Monthly News – April 2020

Work continues on Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” which is planned for June this year. Some of the features which were introduced in LMDE 4 were added to it, such as the live resolution bump in Virtualbox and the activation of APT recommends by default.

Linux Mint 20 will be available in 3 editions (Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce) but only in 64-bit. It will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and use a Linux 5.4 kernel.

Home directory encryption, which was removed in Ubuntu, will continue to be available.

In Cinnamon the most notable features will be the increased Nemo performance, the ability to change the monitor refresh rate and support for fractional HiDPI resolutions. The systray applet will also delegate support for indicators (libAppIndicator) and StatusNotifier (Qt and new Electron apps) icons to the Xapp StatusIcon applet directly.

On the desktop we’ll introduce a new file sharing tool which makes it really easy to send and receive files across the local network. As you know, we used a ridiculous sounding name to start working on this project and we were looking for a new name for it. We received a huge number of suggestions, which we considered and which we matched against one another. There were quite a few good names, but the funny ones didn’t sound as good as the original and the serious ones sounded too much like a Web 2.0 service. So after looking at names such as “Ethernator”, “Datanator”, “XFiles”, “Overcast”, “Capsule”, “DropZone”, we finally went back to the original name and decided to stick to it. “Warpinator” does sound ridiculous, but many people liked it and after hearing it so much we kind of get used to it.

Warpinator now encrypts communication on the network and includes all the features we planned for it this release cycle. It received a new icon and the only thing missing now are translations. If you want to give it a try, here are packages for Mint 19.3 and LMDE 4.

In LMDE 4, all you need is this package. Download it, install it, Gdebi should ask to install its dependencies and these are available in the LMDE 4 repositories.

In Linux Mint 19.3, the repositories don’t contain the required dependencies, so use the “Software Sources” tool to add the PPA below:


Then refresh your APT cache and you’ll then be able to install Warpinator using this package.

Apturl will use the aptdaemon backend instead of Synaptic and Gdebi will feature a newly revamped user interface:

The Mint-Y theme will provide much brighter colors than before. Here’s a comparison of some of the old colors (on the left) with some of the new ones (on the right):

Here’s Mint-Y-Blue as an example. It used to look like this:

and it now looks like that:

Yellow folders will also be available.

And as you enter the Linux Mint 20 desktop for the first time, the welcome screen will bring these colors to your attention and ask you which one you enjoy the most.

You can test these new colors by installing these packages. Use them for a few days to get used to them and let us know what you think.

And that’s all the news for this month. I hope you’ll enjoy playing with this early release of Warpinator. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and your bug reports. Many thanks to all the people who send us donations and help fund this project and to all the people involved in Linux Mint and its community.


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$50 (38th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
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  1. Hello. Will Celluloid (the re-named GNOME MPV media player) be included in the next release? Cheers – a user running 19.3 Mint XFCE on his spare Thinkpad.

    1. Most applications provide a fallback icon and delegate their icon to the icon theme, and if you ask me that’s the right way to go about it.

    2. I agree with this.
      Though not a dealbreaker, i much prefer the original icons…
      Mint always valued the users’ opinions, so maybe you make a poll about it? wink wink

    3. I prefer the original icons too so I created my own icon theme from a theme I liked and deleted all the app icons so that the originals are used. It’s easy enough to do. Just copy the icon theme you want to the “.icons” folder in your home directory and delete all the “apps” folders. When an icon isn’t found in your icon theme, it defaults to using original icon in the hicolor icon theme. Installed icon themes are found in /usr/share/icons.

    1. With snap quickly becoming what it is on Ubuntu, and by extension Kubuntu, is there any chance of Mint KDE returning? What would be needed to make that happen?

    1. i use global menu in mint xfce 19.2 it works. Try Install it via synaptic

  2. WarpXfer would have been a good name for it. Warpinator is very cheesy. But hey, a lit of people like cheesy names. Great work Clem and the team! Keep it up. LM rocks!

    1. +1 on this.
      “warpinator” is okay as a project name, but for the love of Tux, it tells me absolutely nothing about what it does. Maybe a filter for GIMP warping images in weird ways? Something like transwarp, warp transfer, warpXfer something like that, so I know with one look what it does and do not have to consult the manual.

      And while we are talking about file transfer software. Transmission as a bittorrent client sucks and the version provided is old and outdated to boot. And 2.9.2 the version provided is often banned from torrent trackers for its bugs. Deluge would be an option or Tixian or Fragments imho. But anything but Transmission that integrates with the rest of Mint is okay really. the only good thing I can find with Transmission is its name, as it befits the purpose.

    2. +1 for transwarp (which is the Borg version of warp!)

      +1000 for deluge. Transmission is just not good enough

  3. The old color palette looked better. The slightly dimmed/matte colors made it more elegant and professional-looking.
    The new proposed one looks too much like a kids toy and it doesn’t fit with the rest of the grey-scale interface.
    Will the old theme remain available?

    1. No, but we’re interested in this kind of feedback and we have time to improve this. I really want people to test it over a few days and not judge based on screenshots though.

    2. I also prefer the more subdued colors, it is easier on the eyes and helps with readability.

      Is there a way to test the new themes before the release of Linux Mint 20?

    3. Hi Paulo,

      Yes absolutely. I don’t know what happened.. it looks like a paragraph is missing in the news. I’ll add it today or make a new blog post. We’ve got packages for you to test.

    4. Mao42, I agree with you! I’m not a fan of the garish, kiddie toy colors either!

    5. I really hope to get anyhow the old Aqua Color, this popping kid colors are not what i want on my elegant desktop. Please keep the old colors also, this way all get what they want.

    6. I also much prefer the old, more muted color palette and agree that it looks much more elegant and sophisticated. The new colors seem way more garish and childish. I hope there will be an easy way for users to keep their current color schemes.

    7. I agree, the matte colors look more professional. I don’t know if it’s easy to make this by the release day, but it would be great for the two types of colors to be available under the same color theme, with the option to flip a switch and toggle between the matte and bright versions.

    8. Agreed! Do not want to lose the old colors, though I don’t care if new ones appear.

    9. I have checked the github for the new changes of the Mint-Y themes. The default Mint-Y green remains the same. The other colors are indeed more bright and saturated and less soothing than the previous colors. For example the red too bright. and the Teal become more blue. We prefer the old pallet because is less disturbing to the content we are looking at. As Mao42 says it doesn’t go well with the flat gray UI. You can install themes from github and try it on gtk3-widget-factory

    10. I must agree. The new colors are too bright and child-like.
      It will make me impossible to choose a non-garish color besides the default green (which is one of the first things I change for teal). This way I won’t be able to use any color besides the default green. 🙁

    11. I agree with maintaining some old sober theming. This reminds me of Windows 8’s Fisher Price desktop on LSD.
      Could it be possible to have a way to fine tune the colors of the items (windows borders, icons, buttons, etc)?
      And in Nemo, being able to have it reflect the custom icons of its folders on the bookmarks?

      More choice, please. Thank you.

    12. Well, I agree with most of the things said here, BUT brighter colors do have some good effects emotionally compared to duller, and especially dark/grey/black…I just cannot tolerate those too much.
      The reason is not aesthetic. I am recovering from a pretty big emotional breakdown and still struggling with some depression and anxiety. I am just hunting fro brighter/more colorful things in life…desktop colors too. I am definitely not the only only one with these priorities, but I guess a lots of people are not even conscious of this.
      Anyway, my main reason for my love of Mint is this colorfulness. So, if you can, please do have some brighter themes.

      Thank you very much for your work!

    13. I completely agree. Subdued colors look much better, professional and mature, are less tiring on my eyes. Hope they keep the old colors. What’s needed is not bright vibrant colors but better contrast between UI elements to make it easier to see/read.

    14. I think we should give it a try first.
      The new colors seem better to me, but after trying i might change my mind…
      It seems to me the old palete had a ‘sad’ tone…

    15. Is it possible to simply create a new theme such as “Mint-Y-bright” for the brighter colors?

    16. I just checked them out and my preference is still the Greybird theme (greybird-gtk-theme) with the default (green) Mint-Y icons.

  4. Very excited for Linux Mint 20! Ubuntu 20.04 natively supports installation on ZFS root for the first time (in LTS). Will Mint 20, as well? Will Timeshift support system snapshots using ZFS? What is the future of ZFS and BTRFS in Mint?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      No I’m sorry. We’ll keep an eye on the adoption of ZFS and its popularity in Ubuntu, but we had no plans to add support for it in Mint 20 and it won’t be part of it.

    1. You’re asked to set up Timeshift snapshots for your own good. If you don’t want to, that’s your decision really. Your computer, your rules. We provide a step in the upgrade notes specifically for people who don’t want to use Timeshift.

  5. Clem, did you not read there are still millions of old computers that are 32 bit systems. You could at least offer xfce as 32 bit.

    1. Hi George,

      We can’t technically, even if we wanted to. We’re using the Ubuntu 20.04 package base, and that package base no longer contains the packages we would need to build a 32-bit version of Mint 20.

    2. If you want to install Linux on 32-bit PC, you can use SparkyLinux (or antiX for very old computers).

    3. You realise they don’t control the Ubuntu repos that most of the software comes from, right? Ubuntu-based distros have NO SAY in the matter

    4. Clem didn’t mention this, but if you want to stick with a 32-bit Mint consider the Debian-based one.
      The main distro uses an Ubuntu base, so their hands are tied.

    5. I’m in that same situation, and that’s one of the reasons I use LMDE4 instead of Ubuntu-based Mint

    6. I wish LMDE came in XFCE for this very reason, it would be perfect for old 32 bit systems.

  6. Linux mint my favourite operating system
    I am student in B tech electronics at guru Nanak Dev University

  7. Hello Clem,

    A few of of us suggested on Linux-mint twitter page about the name for Warpinator. Looks like it didn’t get to you and hope it is not too late t suggest.
    We came up with either Trans + mint(mint from Linux mint) i.e Transmint or Trans + mittor i.e Transmintor.

    1. Thanks Emmanuel,

      It did, and it’s a good name but we didn’t keep that one. We thought there were better prefixes and we didn’t want the scope of the project to be reduced to Mint. This is an Xapp project so it’s cross-DE and cross-distribution.

    2. “we didn’t want the scope of the project to be reduced to Mint”

      Perhaps such criteria should have been communicated in the last month’s news post.

  8. OK, someone ask, what i need to know, about the FS,…. and the answer, is not what i expect, but that dont make to take a final decision about upgrade or not… so i need to ask, when the beta is going out?? to test all this great super duper version.

    1. cesar: The answer that Mint always gives to questions of “When will the beta/final be out” is, “When it’s ready”. Mint has never given exact dates. 🙂

  9. Been using mint since version 18.3 don’t miss windows at all! ^_^

    One thing I was wondering, will Ulyana allows us to run Cinnamon using Wayland?

  10. Hi Clem, thank you and the team for the great work. Will qemu also upgrade Qemu 2.11 to Qemu 4.2 or 5.0 just like ubuntu 20.04?

  11. Im very happy with Linux Mint (19.3) and i’m looking forward to the release of Linux Mint 20.

    Thanks, Clem and the entire Linux Mint Team!

  12. Very much looking forward to LM 20, Lem – many thanks to you and your developer team. One minor matter : despite many requests, it still seems impossible to get a settings option that automatically causes the mouse pointer to colour-contrast with the background. Perhaps of little interest for younger people with good eyesight, but very useful to the retirees with whom I work and whom I try to interest in leaving Windows for Mint….


  13. I love using Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 and I am also interested in learning if a Mint 20 release candidate will be available to try before upgrading. I tried Ubuntu 20.04 from a USB stick when it was released and I had no audio output from my laptop speakers. I wasn’t able to successfully troubleshoot the problem but my suspicion is that Ubuntu 20.04 didn’t recognize my laptop’s analog HD sound configuration.

    1. There should be a beta release of Mint 20 before the final release that you can try out via a thumb drive. Please note that all hardware drivers needed for your machine may not be installed during the live session.

    2. For me it’s the other way around 🙂
      I had to use kernel 5.3.0 from Ubuntu to get the sound – sort of – working.
      I used pcm files provided by some nice guy on github and have to start pulseaudio manually in a loop until it doesn’t crash ! And then restart the sound applet, too.
      This will be gone with the 5.4 kernel Ubuntu 20.04 is using – I tested it ! I hope that Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon will appear before end of August, because from then on the 5.3.0 kernel will no longer be supported !

    1. Hi Clem

      I cannot see this as a column (bitrate) for mp3 music kept on my home directory. It is possible to add this?

      Looking forward to the next release, you all do a great job, Mint just keeps getting better and better

  14. Hi, Mint Team.
    Great Job, Keep going.
    There is still a minor problem, when using an RTL language for interface. The text of the labeled buttons of the windows list applet in the panels overlap.
    Please check.

  15. Hi Clem
    There are any plan to make some animations more fluid, especially bottom start menu bar. In my opinion its looks really bad as for 2020, maybe 5 fps with jamming when i click on menu button or any different applet button. Also will be nice to see smooth scrolling in Cinnamon build in apps (settings app, application list in menu). For me Cinnamon its best DE but compering them to Gnome or KDE, Cinnamon stings in eyes in every day used places.

    1. Upvoting this… The menu animations need some serious work.

      It might not seem a high-priority feature compared with speed improvements, but in reality smooth and nice desktop effects make a big difference when using a Desktop Environment.

    2. Could the improvements of the mutter in recent years help with the muffin? Animations of the menu and other panel components are really slow

  16. I don’t if it’s Mint 19.3 (xfce) or the crappy HP laptop I installed it on, I have a heck of a time with audio settings, especially when connecting to an external display via hdmi.

    1. I am using 19.3 Cinnamon on an old HP Laptop. To get the sound to work when on the HP docking station (which has speakers connected) I have to manually go to pulseaudio and select for the output device “Speakers (Disabled)” every time I boot. Though I too do not know if it is mint or the laptop…

    2. Newby to Linux. Found Function Fn – F5 & F6 scroll thru fixes AV problems. Starting to like Mint 19.3 and solid.

  17. I’m again pitching for the name ‘Mint Share’. I really like mint 19.3 using on my only laptop. I’ll donate as soon as I get a job just wanted to say you guys are doing an awesome job. looking forward to the next release.

  18. A really small semantic issue: After installing major changes a message in the Update Manger says a REBOOT is required. That’s understandable, except that the Quit control uses RESTART to do it. Should be an easy fix to pick one term….

  19. I love Linux Mint. Thanks for all your hard work. For future editions can we get a comprehensive parental controls /remote management feature? Gnome is working on a parental controls (filtering/monitoring) system and Zorin OS grid looks promising. You could build off that. My children are young but will be able to use computers in a few years and I would like to have a safe option for them to learn and grow.

  20. Warpinator installed on 2 of my desktops, just had a play and its looking very nice, thanks team.

    Any chance of getting hold of those yellow folders sooner than Ulyana?

    1. Hi Tony, yes, we’ll make packages available. This should have been part of this blog post, it was left out by mistake.

  21. Sorry, maybe this is not the right place to ask but I’ll try anyway. I’m running Linux Mint 19.3 XFCE on a Dell Latitude 7400 laptop. Since the lockdown started I’ve been having a lot of Zoom meetings. My problem is that whenever I start a Zoom meeting the Zoom application freezes for several minutes and the whole desktop becomes almost unresponsive. After some time Zoom just starts working normally and the whole desktop becomes responsive again.
    After searching a little online I found a post linking this bug to a recent kernel update. So I tried reverting to an earlier kernel and this solved the problem for me. Unfortunately, I cannot use either 5.3.0-46-generic or 5.3.0-51-generic. The last kernel that works for me is 5.3.0-45-generic.
    I haven’t noticed any other problems with the newer kernels, just Zoom. Interestingly, a colleague of mine reported no Zoom problems with kernel 5.3.0-46-generic.
    Any ideas how to get Zoom working normally with the current recommended kernel? Or if it’s working for other people, what might be the reason why it isn’t working for me?

    1. Hi Diginon, if it’s the bug I think it is in kernels 5.3.0-46 & 5.3.0-51 it affects certain Intel Integrated GPUs only so your colleague probably has a different GPU. If I read the bug report correctly the issue should be fixed in the next kernel release in the 5.3.0 series.

    2. DIGINON, it’s also pretty useful to check your RAM usage. If you have a hard drive and your RAM usage gets close to the limit, swapping will slow down your PC to a crawl while the operating system moves data from the RAM to the HDD. So generally it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your RAM usage so you don’t end up with such issues.

    3. Hi Nick, the computer in question has 16 GB of physical RAM and not much running on it so I don’t think RAM usage is the problem. Also if it was a RAM usage/swapping problem then it should probably happen with any kernel but it’s kernel-specific.
      Judging from some bug reports that I’ve read it seems like there may be a fix with the next kernel update so let’s see.

    4. DIGINON, I have the same problem exactly. It is very annoying, but I believe LM has nothing to do with it. I really hope it will be fixed soon with the new kernel.

  22. Hello, will the next version have improvements in the menu? something like cinnamenu or CinnVIIStarkMenu, they have lots of options to set up and a big icon mode (which I think is very nice) but they are a little slow and have bugs, as it is something we access frequently, it would be interesting.

