Monthly News – July 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ll be very quick with the news this month as we’re getting very close to the stable release.

First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who helped us test the BETA. Many bugs were identified and fixed in the last two weeks and that is thanks to you! I’d like to thank our donors and sponsors as well, and all the people who support our project financially.

We entered QA testing again yesterday and we should be able to announce the stable release of Linux Mint 19.2 by the end of the week.

We’ll also open up and announce an upgrade path for users of Linux Mint 19 and 19.1 before the week-end.

Next week we’ll shift focus towards LMDE 3 and update it with Cinnamon 4.2 and all the new features from Linux Mint 19.2.

I hope you have a great Summer (or Winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) and you’re as excited as we are with the upcoming new release!


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$23 (3rd donation), W. H. .
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    1. For bug reporting it is advisable to use on a production machine with original hardware and not on a virtual machine. Because there is no way to fix a bug in a virtualized system.

    1. it may be something that you have installed on your system and are starting up with it. Mine doesn’t start with that much ram.

    2. Hello,
      I can highly recommend you install a package called STACER. a quick search online should find it. This allows you to see all your machines running processes & would help you pin point the offending program or service that’s hogging the memory. I think stacer also allows you to safely stop or terminate a process or package too.

    1. Yes, we really need it. Clem, please, please make LMDE4 based Debian 10 and howto upgrade LMDE3 -> LMDE4

  1. Thanks Clem and team for all the work and graciously interacting with users about bugs, no matter how small. Great job and looking forward to the 19.2 SR.

  2. A big thanks to the Linux Mint Development Team , do you guys have a battle cry like ,”To infinity and beyond …”?
    Looking forward to the finished product.

    Have a great summer

  3. Just installed Linux mint 19.2 cinnamon beta in my laptop . It’s so much faster than the previous cinnamon . But I got an issue with qbittorrent . It’s having large text size . I don’t know if it’s just this version or cinnamon specific .

    1. Clement, we need to talk. The Network Manager needs quite a bit of attention – configuring and connecting with USB 3G modems is a pain, and the upcoming changes to it in Ubuntu (1.10.14-0ubuntu2 and probably also 1.10.14-0ubuntu1) make things worse.

  4. I am not able to add an item to the menu using the Mint 19.2 Mate beta. Specifically, the item is gambas3 which is installed and working. Adding items to the menu in 19.1 Mate works fine. Is this a bug or is this just something I am doing wrong?

    1. I was trying to add gambas3 to “Programming” group in the menu and the menu editor refused to add it. Upon a little more investigation, I find that gambas3 had actually been added to the “Other” group. So I think the menu editor is not working correctly.

  5. Will 19.2 come with a kernel above 4.15? I have a Ryzen 3 2200g system without dedicate graphic cards and can’t even boot the latest Beta with a memory card.

    1. It should be possible to install the Ubuntu 18.04 HWE stack in Mint 19. This uses a 4.18-based kernel, and is standard for their .1 and .2 update releases. Alternatively, install the latest LTS kernel from the kernel-ppa repository. I’m running 4.19.x kernels for my Mint 19.1 system, and everything’s perfect.

  6. As usual you guys have done a fantastic Job. I’m running the beta right now and it’s running flawlessly. Thank you very much for this awesome thing called Cinnamon.

  7. Great to hear, Clem! 😀

    I’ve been around long enough to know that a short news blog means you’re probably quite busy, but only because you and the Mint devs love the project so much. Which is good for the rest of us, of course!

    19.1 has been great, and the only improvement I really REALLY want to see in 19.2 is in Nemo (arguably where a user spends a great deal of their time actually using a desktop OS) and its handling of directories with large numbers of files, hopefully in a more-timely manner. I just wish I had the programming background to offer assistance, because if Nemo could be as snappy as most other file managers, I wouldn’t need to try navigating my directories in a terminal — it’s not much fun when you’re looking at ones with 10,000+ files, and the thumbnails are critical to (visually) differentiating them. No, disabling plugins hasn’t helped, nor has deleting the thumbnail cache.

    But this isn’t the place to complain, really, and I haven’t tried the beta. But I’m a patient man, and Mint has been a part of my professional life for nearly eight years, so I’ll wait as long as I need to, for a final, polished product. Best of luck this week, get plenty of rest, and hopefully we’ll all see another great edition in a long line of fantastic Mint releases by the weekend.

