Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” Cinnamon released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 19.2 Tina Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 19.2 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2023. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommended for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19 or Linux Mint 19.1.

If you are running the BETA use the Update Manager to apply available updates.

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


    1. No critical bugs found, I installed it with 3rd party-drivers, all updates and the latest kernel, all stable.

  1. Would it be possible to add a more recent kernel as a boot option (not default) to the iso in point-releases? My brand new laptop didn’t even boot with a 4.15 kernel.
    Tweaking the iso and updating it to a newer 5.x kernel was more effort than I wished for.

    1. @MartinX3 Sure, but that doesn’t help when you can’t even boot the downloaded image. I just wish I didn’t have to dismantle the ISO, chroot, update kernel, create new ISO, etc. Adding the latest HWE kernel to the image alongside the official one would be a tremendous help.

    1. I love this. I read an article calling us ‘cheap’ as we prefer Linux over the 2 big OS’es.

  2. Congratulations To All Linux Mint Community Members & Thank You Developers Team For An Amazing Open Source Operating System!

  3. Thank you and Congratulations to Clem and entire LM Team and also to the users of Linux Mint our beloved distro.

    1. Omg sorry, I misread 😀 I thought its from 19 to 19.1 😛
      Anyway, thanks for the new release! <3 love mint!

  4. Thanks! It’s excellent. 🙂

    One thing though: I’m a Dutch translator for Linux Mint. Some time ago, I’ve applied new Dutch translations for “applet” and “desklet” in Cinnamon. On Launchpad:

    Those new translations successfully show up in 19.2 Cinnamon. Unfortunately with one notable exception: the section Preferences in the Cinnamon menu. In there, “applets” and “desklets” still have their old Dutch translations. Where can I find the translatable strings for that, in order to repair this?

  5. Many thanks to LM team, great job! It’s nice to see that developers bringing their distribution to perfection, polishing existing functions. The only disappointment – new default font (I prefer Noto font family)…

  6. Thank you Mint team! Another flawless release. Running butter smooth on my modded our laptop. Much smoother and more efficient than 19.1!

    1. “2019 graphics” doesn’t really MEAN anything. If this is your biggest hangup, then you are in good shape my friend! (I don’t understand these complaints about the logo.. It’s fine, and heaven forbid anything has outlines, shadows and depth or contrast anymore? I’m sick of monochrome and flat junk myself)

  7. i have been trying countless distros on an X41 Lenovo and they always get stuck in boot even safe mode.
    i need help without links

    1. See my comment above. I had similar problems booting an X1-C. Have you tried an image with a newer kernel?

    2. I am writing this on my IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X41 running Mint 19.1 Xfce. I didn’t have any problem with the install. Maybe it depends on how you wrote the ISO to the USB stick. But I don’t remember doing anything special.

  8. Great news! It’s admirable to see how much work has gone into 19.2. Many aspects of the system have been improved. Thank you, Mint Team!

  9. Congrats Mint Team!

    Thanks for your work.

    I’m already a patreon and I’m wondering….

    How about a fundraise to give a design overhaul to Mint ?

    I’m more than willing to help with that.

  10. i’ve had started using linux in early 1990s.
    now, in 2019, linux seems to be able to work proper.
    we’re talking abt quite 29 Years of development.
    Mint is my first recommendation for Linux Users coming from other OS just testing it via Live CD.

    Many thx

    1. I am a Windows user and have been researching on making the switch to Linux Mint. I am thinking that I will start the process of upgrading in the next week or so. Many of us are cautious in going to an unknown operating system, but I will do it and finally.

  11. Taking a peek at the update manager in the live session, I noticed that the update manager is showing in the kernel section to downgrade the kernel from 4.15-54 to 4.15.20.and that the 4.15.54 kernel is unsupported. Why is this so? Is this just because I am running the live session or does this also show once the system is actually installed. Seems odd to downgrade a kernel unless there is an issue with it. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this.

    1. Normally I don’t bother with the update manager on the live session until I fully install the system, then I do the updates. I wanted to test drive the new features on the update manager before I upgrade or do a clean install on my linux box. Doing a refresh of the apt cache in software sources seemed to do the trick. Now it looks normal. Thanks for the tip.
      Sent from the live session.

  12. I think there is a serious bug in the installer
    i’ve deleted everything from the mint partition except home folder where i choos to rename user forlder.
    i also added a “games” folder right into the /
    i’ve start installer
    after choosing something else i’ve got the list of disk/partition
    in the list my mint partition is listed as ext2
    blkid it says
    /dev/nvme0n1p1: UUID=”2AF8-3BA3″ TYPE=”vfat” PARTLABEL=”EFI System Partition” PARTUUID=”c9a94b3a-5cdb-4daa-ac24-f75212121d9f”
    /dev/nvme0n1p2: UUID=”7d72b5a7-5239-4c30-8725-07604aa33b71″ TYPE=”ext4″ PARTUUID=”033f6048-8869-4db7-a7da-a64aed937b57″
    /dev/nvme0n1: PTUUID=”f338cf52-7e1d-4871-8bc5-5a2f6846ece0″ PTTYPE=”gpt”
    i think i have disabled the journal thing but im not sure if it was on this disk or another. but it should still be ext4 not ext2 right?

