Monthly News – August 2023

Hi everyone,

We received 474 donations in July. I’m always amazed when I see these numbers. It’s both humbling and highly motivating to picture that many people enjoying what we do and wanting to help us. I really appreciate it. Many thanks for your support and these donations!

You might be wondering what’s coming next and in which order. As you know we’re planning two releases (LMDE 6 and Mint 21.2 EDGE) but we also have long-term plans. One of these is to update our ISO production framework. Among other things this fixes secureboot. This is a big task but it’s really important for us.

We’ve been hesitating on how to prioritize these. What ended up happening was that we worked both on LMDE and the new ISO framework.

We’ve been reducing the differences between old and new ISOs, we even made a tool to compare them. We’re now at a stage where we’re pretty confident we’ll move to the new framework and we’ll have secureboot support for upcoming images.

LMDE 6 is almost ready to enter QA. It looks stable, it has all the changes featured in Mint 21.2 and it uses a Debian 12 base and a 6.1 kernel. It should use pipewire by default also.. though we haven’t tested that yet so I shouldn’t really be talking about it.

Both LMDE 6 and Mint 21.2 EDGE will be released this month.


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Donations in July:

A total of $11,905 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 474 donors:

$539, Joshua G. aka “Periodle
$500, Dana C.
$212 (5th donation), Andreas S.
$200 (2nd donation), Michael L.
$108 (5th donation), J aka “look but don’t touch. Thank you”
$108 (4th donation), Bert-jan Wiegeraad
$107 (53th donation), Michael R.
$100 (38th donation), Fast Junkie
$100 (19th donation), Philip W.
$100 (2nd donation), Jack K.
$100 (2nd donation), sector0 networks
$100, Clive Newstead
$100, Edmund B.
$100, John A.
$100, Lee J.
$100, Marci S.
$100, Nancy U.
$83 (10th donation), Jacques P.
$80 (10th donation), James L.
$76 (6th donation), Alexander M.
$70, Michael H.
$65, Kevin T.
$60 (8th donation), Joe K.
$54 (8th donation), Volker P.
$54 (7th donation), Steverj aka “Somerset Scrumpy”
$54 (5th donation), Bernhard M.
$54 (5th donation), Giovanni D. S. aka “ChibiOS
$54 (4th donation),
$54 (4th donation), Christian G.
$54 (4th donation), Ezequiel O.
$54 (3rd donation), Dr. S. K.
$54 (3rd donation), Tiny H.
$54 (3rd donation), Tommaso P.
$54 (2nd donation), Alexandre H.
$54 (2nd donation), Bastian H.
$54 (2nd donation), Daniel K.
$54 (2nd donation), Lars E. S.
$54 (2nd donation), Mathias G.
$54, Alexis M.
$54, Christian S.
$54, Domenico M.
$54, Jérôme B.
$54, Leif J.
$54, Pauli R.
$54, Roland V.
$54, Saulius G.
$54, Sergey A.
$54, Stefan H.
$54, Steffen S.
$54, Thomas S.
$50 (74th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (22nd donation), Hans J.
$50 (21st donation), George H.
$50 (10th donation), Mihail S.
$50 (7th donation), Kyle S.
$50 (7th donation), Marty L.
$50 (6th donation), Adam W.
$50 (6th donation), Al B.
$50 (6th donation), Jerry L.
$50 (5th donation), David T.
$50 (5th donation), Jack B.
$50 (4th donation), Far West Computer Consulting
$50 (4th donation), William M.
$50 (3rd donation), IBS Corporation
$50 (2nd donation), Brandon M.
$50 (2nd donation), Media Dynamics, Inc.
$50, Andrew P.
$50, Arunas A.
$50, Clay F.
$50, Darwin D.
$50, Dirk P.
$50, Elizabeth L.
$50, Gregory A.
$50, Jane C.
$50, Joshua M.
$50, Kevin M.
$50, Kevin P.
$50, Mitchell E.
$50, Nathan R.
$43 (4th donation), Renaud C.
$43, William L. aka “Hilyxx”
$40 (2nd donation), Christian E.
$35 (7th donation), John Eady
$35 (3rd donation), Mathieu C.
$32 (5th donation), Frank B.
$32 (4th donation), Dominique P.
$32 (3rd donation), Christian S.
$32 (2nd donation), Gerhard K.
$32 (2nd donation), Matthieu B.
$32, Jean-claude M.
$32, the way home be
$30 (33rd donation), Wolfgang P.
$30 (11th donation), Murray C.
$30 (9th donation), jowind
$30 (8th donation), Daniel M.
$30, David M.
$27 (20th donation), John K. aka “jbrucek”
$27 (6th donation), GJ aka “oldgit”
$27 (3rd donation), Johann K.
$27, Hans Peter S.
$27, Oliver R.
$27, Wouter V.
$25 (29th donation), Linux Mint Sverige
$25 (22nd donation), Kevin S.
$25 (11th donation), Andrew Currie
$25 (4th donation), Chuck G.
$25, Aundra J.
$25, Mark S.
$25, Nicholas K.
$22 (38th donation), Peter E.
$22 (23rd donation), Denis D.
$22 (22nd donation), Joachim M.
$22 (18th donation), Bjarne K.
$22 (11th donation), Tomi P.
$22 (9th donation), Daniel Gruhn
$22 (9th donation), Robert W.
