Monthly News – July 2023

Thank you for your donations and for your support. I hope you enjoyed the latest Linux Mint 21.2!

Work started on LMDE 6. The upcoming version of our Debian-based distribution will be codenamed “Faye”. It will come with all the features and changes introduced in Linux Mint 21.2. There is no ETA for its release. Once everything is ready we’ll take the opportunity to work on additional features and see how much we want to further reduce the gap in functionality between Linux Mint and LMDE.

In parallel to LMDE 6 we’re also planning to release an EDGE ISO for Linux Mint 21.2. This ISO will feature a kernel 6.2 and make it easier to boot Mint on brand new hardware.

Looking further ahead (after LMDE 6 and the EDGE ISO), we’re likely to reduce the scope for Linux Mint 21.3 which is planned for Christmas 2023. We’ve got many exciting ideas, I’m sure some of the cool new features we have in mind will be implemented, but we want to prioritize some long-term aspects and dedicate some of our time to them. Namely, we want to update our ISO production tools and fix secureboot. We also want to spend time on studying the pros and cons of Wayland and to assess the work needed in its potential adoption. Last but not least we’re keeping an eye on Ubuntu, their increased focus on Snap, the quality of their 24.04 package base and what this means for us going forward.

Note: We’ve got a vocal minority of LMDE users. As usual we’ll come up with a great release. I appreciate the fact that they love what we do. I ask them to please remain civil when it comes to criticizing Ubuntu and to understand that we do what’s best for Linux Mint as a whole, both when we work on LMDE, when we work on Linux Mint and when we form long term strategies. The news sometimes gets blown out of proportion and people can get really passionate over very little. If you look at the past you can appreciate how calm we are as a team and how serene we are with our development. We’re rarely affected by upstream decisions. When we are, or when we might be, we’re able to invest, to mitigate them and get to where we want to be. That’s how we’ve got something like LMDE already, whether we ever need it or not. Don’t panic, don’t lobby for rushed decisions based on fears or passion, we know who we are and we know what we’re doing.


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  1. Thank you very much for clearing this up. You’re absolutely right, there’s no need for any rushed decisions based on passions running high. I think part of the reason why LM is such a celebrated distro is that it comes from a team that likes to take informed decisions on what’s best for the community and NOT populist ones.

    1. I wouldnt call people who love something and push it Populists. thats very political.

      more like enthusiasts who see a NEED in making LMDE or other independent projects as MainLiner. Debian is also on of the best distros. mostly S Tier in ratings.

      Could be everything:

      LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) for easy and rocksolid Distro
      LMAD (Linux Mint Arch Edition) for easy and new Distro

      and so on

    2. Could not have put it better myself, Clem and the team do a great job and I am sure they will always do what they feel to be the in best long term interests of LM

    3. Yes, very well said, Clem!

      Thanks for taking the time to reassure those of us — the majority — who love, appreciate, and rely upon the simplicity and stability of Linux Mint!

      I am even more confident now that you and your team will continue to be clear-eyed, focused, and level-headed, in all your decisions regarding your beautiful OS!

    4. Another +1 here! Excellent points all around. I’m sure those who are most passionate about this will appreciate being heard & being reassured that LM will continue to make wise decisions. Thanks for the thoughtful reply!!

  2. I have read that Wayland doesn’t allow applications to set their own window positions programmatically. If that is true, it would be a deal breaker for me. If Mint does adopt Wayland, please also provide a simple option to use X11 instead.

  3. Thanks for the update. I understand that you have a delicate line to walk between doing whatever you think is best for Mint as a whole, and appeasing the folks who are adamant that you drop either the main edition or the Debian edition. I’m glad you’re able to manage it.

  4. Thanks God! Work on LMDE 6 started! Godbless you Clem!

    Also a question. While Linux Mint Debian is such a success. Is there a Linux Mint Arch Edition (LMAD) planned?

    Because easy thinking. Debian And Arch are Rock Solid and Stable Distributions. Why not putting Linux Mint on it?


    1. A legit Mint Arch would be phenomenal. Arch is rolling release however. would require a new cadence. Cinnamon and Xapps are just as important, so not sure how a Arch lineage would play out.

      I do agree that a solid player under Arch is noticeably absent.

    2. Mint and Linux Arch?
      This is some kind of misunderstanding.
      1. Arch does NOT run on computers with ‘Secure Boot’ enabled.
      2. if you don’t update Linux Arch for a few days you will find yourself downloading almost a gigabyte of files.
      3. In my opinion, this ‘pacman’ of theirs is not so brilliant again.
      On top of that, there is some drawback when it does kernel updates (and it does it often), but that would require more details to be shared.
      Leave Linux Arch alone!

