Monthly News – March 2020

Many thanks to all of you for your support and for your donations. LMDE 4 took longer than we anticipated but we managed to add many new features into it and significantly close the gap with the Ubuntu release. Now that it’s released we’re focusing on the new development cycle and the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 package base.


LMDE 3 will reach EOL (End-Of-Life) on July 1st 2020. Past that date the repositories will continue to work but the release will no longer receive bug fixes and security updates from Linux Mint.

To upgrade LMDE 3 to LMDE 4 read “How to upgrade to LMDE 4“.

Mint 20, codename Ulyana

The codename for Linux Mint 20 is Ulyana.

Linux Mint 20 will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 and feature 3 editions: Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

Unlike previous releases, it will only be available in 64-bit.

StatusNotifier, libAppIndicator and libAyatana

Following a change in Electron, XappStatusIcon applets will gain support for StatusNotifier, libAppIndicator and libAyatana.

This support, which was disabled by default in Cinnamon, will be removed entirely from the DE and delegated to the XappStatusIcon applet.

LibAppIndicator and libAyatana have the ability to fallback to xembed (the GTK tray technology), so in Cinnamon, even though support for these technologies was disabled by default, applications using these libraries would still get their icon into the tray. In Mint, the situation was even better because libAppIndicator was patched to fallback to XappStatusIcon before falling back to xembed, thus preserving compatibility with HiDPI and symbolic icons. The problem was with applications using StatusNotifier directly.. which just didn’t fallback to anything at all and had no visible tray icon. With Electron moving to StatusNotifier this issue became more urgent.

XappStatusIcon applets gaining support for these technologies will guarantee better support for modern Electron apps and indicators and it will do so in all distributions, without the need to patch anything.

Nemo performance

The team looked at the performance of the file manager and changes are being made to the way Nemo is handling thumbnails. Although the generation of new thumbnails was done asynchronously, loading existing ones could sometimes have an impact on browsing content and navigating directories.

The main idea behind these changes is to prioritize content and navigation and to delay thumbnails as much as possible. As a result, the content of directories shows up with generic icons before the thumbnails are rendered, but the improvement in performance is quite noticeable.

This also has a positive impact on performance in cases of heavy I/O and slow HDDS, such as when moving videos to external devices.


The tool to send files across the local network is almost ready. We’re looking into data encryption now. It works well, it looks nice, but we still don’t have a name for it.

If anyone has a good name in mind please shout.. otherwise we might actually do call it “Warpinator” 🙂

New colors

Two of the Mint-Y colors were finalized.

This is the new Pink:

and this is the new Aqua:


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Donations in February:

A total of $11,303 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 621 donors:

$200 (22nd donation), Ralph Siegler aka “ziggy
$200, Gabriel H.
$150, Dieter W.
$120, Nick Z.
$108 (9th donation), able heads
$108 (7th donation), Hans-Georg Thien
$108 (3rd donation), Jean-yves B.
$108, Annette R.
$108, Alex C.
$108, Stephen M.
$108, Sabine S.
$108, Nils Holgersson
$100 (4th donation), Robert A.
$100 (3rd donation), Neil K.
$100 (2nd donation), Desktop Computer Support
$100 (2nd donation), David H.
$100, John A.
$100, J.J.
$100, Joe K.
$100, Sidnet
$100, Mike H.
$100, Dana C.
$100, Michael S.
$100, Peter E.
$100, David J S.
$100, Ian M.
$70, Harold C.
$65 (2nd donation), Bernd E.
$60 (4th donation), James L.
$60, Theresa M.
$59, Graeme R.
$54 (3rd donation), Karl H.
$54 (2nd donation), Antti M.
$54 (2nd donation), Jean-luc W.
$54 (2nd donation), Bernard H.
$54, Francisco J R.
$54, E D.
$54, Marcus M.
$54, Marcus M.
$54, Willi S.
$54, Charles W.
$50 (19th donation), Thomas T. aka “FullTimer1489”
$50 (7th donation), Wade T.
$50 (6th donation), Mimi
$50 (5th donation), Greg C.
$50 (2nd donation), Anthony G.
$50 (2nd donation), Lynn G.
$50 (2nd donation), Lloyd H.
$50 (2nd donation), David F.
$50 (2nd donation), Maeda M.
$50, Eric V.
$50, Antje L.
$50, Klair K.
$50, Steven O.
$50, Paul C. aka “Paulie”
$50, Michael D.
$50, Mark P. aka “Pelleas777”
$50, Laura K.
$50, Christopher K.
$50, Nicholas S.
$50, Joseph L.
$50, Terry F.
$50, Sergio M.
$50, John D.
$50, Michael Z.
$50, Arthur S.
$50, Tom H.
$45 (4th donation), The W.
$43 (2nd donation), Jean-paul G.
$42 (4th donation), Aubert (Holdup)
$40 (3rd donation), Robert F.
$40 (2nd donation), John B.
$40, Rita B.
$40, Richard L.
$40, Angelo P.
$36, Bert Kleinman Programming, Inc.
$35 (10th donation), Real F.
$35, Edward B D.
$32 (119th donation), Olli K.
$32 (8th donation), Hubertus B. aka “hubi
$32, Ugnius M.
$32, Benjamin K.
$32, Andreas G.
$32, Jeff D.
$30 (14th donation), David M.
$30, James B.
$30, Richard T.
$30, Chung P.
$30, Nicholas N.
$30, Bernd H.
$27 (10th donation), Roger aka “Linux Workgroup Monitor Niel Belgium
$27 (6th donation), Michael S.
$27 (5th donation), Christian W.
$27 (4th donation), Christian W.
$27 (3rd donation), Jochen G.
$27 (2nd donation), Eugenio B. aka “OdyArt”
$27 (2nd donation), Wolfgang L.
$27, Richard W.
$27, Piotr K.
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$25 (102th donation), Ronald W.
$25 (50th donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan “
$25 (8th donation), Rene H. aka “Hogi”
$25 (6th donation), Raymond O.
$25 (6th donation), An L.
$25 (5th donation), David H. W.
$25 (4th donation), Robert A.
$25 (4th donation), Mike C. aka “Portreve”
$25 (3rd donation), George T.
$25 (3rd donation), Brian F.
$25 (3rd donation), Jerzy K. aka “Jukan”
$25 (3rd donation), Daniel O.
$25 (2nd donation), Leroy H.
$25 (2nd donation), Thomas G.
$25, Joost S.
$25, David R.
$25, Kurt K.
$25, David F. aka “W1HKJ
$25, Kevin K.
$25, Vincent M.
$25, John V.
$25, Peter S.
$25, Sharyn V.
$25, Tracy F.
$25, Robert H.
$25, Thuaners
$25, Perry J.
$25, Anthony M.
$25, Lee V.
$25, K.B.
$25, Devon C.
$25, Ron C.
$25, Paul B.
$25, Josip Anthony K. aka “JAK”
$25, Massimo M.
$25, Frank A.
$25, Richard N.
$25, William P.
$25, Steven M.
$25, Landscape Company aka “landscaper
$23 (3rd donation), Giovanni M. aka “gmaggior”
$22 (33rd donation), Derek R.
$22 (13th donation), Michael R.
$22 (5th donation), Alessandro L.
$22 (2nd donation), Nico L.
$22 (2nd donation), Siva S. aka “S.S”
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$22, Thomas N.
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$22, Christos A.
$22, Erik O.
$22, Valentin
$22, Dave M. aka “dm999”
$22, Filip L.
$22, James W.
$22, Robert R.
$22, Gerd S.
$20 (28th donation), Todd A aka “thobin”
$20 (18th donation), Bryan F.
$20 (16th donation), Mike W aka “bajan52”
$20 (15th donation), John D.
$20 (12th donation), vagrantcow
$20 (8th donation), Better2morroW
$20 (7th donation), Carl K.
$20 (6th donation), Peter R.
$20 (6th donation), a donor
$20 (3rd donation), Peter L.
$20 (3rd donation), Mr. Bee
$20 (2nd donation), Graeme M. J.
$20 (2nd donation), Radim J.
$20 (2nd donation), Christopher W.
$20 (2nd donation), William N.
$20 (2nd donation), Tamer A.
$20 (2nd donation), Steven G.
$20 (2nd donation), John M.
$20 (2nd donation), Walter C. M.
$20 (2nd donation), Jack G.
$20 (2nd donation), Jim D.
$20 (2nd donation), Paul G.
$20 (2nd donation), William N.
$20, Ralph G.
$20, Vincent L.
$20, Ton S.
$20, Matthew W. aka “Wakefield Team – Five Star Real Estate Leaders
$20, Robert H.
$20, Matthew H.
$20, Stephen R.
$20, Larry R.
$20, Kenneth B.
$20, Gábor Király aka “gkiraly”
$20, Michael B.
$20, Scott H.
$20, Kalie M M.
$20, Philip P.
$20, Blake J.
$20, B J S.
$20, Jean-pierre C.
$20, Chai L.
$20, Hubbard T.
$20, Keith F.
$20, Peter N.
$20, Dmitro K.
$20, Suhrud B.
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$20, Eugene J Schneeweis Jr
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$18 (2nd donation), Bobcam Computer Solutions aka “Rob
$18 (2nd donation), Bobcam Computer Solutions aka “Rob
$17 (39th donation), Johann J.
$16 (36th donation), Andreas S.
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$16 (2nd donation), Oliver und Anja R.
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$16, Gerard Gerritsen.
$15 (18th donation), AJ Gringo
$15 (10th donation), Constantin M.
$15 (9th donation), David W.
$15 (3rd donation), Bogdan M. U.
$15 (2nd donation), Lorinda T.
$15, Stanley W.
$15, Jugoslav S.
$15, Wayne W.
$15, Joshua L. aka “jl”
$15, Carlos C.
$15, Keith P.
$14 (3rd donation), Jizí N.
$13 (4th donation), Andrew P.
$12 (107th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$12 (45th donation), JobsHiringNearMe
$12 (39th donation), Paul O.
$12 (5th donation), Lance A.
$12 (3rd donation), Shahand A.
$12 (2nd donation), Došlo R.
$12 (2nd donation), Mr G. J. A.
$12 (2nd donation), Ron N.
$11 (11th donation), Alexander G. B.
$11 (10th donation), Annette T.
$11 (10th donation), Janne S.
$11 (8th donation), Serhii B. aka “sinpavla
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$11 (6th donation), Henry G.
$11 (3rd donation), Stefan S.
$11 (3rd donation), Frithjof
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$11 (2nd donation), Robert B.
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    1. What about Mintribution or maybe even better : Mintributor ?! 🙂 😀