$22 (8th donation), Carsten Wehner
$22 (8th donation), Chema Cortés
$22 (8th donation), Jürgen B.
$22 (8th donation), Michał M. aka “Zaraki”
$22 (8th donation), Tom S.
$22 (8th donation), Wolfgang N.
$22 (7th donation), Florian G.
$22 (7th donation), Geoffrey Allgood
$22 (7th donation), Raymond L.
$22 (7th donation), Stephen W.
$22 (6th donation), Alexander H.
$22 (6th donation), Cornelis V.
$22 (6th donation), David K.
$22 (6th donation), Divoto
$22 (5th donation), Rolf-Jürgen G.
$22 (5th donation), Stefan W.
$22 (5th donation), Vittorio F.
$22 (4th donation), Johnny H.
$22 (4th donation), Michael K.
$22 (4th donation), Richard W.
$22 (4th donation), Waldemar P. aka “valldek”
$22 (3rd donation), Fritz P.
$22 (3rd donation), Jens H.
$22 (3rd donation), Jonas U.
$22 (3rd donation), Michael B.
$22 (3rd donation), Thomas P.
$22 (3rd donation), Vittorio A.
$22 (2nd donation), Axel B.
$22 (2nd donation), Fabio Rossini S.
$22 (2nd donation), Francisco R.
$22 (2nd donation), Hartmut P.
$22 (2nd donation), Kari H.
$22 (2nd donation), Marek J.
$22 (2nd donation), Martin D. aka “Raqua”
$22 (2nd donation), Reiner Z.
$22 (2nd donation), Vasilis G.
$22, Antoine M.
$22, Antonio R.
$22, Bezelgoho
$22, Dario D.
$22, Derek W.
$22, Dirk E.
$22, Dušan P.
$22, Hannes B.
$22, Hans Joachim O.
$22, Harri Y.
$22, Heiko P.
$22, Helmut R.
$22, Jean Jacques S.
$22, Jeanjacques G.
$22, Karl-heinz K.
$22, Klaus G.
$22, Leslie R.
$22, Martin K.
$22, Martino M.
$22, Massimiliano C.
$22, Pertti N.
$22, Peter M.
$22, Piotr K.
$22, R V.
$22, Richard H.
$22, Ronald T.
$22, Séléna V.
$22, Spyros K.
$22, Thomas P.
$22, Yrag L.
$21 (21st donation), Ke C.
$21 (19th donation), François P.
$20 (66th donation), Rick R.
$20 (58th donation), Bryan F.
$20 (43th donation), Stefan M. H.
$20 (19th donation), Nigel B.
$20 (12th donation), Joao Kodama
$20 (10th donation), stewy
$20 (9th donation), Soeren S.
$20 (8th donation), Mark F.
$20 (8th donation), Pablo L. aka “LAFO”
$20 (8th donation), Thomas C.
$20 (7th donation), Bill and Susan
$20 (7th donation), Dean P @ DT
$20 (7th donation), Michael A C.
$20 (4th donation), Mario M.
$20 (4th donation), Mark C.
$20 (4th donation), Stephane L.
$20 (3rd donation), Adrian O.
$20 (3rd donation), Andrew S.
$20 (3rd donation), Mariusz B.
$20 (3rd donation), Robert H.
$20 (3rd donation), SAVE4ENERGY
$20 (2nd donation), Andreas G.
$20 (2nd donation), Gordon W.
$20 (2nd donation), Ron B.
$20, Alvaro Zuniga
$20, Alvin H.
$20, Anthony G.
$20, Avri A.
$20, Badriya M.
$20, Bobby L.
$20, Clement D.
$20, David M.
$20, Diarmaid R.
$20, Don S.
$20, Emir D.
$20, Gary L.
$20, Gordon S.
$20, Harry D M.
$20, Hsu C.
$20, In honor of SMG aka “mintydave”
$20, Jack T.
$20, James F.
$20, James M.
$20, Laura H.
$20, Matthias B.
$20, Nicolás C.
$20, Raymond H.
$20, Richard K.
$20, Robert A.
$20, Ronald S.
$20, Smiths – SellOurStuff
$20, Steven R.
$20, Thomas S.
$20, Timothy J H.
$20, Timothy T.
$20, Tom O.
$19 (2nd donation), J.G.
$18 (5th donation), ineuw
$16 (8th donation), Reidar S.
$16, Andrew R.
$16, Bartosz Baranowski
$16, Marius M.
$15 (4th donation), Christian Aubry aka “amicalmant
$15 (3rd donation), Michael H.
$15 (2nd donation), Steven W.
$15, Jeffery B.
$15, Mj J.
$14 (85th donation), Johann J.
$13 (2nd donation), Daphne P.
$12 (10th donation), Gary N.
$12 (5th donation), J M. H. C.
$12, William David H.
$11 (49th donation), Francois-R L.
$11 (39th donation), Daniel S.
$11 (37th donation), Thomas R.
$11 (16th donation),
$11 (14th donation), Denys G.
$11 (14th donation), Yves R. aka “Long_Time_User”
$11 (13th donation), Peter R.
$11 (10th donation), Bernhard L.
$11 (10th donation), Emanuele Proietti aka “Manuermejo”
$11 (10th donation), Ivan Stamenov
$11 (10th donation), Klaus Heckenbach
$11 (9th donation), Rupert B.
$11 (8th donation), Florian P.
$11 (7th donation), Raphael G.
$11 (6th donation), Antoni Aloy Torrens
$11 (6th donation), Ernie H.
$11 (6th donation), Joe S.
$11 (6th donation), Ralf M.
$11 (5th donation), John G.
$11 (4th donation), Erik H.
$11 (4th donation), Franz Z.
$11 (3rd donation), Maurizio Giacobbe aka “maurizioweb
$11 (3rd donation), Patrick B.
$11 (3rd donation), Sandu I.
$11 (3rd donation), Serge S.
$11 (3rd donation), Simon Clark
$11 (3rd donation), Yvan.P. aka “Yv30Pe03
$11 (2nd donation), Francis S.
$11 (2nd donation), Henk V.
$11 (2nd donation), Iztok M.
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$11 (2nd donation), José P.
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    1. jappo check blog. Beta Tester postet it:

      Kernel: 6.1.0-12-amd64 arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 12.2.0 Desktop: Cinnamon v: 5.8.4
      tk: GTK v: 3.24.37 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: LMDE 6 Faye base: Debian 12.1 bookworm

      So 12.1.

    2. Exciting to see if Debian will become Mint’s flagship edition in the future but current Debian users have little reason to use Mint when it takes 3 months after release to get this version.

  1. ” I’m always amazed when I see these numbers.”

    Yes you can thank us LMDE Hardcore Fans. We push this baby to the limits on every channels. 😀

  2. Secureboot and PipeWire by default are HUGE ones for me, more notably PipeWire due to certain applications like Roblox calling for it. You guys are doing great!

  3. Note: The bigger Linux becomes (which is partly due to the failure of Windows and Microsoft) and also due to such beginner-friendly popular distributions as Linux Mint, the bigger Linux Mint and the question about it will become. It’s all still going to shoot through the roof here in the next few years. Prepare yourself for it Clem. Stay the way you are and don’t go crazy with your team. Because the bigger Linux and Linux Mint become, the more big players will invest or turn their interest to the project. Microsoft will also turn its attention here. That’s a lot to think about.

    Translated with (free version)

    1. I can well imagine that big developer studios like Valve (Steam) will turn their attention to the most popular Linux distribution for collaborations. Also other studios, which will increasingly lead to Linux Mint’s popularity and notoriety.

      The question is how the Debian community will behave here when Linux Mint shoots through the roof. Whether they will continue to support the project, since they are the main builders (DEBIAN), or whether a collaboration will emerge (assuming LMDE becomes the main version). The same thought process can also be played out with Ubuntu (Canonical), although Debian tends to pursue the Linux community idea.

      It is also a question of how everything will behave when people really switch to Linux in mass, whether it can still be realised as a free project if one wants to be competitive with Windows and also attractive for games developers and other software developers etc etc etc.

      Just a thought experiment.

  4. Sorry that I am somewhat repeating myself; but, as I posted much of this at the tail end of last months blog, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t missed during development of LMDE6.

    Looking forward to LMDE6. I suggest ( and desire ) that the OEM options be included on the ISO to help when installing on giveaway machines. I didn’t see the OEM options on the LMDE5 iSO.

    I hope for ( and desire ) a LMDE6 MATE version. I still run into newcomers that find it easier to adopt.

    Using “gitso” I have been able to remotely assist folks once I talk them through configuring their UEIF/Bios settings. Once they have live booted from a thumb-drive, connect to Internet, they can download “gitso” and connect with me. It is always fun to help the newcomers to Linux, especially with any version of Linux Mint.

    1. I too install the mate desktop on my LMDE – Like many, MATE for me is much easier to use, more feature rich than Cinnamon. I often wonder if there will ever be a “button” during install, that allows one to choose the Desktop.

    1. Totally agree with you! I absolutely love how the system performs and operates! Wonderful stuff!

  5. Without checking the software, its not obvious to distinguish the LMDE / Mint distros.
    Obviously LMDE is more stable – but that’s not a visual difference.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s more stable. When we work on LMDE we sometimes bump into bugs which are fixed in Ubuntu but not in Debian. There are pros and cons to each base really.

      Anyhow, as far as we’re concerned we build a Mint OS. Whether that’s on top of A or on top of B, the ultimate goal is for it to look and feel like a Mint OS, i.e. the exact same.

  6. Watching LMDE gain recognition, this will be the most anticipated release! 🙂
    Will there be an elegant upgrade from LMDE 5?

  7. Linux Mint is the the king of Linux distros. It just works and looks great too. Understated but very powerful.

    Going from the comments it looks like many are excited for LMDE. It’s Debian without the pain, which I thinks appeals to many, especially since they aren’t fond of Ubuntu anymore.

    I’m ok with standard Mint but maybe I’ll spin up LMDE in Virt manager for fun.

    A big thank you to you and the team for all the years of hard work and dedication. Have a great weekend.