  13. Bit apprehensive about installing this one. I can certainly see keyboard and touchpad input issues on the Thinkpad L480. Laptop keyboard and touchpad don’t work. Wireless keyboard and mouse (logitech-hidpp-device 0003:046D:4055.001E) connected via USB 2.0 hub don’t work.


    mint@mint:~$ grep -i “Using input driver” /var/log/Xorg.0.log
    [ 1236.163] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Power Button’
    [ 1236.185] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Video Bus’
    [ 1236.210] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Sleep Button’
    [ 1236.228] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’
    [ 1236.257] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’
    [ 1236.286] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Logitech Wireless Mouse’
    [ 1236.330] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Integrated Camera: Integrated C’
    [ 1236.383] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘ThinkPad Extra Buttons’
    [ 1236.422] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’
    [ 1622.571] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’
    [ 1622.611] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’
    [ 1622.647] (II) Using input driver ‘libinput’ for ‘Lite-On Technology Corp. Wireless Device’

    1. Just a follow up…rebooting into the LiveCD fixed the issue. I did the full install and it works great! Sorry about the confusion and a big THANK YOU to the team for delivering yet another a fantastic release.

  14. Sorry about my previous comment. Just rebooted into the LiveCD and now the issue is gone! One reboot ago, the keyboard started working but the arrow keys weren’t functioning. Strange.

  15. Great! While waiting for Cinnamon 4.2 on the Debian edition.
    (Wonder why it’s stuck with 4.0 and debug execs. Forgotten?)

  16. Another great release, as always!
    19.2 feels even snappier and faster. I love how you guys hit this nail in the head every release!

    Congrats, Mint Team!

  17. Very good so far. The only thing that keeps me away from using it! are the scaling options for the highest resolution for 4k. Why do you have only the highest possible screen choices? In win 10, I use 2560 X 1440 to watch 4k movies like netflix. Then the sound card “Soundblaster z” does not give me either 5.1 or dolby in mint! So movies can not be seen in mint with all possibilities. But aside from this, I don’t have much to postpone on Linux Mint. Good work after all.

  18. Thank you for the incredible work!! Congrats!!!

    I’ve already updated from 19.1 and everything worked flawlessly.
    I’m really impressed about app’s load time, especially nemo, terminal and the apps menu. It’s instant, even with my slow HD and RAM.

    I’ve also reinstalled Wine (removed winehq ppa, completely purged wine and installed wine-installer) using the new wine-installer pkg and everything on Lutris works just fine.

  19. Hello,

    Great operating system. Great work, great software. I’ve used Windows 10 and other Linux distributions, but the Linux Mint team covers all desktop requirements and crushes all Windows 10, which is far from my favorite Linux Mint. A great new upgrade to Linux Mint 19.2. You are still working, I will look forward to the new versions of my favorite Linux Mint distribution …!


  20. Hi,
    updated to 19.2 cinammon, thx!
    But listing the installed linux-kernels in the update manager does not work for me it just keeps spinning and the windows stays empty.
    I suppose it is because I am using some of these:

    Here is the list of my installed kernels:
    dpkg –list | grep linux-image
    ii linux-image-5.2.1-19.07.14.amdgpu.ubuntu 5.2.1-19.07.14.amdgpu.ubuntu-1 amd64 Linux kernel, version 5.2.1-19.07.14.amdgpu.ubuntu
    ii linux-image-5.2.4-19.07.29.amdgpu.ubuntu 5.2.4-19.07.29.amdgpu.ubuntu-1 amd64 Linux kernel, version 5.2.4-19.07.29.amdgpu.ubuntu
    ii linux-image-unsigned-4.19.28-041928-generic 4.19.28-041928.201903100334 amd64 Linux kernel image for version 4.19.28 on 64 bit x86 SMP
    ii linux-image-unsigned-5.0.14-050014-generic 5.0.14-050014.201905080630 amd64 Linux kernel image for version 5.0.14 on 64 bit x86 SMP
    ii linux-image-unsigned-5.1.16-050116-generic 5.1.16-050116.201907031232 amd64 Linux kernel image for version 5.1.16 on 64 bit x86 SMP

    1. Hi Manni,

      Can you run mintupdate from the command line and see if you get an error message in the terminal?

    2. Hi thanks for the advice! Running mintupdate from the command line and checking kernels gives the following error:

      Exception in thread Thread-4:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “/usr/lib/python3.6/”, line 916, in _bootstrap_inner
      File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/”, line 33, in run
      File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/”, line 535, in build_kernels_list
      File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/”, line 153, in __init__
      Gtk.ToggleButton.set_active(button, not version_id or (not supported and ACTIVE_KERNEL_VERSION > version_id))
      NameError: name ‘ACTIVE_KERNEL_VERSION’ is not defined

  21. Just upgraded to 19.2 – I love Linux Mint – it is by far the best desktop distro I have ever used.

    Only issue (for me) I see is with the update manager. Theres nothing I see in the release notes for this – but the level classification for updates seem to have gone! From both the GUI and mintupdate-cli tool.
    I can now no longer just install level 1 and security updates (which is what I have done for years to change as little possible without user awareness – leaving it upto them to choose when to install non security L2+ updates).
    Really disappointed about this, and see this as a step backwards removing user flexibility and now requiring reversion to DIY scripting to install around applying updates away from mintupdate-cli..