    Gtranslate hehe

    1. Really adding the option of grid icons to the Cinnamon Menu would be quite interesting. (icons only in programs not in categories) such as cinnamenu.
      I find the Cinnamon Menu elegant and pragmatic, and perhaps it would be even more elegant if we could switch the menu programs from List to Icons.

      Something like this (conceptual idea):

    2. I LOVE Cinnamenu, and I’m very worried it may no longer work in Linux Mint 20. I believe it’s no longer being maintained, unless somebody picked it up recently. I love the way I can organize the menu and make the icons and font nice and large! If Cinnamenu stops working, I don’t know what I’ll do. I wish it would become part of Linux Mint Cinnamon as a default option.

  23. Please consider adding to the Warpinnator program the ability to transfer files between Mint | Android and (Android | Mint). In my view, a typical home user does not have so much need to transfer files over a network between two Mint PCs. I believe that this type of user has a greater need to transfer files between the PC and a mobile device (cell phone or tablet). Because if I want to transfer files from the PC to the cell phone I will have to install samba via Nemo share (a great feature of Mint). In this way I would have two programs installed to do similar functions.

    1. Agreed, on all of that — except I’m not familiar with Nemo share, or samba. I will explore that, too.

  24. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and effort. Im absolutely loving LMDE4 and it’ll be hard to tempt me over to the Ubuntu based version. But ill give it a spin. Great work team!

  25. Hello! I am excited about Mint 20.

    I have a question. Here it is. Will the ‘Warpinator be able to send files to a computer on the local network that is running a different operating system and perhaps not even a Linux OS?

    1. Since the app must be installed on both computers for a connection to be made between them, it seems to me highly unlikely that warpinator can connect to systems not running Linux.

    2. I would like to know this too. I have an Android tablet and a RaspberryPi set up in my network and currently use Resilio Sync to shift files around.

    3. Warpinator will work in other distributions. If it’s very popular we can enlarge the scope and consider client apps for other platforms (Windows, mobile..), but for now the current scope is to exchange files between Linux boxes.

    4. I use Mint on my laptop, which usually connected to my home wifi network. As it is now, Warpinator would not be useful to me as I do not have any other Linux boxes on the network. But if its usage is extended to the Android platform, then it will be useful to me as I often exchange file with my tablet and phone. It is a hassle to look for a USB cable each time I want to do that.

    5. Hey Talji, a possible work around for android file transfer is to install Termux to your android device. It’s easy peasy to set up ssh and to write up a couple shell scripts that transfer photos and all sorts of groovy things from your phone to a local (or remote) machine using only scp.

  26. Thank you Mint Team.
    I tried Ubuntu 20+ MATE and found the “clock” had been changed in Mate 1.24. Are you going to follow this? If so I really hope we will be able to revert to the panel clock, currently in use?
    Thank you for your commitment to Linux Mint.

  27. I thought someone suggested the name “Mint Share”, why not use it ??
    And I hope you change Rhythmbox to Lollypop for mint 20

    1. Damn i can’t edit comment.
      Add more thing for mint 20
      1. Have modern/tradisional layout chooser on setting, not only welcome screen
      2. Add dark mode toggle
      3. Add night light / read mode on setting too

      Please 😃

    2. These are only shortcuts. I mean they’re only there to raise awareness on settings which are available in the Themes Settings module. The welcome screen only exposes some of them.. in Mint 19 we added the modern vs traditional layout to make it clear to users we were still supporting Mint-X and the traditional window-list applet. We’ve showcased this for a few releases so people know it’s there now. In Mint 20 we’re highlighting the availability of new colors.

    3. Hi Clem

      I cannot seem to find the option to change from traditional to modern in the themes menu. Not a problem given I can just go to the welcome screen, but from your comment is it supposed to be in the themes menu also?
      Many thanks

    4. Hi Nigel,

      You can switch to Mint-X in the Themes settings, as for the panel layout, go to Applets, remove the grouped window list and add the traditional one instead.

    5. so you will put modern/tradisional layout on setting now? why i ask this, because i always remove welcome screen app. so importan menu like that should be on settings app

    1. Hi Juan,

      I’d love to. We’ve no fix for it yet. We could restart Cinnamon when a new display is connected.. it’s not really a fix but it would take care of the problem. We’ll take some time to look into this again.

    1. We work on what people use. Until Wayland is ready to be shipped as default with no regressions, support for all toolkits, applications and proprietary drivers it’s quite niche and experimental. We’re happy to integrate wayland support into Cinnamon if it’s implemented by a 3rd party, but because we don’t use Wayland ourselves it’s not something we have on our own roadmap.

    2. I think its important that wayland get more attention. Fedora will make wayland default in KDE next year. I think you should push for that as well in Linux Mint. We really should dump Xorg at some point.

  28. Will Linux Mint work around the snaps issue in Ubuntu 20.04? For example, trying to install Chromium via apt pulls in the Chromium snap.

    1. Hi Rohit,

      We’re looking into it. We don’t ship with snap, and for now anyway there’s no decision taken on Chromium.

      Edit: Sorry it took some time. We looked into it and a decision was made to prevent APT packages from triggering the installation of snapd. I posted about this being a huge NO-NO in the past. By default in Mint 20, APT won’t allow this to happen.

  29. Will LM20 still have the ia32-libs package for compatibility?

    P.S.: Your spam filter really, REALLY hates Pale Moon. Even after I changed my user agent (repeatedly), I couldn’t get it to post this comment. I had to use an ancient, pre-Quantum, still-Spectre-vulnerable version Firefox to get this to post.

    1. It’s still in the repos right now but it’s a broken package at the moment. We’re planning to fix it but it might lose some of its dependencies. Let us know which packages still depend on ia32-libs on your side so we can test them before release.

    2. Nothing in the Mint repos that I know of, but PCSX2 (the only currently maintained PS2 emulator) only distributes 32-bit binaries, for Linux OR Windows, and the last time I tried building a 64-bit binary I had problems. I don’t remember if it didn’t build, built but crashed on run, built but was unstable, or had other runtime problems, but whatever issue I had was fixed by just installing the 32-bit version from the PPA.

      Note: PCSX2 seems to have 32-bit dependencies other than ia32-libs. I recently had to reinstall Mint, and after reinstalling ia32-libs to run a different program, installing PCSX2 still downloaded a bunch of 32-bit libraries on Mint 18.2.

      I also have a bunch of games, and some of them only have a 32-bit binary. These include:

      AM2R (Unofficial Linux repack of a normally Windows-only Metroid fan game) (Version 1.0) (May be inaccessible now due to DMCA)
      Katawa Shoujo (Free-ish (CC-3 BY-NC-ND) RenPy VN made by anons on 4chan’s /a/ and /v/ boards)

      Kharon’s Crypt demo (upcoming game, free download from studio’s website)

      Hyper Light Drifter (GOG)
      VA-11 HALL A (GOG)

      Mark of the Ninja (Steam)
      Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Steam)
      Portal (Steam)
      Strike Suit Zero (Steam)

      I only have 15 or so games installed out of my 50-ish games with native Linux support and no available source code in my combined GOG, Steam, and “random Internet download” libraries.

      I think Linux games on Steam get around this by including the 32-bit libraries with the game download, but I’ve never tried to see if it works correctly without installing 32-bit libraries in the system. Katawa Shoujo also has its own “lib” folder, so it might work fine without any 32-bit libs installed. I just grabbed this list of binaries by running file on a bunch of binaries and skimming a few scripts to see if there was a check for 64-bit systems, so a few of the games I listed (especially Steam ones) might have 32-bit binaries too.

    3. Yes and I use the ia32-libs for my nice PandoraOne app which is installed with Adobe Air.


    They’re available for you to test. The packages for mint-y-icons and mint-themes are available at This was supposed to be part of this blog post originally and it was left out by mistake.

    Tell us what you think about them. We still have time to work on them.

    – Use them for a few days before giving us feedback (colors aren’t just subjective, you need to get used to them to some extent).
    – When giving feedback, don’t give us general feedback. All colors are different, name the color you’re talking about. Give us color codes or screenshots if possible if you suggest alternative colors.

    Note: Green and Brown are unchanged. Yellow is only available for the icon theme.

    1. I do like the new ones quite a bit. They offer more pleasing combinations in e.g. nemo and also work better for dark themes, which they might tempt me to use finally.
      That being said: What happened to the SAND color? It is pretty close to the brown and does look more like some skin-tone then sand – meaning it does not combine as well with the aqua and teal colors to provide a day at the beach flair. 🙁

    2. I’m using new Dark-Blue (icon and theme) for a few weeks, installed from git, and it’s amazing! I found only one minor bug and i already reported it.

      Any news about the update of Update Manager Icon (on status applet)?

      Great job!! Thanks!

    3. I used it now 2 days and i already miss my aqua color :(, why not name them mint-z and keep mint-y also so everyone gets what they want, many will be really sad when they get forced to use this new kid colors

    4. Clem, I’ve been trying the new theme colors for a few days as you suggested. There is quite a dramatic uptick in the intensity of the new color hue, perhaps a bit too much. The reason could quite possibly be a deficiency in how my display handles color schemes since I’m using a 2012 model Dell laptop, however my favorite Mint-Y-Aqua appears to be an intense blue while the Mint-Y-Blue appears almost purple. If you do decide to go ahead with the new theme colors I can get used to it or just simply revert to the quite pleasing traditional Mint-Y-Green. As an alternative, perhaps you can offer a file to download that will allow dissatisfied users to revert to the 19.3 color schemes after Mint 20 is released. Thank you!

    5. The Achilles’ heel

      A lot of child-like themes, icons and wallpapers when everyone only uses AT MOST aqua and teal and its dark variations, by the way, everybody hates the green. My notebook has only a 32gb SSD, please don’t waste my miserable sdd with mint-alphabet; the truth hurts, Linux Mint is great, but design totally homemade modifications. Clem, don’t be mad with me please, I love Mint after all.

  31. MUCH prefer the new colour scheme. I really think it needed doing, but not surprised to see some prefer the old way. Personally I’m glad of it and glad that Mint keeps moving forward. This is why Mint is the first choice for home desktop Linux users at the end of the day. No one else looks at the home user and tried to provide something great in quite the same way as Mint, and it’s why I always recommend it to those wishing to ditch Windows. Other Linux OS’s seem to favour developers. Mint looks after home users.

  32. What fractional scaling method does Mint 20 use? is it same as Ubuntu using Xorg with Xrandr? If so, there are people who tried this method previously by using Double scaling, then using Xrandr to scale down. It can be come blurry and some apps like firefox become very slow in scrolling webpages. In the blurry case, it would look worse than using fix size bigger UI elements.

    1. I don’t really know how Ubuntu does it. In Cinnamon we do use xrandr to perform a zoom either IN or OUT of the natural UI scale. You choose your HiDPI scale (1x, 2x…) and from there your zoom level, so you can get to a given apparent resolution by different means. We did that because mileage varies with different hardware specs, not only in terms of crispiness/blurriness but also in terms of performance.

    2. Ubunt uses two methods, one is Wayland. The other one is Xrandr. I tried more than an hour with xrandr There is visual and performance problem using this method. Visually a bit blurry. Resize windows is really slow. Even Ubuntu states xrandr could affect performance. Wayland is still incompatible to apps use. The other option is to scale the theme assets, but some elements like UI spacing and gtk icons are not scaled though.

  33. First of all:
    A program has to be reliable and intuitive to use. The name is not the most important thing.

    But i have to say that i am a little bit disappointed, after all those good ideas for a new name the LM-team decided to call it “Warpinator”.
    In my opinion it is not a mix of funny and serious. It just sounds nerdy. The next even more worse step would be a name like “BeammeupScotty” of such nerdy stuff.
    After all those years working together with different kind of people i have learned, that someone who is an expert in writing program-codes has not much talent to be creative in developing new icons, themes or giving names e. g.
    The perfect combination would be some kind of “creativty”-team and a programing-team that is able to transfer the creative ideas to program-code.
    The lack of creativity ends up for example with a boring new logo and and a nerdy name for an new program.

    It was the same thing with the new logo or now this network-program. You ask for ideas and at the end you stay at the example you presented the community at the beginning. So why should we as community give any ideas or make suggestions in the future, if they were not considered at the end? And it is not enough to say: “Hm, yeah we have looked at them, but… NO.” Then don’t ask – just do what you want.

    You guys are good in making this wonderful OS, but you can’t be good in everything. As i write at the beginning: The “package” is not as important as the content, but a good packaging helps to get more and positive feedback.


    1. I would agree. And would like to add that the past month was good brainstorming for the names, but nothing was suggested that the name has to be non-Mint branded as Clem replied to a post here “we didn’t want the scope of the project to be reduced to Mint.” Last month request for names only stated “If anyone has a good name in mind please shout.. otherwise we might actually do call it “Warpinator””

      Perhaps another round of names that are not LinuxMint branded, and any other criteria Clem would like to add, should be done.

    2. @Janek
      Great idea. 🙂 One more argument i forgot to mention, is that the name “warpinator” does not show in any way what this program can be used for.
      Same thing as if i would produce chocolate bars and put them into a black box with the name “SUPER YUMMY SOMETHING” on it.

      After all those good ideas i can not understand why the LM-team keeps this terrible name.

      To realize a new round of suggestions everyone who agrees that this name is ridiculous has to post a comment here. Otherwise the team thinks that the majority of the users endorse this decision.

    3. Great comments Markus and Janek. For years I’ve been wondering why many free software projects keep shooting themselves into foot with silly names. Those names are of course meant to be funny, but that fun is probably expensive from brand perception point of view.

    4. Warpinator is indeed a terrible name, hopefully the LM team will consider changing it…

    5. Markus,

      If we already knew we were going to stick with that name we wouldn’t have asked for feedback. That feedback not only showed us we didn’t like the other names, and trust me, we spent time comparing them, we made a list here, we matched them, we even decomposed them into prefixes, suffixes and got a homemade name generator to spit out a list for us.. going from the hundreds of names you gave us, to three list of some 50 short terms and eventually picking from a list of some of the 10 best names, we did our homework and you might not think that helped since the end result was the same, but it did, because we went from a name we just had, to a name we knowingly chose to stick with… anyway, going back to my second point, it didn’t only show us we didn’t prefer the alternatives, it also showed us many people in the feedback enjoyed that warpinator name.

      Regarding the chocolate bar analogy… Lion doesn’t tell me what’s in it, neither does Mars and certainly not Twix. When I read “Hershey’s”, if I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it is. You might argue Hershey’s is a terrible name for chocolate, and maybe it should be called “ChocolateBar” instead. Thing is though, once you know what it is, it’s much easier to find info and resources on it.

      The logo change, and the color changes here as well show us that people are split. Some people love it, others hate it. We’re not going to please everyone, we can’t, but we certainly want to know what people think. We do have an opinion and we do have a bias. The reason we ask in the first place is because we’re planning a change. The reason we ask also, is because we’re not “sure” we’re right about it. The fact that we need to make a decision at the end and that it goes against some of the feedback we receive, we’ve no way around that. If you’d rather see us not ask people at all and just go head first without knowing what people think, then I’m sorry to disappoint, I don’t think that’s smart.

      Take these colors, we have people in our team who love them and people in our team who prefer the old ones. They’re ready to get in, we’re asking for feedback to see how they’re received and to get an opportunity to change them again before release day. Already in this feedback we see people who don’t like them (and don’t really say why or which) and people who love them (and again who don’t really argue as much as we’d like). Whatever decision we make in the end, to either pull them, keep them, or adapt them again, we won’t please everyone, but we’ll have tried our best and that matters to me.

    6. @Clem
      Thank you for the detailed description of the finding process. I don’t know how many feedback you got and maybe i am wrong and the majority of the users love this name.
      However, i have found that people are usually very lazy when it comes to criticizing a decision because they think that they cannot do anything about it.
      But if nobody says anything, how should the person making the decision know that it was not a good thing?

      That was the reason for my comment. I don’t like the result of the name finding process, but i am surely not pi**ed off. 😉
      There are other challenges in the world at the moment.

      I still like Mint with or without this star trek named stuff. By the way: What about a new chat-progam called “Uhura”??
      Just kidding… 😀 😉

      Keep up the good work.

    7. @ Clem

      “…it also showed us many people in the feedback enjoyed that warpinator name”

      You would of course find a few positive comments about “Warpinator” even if most people didn’t like the name. The matter is also blurred by the fact that the commenters haven’t had one alternative that they could side with in their comments. I think that if you would have asked people for example “should we use the name Warpinator or one of these top five names suggested by you” I think that only a small minority would have sided with “Warpinator”.

      “The logo change, and the color changes here as well show us that people are split.”

      You seem to suggest that people find the new logo and the name Warpinator equally bad choices. I see no reason to assume so.

      “Some people love it, others hate it.”

      “Love” and “hate” are strong words. Most sane people probably feel somewhere between those two extremes. Anyway, I’d bet that the majority of the users feel at least to some degree negatively about “Warpinator”.

      “…we certainly want to know what people think.”

      In that case, why didn’t you ask people what they think about the suggested names?

      “We do have an opinion and we do have a bias.”

