About comments and censorship

The reason people can comment stories on this blog is because we value feedback. It is not about Freedom of Speech or long and passionate debates, it’s just about us hearing back what you have to say. And you don’t have to agree with everything, in fact it’s when you find something wrong that we usually get valuable feedback. We’re happy to answer comments and explain why we make a decision when this decision is controversial but that doesn’t mean you’re welcome to become insulting, aggressive or to mock our work.

This precisely happened when we decided to remove update-manager from Celena. A lot of people were surprised, some disagreed even after we explained our decision and we got a lot of comments. People are entitled to their opinions and this was fair enough. What wasn’t acceptable was to see people come to this blog and tell us we were “crazy”, “stupid” or “idiotic” just because they couldn’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Time is precious and there are plenty of other places on the Web for these people to debate and get passionate about controversial storie. Again it’s not about their freedom of speech it’s about our blog being an efficient tool for us to communicate with our users and not having aggressive comments simply spoil the place.

So I hope it’s clear, all aggressive comments will simply be deleted. And answers to them too. No trolls allowed, simply stories and comments, constructive ideas and constructive criticism. We’re here to make Mint better not to have fun bashing each others.