  8. Is work already underway on Linux Mint 21.3?
    And will Mint 21.3 be based on Cinnamon 6.0?
    And is Linux Mint 22 planned to be based on Cinnamon 6.0 and Ubuntu 24.04 LTS?
    And will the design work continue?
    Thank you.

  9. Thank you Clem, never had a major problem with your OS. 21.2 handles everything you throw at it. I consider myself pretty advanced and I still love Mint and don’t think about switching. Don’t rush with Wayland, it has some major issues like you said. Take your time.

  10. i had the thought today:

    don’t clem and his team do what bill gates did with windows years ago? take a (popular, good) ready-made base (debian, ubuntu, whatever) and build a super user-friendly environment (cinnamon,mate etc) on top of it.

    Bill Gates (Microsoft) did the same thing decades ago. Take a ready-made base and make it as user-friendly as possible. That’s how Windows came into being and look how huge Microsoft has become as a result.

    At that time it was Windows. Today it could be Mint OS.

    Hm sounds even similar Wind-ows / Mint-os


  11. many claim (clem? lol) today that bill gates simply stole code and put his graphical extension (windows) on top of it, which is how windows came into being. maybe bill gates just had the open source idea very early on lol.

    today bill would have got away with it more easily. but in the end he became successful anyway. it all depends on whether the big players get on board and whether clem joins in. as someone has already written here. it’s all exciting how it develops.

    the bigger mint gets, the more people and institutions and authorities become aware of it, and also more bad people.

    Where there is light, there is always shadow. I hope God is watching over Clem. Because he had a good idea. And good ideas are richly endowed but also bring responsibility.

  12. clem , have you ever considered taking Linux Mint to stock market/exchange?

    there are like 0 linux shares. suse tried it but now buys everything back.

    but suse is not mint. mint is way more popular under customers. the mass.

    1. No. I’m not interested in selling or losing any part of the decision-making. This started as a hobby, something I’ve always enjoyed doing. It’s way bigger now, but having fun is still my main preoccupation.

    1. Linux Mint 21.2 with newer Kernel 6.2 right from the start.

      To make Mint run on newer systems.

      They should maybe slighten the versions. there are too many versions. it all just takes Ressources of development.

      my idea: LMDE and LM (Ubuntu) as Main Versions. Both Cinnamon. Full Focus on these 2 Versions making them great and good. While I would bring the focus more on LMDE. Its harder to code maybe and some unfixed bugs but you are way more independent with this and also Debian Reputation is one of the best what you cant say from Ubuntu. It is the truth. Just check the media. Everyone dislikes Canonical. They dont care. LMDE brings more trust. Thats also why its so popular and people scream so hard to make it main version. They say it because its the truth.

      Mate and XFCE are literally used by a super small percentage.

    2. I use cinnamon on my main machines, but I have an older hp laptop that works fine with 20.3 when I plug in an external monitor, but just black screens on mint cinnamon 21 when an external monitor plugged in. So once 20.3 is out of support I will have to use mate or xfce if I want to stay in the mint ecosystem . As an aside on very old machines the lighter desktops do make a difference, and I have friends with VERY old machines that have a new lease of life thanks to lm, so the other desktops are very important for some people . On a different note, I am glad to hear Clem wishes to keep control and not sell out, and the fact he is having fun doing his work is brilliant!!

    3. Reply to josh (September 2, 2023 at 2:22 pm).
      I use XFCE, and I like it. I think that XFCE is the best. 🙂

    4. @alexandr:
      Cinnamon and XFCE are both traditional desktops with a taskbar and menu (1).

      XFCE is more configurable and has more history behind it, but is a very slowly evolving desktop1.
      Cinnamon is more frequently upgraded and has better memory and CPU management, more apps, and better GUI2.
      If you are new to Linux, Cinnamon is recommended, while MATE is recommended for slightly experienced users (2).
      Older/experienced users who prefer a stable desktop environment with all the required features are recommended using XFCE2.


  13. I also belong to the minority of LMDE users. I am looking forward to the new version 6. LMDE5 unfortunately does not run on my new PC.

  14. I am very happy with this release of Linux Mint 21.2. I would like for future releases to have the following features to give it a more modern and sophisticated style:

    *Fractional scaling at 125% by default.
    *Make the plymouth more elegant and modern.
    *Make the panel look more like a dock at the bottom and centered.

    But anyway, it is the best Linux that exists and I am very happy to use it. What I have mentioned is constructive criticism, it is not to detract from all the effort and love that has been given to Linux Mint to make it the most friendly to beginners and stable as a rock. Greetings from Argentina

    1. > * Fractional scaling at 125% by default.
      If you use a 4K monitor, that’s fine, but most people use 15.6 inch Full HD laptops where 100% is the only one that looks right. It should be done based on the DPI.
      > * Make the plymouth more elegant and modern.
      > * Make the panel look more like a dock at the bottom and centered.
      Linux Mint is supposed to have a traditional, efficient UI. A dock is neither traditional or efficient, especially if you want the menu button to move.

