Linux Mint 14 “Nadia”

Linux Mint 14 will be named “Nadia” and should be available at the end of November 2012.

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, Nadezhda “Nadia” Chernyshevski is Maya’s best friend.

Nadia is pronounced NAH-d’-yah. It is the English form of Nadya, which itself is the pet form of Nadezhda and is Russian for “hope”. It’s also a variant of Nadiyya which, in Arabic, means “moist, tender, delicate”.

Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” will feature the following editions:

  • Cinnamon
  • MATE
  • KDE
  • Xfce


  1. What about gnome3 ?

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon comes with Gnome 3. Shell and Gnome Fallback won’t be installed by default but you can easily add them (just like in Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon). As for Nautilus, we’re likely to use Ubuntu’s older version (we’re not happy with the regressions committed upstream by the GNOME project) and it “could” be replaced by Nemo.

  2. i just hope and pray nadia version will be good as before, cuz linuxmint is always rockin on linux world!! amen!

  3. But… Is it possible to improve Maya version.
    I find it a superb version. It has a perfect performance.
    I can’t ask for anything more.

    Thanks to all the community that make possible the Mint project.

  4. And please put 3XX Nvidia drivers in it!!! Thanks 😉

    @Fslap: this is probably the reason why it wasn’t booting with your system 😛

  5. I might give it a shot, just because of XFCE. Should it be like with the previous version, because of which I had to dump Mint, i.e. adopting all the buggy habits from Ubuntu, like blacklisting of older hardware, making things that used to work not work anymore, then it ends up in the recycle bin again.

  6. I LOVE MATE! For all us us long time Gnome 2 users, Gnome 3 was a stupid pain in the *ss. Thank you VERY MUCH for providing a great distribution that uses the MATE environment!

  7. I hope that the KDE version comes with KDE 4.9 and compiz working well that will be worth giving a shot 🙂

  8. Everyone who misses “Gnome 3″* can easily install it from the Cinnamon edition and after ten minutes of goofing around on have all the extensions, most of them improved, you had in Mint 12 MGSE. It’s not hard to do and doesn’t require IT skills. There’s no reason to miss it or hope for Mint to have it pre-installed by default.

    * You mean “Gnome Shell”

  9. is there any chance Nadia to include the Broadcom propietary driver as Ubuntu does?

    Since my Mac Mini 2009 is not able to connect to the Wifi router due to the missing firmware.. unlike in Ubuntu is was provided by default.

  10. It’s a beautiful name, and I really hope it get’s released soon (another impatient user here 😀 ). You guys made a great work on the Maya release and I really hope you get to outdo yourselves.

    Thank you for al the hard work 🙂

  11. when is going to be LMDE up5?
    Not nice to put updates in upd update manager prior to the stable release, my whole system crashed and when I tried to install the new one they pointing on the UP2. instead of 4 as before (talking about LMDE 201204) – why?
    I think it’s a more natural way of publishing these updates a service pack, like in a win (the only thing good in this system). when you get so many updates in a manager that has never worked out well. Is it possible that something like this would ever occur?
    ps: I know it is not perhaps the right place to talk about that but I hope the answer. thanks in advance 🙂 ps2: LM is the best distro… no.1 since LM5 🙂

  12. for life of me I cannot install x11vnc on 13. did it once but had to format. So yes unlucky 13. cant wait to get my hands on 14. goodluck to the devs. We are waiting hehe

  13. GREAT news! Please, make hybrid-iso’s by default. And LXDE version will be good also.
    Why are not there mint4win in 32bit editions?

  14. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for all the effort that goes into making these releases, and that, as you know, they are Great, and well loved.
    thanks again,

  15. I have been really impressed with Maya so far. The other day my wife was on my Windows 7 computer and said to me, “Your crappy Windows computer won’t run my Facebook game. Give me my Linux Mint computer back.”

    You have convinced my wife to switch to Linux and I couldn’t even do that. Great job Clem and team.

    It is great how you really put the needs of the community first. You took a poll for most used desktop environments. You then actually used those suggestions to improve the choices in desktop environments preinstalled with Linux Mint.

    Keep up the great work, I for one appreciate it.