  8. Sérgio Monteiro: I have a Ryzen 2200g, and this tip will get you started. and search for ‘freezes during’. Basically, you add the word nomodeset to the boot parameters. This gets you in, and works on a live image. Once installed, add the line again next boot by holding the ‘shift’ key down, forcing the boot menu to appear. Then install a 5.0.x kernel from the update manager (view, kernels). On your next boot, it loads straight up into the OS. From there, however, you’ll probably get instability, as I do.

    1. [Commenting to self. The shame…]
      Same for an Athlon 200GE. The instability I mentioned before has only shown up while I’ve been using Firefox, where I spend most of my time at the computer. It shows as a freeze, the mouse pointer may still move, but icons anywhere will not respond to mouse clicks.

  9. It becomes from year to year better…..and my first linux 8 (Helena)was already great for me …
    Heartfelt greetings from
    Neumünster (Germany)

  10. Thank you all of the LinuxMint team(s) from Clem to every beta tester out there — You’re the best! And Thank Thank you so much, once again, for such a great and rewarding resulting product! My only request is that LinuxMint continue to improve and grow. I admit that for 38 years I suffered from Microsoft’s GIGO effect. What a relief; glad I tied Linux Mint.

    Howard F. Youngs,

    Cinnamon user since ~~ 2106

    1. I’ve yet to try the nifty new time travel feature that Clem quietly built into Cinnamon, or is it a bug in Timeshift?
      Just kiddin 🙂

  11. For those who end up with a non-working a Realtek 8821ce wlan/bt on HP Pavilion, try this:
    Upgrade to a higher Kernel (4,19.x or 5.0.x) and if not solved try this in bash (cmd)…

    sudo apt-get install git dkms build-essential
    git clone
    cd rtl8821ce
    chmod +x
    chmod +x
    sudo ./
    sudo modprobe -v 8821ce


  12. I’m looking forward to trying it out when released. I know a lot of people will be reviewing it, so not sure if one from me is necessary, unless people really want a countryfied view on things.

  13. Resuming from suspend has been disabling (keyboards & mice) in laptops particularly my 2 Toshibas (while on the road: L875d-s7232)
    When talking up Linux to centers of influence that could put Linux into corporate environments,
    you want to guess HOW STUPID I (& LinuxMint 19.1) look,
    opening a suspended laptop & NOT have a working keyboard/mouse?
    The workaround: close lid, suspend, re-open 4-10 times. No-one want to risk their staff wasting 5-30 minutes doing that. Each **** ***** time.
    While on business, in front of clients.

  14. A massive thank you to the devteam for your tireless work. Thanks to you guys, I will be spared the horrors of Win10. LM Cinnamon 19.1 was may first go at a non Win OS and was an easy transition from Win7.

    I’m a proud penguin now and will never go back.

  15. An Awesome job from your team! I am running 19.2 beta on my day-to-day laptop and I did not face any bugs as such (probably the way I use my laptop). Prior to 19.2 I had tried out Solus (issues with theupdates), Manjrao (XFCE (fast but too basic I did not have much time), KDE – (very slow) and Gnome – good but drooled after a month) and Fedora(slow) too. But I came back to the solid Linuxmint and got bold to install 19.2 beta directly. Most of the other distributions lagged even though I have a 8gb ram with an I5 processor..I already have 19.1 runnilng 2 other laptops and can confidently say 19.2 is simply beautiful! Kudos! Keep upt the good work

  16. Dear Clem, LM team and all LM volunteers,

    Thank you for the great pleasure you give us.
    I have already used many LM distros, but mostly Cinnamon and without problems that I did not cause myself.
    It is normal that not every device works immediately. Even in my car I can’t connect everything I want without modification.


  17. i don’t know if anybody has ha my problem.
    i’ve been going in loops installing and re-installing but for some reason the machine fails to recognize the operating system

  18. Version Cinnamon 19.2 mint tina left Adobe CS6 knackered. Reinstal of mono,net,gecko,wine and pol. Plus reinstal of Adobe cs6 made no difference. Reverted back to original snap of tessa version19.1 also made no difference. If ya runnning this program beware its a massive head scratcher. Anyone got the knowledge.

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