  5. But I have to say this is one of the best Blog News ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  6. I have a question about EDGE ISO. How is EDGE ISO different from regular ISO? On regular ISO I can, and already have, installed kernel 6.2. Am I getting it right in that EDGE ISO has kernel 6.2 out-of-the-box? If so why is it important? I understand a newer kernel is better for newer hardware and that’s why I’ve installed 6.2, but I seen no reason for a separate ISO. Or is there more differences to justify separate ISO? I am just curious.

    1. Newer hardware can (and has in the past) fail to work *at all* on an older kernel, making installation and updating to make the system usable difficult at best, and not typically something an average user can accomplish.

    2. Maybe a lot dont know how to do it. and a edge version could help then.

      also it makes sense. you cant use linux mint and update it when your hardware is to new. mint wont start. so its better to have it already out of the box.

    3. A separate ISO can be necessary because some people with the latest hardware might not even be able to install Mint due to lack of support in an older kernel and 6.2 can fix that.

      Most drivers, especially open source ones, are in the kernel, and the older the kernel is the less likely it will be that modern hardware is supported. I don’t know if 5.15 included any kind of support for the “new” Intel graphics cards or if it’s too old for that but let’s assume it doesn’t and someone with such hardware wants to install Linux Mint. The lack of a driver for the gpu would mean they will run into problems and maybe can’t even install Mint so updating the kernel isn’t even an option. But 6.2 would definitely include support for it, making installing Mint possible.

      Being able to update the kernel helps, but isn’t always the solution.

    4. The reason to have an Edge ISO is also the reason to have A Linux Mint Live ISO handy(For a fresh install or repairs as well) where that Hardware may require the Edge ISO’s provided and that needed HWE(Hardware Enablement Kernel). So if one’s hardware is so new that it can not properly operate without say the 5.19 or that 6.2 Kernel then there needs to be a Linux Live ISO that’s based on the HWE Kernel or the device can not properly function without that HWE Kernel, so new is the hardware. And with the Kernel in Linux comes the drivers for the hardware and so the newer hardware needs the newest Kernels to more fully have that driver support in the Kernel. And one should always have A Linux Live ISO(On a USB Drive, or old school DVD-not as likely) handy that works with the new hardware in case the Grub Boot partition gets corrupted(Happens when Dual booting with Windows and for other reasons) and the device can not boot on any older Kernel without the needed drivers. so the HWE Kernel ships with the Edge ISO and that’s used to create the Linux Live ISO USB Drive to boot into the newer hardware for emergency repairs if needed, The newer hardware needs the latest drivers(In the HWE Kernel) for that hardware that oftentimes does not ship with the needed drivers in any LTS Kernel that’s not new enough to support the latest hardware(Needs the latest drivers in the Kernel).

    5. XvR103, I just placed an order for a new notebook with an Intel 12th Gen i7-1255U coupled with an integrated Iris Xe GPU. I intend to install LM Cinnamon on it when it arrived. Reading your comment, however, makes me worry that I might not be able to install LM at all on the system. Should I be concern? Will I need to look to another distro with a more up to date kernel out of the box?

    6. Talji, I’m writing this on an Intel i5-12400 with integrated graphics using the 5.15 kernel. If you can boot the ISO from a thumb drive, you’re probably OK. You can never say absolutely positively yes because there are just too many variables.

    7. I bought a Framework last year and couldn’t install Debian 11 on it at all because the kernel was too old (5.10). That forced me back to Ubuntu since 22.04 has kernel 5.15. The EDGE ISO is for that specific situation.

    8. The “normal” ISO comes with the older Ubuntu Kernel branch available at the time of release… the Edge ISO with the newest.

      That means people avoid both “old kernel” issues (mostly lack of support for new hardware) and “new kernel” issues (mostly bugs that may happen only for some hardware configs, but also dropped support for very old hardware)

  7. i’m already looking forward to your approach to the wayland shift that goes on and seems to be inevitable over the long run

  8. LMDE is so awesome.
    Thanks for sharing news and working on LMDE 6. Thats great news.

    Would you be interested in releasing an Arch based Linux Mint?

    When I could watch in the future I would say Debian and Arch are the future. Debian for solid and stable and Arch for new and stable. Both community Distros and both are rated Best after newest rating on YouTube.