      Thanks Mint Team/Clem for all your hard work I always look forward for a new Mint release eventhough I could have Windows for free on my current laptop I choose Mint! 🙂

      David from Hungary

    2. Any chance of getting 32 bit support for ubuntu 20.04 or Lxde for the lmde version? It’s getting really hard when it comes to options.

    3. Also a huge shout out to Linux Mint for providing me and a few of my classmates with our first computer. I joined back with Linux Mint 10, and Came Back again with Linux mint 19.1 MATE. It is an awesome project for anybody who is just looking to try out to people who are pro’s. This comment is actually being made on an upgraded Dell Latitude D830 i got for 5$ at a yad sale. It has turned this laptop from a heap of junk to my Daily Driver. Big Thank You from me and many. Can’t wait for Linux Mint 20!!!
      Russell from Canada

    4. +1

      Honestly, Warpinator. You’ll never find better the same way Orson Welles never made a better movie than Citizen Kane.

    5. I’m with the “Beam” contingent, maybe “Beamo” to rhyme with “Nemo”.

    6. I really liked DataBeamer, FileBeamer, BeamItUp.

      Those names actually tell what it does, and sound really nice.

      While Warpinator sounds good, it may be confusing to what it does for those that don’t know what it does.

    1. The developers team is not enought. In my opinion, is not necessary 4 different distribuitons. If they concentrate all efforts on one distro maybe could be the best way to develop the system.

  1. LM 20 will have that new option for HD 14″ screens that makes the menus look more on scale? So they don’t look too small.

  2. Hi Team:
    Thanks for your wonderful work!
    I’m really looking forward to the fractional scale feature of cinnamon, so when will the cinnamon 4.6 come?
    Best Regards

    1. Probably, if not, since Warpinator will be available as a .deb package, you could download it to LMDE, but it won’t be renamed.

  3. Hello. I use LM on my Dell notebook, it is a hybrid notebook (Intel + Nvidia). I would like to know how is the development to support Nvidia’s PRIME technology.
    This technology allows the use of the dedicated video card at specific times, such as tasks that require more processing, while for simpler tasks the onboard video card is used, without the need to logoff or restart.
    Recently, Gnome will come with the option to run certain software with the dedicated video card with a simple right-click and choose the option to run with the dedicated GPU (Offloading).
    I appreciate if you can give me some information about it. Thanks.

    1. That NEMO issue with I/O hangs with large file transfers to/from external devices made me reload my hope in this distro. That is a major flaw in 99% of Linux distros.

    2. Just install the nvidia drivers and the nvidia-prime package to get what you want.

  4. Why not X-Fer?
    The new Mint-Y Aqua color seems more like a bright blue.
    Will the Mint-X retain the previous Aqua color? Or is it changing too?

    1. It would be nice to have a way to adjust the intensity of the mint-Y theme color. Allow the user to select anything from pale, pale blue to electric blue, for example.

  5. Hi, I think that the name “Warpinator” sounds nice and fun, but I would imagine that, as a new user or non-experienced user, this name would not say much about what the program does. So if you are not curious enough to click on the app button, you will never know that your computer has this feature.

    I just thought of the name “Transfile”, it’s not crazy but maybe something in that direction could be good.

    Anyways, keep up the great work, I look forward to test it.

    1. same though.. “InhouseShare”, “MyShare” “DataShare”, “EasyTransfer”, “EasySend” or something like that.
      Yes, thats all very generic names.. but it gives you an clue, what this thing is for.

    2. I agree with you, Reaw.

      Although “Warpinator” is a catchy name, new users might not understand what it’s purpose is.
      There are some interesting alternative suggestions on this thread.

      Another one might be “NetSend” but then again, it is a) already being used, b) doesn’t express that it’s for LAN rather than WAN(+LAN).
      “LANtransfer” is another but then again, would less savvy users know the difference between LAN and WAN?

      So, yeah, why not use something “cool” and catchy as Warpinator? (“Honey, could you please warp those pictures over?”)

  6. Had a look in Wikipedia…
    Warpinator may run into licensing problems with “Warp Speed Data Transfer” (WDT) released by Facebook under a BSD licence.
    How about Linux-to-Linux Copy (LLCP) after “Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP)”?

    1. I would not call it “disappointing”. But, yes, there are a lot of really heavy bugs in LM 19.3 XFCE when upgrading from 19.2. They are mentioned and discussed in the forums. That’s why all our computers have to stay with 19.2.

      But again: This just happens when *upgrading* from 19.2 XFCE to 19.3.
      A *fresh* install of 19.3 is running fine. But of course we can not do a fresh install everywhere, so staying with 19.2 is the way to go.

  7. Too soon to ask for a Daily Iso or a dev-ppa? 🙂
    I’m testing out Ubuntu 20.04 right now and i keep imagining how awesome it will be under Mint’s wings.
    These new themes are looking really nice!!!

    1. Sebastian, the next release (Mint 20) will be based on Ubuntu 20.04, as explained in the first paragraph of this post. As usual with Mint releases, there is no release date, but looking at 18.0 and 19.0 release dates it will probably be released around June/July.

  8. Keeping in line with your naming conventions, why not name Warpinator “smidgen”. It implies getting a little something and adding it elsewhere.

  9. “Warpinator” heartily approved! [It’s memorable, it’s easy to say & to shorten, it makes immediate sense thanks to “warp”, it’s not a finger-fooling missing-letter name, and it’s *fun*. It’s perfect & complete. Please don’t mess further. We likes it, we do. Thx.]

  10. I think the most important is it’s name and description in the Mint Menu.
    In the same way as mintstick is called ‘USB Image Writer’ in the menu, with description “Make a bootable USB stick”. This is crystal clear, and in fact for a long time I used the software without knowing it was called mintstick.

    Besides the already good suggestions, you could also call it mintsend or LANsend.

  11. Thank you for the new, great edition of LMDE! It installs as easy as the traditional Linux Mint, even with the media codecs and proprietary graphics drivers. Well done!

  12. Linux Mint 20 looks awesome, with what information we have for now.
    Thanks to Clem and the entire Linux Mint Team! 🙂

    1. Hi Froco, The option is there, i just used it ‘are you sure you want to move “testfile” to trash’ for example, or do i misunderstand you ?

