backed up on a 64GB Flash Drive. I’m just a casual user, and I do Digital Art on my machine. Is there anything I should know if I’m doing a fresh Install?

  169. I have some PPAs which are no longer supported by jammy, e.g. audacity, shutter and handbrake-releases and other PPAs (keepassxc, inkscape, nextcloud-devs, libreoffice, etc.)
    I have disabled the PPAs which are no longer supported and this brought me to the next step. However, there were a lot of problems reported and error messages showed up.
    So, I’ll do what I did before an upgrade of Linux Mint was possible: Do an backup of the root and home filesystem. Then a fresh install of the root filesystem, leave the home filesystem alone (don’t format it). The advantage of trying the upgrade anyway is that I now know, which PPAs I need to check for a replacement on jammy or comparing the latest versions.

    1. I reinstalled shutter (V 0.98 Rev. 1570) after upgrading (on two test systems) and it works without any problems

    2. I checked the PPAs which do not support jammy for the availability:
      Shutter is available in Ubuntu 22.04 repo, Version 0.99.2 (the same as in the PPA – linuxuprising)
      audacity is available in Ubuntu 22.04 repo, Version 2.4.2 vs. 3.0.2 in the PPA (ubuntuhandbook1)
      handbrake is available in Ubuntu 22.04 repo, version 1.5.1 vs. 1.3.1 in the PPA (handbrake-releases)
      YMMV – I didn’t test those yet. The driver for the RTL8812AU Wifi USB-stick packaged in the Ubuntu 22.04 repo does not work. The device is not even detected.

  170. I burned a DVD of 21. When I attempt to install the mouse click does not function making install impossible. I had a disk of 20.03 this works perfectly. What can I do?

  171. Hi
    I’m thrilled everything was taken over during the upgrade, my Wine programs,
    Flatback, Blender with all my settings and updates.
    Firefox and Thunderbird I didn’t need to do anything. The Nvidia driver is all there.
    Kudos to the developers!!

  172. I’ve experienced 0 free space on system volume SEVERAL TIMES during an upgrade. What an awful procedure: no check for enough space at beginning, no warnings during the process… how can I be sure the upgrade process did pass well when there are NO free space for new files/configurations/packages during the process. What a shame!

  173. Since the upgrade I am experiencing a bug – I don’t know where to file it: In Cinnamon’s filemanager the preview of videos (pressing the space-bar) does not work anymore.

  174. The upgrade manager is useless for most laymen Linux Mint users. I have 15 foreign packages I’ve upgraded installed, several which are a few versions ahead of the LM version. Having to manually downgrade these packages will take >1 hour of manual work. At this point I think Linux Mint has failed in its mission on three points:
    1) “Friendly” operating system
    2) KISS
    3) “With centralized software updates, system snapshots, a unique Update Manager and the robustness of its Linux architecture, Linux Mint requires very little maintenance. It works, it’s safe and it doesn’t break.”

    Having to manually downgrade LibreOffice, Spotify, KeePass, etc. some of which won’t run unless being on the latest version, is a significant detractor for the upgrade process. I’ll have to plan a weekend afternoon around this which is not friendly at all.

    Appreciate the work you do in making this OS great (I continue to donate) but this part is lacking.

  175. Found another (minor) bug: On my Fujitsu-laptop, since I updated, it is impossible to switch of the backlight of the built in screen. If I set the backlight of the screen to 0% it is still on (and drawing power from the battery).
    Before the Mint 21 update you could switch it off.

  176. After update from 20.3 to 21 Google Earth becomes very slow, zooming is almost impossible. Other apps. e.g. Stellarium works fine. I’m using NVIDIA GTX 970 (Asus ROG 20CB i5-6400 16 GB). I have tried Earth re-installing and nvidia driver is updated to 515.65.01 and based inxi -G nvidia drivers are in use. Any ideas what is reason?

    1. Installing older version of GE solved my problem
      Google Earth Pro (64-bit)
      Build Date

  177. I am on 20.3 and not sure if I should wait for 21.1, as many others posted above.

    But the upgrade path( says “There are no other upgrade paths than the ones listed above. For instance, you cannot upgrade version 19 to version 20.3 directly, you first need to upgrade it to 19.3, then to 20, then to 20.3.”

    So do we still have to do this: 20.3 -> 21 -> 21.1?


  178. I upgrade from 20.3 to 21 with the upgrade tool and everything looks fine here. I had some small problems, but I could fix them very quickly.
    So thanks a lot for the fine job you did, again I am a satisfied user!