    The LMDE Community is loud yes not only here, also forums, YouTube but I think they are right. Debian is one of the best Distros and Mint makes it easy accessable and to use.

    Thats why I had the thought with Linux Mint Arch Edition. Arch is ultra nice especially for new hardware. Mint could make it easy accessable and probably get a lot of new users i.e. the manjaro users.

    1. Isn’t the main selling point of Arch that it’s minimal and people can configure on top of it what they want? I don’t see the advantage of building Mint on top of Arch, especially when doing so would take focus off Mint main and LMDE. Also, Arch caters to more technical users which sort of clashes with Mint’s overriding premise of making Linux accessible.

  9. If you have very new hardware, your Linux Mint with old kernel will not boot at all. How do you want to get Linux Mint to run? You need a new kernel already integrated in the ISO to be able to start Linux Mint at all.

  10. Will I be able to install the Linux Mint version of MATE on LMDE 6 just like I do for LMDE 5? On LMDE 5 MATE looks and works just like it does on Mint 21.1 etc.

    1. How do you install mate from linuxmint mate? I’ve been installing mate on lmde from debian repos, but have to hold the icons from Cindy to make them work properly with lmde 4,5, and 6

    2. I install MATE on LMDE 5 using the Software Manager and searching for MATE. Be sure to select every item that appears to refer to some part of MATE. After installation, log out and then log back in on the MATE desktop environment. Looks and feels much better than Debian’s version of MATE.

    3. Ah, thought you meant actual LM mate packages rather than just debian!
      Assuming you have xorg, just installing slick-greeter, debian-system-adjustments, mint-artwork, mate-session-manager, notification-daemon, marco, mate-control-center (-then remove caja, install nemo), also mintmenu, mate-power-manager, mate-media, etc. Is all you need
      Then if you upgrade once, on a debian base with mint packages and repos, you can then install mintsources 🙂

  11. Hi Mint team,

    Congratulations to the whole team for the great work, I’m really enjoying this new version of Linux Mint (^o^)//

    I found the new program center very cool, the integration of FlatPak in updates, image loading is much faster in nemo, window themes and icons are very beautiful and cinnamon is very fluid!

    Very happy to see the evolution of Linux Mint in all these years, to the infinity and beyond!!!

  12. Dear Clem, I thank you and the team for your wonderful work, I would like to suggest a feature for Linux Mint in future versions, which is to have a native clipboard as KDE plasma has, for me as a university professor it is a very useful feature when I review the work of my students and I must write comments, thank you for the opportunity to comment here.

    1. I constantly suggest an LMDE XFCE version here on the blog.
      Eu sugiro constantemente aqui no blog uma versão LMDE XFCE.

  13. Hi Clem! Thanks a lot for bringing exciting news! I have a somewhat “dumb” question: will LMDE 6 feature the 6.1 LTS kernel? This is absolutely important, older kernels don’t work with my hardware. I used Linux Mint for several months, but I had to use a workaround (using Ubuntu’s custom kernels), but this took a lot of space in my rather limited disk, and I”ve been using Debian Bookworm in the meantime. I’m looking forward to LMDE 6, thanks a lot for your amazing work, LM team!

  14. Please let LMDE 6 have native support for installing PPA packages, in Debian it is impossible for me, even following the steps, it always gives me error.

    1. PPA packages are built for Ubuntu based distros using build packages from Ubuntu repos and have their dependencies set up for Ubuntu packages, they are often not compatible with Debian.
      Ubuntu may use Debian as a base but they are not interchangeable.
      If you really need a package that is only available in a PPA you will need to either package it yourself using the PPA source packages or find someone to do it for you.

    2. Why use LMDE6 if you want to install PPA’s which will likely cause serious dependency problems?

    3. Jeremy, he probably speaks of Debian ppa. I remember mint-sources not intuitive regarding ppa back lmde3 or 4.

  15. Clem, LMDE is awesome and more in line with the direction linuxmint has been going. Here in Brazil, LMDE has many users. Thanks for the work!

    1. Please a hint. I am still testing Debian, Mint and LMDE and cant decide what to use full time!

  16. The monthly news blog is really encouraging, very well said. Thanks for all your work and a well thought out strategy.

  17. I honestly am interested in how LMDE 6 will handle the gnome-calendar app, I have the impression that in 43 this app is ported to both libsoup3 and libadwaita and since evolution-data-server is also ported to libsoup3 in bookworm I imagine a solution will be either start adopting libadwaita things or start maintaining a fork with libsoup3 support (?)