  22. Menu is much faster, great improvement.

    But the results are still sorted alphabetically instead of by relevancy. For example, if I type in “settings” the items that contain this string in their name are at the bottom of the results, not even visible without scrolling all the way down. It makes more sense for search to prioritize certain fields over others, like names over keywords or descriptions.

    I know it’s impossible in the current code to change the order of shown applications since it’s actually just a fixed list with items made either hidden or visible. But I think rewriting this part of menu logic would be as much an improvement as the already achieved performance boost.

  23. It took less than two (2) minutes to upgrade from Mint 19.1 to Mint 19.2 via the Update Manager – impressive, not least because I’ve been helping people update to Windows 10 v 1903 lately. I must say that I experience 19.2 as snappier and quicker than 19.1 ; many thanks to Clem and the team. The only thing I can think to request – once again – in future updates is that an alternative to allow the mouse arrow to automatically constrast in colour with the background be provided….


  24. With both LO Writer and Calc, the ‘Ubuntu Light’ font is actually heavier than the regular ‘Ubuntu’ font. It looks like a bolded version of Ubuntu. However in the dropdown font-selection box, the light selection is displayed lighter, as it should be. This is with beta 19.2 Cinnamon updated after your release announcement today.

    That’s the only problem I’ve been able to find.

    Thanks again for a great distro.

    1. Hello Minter:

      This is not a Mint issue. Please see the following about this upstream bug with the Ubuntu Light font.
      It could also be an issue with the way LibreOffice is reading the available fonts when it opens.

      LibreOffice writer: Bug exists and “Light” is heavier if you type in “Ubuntu Light”. However if you use “Ubuntu” and right-click on text to choose Character… > Style=Light, then it is correctly lighter. No bug.

    2. Further research on this shows the issue lies with the Ubuntu font set. Other applications like Scribus cannot even see the Light or Medium fonts. Something about the font ID. Also checked a newer release of LibreOffice. Same thing. GIMP can see them all as can the Cinnamon “Font Section”. YMMV depending on what application you are using.

    3. fc-list | grep Ubuntu
      Shows the problem.
      Ubuntu-L.ttf: Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light:style=Light,Regular
      Ubuntu-LI.ttf:Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light:style=Light Italic,Italic
      Ubuntu-M.ttf: Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light:style=Medium,Bold
      Ubuntu-MI.ttf: Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light:style=Medium Italic,Bold Italic

  25. When i go to the update manager i dont see linux mint 19.2 what do i have to do?

    1. CARLOS > try changing the official repositories {mirrors} in software sources. the same thing happened to me and that way I got the option to update

  26. Hi. Thanks for this wellmade OS. It seems to be very fast and snappy on my machine and it’s running without any problems so far (Asus Zenbook). I really like the Cinnamon desktop, but i would love to see Linux Mint’s version of the pure Gnome desktop. I think Gnome has evolved much lately but it could use some of Mint’s magic touchups =) Have you considered doing a pure Gnome desktop version ever again? I am one that would be very happy if you picked it up again and maybe even running on top of Debian because i feel like Ubuntu is heading for the ditch with the pedal to the metal. Maybe you could have a poll to check if there are more people than me who would like you to make a pure Gnome desktop?

    Thanks again and best of luck in the future as well!

  27. A whole lot of big improvements this time, great work!

    Just a small suggestion about the Update Manager: in that special display when a new version of the Update Manager itself is available, could you also somehow display the new version number as well? Maybe add it to the bold text, something like: “A new version (5.5.2) of the Update Manager is available”

  28. Slovak language please translate – Don’t speak english
    Dobrý deň,
    Ďakujem za túto skvelú verziu Linux Mint 19.2 a zároveň gratulujem tvorcom, že vytvorili tento skvelý operačný systém 🙂 Mám nainštalovanú oficiálnu verziu LM 19.2 Cinnamon a som s ním veľmi spokojný, len mám trochu problém pri štarte ale aj reštarte laptopu. Problém je v tom, že keď reštartujem laptop tak LM nenabehne (nenačíta sa). V takomto prípade musím vypnúť celý notebook a následne ho spustiť nanovo. Mám starší notebook ASUS F5VL. Ak sa to dá prosím opravte to. Ďakujem a prajem pekný deň.

    1. Good day,
      Thank you for this great version of Linux Mint 19.2 while congratulating the creators for creating this great operating system. The problem is that when I restart the laptop, LM will not boot (not load). In this case, I have to shut down the entire notebook and then restart it. I have an older ASUS F5VL laptop. If possible please correct it. Thank you and have a nice day.

    2. Ahoj McCoy.

      Môže to byť o SATA v nastaveniach systému BIOS. Prejdite na stránku Bios a zistite, či existujú možnosti týkajúce sa AHCI. Ak áno, prejdite na AHCI. Ale ak máte Windows na rovnakom notebooku, potom najskôr počkajte a urobte niekoľko jednoduchých krokov (v programe Regedit) (nájdete na google) a nakoniec to urobte, inak sa systém Windows nemôže spustiť.
      Tiež by to mohlo byť o vašom grafickom ovládači (v skutočnosti to myslím) (Ati Radeon X2300). Na Grub môžete stlačiť kláves e (a dočasne upraviť) a vložiť slovo nomodeset do riadku, ktorý vyzerá takto: … ro tichý splash …
      (proste to urobte ako: … ro tiché postriekanie nomodeset …

      A ak to bude fungovať, povedzte to tu alebo najlepšie na stránke fór, povieme vám, ako to urobiť a urobiť z neho trvalý.
      Alebo, ak vidíte blikajúcu ikonu vľavo hore, môžete stlačiť Alt F4 a prihlásiť sa a použiť príkazový riadok, potom zadajte odhlásenie a stlačte Enter.

