mintCast – Episode 8

Charles Olsen and Rothgar published another episode of the mintCast podcast. Happy listening everyone!

In this episode:

  • The News (Linux Mint 6 XFCE, Ballmer: Linux bigger competitor than Apple, World of Goo, Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 May Not Be Easy)
  • Main topic: Linux User Groups (LUGs)
  • How to join a Linux workstation to an Active Directory domain with Likewise
  • How to share a keyboard and a mouse between two computers with Synergy
  • Are there too many Linux distributions to choose from?
  • Website of the Week: The Linux Distribution Chooser

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  2. Did you notice how big would be the linux share if all unlicensed microsoft users were using Linux ? It still kind of weird that so many people prefer using a pirated windows that trying to use a free an legal Linux system.

  3. @thierry durand
    I don’t find it weird at all, people will use it because they are used to it, people are afraid of change. Besides that most games/applications they are used to don’t exist for Linux.

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  5. Yeah, I actually may have gone from pirated windows to linux. Tell you what, I never want to go back. I do my best to leave windows in the dust. I’m actually just downloading and tinkering with distros right now. Want to try out Mint 😉

  6. I never realized there were so many people using pirated versions of the Windows operating systems, although I do know a few people myself who use pirated versions. Most of those people though, cannot see the brilliancy and the flexibility of the terminal present in Linux operating systems, and stay with the primitive Windows OSes…

  7. The number of pritate copies of XP is huge both in business and private. One of the issues with shutting down illegal copies (which can be done) is that there is an extremely good chance that there are more than a few ‘critical’ systems running on an unlicenced version. But in a strange way this works to MS advantage. with more people using MS products and more demand for MS compatible software.

    Why Linux does not take over the world? Simple, not enough software from commercial sources, Apple Ipod software would be a good start and MS (live) email client would be a bonus.

    Oh, and Linux needs to move away from any need to drop to command line, ordinary (MS Users) do not want to remember a shed load of commands and syntax, those days have long gone.

  8. People stick with Windows (pirated or not) simply because it’s one of the easiest OS’s around, theres plenty of software/office apps/games for it. Unlike *inux whom sadly enough, major software houses have yet to fully embrace. Perhaps there will be a day when major software/game/app releases on both Linux, Mac and Windows, but until then, Windows will remain the majority shareholder of our desktops. I do wish it were otherwise, but it isn’t. I’ve used Suse Linux on my spare computer for years now, however it is little more than a simple web browsing computer now that I don’t need to run my own web server, since there are so few applications/games that I enjoy available for the *nix platform.

  9. Me thinks I’d love to leave Microsoft/Windows in the netherworld where they belong. However, where does one get the requisite application Linux software to run their businesses that Windows software developers currently offer? There was a time when I would have written software just for the fun of it, but that was umpteen years ago. Now I’m an ol’ man living on the user side of things. Writing in assembler and cobol makes me a dinosaur in these days of C, C+, C++, VBasic, Java etc. So… I guess I’ll continue to test Linux distros until I find the one or two or three that will be my OS(es) of choice and that I’m thoroughly familiar enough with to make it/them so.

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