  16. Ubuntu 12.04.1 has been released today

    Once released, you can download this version and use it to install Ubuntu with all the latest updates on new PCs. In the recent past when you did this, you had to install Ubuntu 12.04 and then update it with 500MBs or so of updates since Ubuntu 12.04′s April release. With this edition, you’ll spend less time getting your new PC up and running the most up-to-date version of Ubuntu.

    will you release Mint 13.1?

  17. Please, Clem: remember that old problem of cinnamon using only partially the italian language. It afflicts Maya, and I hope it will not afflict also Nadia.

  18. I can’t update Linux Mint since version 8 (black screen) on boot from CD, and never can resolve this issue, so, I’ve (almost) lost hope that can have an LM updated dual with Windows 7, also fear damage the boot of W7. 🙁

  19. Nemo? Seriously?

    It’s just another program that tries to include everything on your computer in one place – does a lot of wheel-spinning stuff, but none of it all that well. It’s barely out of a 1.0 release number. And it was written and developed primarily for Windows: the link to their *still alpha* linux version is almost an afterthought, buried way down at the bottom of the FAQ. And I quote:

    “Currently it’s a cross between a calendar and a file browser with labels.”

    No. Please god, no…

    I’m loving Cinnamon though, on LMDE. And, as always, whenever you decide to accept bitcoin I’ll be sending a healthy donation your way.

    I just want a file manager. Files and directories. Just that.


  20. Sounds great, but I’m perfectly happy using Linux Mint Maya with MATE. It’s supported until 2017, so no real need to switch for a while. I have Maya running on my desktop and 2 laptops. I’m sure Nadia will be just as good as Maya, if not better. But, support will end much sooner than Maya too. I’ll give Nadia a try as a virtual machine anyway. Who knows? Maybe I’ll switch. Keep up the good work!

  21. No more Mint LXDE? (Sorry if there was an announcement on that, I missed it.) That’s sad. But, at least there’s still Peppermint.

  22. I’ll be freezed on Maya KDE edition. LTS works better for me than a transional version, I think most things will change in the next 2 year and a half untill the next Ubuntu 14.04 based system.

  23. I’ve finally moved all of my computing to Maya, the Cinnamon release, and I must say I’m pretty happy with it: fast, stable (after Cinnamon probs were solved), flexible enough for my needs.

    I know that Cinnamon 1.5.2 (and after that 1.6) is almost ready, but I would like to remind the Cinnamon devs about a few issues:

    – it would be nice to have a fast, simple dock as part of the Cinnamon desktop: I know I can install many (have actually played with Cairo dock for a while, sort of overkill: I’m thinking of an alternative to the panel launchers), but I’d rather that it’d be chosen and possibly integrated by the devs themselves into Cinnamon;

    – while I dislike several Unity features (global menus, HUD, dash etc.) there are several interesting innovations coming from Ubuntu devs (much more than from the Gnome camp, I have to say) like lenses, drawers etc., would be nice to have a Cinnamon version of those;

    – desktop configuration is much better than with Gnome Shell, but the UX is horribly fragmented in Cinnamon 1.4, having to chase stuff in different menus/tools, hope things will improve in the next version(s);

    – applets are cool, but suffer from lack of localization: if you’re going to add a standard way to download and install them you’d better urge devs to open up for localization (better yet, offer a shared space where users can contribute to that purpose);

    – speaking of devs, I’m not a programmer, but if I were one I wouldn’t know where to start from: there’s an *unofficial* wiki, making it “official” and adding more docs, links to mailing lists and such would surely help;

    – the Cinnamon home page still doesn’t what *is* Cinnamon and why it was born: a couple of paragraphs about that would surely help newbies 🙂

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to Nadia!


  24. @Fslap

    No, Nadia will not work with your current system. You are completely screwed and will have to use Ubuntu forever. I’ve already informed Canonical for you. They are ready when you are.

  25. I cannot wait to see it! In the meantime I think I’ll read The Mars Trilogy just so I have a leg up on the 2013 names :0) I know its going to be wonderful and I can hardly wait.

  26. linux mint 12 runs fine .lm 13 cant get no sound on my sony vaio all in one . so will nadia work on my system hope so as cant upgrade to lm13 as no sound

  27. Please make it run on the lower-end Acer laptops.
    For example, on the ACER ASPIRE 5736Z i get a blank screen. It boots up, just that linux doesnt know how tu turn on the backlight.. (i found a work-around, but it implies turning the light up every boot time. for now ive stuck with mint 10 cus it’s easyer, but i would love to use mint14.
    I know it’s not a linux mint specific bug (its in all the distros) but it can be fixed with a few lines (i can give u the link for the fix) and a script to turn the light up (i dunno how to do this).. Sorry if im asking for alot.