  179. To say I am disappointed is the only word I can use in a public space like this. If you were not ready to roll out this major update, why not wait?
    I thought this nonsense was behind my when I left Windows several years ago.
    Not only have I spent the best part of a day on this upgrade it only lasted several minutes before it froze.
    I have two laptops and this one was my backup and it is very vanilla. The only thing installed is via Synaptic and Google chrome via Software Manager.
    All the instructions were followed very slowly, yet it took over two hours to claim everything was correct. During this time their were no end of foreign packages warnings.
    I mean nothing! Fist it was xed. OK so it’s got a little wrinkle, you expect some minor bugs then every went kaput.
    My introduction to Linux was spending many months disto hopping. Then I discovered mint. Up until now, the thing I love about mint, it just works. I am just a user not a geek who gets into a lather about the latest new thing. I want to get on and use my computer just like any other piece of equipment that makes my life easier.
    However, I will preface this is the first upgrade I have every attempted. Nothing clever about my upgrades, in the past I backup my data and spend a day reinstalling my new version. I’ve been doing this since about v17.
    Now at the time of this very, in my opinion, restrained response, I am tapping away on my daily driver Cinnamon 20.3. Which like a Swiss army knife is just the
    right tool for the job.
    So Minters, what is your advise? Do I keep my old warhorse on old faithful 20.3 or do I suck it up and go the way of the fresh. “Barney backup” is toast and maybe that is a sign it’s time to move on.
    Now before any of the keyboard warriors start geeing one another on, baying for my head on a pike, I did scroll though large swaths of posts and yes there were some very succinct, “great” or the pea green envy “Wow! That got fixed fast! Thanks!”. Now are they on some exotic 32GB, 1TB SSD fantasy rig or is it just me? Maybe but I did notice a number of the brethren writing a term paper on what went wrong and how they tried and tried.
    Now in my journey reading though “who did what and where they did it”, I have the utmost admiration for all you volunteers who make Linux possible. Any one that has made it this far in my tirade should be congratulated and the effort to put pen to paper has abated the murderous intent that was all consuming just a few short hours ago.
    Before summing up I’d like to make special mention of “Clem” and to all of you hard working people that make Linux work for “noobs” like me. No, I don’t know Clem, but his finger prints are all over this blog like Molasses in January.
    Whew! There you have it, I decided it’s “full fresh” but not to day. I’m going to do something constructive and leave the install for another day. Thanks again to all you people that make Linux the people’s choice.

  180. I am very disappointed. With two PPAs (audio-recorder, gambas3), manually installed LibreOffice 7.3, and vscode, skype, google-chrome, spotify from additional sources, I am unable to upgrade LM 20.3 to 21. Whatever I do, the upgrade ends with failures and/or conflicts.
    I am forced to install everything from scratch.
    My opinion: When it comes to upgrading, LinuxMint is only for geeks, no more KISS (Keep it simple stupid).

  181. Hello,

    I need help after updating to Linux Mint 21: My desktop doesn’t boot anymore, instead I get the following message:

    cryptsetup: Waiting for encrypted source device /dev/mapper/isw_ceeiiegeid_Raiden3…
    volume group “vgmint” not found
    cannot process volume group vgmint
    Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
    – Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)
    – Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?)
    – Check root= (did the system wait for the right device?)
    – Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
    ALERT! /dev/mapper/vgmint-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

    BusyBox v.1.30.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.30.1-7ubuntu3) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter ‘help’ for list of built-in commands.


    To clarify: I combined two SSDs via Raid Mode to one storage and installed Linux Mint with LUKS encryption.

  182. Guys, I’m trying to use forticlient but I’m taking this error:
    Backup routing table failed

    does anyone know how to solve?

    i’ve rechanged the client but it doesn’t work.

  183. Thanks to Clem and the team for this release and all their ongoing support. Donation made.

    I’m an old Unix “grey beard” and besides that, a Mint user since version 13. Now in my first Unix job was told: “Don’t upgrade an operating system, because you just end up with a patchwork. Do a fresh install instead”. I have to say decades later it’s still good advice. (Sorry if that, and the rest of this reply, is stating the obvious).

    The mintupgrade tool is solid, user friendly and well engineered, like the rest of Mint. However, it is trying to do an almost impossible task. There are over half a million files in my installation of Mint, and trying to work out the dependencies between them is too much. Even a well engineered tool like mintupdate takes a long time to work through every eventuality. Rolling different parts of the OS backwards and forwards to satisfy every possibility is very complex, especially as installations differ so widely.

    Better do a fresh install. Upgrading might seem like a shortcut because you don’t have to re-install your applications. But the process is lengthy and the end product (dare I say it) not guaranteed. I would recommend:

    – keep your own data (/home) on a separate disk partition to the operating system
    – have another partition (say 30 GB) for Linux Mint, say version 20.
    – have a third partition, also 30 GB, for the previous version of Mint, say 19.
    – When Mint 21 comes out, install it over Mint 19. Later on, install Mint 22 over 20, and so on.

    In this way, you can always go back to the older version just by using the grub menu at boot time. You can also copy over any settings or data at any time, from old to new, just by mounting the older partition.

    Some advice to those using mintupdate:
    – Use dd to make an image of your disk rather than timeshift. Much faster.


  184. Well, then … just performed the upgrade to Vanessa. It was painless and took less than an hour and … to this point anyway … was totally successful with no glitches or malfunctions … like I said, to this point. Used the “Upgrade to Linus Mint 21 “Vanessa”” tool with no problems. Will update this post if any problems show up.