  15. Bravo Cleam for a great job , I use mint xfce for many years and install it to anyone who wants Linux
    I’m waiting for LMDE 6 and will check live iso how it works 🙂

  16. Thank you so much, Clem and team, for bringing this seamless GNU/Linux experience to the masses!
    I have one big wish. Please switch the thunderbird package away from Ubuntu! The thunderbird deb coming with Ubuntu is (again) outdated like hell but instead of bringing the recent security fixed version to the users, canonical maintainers discussing with mozilla devs on (purposely) changed button colors in Thunderbird 115 calling it “regression”.
    At the same time users complaining on the absence of security updates are given advice to use the up-to-date SNAP package.
    It is so sad that Mint is dependent on this kindergarten but as long as we inherit the thunderbird dep package from canonical the neglect of Thunderbird will go on. :-/

  17. “Among other things this fixes secureboot.”
    Can anyone explain what this is about? What’s about to change?
    Thank you!

  18. Here my simple comments:
    1. Thanks to all the Linux Mint team. It is my distribution par excellence and this already for a long time and this mainly because they listen to the users. Brilliant.
    2. I am a user of LM 21.2 Cinnamon, but I watch with interest the development of LMDE. I’m not sure if Ubuntu will be the basis of Linux Mint forever. With LMDE they are doing an excellent job and it gives me the confidence of having an alternative system of a similar quality in case the Ubuntu base is discontinued.
    3. I find it hard to imagine Linux (with all its distributions) as a platform that can beat MS and iOS. What does excite me would be a possible cooperation with companies like Valve (Steam) … that would be a point, that if started by Linux Mint … would certainly give an invaluable boost to LINUX.
    4. At the moment on my main machine as well as on some laptops and secondary machines, I use only LM Cinamon 21.2. No problems with applications for office, communications, multimedia and games (steam included, of course).
    Keep it up … Thanks again.

    1. Hi Bert,

      Yes just like we did for LMDE 5: Using linux-image-686 and along with a forcepae boot option for people using Pentium M and Celeron M chipsets.

  19. Hi Clem,
    thank you very much for your excellent work on Linux Mint.
    I’ve been using LMDE on old 32-bit laptops for 3 years and I’m happy with it.
    Windows, of course, could no longer be installed on them.
    I believe that for such computers, the LMDE version of Mate would be especially recommended (Mate is faster).
    Regards, Joseph

    1. You’ll have to do as I do (install xfce desktop manually with command lines in the Terminal, like I’ll install mate desktop). I did it on LMDE 5 and it works well. I kept cinnamon desktop in parallel to avoid issues with uninstalling it). You’ll find tutorials about installing your favorite desktop on the internet.

    2. I succeeded to install XFCE on LMDE5 with the help of an “Installing and Configuring XFCE on LMDE” video, according to your advice (although it was very difficult to follow this video). Thanks for your help!

  20. I had to go back to linux mint cinnamon 20.3 because in 21.2 I have problems unzipping folders from my educational account on one drive and when I unzip files that were zipped in windows.
    The icons of the files in the unzipped folders are displayed with a clock and I can’t tell if the file is a text, spreadsheet, presentation or pdf, they all look the same with the clock icon.

    1. Ah sorry, Quality Assurance, it’s a series of functional tests. We perform them to detect common issues or issues which occurred in the past and to check the most common use cases are working correctly.

  21. Since in linux mint ubuntu version it is an “nvidia installer” in control panel/system settings,on next lmde will be someting similar ?

  22. Ubuntu seems to be going in a different direction to perhaps the Mint Team would want with snap etc and your LMDE5 is a good example what could be achieved with a Debian base. I have always thought LM was closer to Debian in attitudes to open source than Ubuntu. The big elephant in the room must be if LMDE becomes the main distribution how will you differentiate from Debian.
    It could end up being Debian with different branding. Interesting problem.
    I am a long term user of LM so keep the good work up.

  23. Hi.
    Been using LMDE5 full time for about 3 weeks now as LM21.2 started to behave strangely on boot. As soon as the GUI boots the screen of my laptop starts to flash off and on right on the screen where we put the password. If I put the password, LM21.2 loads but the screen continue to flash. Tried to solve by re-installing but it exhibit this behavior from the USB drive too right after the boot options. Tried to re-download and rewrite to the drive but it did it there too. Tried compatibility mode on the USB drive and this worked, it loaded without problem.
    It did it with LM21.1 too. Strange. Compatibility mode worked OK too.
    Tried different distros (Debian 11 & 12, openSuse, Manjaro 22, MX linux…) and only LM 21.x seems to exhibit this behavior.
    LMDE5 worked OK and installed without problem but I am worried about LMDE6. If it is based on Debian 12, I just hope it will be the same as Debian 12.1 and work as advertised. No idea why the laptop suddenly started to do this. It is only 4 years hold (System 76 Galago pro) that worked very well with all version of Linux Mint up to and including 21.2 for about 4 weeks before starting to act up.

    1. Hello
      LMDE 6Beta loaded and installed without problems. I am using it now exactly like LMDE 5 and I like it. A lot.
      Thanks to the team
      François Proulx, Longueuil, Québec, Canada

  24. On the “All Versions” currently supported page: >
    The status field indicates LMDE5 as LTS; but, does not indicate any “supported until date” like the others.
    1) Is there an end of support date for LMDE5?
    2) Will there be an upgrade tool available to go from LMDE5 to LMDE6?

    Frequently using “gitso” to help Linux newcomers remotely install and upgrade LinuxMint flavors. It is a wonderful open source remote session tool that is downloadable during a LIVE LinuxMint session.