    Anyway, love your distro, works just fine on my desktop PC. Loved it from day 1 (actually tryed ubuntu before this and it didnt work. But mint was flying )

  28. I bouhgt OSDisc’s Linux Mint 13 Mate.

    It won’t install.

    User thinks it’s installing but when the “installation” finishes User sees that all the screens were displayed from the Installation Disc but Linux Mint 13 Mate did not get installed on the Hard drive.

    A web search reveals that fairly large numbers of other Users have the same problem but no solution has turned up.

    If it’s my hardware causing the trouble I don’t recognize it.

    Any suggestions re a fix will be appreciated.


    W.H. Ferguson

  29. I look forward to it, but please consider a friendlier upgrade process. I hate the install/reinstall/crash cycle. I’d say that’s Mint’s only real flaw.

  30. dude Says:
    Sounds great, but I’m perfectly happy using Linux Mint Maya with MATE. It’s supported until 2017, so no real need to switch for a while. I have Maya running on my desktop and 2 laptops. I’m sure Nadia will be just as good as Maya, if not better. But, support will end much sooner than Maya too. I’ll give Nadia a try as a virtual machine anyway. Who knows? Maybe I’ll switch. Keep up the good work!

    I also going to stick with Mate 2017 how nice is that never have to install for 5 years and they will update it as we go.Love it.

  31. Please, please, PLEASE. LXDE version also?. Remember the old PC’s, they have a right to Mintify themselvs also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. I hope this new version brings us something new, something that ubuntu does not have, and that seems a bit more like Linux Mint 12 (Lisa) For me a perfect distro.

  33. dude Says:
    Sounds great, but I’m perfectly happy using Linux Mint Maya with MATE. It’s supported until 2017, so no real need to switch for a while.

    I’m with dude! Excellent job Clem and team. You rock!

  34. Just my 2¢: at least one of these edition should be abandoned to focus on the best ones. Cinnamon is developped by Mint and should be its flagship (don’t forget to backport any update to maya!). I don’t know about kde; it may have it’s place. Xfce should be made as close as possible to gnome (example nautilus instead thunar) to replace Mate without its compatibility issues (dropbox, cairo-dock,..). But if Cinnamon improves a bit more, both xfce and mate could be abandoned. Then a real light desktop could be proposed as an alternative. Something like a mintified Bodhi linux (E17)?

  35. LinuxMint-13, in hybrid MATE+Cinnamon+AWN form is running well after a very slow StartUp on my desktop PCs, or from fast USB2 flashdrive, but simply ‘locks up’ at the Welcome splash screen on my Thinkpad R60 laptop or HP netbook, which I assume is down to the Ubuntu modified kernel and its drivers which they have still failed to fix with 12.04.1
    I guess that’s also responsible for the slow StartUp on my desktop PCs, but is LinuxMint-14 likely to be any better ?

  36. @Jaime Frontero: The Nemo referenced is a fork of Nautilus, not the other one you are talking about.

    Name should probably be changed though to prevent future confusion.

  37. Thanks linux mint. I like u so much. I think GNOME3 is better then MATE/Cinnamon.MATE+Cinnamon looks like so old as xp, please make gnome3 is a default de with compiz effect.

  38. A new mint os is always good news and a necessary step forward in development … but on the other hand it’s still a horse load of work to turn an ubuntu based os into something sane and worth booting (congrats on yr diligence mint team)
    As far as i and growing number of others are concerned LMDE is the way to go : fast,stable and steadily evolving with the aid of well tested periodic update packs wich ensure that os is up to date and always has support for the latest software.

  39. “να Δία” is also (as far as I remember) an exclamation in old greek that means something like “by Zeus”

  40. I think there is some confusion about Nemo. There is an existing app called that. However, I believe Clem is talking about a fork of Nautilus 3.4 that they are working on.

  41. @Jaime Frontero

    Just to clarify a bit, the Nemo clem mentioned is not the Nemo you are thinking about ( It is a fork of Nautilus, the old file manager ( Basically it is forked because nautilus is going to look like this in the future:

    The two “Nemo”s just happened to have the same name. Our Nemo is getting input from Ikey, the former LMDE and current SolusOS developer, and already has some noticable changes.