  29. Menu bug?
    Why does the menu disappear after I added a programme to, or removed one from, the favorites? Is this intentional or is it a bug? I seem to remember that the menu stayed open in older Cinnamon versions after an item was added to the favorites.

  30. Hello everyone. I have been using Linux Mint Cinnamon since version 12, always in a virtual machine (VB or Vmware) for several reasons that are not relevant. Every new version I install from scratch, I never did upgrade. But since version 18 I could never use Mint smoothly because it does not work with the 3D acceleration of Virtual Box. When you activate the acceleration, Cinnamon works in rendering mode. Is there any way to reuse that feature? The problem occurs only with Cinnamon. In Mate that problem does not occur. It is more in other distros that use Cinnamon also the same thing happens (Fedora, Ubuntu, Manjaro).

  31. Clem, was main menu search function crippled in this release? In 19.1 when i typed “box” Oracle VM Virtual Box was suggested to me, same with bluetooth settings when i typed “tooth” or some other part of the program name. Another example: type “miss” and Transmission program is not suggested now as was in previous release. To get suggestion in 19.2 i have to type program name from the beginning. Now search function is no more intuitive that in windows 10. Is the a way to fix this? Was this removed because of menu speed optimization?

  32. HUGE thanks to the Linux Mint crew for yet another polish on an already polished distro. You guys freakin rock!

  33. I installed 19.2 Cinnamon around 12 hours ago. Till now I have not been able to run the update manager. I think there is some problem with the Ubuntu/Canonical repositories. I am constantly getting the error messages. One of the error messages are follows –

    E:Failed to fetch Clearsigned file isn’t valid, got ‘NOSPLIT’ (does the network require authentication?), E:The repository ‘ bionic-security InRelease’ is not signed., W:Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default., W:See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details., E:Failed to fetch Clearsigned file isn’t valid, got ‘NOSPLIT’ (does the network require authentication?), E:The repository ‘ bionic InRelease’ is not signed.

    I am also not able to sun the Tor Browser. Also, not able to install 3rd party plugins, or the Nvidia driver. I did manage to install and update the Opera browser though. Something is wring it seems. I have changed my update servers to local mirrors and servers from other countries as well. Nothing seems to work in this case for me. Please help!

  34. I think I may have found a problem with 19.2 Cinnamon 64bit. When I try to install the multimedia codecs I get the following response. “Can not install ‘mint-meta-codecs’ (E:Unable to correct problem, you have held broken packages.)” I have tried 2 different downloads, 1 from Clarkson University and the other from James Madison University. I had no problem with this feature on 19.0 or 19.1 versions.

  35. Dear Cleam and the entire Linux Mint team,
    Once again I find myself speechless when trying to find the words to express my gratitude!
    I’ve been using Linux Mint for around 2 years on all of my machines with a brief interim switch to Pop OS which never felt like home and wasn’t nearly as stable as Mint.
    When 19.2 was two days away from being released I decided not to go nuts and install it on one of my production machines and it really paid off!
    Stable, smooth, blistering fast with a huge improvement in boot and login speed, overall system and application responsiveness is leaps and bounds beyond any OS I’ve ever tried and all this goodness while using LESS system resources, improved theme and color scheme.
    I’ve used Windows as a sysAdmin and power-user. I’m a web developer and brought my power-using abilities to linux, I’ve used vanilla Ubuntu (both Unity and Gnome), Kubuntu, Pop OS, Mac OSX, KDE Plasma…but NOTHING was as good as Linux Mint with the Cinnamon Desktop.
    I have yet to hear about a distro and a DE that is able to satisfy the needs of both an advanced user like myself, AND an ignorant novice user like my mother (which uses Mint 19.1) while being super stable, secure, and as far as I know – bug free…except for Linux Mint Cinnamon.

    This month will be my third donation in a row, and if one day I could spare the time to master C/C#/C++/python I would gladly and proudly submit an application to join the team.

  36. Hello,

    nodejs can’t install, How to fix this

    curl -sL | sudo -E bash –

    ## Installing the NodeSource Node.js 10.x repo…

    ## Populating apt-get cache…

    + apt-get update
    Hit:1 bionic InRelease
    Hit:2 bionic-updates InRelease
    Hit:3 bionic-backports InRelease
    Ign:4 tina InRelease
    Hit:5 tina Release
    Ign:6 stable InRelease
    Hit:7 stable InRelease
    Hit:9 stable Release
    Get:11 bionic-security InRelease [88.7 kB]
    Hit:12 bionic InRelease
    Fetched 88.7 kB in 2s (50.7 kB/s)
    Reading package lists… Done

    ## Confirming “tina” is supported…

    + curl -sLf -o /dev/null ‘’

    ## Your distribution, identified as “tina”, is not currently supported, please contact NodeSource at if you think this is incorrect or would like your distribution to be considered for support

    Thank You.