  25. I too am going to ask my question about LMDE…
    Will there be support for Nvidia Optimus cards in LMDE?
    Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu supports it perfectly.
    LMDE, like Debian, doesn’t support it (yes, it has the proprietary nvidia driver, but you can’t disable the nvidia GPU to save battery…)

    1. Yes and No. There’s support for Optimus in Cinnamon but there’s no additional support in LMDE compared to Debian. In other words, you won’t have a driver manager. You’ll install nvidia-driver yourself. Upon reboot you’ll be able to launch apps using the NVIDIA GPU just by right-clicking on the app in the main menu and selecting the NVIDIA option… but you won’t have nvidia-prime-applet and the ability to easily switch modes between on-demand, nvidia etc.. like you have in Mint.

  26. May I ask the LMDE fans (because I really don’t know):
    What if you install Debian /the netinstall release for example/ and then run:

    sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

    Is not the same? Is it absolutely necessary for a team to put together a finished product?

    1. I tried adding the cinnamon desktop to MX-Linux by using “sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment ” and it looks almost nothing like LMDE 5 although neofetch show that the cinnamon version, 5.6.8, is the same on both. When I added MATE to MX-Linux, I got the generic version of MATE although when I added MATE to LMDE 5 the result is nearly identical to Linux Mint 21.1. I suspect that simply adding the cinnamon desktop to Debian will NOT be the same as LMDE 5 (or LMDE 6).

    2. It won’t be the same though you can get it pretty close by manually adding things like the Cinnamon icon sets. LM adds visible things like mintupdater and several invisible tweaks which, to me anyway, makes for an improved Debian experience.

    3. couldnt you ask the same about the ubuntu version here? when it would be so easy.
      i dont know what is the difference between Debian and Cinnamon Desktop and Linux Mint Debian Edition.

      I only know that the Debian and Cinnamon Desktop looks grey and like sh…

      I dont know why either.

    4. The LM Team is also the team which manages the Cinnamon project. Using pure Debian, your version may always be “behind” the LMDE version of Cinnamon and you may not benefit from the last updates or improvements. Using LMDE, you will, a little while after the main LM distro tested them.
      From a Cinnamon point of view, you couldn’t sit in a better chair : you get it directly from the team which created it and a bunch of “testers” (the main LM users) debugged or improved it if necessary. Also the Cinnamon section of the LM forum is valuable help.

  27. I think LMDE is way more easier to use out of the box than Debian with Cinnamon Desktop where you have to configure more manually ?

    Also you need to do a lot of extra steps. Its not just the environment. like also installing the codecs and other things.

    LMDE is easier I think.

    Here is a video about setting up Debian with Cinnamon:

    and it explains why its harder (but not possible). ALso i think the LMDE is closer to get updated with newer Cinnamon but I DONT KNOW.

    Maybe Clem can explain.

  28. there is also now update manager in the debian version. you have to update everything with commands and manually.

    mint is making debian way more easier i guess.

  29. Hello Clem.

    Will there be an official Youtube Channel of Linux Mint in the future?

    Where people can comment and also new releases are posted and maybe tutorials?


  30. Dear Clem,
    I’m sorry that I’m writing here and not in the bug section, I don’t know how.
    I ran into a problem after upgrading to kernel 6.2 in that the automatic mounting of usb flash occurs via ntfs3 and not as it was via FUSE
    1) Files disappear and the NTFS file system crashes when configured by default using ntfs3, + the speed is 3 times lower for writing than through FUSE, which by default was in the kernel 5.15
    2) When mounting via FUSE, the speed returns to normal and the file system itself behaves adequately and correctly, please take this into account by making the 6.2 kernel by default

  31. Thanks a lot for still developing the great Linux Mint Distribution, still which and outstandding look & feel and easy to use and configure with many great mint utilities like the update management -> View -> Kernel with integrated kernel management etc. I wrote three FEATURE Requests for the welcome dialog which can make Mint a little more greater:

    – Clearly point to the newer HWE kernels in the update manager
    Mint has a wonderful kernel management in the update management -> View -> Kernel, including the waiting queue (de)-installation. But Mint users don’t notice when the newer HWE kernels (coming from Ubuntu) appear there well before the official Mint Edge release, meanwhile kernel 5.19 and 6.2. This should be pointed out in the welcome dialog, as this would allow Mint to be used on more current hardware and would significantly increase the distribution of Mint. I have kernel 5.19 and then 6.2 running fine on a Core i5-6300U and Core i3-4170 with integrated graphics card.learly point to the newer HWE kernels in the update manager

    – Use for the Mint-L Theme the more moern 20.3 theme and icon layout
    Use for the Mint-L Theme the more moern 20.3 theme and icon layout I especially like the old green mint pastel icons and theme and find that this is also good for the eyes when viewing. But please use the following more modern Mint-L Layout from Cinnamon 20.3 than the very old one. On both sides of the nemo file-manager only white colors (20.3) and no green backgroud in some option menues.

    – Add in the Welcome Menu again the option to choose the traditonal style taskbar (Desktop Layout)
    Add in the Welcome Menu again the option to choose the traditonal style taskbar (Desktop Layout)out If find the old one easer to use and for beginners it is difficult to change and configure the needed applets for the taskbar.