  185. I upgraded to Mint 21 from the previous version on two different brand laptops. During the “Final phase” an Error 100 appeared on both systems with a bunch of files that could not be installed because it could not resolve a software source. So I went into the update manager and changed the Main (Vanessa) and Base (Jammy) “Software Sources” to different locations. There was a recommended fix that was displayed alongside the Error 100 (Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with –fix-missing?), so I tried both commands but it did not get the missing packages. Tried a few repository cleaning commands and they did not help, so do not know what to try next. As a side not, both systems at least booted OK after the upgrade.

  186. Hi,
    While running mintupgrade i am getting this error.. is there any way to fix this?
    mintupgrade is installed, but not even the gui is starting.

    #sudo mintupgrade
    Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
    Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
    Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

  187. if you do not have internet anymore after upgrade it’s due to netfilter-persistent conflict with ufw (enabled on my pc). Black screen with mouse on login (loading time very like 2-3 minutes)

    sudo apt-get remove –purge netfilter-persistent
    sudo reboot

    and everything should work.

  188. Finally upgraded from 20.3.
    Cinnamon is loading about 2-3 minutes after entering password on login screen. Didn’t conquer this issue, as logs doesn’t help much. Dropped all applets and extensions, reset all cinnamon settings – no effect.
    Returned to 20.3 with timeshift.
    So sad.

  189. After spending two days to recover from a failed upgrade I want to share my solution here.

    After a successful upgrade I could not boot with a graphical user interface.
    After booting with the “nomodset” option I could not install the driver for my nvidia graphics card because of a dpkg error:
    dpkg-divert: error: mismatch on package
    when installing /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ by libnvidia-gl-390′
    found ‘diversion of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ by nvidia-340’

    The solution was to first run the following command:
    for FILE in $(dpkg-divert –list | grep nvidia-340 | awk ‘{print $3}’); do sudo dpkg-divert –remove $FILE; done

    followed by this one:
    sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390

    After that I could successfully boot to the graphical user interface.

    1. Same over here. Installed v21 from DVD and had to remove the old NVIDIA card that worked fine in all previous Mint and Windows OS. Now v21 runs on an Intel GPU without issues.
      Have to say that earlier Mint version were more relaxed. Now look often in the internet to solve things not seen before.
      Let’s say: my problem as that is told me on the Dutch forum

  190. I did a fresh install of 21 on a larger drive then began installing all the programs I use. I am running into the issue of the file icons are generic and do not look like they should. Example, I use Manuskript for writing, good app for what I need. When you create a document and save the file, the icon should look like the desktop icon but instead it’s a blank white icon. A few other programs are doing the same thing so it looks like a global thing on 21. Everything worked fine on 20.

  191. Just last month I upgraded our 3 computers from Mint 19.3 Tricia MATE (64 bit) to 20, and further to 20.3 Una
    With all the ‘problem’ comments on this posting I was very hesitant to proceed with an upgrade to 21, but I picked on my simplest, (plain Vanilla laptop) to experiment.
    After switching on ‘Source code repositories’ in my ‘Update Manager’, I was able to install ‘mintupgrade’ and proceed fairly well to a completed upgrade.
    I have a Brother MFC-685CW as an associated ‘Network Printer’, and I wasn’t confident it would work ‘driverless’, so I followed the instructions here to disable IPP and install the ‘Brother’ driver package.
    All seems to be working fine, but who am I to judge?

  192. Upgrade completed on system #2 a ‘dual boot ‘ Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20.3 MATE. with assoc Brother MFC-685CW ‘Network’ Printer.
    Process: Remove all instances of printer from ‘Printers’ app.
    Create fresh ‘snapshot’ and delete all former ‘snapshots’. Refresh your cache and install the ‘Upgrade Tool’
    Run Upgrade Tool’ to completion, per instructions, remove ‘Upgrade Tool’ and ‘Reboot’ system.
    Install MFC-685CW ‘Network Printer’ per
    Test printing, etc. and ‘Reboot’
    Worked slow but steady, all the way! Two systems up and running Linux Mint 21 ‘Vanessa’

  193. Well, I completed upgrade on 3rd system, the one that worried me. It’s a Dell Optiplex 745 (2007) built for Windows XP. Nice to work with large wide-screen monitor, able to watch file progress, while having Upgrade Tool’ page up too. Glad I held off until most bugs worked out.
    Good work, crew!

    1. Oops!
      Basically followed same process as for #2 except printer is USB connected, with scanner control. Still required IPP disabling and driver install.

  194. I have Linux 20.3 and want to upgrade first to linux 21, and after that i want to update to version 21.1.
    I went through the procedure:
    apt update
    apt install mintupgrade

    and than:
    sudo mintupgrade

    But I get this message:
    W: GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7A3A762FAFD4A51F
    E: The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.
    Error – Return code: 100

    i am not an expert, just a beginner with linux, and now I do not know how to get on with upgrading, the upgrading tool says that i have to do apt update again, and repair the faults that are shown, but I do not know how to.
    Can please help someone me with this problem?