      One got the impression from the blog post where you asked for name suggestions that your bias was away from “Warpinator”:

      – “If anyone has a good name in mind please shout.. otherwise we might actually do call it “Warpinator””

      “If you’d rather see us not ask people at all and just go head first without knowing what people think, then I’m sorry to disappoint, I don’t think that’s smart.”

      It’s smart to ask what people think, but only if you show that you also care about it.

      “Take these colors […] Whatever decision we make in the end, to either pull them, keep them, or adapt them again, we won’t please everyone…”

      Nobody expects you to please everyone.

      “…but we’ll have tried our best”

      Did you try your best to find out and respect what the users think about the name “Warpinator”? It doesn’t seem like that to me. The way you handled the name request suggests that your aim was mainly to find a name that wold please the development team. Nothing indicates to me that what the users think was equally important to you.

      I’m sorry to notice that you don’t seem to be fully straight with your words when you comment about this subject. If you want to be a dictator about some matter or detail, why not just say so? I think that would make a better impression than making the fake argument that you did your best to find what the users thought about the name, but that the result was split in the middle, so you just had to choose something, when it’s easy to see that it’s not what happened.

      Anyway, not to lose perspective, Linux Mint is by far my favourite Linux distribution, and I’m grateful for it. I enjoy Linux Mint very much both visually and functionally. It has a lot of features, but at the same time it feels uncluttered and easy to use. Linux Mint brought me back the joy of using my computer after I lost that joy – and begun to think that I had lost it forever – when Ubuntu switched to Unity in 2011. I tried to learn to like Unity and the new Gnome for a few years, but Gnome kept changing to worse (from my point of view), and Unity, which actually kept getting better after the not-so-good start, was later largely abandoned. The first versions of Linux Mint weren’t quite stable for me, but the rest is history :-). I hope that in the future I’ll be in the position to make small monetary contributions to Linux Mint.

    8. I didn’t think we’d stick with the name, I didn’t think it would alienate people, and I certainly didn’t think it would cause controversy. I don’t like seeing people questioning my word and my motivations. This hurts me like it would hurt anyone reading this about themselves and it makes me want to interact less with you going forward. I’m glad you enjoy Linux Mint. I enjoy working on it most of the time.

      If I ask for advice it’s because we need it. If you’re only willing to give it on the condition we’ll follow it, then don’t. This frustration isn’t helping anyone. I also don’t like the way you’re comparing the development team and the community, as if they were on separate sides and had conflicting interests.

      I’ve been seriously considering not posting this reply to you here. The easiest thing for me, and often the best approach, is to not react at all, to ignore it and to move on to the next comment. You enjoy our work and unlike what you did to me, I don’t question your motivation and your word. I’ll tell you this though. I’m human. The more you quote me the less I’ll speak freely, the more I’ll choose my words, the less natural you’ll end up making me sound, and eventually the less I’ll want to speak.

      We’re collecting feedback on the colors right now and we’re learning from it. We’re finding out some people prefer the dull colors, others enjoy the bright ones. We already know we don’t want to ship with both, so again, a tough decision is coming and this decision will be based on feedback but it won’t be able to please everyone. The more people use this to question the value of feedback, our motivation and our word, the less we’ll engage in asking for feedback going forward. You’re damaging Linux Mint by doing this, because we can’t be good without that feedback. Sure, Warpinator is there after feedback, and it’s the same name than before feedback… but now we know what people think about it. Sure we might still brighten the colors, maybe not all of them or as much as before, but now again, we know what people think. We can’t just throw ourselves into BETA with things we’re not sure about and fix it all in 2 weeks without asking for feedback first.

      I’m serious when it comes to personal stuff. Don’t go there, it hurts and it will make me interact less with the community.

    9. @ Clem

      Don’t care too much about what I say. I meant what I said in my previous comment, but compared to your work and accomplishments with Linux Mint that matter is microscopic. I also only talked narrowly about one thing (“Warpinator”), and definitely not your interaction with Mint users in general – that’s an essential point for you to understand.

      Perhaps I should also mention that I’m from a country and culture where straight talk – talk that matches reality as closely as possible – is traditionally valued very highly, and political correctness is seen the opposite way. There isn’t much difference in how we speak to the CEO and the janitor – and our CEOs mostly like it that way.

      I thought I saw some contradictions in what you said, and I just brought it up, as I tend to do in such situations. I didn’t bring it up because I wanted to make you feel bad, but because the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph are important to me (and I think to the humanity too). I actually thought that you’d reply something like this:

      – Yeah, it seems that I contradicted myself to some extent. I guess I wrote it in a hurry. The point is, though, that we were sincerely considering a name change, but didn’t feel that any of the suggested names were better than “Warpinator”.

      Let’s not let this thing grow out of proportion. Linux Mint is 0.000000001% of “Warpinator” (the name) and 99.999999999% of other things. I don’t even care about the name as much as you now probably think. It’s just that during my years as a Linux user and proponent I have noticed that juvenile software names don’t seem to make a good impression to many people.

      “I’m serious when it comes to personal stuff. Don’t go there, it hurts and it will make me interact less with the community.”

      Don’t do that to me! In my 18 years with Linux I have promoted it to other people in countless discussions, helped with installations and to solve problems, filed bug reports and even translated some projects. Although those contributions are modest compared to those of many others, I have felt that I have made a difference. Now, if with my previous comment I have affected negatively to your work on Linux Mint and your interaction with the community, my total life long impact to free software will probably quickly change from positive to negative. I would no longer be a contributor to free software, but an enemy of it. That would really hurt :-(.

  34. Hi,
    First of all thank you for the work you do.
    Is there a chance that LMDE will become the default distribution?

    1. Yah. I also hope the devs would focus more on LMDE. Where I’m from, Linux becomes valuable for reviving old 32 bit computers. LMDE just isn’t as good as the vanilla mint.

  35. Hi, thanks for continuously minting….

    A question: wouldn’t be better to have one iso and during installation or live testing to choose which flavor we wish? An iso that contains mate, cinnamon, xfce and… why not lmde.

  36. Not sure if this is the correct place, but here it is.

    I recently bought new laptop Asus VivoBook F512DA AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx. For the most part it works well, except when using external monitor (Sceptre TV/Monitor circa 2010). The display is not the best quality (at least not what I had with my old Dell circa 2012 Intel i5 laptop). The text is pixelated, not smooth, but still readable. Images and icons are also pixalated.

    The monitor native resolution is 1680×1050. Using HDMI.

    This issue happens an all different Linux OS, as well as Windows 10. So I know it’s not LinuxMint or even Linux itself. I’ve tried different cables and different monitors (Samsung TV). So the only thing I could think of is the HDMI version difference between new laptop and old monitors, even though new HDMI versions supposed to be compatible with older versions.

    Internet search mentioned that this was due to “overscan” and suggested to turning it off in monitor settings, but my monitor does not have such setting.

    Two questions: Would anyone know of a solution to this problem? And, would it be possible to include in LinuxMint a way to check what version of HDMI is active, or the communications between a computer and monitor?

  37. Applets are one of most important features in Linux Mint Cinnamon, they are really great. But two applets need more attention: bluetooth and notifications. Bluetooth, on 19.3 version, had its symbolic icon broken, I don’t know why, because symbolic icon for notification area is better than colored icons. The bluetooth applet misses one way to turn it on or off, as it happens on elementaryOS, it is very usefull.
    Other applet to improve is notifications. Firstly, it can come enabled, user can decide after in configuration if don’t like it on the panel. The notifications applet misses features like enable sound, turn on/turn off (do not disturb) and an area to enable which apps user want use with this applet. ElementaryOS made a good work on these two applets, Linux Mint Cinnamon maybe to adopte their features, it will be great. Congratulations for your important and good work on Linux Mint.

    1. Quick note about the bluetooth.. blueberry will show symbolic icons in the next release, you won’t need an applet for this anymore.

  38. Great stuff as usual… but like some other users mentioning it in the comments, I’ve always liked the slightly muted colors of the Linux Mint themes and so I’m not too sure about this new flashy ones. A detail really, won’t refrain me from using Mint but I do like the current palette.

  39. Sir, Is it possible to add the text highlighting option to the built in PDF Reader? A much needed tool which I wasn’t able to find in the previous releases. Thank You!

  40. I have a doubt. Mint 20.04 will bring the proprietary drivers of Nvidia in the iso as Ubuntu does? Or will you continue to maintain an Open Source approach?


    P.S. I hope you have updated the logo on the wallpapers

  41. Hi, is there a linux mint 20 beta version where one can download or how can one register for a linux mint beta tester for softwares before launching?

    1. The betas for all the 3 LM versions will be available approximately 2 weeks before the final release. Expect them somewhere in June.

    2. The beta versions are released not too long before the final versions. Usually no more than a few weeks. You can then simply download the beta version from the website. No need to sign up anywhere.

    3. Clem, please, take again the Idea to expand the concept of Xapps. Mint has a notable problem in the design of apps. Some have Gnome preferences box, other, like terminal or Nemo have yet menus. If Mint redesign the apps in a concept of Xapps, the system will be more harmonious. Elementary OS, unfortunately, is not good to use, but the coherence of look and feel is beautiful. If you develop a new flavor, Mint Pantheon, it will be great.

  42. Hello Clem,

    So excited about all the new developments in our beloved LinuxMint, will the LM 20 have fingerprint scanner support as upstream Ubuntu seems to be working on this aspect. Also will it have the do not disturb option to disable the notifications when working, presenting or sharing the screen. I like the new colour schemes for themes, but please do also keep the old muted colour themes as an option, may be a radio button in the Themes app (vibrant and professional) to choose from. And Warpinator is fun name glad you decided to keep it. Eagerly waiting for the new version of Mint!!

    1. Hi,

      We’ve added fprintd to the default software selection but that’s all I know. I don’t think we’re ready yet for fingerprint authentication, I would assume work would be needed in the greeter also. I can’t really comment, it’s not something we looked into yet.

  43. Any plans on a Warpinator app for android? Or making it compatible with KDEConnect andoird app?
    That’s been the best way to share files between my laptop and phone but the integration between KDEConnect with nemo isn’t… ideal.

    Also being able to just right click -> send to [device name] through warpinator would be nice.

    1. jep, i’m in the same boat.. like kde-connect really much.
      but its not nemos best friend. 🙂

  44. So, which version of mint-y icons do I end up with when I upgrade to LM-20, old, new, both? Could you give the new version a new name like mint-y2 or mint-a (z is taken) so we could have both?
    And why no titlebar/borders in yellow? I’ve been waiting & hoping for years.
    As for ‘warpinator’ I like ‘transsend’, but you can call it anything as long as it works and is simple to use, like all things Mint
    Thanks for your time, keep up the good work.

    1. Yellow just doesn’t work with white highlights, we’d need to rework the theme for this to happen. We won’t provide both the new and the old colors, but we’ll react to feedback if it’s precise enough.

  45. Clem,

    Will Mint 20 support some kind of native remote desktop protocol or at least have one in its repositorys? This is a option I really would like to have. I own and use multiple PC’s so this feature would save me a lot of walking around. In Debian it works when using Cinnamon but in Mint this somehow seems broken.

    1. I personally use “rdesktop” to remotely connect to other machines. It wasn’t installed by default, but you could maybe install it and give it a try? It works fine for my needs.

  46. Uh nice.. Thanks Clem&Team.
    And sometimes you just have to do your thing. I bet 50% of people like the new themes and 50% hate it.
    Same for the name Warpinator.
    So do what you like.. and maybe in Mint21 go back to the old themes or not. But just give it a try.

    For me, i really like how my Mint rules, and its not because of a fancy-theme or name. 😉
    So again, thanks Clem&Team. 🙂

    uh.. nearly missed: Whats this little switch on the Welcomewindow? Darktheme or “just” Redshift?

    1. “And sometimes you just have to do your thing. I bet 50% of people like the new themes and 50% hate it.”

      Many people obviously have a preference, and quite a few a clear one, but I find it completely unbelievable that there would be only two extreme opinions, and that both would be supported by 50% of the people. Anyway, based on the small sample provided by this thread the old colours seem to be more popular, and I share that preference. The old colours seem more classy and professional to me, and I also find them less distracting. Anyway, I hope that they both become available, as neither of them is ultimately better than the other. I think, though, that the more professional looking colour theme should be the default one.

    2. Nicely put. I’ll add to this that the numbers don’t matter. If 4 people say “I love it” and 6 people say “I hate it”, we don’t assume this to be unpopular with 60% of our audience, all that tells us is that “some” people like it and “some” people dislike it, and we don’t know why, and we don’t even know which colors they’re talking about. When we read feedback, what matters the most is the quality of the feedback. You could have 10 people say the same thing and 1 person make a case against it, if his/her arguments were pertinent they would weigh in the balance much more.

      When you say “less distracting”, “more classy and professional” you give us something that is more pertinent and more useful than just saying “I don’t like it”, you start giving us reasons to understand why you don’t like it, and elements of thoughts we can use to put ourselves in your shoes and see it the way you see it. I wish you went further and actually explained which color(s) you thought that about, and precisely why.

      When I look at the old colors, I don’t just see dull colors. I see a selection of colors which were never really chosen for what they are. They were inherited from Mint-X and applied without second thoughts. In my opinion, some of them worked well, some of them didn’t. When we make them brighter and more saturated, it might work better on some of them than others. That’s the kind of thing we’re trying to understand.

  47. Since Ubuntu 20.04 comes with the Nvidia on-demand option for Optimus laptops (to run selected programs with the dGPU on an iGPU session) I guess this will be available on Mint 20 (with Nvidia driver 440) too.
    Will Nvidia-settings with the on-demand option be (back)ported to LMDE4 as well?

  48. Hi Clem,

    I didn’t really like the new brighter colors. Can you at least keep the old ones intact? Mint-Y-Dark-Red, Mint-Y-Dark-Red-Brighter etc. The brighter ones are not bad, but it doesn’t suit to the work environments I think.

    Are there any changes on default programs? Qbittorrent, instead of Transmission would be nice.

    And finally please enable tap to click and natural scrolling for touchpads by default on XFCE edition.

    Thanks for all the improvements.

  49. Clem, I love the new vibrant colours. They look so much better than the old ones. Just ONE SMALL gripe though, The Mint-Y-Yellow icons are back, but what about the matching Mint-Y-Yellow controls? I noticed that they’re also no longer in Mint-X theme scheme either, so I’m wondering if and why the yellow seems to have been abandoned. Maybe it’s a bit too Microsoft Windows-ish, I don’t know. The end result though is that it tends to leave the theme looking rather mis-matched …which is okay if you want to mix and match your choice of theme, but sometimes, I/we like a consistent looking theme, so just having the Mint-Y icons and forced to pick another colour for the controls is a bit …dis-jointed looking? Thanks for your consideration and all your hard work. Whatever is released is VERY VERY much appreciated by me …and I’m sure by MANY others, so keep up the excellent work …but don’t forget to consider this request. 🙂

    1. One of the big problems with yellow as a color that it’s nearly impossible to come up with a color that you can actually read the selected text with. You end up having to make it so dark that it isn’t even really yellow anymore. You might as well go with one of the other colors like brown.

    2. Well, spank me hard and call me Rhonda, but in which Linux Mint Edition you’ve seen Mint-X yellow controls?

    3. Yellow only works with dark text, we tried off-yellow or fake-yellow but as you get it darker or less saturated to make it legible you end up with something greenish or brownish which doesn’t look nice anymore.

  50. Unable to get my HP PSC 1500 printer to print since installing Mint-19.3 . This is what I get when I run hp-doctor in terminal: HPLIP-Version: HPLIP 3.17.10
    HPLIP-Home: /usr/share/hplip
    warning: HPLIP-Installation: Auto installation is not supported for 22 distro 19.3 version

  51. Will Webinator (I hate the name) appear in the caja file manager, side pane, Places, under Network => Browse Network as “Linux Network”, similarly as does the “Windows Network” icon for SAMBA connections?

    1. Webinator/Warinator/Whatever, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, let alone a name I don’t like.

  52. Been playing with Warpinator
    If I have it running on one machine showing that the other machine is connected, then I reboot the 2nd machine, the first machine’s warpinator shows the 2nd machine is disconnected. Fair enough.

    But it never reconnects when the 2nd machine logs back on. I have to close warpinator on the 1st machine and restart the app for the connection to be resumed. Is there perhaps a need for a “refresh” button on the app to force it to re-scan the network? Or am I missing something?

    1. Clem, I tried to replicate this issue and it didn’t occur again, so maybe it was “operator error” before ….

  53. Clem and the rest of the Mint-involved team members, I’ve watched Linux Mint really mature well over the course of the past 8 years. I remember trying it out for the first time on version 12.04 back in ( I think) late 2011.

    Fast forward to today, and you all have made some very good and steady progress. I ALWAYS end up recommending Linux Mint to those Linux noobs seeking to migrate from Microsloth Winblows.

    I noticed recently Chris Titus Tech ( a now fairly highly respected Linux-involved content creator on youtube) is doing videos involving Mint and couldn’t be more amped.

    As soon as I’m done pumping that e fund enough, I’ll be joining your patreon as well as possibly doing separate donations. Cheers.