    1. Item 3 I totally agree, I did a fresh install then found the welcome screen no longer had the option to select traditional view. It took quite a bit of googling to find out how to get it back, it is not hard when you know how, but not obvious when you do not know how. Also many new users will not even realise there is a choice

  32. I found a small issue with LMDE-5 and also with LM 21.2 :
    When using the automatic connection, my password is nevertheless required at least to lunch Chromium. Is that normal ??

    1. I am on LM 21.2 cinnamon, I do not need to input a password to launch chromium web browser, so I would say not normal

    2. this is normal on chromium and palemoon browser when you have auto login
      it will happen on updates to the browser too.
      to fix it , click on menu.
      search password
      select password and keys
      right click default keyring
      select change password
      put in your password and when it asks for new password leave it blank
      it will ask you if you are sure and just click yes

  33. Probably because you did not set a password to automatically login to linux Mint, I experienced this before. If you set a password to login to linux, chromium will not ask a password.

    1. It happened only with Chromium (not with Firefox )
      I get this message:
      “Autentication required : The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer”

    2. I found a solution:
      I went to HOME$/.local/share/keyrings and delete the two files.
      When asked to change the password, I enter an empty password.
      That’s all.

  34. To get rid of the logging password I tried to install Howdy but that failed.
    Is Linux Mint working on face unlocking ?

    1. This happens any time I open Chromium or a Chromium based browser. I click ‘cancel’ on the popup 3-6 times, it goes away and the browser launches. A nuisance but probably not a high priority fix.

  35. I have an issue when trying to install LMDE 6 beta 64 bits. When I click the desktop icon “Install LMDE” nothing happens! I tried with Unetbootin and Rufus to create the installation usb stick : same issue… on the other hand I’m able to install LMDE 6 on Virtualbox.

    1. Hello
      Had this problem too. But before I got to the point of trying a lot of ways to open it, it opened and the install worked flawlessly. Up to now nothing unusual to report. Works as advertised.
      François Proulx, Longueuil, Québec, Canada

  36. LMDE6 beta downloaded. Booted live, looked OK, installed on HD. Installed MATE using the software manager. MATE looks just like Linux Mint MATE – as I expected. Changed theme to Mint-X, window borders to WinMe, and pointer to Adwaita. Getting pretty close to how I want it but I now need to replace the Mint-X themes with Mint-X themes from Mint 20.3. Haven’t seen any problems yet!

    1. Thanks. I did same as you did, excepting I chose a different theme. Did you remove cinnamon desktop? Everything works well for me. The only detail is the pointer is spinning for 10 seconds when the desktop shows. Never had this before. Are you encountering the same detail?

    2. I did some tests on a fresh install, and as soon as I install mate desktop on LMDE 6, the pointer spins for at least ten seconds when the desktop is displayed. I don’t know how to fix that.

    3. Paul – I get the pointer thing spinning for several seconds on the MATE desktop also. I did not remove Cinnamon.

  37. just switched to Linux Mint 21.2 Xfce and loving it. I placed little eyes in the toolbar, she looks at everything I do, and with the little brain next to her she thinks about it. It’s fun because Linux is Open Source and can’t spy. She pokes fun at Windows, I used it since I was 8

    but Windows on my tiny 30Gb laptop would leave only little space. Whereas Linux Mint comes with everything, and on top of that gives me 7 times more free space. A Big Thanks to the Developers! With Windows it was necessary to install huge programs, and not only was their design getting worse over the years, but they also took a massive amout of space; Windows is also getting uglier, and more convoluted and demanding; they don’t support my touchpad. Whereas in Linux everything works and I’m very pleasatly surprised at the compactness of the programs. I’ll figure out how to add some Widgets. I wish I didn’t have to disable secure boot every time I unplug the laptop, I try to figure out how to get the Wi-Fi working without having secure boot enabled. I’m very pleased with Linux Mint.

  38. Hi Clem!
    I have now checked LMDE 6 Beta from back and front and I noticed the following bugs.

    Kernel: 6.1.0-12-amd64 arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 12.2.0 Desktop: Cinnamon v: 5.8.4
    tk: GTK v: 3.24.37 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: LMDE 6 Faye base: Debian 12.1 bookworm

    1. If you go into the system settings and there e.g. go to the point firewall or package sources , enter your password and get to the area, the legitimation windows opens again and asks for a new password input although you are already in the area.
    2.If you click on the menu icon in the taskbar “LM”. Then there on the points “Settings” or “System settings” nothing happens. These buttons are dead.
    3. right click in the desktop -> refresh rate. When I want to switch from 60Hz to something higher it doesn’t register the clicks. I have to hold longer.

    Suggestions for improvement:

    1. taskbar right the volume icon looked cleaner and finer before.
    2. in folder view the “list view” should be default and not icon view. It also displays the icon view and icons way too big – oversized (bug).
    3. XCursorPro Dark is now integrated. Thanks for that. XCurcorProLight should be the default. Clean and fine.
    4. direct feedback mask on the Linux Mint page. I’m a beta taster and absolutely dislike accounts or being forced to create one to give professional feedback. In the blog something like this can get lost.
    Also vllt also quite nice for direct feedback, which otherwise comes out on other ways unpleasantly.
    5. LMDE 6 is called Faye. This is North Mythological. Nice new backgrounds from Norway or Norwegian Mythology with ravens etc would be nice.
    6. There was a Debian Kernel Update. Maybe it should be in the final version of LMDE 6.

