What’s new in Gutsy?

Well there are a lot of things to please everybody.

The colors in the terminal are slightly changed and look a little bit more elegant. And when you use sudo the terminal not only asks for a password but makes its clear which password it asks for. This is a nice touch. For instance sudo dhclient used to say “Password:”, and it now says “[sudo] password for clem:”.

NTFS works out of the box via fstab so we don’t need mintDisk or NTFS-Config anymore.

Restricted Manager was massively improved and should handle a lot more hardware than before. Broadcom wireless cards should also be supported.

The installer installs security updates. Although this won’t be activated in Linux Mint it’s a nice feature for Ubuntu users.

Compiz Fusion is installed by default and will come with its configuration tool in Daryna.

Additional tools and gadgets were added such as Tracker, a fast-user switching applet, synchronization in tomboy notes (thumbs up to Tomboy for this excellent new feature by the way).

The new package base gives users access to a lot of new software: Thunderbird 2.0, OpenOffice 2.3, Gnome 2.20, kernel 2.6.22 etc..

With strong innovations from various project, the excellent work made by Ubuntu on Gutsy, the new mintUpdate and a strong Celena base Daryna looks very promising.


  1. Hopefully, the bugs introduced in Celena (busybox / tty) killing the boot up will be fixed in Daryna.

    This is/was frustrating as it never happened in previous editions of Mint.

  2. Any preliminary idea as to when Daryna will be ready?

    I hope I’m not putting my foot in it (maybe you have an Aunt Dayrna) but, Daryna? How about Debra or Daniella?

  3. Basic features are needed for the Manual install – currently there is no way to select a mount point on an existing partition. This makes it Very difficult to install in an existing system without trashing the whole drive.

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