    1. Two issues I am having:
      1. When trying to install any node versions later than 8.x I get a message that reads: “Your distribution, identified as “tina”, is not currently supported, please contact NodeSource at if you think this is incorrect or would like your distribution to be considered for support”.
      2. No idea what happened, but at one point I was logging in using the default Cinnamon desktop (not software rendered) and it would just load a black screen with the Home and Computer desktop icons shown and nothing else.

  37. Absolutely fast and smooth upgrade procedure. Thumbs Up guys, as usual!
    Only two small remarks from my side:

    1. The keyboard layouts are still limited to four (4).
    2. There is still no Start Up notification for apps in desktop and in panel, even if StartupNotify=true.

    Thanks a lot for the magnificent work you are doing there.

  38. Any idea when the update info will be released? the last update from 19.0 to 19.1 was easy as pie and no settings or files were lost. I will wait for that, not installing new ISO.

  39. Linux Mint Cinnamon is maturing very nicely! 19.2 runs very fast, even on my laptop from 2005/2006! But is there any way we can get textured/blurred transparencies to finally work properly in the Mint Menu, like in this old screenshot? Can we have a separate fork of the default Mint theme(s) that feature this? I think more than enough time has passed for modern hardware to handle this arguably trivial yet USEFUL piece of eye candy, imho. Please? Thank you for all you do, Mint team!

  40. Clem, I ran the lynis security audit tool and Mint gets a score of 60 which seems rather low. I know most of the lynis audit results refer to server systems, but what about for home computing? What is your opinion of lynis?

  41. I actually dislike the removal of level classifications as it allowed me to be cautious with how I installed my updates.

    Timeshift is a great utility, but not everyone would like Timeshift’s snapshots to happen on a schedule.

    I personally would create a snapshot and delete the previous one every time I was going to install a Level 5 Update.

    The Update Levels gave users better control over their system and a better idea of how risky an install could potentially be. Without that, most users are left blind.

    Keeping snapshots on a schedule is also semi-flawed, as issues caused by certain changes are not always immediately obvious and you might end up actually losing your last snapshot with a working system configuration due to it being automatically removed to make room for a new one.

    Also (side note) the update manager’s automatic maintenance option should probably be configurable, just like Auto-Refresh is, instead of locking it to once a week.

  42. I just wanted to say thanks for v19.2-Cinnamon as I was running v19.1-Xfce but clean installed v19.2-Cinnamon earlier (it was a pain as some weird issue on the NTFS hard drives (since I powered down from within Windows instead of MInt it supposedly can act up(?)) from windows stopped Mint from write access like normal and for whatever reason that seemed to interfere with the OS installation, and more specifically grub as it would error no matter what I did and eventually, after getting pretty upset, I just temporarily disconnected all of my hard drives besides the SSD for the Mint install and then everything installed like expected. but after I got the basic Mint installed on the SSD I had to temporarily disconnect that SSD, then reconnect the one I got Win10 on, reconnect the hard drives with the Linux write access issue, then after booting into Windows to the desktop etc I rebooted instead of shutting it down and then loaded up Mint v19.2-Cinnamon from the bootable USB just to see if the write access issue went away (on all 3-4 hard drives I got) and it did at which point I disconnected the Win10 SSD and reconnected the Mint SSD. basically I had some issues with torrents claiming they where 100% and after a ‘force recheck’ it would be generally missing a small amount of data and then have to re-download it at which point it would work which I am taking a guess is tied to the PCI-E SATA controller card (one of those cheap ones for like $20 or so, that I got years ago) in it (ill probably know soon enough in the next few days or few weeks) so I removed that and had to sacrifice leaving my Win10 SSD connected along with a 1TB hard drive. but I can probably manage. but one thing was especially acting up which I am pretty sure was the 1TB HDD was that while Mint was stable and I could do stuff like normal pretty much, as the basic core computer was stable, I noticed you could hear the 1TB HDD randomly powering down for maybe a second or two and spin back up and it’s like the OS generally did not even know even though once in a while I suspect that was triggering that I would notice occasionally that a program needed permission to access the HDD and it was asking for my password as you could see the 1TB HDD was unmounted (which would remount after entering the password etc) which I am confident was from those random power down/up’s to where occasionally it would trigger that password screen when a program, which I am assuming is my torrent client, was trying to access it after it got unmounted from the brief power down/up stuff.

    but anyways, back to Mint Cinnamon, I did not know that with random open windows it acts like Win10, which I like, in the sense when you hover your mouse over a open program on the taskbar it shows that small little popup window of your active windows and you can hover the moue over each to get a preview of what each window shows (without actually making that window the active window at that moment) which is something I missed on Xfce, but is there on Cinnamon. but if Cinnamon stays stable, which I suspect it will, as I am hoping it works well in it’s default state unlike Xfce, as Xfce had a issue of coming out of it’s lock screen after about 5-10 days of uptime which switching to ‘Compiz’ I think solved it (although I should have left the computer running for another week just to be more confident as I reached a little shy of 14 days (it would have went longer as nothing acted up, I just had to reboot) which with the default on Xfce I don’t think I ever hit more than 12 days tops which is why I am fairly confident that lock screen issue is gone when using ‘Compiz’.

    even the speed with Cinnamon I got to say is solid as it seems about on par with Xfce especially once I got the NVIDIA driver installed. but speaking of this… I like how the recommended GPU driver is finally suggesting v430.xx instead of what v19-1-Xfce recommends which was so I don’t even need to mess around with the PPA now. although v390 is still available there to install should someone want to use it, it’s just not got the “(recommended)” thing next to it like v430.xx does now.

