Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” Mate Edition.

Linux Mint 19.2 Tina Mate Edition

Linux Mint 19.2 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2023. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 19.2 Mate“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 19.2 Mate

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommended for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19 or Linux Mint 19.1.

If you are running the BETA use the Update Manager to apply available updates.

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Hi Guys,
    Firstly a great big thank you – I confess not having the financial resources to adequately compensate you for the BRILLIANT Distribution.

    I have an odd situation, I CAN create a folder on the desktop (OR a Launcher), but I cannot see it until I reboot.

    I have installed on two systems and this behaviour is only applicable to my HP Dv7 i7 with 250gb SSD and 8Gig Ram.
    Any help much appreciated – aside from this dev

  2. Wow, superb release. Just tested it in a VM and it makes a very good impression – and in comparison to the Cinnamon edition, which is laggy and using a log of CPU in a VM, MATE is performing very well. IMHO timeshift together with the new features of auto updates, auto maintenance and reboot warning are a huge improvement. Now I can install it on all the laptops of my family this weekend. Thumbs up and keep the good work!!!

    Just in case you already have the time to think about the next major version (after you enjoyed the summer vacation you deserve 😉 ) here are some suggestions:
    1. make installing missing language files easier – add a step in the welcome screen similar to the one in the Ubuntu MATE distribution, as when installing Linux Mint without internet connection, translations e.g. of Firefox are not installed during the update; one must manually install them
    2. initially installed fonts should be dependent on the language settings – if my keyboard selection during installation is German, then I would expect only fonts with Latin characters to be installed by default, but no Korean, Japanese, etc.; but if I install a language that uses e.g. a Kyrillic alphabet, then I would expect such fonts to be installed – or at least provide an easy method to get rid of fonts using other alphabets than the languages installed on the system
    3. please enable the firewall by default
    4. please remove Flash from the codecs default install as it is a security nightmare – make it optional or a separate button in the welcome screen (and Java installation should also be optional)
    5. I think increasing security should anyway be the next major topic – please install and enable AppArmor and Firejail by default as they should (hopefully) reduce the amount of exploitable zero-day security holes
    6. I suppose there are valid reasons, why you do not use the Firefox version from the Ubuntu repository, but maybe you can work together with Mozilla, in order to be able to provide updates as soon as they are released (in the past Mint was sometimes lagging behind, thus known security holes were open longer than in Windows or Ubuntu) – as Timeshift is a integral part of Mint, fixing the security holes as fast as possible should be regarded as more important than the risks that a new version might break the system (at least for the major internet facing applications)
    7. Timeshift was a great addition, maybe you can add something similar (e.g. Back In Time) for user files too – loosing changes in a file when saving is not uncommon and it can be very painful to restore the lost content; reverting back to a previous version of the file would save a lot of time – ideally a new version is created each time a user saves the file or, less ideal, every xx minutes a snapshot is taken
    8. would it be possible to have the file manager, similar to the x-apps, common in all distributions? I would be great if features like pinning or the bar showing the disk usage would also be available in MATE too
    9. could you make the brisk menu available in the next MATE version and allow the user to choose and switch between the current menu and the brisk menu?
    10. integrating 2-factor-authentication in the installation process would be great – I would really appreciate it if I could enable 2FA with YubiKey for LUKS encrypted harddisks and 2FA with Google Authenticator for login and screensaver
    11. an advanced partition manager during the installation that can handle full disk encryption would also be a great addition (any plans to switch to a distribution independent installer, like Calamares, in the near future?)

    Thank you again for you great work!

  3. Have now refreshed all the updates for Mint 19.2 on both my computers (running MATE and Cinnamon) from my Beta versions. So smooth and seamless. Thank you, Clem, and the team so much for all your hard work! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I’m new to Linux and have been trying out different distros and desktops over the past couple of weeks. I’ve tried Debian, Ubuntu, MX, Fedora, Mint, LMDE3, Manjaro, and a few others, and I keep coming back to Linux Mint using Mate on my almost 10 year old laptop and it runs pretty good. So much faster than Windows did, and it’s a fairly familiar look, which makes learning Linux a bit easier. Oh, and the tons and tons of forum How-To’s have helped a lot. Once i learn it better, i plan on dual booting it on my main newer laptop.

    I’m looking forward to the updated LMDE3 too. Will there be a Mate edition of that coming?