  13. HOW about ETAs??? No corona times in Romania??? you all might get sick and distro stuck…any words???

    1. As far as I know, the Linux Mint developers have nothing to do with Romania. 🙂 So what about it?

      But wherever they are, development works just fine in quarantine. 🙂

  14. You are producing the best distro for end user. Keep going on with this quality. But the LMDE version need way more polish. I tred it today but reversed to mint 19.3 because nvidia driver don’t work at all..

  15. Hello LM team, I think “MintShare” or “LM File Transfer/ Share’ is suitable name and instead of Warpinator.

    1. LM team is planning to make it cross-platfom including Windows, Mac OS and Android OS. In that case, this name “MintShare” tells that this app originally came from Linux Mint. And it is common name like “SHAREit”, “ShareMe”, “Xender” etc. People will be easily guess what this app according the the UID theory.

  16. Looking very much forward to the new release, especially to the Warpinator (or whatever name it will be) and the new colors.
    Would be great to see encryption implemented into the Warpinator from the very start.

    Also, do you think it will be possible to have a look into this LM setup issue?

    I’d love to keep doing advertising for Linux Mint, but with this bug still in place I don’t feel well to recommend the OS to my friends and colleagues.

    Thank you all for your dedication!

    1. YES ,, ty … THAT’s one of those bugs i’ve been complaining about since LM 18.x…The other is having a naming conflict when running two LUKS/LVM partitions….. AND the yellow folder color is NOT implemented yet either (instead it’s played around with colors)… On thumb nails there’s no option to turn it off when in listed mode …all long time issue — NO ONE CARES … Same ISSUE with this stupid cinnamon DE ,, way to complicated when compared to MATE…. LMDE 4 without MATE sucks!

  17. Any plans on supporting Wayland? Wayland have matured a lot and is already the default in many distributions. Performance is also getting close with X. On the other side, X is going to strict maintenance mode and there is limited development now, most of it in the Xwayland side. Almost everything is now working under Gnome wayland. Interestingly, next release of Firefox will be having hardware video acceleration, but for Wayland only. The only major problem I can find now is Xwayland support by Nvidia. But that should not be a reason to hinder innovations in Linux.

  18. i think Pheidippides is a good symbolic name for Warpinator..
    He is the central figure in the story that inspired a modern sporting event, the marathon race. Pheidippides is said to have run from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the victory of the battle of Marathon.

  19. Ideas for Warpinator names:

    1. Hi Gary, PepperMint would probably be a no no (Peppermint OS is a nice distro and its out their alive and kicking)

  20. I feel that “Warpinator” sounds a little unprofessional, especially if you’re trying to get people to use it in a company setting. How about something like “Parachute”!

  21. 32 bit will be missed. Linux has always been known as an efficient OS that could run quickly and be used on older slower systems & laptops. I understand that it requires manpower to keep it up, but perhaps this latest version of Mint could be kept but only updated when necessary or occasionally or on demand by many. I for one intend to keep using it on my old Dell Latitude until the laptop dies or is finally replaced. Now that Coronavirus is an unfortunate fact of life, there may be many users who are strapped for cash that will buy food instead of a new 64 bit system. (FYI, I do have several newer 64 bit systems and I do love Mint.)

    1. Hi Dan, when I downloaded Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon onto my desktop, I was pleasantly surprised how well it presented itself but after taking the CD out of the DVD player before turning the computer off, I noticed that Linux Window didn’t start up after turning on my PC until I re-inserted the CD into the player and then it came on. So, does the computer only works if I leave the CD in all the time or can this be uploaded into the system just like Microsoft Windows?

    2. John M. – When you put the CD in and boot into Linux Mint from it, you should see an icon on the left side of the screen that says, “Install Linux Mint”. Run that, and it should take you through the steps of installing it onto your hard drive. You can choose to either erase your hard drive and install only Linux Mint, or install it alongside Windows. If you install it alongside Windows, it will give you a choice at boot up of which OS to use. After installing, it will ask you to reboot and then tell you when to remove the CD, and from then on you will be able to boot into Linux Mint without the CD.

  22. Please rename with non expert users in mind: try to be generic and descriptive. Some may argue this could be boring, but in the end it’s useful. Cheese, the camera app , for instance, is another example of software hidden to a certain kind of users due to his name. Keep your awesome work up and thanks to al the Mint team.

  23. warpinator is nice but says nothing… what about:

    * mint file transfer
    (so when every linux distro uses, they know where did it come) 😀

    * mint kiss

  24. I am sure LinuxMint20 will be a great release. 🙂
    Can i place two wishes?
    1. In the cinnamon edition i really miss the audio option “monitor”. In Mate i can set my audio input to monitor. In cinnamon i need to install “pavucontrol” to set this. Is it possible to add this to the audio settings?
    2. After the vino server is gone i miss the option for enabling a remote desktop solution. Is it possible to add something like that? VNC, XDMCP, RDP or what ever. Something that the user can enable and that works “out of the box”.

    1. Sorry, you are looking for a server ? x2go could help you ? I don’t know any free software that works without modifying firewall rules, like Teamviewer. It’s strange that nobody tried to write one.

    2. I mean a server not a client. ATM i use VNC, but it is very difficult to install it. Vino was perfect. A small tool, klick enable, set password and some other settings and it works. Very bad that this was removed. But maybe mint team can bring a own solution? 🙂

    3. @clem

      yes… please fix the vino stuff, it is a little pain in the @ to config by hand …

      also the share scanner by the local network is not working from some releases… please fix it

  25. Warpinator sounds like a bad alias from American Pie movie. It sound kinda bad in my opinion. Maybe try something like NET-Trade or something…

  26. i would like the name of warpinator be something with beam in it, so i can beam files from here to there with the hit of a button
    and i like the idea of people know where it comes from of fernando martinez 🙂
    so i throw in:
    – mint beam or
    – mintbeam

    1. Wau! Lol, I just had exactly the same idea writing “xSend” in a comment. Really why not? They had this naming convention in their xApps right? I like xSend. Just simple and fitting. No craziness necessary.

  27. MintShare
    LM connect / LM share
    Conecta {connect in spanish}
    Me2U file share / Me2U port
    Direct file tray
    Swift-share LAN

  28. Warpinator

    My little brainstorm

    files across the local area network = Fatlan
    files across your local area network = Faylan
    files across local area network = Falan


    1. Laniator
      Landid (LAN + Candid)

  29. Although I genuinely like the “beam” idea/thought, wouldn’t beaming be like moving rather than copying?

  30. I also like the name Warpinator! But it should definitely have a good description and good keywords (Share, Files, Data, Send, AirDrop, …)

    Many people suggest to name it something with Mint, but I would really like to see this tool becoming a standard for many Linux/Unix/BSD-Distributions and maybe also for Android, iOS and Windows and Mac. So in my opinion it shouldn’t be tightly coupled with Linux Mint. Just Warpinator sounds good to me! 🙂

  31. Nice to see another new version that, again, doesn’t try to change everything!

    But now I have to get rid of Linux Mint on my Fujitsu Siemens laptop when 19.3 stops receiving updates? But it’s just 15 years old… It was only last year that I upgraded it from HDD to an SDD (had to look a bit around to actually get an SDD in PATA 2.5″ specification, but I got one)… Even though it was already slow when I bought it, it’s still similarly fast as my two nearly new netbooks (just nine years!)… Well, at least these will continue to run current Linux Mint versions… *sigh*

    Right, I kept asking myself how long Linux Mint was keeping up 32-bit versions; with the accelerating trend to abandon 32-bit in the Linux world I was, of course, kind of prepared. Still, it’s a bit sad, too.

    Warpinator? Why not “local file transfer”? “Local network file transfer”? “LAN file transfer”?

    1. Mint 19.3 has Long Term Support.
      You will still receive updates for all packages up to 2023.

  32. As a Mint user since LM 7, I was dismayed when the KDE version was dropped. Still hoping that might be reconsidered, as I have yet to find another KDE distro that does what I want. I miss Mint KDE!

  33. “Warpinator” is a name so stupid, it is almost good! XD Why not, but…
    Why not call it just “xSend”, similarly to your old xApps?