    1. Yes, I’ll be looking out for that too. The new themes in 21.2 are very consistent across GTK3 and Qt5 apps, and my fear is that any libadwaita apps will stick out like a sore thumb.

  18. I was one of the LMDE advocates in previous comment sections, though I never begrudged those who prefer the main Ubuntu version – which I myself still use, as LMDE doesn’t have good enough HiDPI support for my setup yet.

  19. Oh no!! Suddenly the new Pix MOVES files if I drag them out of thumbnail view over to Nemo. Before this latest upgrade it always just made a COP over in the folder I dropped to. That was So fast an efficient to work with images. Please help – I cannot find a place in the new Pix to set this MOVE to a COPY. Thank you.

  20. Is it good idea to build EDGE ISO-s to a Linux kernel version that already EOL? It would be much better to use Linux kernel version 6.4. Also consider to add these linux kernel image to the base ISO and selectable from GRUB during the start.

  21. this is starting to wurry me, solus has already talked about ditching mate desktop and because I am visually impaired and rely on mate for screen reader friendlyness I really hope mint doesn’t go down the same road, the reason I chose mint in the first place is because of the mate spin, one thing I would love to see in mint is a popular apps section in the welcome screen and an overhall of the software manager so that it works properly with orca, in fact, the popular apps screen would probably feel like this, a list of curated popular software that a lot of people use on a daily basis, like vscode, dropbox, brave, or discord and the ability to download them write from the welcome screen, each app you want can be selected with tick boxes so you don’t have to do them one at a time, and a new sound theme for the mate eddition that I’d be willing to work on, my opinion on snaps well, I don’t think snaps are really that bad considering you get the latest software and some exclusives like the bluemail app which is becoming popular on mobile

    1. that a lot of people use on daily basis? discord? dropbox? i dont know any who use it. mint has already a good amount of basic programs. whats so hard to install it though the software manager?

    1. With Mint 21.1 (MATE) I have no problem printing with an HP 1320 monochrome Laserjet, an HP M451dn color Laserjet, and an HP Officejet Pro 8216 inkjet. Also a Canon Pixma ip8720 wide carriage inkjet using a driver downloaded from the Canon website.

    2. Are you referring to the CUPS invalid certificate error? Try deleting the certificate and go. Works for me.

  22. Unfortunately, there is no way to escape from wayland if linux mint doesn’t want to fall behind other distros. So, I think the priority should really be that. If mint had already adopted wayland, it would be the best linux distro unanimously.

    1. If Clem & crew can figure out a way to allow cinnamon on wayland to restart without having to log back into the desktop, or at least not leak memory, they’ll have a huge leg up over current gnome on wayland.

      I (and my wife) used cinnamon for years, but switched to gnome a year ago for wayland and touchscreen (2-in-1 laptop) support. I’m holding my nose while using it, and having it slowly leak memory is really bad.

    2. LM devs really do need to have a roadmap for Wayland, and I’m relieved to finally see an official signal that it’s going to be discussed. The only other positive sign so far was in the post about Muffin being rebased over a newer version of Mutter (and how this was the biggest roadblock to even being able to think about Wayland)

      That being said, it’s pretty predictable that a small team maintaining a distro with such a strong “stable UI/UX” development directive wouldn’t be an early adopter… and that as an Ubuntu/Debian derivate it would wait for things to be close to done in the parent distros before diving in.

      Adopting wayland early would have probably created a million new papercuts in a distro that has gained the eyes of the world through being as close as possible to impecable.

    3. hello Orlando.

      could you further eloborate on why absence of wayland limits Mint? im curious, because i believe Mint is best already by virtue of security and stability (and users).

    4. charles: from what I heard, Wayland has better support and performance for multi-monitor setups.

  23. Hi LM Team
    I’m basicly an LMDE user, ofcourse cinnamon desktop environment, for 5 years now.
    I like your work very much. Keep the good work.
    Can the flatpak update dialog in ( Update Manager ) be more informative, I don’t know what it is doing, even the progress is meaningless.
    Thanks and forward with the good work.

    1. Yeah… I keep getting byte amounts that are several times what the ‘total’ should be. It’s not that bad, and honestly I’m glad that it’s in the GUI software manager anyways, but still, it does feel like a small bug

  24. Hello.

    Can someone please simple explain me what makes Linux Mint (Ubuntu Version) so much better than LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition)?

    Is it more / newer packages? The Driver Manager (i dont use it because I have full AMD System)?