    1. If you’re still stuck… it helps to remove third party repositories and keys from the system. They often cause this kind of trouble (for me it was Surfshark and Signal). You go to mintUpdate (the update manager), Edit and there the last one (in German that is Paketquellen, in English it’s probably called Repositories or sth like that). There you can remove the problematic repos. After the upgrade reinstall the application like you did before. That should do it.

      Usually you will get help here: . That blog here is only active shortly after a new upgrade release, as far as I can tell.

  195. Okay, I’m a little confused. I am currently on Mint 19.1 and want to upgrade to Cinnamon. That’s what I was told is a dist that would be more suited to me (based on what I was disscussing with this tech person). The link I’m on says Mint 21.1. But there is nothing that says Cinnamon. How do I get there?

    1. Cinnamon is just the window manager. Mint is the distro and comes with different WMs, one of them Cinnamon, others are Mate and Xfce. If you right click on the Menu-button in the taskbar there should be an option like “About” or “Info”. This brings up a dialog that tells you which WM you have.

  196. Hey there,
    tried the upgrade and got this in the process. What am I supposed to do with this:

    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/casper_1.470.2_amd64.deb: Versuch, »/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-premount/20iso_scan« zu überschreiben, welches auch in Paket lupin-casper 0.57build1 ist

    1. Well, since the rest of the upgrade went through, I simply removed this casper thing and reinstalled it. Seems to be working fine.

  197. The installation immediately destroyed my working environment. I rely heavily an Wine / Crossover 32 bit, and it was replaced with 64 bit, without asking.

  198. I was not able to update. Everytime I push update it opens this website and checks system. After check is finished it appears the first page again. It seems like some kind of loop is happening.

  199. My upgrade has been stuck for the past 3 hours on “Pregenerating ConTeXt MarkIV format. This may take some time…”, what should I do?

  200. The current LTS version is working just fine and will be supported for the duration. I attempted a dist-upgrade and ran headlong into all the errors and downgrading that has been written about since this thread was opened. Will I spend hours trying to fix all the issues? No I will not – what I will do is the sensible thing. I will wait a few more years and do a clean install of the version ‘du jour’ when it arrives. Too much pain for so little cosmetic gain.

  201. Hello

    When I run the mintupgrade tool in the first check I receive

    Apt cache
    Your package can’t refresh correctly. Run apt update and fox the errors it displays

    So previous ly I had ran this and I received (if this is what it asks for)
    Reading package lists… Done
    E: The repository ‘ una Release’ does not have a Release file.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

  202. I’ve problem to upgrade.
    I don’t know if this problem to upgrade is caused by this:
    W: Target CNF (main/cnf/Commands-all) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome-beta.list:3 and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list:3

  203. Ho dei problemi nell’aggiornamento. Come posso rimuovere questo:
    W: Target CNF (main/cnf/Commands-all) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome-beta.list:3 and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list:3

  204. No puedo actualizar el sistema, esto debido a que ocurre un error con la “Herramienta de Actualización”, me pide hacer una “Instantánea del Sistema” con Timeshift, pero ejecuto el programa y no se ejecuta como tal ¿cómo se soluciona ese error?

  205. Sorry, I followed your link and there’s no update. I don’t care about your blog. When you really have an update, please let me know. Everything else is a waste of my time.

  206. Hi!
    $ apt install mintupgrade
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  207. ton@ton-desktop:~$ apt update
    [sudo] wachtwoord voor ton:
    Genegeerd:1 una InRelease
    Geraakt:2 una Release
    Geraakt:4 focal InRelease
    Geraakt:5 focal-updates InRelease
    Geraakt:6 focal-backports InRelease
    Geraakt:7 stable InRelease
    Ophalen:8 stable InRelease [7.546 B]
    Geraakt:9 stable InRelease
    Ophalen:10 focal InRelease [41,3 kB]
    Geraakt:12 focal InRelease
    Geraakt:13 focal InRelease
    Geraakt:14 focal InRelease
    Geraakt:15 focal-updates InRelease
    Ophalen:16 focal-security InRelease [114 kB]
    Genegeerd:3 stable InRelease
    Geraakt:17 stable Release
    Fout:8 stable InRelease
    De volgende ondertekeningen konden niet geverifieerd worden omdat de publieke sleutel niet beschikbaar is: NO_PUBKEY A8580BDC82D3DC6C
    Pakketlijsten worden ingelezen… Klaar
    W: GPG-fout: stable InRelease: De volgende ondertekeningen konden niet geverifieerd worden omdat de publieke sleutel niet beschikbaar is: NO_PUBKEY A8580BDC82D3DC6C
    E: De pakketbron ‘ stable InRelease’ is niet ondertekend.
    N: Bijwerken van de pakketlijst uit een dergelijke pakketbron kan niet veilig gebeuren en is daarom standaard uitgezet.
    N: Zie de man-pagina apt-secure(8) voor details over het aanmaken van een pakketbron en over de configuratie langs gebruikerskant.

    Good morning, as you see, something wrong, it has to do with brave browser, should that be easy to fix?

    Have a nice weekend, Ton.

  208. I get an following error-message, no matter what server I try to get the files, that an CPG-error occurs. The public key could not be verified. stable InReleas is not signed.