  34. Longtime happy user of LM over here, started years ago with 17, nowadays one laptop on 18.3 and still going strong till EOL then will switch to 20, another laptop on 19.3 and in the near future will be my daily workhorse till the ascent of 21… If one didn’t already notice, i’m extremely confident LM will stay my Linux distro of choice for years to come.

    Enough Blah-Blah, what about “Warpinator”?

    As already mentioned, it’s quite a fun and perfect name in it’s own right.
    But some alternatives are right now flashing through my mind:

    Lantastic, MintLantern, Trans-X, MintDoubler, LMLantern, MintGet, LanGet, LanFiler, MintCargo,…
    eh… depleted for now.

    Maybe a last try: LM Warpinator, easy for folks on other platforms to be reminded it originated on Mint if it ever finds its way to other distro’s / platforms.

    1. @Benjamin
      Thanks, at least one name is not that bad as some of the others I suggested 😉

  35. OK, these may not be very good but almost anything is better than Warpinator. How about either “filefling” or “filebee” (an allusion to the trademarked “Frisbee”)?

    1. @vgstef
      Ok, my apologies, I didn’t notice it had already been suggested, but it emphasizes perfectly on the idea of ‘Flying over a File to another computer in the network’. Nice one imho.

  36. Congrats to the entire Linux Mint team for their hard work on LMDE 4; I, too, look forward to the same with the release of LM 20. 🙂 As for a name suggestion, for the new tool, here are some quick thoughts, via a quick “brainstorm”:

    -TelePort or Teleport

    Congratulations, once again and thanks for everything you (the developers) do for us Linux Minters. Good luck with development on Linux Mint 20!

  37. It’s quite sad that 32-bit will be dropped. At least 19.3 will get updates until 2023, but LMDE could become a fallback for 32-bit Mint users. The problem with LMDE is that it doesn’t get much focus once it gets released, so I hope the Mint team will consider this going forward.

    There are 2 main reasons for a 32-bit release to still exist (for a while) for regular users, and even schools:
    1. Many people still have 32-bit-only PCs (donated/recycled/etc) and no way to buy new ones;
    2. Some cheap PCs still come with 2GB RAM and no technical way to add more RAM, so 32-bit helps saving some RAM.

    With Xfce requiring less RAM than Cinnamon, PCs with 2GB RAM or less would run smoother with Xfce on LMDE.

    1. It’s not possible for Ubuntu-based distro to continue supporting 32-bit edition when Canonical dropped almost all 32-bit packages from the repos.

    2. @Monsta: But did Canonical? I was aware that they dropped much of the 32-bit support within 64-bit Ubuntu, except, after a wave of protest, what would be necessary for stuff like Wine and gaming with Steam, and that default Ubuntu stopped assembling 32-bit ISOs, but as far as I see the necessary codebase it still there and both Xubuntu and Lubuntu still ship as 32-bit ISOs, too?

    3. Most packages are gone in the upcoming 20.04. Ubuntu flavors also don’t have i386 editions in the daily ISOs.

  38. Looking forward to another amazing release… I have two small suggestions. I usually install the bulk rename tool for renaming many files at once maybe it could come installed by default. When using Mate output to HDMI is complicated there are a lot of menus that seem redundant but it’s a small issue and I’m not sure if that is something you have time for right now.

    1. Great find – ty .. i guess it won’t like so many others (at least those with little priority) … ie yellow folders on the new 19.x desktop scheme

  39. First of all, big thanks to the Mint Team for helping me converting almost all my family to Linux since Windows 7 stopped updates.
    About renaming Warpinator, I spend some time watching TV because of confinement measures and more recently I watched James Bond’s For Your Eyes Only. And came to the idea of proposing For Your LAN Only, because of privacy/encryption. On another hand, the acronym FYLO would also suggest something related to files…

    1. Hi Eric, I also noticed that Windows 7 stopped giving me anymore updates and thought that my computer which is a PRYON was on the way out to the scrap heap but when I purchased Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon and downloaded into my desktop, I was amazed that my computer came back to life again! I also had Norton Internet Security which was good but it became too expensive for renewal every year which I didn’t like about it but what about Linux, does it need an internet security or does it protect my computer without any software like Norton?

  40. The new themes look a lot nicer then the current ones. Finally some freshness like mint 🙂
    I kinda like the name “Warpinator”. Its a new thing and you guys are right.. its not an explicit name. But I think that is something that could be included in the Mint Welcome window (same with other Linux Mint exclusive tools).
    More important than name is its functionality. If its good it will eventually be known and people would actually ask if there is an warpinator instead of fileshare, xshare or wtvshare in other distros xd

    PS: wtvshare is cool too ahahah

  41. on ‘warpinator’ what about catapult, catapulta or balista,
    a tool which throws rocks(files) into people.
    ‘Mint catapult’
    ‘Mint balista’

  42. Well, You are up to the “U something A” names for the Mint 20.* releases so how about naming the WARPinator after the Communication’s Officer on the classic Star Trek, Uhura. I trust Uhura to get my messages all the way back to Star Fleet.

  43. @Clem

    “Warpinator” is good. So is Crossfile ( or Crossfiler ).
    Maybe: Telport, AppianWay ( from the Roman road system ), Longcut ( a shortcut that goes a long way )

    I think “warp” might conflict with something else because of its shortness.

  44. Beamit | Beamsit | Beamzit

    As in beam it.
    Trademark law should not be an issue. This isn’t a commercial enterprise. It isn’t advertised.

    1. For Warpinator:

      TradeWind, TradeRoute, SystemShuttle, SystemBus, SystemTaxi, PonyExpress, FileTaxi

  45. I rediscovered Mint after Ubuntu ditched Unity. I use Cinnamon by choice and since switching I’ve had the most trouble free day to day computing I’ve ever experienced. I am happy to have donated once and will do again. Of course I hit occasional bugs and gotchas but nothing on the scale of any other OS I’ve used. Thanks to all the devs and other contributors. Please keep it up, Mint is a joy to use.

    Warpinator -cool, but yes, non descriptive. Flying Files ? Fileinator ? Files to go ? MintFileTrans ?

    1. Sorry, MaynardJ…I honestly didn’t see your post before posting mine. I guess great Linux minds think alike!

  46. @Clem

    For Warpinator:

    TradeWind, TradeRoute, SystemShuttle, SystemBus, SystemTaxi, PonyExpress, FileTaxi, SecretPassage, CarrierPidgeon, DeliveryDove, DataTram, Thoroughfare, Fairway

  47. Hm… File Manager? Norton Commander…

    What about: Linux Mint “Network Commander”? 😀 (retro style naming)

    Looking forward to the release of LM 20 🙂

  48. For Warpinator:
    Ok, so my thought of a possible new name for “Warpinator” would be in keeping with the SyFy theme and what it does might be to call it “Transporter”. This shows what it does in moving something from one place to another and like the SyFy transporter it does so quickly. Just my thought.

  49. You are annoyed because Linux Mint 20 will not support any longer 32 bits old computers
    then it is a good reason to move to LME 4 which supports 32 & 64 bits computers.
    Instead of Warpinator I like MintShare MShare or LANShare.

  50. @Clem, please ditch the name “Warpinator” which you yourself said was “utterly ridiculous.” As suggested above by roland, call it LANsfer. That sounds sensible, and gives a clue as to what the app actually does/is for. 🙂

  51. Warpinator …. CSD? I thought Mint was following the classic windows style! That’s the guidelines for XApps isn’t it? What is going on finally?

  52. 1- The name Warpintor is good, but I think the name “Teleporter” or “File Teleporter” might make even more sense to me at least.

    2- Wish if there was an official LM release with the KDE flavor.

    Thanks for all the hard work, keep it all up!

  53. Warpinator is fine, though silly.

    Why not, it’s reason and Job ? … “FastShare”
    It may not be as funny, it avoids equivocations AND it’s easy to find.

  54. Strange … Am I the only one who notices the bugs this LMDE 4 release has?

    This release won’t work on VBox6.1.4 under the following setting: tick NVME (nothing special) and the required EFI OS — only a shell shows up and prompt, no install possible … LM18.3, 19.3 MATE of course works


  55. My personal ranking of new names for Warpinator:
    1) LANsfer

    One possible alternative to #2:

    That way you say ‘Transmitter’ but also imply the connection to Mint. Something related to Scotty or Uhura might be a good replacement for Warpinator as well. I don’t hate Warpinator either, but I think there are better options.