  54. I have an ASUS Tuf FX505DY(Ryzen 5 3550H/Radeon RX 560X) and I’ll need Linux Kernel 5.6 for that laptop to fix a fan driver/profile issue that results in the laptop being stuck in quiet(low RPM) mode once booted into Linux and the laptop overheating and being thermally throttled.

    So I’ll have to wait a little longer after Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana”(Kernel 5.4) arrives to get that support offered as I’m not a power Linux User and that’s some bit longer for me to begin to get up to speed with patching any Linux Kernel or installing Kernel 5.6 on Mint manually.

    I’ve got all my old Intel(1 Ivy Bridge i7 3632QM, 1 Sandy Bridge quad core i7 Mobile , 1 Sandy Bridge dual core i5 Mobile, and one Arrandale/Westmere first generation dual core i3 Mobile) Laptops dual booting Windows 7/7 Pro(EOL) with Linux Mint 19.3 after 7 reached its end of life support and all the old Intel core i series laptops are running better under Linux/Mint that they ran under Windows 7/7 Pro.

    But that Ryzen 5 3550H and the Asus TUF laptop that was released to market around the end of Q1 2019 and I purchased that laptop around Feb 11 2020 and at only $499 so that was a good clearance sale pricing deal. And I guess it’s going to take a little longer for the Ryzen 3000/4000 series APUs to get all that is needed fully plumbed in via the Linux kernel but I really want badly to get that Tuf laptop that’s currently running Windows 10/1809 home dual booting with Linux Mint and begin to move away from Windows on that laptop as well.

    Window 10’s updating system is just so terrible as far as end user control is concerned and really I want to remain on 10/1809 Home until Nov 2020 and not have 10/2004 shoved down my throat until I’ve had more time to properly vet any new windows 10 feature updates. So I’ll be keeping that laptop offline for the most part under 10/1809 home and waiting for the Linux kernel 5.6 to make it to Mint via Mint’s software manager. And I’m not really interested in going beyond 10/1809 home after that laptop gets Linux Mint installed alongside 10/1809 and man is that Windows 10 some resource hog and has the end user so not in control over their own hardware.

  55. Specifically for the new aqua color (but maybe other new colors as well), I would really welcome the slightly darker tone (yay!), but I would also tend to agree with others here that it might look too saturated, especially over months of everyday use.
    And thank you for all the great work you do!

    1. I asked for more feedback on this issue. I tried other themes and they all showed the same issue. I’m still waiting for someone to show me one that doesn’t so I can hopefully have chance of fixing this issue. At the moment to me it looks more like a chrome problem than a theme problem.

    2. Joseph, with arc-theme it dont happens (here). I posted the screenshots on the issue. Thanks for your support!

  56. For the colors, if you’re willing to do it, there could be a vivid palette and a classic palette. Let the user choose between them with a switch in the dialog you showed above. So there would be two switches: one for for light and dark as you show, and another for vivid and subdued.

    Looking forward to another great release. Thanks to Clem and the team.

    1. I guess that would make the theme menus huge. As a result the Mint Team would have to withdraw the Mint-X themes, which are still splendid IMO. So, perhaps, it would be better to use the new palette, but just step down a bit with the hue saturation and make them a fraction less dark. The new yellow colour is very welcome, at least if you ask me. Thanks, Mint Team, for keeping our distro alive and kicking!

  57. Hello Clem:

    The only issue with not having the switching tool on the Mint Welcome to change from “Modern” to “Traditional”, is it also took care of ungrouping all the task bar items for the “traditional” look. On Mint 20, if you just only use the System Settings to get back to the traditional look, there is no global change to ungroup all the task bar items. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Harry, ungrouping is just a case of either changing a setting in the Grouped Window List applet, or swapping the Grouped Window List applet for the legacy Window List and Panel Launcher applets. It’s not hard, although accept not immediately obvious to a new user.

      Personally I think Cinnamon should ship with a layouts app – 1/2 a dozen preset panel and applet layouts (with ability for Cinnamon shipping distros to add their own) plus the ability for users to save and reload their own custom layouts.

    2. Steve M (smurphos):

      You are correct and I have a script that copies what the Mint Welcome does. I was just asking on behalf of others in order to keep Mint the easy to use and accessible distro that is has been known for. Thanks and regards for your reply. Best.

    3. Hi Harry,

      You would remove the “grouped window list” applet and use the “window list” applet instead.

  58. Warpinator is so unprofessional. NetFiles or NetFolders were no good? I mean why not give it a name that describes what it does?

    1. “Firefox. Describes what it does.”

      Assuming you mean the opposite, When I had done something wrong as a child, and was scolded by my parents because of that, I sometimes said to them as an excuse that other children did it too. My parents used to reply that you don’t have to do what other children do. I think it’s a good advise for adults too :-).

      The difference between Warpinator and Firefox is that the latter was famous before it was released to the public, and was going to have a lot of visibility in the media. It was also already known that it will be used at least by tens of millions of people. Everybody was going to know what it does whatever name they chose.

      If a piece of software is just a small tool for a narrow task, I think it’s good to name it so that the name connects with the purpose of the software. It helps to remember the name, and thus finding the piece of software when you need it.

      Anyway, I don’t think a name like that is a must. If you can’t come up with a nice name that describes what the software does, but come up with a good non-describing name, use the latter :-).

    2. I hate to beat a dead horse, but naming it Warpinator is OK by me.
      “UnProfessional”? I really don’t follow what you intend by that…
      The utility, when finished (cross-platform), will be rather handy
      I figure after Clem has done all the heavy lifting it will be forked and “renamed” by others.
      kinda like mintstick… It Works and is quite handy, but few know it’s real name, just what is shown on their Menu.
      “disks” is another example…

  59. Hi Clem,

    Will Mint 20 include a newer version of Synaptic Package Manager in which the annoying overlapping columns bug is fixed?

    With Mint 19.3, Synaptic version 0.84.3, two of the column headings are chopped, incomplete, e.g., “Installed Versi”; “Latest Versio”. And much of the information below the column headings is also chopped, e.g., Installed Version “0.5.2+linuxmi”; Size “15.4 M”.

    Of course, I can resize the columns, but I have to do it every time I launch Synaptic. Synaptic doesn’t remember the resizing I’ve done previously.

    1. Hi Clem,

      Thanks for responding.

      After searching on I was unable to find an overlapping columns bug report.

      There is a confirmed bug reported for “does not remember the column sizes after every restart.” But this bug is still listed as “Unassigned.”

      When you said “We’re using version 0.84.6”, I’m assuming you meant that you will be using this version for Mint 20? The version I have with Mint 19.3 is 0.84.3.

      I’ve seen and used version 0.90. What a joy! It does not have the annoying overlapping columns issue! All column headings are fully visible, and the information for most packages below the column headings is fully visible without resizing!

    2. Hi Clem,

      I responded to your question a couple days ago. I guess my detailed response is still being moderated…?

  60. I remember some years ago Nemo used to have an audio/video tab in the file properties window, in which you could see (for example) frame rate of a video file or bitrate of an audio file.
    Is there any way this could be reimplemented? I currently have to rely on VLC player to get such information even though I never use it to play anything.

  61. Hi Cleam, A great feature that i really miss on Mint is calendar events on menu cloack. Elementary, gnome and plasma already have it. Would be super nice to see it on mint

  62. Does the Installer of Linux Mint 20 allow one to choose a type of a main language for example, When English is selected, a user can choose a type of English for example English US , English UK and others? I have seen this feature in Linux Mint Debian 4’s installer.

    1. Yes, your “locale” is made of the selected language and the country you choose during the installation. So if you pick English, New York it’s en_US, if you pick English and London it’s en_GB, if you pick Dublin it’s en_IE..etc.

  63. Tested Warpinator a bit (LM 19.3 64 Cinn)
    I get no connection when ufw is turned of despite of the rules. Without ufw there’s no problem.
    It’s still buggy – star mark as favorite comes and goes; when connection interrupts, sometimes it’s reconnected, sometimes you have to log out and in again; resume of interrupted transfer is missing.

    1. Thanks,

      Please make a report for this on If the ports are open, UFW shouldn’t be a problem. Favorites going in and out might have something to do with DHCP? We’re planning to look at MAC addresses to make this more reliable. In any case, please open an issue so we can troubleshoot.

    2. Me too, on LM-19.3 xfce 64 it works like this.
      1; Turn off gufw(s).
      2: Open Warpinator(s), make connection.
      3; Turn gufw(s) back on.
      4; Conection remains until one or both warpinators are closed.
      5; Back to step 1.
      I can live with this, but I suspect it will be fixed by LM-20’s release. If it’s a firewall rules issue some instruction would be appreciated.

  64. If I’m honest, I’m a little disappointed that warpinator is nowhere similar to the other xapps in name. “pix” has at least an X in the name, I like the idea that all the mint software would be connected in name with at least the one X. Could have been xwarp, xsend or anything. Well… can’t be helped. It’s just a name!
    Im looking forward to the new codebase of Mint20! I think that’s the biggest step of the new release, finally newer software all around. Keep up the good work <3

    1. They’re not all connected in name, Blueberry, lightdm-settings, slick-greeter are all Xapps.

    2. xshare is another good option.

      Clem, I had no idea all of those were xapps. I bet I’m not alone.

  65. Hi, thanks for the update, since LM20 is coming with kernel 5.4, do take a look at kernel 5.3(freezing and stuck at boot logo when restarting or shutting down), thanks.

  66. Clem,

    Warpinator is really a horrible name with a lot of Star Trek resonance, which may be kool with a lot of people, but seems rather culturally biased toward a demographic that is western, young, male and nerdy. Not one of the people I’ve set up with Mint fall into that category. It may be droll, to some, but it doesn’t seem v professional / serious, which I think it should. It’s NOT a game, for which it might be a very good name. (Note: it seems to be the name of a character in a game; see

    What’s wrong with calling it FileShare — or FolderShare or something simple, serious, straightforward with no gaming or trekkie cultural associations?

    I’d like to add my vote to retaining the old palette as an option.

    I added a comment last night to the previous month’s post which I’ll summarize in case missed: can we have automatic purging of old kernels with a configurable number retained? (two works for me).

    The only issue I’m having at the moment is my wired Ethernet connection stops working until disconnected and reconnected after I end a VPN session (always), and after my laptop (Thinkpad T420s) resumes from being suspended (sometimes). Workaround discussed here: Hoping a later kernel will fix this.

    Just a thought: it says something about how good Mint is that the name of a bit of software is one of the issues that attracts most comment (incl from me 🙂 ).

  67. Clem, Warpinator sounds meaningless. What about something like ShareGate or something self explanatory?
    My 2 cents.
    Thank you!!!

  68. Ubuntu 20.04 has shaped up very nicely – theme and performance!

    U20.04 runs alot quieter and COOLER on my i3 Sony laptop and basically flies on my SSF HP desktop.

    lets hope LM will match or better U20.04.

    Any-chance of looking into having Brave as default browser? Also, have WPS office replace Libre?

  69. Using Mint since isadora, though I am an Windows guy. 60-40 maybe.

    One request. Please somehow make Picasa ( run on Mint 20. I know its an abandoned project. Still the best/easiest.

    Working perfectly until Mint 18, then could not run in 19 series. Please.

    1. install picasa 3.9 via wine. it works a treat and much better then shotwell

      clem, please add latest stable of shotwell by default and or winetricks also

    1. @ Max Programming
      See Clem’s post “UPDATE ON THE NEW COLORS” part way down the page, that tells you how you can get the new themes.

  70. @Clem, please do something regarding Cinnamon’s theming as it seems to be harder to customize like MATE allows.
    Also, could you please bring back, in Nemo, the ability it had to allow showing the folder’s custom icons on the bookmarks on the left side. I have a lot of bookmarks and being able to change the folder’s icon, shown up on Nemo’s bookmarks, this was a great way for me to quickly finding them, easing my desktop experience and increasing my work flow and productivity a lot.
    Now, even ordering my bookmarks by alphabetic order isn’t enough of a comparison.

    This affects me so much I am planning to return back to MATE that is very much customizable.

    I’m at the end of the road, still utterly pleased on LMDE2 (with a trimmed down OS of 4.3GB only!) and not happy with the new alternatives that I personally consider too bloated and less customizable.

    I hope Mint 20 is my new OS to be.
    Thank you for all your hard work, Clem & team. I’m daily with you since Mint 6 or 7, can’t remember after all these years. Much respect.

  71. To run Warpinator, will it need to be installed on both the client and server computers or just on the client one?
    What’s under the hood, Samba? Or is it using its own thing?

    1. @Bruno Miranda
      There is no server/client situation here. Warpinator needs to be installed on each machine that wants to send or receive files

    2. I am confused with all of this chatter about that app.
      does “Warpinator” actually exist or is it still just a concept?

    3. @sdibaja
      Read Clem’s instructions at the very top of this page for how to install warpinator.

    4. @Tony W
      Thanks, I did read what Clem posted above.
      I wasn’t very clear… I thought this tool was intended to be available “for all Linux”
      “In LMDE 4, all you need is this package. Download it, install it, Gdebi should ask to install its dependencies and these are available in the LMDE 4 repositories.”

      My LMDE is not behaving properly…
      Can you tell me where in those repositories is it found? (provide a link)

    5. @Tony W
      thanks for the link.
      correct, the existence of hypertext does not appear in the blog.
      I just scrolled up and checked, can’t see it at all, but it does work.
      There is little contrast, I get text that is a medium gray on a light cream background. Pretty hard to read.
      Maybe that is because I don’t use the Mint themes

      Thanks to both of you.
      I will install on a couple test machines using non-mint systems to test the portability

    6. I tried installing on Debian 9, Debian 10, and Ubuntu 18.04.
      no go, dependeacy issues.
      I assume those problems will be resolved during this Beta phase.
      However I got Warpenator running on LMDE4 and Mint 19.3
      works pretty slick. It will be handy.

  72. Hi Clem,

    LM 32 bit Warpinator error python3-grpcio version <1.16 when starting gdebi.
    64 bit LM and LMDE starting.

    Thank you and the team for your great work and don't forget 32 bit.

    When LM 19.3 ends, i'll go to LMDE

    You are my heroes

  73. Any update about performance of Cinnamon? Memory usage?

    It is not all about features, we care about efficiency and performance as well :-).

    1. Yes, it’s basically a fork of nvidia-prime-applet so I’d expect it not to differ all that much. We’ll have a look.

    2. Thanks,

      We split the work in two, it’s all coming in. I worked on the applet, Michael is working on the menus.

      He won’t be using switcheroo but nvidia-prime directly. You’ll have GLX offload launchers in Cinnamon menu and mintmenu when using On-Demand.

  74. I am very happy with Linux Mint. I have it installed on my 32-bit laptop, with it I use it for my work which is teaching. And recently I installed the Debbie version. Thanks to Linux Mint I was encouraged to try Linux, and it has been 4 years now. I would like Mint to install Vulkan libraries automatically when installing Lutris or Steam. Anyway they wanted to say that I am very grateful to you Linux Mint team, Mint is a symbol of stability. Greetings from Argentina.

  75. Hello Clem, I want to suggest that the window border buttons are too small(Maximize, Minimize and Close ) so in coming update will there be any way to increase its size.


    1. @ Tony W
      Thanks for the tip.
      Much better for my ageing eyesight and dexterity, or lack of.
      Ray M

    1. If you want more settings, it’s worth installing the applet qredshift (at least, if you are using Cinnamon).

  76. I need scroll buttons in Cinnamon. I use a laptop with a touchpad, and scrolling is difficult without scroll buttons. Grabbing the scroll bar and moving it cannot be easily done with a touchpad. Scroll buttons are needed for navigating in Nemo, Firefox, Libre Office and other programs. Open and Save As menu windows also need scroll buttons.

    Adding scroll buttons to Cinnamon would remove the biggest hassle I have in using it.

    1. @tony
      I have always had overlay scrollbars turned off but I never noticed that you could now adjust the width of the scroolbar. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Scroll arrows or steppers. pbear’s link worked in Linux Mint 19.3. Thank you.

      But I would appreciate it if steppers were enabled by default.

  77. Hello, I’m new to linux and linux mint and have tried diferent flavours of linux, off and on over the years, but have chosen to use linux mint as my daily operating system, THANK YOU for your hard work. Any chance in building a Hardware Monitor, its seems a shame and a complete waste when motherboards come with an array of sensors, e.g. CPU speed, CPU temperatures, CPU voltage, etc, also fan sensors, also HDD sensors and also voltage sensors. What a let down, coming from win7 and having software available at the click of a mouse button. I’d personally like to check these parameters without having to enter the bios every time and have not found any software up to now that cover these monitoring parameters. Also why is so difficult to install drivers? I prefer AMD Radion GPU’s and as I suspect so do many other users, why is so difficult to install the drivers from the AMD repo, I have tried on numerous occasions to install HD and RX drivers for my system, copying and pasting and typing in the terminal reading guides for hours on end, till my head falls off, but to no avail thus far. On the other hand you allow for nvidia drivers, Why? It’s nice to have nice colours and nice backgrounds and plenty of software that repeat the same processes giving the same information as every other piece of software written for linux, I’m all for choice, but COME ON! Rather than distro hopping I have chosen Mint for all 4 of my systems, and they do what’s required on the older hardware without having to install any original manufacturers drivers, which is a relief. On my latest system, which uses expensive and modern (last 2yrs) hardware seems a bit #meh. Thank you for your consideration in this matter, looking forward to the next linux mint upgrade, a Wanna Be, mint user.