    I really want to understand.

    1. Can you tell me what makes LMDE so much better than the Ubuntu based one? I personally see little difference at all in my , admitedly minimal, use case.

    2. Foxy, take my case as an example for it. Not every hardware is really Ubuntu compatible. There is even a list at the Internet that lists [almost] all brands and their individual PC/Laptop that are compatible.
      In my case, I have a Dell Latitude laptop [15.6″] and a smaller Dell Inspiron Notebook [11″]. Both had actually Win10 running when I got them, but kicked it off on both several years ago.

      The laptop runs on LMint Cinnamon for several years already. However, the Inspiron 11 Notebook is not compatible with Ubuntu.

      Since LMDE 5 is based on Debian, I could install it on my travel notebook without any problem. The Cinnamon GUI is identically to its ‘brother’ L-Mint [now 21.2] and I run the same programs on both laptop and notebook.
      Works like a charm and I’m very grateful to the team, having developed, and offering, this version parallel to their flagship Cinnamon version.

      I’m sure there are several other reasons why to chose LMDE instead the flagship. 🙂 The above situation is just a practical real life example of the advantage. It works for me. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  25. Bonsoir Clem,
    Ubuntu 24.04 va sortir une version immuable (comme Fedora SilverBlue) et une version classique mais comme ils disent que c’est l’avenir , a moyen terme il n’y aura plus que la version immuable.
    Celà risque de poser un sacré problème pour Linux Mint dans le futur, non ?

    1. in english :
      Hello Clem,
      Ubuntu 24.04 will release an immutable version (similar to Fedora SilverBlue) and a classic version, but they say that the future lies in the immutable version, and in the medium term, there will only be the immutable version.
      This could pose a significant problem for Linux Mint in the future, don’t you think?

  26. I am new to Linux Mint. Just came from Windows?

    What is the difference between LMDE and Linux Mint? What are the advantages / disadvantages?

    1. The flagship version uses Ubuntu as a base which the team themselves have outlined why they still use as a main base. Essentially there is good reason people use Ubuntu and fair criticisms of Ubuntu and the controlling company Canonical. Simple NVIDIA drivers, no effort printer support, and a slew of reasons better outlined by experts for which I am not.

    2. HI Josh, see my reply to Foxy. L-Mint has its roots in Ubuntu. LMDE has its roots in Debian. Both ‘Cinnamon’ versions are identical in layout and functions. If your hardware is L-Mint (Ubuntu) compatible, then you can chose either L-Mint or LMDE. If you run into problems with L-Mint’s ‘live’ version and its installation, simply go and install LMDE. For you as a user, there is no visible difference, and with the Cinnamon version installed you will be familiar with it almost immediately – coming from Windows. No real learning curve. There are a few options that are shown different but even better – compared with Windows. 🙂

  27. Excellent work, for me Linux Mint is the best distribution. I wish Linux Mint had a native clipboard like KDE plasma does.

    1. Hello Angel. That clipboard man is very useful, isnt it. it grew on me and now use it all the time.

      There is a fresh cinnamon spice applet called (i think) gpaste.
      Doesnt xfce have a stock clipboard man? it been awhile since i used the rat.

      mate, no clue.

    2. Parcellite 1.2.1 is in the “Software Manager” – I find it a GREAT lightweight clipboard manager – I use the Mate Desktop, however, I do not see why it would not be supported on other “desktops”

  28. Is there any headway on the issue of Cinnamon’s application menu invisibly overrunning its borders, making it so that programs sometimes launch when clicking outside of the menu space? This bug has been around since the very first LM 21 release

  29. When will the secure boot problem be fixed?
    In addition, I cannot even boot/start any v6 kernel, as offered by the standard updater.

  30. Excellent blog post! Mint is the best!

    Besides the rashness spawned from canonical’s recent decisions, i rather enjoy the enthusiasm brought by lmde lovers. A vibrant userbase keeps a project healthy. Or, what i suppose, at least the vocal minority are not kde fanboys.

    Also, thank you for the heads up regarding wayland. i have yet to use it. i use color pickers (and my favorite color is mint green).

    Finally, im out the loop regarding secureboot. is Mint acquiring own signing keys? if so, thats pimp. tired of seeing ub on the efi menu lol.

    1. my bad. i have amnesia. Top Dev discussed the secureboot issue in his may 2 blog post.