  42. Really looking forward to this, I am only just trying out Cinnamon on top of Ubuntu right now but am keen to install Mint to get the full goodness next time I do a reinstall of my laptop.

  43. For those who wish to use LXDE, you can add that on as a software package, and use it as your desktop environment/windows manager/whatever.

  44. Love the name for the new release.
    Maya is working so well on my Dell Desktop and laptop, there is no need to switch anytime soon.

    Best of luck to all who spend so much time away from their families to provide this wonderful computing environment for all of us.

  45. Seems like great news, but what is really the point? Will it just be like 13 with upgraded packages? Or will there be some interesting new features?

  46. Ever since i shifted to Mint10 and i am always enjoying each new version. Mint is simply perfect. Never had a single problem with any Mint i tried. However i feel sorry for Nadia because i’m sticking to Maya since she is LTS 🙂 btw…what is Gnome3?:):)

  47. At least now we know there’s another app called Nemo. I bet a lot of people didn’t even know of its existence until that angry comment above appeared… 🙂

  48. I’m perfectly happy with Mint 11 Gnome – although on every other reboot a small applet isn’t loaded or quite frequently the window handle bars disappear.

    On my wishlist would be a cd-version with a light footprint for older computers and more dark themes by default.

    Additionally, I would be delighted if the artwork of “Ilnanny” would be adapted into an official repository. His work is exceptionally tasty and of elegant design. Especially the “Chameleon”-folders are great, because being semi-transparent, they adapt to any background and color.
    ( )

  49. To Dale F in 34 above. I tried installing LXDE on top of one of the latest Mint editions (can’t remember if it was Mate, Cinnamon or Xfce) but it will never look like Mint! When you do that what you get is the vanilla LXDE desktop with their blue background, black dock with a white glare and the weird menu with most everything on the “Other” submenu. Nothing to do with the wonderful Mint 12 LXDE which looks and feels like it should be!

    Perhaps if people want a lightweight edition, Openbox is an option, something like CrunchBang.

  50. But I don’t think Mint should offer a lightweight edition as well. There are some good ones out there. What they should do, IMHO, is focus on their projects: improving Mate and Cinnamon to be up to Mint standard. When Mate reaches the point where Gnome 2 was when the Gnome people decided to go all Monty Python (“and now for something completely different”), that would be a nice lightweight-ish edition for older computers!

  51. I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for the past couple years and have been looking for a new distro to use, since 10.04 is quite outdated now. I can’t stand Unity or the current versions of gnome 3. A friend recommended Linux Mint Mate to me and while it does have some glitches it has a lot of potential. I look forward to working with it and am looking forward to the new release and it’s updates/changes. Thanks Mint!

  52. maya does good here , works good on my desktop with nvidia, i think stay on lts last month too much distro testing , always comes back… nadia would be based on 12.10 so its await for that bugs ? 04 version mostly ok but the .10 version is just less…. mayby something new….


  53. Hi Clench,there’s a request to really make xfce light and get rid of redundancy
    Linux Mint is great but some versions suffer from software redundancy .Please provide us with a lighter version of Linux mint Debian based or Ubuntu does matter.

  54. For those who are wondering if Gnome 3 will be included in Nadia or not and for those who seem to want Gnome 3 set as the default DE, Gnome 3 has been included as the underlying DE technology since Linux Mint 12.

    Linux Mint 12 (main edition) included Gnome 3 by default and ran a modified “gnome-shell” interface. Plain vanilla “Gnome-shell” could also be used if the user wished to do so. A pre-release version of MATE was also included as well as the ability to install a very early version of Cinnamon.

    The current main edition release, Linux Mint 13, comes in 2 different ISOs. One includes Gnome 3 with the latest Cinnamon “shell” (Cinnamon is a “shell” for Gnome 3 just like “gnome-shell” which Cinnamon is forked from). The second ISO includes MATE as the DE which was forked from Gnome 2.32 (no Gnome 3). For anyone who prefers to use the plain vanilla “gnome-shell” then it can be installed from the repos.