    Also, thanks for LMDE 4

  56. Oh, please, not Warpinator! It’s just a terrible name, to be honest! Take any other obvious name like “Easy Share”, “Local Share”, or “Local File Transfer”. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  57. Call it DICTYOPTERA. Its a word that means “related to termites and cockroaches”, which are able to move from place-to-place with considerable efficiency. If the new feature can move files as effortlessly, the name is fitting.

    It is also an anagram of most of the letters of “data encryption”. QED.

  58. Some names for Warpinator:

    Net File.

    1. 1 up for LANTransfer.
      It seems to be the most no nonsense name. It shows the exact thing the tool does

  59. Fileping
    people use the word ping for everything now…. and I think fileping would help with the non-techies or linux fiends

  60. Warpinator is strongly reminiscent of OS/2 Warp, which is supposedly a registered trademark. MintShare would be fine, if it actually were a sharing tool. I would suggest HanditOver or something like that; I think it reflects better what the utility does.

  61. Reagarding naming of the App mentioned,
    How about Chapar?
    Its an Achaemenid name, it was some sorta first broad country-driven formal post office in any empire,
    They posted it through people whose their job title was “chapar”, their job was to ride through sections of the empire and deliver the packages to receivers.
    and the departments name was “Chapar khaneh” which actually means “department of chapar”.
    more information:
    I already posted this in a reply btw, thanks for linux mint and its elegance, great job, 🙂

  62. Hi Clem,
    in Indonesian there is the word “kirim” which means send, maybe you can use the name “Xirim”, just like “Xed” or “Pix”

  63. Names:

    FileMojito (as the main component of mojito is mint 😉 )
    SecureTransfer (probably not as security is optional)

  64. I’m happily using Blender 3D 2.8, and above, on an Ivy Bridge CPU based ProBook 4540s thanks to Linux Mint 19.3 and Blender 2.8/above on Windows 7 does not work out so well on the very same laptop.

    And It begins anew:

  65. The end of 32 bit support means the end of Linux Mint for me and several thousand other Mint users with 32 bit computers. For some reason Lmde4 will not connect to the internet on some older computers.

  66. I hope there will be built-in RDP or at least VNC support with the cinnamon desktop, the solutions for hidpi 4k-screens seems to be in development, Mint Cinnamon is my absolute favourite distro ! Thank you

  67. hi,
    We are an animation studio working on blender & we are eagerly waiting for the warpinator to be a part of linux mint.We currently use IPMESSENGER through wine in the office. we use it mainly for 2 features.We are requesting these features in warpinator as ipmessenger turns out to be quite unstable in linux.

    1 – log records of the files sent along with the messages….as this helps us a lot to keep track of the last files sent along with description.

    2 – The feature in ip messenger to take a snaphot and draw on top of it is very useful for sending feedback to the to the user.


  68. These new themes are great. It would be nice to have a ui to customize the color of the mint-Y theme.

  69. Looking forward to the file sharing software. not wildly imaginative name but it sprang to mind. Buddy?

  70. Teleport

  71. names i liked from above comments:
    putting “mint” anywhere forcefully is killing the joy. but an exception exists where it’s part of another word so not looking absurd, plus the original word conveys the function- Transmint. My heart went for it at one go and i wanted to think no further.

    according to naming convention of Xapp, Xed, Xreader, Xviewer it can be: Xtrans Xsend Xshare [from comments above]

    bt the way, “Passover” is cool [from comments]

    my suggestions: Xline Xport [pros: export, ports] Xaccess Xpress
    Mintenna [antenna]

  72. Warpinator could become:
    Torpedo – either following the Nemo/Nautilus marine theme, or photon torpedo for the Stat Trek fans 😉
    Xfiltrator – as an Xapp taking data out of the host machine
    Xfile – as an Xapp for those that like Scully and Maulder 😉

  73. I will pay you a small financial contribution if you offer a service to update Debian 10 Cinnamon v. 3.8 to v. 4.3 via an optional deposit.

  74. Hello. Since version 4 Nemo has a really big thumbnails issue when in a folder are many images. I remember that in version 3.8 everything was fine, usually it used to freeze and took about 3-5 seconds to load a folder full of images, but it was fine. But since version 4 until now Nemo loads image thumbnails differently which causes a few problems:
    1. If I have a folder with 1000 images, Nemo starts to load thumbnails for those images, but if I click CTRL + A to select all images while their thumbnails are loading, at the bottom Nemo says wrong number of selected images, i.e. Nemo says the number of images selected which is equal to the number of thumbnails loaded at that moment when I clicked CTRL + A. So in this case, lets say I open the same folder with 1000 images and click CTRL + A to select them all and click Enter to open them all while their thumbnails are loading. As the result Image Viewer will open only a few images (those images whose thumbnails are loaded instead of all selected images) even though I selected them all. So this is very annoying because every time I open a folder, I have to wait until every thumbnail will be loaded in order to select all images and open them with Image Viewer. Same is with videos thumbnails. With Nemo 3.8 everything was much faster, because back then I opened a folder, it freezes Nemo for 3-5 seconds, but all thumbnails were loaded at the same time. Starting from version 4 for me personally it takes a lot more time, sometimes a minute to load all images (if i have 1000 in one folder). Nemo also shows wrong number of selected images after moving them to another folder. For example, I selected all images in a folder while their thumbnails are loading, copy those images and paste them to another folder. In a new folder Nemo shows all pasted images as selected but at the bottom of Nemo the number of selected images again is wrong because it show the number of loaded thumbnails number instead of selected images.
    2. The second issue is when Nemo loads a lot of thumbnails in a folder, Nemo becomes super laggy. Lets say I have 1000 images in a folder, and Nemo loads all its thumbnails. If I unfocus Nemo (lets say I open Google Chrome) and then back to Nemo, Nemo freezes for like a 3-5 seconds and don’t let me do anything. It becomes super laggy. The same is after moving files from one folder to another for a while. Lets say I have two folders, one with 500 files and another with 100. If I move files one by one from one folder to another, after 50-70 files Nemo starts to become laggy, and the lagg increases with each moved file. So basically, in order to move one by one file from one folder to another I have to completely kill Nemo each time I move 50-70 files because Nemo response on focusing Nemo window becomes unbearable, it takes 10 seconds to focus Nemo window.

    I hope these issues with Nemo will be fixed in Linux Mint 20 or at least in coming versions because since version 4 Nemo is unable to work with a lot of images in one folder.
    P.S. If you need more information about these issues, send me an email and I will grab my screen with screen recorder to show exactly what each issue looks like on my machine.

    1. A workaround i found out is to use the double panel view, clicking in the other panel while the first one becomes too busy and back again in the first one loads windowcontent immediately… it seems.

      The behaviour you describe occurs when the computer has been up and running for a couple of days at least in my personal case i have to say. A reboot solves this until… we are a couple of days further.

  75. I think it could be named something with LAN-
    – LANCopy
    – LANTransfer
    – LANSend

    Cant be misunderstood. 🙂

  76. Warpinator is used to shove files over the network…
    Why not ‘FileShover’ or ‘MintShove’ ?

  77. Dear Clem,
    I am a happy linux mint since 2011. Nevertheless, there is something that has to be improved. I was trying to print a simple document in a hp printer and it was not possible. The task of installing a driver is so complicated and still did not work! How can an easy thing not to be working? I hope that in the next version this bug will be fixed. Kind regards.

    1. Andres, something may be wrong in your setup. By default, Linux Mint should detect your printer automatically and, if it’s not already installed, install the proper driver. This has been my experience anyway. If it doesn’t do this, open the printer settings, click Add, and your printer should show up in the list (you may need to expand the Network list if it’s a network printer). After following the prompts, it should install the correct driver automatically and be ready to go. Now, if your printer is one of the extreme cases where it’s not supported on Linux, or has an odd driver distribution that’s not offered in Ubuntu’s repository, then you may be out of luck. But I’ve personally not run into that problem for many years. Which HP printer are you trying to use? HP generally has great Linux support.

    2. Is this the Laserjet 1018 or similar? This is a range badged HP but internally something quite different. I used to have problems even with the Windows drivers maintained by HP themselves and always have to wait a few days or weeks before someone comes up with a fix for new Linux versions, Mint included. These days HP do at least post the new setup when it becomes available. In the past we relied entirely on community support. The obvious solution would be to get rid of the printer. However, it’s cheap to run and mechanically reliable, so it would be a waste. I never update until I know all my peripherals are listed as compatible.