  31. After getting updated to the latest HWE 6.2 Kernel I was just offered the latest MESA drivers: Mesa 23.0.4-0ubuntu1~22.04.1 and that should have Rusticl(OpenCL support written in the Rust Programming language) Implemented inside the MESA drivers! But it appears the Ubuntu upstream has that rusticl disabled for Jammy currently and can anyone comment on when that will be enabled for Jammy? I’m hoping that there can be OpenCL for Blender 2.93/earlier editions(Still Utilizes OpenCL and not ROCm/HIP) enabled in the MESA drivers without having to install the AMD Linux OpenCL component on Linux Mint.

    1. Found some notes on the OpenSUSE Wiki so maybe it’s still wait for MESA 23.1:
      “Mesa 3D Rusticl – for different hardware.
      Under development. May not work right now with your hardware. Was introduced with Mesa 22.3. Radeonsi support (GCN1 & newer) is expected in Mesa 23.1, feature support (OpenCL tests conformance) – in Mesa 23.2. Support with r600g (Terascale 1 & 2) – in plans. Page: [Link omitted] Certified OpenCL 3.0 support with image support, OpenCL 2.x – under development.” And I have a Ryzen APU with Vega 8 Integrated graphics and the laptop also has a Radeon RX560X Discrete GPU.

  32. I think that taking a step towards Wayland is something that sooner or later Cinnamon should do. While it won’t be something simple and fast, at least the LM team is expected to define a roadmap. I like the simplicity and stability that Mint offers, but I also don’t want it to be left behind while other distros adopt common standards.

    Regarding Ubuntu/Debian, I usually feel comfortable with the Ubuntu base, specifically I mean the level of package updates, but if any inconvenience arises from Canonical I don’t think I will have problems using a Debian based distro.

    BTW , thank you very much for the constant effort and dedication!

  33. Interesting news, it’s great you address important issues of Wayland and switching to pure Debian base. I’m happy you keep an eye on those topics but don’t act on impulse.
    Now something of much less importance. I think that series 21.x is partly devoted to improving the general feel of the distro, so bear with me as I offer some improvements here. So, back to Nemo. Why does Nemo regenerate thumbnails with picture and document previews each time the user opens a folder? First generic thumbnails are shown and only later the graphic images? Nautilus and Thunar don’t seem to do that. When you ‘revisit’ a folder a second or third time, BAM! all little jpg. images, pdf preview images etc are ready to be seen in those applications, no generic thumbnails followed by preview thumbnails. The experience is pleasurable and IMHO it means less work for CPU, I suppose. Nemo could do likewise and keep preview thumbnails at least until the user finishes his session if not longer. Secondly, there could be more space between items in Nemo in the list view. I believe individual files would be easier to spot. Or spacing could be adjusted by means of the “size-slider” in the right corner of the status bar, now pretty useless… Finally, there could be a bit more space between icons of apps pinned to the panel. It would make it look more modern and in tune with current GTK trends to enlarge spacing between elements. That’s what I suggest, though I’m aware there may be more important issues to deal with in 21.3. Cheers!

  34. I dont use LMDE myself though with the path Ubuntu is taking I think it’s a good idea to at least look into A) Porting things over to LMDE … say like the Driver manager if possible and anything else that is really different between LMDE and LM.

    I see Solus mention they dont feel Mate has a “wayland plan” so they are switching their Mate ISO to an XFCE ISO. I BRING THAT UP to say that if there are still 32bit ISOs (I really dont know to be honest) … speanding some time on making an (32bit if possible and 64bit of course) LMDE XFCE .. esp for lower end hardware where it’d be easier than installing LMDE Cinnamon and then XFCE after that

    I suggest (nothing more) these ideas as possibly work … BUT LESS work than what may have to be done to the mainly Mint if Ubuntu goes “ALL PACKAGES are snaps” route. THIS COULD be the time to NOT drop mainline Mint … but give LMDE “more love” so that if “Ubuntu goes down a path we cant follow anymore … it’s too much work for us” … THAN LMDE is already close to mainline Mint (besides the BASE of the distro of course)

    anyway, nothing more than a suggestion/ “my 2 cents”

  35. Just want to say a big thank-you to the team that produced LMDE5. I am a long term Linux Mint user and have started to use LMDE on most of my laptops. Please keep the good work up.

  36. I don’t really know much about Wayland but I have read that it has issues with NVIDIA cards, so that would be one big issue for me. I know there’s been some work by others on compatibility fixes though so maybe it’s getting better. If Ubuntu goes hard into Wayland, I’m guessing System76 will probably do some heavy lifting on development for NVIDIA fixes.