    Linux Mint 14 (main edition) I assume will come in the same two flavors rather than having both Gnome 3/Cinnamon and MATE in the same ISO. Either way, the default ISO will include Gnome 3.4 and the latest version of Cinnamon.

  55. When i hear the word linuxmint the only thing that comes in to my mind is Cinammon.
    I love cinammon !!!
    Linux mint is how ubuntu should be in first place !
    Keep up the good job.

  56. for all the people wanting lxde for older pcs. doesnt xfce work pretty good?

    for the people wanting gnome 3. yuck! 😛

    i think these 4 cover most the bases.

  57. I’m using Linux Mint Debian Edition with Mate and I love it. I’ll look forward to Nadia. I hope this time, Cinnamon will work on my PC with my my old Nvidia card.

    Thanks for the good work Clem.

  58. Maya KDE was released just recently and works perfect on my ACER Aspire 4820. Why already another release instead of updates? I love MINT KDE.

  59. After having wiped my 7 year-old notebook clear of XP and installing Mint 13 XFCE afterwards, I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier! And if Mint 13 XFCE is a good indicator of things to come, I can’t wait to get my hands on Mint 14 XFCE!

  60. I’m a dummy in linux, and I have problems with my UEFI system. It’s strange but I have tried with all linux mint flavors and also a lot of distros (Ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, pclinuxos, fedora, suse, solusos,bodhi,chakra,mageia … etc ) and just with linux mint 13 KDE I can boot my system, but I have a inconvenient: I can’t install correctly my ATI video driver 🙁

  61. I am excited about anything new from Mint, you give me a lot of joy and even a chance to learn new things. I don’t know anything about Nemo or why you might be changing from gnome3. I like a lot of eye and ear candy and I am wondering if Nemo will deliver that as well or better than gnome3? I was hoping that kde and cinnamon would begin to merge in their options and that sound in kde would become as easy as in cinnamon. Can you tell us more about Nemo?

  62. Seriously, changing your DE is one `apt-get install` away, whatever you want. Gnome, LXDE, Fluxbox, awesome, xmonad, openbox, whatever…
    `sudo apt-get install `

    Don’t wine on people for doing the awesome job they do with Mint. One of the key advantages of linux is the ability to customize your environment just how you want it, don’t expect to find a distro that *looks* exactly the way you like it, take an hour to read up on switching and customising desktop environments and have a blast with it! 🙂

  63. hi people,

    for everybody, who had trouble with booting Maya, this is because there seems to be a defect on the iso-images on the original servers. But: you can get clean and bootable images here:

    It seems, the images on the original servers seem to be corrupted, I got Checksum-errors several times!! So I used this download-link by Chip. This helped!!

    Then how to boot Maya:

    Then before booting, press Tab-key on your keyboard as soon as you see the countdown for automatic boot on your screen!! Then on the next window, you see a line, which needs to be edited.

    For this purpose, again you press the Tab-key on your keyboard, then press space-key and at the end of the line enter this word without “”:


    Then press Strg+X to boot. Then the installation will run clean.

    Then after the basic installation, do the same thing again for booting into your session and install your graphics-driver and reboot your machine!!

    Afterwards, everything should be fine and for me this did it and I was able to install everything I wanted.

    So now I am also waiting for LinuxMint Nadya. One question: will we see Gnome 3.6 in it already with Gnome-Shell 3.6?? This would be really cool!! I like Gnome-Shell and I did not get warm with Cinnamon.

    And one thing: who really needs MATE-Desktop?? Can’t this be removed from disc??

    And what I would like is, that we get some fresher minty-Wallpapers. And what about suggesting the minty-fresh Gnome-Shelltheme as default-shell or even my real-glass one?? You can see it on

    So Clem: why waiting with release so long until end of November?? Ubunt u12.10 appears in October this year. So why can’t LinuxMint be also release at the end of October??


  64. And for all german Users, who are really suffering with their Internet- and Emailproviders, I found a pretty good alternative for Emailing:

    This is a pretty young team on the market with a new Emailservice, which uses Linux as the basic system. There is also no spamming-mails as known from other Email-providers and there is also even more Space for saving Emails!! Also the amount of private folders in the inbox is not limited as everywhere else!!

    Then their site is also really cleaned up and not overloaded with annoying ads. There at this provider, you have the feeling like comeing onto a holiday-island after a long time off. And what ist the best on this service: they do not save your personal data and they do not hand it onwards for justice!!!!