    1. Hi Clem.
      Can we expect to see an updated LMDE soon, or LMDE 4 beta (based on Buster)?

  5. Probleme : lorsque je clique “Menu/dossiers personnels pourquoi l’application VLC s’ouvre !???
    Je ne peux accéder à mes dossiers…
    Problem: When I click “Menu / personal folders why the VLC application opens! ???
    I can not access my folders … files
    Help !

    1. Hi Tof,

      Either you don’t have a file manager (make sure caja is installed) or the mime handler isn’t set correctly, you can check this with “xdg-mime query default inode/directory”. Right-click a folder in caja and “open with”, then select caja and set it as default.

  6. Updated Mate 19.1 to 19.2 on my secondary computer – everything seems to be fine. Installed Mate 19.2 on an extra drive in my main computer – no known problems. Installed XSane on 19.2 and tried a scan from my old Epson scanner. The scan looked just fine. Now I will cross my fingers and update Mate 19.1 to 19.2 on my main computer.

  7. I would prefer to install using Calamares as one can fully encrypt the installation, including /swap and /boot.
    Does Calamares work with Plymouth? I believe that I have never seen the two working together.

  8. Timeshift is fully in English, in my Dutch localized Tina…. But we’ve translated Timeshift into Dutch a long time ago, for 100 %. Apparently its language packs haven’t been pulled properly. Perhaps this can easily be fixed?

  9. I have a Dell Vostros 230 and if I use the live editions of Mint 19.1, 19.2 Cinnamon or Xfce, when I disable the power settings my screen does not go blank, but when I use Mate 19.1 or 19.2, once the power settings are disabled, the screen goes blank. Is there a problem with mate, and if so will it be fixed.

  10. Works like a charm for me. Thx a lot!

    Two little issues:
    No quick search in synaptic and hardisk in system monitor (panel) is not working. Both worked fine on the same maschine in 17 and 18.

  11. I just updated my German version of LM 19.1 MATE 64bit to LM 19.2 MATE 64bit.
    Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.0.0-23-generic

    A) When I right-click to open the context menu, there’s an option to create a shortcut to some file or folder. This option used to be in German, but it is now in English.
    B) When I remove a thumbdrive, there’s a message in the upper right corner of the screen, telling me “It’s now save to remove the drive”. This one is not translated either. Btw., this was true for LM 19.1 MATE 64bit, already.
    C) The strings for CRTL+Z (Undo) and CTRL+Y (Redo) in the EDIT menu of Caja are also not translated.
    How can I translate these strings, please?

    1. I did the same update from German 19.1 MATE to 19.2 MATE some minutes ago, but I use 4.15.0-54-generic. In my case the mentioned lines from A) and C) are still translated correctly.
      Haven’t tested B) yet.

    2. I experience the same with my freshly installed mate 19.2, German. Even more, also in caja the ‘show backup files’ option under the ‘view’ menu isn’t translated. I guess there are maybe some more untranslated entries in this or that app to be found. I use Kernel 4.15.0-55

  12. All good after the upgrade (thanks!) except for one issue. At one point, none of the files in my desktop folder (which the command line confirmed were there) were actually displaying on the desktop. The desktop was completely blank apart from the wallpaper. This was several hours after the upgrade and reboot. Logging off and back in again resolved the issue. If this reoccurs, I’ll see if I can narrow it down.

  13. How do I fix issues with Qt apps, notably Clementine doesn’t look too good and text boxes in Kid3 are really borked.

  14. Great work, Clem and team.

    Sadly, even after all of these years, I cannot use wifi on my 2008 iMac with Linux Mint 19.2 live USB, so installing packages or trying out things like Firefox on the live USB is not possible. Will my iMac’s wifi ever be supported on Mint’s live USB?

  15. I have two LM19.1 mate systems, both have Timeshift active, mint-upgrade-info 1.1.3, both systems up-to-date but I do not see the “upgrade to 19.2 (tina)” in the Update Manager (edit menu).

  16. Upgraded from LM 19.1 MATE to 19.2 a few days ago as mentioned in my reply in the LM 19.2 upgrade post.

    Anyway. Today while printing one page of a multi-page .pdf in xreader and using xreader’s print preview feature I see the the print icon (which was nice addition) which allow one to print directly from the print preview window has disappeared, i.e., no longer available in the print preview window! Likewise is the case with xviewer as well now, maybe elsewhere. idk?