  37. Considering Linux Mint’s conservative approach, it actually comes to me as a pleasant surprise that you’re already considering Wayland at this point. I thought maybe you guys will wait until both MATE and Xfce already adopted it so that you can make a “uniform” release with all 3 editions defaulting to Wayland at the same time. I’m excited to try Cinnamon on Wayland and I hope you guys don’t run into too many bumps in the road ahead. We appreciate your hard work.

    1. Hi Clem
      Is possible LMDE have multiboot support?
      I have used LM 21 at 2 notebooks and 1 PC , but use LMDE on other computer that’s freeze and crash with LM 21.
      This PC still work with some crashes that can fixed with Ctrl+alt+backspace without any needed rebooting.
      I think LM is good because multiboot and updated packages but LMDE is more stable for old computers or incompatible ones.
      Thanks for the two versions.

  38. Hallo Leute,habe heute mein All in One PC von Asus (vor 2 Wochen mir gekauft) mit LMC 21.2. aktualisiert.
    Habe Problem mit LMC21.2.
    1. Problem: bei einen Neustart tut sich nichts
    Wenn ich runterfahre und danach den Rechner neu startet kein Problem nur bei Neustart
    2. Problem: keinen Ton
    3. Problem: Die Webcam wird nicht erkannt (Ist nicht so schlimm brauche sie nicht)
    Hat wer das gleich Problem,wenn ja wie kann man dies Lösen.
    Danke, und eine schöne Woche an euch alle

  39. 0024:err:module:process_init L”C:\\windows\\system32\\cfg.exe” not found
    Why is so complicated to solve this problem?!

  40. Funny is that there already was a LMDE 6 back in 2008, named Felice. Has the numbering scheme changed or why is this?

    1. Felicia in 2008 was the name for LM 6 (regular version based on Ubuntu 8.10). Not to be confused with LMDE 6.

  41. Your new version of bluetooth has broken the connection to my stereo.
    loaded lmde5 and bluetooth works.
    loaded debian 12 gnome bluetooth connects to my stereo
    Have you any idea why it does not work mint mate 21.2?

  42. I installed LMDE 5 in dual boot with my Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2 to compare them. Installation was easy. At first glance it looks all the same. Thus I wanted to go further. After 2 days I have been able to adjust LMDE 5 settings and install all the same applications than on my LMint 21.2 and everything worked on my laptop as expected. I was surprised, congratulations to Clem and its team. I made a Timeshift snapshot. to keep it.

  43. Hopefully would LMDE6 use recent kernel 6.4 (straight from live installer) as does MXLinux Debian12 with AHS version, backporting it from Debian testing in MX additionnal repo.

    (I would be horribly frustrated if LMDE6 couldn’t take any advantage over Ubuntu-Mint ! In recent hardware enablement in the first place)

  44. Come on Clem. Tell us how far the Development of LMDE 6 is already. I know: Its done when its done. But the waiting and no frequently NEWS Policy is exhausting.

    Its already August and we still here in July News.

  45. Hi.
    When I double click on an image or doc and it opens in default image viewer I can’t rename it directly from there. I would like to be able to rename docs or images when they are opened in their viewers. It is very hard to had to rename each one first closing it or clicking again in explorer to do this.

    1. Or just while passing images, it would be easier to rename them if in explorer the selection moves at the same time than viewing images. In example, if I have 100 pages with index numbers but some does not match the index in explorer, it would be easy and quicker to rename them if while viewing one I can see it selected too in explorer and just f2 to change its index number in explorer.

    2. Unfortunately, years ago, I submitted a plugin “Rename-file” for Xviewer-plugins, but Mint refused it. 🙁

      It still works, but you have to install it manually. You can find it here :

      You need to put those 2 files in the folder /usr/lib/xviewer/plugins

      Then in Xviewer, go to Edit -> Preference -> Plugins and tick the Rename-file plugin.

      To rename, you can press F2 or go in menu Tool -> Rename

    3. Unfortunately it does not seem to work on LM21.2 Cinnamon. I can create the xviewer/plugins folder OK and can see the plugin in Xviewer under preferences, but it just says” failed to load” when I attempt to select it

  46. Hello Clem, I wanted to inform you that a few days ago when I unzip a zip file and access the unzipped folder, the icons of the documents are displayed with a clock and I cannot tell if the file is a text document, a spreadsheet or a pdf because all the icons show a clock, thanks for the opportunity to talk about it.