    So: why not switching and give the big german Internet- and Emailproviders the red card??


  65. @David Mitchel Stow – Nemo isn’t a replacement for Gnome 3. Gnome 3 is the desktop environment (Cinnamon is a shell that rides on top of it). Nemo could be the eventual replacement for the Gnome file manager, Nautilus. Take a look at what Nautilus is right now in Maya (version 3.4) and you’ll have a good idea what Nemo will be.

    The reason for a fork of Nautilus 3.4 (Nemo) is due to Gnome taking away many of the long standing features of Nautilus in the next version (3.6). Many consider this “dumbing down” of the file manager unacceptable hence the developers of Mint creating their own version which keeps all the traditional functions and perhaps adds a few new ones as well.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

  66. I am using Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon as my main OS and can safely claim that this is right now one of the best OSs available with out-of-the-box support for almost everything. It is very stable and helped me get rid of Unity! Further, with so many “not so user friendly” changes happening to Gnome 3 and corresponding instability, Linux Mint actually gives me an opportunity to stick to the tried and tested.

  67. My only hope is that Mate in Mint 14 has a built in laptop battery level meter like Gnome has in Mint 13, that’s my only gripe really otherwise I am very much looking forward to its release.

  68. It would be useful for ‘hibernate’ to be enabled by default. It would also be nice to have the option to encrypt the whole installation, and not just the home directory, when you install (like openSuse, I think): both of these functions are important to notebook users.

    Mint 13 KDE | ThinkPad T61

  69. When making the KDE version, please take a look at Chakra. Very good aspect, although buggy…

    Introduce Lancelot as default.
    And solve the Ark related problems and you’ll be good

  70. I’m using Mint 13 XFCE and I’m extremely pleased with the performance. Thank you for providing this version which is simply magnificent!

  71. I tried both the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Maya for a while. I didn’t like Cinnamon, so I removed it and decided to stay with MATE: it is efficient, stable and let me do what I want easily. What more can we ask of an OS?

  72. If the maya platform is hanging on boot-up perhaps the file walk did not parse a valid checksum. Other reasons could be that your hardware does not meet the requirements. As a last known issue your bios could be foo-bar as this is the case with all the sandy bridge edition of processors.

  73. Please do not forget to include raid support in the installer.
    Despite Maya being an excellent OS, I had to change to xubuntu because
    the installer lacks raid support.

  74. Are Ubuntu servers working today?
    I want to install unetbootin (sudo apt-get install unetbootin), and my PC can’t connect to “ (”.

  75. LXDE is a great thing, I used Linux Mint 11 LXDE on my slow laptop for months. I just searched DistroWatch for distributions using LXDE and found 60 total. Perhaps one of these would suit your needs. Perhaps you could start your own distribution, I’m guessing $5000 USD would be enough to get your own special version of Linux created.
    For $500,000 USD, and 1 years time, I would even promise to have something really nice for you.

  76. I have Maya on my thinkpad R60 (32 bit KDE version). It’s customized with Cairo-Dock for that Macbook look. Think I’ll stay with the LTS version for now and will use that on my desktop as well. Will you be making any backports of key packages for Maya (such as KDE, Mozilla, Libre Office, etc)?

  77. Dale F@90

    Great answer! At the risk of making a bad assumption, I guess you are responding to jwoulf@89.

    I suppose I understand why people want certain things. I know I have my likes and dislikes. But people seem to forget that Clem settled all of this with severals polls that were taken to see where Mint needs to focus their resources.

    I learned at least 2 things from this. First of all, Clem doesn’t have endless resources to throw at all kinds of Desktop Environments. Secondly, he is more concerned with gaining back the quality of his offerings before the Gnome 3 debacle. Therein lies a delicate balance–the result of which will leave some users disappointed. It can’t be helped people.

    There is still more work to be done to gain the quality back. The Jesse Smith review of LM13-KDE on DW this week is somewhat telling. I say somewhat, because each user has their own experiences. But as far as one individual is concerned–the unchanged variable–it was a less pleasant experience for Jesse Smith. This does carry at least some weight.

    The last thing Clem needs to do at this point is completely go against the grain of what the polls helped to decide, and introduce more options right now, including LXDE, as good as it may be. It seems glaringly obvious to me, but that’s me. To each his own.