    1. so i guess ill have to skip mint for a while. maybe mint 20 will have a fix for this bug

  43. Clem or any of the experts, i’m having a weird problem on my IBM ThinkPad T60 since doing a clean install of 19.2 and what’s happening is i’ll just lose WiFi meaning I lose all connections and LM Tina won’t let me rescan for available networks. It’s as if it just breaks suddenly and the weird part is to get it back all I have to do is put the ThinkPad T60 in and out of sleep mode and WiFi begins working again.

    I’ve done two clean installs and on the second install I decided not to install any system updates just in case that was causing the problem. It’s not because it’s happened a 4th time in 3 days. Is there a log I can send someone to look and see what’s causing this problem?

    I’ve been using Mint for years and this is the 1st time this problem has happened. I may have to go back to 19.1 if this persist. And btw, whatever you guys optimized, worked because LM 19.2 flies on my ThinkPad T60 running a T7200 CPU and 3GB of RAM.

    1. I have the same issue on 2 different computers. Update icon does not appear in the panel. If I toggle the Panel Edit Mode the icon appears but is partially cut off. Did not appear initially then worked OK the second day but doesn’t work again now. If I open the Update Manager from the main Menu the icon appears normally and stays in the panel until reboot. Minor issue but otherwise a great job on 19.2.

  44. I must file a formal request with Clem, and the LM team, that they turn back time and tell my former self to not post the comments that I might give up LM because I was so happy with 17.x and it went bye, bye.

    THIS 19.2 is gravy!!

    I am REALLY trying to brake something and I can’t. Even Kodi works as it should with various elements. I sometimes have issues with certain sits restricting their videos without DRM but this seems to be working well too.

    There are super tiny qwirks, like screen flicker in VLC when using the keyboard volume to change volume, but its probably not really a Mint issue.

    Bravo LM. I will upgrade when I get one of these ever cheaper SSDs.

  45. I am surprised you can’t simply create a shortcut to a file or folder on your v19.2 Cinnamon desktop. who’s idea was it to remove that? ; that’s a bad idea. on v19.1-Xfce I don’t remember having trouble getting it to work. but on Cinnamon, you can’t do it at all. if you can, it’s not simple like we are used to in Windows for years which is simple enough. that functionality needs to be restored unless there is a good reason to remove it.

  46. Thanks to the devs for 19.2.

    However…. where have all the checksum files gone? Has somebody hacked the site? How am I supposed to verify the isos?

  47. May I please make a small suggestion for the “Linux Mint” and “Mint X” themes?

    In the “cinnamon.css” files for these themes, there is a section for the panel settings (“#panel {” and following). The current “font-size” here is set to 9pt — I think this needs to be increased to 10pt. As things stand, the clock and “Menu” (“start-button”) font-size is smaller than that used for 19.1 and also smaller than the sizes now used for the “Mint-Y” themes.

    With 19.2, on the “Linux Mint” and “Mint-X” themes, the time and “menu” text is now too small for comfortable viewing. A simple change to “cinnamon.css” as suggested above will fix this I believe.

    By the way, if any user wishes to change this for themselves now, I suggest these steps: 1) go to file-system->usr->share->themes and copy the folder for “Linux Mint” or your chosen “Mint-X” theme. 2) Go to your home folder and view hidden files and folders. (If necessary create a “.themes” folder here) 3) Paste the copied folder into the .themes folder and rename the folder (e.g. to “Linux Mint2”, “Mint-X2”) 4) In the copied folder go to cinnamon->cinnamon.css. 5) Open the file and search for “#panel”; immediately below this, change the “font-size” value from “9pt” to “10pt” (or more if your prefer) 6) Save the cinnamon.css file. 7) Go to your themes settings tool and choose your new theme (“Linux Mint2” or whatever).

    Thank-you for reading and thank-you for all your valued work. +JMJ+

    1. I see a new version of mint-themes is now available, with this change included. Wow! Thank-you so much for your speedy response – it is humbling! Thank-you again. +JMJ+

  48. Well done to everyone involved in making this release possible. I’ve been using it since just before the beta version was officially announced and had no problems on neither of my two desktop PCs or two laptops. Love the newly added features and improvements …especially the speed. Everything is rock solid stable and working as it should be. Thank you all very much for all your planning, hard work, and final product. 🙂

  49. Not sure if it is only me, but it seems like updating softwares via Update Manager has become a two-step process instead of one, so I have to type password two times (which is annoying)! Is it like updating the UM itself before updating the others?

    Anyone else having such an issue?

  50. Upgrade from 19.1 worked smooth and fast. Thanks so much for your work.
    I’ve got one suggestion for future versions, LM 19.3? Could you please make the font size and weight of the panel changeable? I edited cinnamon.css to get normal fonts instead of bold ones, but it was a play of trial and error. Maybe a menu point in “fonts” in system preferences?! Thanks again.

  51. I have a Laptop with Spesification :
    Intel core i7 7700HQ
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050

    when the Nvidia actived… the linux can’t load to desktop screen…. just stay on booting

    any can help?