    What have I to to with opera? I use the firefox browser.

  209. I started update, got an error in the package repositories section ‘ubuntu does not support jammy’ for ‘simple screen recorder’ so I removed that software and now it’s sitting there with a revolving progress wheel saying “Checking package repositories” . But it’s now been there for 15 minutes.
    There’s no indication of whether it’s looping as there isn’t a percentage complete gradient or anything like that.
    How long do I leave it?

  210. This is just getting incredibly scary now…!
    It’s moved on to “foreign Packages” and coming up with an error saying :
    “The following packages need to be downgraded back to official versions:
    There is a list with maybe a hundred packages (no option to copy & paste here)
    So I click on ‘Fix’ & the terminal window fill with the following:

    Fixing check ‘Foreign packages’
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –allow-downgrades -fyq -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confold” -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-overwrite” fonts-opensymbol=2:102.11+LibO6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libjuh-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libjurt-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 liblibreoffice-java=1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~bpo20.04.1 libreoffice=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-base=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-base-core=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-base-drivers=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-calc=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-core=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-draw=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-gnome=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-gtk3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-de=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-en-gb=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-en-us=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-es=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-fr=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-it=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-pt=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-pt-br=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-ru=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-zh-cn=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-help-zh-tw=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-impress=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-java-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-de=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-en-gb=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-en-za=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-es=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-fr=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-it=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-pt=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-pt-br=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-ru=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-zh-cn=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-l10n-zh-tw=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-math=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-nlpsolver=0.9+LibO6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-report-builder=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-report-builder-bin=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-script-provider-bsh=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-script-provider-js=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-script-provider-python=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-sdbc-mysql=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-sdbc-postgresql=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-style-colibre=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-style-tango=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-style-yaru=1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~bpo20.04.1 libreoffice-wiki-publisher=1.2.0+LibO6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libreoffice-writer=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libridl-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libuno-cppu3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libuno-cppuhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libuno-purpenvhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libuno-sal3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libuno-salhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libunoil-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 libunoloader-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 python3-uno=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 spotify-client=1: uno-libs-private=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 ure=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 ure-java=1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~bpo20.04.1
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    liblibreoffice-java : Breaks: libjuh-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libjurt-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libridl-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    Breaks: libunoil-java (< 1:7.1.0~)
    ure-java : Depends: uno-libs-private (= 1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 is to be installed
    Depends: ure (= 1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 is to be installed
    Breaks: ure (< 1:7.1.0~) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 is to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
    Error – Return code: 100

    So do I need to uninstall libre office now before I can continue the update???

    H E L P !

  211. How do I get help like -NOW- ?
    I think I’m going to have to give up on upgrading my system.
    The stress of all these errors that I have no way of understanding or solving is just too much…
    I think for now I’m going to see if I can back out of this upgrade.
    I’m not sure it’s worth loosing my whole system for when I can’t get any help or response here…..

  212. Reading package lists…
    E: The repository ‘cdrom://Linux Mint 20.3 _Una_ – Release amd64 20220104 focal Release’ does not have a Release file.
    W: GPG error: kubernetes-xenial InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY B53DC80D13EDEF05
    E: The repository ‘ kubernetes-xenial InRelease’ is not signed.
    E: The repository ‘ una Release’ does not have a Release file.
    Error – Return code: 100

  213. So in the command prompt, I typed in: apt update. Then the archives and packages started downloading but then this popped up:
    W: GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available
    E: The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therfore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration detals.

    What do I do to fix this issue? I clicked on the GPG error link and it said 404 Error not found.

  214. My laptop will not update. Tried 3 times. Keep getting an error message about APT cache. Kinda tired of getting notification to update. ASUS vivobook F512JA model. Currently running 20.3 cinnamon edition.

  215. I’m tryng to update to linux 21:

    $ cat os-release
    NAME=”Linux Mint”
    VERSION=”20.3 (Una)”
    PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 20.3″

    i have an error when i run

  216. I’m trying to update to linux 21 but i have an error with docker.

    My os_release is:
    NAME=”Linux Mint”
    VERSION=”20.3 (Una)”
    PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 20.3″

    Why can fix the next error?
    E: The repository ‘ una Release’ does not have a Release file.

  217. Всё получилось без проблем! Заняло несколько часов. Новая версия- отвал башки!

  218. It is like it always is with Mint. It is a beautiful and stable Operating System until it comes to update to the next version. It never works. “You have versions to downgrade, oops, failed, that’s it.” (That’s what it was this time). Then, either I wait until the support is stopped and then reinstall and reconfigure everything which takes me several days. Or I change to another distribution which is what I’ll do next time because now I’m tired of it. Why can’t Mint ever have a good update for the next version? It is sad and it will make me leave Mint. TL;DR: Update failed, no way to find out why.

  219. work first go. 20 minute install…. update i shoud say.. no issues what so ever…. thank you for the best software.