    I feel confident that Clem will find the balance again, and just maybe, he will be better equipped to offer more options without the sacrifice of quality. Remember, the quality of the offerings right now are not what they were. It’s not for lack of effort. Rather, it’s mostly to do with upstream issues–things out of Clem’s hands.
    That said, he has done a remarkable job, and we should be grateful, and that’s it.

    Bottom line: If you don’t like it, do it yourself.

  78. PB, my comments weren’t directed at anyone in particular. The open source movement costs literally Millions $$ to provide, demanding no money in return, and you can download their efforts and burn them to a DVD for cheap.
    It just appears to me that some people are incredibly ungrateful for what is offered.
    BTW: check out if you want to roll your own Linux.

    Clement, keep on keeping on. You are doing fine work.

  79. I’m a bit concerned by sheer the number of forks that Clem announced over the year :
    Mutter, Cinammon and now the file manager…. there no end in sight (gnome devs are in a frenzy ) and i fear that Mint team is going to spend more and more time developing core functions that should come from upstream…

  80. Thank you, Carlos! for your comment #22
    “Please, more themes, not just gray and green.”
    You got an “AMEN, BROTHER!” on that.
    I have a color monitor, and I am so sick of all the black, white, and gray themes. My grandparents had black and white TV’s – then they invented color monitors!!! I look at most of the themes and just think, “my god, that’s ugly!”
    I can understand wanting a muted professional look for business environments, but what about at home? Do we get a choice?

  81. Can you please test network drivers because they have given a lot of hard times lately. Especially gigabit network card support should be checked.

  82. i have the same opinion like brett 81. 🙂
    mint is a distro for the people don’t like gnome 3.
    xfce needs the same resources like a 12 years old computer. even lighter means that a feature phone culd be the right thing to read mails and news in the internet.

  83. I just wonder if MATE terminal in LM Nadia would improve its performance. I like LM but I noticed significant performance regression of MATE terminal in LM Maya (compared to GNOME terminal in Ubuntu 11.04). Switching between tabs is now unpleasantly slow, not as instantaneous as it used to be in the ubuntu . At least on the 64-bit variant. NVIDIA driver in use. (I submitted this issue as a bug report recently, too.)

  84. Dale F@93

    Thanks for the clarification, although, by default, your comment seems to apply to jwoulf, and many others. But alas, no names were mentioned.

    And I agree totally that Clem is doing fine work. I wish some in the community would see things a bit more realistically.

    jediafr, your concerns seem well warranted in my mind, and are exactly the reason why Clem doesn’t need to take on any more DE projects right now. Much too much going on to bring back the quality of the release, and the currently associated DEs. If Clem needs to start doing–as you say, developing core functions instead of the upstreamers, then we just may see Clem drop development of one of the current DEs. I don’t mind that if it means that we start to see things smooth out even more. But your comment paints the reality of the turbulent sea of changes that is constantly afoot. LM13-MATE or Cinnamon both represent a tremendous amount of work, but there is so much more to be done I’m afraid.

    Truthfully, we know that it will never stop. That’s the nature of progress. But at some point, I think we all hope to see calmer seas. One day I would love to recommend a particular version of Mint to someone completely without reservation. I can’t do that anymore like I could in the days of Mint 9 and 10. I still thing 9 is the best, but it’s approaching end of life, and that’s a real downer. So being left with LM13-LTS, while it is getting better and better, I’m just not nearly as thrilled with recommending either Cinnamon, Mate, or KDE right now.

    On the other hand, I have used both LM13-MATE, Cinnaomn, and KDE and haven’t shunned any. They all three work quite well, and are yet different in some very key areas. To me that speaks volumes of Clem’s accomplishments. Another reason to be only grateful.

  85. Por qué no hay más versiones de Mint con LXDE? Es un entorno hermoso, ágil, supremo para computadoras viejas y poderosas.