  47. I’d like to bring to your attention, Clem and Team, that Thunderbird package support in Ubuntu LTS stands on shaky ground again!

    In past years we had stalls of security updates for up to 6 months from version to version, while CVEs popping up like mushrooms. Now Olivier Tilloy (osomon) told on launchpad that he stepped back from maintaining the thunderbird package in ubuntu and referred this task to some other guys (“mozillateam”). I have to say that I cannot see any efforts being made while time is running out again. Final release of thunderbird 102 is planned for 30th of August. After that we have to expect a new phase of insecurity. I saw this wish popping up here some time ago and I have to second this:

    PLEASE adopt Thunderbird package like you did with Firefox before! Canonical doesn’t seem to have any interest left in providing an up to date and secure mail client aside from their thunderbird snap package, which of cause has been updated to tb 115 in a timely manner.

    See the current state in this launchpad issue:

    1. Your link reveals a horrible track record and state of Ubuntu Thunderbird DEB package for the last years. m(
      When people complaining on missing security fixes the maintainer answer is always “use the snap”. 🙁
      I also think that days oft Thunderbird DEB in ubuntu are counted.

  48. LMDE is working better than LM 21.x. With the same computer and applications on LM I have 52 degrees and with LMDE only 35. Video conversion is better with Handbrake on LMDE because of lower temperatures and is a little bit faster. LM will be the first choice in winter.

  49. Can you handle Thunderbird like Firefox, directly from Mozilla? Ubuntu has great trouble pushing out even the security updates for Thunderbird unless you go Snap.

  50. I realy hope LMDE 6 installer will use kernel 6.4 as does MX-Linux in AHS version, backported from Debian testing repo in MX own additional repo !

    It would be cruel if LMDE couldn’t install on more recent hardware than other stable Debian-based distributions.

    1. No it wont!

      LMDE is based on the latest Debian Version 12 “Bookworm” which uses Kernel So it will be Kernel 6.1.

  51. Looking forward to LMDE6. I suggest ( and desire ) that the OEM options be included on ISO to help when installing on giveaway machines.

    I hope for ( and desire ) a LMDE6 MATE version. I still run into newcomers that find it easier to adopt.

  52. There are many reasons why I like Linux Mint, but mostly it is the care and crafting that goes on each release, to come up with something that works and looks good, and runs nearly on any machine. The Ubuntu-based releases have always been amazing, and the fact I even get to play with a Debian version, feels like the dessert after a great meal. And as they have done before, I am sure the Mint team will again come up with a fine version of Mint based on either distributions. Particularly, I am looking forward to the development of Cinnamon, which is my favorite desktop environment.

    1. no. it is even better to have less preinstalled. it is already too much. i have always to clean everything up. so no.

      people always have this windows idea of everything bloated and preinstalled.

  53. Hello, I want to report that when unzipping folders downloaded from my educational account on One Drive, the icons of the files are not displayed correctly, only a clock appears as an icon. That doesn’t happen when I unzip folders downloaded from my personal one drive or from other places like google drive, it’s never happened to me before, I think it was after an update. I have tried to unzip those same folders in other distributions and that problem does not occur.

  54. Please Clem. Drop some new news to LMDE 6. It is nearly September.

    We are all waiting for the best Distribution in the world. LMDE.

    It is already over 1,5 month since Debian 12 got dropped to this beautiful world.

    1. who cares for codenames. this is just a gimmick. and to give versions a touch of their own that doesn’t matter. other products don’t even use code names anymore because it simply doesn’t matter.

  55. I’m looking forward to the saved Firefox link to Desktop bug (crashes if you move one).

    I also hope Mint will rethink changing the save icon to a download icon in Text Editor. Saving is NOT the same as downloading.

    Downloading = requires Internet connection. Saving doesn’t.
    Downloading = requires two storage locations, source and destination. Saving just requires destination.
    Downloading = an already saved file. Saving = the file has just been created or modified but not yet saved.

  56. My 6 years old cheap laptop HP stream 14-ax005nf is running perfectly Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon . I tried to replace it by LMDE 5 but the installation stopped at the point where I had to select the HDD in automatic mode. Strange since with the same bootable USB stick worked perfectly on my other newer laptop HP Pro book 640 G2 ???

    1. Since I tried again, when asked to create a partition table ( not found ?) I answered NO instead of YES, then I was asked to install grub on my HDD, I answered YES. That enabled the installation to go on to its end. I could boot then into LMD-5 which runs perfectly. Youpi !

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