  220. Updated, everything works. I had to disable third-party repositories for that. In fact, this means that I had to remove Gimp and Viber (installed from the deb package). Gimp was python-scripted, with a resynthesizer plugin and a Heal selection filter to remove unwanted items from photos. Well, I have to put everything on a new one. I don’t want to install Flatpak for Gimp, I don’t like flatpaks.
    Обновился, всё работает. Пришлось отключить сторонние репозиториии. На деле это означает, что пришлось удалить Gimp и Viber(из deb-пакета). Gimp был с подддержкой python-скриптов, с плагином resynthesizer и фильтром Heal selection – для удаления ненужных предметов с фото. Что-ж придётся ставить всё по новой. Flatpak для Gimp-а ставить не хочу, не люблю я flatpak-и.

  221. Does anyone here know how to restore the contents of the etc folder from a Timeshift system snapshot? To do so requires elevated user privileges, plus several files are unreadable.

  222. How do you restore the individual files in the /etc/ folder from a Timeshift system snapshot? To do so requires elevated privileges, plus several of the files in the subfolders are unreadable.

  223. Tried the UpdateTool on 2 Machines, nothing worked. Its sucks. Worst “UpdateTool” ever, or better worst Update ever.

    1. Arruinaron todo, no era asi, que pena espero que recapaciten y vuelvan a hacer las actualizaciones como antes!

  224. Took 8 hours on an XPS17 (Intel Core i5 and 8GB) with a 75Mb network and all seemed to go okay (no warnings/errors). However after the upgrade, Mate 21.1 freezes for 1/4 sec out of every 2 or 3 secs, similar to Lister – This is even noticeable simply moving a mouse pointer around the desktop. I tried the mikeflan options in this topic, to no avail, so I have since Timeshifted back to 20.3 and will try a clean install.

  225. Hi. I’m trying to upgrade to Mint 21, but I’m having error messages pop while apt is refreshing the cache:
    Err:139 focal-updates/multiverse amd64 Packages
    503 Service Unavailable [IP: 80]
    Reading package lists…
    W: GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4EB27DB2A3B88B8B
    E: The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.
    Error – Return code: 100

    What to do? The upgrade software sticks at tthat point.

  226. Following error comes. How to rectify this?
    Reading package lists…
    W: GPG error: stable Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 62993C724218647E
    E: The repository ‘ stable Release’ is not signed.
    Error – Return code: 100

  227. I use the Grub dual boot loader. Will the upgrade affect GRUB? If so, how can I fix if after the upgrade?

  228. Afotou eimai idi syndedemeni me to GoogleSearch sto DuckDuckGoGo eiha aptaisti ebeiria sto Linux Mint dioti boro na pernao aperioristes istoselides sto Mozilla Firefox kathos eho katavithistei aftomatos se pampolla sta- dia diergasion meso tou SafetyOnline eos katohyromeni sto Synaptic…Eidallos, diefkolynomai gia oles tis lepto- mereies sto YouTube etsi oste na min mou eblekontai diadyktios kapoioi kakovouloi hristes eno apo otan eiha- ne akyrothei polla emails mou tromaxa me polyores diasyndeseis na ta epanafero entelos apokryptomena…

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  230. I just completed the update to Vanessa on a DELL Latitude e7250 using software sources in Vietnam and was finished within 45 minutes! Outstanding work.

  231. E: The repository ‘ Release’ does not have a Release file.
    W: GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7A3A762FAFD4A51F
    E: The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.
    Error – Return code: 100
    mintupgrade-inhibit-power: no process found

    How do I fix this? Upgrade won’t install until i do! I attempted uninstalling the applications but ‘apt update’ still detects the errors? Thanks!

  232. No luck – when I try to upgrade, it checks for a Timeshift snapshot. I create one, but Timeshift doesn’t show it in the GUI (but it does exist when I browse snapshots).

    But mintupgrade doesn’t see this snapshot, so I can’t proceed with the upgrade :/

  233. Hi, my old laptop (Dell Vostro 1520) has been upgrading for 28 hours by now, but the system monitor is still showing bursts of activity and the circular icon in the Upgrade Tool keeps going round. Is there an overall % progress indicator available anywhere ?

  234. To add some info about the Vostro 1520 from System Report : CPU: Topology: Single Core model: Intel Celeron 900 bits: 64 type: MCP arch: Penryn rev: A
    L2 cache: 1024 KiB
    flags: lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 bogomips: 4389
    Speed: 2195 MHz min/max: N/A Core speed (MHz): 1: 2195

  235. The FORCED system snapshots are reminiscent of Microsoft Windows behaviour. While I appreciate the suggestion that it might be a good idea to backup your system before doing an upgrade, I would also like to the option to acknowledge that it might be a good idea that I have considered and do not need.
    Off to find alternative methods of updating.

  236. W:GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4EB27DB2A3B88B8B, E:The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed. .. uninstalled google earth .. rebooted .. still same message

  237. Tried 20.3 to 21.1 – Pointless waste of time. Fresh install 10x faster, and guaranteed to complete. The “upgrade” tool is truly a tool. I’m stuck at “An issue was detected during the upgrade” after at hour.