    1. When I installed Ubuntu 64bit AMD graphics drivers from the AMD site on Linux Mint Mate 19.2 from the extracted archive on the site, I found that it seems to only install on the base kernel that came with the system and that same 4.15 kernel updated to 99-100 would work too. It won’t install on any other 4.15+ kernel available.
      Don’t use the pro command it could be for a different type of card.

    2. Also if you right click on the taskbar or add a panel bar on top of your screen, right click and press “Add to Panel” then look up “Hardware Sensors Monitor”. It doesn’t have everything. You can Find CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor there and you need to run as many of those as there are cores on your system and go into settings to change cpu number for each one. You can use intel linpack to test cpu stability from overclocks (it’s command line software). I prefer to use windows to test this stuff.

  78. Hey Mint team!
    I look forward to jumping back on Mint after some new hardware pains and having to switch to a more current distribution for a while. Are you going to include Feral’s Game mode from Ubuntu? What about the Mesa drivers, will you be including what’s in Ubuntu now or updating to latest ‘ish near release? I have never really figured out how Mint handles it, because it is never talked about in any release.
    Thanks for your hard work people! Can’t wait to get back on the Mint 🙂

    1. Hi Pooki,

      Yes gamemode will be present. MESA drivers will be there from the Ubuntu LTS stack, including VA, vdpau and vulkan support.

  79. Thanks Clem and Mint team for your great work. I made the switch from W10 and MacOS to Linux a year back and I’m incredibly happy with the Mint + Cinnamon combo.
    I have trust issues with Ubuntu and use LMDE, which works great for everything I need -> internet browsing, 4k movie watching and a bit of 1080p gaming.
    Will the new Nemo be available for LMDE too? When browsing folders with a lot of videos there is a lot of lag in doing basic operations such as opening or deleting files so I’m very excited about potential improvements in this are.
    Stay well and safe!

    1. @Marica
      Ubuntu 20.04 does not support 32bit machines any more. Since Mint is based on Ubuntu, Mint v20 will not be able to support 32bit machines either.

  80. I followed your instructions using software sources and got this error:
    “W:GPG error: stable Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 78BD65473CB3BD13, E:The repository ‘ stable Release’ is not signed.”
    Perhaps this newbie should wait for the June release?
    In Authentication keys it shows “Launchpad PPA for Clement Lefebvre” with a long key beneath it.
    Do I do something in the maintenance section?
    What my system is (with no known problems: Desktop: Cinnamon 4.4.8 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia
    base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

    1. Hi Rick,

      That error comes from your Google Earth repository. You can remove it, or use the maintenance tab to try and download missing keys.

  81. Well, I was able to go back and see the:”… you’ll then be able to install Warpinator using this package.” So I clicked on package and it installed Warpinator and the dependences since the deb file was downloaded. What do I know? But then it said I already had a copy of Warpinator. So I call Arnold Schwarzenegger or do I just shut up and quit while I am ahead? Sorry to bother you but I thought it would help if I could join the club to see the color results. I am not on a network. Just an old retired guy who hates Microsoft windows and have been thrilled to utilize your latest Mint version.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Say hello to Arnold for us, we love Hollywood actors. Good luck with Warpinator, and May the 4th be with you!!

  82. Just figured that I should go into system themes and in Appearance Themes I found the Mint Y options. I love it! So much better than what I had. I never paid attention to this area. Sorry for all my newbie posts about not understanding what happened with software sources. Please forgive me. Thanks for your work. If I am using Mint Y options does that mean that the updates per the instructions with software sources and warpinator was successful or am I just a blind man seeing what was there all along?

  83. Hi Clem:

    I am really grateful for the great work you and the rest of your team continue to put into Linux Mint. However, I remain concerned about future “feature creep.”

    In my view Mint 19.3 is now so perfect that nothing but really necessary changes should be made. Mint should be frozen to the maximum feasible extent to preclude it from becoming the bloated mess that is Windoze.

    1. No, neither snaps nor any snaps are present by default. We also don’t ship with Chromium by default.

  84. @Clem.
    Thank you for the answer, but if i do apt install chromium-browser it will install snapd as dependency anyway, right? Because Ubuntu doesn’t has any other than snap version of Chromium.

    1. No it won’t. It will install neither chromium (which we don’t maintain) nor snap (which we won’t allow to be installed via APT, certainly not like that behind people’s back).

  85. Good morning Clem. Very satisfied with the use of Linux Mint. For me, Linux Mint is the best in everything.

    In this last post, there’s something I’m going to talk about, but I think this may not have been thought of yet.

    I noticed a difficulty in using Linux Mint with two monitors of different resolutions (my 15 inch notebook with native resolution of 1368 x 768 [16: 9] pixels and my 39 inch TV with native resolution of 1920 x 1080 [16: 9] pixels). Both with a frequency of 60Hz.

    While on my monitor with lower resolution (the notebook) everything has a comfortable size (icons and texts), on the monitor (TV) with higher resolution everything is small (texts and icons).

    If HiDPI is activated, everything is twice as large. And even on the higher resolution monitor, it gets too big.

    If I use the scale, I can perfectly adjust everything to a comfortable size for my use. However, everything gets too big, impairing the use of the system on the lower resolution screen.

    The only solution so far is to keep the same resolution on both monitors, but this causes me to lose the quality of the second, higher resolution monitor.


    I hope you understand my question.

    Thank you.

  86. Hi Clem,
    I’d be happy if Cinnamon would support gsconnect or a similar counterpart for KDEconnect out of the box. Easy file sharing between computers is useful but I can imagine that there might be more people out there wanting to quickly share files with their Android smartphones. For connections between computers I have ssh and rsync already. For my smartphone I have only USB cable or an ftp server app or similar workarounds. But nothing what really integrates in Cinnamon. Any chances to get that integrated? Please note that there are other unanswered comments on that like

    1. I recently installed Linux Mint (20, my first-ever installed version) and as far as I can recall, this is my first blog post.

      I too have an interest in something that allows me to share files between Mint and my Android tablet. I searched the Play Store for Warpinator and couldn’t find it, but KDEconnect looked like a great substitute. Although I found that in the Mint Software Manager, a couple comments above suggest it may not play nice with Nemo. I have yet to install any software so I’m wary of starting with that one.

  87. LinuxMint 19.3 is great. It’s getting better and better. I was (past tense, due to the lock-down) helping elderly people with computer-issues. It’s hard to see them use that bloated win10-software, while there is such a nice alternative. On some few occasions I installed Linux Mint in dual-boot with Win7. They all praise the Linux Mint-experience! I have for some years now a problem when giving presentations in LibreOffice. There is always a small vertical artifact on the left on the presentation-screen. It is very annoying to notice a narrow bright artifact in the mostly darkened presentation-room. In order to avoid that, I used a dual-boot laptop with another linux-distro. Please, try to figure out what is causing this tiny inconvenience.

  88. First, thanks for all of the work which you folks put into Mint. It’s really appreciated, and is my go-to Linux distribution when introducing Window and mac users to FOSS. To date, at least 5 of them are still using Mint, years later, and none of them use Windows any more. I cal that a Minty Success!

    I understand that you have no say whatsoever in persuading Ubuntu to supply you with 32-bit packages, which is fair enough. So, many thanks for making 19.3 an LTS version. I’ll be able to keep my old, and fully-functional computers flowing with Minty goodness, and updated, for at least another three years.

    Please keep a 32-bit version of LMDE available for as long as you can do so, because several people whom I know, as well as myself, have no intention of scrapping hardware unnecessarily, and some of those devices will still be working for a number of years longer. Thanks, Clem.

    For the record, my oldest Linux box is a maxed-out G3 iMac DV in Tangerine, dating from around 2000, which still does regular service in my workshop, without any issues. Its CPU is somewhat faster than those on some of the Mars landers. Not obsolete yet, then! ;-p

  89. @sdibaja
    Thanks for the tip! It worked so well that I then got an automatic update option I suppose I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! This blind old man can read instructions! And thanks Clem for all you do even if I am slow to understand it! I love It! In a world without fences who needs Gates?

  90. Hi Clem
    Have you considered to include block selection mode in Xed ?
    That is the only feature I miss in that great editor 🙂
    I have to use Kate today to use block selection mode in order to be able to manipulate column editing

    A lot of Thanks to you and your Mint team for the best distribution

    Kind regards 🙂

  91. Having just read Jesse Smith’s review of Ubuntu 20.04 on Distrowatch, I have a few questions about Linux Mint 20.

    Is Livepatch available to patch the kernal without the need to reboot?
    Will the WiFi bug mentioned in the review be fixed? (That sounds like a deal killer bug.)
    Will the boot problem mentioned be fixed? (Again a serious flaw.)
    ZFS is experimental. I’ll wait until it works. But I intend to use ext4, which seems not to boot.
    Will the Synaptic Package Manager still be available/installed?
    Will Suspend & Hibernate work?

    Perhaps Ubuntu 20.4.1 as a base for Linux Mint 20 would solve these issues.

    1. The broken Wifi is a security feature. If you’re not connected to the internet, you can’t get hacked.

      The unbootable device is bug fix. If it doesn’t boot, you can’t have bugs. And as a nice extra feature you don’t have to worry about your machine not waking up from Suspend&Hibernate, if it never boots.

  92. I love Mint, but I really hate the dark background. I don’t want backgrounds with logos, pictures, etc. no matter what color. Is it possible to just get a solid background in a color I choose? I’m getting a little up there in age and some of these backgrounds really mess with my eyes. As much as I hate Windows, I do like the desktop configuration I have which I can’t seem to duplicate in Mint.

    One other option I really use a lot in Windows is the option in Copy or Move/Paste to have the ability to keep both files when they have the same file name rather than at that point in time to choose one or the other or stop everything and rename on the spot. I can always come back later to decide which one to keep or rename. I wouldn’t think this would be too hard to add to Mint.

    Personally, Warpinator will be of no use to me if it can’t be used with other operating systems.

    Again. I really appreciate the work that the Mint team does. It is a fantastic product.

    1. Regarding question 1, Open the Backgrounds Window in System settings or by right-clicking on the desktop in an empty space, and selecting “Change Desktop Background.” Select Settings tab, and then click the second choice; “Picture aspect.” From the dropdown menu, you can select “No Picture.” Underneath that option is the dropdown menu to select background colour, which can be one solid colour, or a horizontal or vertical gradient of two different colours. Have a field day experimenting with your colour choice. 🙂

    2. @Lord Mozart
      Not a day goes by that we don’t learn something new. I had no idea you could change the desktop to a solid colour. I prefer to have a picture myself, but its good to know the solid option is available. Thanks for posting that info.

    3. @ Calvin and Tony W, you’re both very welcome. Glad I could help. 🙂
      @ Calvin regarding your 2nd point, let me see if I understasnd you correctly. You want to be able to move or copy a file from its original location to somewhere else, and if it encounters another copy of the same file, be able to rename the copy to something else so that you have two files the same with different names, for example “File (1)” and “File (2)” with both having the exact same content or perhaps “File (2) having updated contents compared to “File (1)? Is that correct? If so, I have some good news for you. Nemo file manager that comes with Cinnamon Desktop does just that. It will pause when copying one or multiple files, if/when it encounters a file with the same name, and if you look at the options given, it allows you to rename the file you’re about to copy over so that you have a duplicate with a different name, or as you said, you can dismiss/cancel the operation or overwrite the original. If you are copying multiple files, you can check the box to have them all automatically overwrite or ignore the existing file, but you’ll have to rename each file manually one by one if you want duplicated copies. Also be aware that if you right-click on a folder or file, in the context menu, you can choose the option to duplicate that/those files and folders. I can’t remember if that is turned on by default though, but if it isn’t and you want to turn it on and a few other options in the context menu, just go into Nemo’s preferences under the edit tab, and choose the “context menu” option from the list. NOTE: I use the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint which comes with Nemo as the file manager,, so I have no idea how or if this works in Mate’s Caja or Xfce’s Thunar file managers. I hope this will be of help to you ….and others. 🙂

    4. You were correct with respect to the copy or move/paste request. Unfortunately requiring user action to rename them individually at this point in time is the game changer. It would be nice if Mint could automatically rename them by automatically adding a (1) or (2), etc. to the file name of all the effected files if the “keep both files” option was selected. Oftentimes I will combine several directories into a single directory with numerous files of the same names in the various directories. I want the same named files automatically “flagged” for me to address at a later time when a much more detailed analysis can be made to discern exactly how I want to treat the individual files with the same names. Currently Windows can accommodate this type operation and I find myself using Windows to complete these type of file maintenance operations. It seems to me that Mint could very easily accommodate this action (maybe it can and I just don’t know how to do it, as was the case with the solid background color!)

      @Lord Mozart. I really appreciate you taking the time in sharing your knowledge with me and others. It is very much appreciated.

    5. @Calvin, Looks like you’re going to have to get hold of a script to do what you want, but that’s WAY out of my league I’m afraid. If you can get hold of a script to do that though, I’m pretty certain it can be added to the context menu in Nemo file manager. You’d simply have to add it to the .local/share/nemo/scripts folder and then possibly enable it in Nemo’s preferences, plugins option.

      You’re very welcome. I’ve learned a lot from others so I’ll share any bits I know with anyone who needs help. 🙂

    6. @calvin
      RE: “the option in Copy or Move/Paste to have the ability to keep both files when they have the same file name rather than at that point in time to choose one or the other or stop everything and rename on the spot”

      I did a bit of searching on the net and found an old script that worked in a fashion, and have developed it further so it does what I would want – so if it finds an existing copy of “blah.doc” it renames the 2nd file as blah(0).doc and so on. But the command to execute the script is a bit long-winded and fussy. As Lord Mozart suggested it may be possible to incorporate the script into a Nemo right-click action but I have not yet had time to play with that. But it would be far better as a “built-in” feature of Nemo as you have suggested. Not sure if it will make it into the roadmap but we can hope.

    7. @Tony W
      That’s exactly what I want. Unfortunately my programing skills are pretty much non-existent and as much as I’ve tried, I’m definitely not a natural! Hopefully it will find it’s way into the roadmap. Until then I can still log out of Mint and log into Windows on my dual boot system to handle my file management issues, but what a bummer when I’m doing everything possible to put Windows behind me.

    8. @calvin
      My own programming skills are fairly primitive. I’m more of a “hack-something-I-found-online” person. Although I can make my script work from the terminal, and I know how to create a nemo-action, putting this particular script into a nemo-action would require quite a bit of work since it would have to pop up a “Move/Copy to” dialog to let the user choose the target path. That’s a bit beyond my expertise. I’ll leave it to younger brains to conquer.

    9. @Calvin, I just thought of an idea that might solve your “copy/move and rename at new location if same file exists” problem (a bit of a mouthful, eh? 🙂 ). Get in touch with Joe Collins of He also has a channel on Youtube and is on Facebook. He has made a few good scripts and programs for various tasks over the years, some of them quite elaborate and even turned into .deb installation files, and he may be able to help you. He’s a self-confessed “NON-expert” but is pretty versed in script making. He’s also in regular contact with Jeremy O’Connell who IS an expert and has helped him a lot when he gets stuck. Between the two of them, I’m very sure that one or both of them should be able to come up with a script to do exactly what you’re after. You can find Joe’s Youtube Channel here: and his EzeeLinux website’s contact page here:
      I do hope that something can and will become of what you’re looking for as it’s something that I can definitely make use of as well. In fact, I’m going to put in a request on the ezeelinux website for such a script (without stealing your idea), and I suggest that you do so too, outlining your problem as much as possible. The more requests for something, the more attention it may receive. However, I’m not guaranteeing that he can/will help you but “nothing ventured, nothing gained” as the saying goes. Good luck, and if you do manage to get hold of a script that does what you’re after, then please post a message on this or most likely by the time it gets sorted, on the current Mint News blog website, and let us know. Who knows, your idea just might make it into a future version of Linux Mint by default …which I hope it does. 🙂

    10. @calvin
      Can’t help with Nemo integration but if you are interested in a bash script to copy files and auto-rename them as required, have a look at this:
      Works nicely for me – I have a desktop launcher to run it, and it lets you select source folder, target folder (can be created on the fly), depth of search, and type of file.

      I make no guarantees about how it will work for others. If you want to try it, please read the script carefully beforehand to ensure you are happy it isn’t doing anything nasty. Naturally, to run it you will need to set it as executable in File Properties.

    11. Script this – MINT wide. I had some guess about ‘automatic rename’ for online-bank-files via browser download:

      There could be an additional NEMO preference to ‘ftrace trigger’ own python scripts if one can choose. As this does cross the extent * implementing a Parental Advisory mode aka Beta mode in Cinnamon * opts to daylight self-reliance and/or do-it-yourself will, a required level of Nash-hardening.

  93. Sorry for this question I search for it but I didn’t find any…. will be for LM19.3 users also an upgrade “MENU” in the Software Update App to the new Version 20?. That will be so good.

  94. i thing 19.3 a bit incomplete (i feel pain in my eyes when look to the font, even i enable anti aliasing still looks pain). so i come back to 19.2 then waiting for 20 edition i hope is better.