    If I notice anything else I will post it here.

    Many greetings

  39. LMDE 6 – Beta Bugs found:

    – When you activate a VPN, you get a message that a VPN has been successfully set up.
    If you click on “Don’t show this hint again”, it still appears when you change IPs, for example.
    – Something is also wrong with the sound. It crackles sometimes. This was not the case under LMDE 5.
    – I would like it if you could deselect software during installation, such as LibreOffice or Thunderbird, because I have to delete everything manually afterwards.
    Also, the packages are always outdated compared to the flatpak version.
    I use almost only Flat-Paks because they run well and are UpToDate, which you can not always say about the other packages (Firefox is an exception here).

    1. @clem:

      i have the same problem. see here in screenshot.

      it first appears on the right upper corner and then goes into the notifications. very annoying. when you click “dont show again” it appears again after switching ips on the vpn software.

      i am using proton vpn. i am paying for it. latest version 1.12.0.

      another problem: i cant sometimes reach this blog here or the linux mint forums. IIRC is never working. do you have banned like tons of the ips protonvpn is using? this is horrible. i have to switch sometimes 2-3x to get access here and to the new news. always message : sucuri firewall banned this and that ip. i can also imagine that you are excluding a lot of new users because a lot of people use vpns nowadays.


    2. I second that. it s ridiculous one has to circumvent such simple things….Moreover reporting bugs should be easy and without sign-in sign-out carbage….

  40. Clem I envy you.
    You have the best job in the world. You are Linux Mint developer.

    I love Linux, I love how it’s getting more and more popular, I love all the development, I would love to be a developer but I’m so stupid…

    1. chin up. you know what’s funny though is that your name is bill. it’s like clem (a linux developer) talking to a young bill gates. 😀

  41. Clem you remind me of Linus Torvalds in some way.

    I saw this TED Interview which really motivated me to go for a new job. You should watch it maybe also. also I think you will sit there one day. Speaking with this TED moderator about Linux Stuff, Mint and other things.

    the video:
    The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds (TED)

    @bill: LOL. cheer up. maybe you are good at something else. maybe you also should watch the video. Linus describes that every kind of person is important and needed aswell.


  42. one more thing:

    what i also particularly like is this energy that flows here and enters the world.

    everyone is involved, whether it’s the beta testers or the hardcore ultras (like the south area in football) like lmde enjojer, alexandre etc. or all the well-known linux youtubers. everyone is involved even if we don’t always like each other but everyone is doing and at the end we are a community with the same goal.

    this is a great experience. thanks for that.

  43. LMDE 6 Beta runs well so far. I dont see a big difference to LMDE 5. Feels same lol. When I wouldnt know I would think its LMDE 5.

    Bugs already mentioned. I checked them. Have same.

  44. It is funny that the blog news is about LMDE 6 AND Mint 21.2 Edge but no one is commenting here on 21.2 Edge and the comment section is full of lmde people. XD

    it makes me giggles. even on YouTube the Linux YouTubes go up on LMDE.

    what will happen when you announce the final version of LMDE 6 with new news?

    i am wondering why there were news to Mint 21.2 Beta and announcements but not to LMDE 6 Beta?

    1. Because HWE provides security updates via the repositories and compatibility with proprietary drivers within the 22.04 repos.

  45. Guys!

    I installed Cinnamon on Arch Linux and this is FIRE!

    Newest Kernel and Cinnamon.

    When there will be ever a rolling release this should be the way!

  46. How can install a newer kernel than 6.1 on my LMDE 6 and how will it influence my system?

    I would like to have 6.5 because of the midi 2.0 support

    1. You can try either the Liquorix Kernel or the Xanmod Kernel. I use the Liquorix kernel which is at 6.4.15-2 and have absolutely no issues. I staying with the 6.4 kernel for the time being as I use VirtaulBox and it currently will not install correctly using the 6.5 kernel. I’m sure Virtual Box will be updating their program in the near future to support the 6.5 kernel.

  47. I just woke up and I had a dream…

    … the dream was about that Clem and his team dropped Ubuntu completely and released a Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) for the more conservative users and Linux Mint Arch Edition (LMAE) for the more innovative users.

    I hope this dream will come true.

  48. My installation experience of the 32 bit version of LMDE 6 Beta on my old ThinkPad R60 laptop.
    The first part of installation seemed to be OK, but after rebooting the laptop only shows a cursor (which turns off and on sometime) while the disk is strongly used, otherwise nothing else happens. After 60 minutes of watching the blinking cursor I turned the laptop off!

  49. I was at a conference recently where there was a WPA2 Enterprise network. I did get the Wifi with Mint 21.2 Cinnamon working eventually, but this was far from the out-of-the-box experience that users of Microsoft devices had. Could some presets for different types of network be provided?

    The settings needed in this case were:
    Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
    Inner Authentication: MSVCHAP2
    No CA Certificate.
    I had edit /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.conf to add:
    Options = UnsafeLegacyRenegotiation

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