  238. I have TimeShift on an 8 Tbyte external drive, which is mostly full with several years’ worth of monthly (approximately) backups. Mintsetup has now been running about 20 hours in the loop “Checking system snapshots…” with absolutely no feedback about where it is, what it is really doing, or how long it estimates to finish this stage. Does anyone have any insight into what is going on? Do I need to kill the process and do a fresh install (which would mean that I would have to painfully customize everything all over again)? The UI is not very informative, manifesting the worst of programming styles.

  239. Beware: Do not try to leave Citrix installed. If you leave icaclient as an orphaned app, libc6 will fail to install with a symbol lookup error relating to Mintupgrade will fail, leaving the system unusable. (Boot to live USB and resture using Timeshift if this happens to you).

  240. Hi everyone.

    I am receiving the following error:
    APT cache

    Your package cache can’t refresh correctly. Run ‘apt update’ and fix the errors it displays.

    When I execute sudo apt update, I see the following errors in the terminal:
    E: The repository ‘ una-pgdg Release’ does not have a Release file.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
    W: GPG error: Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY F60F4B3D7FA2AF80
    E: The repository ‘ Release’ is not signed.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
    W: GPG error: pgadmin4 InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 8881B2A8210976F2
    E: The repository ‘ pgadmin4 InRelease’ is not signed.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

    Please help me understand how can I resolve these so that I can update my Linux mint version? Thank you.

  241. Noob question here but if I upgrade and things don’t turn out well, how does a Timeshift backup help with this?
    If I upgrade to Linux 21 coming from Linux 20.3, will Timeshift allow me to go back to Linux 20.3?

  242. Good grief! I’ve been using Linux Mint for years now and try to stay up with the latest versions and updates but it seems the versions are coming faster now and changes are often “major” lately. Do programmers release new versions every time they get a new girlfriend?? I generally download new versions…burn to disc…and install from there wiping the drive in the process to get a fresh install. It’s easier that way for me as I’m not keen on typing commands in a terminal. I haven’t done that since the Commodore 64 days. Could we keep things simple for “non-tech” people like me (who are uncomfortable with anything that requires programming) in the future? And please tell me why every new version I’ve installed over the last year or so has not allowed my printer to work. They will recognize the printer and set it up for use but I’m unable to get anything to print…print jobs go to “que” (Star Trek?). I’ve loved Linux Mint but if I can’t get my printer (HP LaserJet 1505) to work I will need to look for an alternative O.S. Anyone that can offer advice in layman’s terms please contact me. Thanks!

  243. La caché de paquetes no se actualiza correctamente. Me dice que ejecute de nuevo “apt update” y corrija los errores que muestre.
    Decía que el repositorio “ xenial InRelease” no está firmado.
    He desinstalado Signal pero me sigue dando ese mensaje de error.

  244. “Error – Return Code : 100″. How can I fix that problem easyly and upgrade my Linux Mint 20.3 to 21 ?
    Below are the report :
    -begin report-
    Running check ‘Package repositories’
    Mint repository last modified on 2023-04-12 19:09:42
    Check succeeded: Package repositories

    Running check ‘Foreign packages’

    Fixing check ‘Foreign packages’
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt-get install –allow-downgrades -fyq -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confold” -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-overwrite” fonts-opensymbol=2:102.11+LibO6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 google-earth-pro-stable= liblibreoffice-java=1:7.4.6-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1 libreoffice-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-core=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-de=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-en-gb=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-en-us=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-es=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-fr=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-it=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-pt=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-pt-br=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-ru=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-zh-cn=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-help-zh-tw=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-java-common=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-de=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-en-gb=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-en-za=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-es=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-fr=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-it=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-pt=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-pt-br=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-ru=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-zh-cn=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-l10n-zh-tw=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-style-colibre=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libreoffice-style-yaru=1:7.4.6-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1 libuno-cppu3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libuno-cppuhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libuno-purpenvhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libuno-sal3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libuno-salhelpergcc3-3=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 libunoloader-java=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 uno-libs-private=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 ure=1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 ure-java=1:7.4.6-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1 wine-stable=3.0.1ubuntu1
    Reading package lists…
    Building dependency tree…
    Reading state information…
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    libreoffice-common : Depends: libreoffice-style-tango but it is not going to be installed
    Recommends: python3-uno (>= 4.4.0~beta2) but it is not going to be installed
    ure-java : Depends: uno-libs-private (= 1:7.4.6-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 is to be installed
    Depends: ure (= 1:7.4.6-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 is to be installed
    Breaks: ure (< 1:7.1.0~) but 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.7 is to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
    Error – Return code: 100
    -end report-

  245. There was a power outage when upgrading from 20-3 to 21 🙁 From now on, I get the error “/usr/lib/system-environment-generators/60-flatpak-system-only failed exit status 127” when booting the system. logo disappears and then black screen stays on for more than an hour but mint desktop did not appear how can i fix it to make the system boot?

  246. error: ‘file /boot/vm-linuz-5.4.0-146-generic’ not found
    error: you need to load the kernel first
    press any key to continue

    This is a multi-boot system. I am able to boot to MX Linux

  247. First desktop upgraded flawlessly after a couple of hours. Then started another desktop and 2 laptops. All 3 have been stuck on “Fixing System snapshots” overnight(over 8 hours now). All snapshots were done 8 hours ago. Am I supposed to do something to get the installer to move on?