  95. This release will be based on Ubuntu 20.04. Ubuntu has made the controversial decision to use snap packages over deb files by default. I hope that the Mint team will not follow a similar path (snaps or flatpaks) with this or future releases of Mint.

    1. Hi,
      usability is definitely important, but it would be nice to polish GUI a bit. No doubt it is already good and the new color palette shows potential changes, but IMHO some more steps might be taken by the Mint staff into consideration. I will give some hints, so if you find such requests irksome, just stop reading 🙂
      Animations – as suggested above – especially those of menu and the panel applets might be improved,
      Small icons (like those on Xreader or Pix used for incremental zooming, and some others) could be bigger, as now they are rather unrecognizable and don’t perform their functions well. Besides, bolder sizes might seem more modern perhaps;
      Would you allow for some optional translucence in GUI?
      You already seem consider revamping the sound theme, more modern one could indeed be welcome. It doesn’t mean the current one is bad.
      I’m not tech-savvy and don’t know your plans, but guess feedback is always feedback anyway.

  96. @Clem
    Since asking for features is popular in this place… 😀 do you guys have any plans to implement something like “time machine”? (i dont want to connect an external hard drive, but getting older versions of files, would be nice)

    best regards and again Thanks 😀

  97. Hi Team! Thanks for new colors, I think that they are better, more pleasant to look at. When it comes to Warpinator, I must say I like the name. I can’t test it at the moment, as I have only one machine at home. Maybe if I could use it over Hamachi…. 😀 Keep up great work!!!!

  98. Hello,
    Will it be possible in this version to load an ICC profile (ICM file) for the screen ? The last version of DisplayCAL can’t install it (errors when installing the ICM file) and MATE can’t load ICC profile.

  99. I’ve used Mint from version 10 and have never looked back. Really looking forward to the new features in version 20. I’ll try out on a fresh install of 19.3 on a spare disk, just in case.

  100. Hello, I can help with Slovak translation of Warpinator if needed.
    Please contact me on my email.
    Looking forward to the new version.
    Stay safe everybody.

  101. @ Clem: love the new colours. So much more vibrant and fresh looking rather than the old washed-out looking old ones. I just wish the green (yes, the minty green) would get the same treatment too and be abandoned for a more vibrant green. Green is actually my favourite colour, but the minty green that our distro uses doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, as they now stand, I’m very pleased and happy with the new colours. Thanks. 🙂

    1. I’m concerned about that too, so many people on Mint forums are having trouble with newer kernels.

  102. Please increase the window control buttons or add a feature to increase/decrese it’s size. For my opinion it is too small. Also add a feature which can increase the mice scroll wheel speed in settings. Generally mice motion is not good on linux mint and the setting sliders almost do nothing.

  103. Hi Mint-Team,

    Warpinator does’n start in Tricia 32 bit.

    the ppa:clementlefebvre/grpc contains only two old packages.

    On my other machine Tricia 64 bit the ppa contains all necessary packages
    and warpinator is starting

    Did I make a mistake, or is it at the moment not possible to run warpinator on 32 bit

    1. They have. Unfortunately, it IS now called Warpinator. Yeah, I know. I think it really sucks BIG time too, but ah well, it’s just one program, and I won’t have any need for it …for 99.9% of the time at least …unless something radically changes with my PC setup and life in general. :/

    2. I wonder how many people originally thought that “Google” as a name for a search engine was silly, really sucked, didn’t represent what it does?

      Or how many people thought that “Google” could be a portmanteau, that the founders were acting like lecherous, immature schoolboys by combining the verb forms of the words “goose” (poke between the buttocks) and “ogle” (stare at amorously)?!

      The name first used was “BackRub.” How great was that?

      Eventually the founders decided that a word meaning “ten to the power of 100” – “googol” – would be a cool name. But these brilliant Stanford University PhD students accidentally misspelled the word. So, it became “Google” by mistake!

  104. I’m still missing the notifications for safely removing an USB-disk. There are at least 3 ways to unmount a device. 1.The Nemo-sidebar (mounted devices) 2. Desktop (Icon of the mounted device) 3. Panel-applet showing mounted devices. It would be nice that all 3 ways exhibit the same way of unmounting the drive. I notice that the guys switching from Windows to LM rely on the panel-applet. But as no notifications are shown that the device is still busy, the devices get removed prematurely resulting in corrupt usb-sticks. Please have a look at these issues.

    1. I agree that would be very helpful as I too miss the “can be safely removed” message

  105. If I upload large files, e.g. several GB movies on a pendrive, then after ejecting the pendrive often the file (movie) is not full or damaged.

    1. When copying large files to a USB pendrive/thumbdrive/external hard drive or similar, I always open a terminal and run the “sync” command. Only after the “sync” finishes, have I found it safe to remove the drive.

  106. Keep both new and old colors and maybe add saturated? Maximum values such as Red being FF0000…would love a Dark+Sanguine blood theme…

    1. Hi Odin,

      We can’t keep them all. We’re shipping two themes (Y and X) in multiple colors, with white and black icons and three different styles for Y… dark/darker.. it’s a lot already. It’s a lot to maintain for us, and it’s a lot in the UI for you as well to choose from.

    2. I don’t think it would be a lot of work considering you only need to create one template and feed a simple sh/py some basic rgba and have it automate output. Similar to what you have already now. If you’re going to remove the old stuff, how about a future version of icons where everything is simply done with a colorwheel and simple preset selections of rgba from Mint by default. Maybe the same for the boot logo?

    3. Perhaps we (as in the community) could just repackage the current icon set, and make it available for download as-is. That might mean no updates, unless one of us is willing to put in the work, but it might be good enough for most.

  107. Hello.
    Recently, Ubuntu 20.04, which comes with Gnome Shell version 3.36, made it possible to run programs with the dedicated GPU, which is present in Nvidia drivers for machines with hybrid cards (Intel + Nvidia). This happens when the user right-clicks a program, then the option to “Run with the dedicated GPU” is displayed. In addition, you must first activate the “On-demand” option in the PRIME section in the Nvidia panel settings for this option to be displayed.
    I would like to know when Linux Mint will have such functions and if it will be already in this version 20?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Yes, this is coming. I couldn’t confirm this last week before we were sure. It’s half implemented now and it’s all coming in Mint 20.

  108. Calling some application Warpinator is only cool when your mental age is 13 years old 😉
    Good utility name should suggest usage of program like “Smart share” …

    1. While I respect the opinions of those who would disagree, I like Warpinator. I never see (although I am sure they exist) people in uproar over things like text editors named “Kate”, and we get by just fine.

      …On the other end, I find humor in the ULTRA-descriptive name “the GNU Image Manipulation Program” being generally just called GIMP and most people are okay with that too 🙂

  109. Hi, Clem! I know it’s such a minor thing, but would it be possible to set keyboard layout applet to switch languages on left click?

    1. Left click? Wouldn’t that make your computer pretty much unusable? I use Alt+Caps to switch.

    2. Spamegg, how come it would make the comp unusable, when you change keyboard layout simply clicking on the layout icon? It should be obvious I didn’t mean clicking anywhere on the desktop 😀 And I mean ONE click, and not first opening the drop-down menu and selecting the layout there.
      I’m aware I can change the layout using a combination of keys, it’s that due to my work specifics I have to use virtual keyboard with a mouse, so switching with just one click of that mouse would make my life a little bit comfier. I don’t really see the point of drop-down menu there.

    1. Hi Pedro,

      On my main computer I usually run the latest (19.3) but I build and develop on it, so pretty much all the projects we work on are in alpha/git-master versions on it.

  110. Hi Clem,

    It would be great – so very useful and convenient – if Sound (cinnamon-settings sound) included an equalizer! Preferably with some basic presets, and an option for creating custom equalizer settings.

    1. Thanks, spamegg, for the suggestion. But after installing pulseaudio-equalizer I was unable to find a way to launch it. It didn’t show in the Menu or in Menu Editor. Trying to launch it from the terminal didn’t work either.

    2. Launch terminal: qpeaq
      At least that what I read on internet, I am not using equalizer

    3. Thanks, PeterQwerty. But, I had already tried that command in the terminal, too. It didn’t work.

    4. You can create a new launcher for pulseaudio-equalizer if you don’t want to have to keep using the terminal to start it. The instructions below show how to do so.
      Right click on the menu button, and click on “configure”
      In the menu configure window that opens, click on the “Menu” tab, and then click the “Open the menu editor” button which is about half way down.
      In the menu editor window that opens, the first thing I always do is to go to preferences, and check the box to show the Cinnamon Menu that I can get to it like any other app without having to do all the previously mentioned steps. Obviously, this is personal preference and if you don’t want to do that, just ignore that step and follow the rest after this.
      Click on Sound & Video, and then on the right-hand side, clickd “New Item.” That brings up a small launcher properties window where you can create a new launcher in the menu. I label mine as follows:
      Name: PulseAudio Equalizer
      Command: qpaeq
      Comment: System-wide audio equalizer **Note: this one (Comment) is optional, and can be left empty**
      Then in the top left-hand corner of the window, click on the launcher icon. This will open up another new window, so that you can choose an icon for the new launcher that you are making. In the search box, type (without quotes) “equalizer”, and it will automatically show you a set of icons that you can use. Any one will do, but being a bit OCD, I usually pick the one called “pulseaudio-equalizer.” After all, that’s exactly the name of the launcher I’m creating. You can of course pick something totally different such as the soundcard icon if you prefer. It’s entirely up to you. With that done, just click on “select” in the bottom right-hand corner to close the window with your selected choice of icon, and then click okay in the launcher properties box. After that you can then close the Menu Editor window and the Menu Configue windows. Job done! You should now see the new launcher’s icon in the Sound & Videos category of the menu. If not, try restarting Cinnamon, or logging out and then back in.

      I hope you (and anyone else reading them) find these instructions clear and useful. 🙂

    5. Hi Lord Mozart,

      Thanks! Your instructions were clear and useful.

      I reinstalled pulseaudio-equalizer using Synaptic Package Manager. Then, following your instructions, I was able to add PulseAudio Equalizer to Menu Editor as a New Item.

      However, it still would not launch!

      What I should have included in my reply to PeterQwerty is that when I tried the command qpaeq to launch pulseaudio-equalizer in the Terminal there was this error message:

      “There was an error connecting to pulseaudio, please make sure you have the pulseaudio dbus module loaded, exiting…”

      After doing some research online, below is what ultimately worked for me to make PulseAudio Equalizer launchable. Listed step-by-step, so that, hopefully, it can easily be followed by a newbie:

      (Using Linux Mint 19.3, Cinnamon)

      1) Right-click on the Desktop > click “Open as Root” > type in your root Password > click “Authenticate”

      2) Nemo file manager automatically opens with “Elevated Privileges”

      3) In Nemo: click “File System” (in the left Sidebar menu) > double-click “etc” > double-click “pulse” > double-click “”

      4) At the bottom of the text file, add these 2 lines (separated from the last line in this file by a blank line):

      load-module module-equalizer-sink
      load-module module-dbus-protocol

      5) In the Menu Bar: click “File” > click “Save” > then close the text file window (“File”, “Close”, or use the window close button) > then close Nemo

      For reference, here are links to the webpages which helped in figuring out how to solve the issue:

      NOTE: I was disappointed that PulseAudio Equalizer didn’t have any presets! I guess I’ll just create some of my own, maybe using equalizer presets in Clementine or VLC as templates.

    6. @ Tom K. First of all, thanks for your reply. Glad I was able to help you. Secondly, my apologies for forgetting to include an often overlooked but VITAL step in getting the equalizer to work. You have to tell pulseaudio to load the equalizer as a sink each time the system boots up, so here are the steps on how to do that. Copy and paste the instructions below to avoid spelling errors.

      with root privilegs, navigate to the file: /etc/pulse/ with your prefered text editor and paste in the following (the first line is optional and is just for reference purposes:

      ### Load system-wide audio equalizer
      load-module module-equalizer-sink
      load-module module-dbus-protocol

      Save the file and reboot (NOT JUST log out and log back in, but REBOOT) your computer. When you log back inyou SHOULD then see that your default sound output device in the sound applet is called, “FFT based equalizer on… [whatever your sound card is]. If you now try to launch it in the menu having created the launcher for it as previously outlined, it will launch and be fully operational.

      I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but unlike the LADSPa version of equalizer, this one does NOT have any presets. You make and save your own, but this is a welcome to me anyway. This one also has a great trick up its sleeve. However wide your monitor is, if you drag the right hand edge of it, it will display more and more frequency slider to finely adjust your sounds. The wider you drag it and make the equalizer window, the more frequency slides you have to “play” with. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it the best ever audio equalizer software I’ve ever come across in both Windows (when I used it), and in the 10 years now since I’ve been using Linux. Also, you can set the channels totally differently from one to the other(s) by clicking the “Channel” dropdown menu at the top, setting a channel, and then repeating for the other channel(s) and setting them to how you want them. Pretty neat, eh? Have fun and enjoy some enhanced sounds. 🙂

    7. @ Tom K, Oh, my apologies again. It seems I hadn’t scrolled all the way down to the bottom half of your last post. I just saw it after posting my previous post and realise now that you had already done what I just posted, and you have the equalizer working now. Oh well, no harm in seeing the same info twice I guess. I’m just glad you managed to get it sorted and are able to enjoy some enhanced sounds. 🙂

    8. Hi Lord Mozart,

      Those who are not Linux virgins will prefer your shorter, simpler instructions for editing the file. And, you included the essential final step of *rebooting* after saving the edited file!

      I forgot to add that step to my instructions.

      Also, when I made the edit, automatically opened as an Xed file, since it was already selected in Preferred Applications (cinnamon-settings default). So, I didn’t think about adding the step “navigate to the file: /etc/pulse/ with your preferred text editor” that you included.

    9. UPDATE RE: pulseaudio-equalizer

      After struggling with pulseaudio-equalizer version 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.7 for a few days, I decided that I would prefer something easier – an equalizer that already has some useful *presets*.

      (Using Linux Mint 19.3, Cinnamon)

      1) So I removed and purged pulseaudio-equalizer version 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.7:

      sudo apt remove –purge pulseaudio-equalizer

      (IMPORTANT NOTE!: There should be *2 short dashes*, hyphens, before the “purge” command. The Blog comment software might convert the 2 dashes I typed into a single, longer endash, which would be incorrect.)

      2) And I deleted the load-module lines I had added to the file (see my comment above, dated May 12).

      3) The pulseaudio-equalizer version I found that has *presets* was only available in Linux Mint by adding this *ppa* to the repository:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

      4) After adding the ppa, I installed pulseaudio-equalizer version

      sudo apt install -y pulseaudio-equalizer=

      5) In the Terminal, I put the newly installed xenial version on *hold*, to prevent it from updating to the ubuntu version:

      sudo apt-mark hold pulseaudio-equalizer

      6) For extra insurance against an unintentional update, I also *locked* pulseaudio-equalizer to its current version in Synaptic:

      With pulseaudio-equalizer selected: Package > Lock Version.

      NOTE: This version of pulseaudio-equalizer (with presets) automatically appeared in the Menu! (Unlike the previous unbuntu version I had installed, it did not need to be added as a New Item to Menu > Configure > Menu Editor.)

      And this version didn’t require adding load-module lines to the default-pa file. It launched without any problems!

      It appears in Sound (cinnamon-settings sound) > Output as “LADSPA Plugin Multiband EQ”.

  111. Hi Clem,

    RE: Update Manager (mintUpdate)

    For Mint 20, please include a new version of Update Manager which remembers any user resizing and repositioning of the “Downloading Package Files” window from the last launch.

    It would be great, too, if Update Manager allowed for resizing of the “Applying Changes” window. Currently it does not. Repositioning is allowed, but, again, Update Manager does not remember any previous user repositioning of this window.


    1. At least on KDE you can create a specific window rule, so it gets automatically resized to whatever you set it as. Are there similar functions in xfce or mate?

    2. Hi anony,

      I’m using Linux Mint 19.3, Cinnamon. The “Behavior” settings in Windows (cinnamon-settings windows) don’t include an option to remember user resizing or repositioning of windows.

      Update Manager (mintUpdate) doesn’t have these as options in Edit > Preferences either.

      I’m not familiar with the window settings options in the Linux Mint Xfce or MATE desktop environments.

  112. Hi all,
    I have been using Linux Mint for several years now, first on my 2009 iMac, and more recently on my 2015 model. The reason I started using LM on my iMacs was that it was the only one that drove the video card properly. Until the kernel was upgraded past 4.15. When using a kernel 4.20, or 5.0 or 5.3, there is a problem with the amdgpu driver, in that it can take 30 seconds to a minute to load the video driver. This is compared to the normal 20 seconds to boot up when I use kernel 4.15.
    Is there any chance of getting someone to look at this? Or am I the only one running LM on an iMac?
    It’s not a substantial problem, I can boot up, install the older kernel, reboot and delete the other ones so they don’t get in the way with the rEFInd booter.
    I love my iMac, and I love LM. They go together so well.

  113. There are a few repetitive people in these comments that make them a chore to read.
    1: Make your suggestion.
    2: Let the Mint team make their decision.
    3: That is all – don’t complain your preference wasn’t chosen and stop arguing semantics with people – this isn’t the place.

