The Mint Newsletter – issue 77

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” Fluxbox CE RC1 released!

Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” KDE CE RC1 released!

I have forgotten to mention an interesting interview with Clem (the founder of Mint) perhaps because it is in this blog a bit down

* News about Linux

Carmack: Quake Live on Mac, Linux ‘high on my priority list’

Nouveau Becomes The Default Nvidia Driver In Fedora 11

Red Hat returns to the Linux desktop

VMware, Novell hatch virtual appliance scheme

Dreamlinux  3.5 released

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

Microsoft sues TomTom over Linux and other patent claims

Note on Microsoft TomTom Suit: Calm Down, Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

UK government backs open source

* News about IT

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4?

Popular passwords include ‘1234′ and ‘password’

Experts sound scam threat warning for fake anti-virus websites.

Attacks prompt Microsoft to fix Excel flaw

* Hardware news

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  1. woohoo linuxmint kde4

    carmack, as always great job.

    kde4 is better looking than win7 ^^

    nice comic lol

  2. Will the kde version crash on startup same to the linux mint main edition? Im using brand new hardware, all updates have been installed. The computer is a dual core 2.5 GHZ, with 2 gb ram, 750 GB hdd. The linux mint 6 main edition crashes randomly at startup, and crashes at attempts to run small programs such as flight gear, americas army, torces, even the penguin racer crashes it. It runs flawlessly when just using firefox and watching movies.

    perhaps it isnt for the new user, i say this after using linux mint for several months, and after having every computer part checked for faults.

  3. From the video, if those people were so dumb that they couldn’t tell from looking at the screen that the computer was running Linux KDE, then they were too dumb to have a valid opinion about Windows 7 vs Vista.

  4. Thanks Husse,

    Entertaining reads as usual! I just want to comment on the Microsoft vs Tom Tom suit.

    The above article, which I tend to agree with, says that we, as the Linux community, are over hyping this court case as a Microsoft vs Linux one when it isn’t. And hence we, inadvertently, become the propagators of FUD against Linux by sensationalizing this story. Companies always evade possible suits against them and we should stop giving them reasons to think that such a thing is possible if they use Linux.

    This case is not against Linux and will not affect Linux.

    Quote from the article linked to in the newsletter:
    “However, Microsoft says open-source software is not the intended focal point of the action. Five of the alleged patent violations relate to proprietary software.”

  5. Прекрасная, очень удачная версия LinuxMint-6 “Felicia”.
    Быстрота, элегантность, безошибочность!
    Спасибо разработчикам!!!

  6. Trying out KDE Mint 6 RC1… so far so good. Tried KDE 4.2 on some other distros and nothing but trouble, but you guys may actually get a devoted GNOME user to switch.

    I look forward to future releases.

    Great job as always!


  7. hi guy i been useing windows for 95 .
    i lost faith in miscroft after buying all of the vista os ,s
    xp was a night mare at the start .so linux is for me thank god i found linux mint .thanks guys please keep giveing us the up dates.

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