Monthly Stats – February 2009

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $100 (2nd donation), Bob Donnelly (rdonnelly – USA)
  • $65, Bernd van D. (Netherlands)
  • $65, Kevin D. (USA)
  • $50, Jason S. (USA)
  • $50 (3rd donation), Edward B. (USA)
  • $50, Phillip B. (New Zealand)
  • $40 (2nd donation), Arron J. (UK)
  • $35 (4th donation), John Trapp (USA) –
  • $30 (2nd donation), Kurt Frank (Australia)
  • $30 (2nd donation), Gordon Hilliard (ghilly – UK)
  • $30, Michal G. (USA)
  • $30, William S. (USA)
  • $30 (2nd donation), Brian B. (USA)
  • $26, Vesa L. (Finland)
  • $26 (2nd donation), Wolfgang P. (Austria)
  • $26, Andreas B. R. (Norway)
  • $25, Bryan S. (USA)
  • $25 (2nd donation), Michael C. (USA)
  • $20, J. M. (USA)
  • $15, Ramos-Sandoval Enterprises, LLC. (USA)
  • $13, Laurent C. (France)
  • $13, Valentin Z. B. (Ireland)
  • $13, Jaakko T. (Finland)
  • $13, Geert D. (Belgium)
  • $13, Jimmy H. (Sweden)
  • $10, Lynn H. (USA)
  • $7, Wilken S. (Germany)
  • $4, Jan V. (Czech Republic)
  • $4, Bruno L. (Portugal)
  • $1, Selenius (Germany)


Money raised in February:

* Donations: $859
* Sponsors: $286.5

User Stats:

Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases:

  • Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 9.38%
  • Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 26.6%
  • Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 64%

Web Stats:

  • Visits: 1,076,529 (+2.26%)
  • Pageviews: 2,072,318 (+0.98%)
  • Page impressions: 903,986
  • Search queries: 2,152,600
  • Forum users: 13435
  • Forum posts: 126397


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1573 (3rd)
  • Distrowatch (traffic share): 3.2% (2nd)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 40,230th



  • Linux Mint seems to be the second mostly used distribution among Distrowatch visitors. The website’s Awstats figures can’t be used to jump to formal or reliable conclusions but it’s been our best indicator for comparing the size of our user base within the Linux desktop market and being 2nd there is for us a great achievement.
  • Although all our indicators are in the green (more traffic, more members, better rankings), our overall income is down 10% this month. We could observe a stagnation earlier in the previous months but it seems the global economical crisis has finally hit us. Our donations and sponsors are down, and it seems our advertising with Google has taken a huge hit. Either Google reduced our margin or more than likely a lot of advertisers went away. The income generated by our website through advertising is only half of what it once was even though our traffic kept going up.
  • A large number of users migrated to the latest Linux Mint 6 Felicia but most of them came from the LTS Linux Mint 5 release… with 10% of our users still running Linux Mint 4 Daryna.


  1. I would love to be able to use LM6, but the internet just wont work. We’ve tried to resolve this, but I haven’t had the time to reinstall and tinker, if you know what I mean.


  2. Since the greatest increase in the type of computers sold seems to be Netbooks, it would make sense for Mint to offer a Netbook specific OS rather than several versions competing with the Main Gnome based version designed for laptops / desktops. In my view, there is still not a really good Linux OS designed for Netbooks that will install readily and work “out of the box”

  3. What Peter just said is exactly what I’m looking for. A Linux Mint based distro (or should I say flavour) optimized for Netbooks, from kernel to the UI. Something that works right out the box. Netbooks share many hardware components so supporting them should be easy, easier than supporting a desktop computer in any case.

    I like Mint as it is now anyway, but something like what I’ve mentioned above would give the edge to be more widespread and known that it is now. Over other distros, I mean.

    Greetings from Spain.

  4. Mint 6 Felicia runs great on my Toshiba laptop. I am not sure what problems others have had, but it all works fine. There was no need to tinker or adjust anything. Our family runs nothing but Mint on our desktops and laptops. My children are Linux fans as well. Keep up the GREAT work. I have become a regular donor and will continue to be from here on out. I have used other distros and Mint is the best in my opinion.

  5. The netbook idea sounds like a winner. I have Mint 6 on my desktop and my daughter runs it on her HP laptop with no problems. One thing I really hope to see in the next release is a usb creator. Keep up the excellent work.

  6. I am using Linux for the first time. I tried Mint first, then tried another distro about 2 weeks later.

    It was an awful experience, and I’m back with Mint. Fantastic job everyone!

  7. I would like to donate, but don’t want to use paypal. Why can’t I mail a donation? I think if people could mail donations, that might help.

  8. VC: I’ve kept that private so far as I didn’t see any reason to communicate on these numbers. In gross income, the Firefox Adsense integration is number 1, but it is reduced by income tax here in Ireland (which is either 20% or 40% depending on my overal income – which includes my salary and all other activities). Donations are like capital-gains and aren’t subjected to income tax, so even though they don’t represent as much as advertising, they’re very important too.

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  10. This may not be revelant but i figured i’d post this anyway. If you’re using ubuntu 8.10 you may be in for some issues with the network manager. For some unknown reason it stops functioning. You will need to manually set you’re resolv.conf with your ISP’s DNS servers. That file is located in /etc/network/resolv.conf

  11. To Hutch: “One thing I really hope to see in the next release is a usb creator.”

    You can use “liveusb-creator” from Fedora web site. Works great with any liveCD ISO image. I tested it with Mint, GParted and others. Very useful.

    Keep up the great work Mint Team!

  12. I have been using the distro as my main OS, for over 6 months now. I fix computers in my spare time, and when ever I reinstall windows on a customers machine, I set a a dual boot with mint. All Of my clients love the idea of having a “2nd” OS, that often becomes their 1st OS.
    I feel with all of the installs of mint that I have done, I should donate something.

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