    1. Hi Rupadana,

      Just in Grıb screen, hit the key e

      this way you’ll temporarily edit the cfg file (only for that session).

      …And look at the line that ends like … ro quiet splash blahblah

      just insert the word nomodeset and do it like this:

      vmlinuz………. ro quiet nomodeset splash …

      then go on (was F10 if I’m not wrong, yo’ll see there)

      And if that works, tell us and I’ll tell you how to make it permanent.

  52. guys, we’re gonna need an option to enlarge clock, date and day numbers and letters, they are really small

    1. There was a recent update for the Mint Themes to increase the size of the panel font from 9 to 10 points.

  53. I’ve upgraded successfully to 19.2 and all works well on my older machine. I thank the whole team for such an wonderful OS. There is one little thing, that I’ve never experienced since I am using Linux Mint. I’ve read in the forum, that a few user experience the same thing, but there is no solution until now:

    After the system has started the icon of the update manager doesn’t appear in the panel. As a workaround I’ve restarted Cinnamon and then it immediately appears and all is as usual. I’ve checked all the settings, reinstalled the update manager, but nothing has changed in this behavior. Can this be a bug or is there a known solution? Many thanks for any help!

    1. Hi

      This happened to me too on LMDE 3 after updating to Cinnamon 4.2.
      Update Manager does not appear down in the right bottom corner after reboot.
      This problem only appear on one of my two laptops though, the one I updated today.
      On the other laptop I updated to Cinnamon 4.2 earlier this week, this problem does not appear.

      On the laptop where this problem appear, going to Menu – Administration – starting Update Manager from there, make it appear down at the bottom right panel area.

      All this said, I’ve only had two reboots today after updating the laptop that have this problem.
      Will see if if the problem persists or if it corrects itself after a couple of more reboots.

  54. I don’t see many responds from Clem. I also wonder about the lynis security audit tool. Is it worth using or should we just ignore what it finds?

  55. Upgraded from 19.1 cinnamon to 19.2 cinnamon, but cinnamon crashes over and over. reverted back to 19.1, works fine. Reupgraded and crash, runs in fall back mode, but no cinnamon. I have spiceless mint!

  56. Updating broke Cinnamon for me. I was on 19.1 Tessa, Cinnamon edition, and updated to 19.2 through the Update Manager. Now when I boot I get the message “Cinnamon just crashed. You are currently running in Fallback Mode” and I have the option of restarting Cinnamon, but it immediately crashes again. I’ve tried with kernel versions, 5.0.0-20, and 4.15.0-55. The desktop in Fallback Mode looks similar to MATE – maybe that version somehow got installed over my Cinammon edition? I’d greatly appreciate some help on how to resolve this while I look into how to roll back the 19.1-19.2 upgrade.

  57. Hi, Just installed the 19.2 Cinnamon. Can’t seem to adjust the brightness of my screen…. think its a common bug.. can someone advise how this can be resolved?

    Thks in advance..

  58. I am a very happy longtime Mint user from way back when. Keep being amazed by the progress on Mint. Absolutely the best OS in my humble opinion. Amazing job being done here. Thank you.

  59. When scaling the OS for high resolution output to an HDTV, VLC appears super tiny. Like ‘can’t even read the menu items’ tiny. Anyone have any ideas?

  60. Very well done. Just great.
    If ever there is a way for donation by eBanking or credit card i will make a donation.
    However, something like “miracast” woud push it to excellence. I’m still missing.

  61. Hello.
    What do you think about this problem?
    My sustem’s spec:
    Kernel: 4.15.0-55-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 7.4.0
    Desktop: Cinnamon 4.2.3 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 19.2 Tina
    base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

    Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics vendor: ASUSTeK P8H77-I
    driver: i915 v: kernel bus ID: 00:02.0 chip ID: 8086:0152
    Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.19.6 driver: modesetting unloaded: fbdev,vesa
    resolution: 1600×900~60Hz
    OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Ivybridge Desktop v: 4.2 Mesa 19.0.2 compat-v: 3.0
    direct render: Yes

  62. You Linux Mint developers need to fix the update manager problem in cinnamon. The update icon is missing in the bottom panel and we are not getting notified of security updates. I had three security updates and kernel updates waiting when I brought up the update manager from the menu and clicked on refresh. These kind of problems are not acceptable. It seems like Mint has been going down hill since Mint 15.

  63. I clicked on the libmuffin0_4.2.2+tina_i386.deb link in a Windows 10 machine, and the server offered to download it. So, it was there. I didn’t download it in my Windows machine; but, I rebooted my Linux machine, and when it came up it said there was an update to Update Manager available. I installed it. Then there were many updates available, and I installed them, (and rebooted). Now my Linux machine’s System Info says I’m running 19.2. (And, after perhaps another reboot, Cinnamon 4.2.) Don’t know what was wrong in the first place; but, I guess I’m upgraded.