    Having the ability to print from the print preview window(s) in MATE for xreader, xviewer, etc. was a really nice functionality and now it is gone. WTF?

  17. Just upgraded to Tina and so fat so good except one annoying issue popped up.
    In the panel I see now 3 vertical dots with every separator I have, looks really awful.
    This used to be a darker vertical line which you hardly could see, these 3 black dots have to go so any idea how to change that?

    1. I solved this by editing ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css (create this file if it doesn’t exist already) and adding:

      MatePanelAppletFrameDBus > MatePanelAppletFrameDBus {
      background: none;

      Save the file, then log out and back in for the change to take effect.

  18. Hi Clem,
    Is there an option to add a notification icon in the current release that I just didn’t find?
    Or will this be added (like the bell in Cinnamon and Xfce) in future releases? That would be great 🙂

  19. I left my computer running most of the day and into the early morning, occasionally looking at sites and went back to it a few minutes ago…the mouse became sluggish and I ended up having to to a hard shutdown. Control was restored after a restart (and I got a website quickly but I’m using Windows 7 to type this). I remember Windows locking up after long periods of inactivity in the past but I have no idea. I may have to Timeshift, wondering if Firefox had anything to do with it?

  20. when I go on my menu I do not have my applications showing up on the menu ans it really is pissing me off it will show favorites but when I go to all applications it is blank and I have tried to edit the menu but nothing helps

  21. I made a post similar to this one about a week ago, but inadvertently posted it to the wrong page, which was from a link in Google. I didn’t notice that the page was for a desktop environment other than Mate at the time I posted it (oops) and it was apparently removed by the staff.

    I did a clean install of 19.2 since I experienced problems with trying an upgrade crept up. I don’t remember what they were anymore because I have a lousy memory.

    I’ve been using Mint with the Mate desktop for many years now and it (usually) keeps getting better and better. I have a couple of gripes with 19.2, but that’s it. The main grips I have with it is a brand new behavior that seems to mimic Windows 10. Up until 19.2, I have always been able to get the first two windows in Caja to open side-by-side on the desktop, without any gaps surrounding them. Now, in 19.2, I can no longer do that. The first window that I open is now positioned with a large gap between it and the left side of the desktop, as well as a small one on the bottom, pretty much like like Windows 10 behaves. This behavior occurs after first manually moving an open window all the way to the left and drag the bottom of the window to fill the tiny gap at the bottom. The only workaround I have found, which I find to be annoying is to leave a tiny gap at the bottom and then the newly opened windows behave, for the most part, like they used to do. I say “mostly” because if I resize the new windows to be side-by-side without any gaps between them, they return to the previous annoying gap behavior. Basically, up until Mint 19.2, I could click on the link in the panel to open Caja twice and there would be two windows opened on the desktop, side-by-side without any gaps. This new behavior is really messing with my OCD. Is this a bug in Mate, or a new “feature” in Mint 19.2?

    While I’m here, I want to address an old issue that has been annoying the heck out of me since several Mint releases ago. I have been using the “compact view” for as long as I have been using Mint Mate and used to love the fact that when I would click on a folder or file, it would simply highlight the file/folder, without it behaving like MS Windows did/does by scrolling to the left. It saddened me the day that the Mint team went ahead and introduced this particular annoyance err, “feature”, which still persists to this day. Either there is no way to change this behavior while using the “compact view”, or I have been missing some hidden setting that will stop the unwanted folder/file scrolling when clicked behavior. My “sort of” solution has been to enable the single-click mode, but even with that set, it will still often times not open a folder/file and merely scroll to the left. I never understood how this sort of behavior is in the least bit helpful.

    In any event, I still love Linux Mint and will continue using it since it is, IMHO, superior to any other OS out there. I still tinker with other Linux distros from time to time, only to come back to Mint Mate.

    1. HI, i had the same problem.
      Try this:
      Edit /etc/systemd/system.conf:

      Works for me.

  22. I run Linux Mint 17.3 from a split drive installed by a friend and would like to update to 19.2. I will have to look into how to do it. Friend no longer available. I like 17.3.

  23. After upgrade “19.1” to “19.2”, the screensave is not working. When screensaver is activated, there is only blank screen; selected screensaver is not being displayed.

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