    At first I thought the name was stupid but by next months blog I also liked it’s quirkiness. I highly dislike the other suggestions made in here which illustrates Clem’s point they won’t be able to please everyone.

    Robustness issues: (both machines Mint 19.3)

    1: Crashes – on selecting download/save folder.
    I had opened the dialogue box but then went to a terminal window to create a specific folder – Warpinator crashed in the background while I issued my mkdir cmd. I experienced a second crash in same dialogue box too but sorry can’t remember if it was same machine or not, and I didn’t recognise any pattern to the two crashes.

    2: Non-connectivity when using UFW
    UFW Rules added using Update FW button in preferences and verified with ‘ufw status numbered’. I noticed this only allows TCP/42000 by default. Warpinator also seems to open UDP/5353 sockets.
    – With firewall enabled on both machines, neither machine sees the other.
    – If you then disable firewall on machine B, and restart warpinator on either machine, machine B still cannot see machine A but machine A has now found machine B.
    – If you then try to send a file from machine A to machine B in this state, it stalls at ‘Waiting for approval’ even though all machines have both ‘Require approval…’ preferences set to OFF. This is reproduce-able.
    – If you disable firewall on both machines, restart warpinator so they see each other, try to send either direction, it just works. No issues seeing each other or waiting for approvals etc.

    At first I couldn’t get Warpinator to work AT ALL, whether with UFW enabled OR disabled, and I gave up til another day. But in hindsight I think it wasn’t working when I disabled UFW because of the prior crashes I mentioned in note 2 above. I later found warpinator processes still holding tcp/42000 using netstat, while it actually appeared to be closed with no app or tray icon present. So if you are seeing intermittent behaviour and you can’t get machines to see each other, close the app and check there isn’t any ghost warpinator processes with ps.

    3: Issues reconnecting after suspend;
    – After making a successful transfer, if machine A goes to sleep, it shows as Offline on machine B.
    – After waking, machine A sees machine B okay, but machine B still shows machine A as offline.
    – If you try to send a file from machine A to machine B, it stalls on machine A with ‘Waiting for approval’.
    – Weirdly, machine B still shows machine A as offline but after a pause it DOES show the incoming file transfer – it gets the right file name, and the Stop/Cancel button appears next to it, but the transfer never actually starts.

    4: Intermittent unreliability
    Transfers stall & fail over wifi network – was repeatable on demand several times – until it wasn’t 🙁
    I witnessed some mid-transfer stalls and failures especially when starting a second concurrent transfer. I suspected poor placement of second laptop as I do see low wifi throughput at that point using rsync/ssh. So suspecting wifi issues, I managed to cause the same failures on demand by walking the laptop farther away from the router/AP and putting behind furniture etc. I saw NO such failure with laptop in same room as router/AP. I assumed you were using a UDP transport which was causing application unreliability because my reliable tcp ssh session continued uninterrupted between same two machines while Warpinator failed. But while testing again and running iptop to confirm this, I found you indeed use TCP transport and I could no longer cause the failure on demand. But infuriatingly, I had done so on two previous testing sessions. Weird. Sorry, intermittent problems hardest to solve. Willing to do more testing and break out wireshark if someone else has seen these transfer stalling issues.

    1. Thanks Glenn,

      Thanks for the very detailed feedback. This is going to help us a lot. I hope we can reproduce these issues and fix them.

  114. @Clem, would it be possible to have the option to manage kernels also in system settings in Mint 20, or is it something that would have to be placed on the roadmap for Mint 20.1? I’d love to be able to just get to the kernel manager with just one click …well, two if you count the kernel manager itself. 🙂

    1. In addition to my previous post, I have another “small” request, not regarding Linux Mint itself, but regarding this particular news blog page. Would it be possible to add an option to edit our messages that we post similarly to when I post a message under a video on Youtube. Very often, I/we might post a message and then realise that we forgot to mention or even delete something that we rephrased, so it reads a bit ridiculous. The current and only solution is to send a second message (like this one for instance). It would be great if after posting, we could go back to the message and edit it. I know and appreciate that right now, it’s full steam ahead with bringing out Mint 20’s beta and then final release, and I have no programming or webpage development skills so I have absolutely zero idea of how difficult and time-consuming that may be, but if it’s something that would be a rather complex and detailed, time-consuming job, then maybe it could be looked at once Mint 20 is out. I do hope that this is something that will be considered, Thanks again for all yours and the Team’s hard work and effort.

    2. There would need to be a way to mark it as edited. I would probably not read it a second time. A second, corrected post is more obvious.

    3. @ITfW, yes, it would have to be marked as been edited, but depending on how it has been marked, may depend on whether you see it to read it again. Maybe move it down to the bottom of the page as though it were a new message? I have zero webpage development or coding skills, so I have no idea how things work behind the scens, so I’m just throwing out an idea here. I think it’s basically a good idea, but the question is, whether or not it’s a feasible one. If it’ not, I won’t be losing any sleep over it, but having said that, I do hope it can be looked into and even implemented …somehow. Thanks for your reply. 🙂

    4. You folks actually Visit The Blog and try to find things? (humor)
      Personally I only view what the RSS feed shows, then maybe pop over to see detail or comment.
      In my not so humble opinion this blog format is Really Hard To Read. Too much volume in the original post to scroll past, then way too many comments to scroll past, searching for content of interest.
      @Clem … I know this is your thing, and you must like it. Your house, your rules.
      But, maybe you could consider some other software and format.
      Thanks, Peter.

    5. @Lord Mozart I agree completely. Just trying to make a good idea a little better. My post wasn’t meant for you so much as whoever may be doing the work. They can’t give us what we want unless we tell them what that is. Making Mint even better is a cause we all support. Cheers

    6. Hi Clem,

      I agree that it would be great to have the option to edit, or even to delete, our comments! At least within a certain time window after posting.

      It would also be great to be able to preview how our comments will appear on the webpage before posting.

      The option to use italics or bold type for greater clarity or emphasis, where appropriate, would also be a welcome enhancement.

    7. Hi Clem, if you’re interested in the comment editing suggestion, there’s a free WP plugin called ‘Simple Comment Editing’ which gives anonymous (not logged in) users a 5 minute window to edit or delete their comments. I think there’s also a paid add-on which gives other options such as extending the window etc, but the basic plugin might be good enough if you’re inclined to implement.

  115. How about “Bitshift” instead of Warpinator? Warpinator is really cheesy, as many others have pointed out. There is already a “Timeshift” in Linux Mint so it sort of blends in. I thought of “Fileshift” first but that seems to be taken already.

    Also, I’m on the side of more sober, understated colors as well. Since this is so personal, why not have all of them and make everybody happy, please?

    1. BitShift sounds brilliant to me. Warpinator is vety cheesy, who would say its name out loud without getting strange looks. No, we don’t need that look while Linux use is growing.

  116. Hi Clem and team and thank you again for your work. I recall commenting some months back about the cinnamon menu not resizing according to how many favourites I had in there. You hinted at that being something you wanted too and suggested I look at various things to see what I could do, WELL I FAILED miserably, apart from having no programming skills im a bit of dunce. I found a workaround quite a while ago which only works if I build my own Cinnamon desktop from Ubuntu minimal then in a clunky and awkward way mix Cinnamon 3.89 with the latest Nemo and Xapps from Tricia, well it works and I have no crashes but the end result is not Linux Mint and Linux Mint is what we run in our house so 19.3 it is and the menu thing is not a deal breaker at all.

    Super happy with Mint and I thank you, the family and I are staying with Mint. If anything I wrote above gives you a clue or indeed if you see it as something worthy of time and effort (It really isn’t a biggie), Ill keep banging away at it as i still have time before furlough is over. Stay safe All

    1. PS , I could send you my custom ISO to show you how ridiculous my solution is, as I said though its not trying to be anything and its just my little experiment and I fancied a challenge.

      Thanks again Clem

  117. i like using skype on linux. I downloaded the debian package (skypeforlinux-64.deb) from the website, and used the terminal to install it on a live distro. It works live on debian 10.3, mint 19.3, kali weekly W19. It installs cleanly without need to, sudo apt –fix-broken install , from within the root super user account to get it running. The debian package from the discord and zoom websites works also on these live distros, but you need to use the use the sudo apt –fix-broken install command from within the root super user account, while you are on the internet to get them up and running.

  118. Hello,
    “Warpinator” is OK. In my opinion, the new colours are fine, but a little too dark, especially red, aqua, blue and purple. These four seem to produce a particularly strong effect and may not match some other, more toned colours like green (which is Mint’s “brand colour” and can’t be changed, as I understand). Besides, they (the four colours in question) could be too dark for the dark theme. Yellow, pink and teal seem the best to me, grey might be quite interesting too. I’m trying to be specific but of course can’t avoid subjective judgement. All the best for Clem and his team.

  119. May 10, 2020 at 9:17 pm
    “Warpinator” is OK. In my opinion, the new colours are fine, but a little too dark, especially red, aqua, blue and purple. These four seem to produce a particularly strong effect and may not match some other, more toned colours like green (which is Mint’s “brand colour” and can’t be changed, as I understand). Besides, they (the four colours in question) could be too dark for the dark theme. Yellow, pink and teal seem the best to me, grey might be quite interesting too. I’m trying to be specific but of course can’t avoid subjective judgement. All the best for Clem and his team.


  120. Hi Clem,

    in terminal
    gdebi warpinator_mint19.3_1.0.2_all.deb brings the following messages:
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    Reading state information… Done
    Dieses Paket kann nicht installiert werden
    Dependency is not satisfiable: python3-grpcio (>= 1.16.0)

    I saw in your ppa description you refer to Inho Oh
    In this description I found for grpc the following:
    Backport the latest gRPC(v1.19.1) to xenial(16.04) and bionic(18.04)
    – supported target architecture: amd64, arm64, armhf

    Is this the problem for my old 32 bit machine ?
    and can I hope one day the official package will work for me ?

    I want to play a bit “warpinator” between my old and my new machine 🙂

    Thanks in advance LM-Team, and keep on rocking…

  121. I finally upgraded from 19.1 to 19.3 Tricia on my Dell Latitude D830 and love it. Thanks for all the hard work!

  122. Somehow my post got displayed as a reply to a comment instead of a stand alone comment of its own. My question was, with the way snap is going on Ubuntu, and by extension Kubuntu, is there any chance of Mint KDE making a return? Would it be a possibility if enough people stepped up to spin and maintain it?

  123. After trying Mint 19, I had to go back to Mint 18 as Mint 19 had so many issues accessing samba shares. Has this been fixed (by Ubuntu I assume) or am I stuck with 18.3 for ever? Thank you!

  124. Clem
    I have a Raspberry Pi setup as a music server and I do some minimal cross platform programming with it also. I would like to get Warpinator to work with Raspbian. Currently I’m using ssh with Caja to transfer files across the lan. I don’t do much with Windows now-a-days, mostly in a VM. Warpinator might be a better alternative to samba.

    I also have another question. I just installed the latest Ubuntu 20.04 on an old laptop. It’s slow to say the least. But the one thing I did notice is that the desktop is starting to look a look a bit like Windows 10. Is LM going to move more towards a Win interface or stay with the traditional interface?

  125. Really enjoying the new Aqua colors, my desktop has never looked so fresh and beautiful. Please never remove this theme from Mint.

  126. Clem, please bring back KDE fork for LM!!! If not, it’s okay. I love Linux Mint, as I type this on my Linux Mint XFCE laptop. 🙂 Keep up the great work!!!

  127. Hola, estoy aventurándome en todo este mundo de Linux, he probado varios distros y he llegado hasta este maravilloso sistema, hasta el momento todo me gusta en el sistema, es rápido y no he tenido problema alguno. Pero, aún así, tengo una duda.

    ¿Porque el Gestor de Software de Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon (el cuál estoy utilizando) no tiene las versiones actuales de los programas que busco?

    La mayoría de programas que busco salen con una versión anterior, me gustaría que alguien me ayudara con una explicación sobre esto, ya que soy neófito en esto.


  128. Dear developers,
    First, let me thank You all for the work on Linux Mint. I’m continously looking for an even better OS since years, until today I couldn’t find one 🙂
    A question please:
    Will in the 20 version the Bluetooth connection be improved? I’ve got a BT headphone, I am able to connect it (isn’t straightforward at all), but the sound quality is terrible. Yes, I tried to switch the sound profile to Hi-Fi, but it isn’t possible. After reboot, the headphone doesn’t connect at all.
    I tried a lot of things I read on different forums, but none solved the problem.

    Thanks in advance,

  129. Great, do you have plans to integrate the new nemo to version 19.3 aswell? for the ones that dont want to upgrade but need the performance?

    1. I’ll second this, if it’s at all feasible. This is the first time I might not upgrade when a new version is released. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’ve invested a lot of time tailoring my 19.3 Cinnamon system. VirtualBox with W10 for Canon camera software, Xampp and WordPress running locally for development, Mint theming tweaks, latest version of Darktable installed, plus quite a few other bits and pieces that would have to be re-installed/implemented if going to 20. I don’t need file sharing, and although I’d love to try out the new themes I’m equally happy with what I’ve got. The one area that causes difficulty is viewing thumbnails in folders with lots of images, and I’m aware this is an issue that has received specific attention by the dev(s) recently. I’ve turned off thumbnails to get round it, but it’s great that performance improvements are on the way and I’d love to benefit from those within 19.3. I’d equally understand if it can’t be made available, but just to drop this into the bucket for consideration 🙂

  130. Clement,

    When we change the taskbar to the rigth ou left position in the Mint Cinnamon, the clock is unconfigured. So, it’s impossible see the date or the time.

    I really love your system, thank you for all this.

  131. please can we have a different GUI to look at the options for the screensaver?

    – I notice that the mate-screensaver has an interface that lets you choose random screensavers or particular ones, plus other power options.

    … but cinnamon doesn’t ? (or have I missed something)

    1. @ Ajc
      Are you referring to a capability other than what is offered within the Backgrounds app?
      Ray M

  132. With all the effort going into themes, it continues to puzzle me why the default Mouse Pointer collection remains a couple of plain jane Windows 3.x cursors. New users don’t know to go searching for the alternatives in the repo, or how to find a package that enhances the improving choices of preinstalled themes. Just IMHO..

    1. Do you have any suggestions for a good looking Mouse Cursor theme, which could work as default? The only one, which I found was the Windows 10 cursor theme, but you probably can’t add that to Mint, because of legal issues. Others, which I have tested, are too silly, childish, extravaganza.

  133. Hi Nigel
    – yep, think I was aware of that … guess what I’m saying (albeit poorly), it would be nice for the LM developers to provide an alternative to the xscreensaver hacks.

    e.g. to go from a multitude of great screensavers to NIL, is slightly disappointing.
    – used to love coming into the office after grabbing a coffee and seeing what screensaver was running.

    – don’t get me wrong I love LM, been using it, supporting it, recommending it to my clients since v6 !
    … but would love to see a cinnamon written alternative :^)

  134. Will the RTL8723de driver work out of the box both bluetooth and WIFI ? I saw Ubuntu 20.04 has it working and also they solved the problem with the incapability of using simultaneously wifi and bluetooth. Will be this part of the new version of Linux Mint ?

    1. Catalin:
      Yes, it should. Mint 20 will come with the LTS kernel and firmware in Ubuntu 20.04.

    1. you can turn it on yourself 🙂
      Enable lz4 (for very fast compression/decompression)
      sudo su
      echo lz4 >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules && echo lz4_compress >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules && update-initramfs -u

  135. Looking for a minor improvement: add possibility for a separate background picture for all monitors.
    Remember, other screens can be rotated for example 180 counterclockwise, and the main one might be in a normal position.

  136. I Like The New Mint-Y Colors They Look Better And
    Still Do Not Create any Eyestrain When Used With Any Dark Theme

  137. Linux Mint doesn’t cost me a penny to download and use, it doesn’t ask me to work hard to configure it to my liking, it does work reliably and it does get better with each release. This is my experience for the last 3 or 4 years and I am very very grateful for the hard work. The last time i had any trouble that really caused me bash my keyboard was Linux Mint 11 with cinnamon 32bit and when i look back I’m fairly convinced it was an Kernel issue but I never got to the bottom of it as by the time 12 came out things were just fine.

    If I contribute with the price of a coffee or 1000 big ones it works the same and works well and I’m not being made to feel guilty just because my funds are low. Its a darn good deal I say and it would be great if any suggestion I offered or trouble shooting I did helped this project in some small way.

    Thanks and bravo to Clem and all those who support him in this excellent project.

    1. Just adding this self reply as I may use alternate emails from time to time and I don’t want to appear to be some kind of internet monster.

      Stay safe all

    2. oops, EDIT

      Got my editions mixed up, I don’t think Cinnamon was available in 11 was it ?, in any case, had great usability and stability with Linux Mint for a long time now, thank You all

    3. @Wayne O.
      Well said. Linux Mint has been my mainstay for years too, and although I have made a few modest donations I am aware that if I’d been using Windows I would have paid a lot more for a slower, less configurable system with a million frustrations built in.

      I am particularly impressed by how we get such calm and thoughtful responses from Clem and his team. They inspire me.