    1. If you’ve got snapshots ready and you’re happy with them, you can go in the preferences of the upgrading tool and disable the requirement on snapshots. The tool wants them to be from “today”.

  248. I ve clicked on the upgrade but it doesn’t work, it just starts this webpage for nothing, I stay with 20.3

    1. Hi Jim, the mono repositories do not support Ubuntu 22.04 so they’re rejected by the update. Disable/remove the repositories for now. You can keep the mono packages as orphan then during the upgrade, assuming they work fine in Mint 21 / Ubuntu 22.04.

  249. I typed in the command “sudo mintupgrade” and receifed the answer “sudo: mintupgrade: Befehl nicht gefunden” what means “command not found”. What am I doing wrong?

  250. if it’s still saying ‘checking system snapshots’ after an hour and a half and it’s already done a snapshot back then, am I doing something wrong? No further instructions are coming up. This is my system
    Kernel: 5.4.0-150-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 9.4.0
    Desktop: Cinnamon 5.2.7 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 20.3
    Una base: Ubuntu 20.04 focal

  251. hi i have a error he is complaining about stable inrelease so i cant upgrade to mint 21 can some one help me with this error how i can fix it

    king regards,

  252. So the UI element that pops up when you click the notice there’s a new version offers a link to a webpage with text to be copied to a commandline.
    Yep. that’s Linux.

    The UI element could easily have had those instructions on board. But no.

    What’s the excuse this time? Learning curve?(1) Flexibility?(2) The holy church of CLI? Not 1337 enough? Fear the linux HTML-installer-script parsers known as Homo Sapiens have nothing to do?(3)

    I got some hope when upgrading to the previous version, that could be done with a button click. But alas, back to the new-and-improved stone age.

    (1) Wenn ich “Learning curve” hoere entsichere ich meine Browning.
    (2) Why be limited by an operating system? Get Assembler and have ALL options open to you.
    (3) Imagine a computer doing what a computer was created for. All hail the WOKE Computer Liberation Front!

  253. When I executed sudo apt update, I received the following error:
    The repository ‘ una-pgdg Release’ does not have a Release file.

    I know I need to do something to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list file I have, but I don’t know what.
    Please advise me. Thank you.

    1. When I executed sudo apt update, I received the following error:
      The repository ‘ una-pgdg Release’ does not have a Release file.

      I know I need to do something to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list file I have, but I don’t know what. I am not able to edit the file as I am not the owner.
      Please advise me. Thank you.

    2. I was able to resolve this issue by executing the following bash commands:

      cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

      sudo rm pgdg.list

  254. I executed “sudo mintupgrade” and got “upgrade successful! Now you can close this terminal and reboot.” with some error messages before it.
    However, I followed the instruction but when trying to logging in after the reboot, the login screen never appeared on my PC.

    What could I do to resolve it ?

  255. Ive tried it three time in very slightly different ways and I’m still @ version 20.3 Ive done apt update, apt install
    mintupgrade and sudo mintupgrade and done it with and without autoremove as directed with no success, not sure its worth it having other Linux distros that work flawlessly.

  256. Mann ey… kann denn nicht mal vorher geprüft werden wieviel Speicherplatz benötigt wird? Fakt….er reicht nicht… installation fehlerhaft… HDD voll bis obenhin. Ich verstehe so etwas nicht…

    Man ey… can’t we check beforehand how much storage space is required? Fact….it’s not enough…installation faulty…HDD full to the brim. I don’t understand something like that…

  257. I’m getting an error:
    Upgrade phase
    An issue was detected during the upgrade.
    0 packages still need to be updated (1 kept, 0 deleted)

    then there is a “Check Again” button, which I clicked once and it went through a series of checks, but brought me right back to the same error message again.

  258. It is well known in my opinion that Linux Mint is as far as I am concerned is the best Linux version ever made, if it were not in existence I would not be using a computer of any other OS.
    I would like to add that I do not believe that most people here are trying to demean Linux Mint but they are frustrated that some important parts of the Linux information do not work and that is unfortunately true also Windows has far more problems than Linux that is why I don’t use it.
    I believe that people love Linux but lets fact we all get frustrated and get to the point of saying to hell with it that’s life.

  259. I still didn’t upgrade to v21. Happily stuck with 20.3 Una. Reading all the problems and issues people got with the upgrade I am still surprised the upgrade issues are still not solved. In august ’22 I tried it 2 times but every time I ran into issues. Timeshift saved my 20.3 system both times and then I decided not to do the upgrade until issues were solved. Now 1,5 years later I still see many issues during the upgrade. I’m running Mint for a long time but never had any issues during upgrades, what has changed? Why issues are not solved? Is the Mint team more interested in introducing a new version and lost their focus on quality? I mean I love Mint and fully respect all the hard work but this is not the way Mint should be. So I will not upgrade and will install a “new” pc with the then current version when 20.3 is not supported anymore.

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