  64. Hi LM Team,

    I was always a huge fan of Linux Mint MATE (since 2011), seldom used other distros or desktop environments, because I liked the old/stable/fast Gnome2 environment -> with 19.2 I installed & tried now also XFCE and Cinnamon Edition (32bit) more extensively.
    XFCE is even more resource friendly (esp. on RAM) then MATE but in my opinion it is a little bit slower …. but then I tried Cinnamon -> I can only say WOW !! , great work LM team – I think the time has come to switch to a new DE (sorry, old stable Gnome2/MATE) !!! – never used such a responsive and fast Desktop environment, also web browsing with Firefox is much faster …… and all this on an old Lenovo Laptop from 2007 !
    I’m just curious -> what makes Cinnamon so blazing fast now in comparison to MATE/XFCE ? Is it also the underlying GNOME3/GTK3 base and/or extensive performance tuning / development in Cinnamon?


  65. Hi all, i just installed 19.2 mint and Anbox application manager is installed but jamed (NOT WORKING) the page come on, but when i click on icon = all stuck !!!
    Any ideal ???

  66. I had to get rid of 19.2 cinnamon and mate and install lmde3 to get a usable system. The update icon is also screwed up in lmde, but at least this system works better. I think the mint people need to get back to work and repair the bugs. The update icon is also missing in lmde3, and when ever it does show up it is half eaten. Clem, why only a part of an icon, don’t you see it? Please release an update fix.

    1. Hi George,

      We don’t know. We know some people are having this issue but we don’t know why. We can’t reproduce it here in the dev team. Did you change any panel settings? What icon sizes are you using for panel and systray? Also does it only happen on login? Does it happen when you refresh the list of updates or when you launch a new update manager? Are you running in HiDPI? What’s your resolution? Is there anything you can do on your end for it not to happen again? We’re bit lost as to why it happpens here.. and how to reproduce it.

  67. Thanks again for Linux Mint 19.2. Just curious and hope this is a question I can ask here, but will Linux Mint 20 have Linux Kernel 5.0? Thanks in advance.

  68. When I make shortcuts to my data folder (on separate HD), the links are not working after booting.

    They all give an error message.
    Until I open Tunar, from then on the links seem to be restored again and open to the right folder.

    But when I reboot, the same problem is there… Is it a known issue?

  69. Using 19.2 Cinnamon – I noticed a few times while testing out the software that, any application I open doesn’t show up in the task bar. The only way for me to see whats running in the back ground as far as apps I’ve opened, is to use CTRL TAB and cycle through them.

    1. is this a known bug?
    2. is there a fix for this?

    Another issue I have run into on two separate machines is not being able to install the mint-meta-codecs.
    I receive the following errors when I attempt to install it:
    E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    To fix the problem, I simply just install VLC Player.

  70. To Clem:
    I changed nothing after installing Lmde3,did the updates and rebooted. The update icon was missing in the bottom panel. I have to go to the menu and click on the update manager to check for updates and when there are several updates there is no notification. I use auto login on my desktop computer a 15 year old Compaq Presario and the same settings that come with the install of lmde, same default every thing. I don’t know what to do on my end for it not to happen, I am not an expert on solving Linux problems . Not sure about the HiDPI, don’t know exactly what it is unless I look it up. I may have have to install xfce and see if it works better.

  71. Don’t know how you people use this system. I installed Linux Mint 19.2 cinnamon which had a non working update manager, then I tried Mint Mate which would not power off, then I tried Mint xfce which also would not power off. The Mint developers need to make sure every thing works before releasing the stable Mint systems. They need to test them on both old and new computers. Some of the apps such as the usb stick formatter do not work. The update icon is deformed in the bottom panel, also in LMDE3 and sometimes does not show up.

  72. Nemo bug?
    Pinned folder does not work at all (nothing happens) and also per-folder thumbs does not work (option not present in preferences, and button in toolbar does nothing) for nemo 4.2.2 in a 19.2-xfce ambient (for thumbs, problem already was here in 19.1)

  73. Does this version of Linux Mint support high definition screens? My screen resolution is 1920×1080.

  74. After a new install, my system (Dell XPS 9570) crash at reboot with the free graphics drivers.

    After Nvidia drivers installation, in first time all is ok but after something days, the driver crash !!??

    1. More one bug on dashboard, in edition mode it’ impossible to dissociate the Nvidia/Intel icon from the update manager. After one attempt to adjust, you must to restart the edition of the taskbar because it does not work anymore ;(

      I am very disappointed by this very buggy ISO image, where older bug from previous versions resurface.

      Making the graphic presentation (Cinnamon) a priority by sacrificing the functional aspect (multiple bugs) is not to my liking.

  75. I recently updated to system to Linux Mint 19.2 Tina Cinnamon Edition from Linux Mint Tara. Everything is working fine except, once I lock the system, it becomes sluggish to unlock it (the whole login prompt becomes slow, keyboard inputs is also sluggish). It takes a while to unlock. Once it is unlocked, it works fine as before.
    My System Info:
    OS: Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Version: 4.2.3
    Linux Kernel: 4.15.0-58-generic
    Processor: Intel Core i7-7820HK
    Memory: 16 GB
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1070 Mobile
    NVIDIA Driver Version: 410.48
    Server Version Number: 11.0
    Server Vendor Version: 1.19.6 (11906000)

    What could be the workaround for this issue? Please help me out. Thanks in advance…

    1. Having this same problem. Haven’t checked if it’s something serious like a memory leak or something else. It takes a while before the lock screen starts performing poorly. I think it might get worse and worse the longer you wait but I haven’t confirmed this either.

      Have you tried a fresh install to see if the problem persists?

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