    4. @Wayne O, yes, you did get your editions mixed up. Mint 11 (Katya) was the last Gnome 2 edition, and for me, was rock solid stable and fast. Mint 12 (Lisa) had MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions) which was a stop-gap until the Dev Team decided which way they were going to go after Gnome Shell came on the scene. That one (for me anyway), was a sick baby. Six months of crashes and problems. I did kind of like the layout of it, but it was as stable as shifting sand underfoot. The first edition with Cinnamon was Mint 13 (Maya), as was the Mate edition.
      I might just take a trip down memory lane this coming week, and install them (Mint 11, 12 and 13) in a VM and have a bit of a play with them. Lockdown affords me the time to do stuff like that …so long as I’m in the mood. 🙂

    5. @Lord Mozart
      yes, Gnome2 was rock solid.
      we are very fortunate that the Mate fork was created and survives today.
      I only wish that Mint would use it, the Full version with the Mate apps, with the default panels and menu.
      (available with Debian, not Mint or Ubuntu, you should try it, worth the effort)
      unfortunately Clem has to focus on “looks like Windows” for his audience, and he needs to use his Xapps to play nice with his Cinnamon and that other desktop to minimize the conflicts.

      to each their own.

  138. New colors: Ugly and painful to use for any length of time on my screens. In addition, it would be an embarrassment to let my non-Linux friends see a screen with those as the default. PLEASE PLEASE keep the old colors. If you really feel compelled to change something, how about nudging someone to fix the file manager in Xfce so I can see large directories on my Android phone. This worked under a previous version of Linux Mint…

    1. @Allen

      This has merit. Maybe we could maintain the old colors as classic. I like the new ones but some of us prefer the old colors as I prefer the old desktop layout. I prefer the option to go classic with my layout. I can understand how some of us may want to go classic with their colors.

  139. Has the team ever thought of expanding the use of the calendar in the task bar?

    With features that would include clicking the date you want that will bring up a ‘Things to do’ list for that date, which would include an Alarm of sorts to remind you?

  140. Hello, Linux Mint team.
    I have no idea if there’s any room for improvement, but Cinnamon users have been dealing with this weird narrow space next to the window border, it has affected my Firefox ever since 19.1. I believe Mutter is related to this.
    From normal usage to fullscreen youtube video, it’s all cursed by this bug that needs addressing.
    I’m not alone in this. Just so you can have an idea, this is how it looks when the bug takes place:

    As mentioned previously:
    October 2019 –
    More recently, I posted this to debate whether it was gone after some time:

    I asked the folks on linuxmint@FreeNode where I should go to report this bug and got no answer, so letting you know is my last resort.
    Please let me know if you need any further info on this, as I continue to investigate the root cause.
    Could someone on the team have a look at this and provide us a hotfix/patch?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ummm… That’s not a bug, it is your scroll bar. However, it does seem as if you get the scroll bar even if the document vertical extent is sufficiently small so that it fits entirely within your screen.

  141. Hello there Clem et al,

    While humbly waiting to get my hands on a beta for Mint 20, there is also that other project that got me frowning: UbuntuCinnamonRemix… In my opinion it is almost useless, since Ubuntu + Cinnamon + streamlined work and apps is already here and it is called Mint.
    That said: I tried UbCinRem and its default colour scheme is really bad. Try using a text editor and select anything. Brrrr. Almost impossible to read. And I can truly find no real advantage.
    One thing though: they have an easier way to not only use the LTS release but also the standard release. Maybe because they have more manpower behind it?
    That said, if you use LMDE4, you can easily point to newer Debian releases and it seems to work just fine. Same goes for standard Mint, to an extent.

    Last thing: 32bit Mint will still be available, it’s called LMDE4 😉

    1. That’s also what I did with LMDE4.
      I changed buster to bullseye in source.list.

  142. Hello! Keep up with the good work!
    Is there any plans for a future major change in the Mint default color?
    Every big OS’s uses blue by default (Windows and MAC OS). It looks more professional in my opinion.
    If I was the developer, I would make the Mint icon white and/or silver (like Windows start menu and iOS logo), and the OS with blue by default (the Windows 7 blue is amazing). And the folders blue or yellow, it looks like real life folders, because green I don’t think so.

    Anyway, Mint is awesome!

    1. Everyone, of course, has their color preferences. Personally, I like the green default color. To me, it doesn’t look unprofessional at all. It looks fresh, pleasing, and sets Mint apart from other OSs.

      Linux Mint without mint green…? I would miss it!

    2. Me too, I really like the green color. For me, any color can be professional and green goes well with the name on the plant (mint)­. Anyway, all OS need a color, and I think it’s much better to stay away from Windows colors! When I think of Windows + blue, it reminds me bad memories of Blue screen of death…

    3. I don’t have a problem with default Mint logo and accent color being green. What I can’t understand is why that green has to be of such a faded out and… well, dirty, shade. And all the grey, and grey on grey, making one think there’s something wrong with the monitor… What happened to the clear, vibrant colors? I mean, damn, LM is released in the late spring/early summer, it should feel fresh and young and energetic, not belonging to the hospital ward for the dying. Yes, I can change the theme easily, but still.

  143. Linux Mint is my OS of choice, for some programs i still need windows.
    Preconfigured VNC does not work, krfb has to be configured every time when i start it, xrdp does not connect to the a vnc-server. The tutorial (see post above) worked for a day, now the vnc denies the connection.
    I would really like a built-in ready-to-use vnc service and or RDP-Service (with audio?), perhaps with the possibilty to enable VNC and / or RDP in the system-settings. On the raspberry pi with raspbian its so easy.
    That would be great.

    And i hope Mint 20 supports Wireguard natively in the network-manager … !

    Thank to Clem and the whole team

  144. If the Mint 20 freeze like Mint 19… I will say goodbye to Mint. Open browser… wait, start type something… wait, start some application… wait, excuse me what at the hell you did with nice Linux Mint that i used in last 8 years? First time when i install Mint it was has white desktop, then become green, then gray, now it is almost black… Color symbolic show that this operating system dye! A way how it work show the same. Good luck!

  145. Hi!
    Thank you for such a wonderful distro. I like the new colour scheme. It’s bold and vivid. I don’t mind using it on a daily basis. But for people who are going to miss the old colour scheme, I’d prefer having it both. The new one renamed as bold or vivid or the old colour scheme renamed as soft or something similar. I also like the light/dark mode toggle. Is there any plan to support automatic theme change based on time or sunrise/sunset?
    Either way, Mint is fantastic. It was my very first distro and after distro hopping for a while, I am still running it. 🙂

  146. Thanks Clem I really admire your work and leadership.

    I am from Costa Rica, Central America and I have used Linux Mint for 5 years and it is the best distribution I know.
    I want to continue using LMDE, but when I installed it, I had a problem with my digital signature that doesn’t work, but it does in Linux Mint 19.3 and earlier and with other distributions like Debian 10.2.
    Since I know that LMDE is the right direction for the future, I have a question: What email do I write to formally report the bug so that the experts can review it and perfect LMDE?

    Thank you for all Clem


  147. I just installed the new colours and the first impression is that I do not like it much (I use Mint-Y-Blue). I will test for a day or two and then see what I think of the old colours. I promise to give feedback. If I don’t, you can assume that I get used to it.

    In fact, maybe it is a good time to brighten up (technically, contrast and saturate up) the website. For now, it looks a bit tired and seems to have a lot of stories to tell. I think that this website change may get more people willing to try the OS.

  148. Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new theme colors.
    I didn’t try all of them but I like the new blue better than the old, which I think has too much red in the mix.
    I liked the old aqua better though.
    It was more pastel and smoother.
    While checking some other colors, I noticed the window close button kept blue even when selecting other colors. (orange, purple, etc.)
    Do you plan to add a Mint-Y GTK yellow theme too?
    Using LMDE4 Cinnamon edition, with debian base changed to bullseye, by the way.

  149. Update: I used the new Mint-Y Blue for a day. Now I went back to see what’s better. The short version: the old blue is better.

    The long story version: It did not pull off with the custom icons. About the custom icons: at first, I was very bothered by them, then, I finally got it: they avoid distractions and are made to be pleasing on the eye and elegant. They have washed out colours and are consistent. Ok by me. This is the opposite of what is ubuntu and pop_os. Back to the theme colours: they are too much saturated and makes all icon design go to waste. If I am to use these saturated colours, I would rather use the default icons, firefox for instance. Maybe consistently shocking is not so shocking (see ubuntu).

    A third option would be to saturate the custom icons a little bit more. I would be ok. But, really, what is the point, then?

    Cheers for the effort, in any case! I know you are doing your best!!!

  150. Why activate APT recommends by default? I think it will only bloat the system. Please, at least let the user know about this change or give an option to opt out.

  151. Will there be a function, as there has been between Mint 18.3 > 19, and from 19 > 19.1 > 19.2 > 19.3, etc to upgrade Mint 19.3 directly to Mint 20 when the time comes?

  152. Hi, Clem, I was pleased to notice an article in ZDnet this morning ( that Rothschild Patent Imaging has backed off their suit against the GNOME foundation. I understand that GNOME “…won not only a release and covenant not to be sued for any Rothschild patent but a release and covenant to any software that is released under an existing Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license.” Very cool.

  153. Excited to hear about LM20; that’s a big milestone. You’ve all done great developing it all this time 🙂

    Two things:

    1. If you change keyboard layout mint will keep using the old layout on the login screen, then apply the new layout once successfully logged in. It’s only a small inconvenience but it seems like an oversight

    2. Please don’t remove support for the classic desktop, being able to easily avoid the modern look so many other OS have is something I love about mint

    Thank you

  154. @Kafran, it’s a good idea to activate APT recommends by default, and I wish it had been done ages ago, because, some programs don’t fully install without those recommended packages. Try getting Openshot for example work correctly without them. You might get a lot, or even most of its functionality, but you won’t get all. I think the same applies to Kdenlive as well, but don’t quote me on that one. There are many other programs in the same boat. They install, they run, but the don’t give full functionality, as plugins etc are missing, and then you end up having to install them yourself if you want that particular plugin.

  155. Thanks the development team for their hard work!
    I was reading comments about themming;
    Suddenly I ended with a great idea for increasing customizability and flexibility:

    creating an app for customizing the dominant color of mint-y-theme
    so after we determined the dominant color and applied it
    we can just switch to mint-y-theme
    and use our customized theme 😊

    1. Similar to Lamedows, I agree. About one of the few things Micro***t has done right. Perhaps a list of pre-defined colors, or “custom” (from colorwheel).

  156. Linux Mint helped me with my easy transition from Windows and now I feel home with my Linux Mint XFCE. No other Linux distro gives me satisfaction as much as Mint.
    Having said that, Linux Mint seems to have problem with NTFS file system. Mint is unable to read my portable harddisk which is in NTFS format. The same harddisk is easily detected and read by other distros like Ubuntu(classic, Mate and Budgie), Elementary OS.
    Is this a known issue and could some fix be available in Mint 20?

    Other issues:
    1. If I hibernate my laptop and restart later, I won’t get my previous session but a new session.
    2. A desktop wallpaper when updated gets updated in lock screen as well. But when the wallpaper is removed in the desktop, it continues to remain in the lock screen. There is no way to make lock screen background blank.

    Hope these issues won’t exist in Mint 20.

    1. @Mayor, NONE of what you mentioned are issues with Linux Mint. Let’s deal with your “issues” in reverse order to get the quick and easy ones out of the way first. Linux Mint DOES read and write to NTFS partitions. I have two external USB hard drive, and when I plug them into my system, they auto mount and are readable and writeable. I RESPECTFULLY suggest you take a look at your installation or the actual drives to ensure they are installed/working correctly.

      I use Cinnamon, so I don’t know how to do it in Xfce’s settings, but If you want a blank login screen do the following as root in a terminal:
      cd /etc/lightdm
      nano slick-greeter.conf
      change the SECOND line down so it reads “draw-user-backgrounds=false” (without quotes)
      change the LAST line so it reads “background=” (without quotes)
      Save and close.
      You should now have a blank login screen background when you log out or after rebooting.

      Now for the difficult one:

      Hibernate DOES work in Linux Mint and Linux in general, but in Mint and other Ubuntu-based distros, it isn’t configured by default.

      NOTE: This is far to complex to type here, so here’s a link to a pdf document:

      I hope these resolve your issues. 🙂

  157. I am quite pleased about the LMDE project. Not for the 32-bit support like others, but for the concept of not depending on Ubuntu any more. Thank you.

  158. old icons 1
    new icons 0

    Can’t wait to try Mint 20! Those new icon folder colors scare me. Too garish, bright and very ’80’s. Old Aqua is the best!

  159. Hello ,problem recursive is resolved ? if use mintupdate with download operation ……..= in google chrome problem connexion please check (high supposed : mintupdate use 100% of lan )………………………(my adsl is very good !(not this) i have 70Mb/s down)

  160. Can you _please_ make Update Manager stop stealing focus? My habit is to open it, review the available updates, click Install Updates, then go about my other work while it does its thing… only to have it jump back into focus at two different points as it does so.

  161. @Clem and the rest of the Mint Team, regarding proposal to new colours which I’ve been using for a week now:

    Generally nice upgrades to the prior colours, but with a few exceptions:
    The Dark Blue is too close to the Aqua Blue and they are both too shiny for my taste.
    The Grey, the Teal, the Sand and the Orange are really great upgrades, and the Yellow is a Beast, WOW!

    Please don’t change the Mint-Y Aqua and the Mint-Y Blue.

  162. Clem, when will the beta release be available?

    It’s been over a month since the 20.04 has been available in stable, it would be good to get it out…


  163. Both 5.3.0-53.109 and 5.3.0-53.110 do not work here I had to use 5.3.0-51. The do not allow the shutdown: Mint Menu Stop th PC. The PC seems to shutdown but with *109 the Mint logo remains on the screen, with *110 the logo goes away but the PC is still on with fans and lights

  164. For the first time since migrating to Mint, looks like I’ll be delaying an upgrade for the immediate future. This is NOT a reflection on Mint , Clem or anyone connected with Mint.

    Quite frankly, Ubuntu 20.04 sounds like a train wreck at the moment.

  165. Sometimes the update manager icon has a red x on it.Why. I have to click on refresh to get it back to normal.

  166. Clem why is the mouse pointer so unresponsive in mint 19.3 xfce? Even the mouse pad on the laptop is troublesome, it freezes or it won’t go where you want it to. While I had antiX 19.2 on my laptop I had no problem with the mouse.

  167. I use Mint 19.3 and Gimp 2.10.14 (ppa: otto-kesselgulasch/gimp) – I can see that GIMP 2.10.18 can be installed via Flatpak.
    But – and that’s a big but – then I can’t install the following:
    And probably more – I don’t use more than these, though.
    Will there be an updated version of Gimp in the Mint 20, that will enable the above packages to be installed?

  168. Hello, is the filling tool in the Drawing app broken or I miss someting? When I’m trying to fill a drawn shape or general picture background with a colour, I often can’t get it done. Either get a message that the task cannot be executed, or instead of a new colour of the canvas I get the nearby figure coloured. Transparent colours don’t seem to be really transparent either. I actually like Drawing, but it seems to offer half-baked features.
    And… Is there a chance to have Apache OpenOffice in the repository? I respect LibreOffice devs but OpenOffice has been my friend for years. It is leaner and seems more stable than LO. I tried installing it from AOO website, but it doesn’t work well in the Y-theme: when a new number appears in a little window, like when changing the document page size, that number does not replace the previous value but is written over it and it all looks like mess.
    I consider leaving Windows 10 and after trying a few Linux distros from a bootable pendrive I’ve decided to choose Mint. It’s really fast and damn friendly, and has a very polished, likeable “countenance”. It doesn’t pose any problem for Windows emigrees. Great accomplishment!

  169. Not much impressed with LMDE 4. I don’t like cinnamon and I think I would like LMDE better with the MATE desktop.

    1. @François Blais
      only the Mate panel, not the Mate apps. (you are stuck withe the Xapps)
      Q: purge Cinnamon, all of it? Can that be done easily?
      thanks, Peter

    2. You can install another DE; XFCE, MATE, Gnome, but there’s no need to purge the other one(s).
      Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, I’d left Cinnamon in place.
      At the login screen, you choose the desired DE, that’s it.

  170. The mint team needs to go back to the SysV system which is so much faster. Linux Mint takes too long to boot up and even longer to shut down. Also today the update manager says, unable to install security updates.

  171. Red appears to have far too much blue in it. Appears hot-pinkish on my end. Color-correct monitor.

  172. Yesterday had a case where it was needed to install Unbuntu first, later allowing the Linux Mint installation blocked by a botched LM os. (Maybe caused by power surge from local storms?) Trying to work with the Ubuntu os, I tried to install Anydesk to work on that machine. Anydesk returned that it was Wayland, which blocked Anydesk app from functioning. Had to turn to Teamviewer for remote access, (which worked on Wayland). As soon as I did a bit of work in Ubuntu, I ditched it as fast as possible and was able to get Linux Mint 20.3 Cin reinstalled, and all is now perfect with that laptop. Have to wonder how many apps won’t work on Wayland, and for how long. Very wise of Clem and LM developers to hold off until all the bugs are worked out, for all our sakes.

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