  78. How about Xfilesend?
    Reflecting back on the new Aqua color for Mint-Y, its pretty close to KDE’s shade of blue which I really wouldn’t describe as ‘Aqua’. So I never received an answer if the existing Mint-X Aqua color would be kept. Yes/No?

  79. My biggest gripe with the default Mint GUI (aside from the fact that Mint-Y is crap, even compared to Mint-X!) is that the active window is not really highlighted.

    Switch the windows manager to Kokodi and you’ll see what I mean – THAT’S how it should be done…

  80. What will happen to ia32-libs? Will these 32bit packages still be available? Some of us need them on 64bit systems due to some programs being compiled for 32bit systems.

  81. Hi Clem,

    Can you enable tap to click by default for touchpads on XFCE edition? The installation was very frustrating.


  82. About Mint 20 :
    for the first time Mint and its Ubuntu base have the same number !!!
    In the future could you PLEASE keep the same number as Ubuntu ? This would be so much easier to remember the base and the EOL.
    (Really : who can tell me in one second what version of Ubuntu is Linux Mint 17 based on and when is or was its End-Of-Life ?)

    1. I second that. I think it was in 2016 when I suggested this. Maybe also have the codenames start with the same letter as Ubuntu it is based on.

  83. That ‘Warpinator’ app looks nice and the name is not bad at all, I would even say it is catchy. I am also liking the new “aqua”- blue and the pink looks okay, though it is not my color.
    Back to ‘Warpinator’, does the app use sshfs? I was looking into something that would transfer or stream files in my home network from a to b or b to a and I found sshfs with smartcard authentication, which is handled by my Yubikey, to be the fastest for WLAN and cable LAN streaming of files or data transfer and it already comes with ssh security.

  84. I like the name “Fling”, in case Warpinator is not adopted.

    Can’t wait for Mint 20.1 to show up. Much gratitude to the Mint team for their work.

  85. “Netwarp”
    Mentioned before by Heedermann.
    Strong needed link to network(ing) and links to the by now historic 🙂 Warpinator

  86. How about “Relay”? The verb definition isn’t a perfect match as it more specifically relates to receiving and then sending but I still like its simplicity.
    I like “Contact” too but it could refer to too many things or its purpose be confused.
    I have always preferred simple names for apps, particularly a single word. To bad “transmission” is already taken 😂.

  87. @Clem, today when we download a file through the browser or torrent client and at the end of the download we right-click on it and select the option “Open destination folder”, Nemo is opened, but the file is not in focus/highlighted/selected and you have to search for it manually among several other files, it takes time, it is neither practical nor productive.
    This is a point that can be improved in Nemo.

    Congratulations to the entire Mint team for the excellent work!

    1. Hi D3XT3R, could this be the application you are downloading with, I used to get this with some applications but not all. I believe this may possibly be the way an application integrates that is causing the issue (in my case at least).

      Just sharing my experience, Thanks.

  88. Warpinator suggestions:

    Shallo; shalan (Share Local Network)
    Filetray , because you use a tray at home to carry things 🙂

  89. Why not Handover or Data Handover instead of Warpinator?
    It is not restricted to LM and describes the process of distributing something (in this case data distribution).

  90. Warpinator has areal appeal to me, but if it must be changed, how about “LANder”? or “Warp LANder”? or maybe “Mint LANder”?

  91. For the (utterly unimportant to me now) LAN file manager name, instead of Warpinator I’d suggest LEFT. This perfectly fits the acronym naming style so widely used in the Linux world: LAN Efficient File Transfer. Not sure about its actual efficiency but it’s always something to strive to achieve.

    What I’m very pissed off about in Mint, in the very first place, is the missing Romanian (legacy) keyboard layout. I’ve been using it exclusively since MS-DOS through all Windows versions I had to deal with, that is for almost 25 years, and now I just can’t readjust to any of the available ones; the Winkeys variant is the closest, but it still fails mainly because of the position of the @ combination which is AltGr+2 instead of AltGr+V in Legacy.

    Second most annoying issue in Mint (and probably everything else based on Ubuntu since Microsoft’s heavy involvement with Canonical) is that a fresh installation “flies” but a relatively old one loaded with extra applications and heavy configuration files is just dragging. Nemo may take 10 seconds or more to show up AND it never remembers last open folder(s) – when twin panels is enabled as default.

    Not to mention when network activity is mildly high. There doesn’t seem to be any system mitigation of the Internet connection, so opening a browser that may need to check things on the Internet upon startup might take two minutes to show its GUI in such situation! A WINE e-mail client – just because none of the Linux native clients fit – frequently errors out on checking two inboxes.

    There are other issues I summed up in an old forum post, that have never been addressed. Last issue that appeared to somehow be fixed but popped up again intermittently – again, when Internet activity was relatively high – is Bluetooth headphones (or better said output as there may be other devices than headphones ) are not automatically switched to when powered on, requiring a visit to the Sound Settings applet, which again may take 10 seconds or more to show up under certain conditions.
    For this reason, yesterday afternoon I destroyed my internal HDD of this notebook and a small portion of the display by banging the headphones onto the notebook, being extremely pissed off at the repeated non-switching of the BT headphones. At this point I have no usable machine anymore – this is just an emergency installation on a temporary, known defective HDD – and restoring the system as it was, with all the heavy tweaks performed in a year, will be close to impossible. Not to mention the important data lost on a second partition.

    I’d like for you, the Mint team, to strongly consider all the above aspects and test your future distributions in real-life conditions, like installing LOTS of applications AND running for weeks in a row without reboot, then ironing out at least all major bugs before releasing. Thank you.

  92. How does it sounds name ‘Loca’ (shorthand of ‘Local’ and spanish for ‘crazy’)?
    Can be ‘Loca Send’ or ‘Loca Share’ or
    Locas/LocaS (again Loca for Local and S for Send or Share and female plural for ‘crazy’) plain and simple. 🙂

  93. Blessings Clem and the team!
    I’ve been running LM since Mint 8 (Helena) from LiveMedia ROM (Locked SD card/USB thumbdrive). I highly recommend the Kanguru USB thumbdrive which has an absolute “lock” switch. Every time I upgrade to a new version, I disconnect from the Internet, unlock the boot drive so that I can resize the boot partition and add a “0_ME_FIRST” ext partition. Then I add a “0_ME_FIRST” executable bash script file and any necessary app files to whip Mint into usable shape – changing the time zone, deleting the desktop ‘install’ icon, updating to a new version of Firefox, adding the much needed video codecs, and a few other things that are specific to my systems. Then I lock the media again and am ready to boot a totally ROM system. I have never had any problems with this approach. I hope you can imagine how WONDERFUL it would be to have the system boot process check for the existence of this ‘startup’ file and AUTOMATICALLY execute it! I just don’t have the ability to change the boot ISO image on my own, and with a ‘startup’ hook, the ISO is unchanged. Having to remember to click the “0_ME_FIRST” icon and “run in terminal” is one of the reasons I hesitate to suggest to others the value of migrating to this ‘unbreakable’ and ‘malware-proof’ approach.

    So, I’ll make an offer … if a new Mint distro includes the provision to test for an ext partition on the boot drive (name of your choice) and tests for the existence of an executable Bash script ‘startup’ file (name of your choice), and executes it, I will donate $250 to Linux Mint. I hope this would continue for all future Mint distributions.

    Thank you for all the hard work that has been done to make and keep Linux Mint the GREAT operating system that it is. In appreciation, if you don’t to the above, I will still donate $100 to Linux Mint.

    Blessings in abundance, stay well!
    Webtest … No hard drive!

  94. While I think Mint’s current policy of adopting clear, descriptive names is a good thing, I also think there is still room for a little bit of traditional programmer whimsy and Warpinator appeals to me greatly. There has also been a suggestion for Lancaster, which I think is quite brilliant as it’s also a pun, harkening back to the famous WW2 De Haviland bomber. Since no one else picked up on that, I’ll put in a plea for Warpinator. 😉

  95. Please… Add support of Global Menu. There was actual applet for that…

    Just include this applet to official Cinnamon applet list and support it.
    And option to remove headers of maximized windows (as it was in Unity) inside Cinnamon settings.
    And applet for window buttons on panel (close, maximize, minimize)

    With such set of applets it will be possible to recreate Unity experience in Cinnamon!
    And Cinnamon officially become BEST DE EVER.

