mintDisk, mintConfig and Envy not in Daryna?

Ubuntu made some great improvements in their latest release and Gutsy now handles NTFS support out of the box. This basically mean that fstab can take care of your Windows partitions and give you read and write access to them… no configuration needed. For this reason NTFS-Config and mintDisk won’t be present in Daryna. The mintDisk project was successful and quite popular among Linux Mint users. Although this means the end of this project it’s good news for users as NTFS support simply just got better.

The purpose of mintConfig was to give users a control center since Gnome didn’t have one. Gnome 2.18 introduced the Gnome Control Center and as it didn’t allow users to add items to it mintConfig was kept in Cassandra. This feature wasn’t very important though and the presence of both mintConfig and the Control Center made things look redundant. In Daryna only the Gnome Control Center will be present. The mintConfig project won’t die though as its XFCE variation is still very important to Merlwiz’ XFCE Edition, it will be reconverted to fit that desktop.

Finally, the Restricted Manager got improved in Gutsy and is now taking advantage of a new Ubuntu repository called “restricted”. Running our tests we found out this new Restricted Manager was able to successfully install restricted nVidia drivers and activate Compiz Fusion without needing any advanced manipulation by the user. We’re talking with Alberto Milone at the moment to see whether this new Restricted Manager can handle as many graphic cards as Envy currently does.

EDIT: Things go fast and after a few words with Alberto Milone, Envy will be present in Daryna. Although it’s a bit redundant with the Restricted Manager it should still be better at pulling the latest drivers and this should especially be important to ATI cards users. It will also work better on systems with tweaked xorg.conf or recompiled kernels. A poll will be organized in a few months to see whether users are happy enough with the new Restricted Manager or if they still heavily rely on Envy to make their graphics card work in Daryna.


  1. I still don’t understand why mintConfig will be taken out. Just because Gutsy has the gnome control center installed by default, which Mint always had, doesn’t mean we have to take mintConfig off as well. It seems irrelivent taking off mintConfig, because Mint always had the gnome control center…

  2. Hi Xanikseo,

    It has nothing to do with Gutsy. Gnome didn’t have a control center when we starting using mintConfig. In Linux Mint 3.x, gnome 2.18 came with a control center which was better developed than mintConfig but had less features… so we included both.

    As it turns out the added features in mintConfig are not worth the efforts involved in maintaining it any more, now that we have a reliable control center given to us by Gnome. This is why we’re discontinuing it.

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