    1. Global Menu will be a really good idea, specially for developers, it saves a lot of vertical space. Hiding title-bar for maximized windows along with menu and window buttons will be great addition. Layout switcher could give this as an option to the two layouts that we have in LM.

  96. SOL (Send Over LAN; with a shiny green sun as icon/logo Teleport is cool. LANsfer looks better (less fancy but meaningful I guess). I would not pick any Mint-something as a distro-agnostic name would be better in the future IMO.

    +1 as a 32bit user. I should say +2 since I have two of these 32bit Atom notebooks at home running LM 19. I guess I will switch to MX for those (BTW: if you are in a mood of leaving Mint for LMDE but still you don’t want to leave your favorite XFCE desktop, MX is then a good choice; and moreover if you need a 32bit OS ).

  97. I vote for previously mentioned LANsfer and FYLO (For Your LAN Only, as anagrams are real popular now) They both are very descriptive, “Roll-off-the-tongue” and are easy to remember.

    I have been with Linux since Xubuntu/Lubuntu(?) 12.2 and ALL-IN on 3 to now active 6 total of Laptops and ATX tower builds since the demise of WinXP/Vista/7. What a great concept a Free, Open Source, Secure, EFFICIENT(!!), Speedy, Powerful, Reliable OS is with Code Masters competing and working together to make each LM distro (without becoming really wealthy?) something they can forever be proud of. It’s Mint xfce for 1GB—2GB single/dual core CPUs and Cinnamon DT for the 2/4 core 4GB—16GB SSD builds. Using FireFox on a hand-me-down (MS-Vista) Dell L830 (4GB-DDR) with his Win10Pro upgrade –compared to— LM 19.3 xfce on the other HDD partition is SO Dramatic, +2X faster!, that W-10 will soon become “Unallocated Space”. Thank You Again, to all the Brilliant Code Masters, You Actually ARE The Best!

  98. Warpinator: what about calling it
    planter = Perform Local Area Network TransfER
    lafter = Local Area File TransfER

  99. Hi Clem,

    Ureadahead deleted from focal repository. Do you thinking to add ureadahead to Linux Mint 20 repository.

  100. There are so many creative and clever names offered as alternatives for Warpinator. And, there are quite a few votes in favor or Warpinator. I believe that a name only really sticks in people’s minds if the product is good. But! Often a product never really gets off the ground or gets the attention it deserves because it has a bad name or the wrong name. I’m a Star Trek fan, and X-Files, and I think I get most of the references used in the names that are suggested in this thread. There is also some very clever wordplay which I enjoy. Here’s the thing, though. If this LAN file transfer tool that Clem/Mint-Team are working on is really fast and works well, it will be appreciated and enjoyed by many people … IF … they find about it and use it. So, my vote is for one of the many excellent names that at least seem to mean something related to what the tool does. (Reaw, Roland, RogerWilco, Lord Mozart and Parviz make similar points.) Here’s my favs in reverse order counting down to my favorite. Hint: it was one of the first alternate names suggested.
    8. Senda
    7. Crossfile
    6. Transfile
    5. MintFileTransfer (MFT)
    4. LANsfer
    3. Filefly (this one is growing on me)
    2. FastShare
    1. DataBeamer/FileBeamer/FileBeam (still retains the Trekiness)
    Special Cleverness Awards go to: LANdo Transferian, Transmint, and FYLO (For Your LAN Only)

  101. Hiya, very long-time Mint user here… +1 as a fellow 32-bit user. My Intel Atom netbook only has the original 1st-gen atom processor, which is 32-bit. But after maxing-out the RAM, and getting a new battery and SSD to replace the original battery/HDD from 2009, it looks and runs as if I’d bought it yesterday. Despite its modest spec, it is more than adequate to browse the web, edit documents and watch videos. I actually moved this machine to Trisquel as I didn’t realise Mint still supported 32-bit – I only use Mint at work nowadays. Based on the fact that Trisquel is doing its best to continue 32-bit support, it’s clearly still possible to compile an Ubuntu-based distro for 32-bit. It’s just whether the Mint devs have enough resources (and enough demand) for it to be worth it. But please, if possible, support 32-bit where you can. There are lots of perfectly usable and adequate 32-bit machines still in service, which do not need to be replaced and are in no way obsolete other than for want of binaries that were compiled with the right “-march” flag. I’d imagine there are even more of these machines in poorer areas of the world.

    I did run Gentoo on this machine for a while, but compiling packages is the one activity the atom really struggles with.

    Regarding the transfer program, I’d say Warpinator is fine as long as it doesn’t infringe on the names of other projects etc. Just ensure that the description appears in the programs menu.

  102. about just mintshare or mintsamba,so every one know’s what it is plus like mintstick stay part of mint culture

  103. I’ve just installed OnlyOffice app from repository, but it cannot be pinned on the panel.
    Is this problem for all not-default apps?

    1. I have OnlyOffice pinned to the panel on our three 19.3 machines. Did you try a logoff/logon afterwards to see if it showed up?

  104. Ulyana is actually Juliana, so it doesn’t really start with a “U”. There are quite a few girl names starting with a U: Ursula, Urania (=Heavenly, often shortened as Rania), Ulrike.

    1. @Julian
      Uschi and Ursel (short for Ursula), Uli or Ulli (short for Ulrike), Uta, Ute, Ula (Ulla).

    2. “Juliana” is actually “Iuliana” so it doesn’t really start with a “J.”
      Your name is really “Iulianus ( Classical Latin ) or more originally “Iulianos ( Old Latin ).”
      “Iuliana is the same for either Classical Latin or Old Latin.”

      But you are right. “Ursula,” “Urania” or “Ulrike” would avoid unnecessary historical linguistics.

  105. I agree with Ursula as the name for the next version of Mint, it`s more authentic. Great job with the new Aqua color theme. I’ve always thought the colors should be little happier.

  106. Reply to Tony W:
    So I found out where is the problem. When I open an app from the menu and then I right click on the icon on the panel, there is no option to pin the app. But when I right click on the icon in the menu there is option to pin the app on the panel. Now I have my app pinned.

    1. I faced this problem too, I installed RedNoteBook app from the flatpak section in software manager, when it is running, right clicking the panel did not give me option to pin the app. After right clicking the app from menu I found the option to pin it to panel. I think this could be a problem with the Flatpak apps, may be.

  107. Thanks Clem for all your efforts over the years, I love XFCE and that’s why I’ve stayed with mint. If it ever goes, so will I and the dozens of PC’s I support.Long live XFCE.

  108. I have a huge archive of media, and thumbnail creation with audio/videos has always been a concern to me. The problem is that the thumbnails being created on the fly is that it is slow and takes resources, can also fail or the thumbnail not be representative of the actual content.

    So for some years, I have adopted the practice of always embedding a good thumbnail/cover image into video and audio files. It is a much faster and this approach worked out of the box back in the day when I used Windows, also a lot of software like JRiver Media Center and Kodi look for an embedded thumbnail/cover image. The approach with embedding thumbnails I have also I have used on Linux Mint, by installing ffmpegthumbnailer.

    I would like whatever solution that Mint uses for creating thumbnails, it should always look for an embedded thumbnails/cover images first. Also, the “film strips” on the thumbnails and drop shadow clash in style with most icon sets. I think it is more visually pleasing without the drop shadow and the film-strip.

    TL;DR Thumbnailers should always look for an embedded thumbnail/cover image first. Also, drop the film strip and drop shadows on the created thumbnail.

  109. Warpinator:

    “swapple” came to my mind immediately (while I dislike the apple inside, so maybe swapl


  110. ‘Warpinator’ is someway strange. Think of ‘This wood warps under pressure.’ or ‘A warped mind that cannot tell right from wrong’. ‘warp’ as a noun can mean ‘silt, sediment, mud’. Would you want any of these being associated with LM? I’d suppose rather not.

    The whole thing is about transferring data/files. So why not stick to a plain English word: Transfer. Everybody can understand in the fraction of a second what it’s good for: Plus: transfer is not only an English word.

    Should Transfer be too austere: DataTransfer. 🙂

  111. If Warpinator has as part of its intent an “homage” to Star Trek, why not use the name “Transporter”?

  112. Warpinator is a great name! It delivers the idea and sounds great. Reminds me of old times when Nvidia used to call its display driver “Detonator” =]

  113. Are the new theme colors available yet?
    Will they be featured in LMDE4 before the Ubuntu-based series?

  114. I have been using Linuxmint for a while now and I must say it is the best distribution I have ever used. Everything fundamental works flawlessly and without major complications. I look forward to the new version. Very good work.

    About the name, I’d vote for MintShare like the others have said before.

    Thank you.

  115. When is expected new LinuxMint 20 arrives. We are so hungry for Mint only. Iranian needs all Linux indeed to break Ayatollahs back.

  116. Hello,
    For some Mint users from Eastern Europe Ulyana sounds like Ulyanov, and there was a guy, Vladimir Ulyanov, known also as Vladimir Lenin. If Ulyana is going to be revolutionary, that’s the name to choose 🙂
    As for Warpinator, it could be called ‘Transferatu’ or ‘MageLAN’ 🙂

  117. Has anyone said about the pointer disappearing on the right hand side of the screen? I have to move my mouse to the left until the pointer appears again. I use a HP laptop, and had to recompile the kernal to get the wireless working for the 1st 3 years, with this latest mint it has gone down to 50% strength. My laptop works best on ariel 2, 100%, so I will stick to an old version of Mint. Perhaps I should recompile kernal and report the result to you. Thank you for a great System, I love it, xxx

  118. lancaster-relates to town nearby huge highway. m6 is important for transporting things. like files

    lans-a-lot – well…dadjoke.

    obi lan kenobi – movie reference…
    lan solo – dito

    also endorsing flan.

  119. Oh yeah, and please, PLEASE fix the cartoonishly-oversized volume icon in the xfce version…

    I’ve posted on various threads/forums and no-one has a solution, as crazy as that sounds…

    If the dev team can’t solve a simple cosmetic issue like that, I don’t know what to think…

  120. @Clem:
    preview options in Nemo might be better and faster, if there wasn’t that very big gap between 10 and 100 MB for excluded files for previews.

  121. Agree the team is spread too thin with multiple releases. I have been a donater and user for years. I have always been able to work around the occasional update issues and understand the challenges. I’ve worked on almost every type of hardware and OS made from early MVS through Server2016.
    But the last few updates caused real issues with my video drivers, wine apps, and desktop functionality. I removed some possible offenders like themes, but issues like broken or nonworking packages still keep happening on multiple different thinkpad models and laptops. This is just within the last few months.
    I am really sad to leave LM, but it is just too much. I wish you luck, I really do.

  122. I still like either “MintShare” or “TransMint”. It’s a good idea to let the end user know it originated with Linux Mint. So far 19.3 MATE has been an excellent release. I’d like to try out Mint 20 MATE. Thanks Linux Mint Team for all of the long and hard work you all do. Linux Mint is still the best distro for the average user, in my opinion.

    1. I like both of these: MintShare, TransMint.
      I agree. Let people know it’s from Linux Mint.

  123. @Clem

    Warpinator, I look forward to it, but call it something more simply, and universal.


    Sorry to read about x32. will still use 19.3 MATE for my ebook storage and DIY videos storage until the end, because… loyalty.
    I just ask the Warpanator or whatever it will be called, is back ported to19.3 Mate and 32x.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

  124. Please fix Thunar. In 19.3 XFCE there are two issues – 1) It takes over 30 minutes to show a directory of 3000 files in an attached cell phone. Small directories (up to 500 files) come up almost instantly. That effectively makes it impossible to transfer files. It worked fine in 17.1 which I upgraded from (took 20 sec), and it still works in Windows 10 on the same machine (40 sec). 2) I keep getting “The requested Operation could not be completed” error. I note that several people complained about that in last months comments.

  125. So far, my favorite alternative Warpinator names are FileFly (my personal favorite) or MintShare (to go with your normal naming conventions).

  126. I would like a name like Courier. Simple, usually implies local delivery, vs. carrier or transport, etc.

  127. Thank you Mint team for your great work.
    What I like about ‘Mint’ is that it is short and sweet and pure.
    I came to Linuxmint ten years ago, leaving Ubuntu at a moment’s notice over their decision to force feed a new user interface on their audience, and I have never looked back or regretted it.
    Aside from the silly propeller head nature of the proposed name, it doesn’t say anything and has connotations that undermine and contradict its credibility.
    In design, less is more. Nothing wrong with being boring and predictable. I value that.

    1. Having said that, I don’t care what name you give it, as long as it is short and sweet and pure.
      What matters more is how well it works and how easy it is to use.

  128. Please update the themes in cinnamon also,the window buttons are to small and ugly.


    1. I agree the window decorations, which style is coming from the ARC theme, should be replaced with something bigger and easier to see and use.
      FWIW, I don’t like the Mint-X ones either, which are coming from Greybird. (or Greybird copied Mint, I don’t know!)

    2. I have been happily using Linux Mint on my 2 desktops and laptop for quite a few years now. Now even my partner has switched to Mint after Windows 7 ran out of support, so we are a 100% Mint household.

      But I too would like larger window buttons in Cinnamon. Old eyes don’t like small buttons ;(
      I recently had a play with DeepIn. Their window buttons seem larger and clearer. I also rather liked their “Settings” panel which is very slick. But I’m not about to move away from Mint, and am making another donation today.

    3. The default Cinnamon theme is just great, the small buttons could be just a bit bigger, though, the same could be said about the panel calendar numbers. Once in a blue moon I download another theme, but always return to the default one. It’s stunning. Talking about GUI, When I apply the dark theme and then choose colour variants for folders in Nemo, they appear as dreadfully blurry. It’ a pity, as the dark theme is also much to my liking.

  129. Some name ideas:
    Easy Share
    Just Share
    Just Send
    Local Share
    Local Send
    Transfer As

  130. How about FilesGalore to replace Warpinator . In honor of the late Pussy Galore of “Goldfinger” fame.

  131. RE: Alt Name for Local Network – Warpinator
    How about simply “FTL” aka superluminal
    F ile T ransfer L ocally
    F aster T han L ight

  132. Warpinator is a cool name but as others have mentioned not descriptive. I know I know something like Local Network File Transfer is uncool and boring but really is more practical and helpful to new folks to Mint.

  133. Howdy Guys, you’re searching for a Name…but i have a more important question…
    What about the Login Loop ???
    Is it finally fixed now, or is it still existing ?
    I use LM 17.3 still and it’s a god damn running sys …the best i’ve ever had.
    But slowly shoould swap to 19.3 or even higher then…but i am scared for this loop thing..
    wat’cha say guys ??

  134. We use Linux Mint across all of our local and remote lab environments. It is the best distro for entry and advanced users. I appreciate all of the hard work that the team has put into developing this awesome system.

    As far as requests, the “Traditional” Desktop Layout is outstanding, allowing easy navigation and clear application viewing over multiple workspaces. The “Modern” layout, although attractive, becomes functionally problematic, prohibiting the computer science students from quickly easily opening several terminals, text editor windows, and other application windows concurrently. (not to mention the nightmares managing dozens-hundreds of physical and virtual lab machines with netplan or snapd updates breaking /dev/loop0 or installed apps)

    Again, thank you for all you do. I’m always glad to promote Mint to the enterprise and academic sectors through my publications and videos.

    P.S. MintShare and TransMint sound pretty cool.

  135. Having used Linux Mint for years now I was delighted to buy a Mintbox Mini 2 Pro and support Mint through the 20% donation included in the price. Thank you, Clem and the team so much! I have now loaded LMDE 4 on to it in place of Mint 19.3 after having trialed LMDE 4 on my old Fitlet 2 with 4Gb memory. The new installer was the gamechanger for me, as someone without a lot of confidence in Linux installations. It installed faultlessly and I’m thrilled with the crisp new feel of everything LMDE. Again, MANY thanks to Clem and all the team – and the Linux folk in the Forums who have helped me over the years.

  136. Clem,

    Just ran into my first boot issue on Mint: my wife ran out of storage on her Lenovo Ideapad so got a boot loop on startup. I connected via SSH and removed the contents of the Dropbox folder which cleared enough space to enable booting. I then suspended Dropbox syncing and confirmed that she’d accumulated about a half a dozen old kernels, which I removed, freeing up a lot of space (on a relatively small SSD).

    Suggestion: enable the Update function to keep N (configurable) old kernels; ie to purge automatically. I keep it to current and one backup and manually purge the old ones. Since the inclusion of Timeshift I had blithely assured her it was ok to go ahead and do updates without asking me to confirm every time (all I ever did was remove old kernels; I just let it go too long this time).

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