  86. @Ken M, Thank you very much, yes that helps me understand this a bit. @PB My main concern is to get one distro that everything commonly used in the repos will work with and to merge all necessary developers. My favourites are Cinnamon and KDE mint. I want to see these both merged if possible into one effort attempting to achieve the workability I just mentioned. Much later perhaps the team may be large enough and strong enough to merge all this onto a Debian base. Yet I believe the true flagship is in the making and deserves the lion share of the efforts. Additionally,that hardware that best works with the OS could be sold in addition to the new mint box. This moves everything to a more Mac style approach and increases the income for the team. I can foresee mint moving ahead of the pack. Linux may never see its full potential otherwise, in my opinion. The rest of the community can go on as they wish, they are researchers and developers that can be learned from, but one distro needs to find a more profitable and secure position to change users of Windows and Mac to accepting an “alternative”. One argument I give in the meantime to users of Windows is that using Linux can save their windows from constant unnecessary use, and thereby protect it from greater vulnerability to viruses, trojans etc. Also small supportive donations on a regular basis should be promoted by those of us who love and use linux mint in all its forms. Nothing sells an idea better than hearing it from those who use the product. Winning in the arena of ideas is surely no crime, and ideas that work for more people are waves that other ideas can ride on, in my opinion. Thanks again Ken, I will now surely try the new Mint when it comes out now.

  87. I think I’ll just stick to Linux Mint 12 gnome.
    The Gnome 3 package rocks above and beyond cinnamon and mate

  88. davidmitchelstow@122

    It sounds like what you want is Ubuntu, or at least what Ubuntu set out to be in the beginning. You realize that Ubuntu–good or bad–at one time represented pretty much what you are asking for in a lot of ways. One of their biggest problems right now is the same problem that everybody else is having–and that is the path that the Gnome developers have taken. Gnome, a major major player on the OSI front has thrown a tremendous curve ball, putting it mildly. This has forced Ubuntu to develop Unity, which they feel is a better layer to put on top of Gnome 3 than Gnome Shell. Truth be told, Unity is also improving significantly. That being said, you wouldn’t far off if you said even now, Ubuntu is what you are looking for, because they have even taken one step further in unifying their approach. They now have way more control over the actual user interface with Unity, because it is their baby.

    I certainly don’t agree with every decision that Ubuntu has ever made, but taking emotion out of the equation, who can really blame them?

    I don’t care what Distrowatch says about any distro, although the hit ratings are intriguing to look at. From what you have described, you have a very similar vision as Ubuntu. I must be clear that there is nothing wrong with that. But not everybody agrees as I’m sure you well know. Even you would rather have Mint ride on Debian as the main edition. I hate to tell you this, but you are actually taking a step back from the oneness that you so desire. LMDE is a fantastic project which has much promise, but it is based on a platform with a much different vision than Ubuntu.

    Both Microsoft and Apple have taken Opensource code, and turned an incredible profit out of it, and have virtually complete control over every aspect of development. They are money making behemoths. Unfortunately, it appears clear to me that this is the only way that any initiative will truly give you the product that you are looking for. Ubuntu could do it, but they would have to go pure commercial. Other phases of development could also give you more of what you are looking for, but not without entering the full blown commercial realm. In my mind, it’s just the way it is. No OS is perfect, and this is true for many different reasons, not the least of which is monetary in nature. It’s that simple.

  89. I need bluetooth running fine; but LM Maya mate do not run good; I will wait Nadia to try it…

    (sorry my English)

  90. “Xfce should be made as close as possible to gnome”

    No, it should not…Xfce is totally & fully able to stand just like it is…fast, stable, and just works.

    Mint 13/Maya is the First and Only Linux to work fully for me, right out of the box. It has everything that we have been looking for, and has loaded with NO problems on 5 diffrent systems, from a PIII 700 to my AMDx4..

    What ever you folks do, don’t focus on the Gnome/Mac – KDE/Windows versions at the cost of Xfce…please….

  91. Just want to add my voice to the discussions/posts: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making such an awesome OS. As a Mac user that also has a couple of “PC”s, I’m SO grateful to have an OS like this I can use and feel good about. I’m sure there will be issues (ever heard of Vista people??) but here there is a community of programmers and developers that actually listen to the issues and do their best to solve them – instead of taking a buggy OS, changing the logo and selling it again.

    Love you guys!

  92. Two points for consideration:
    LinuxMint-13 MATE and to a lesser extent Cinnamon have ‘failure to install’ or screen lockup problems for laptops and netbooks that may be due the use of non-NVIDIA graphics.
    Meanwhil LXDE fans will find Lubuntu worth a try, or better yet the new ZoninOS6.1 Lite with its different interpretation plus use of Ubuntu12.04.1’s much better kernel and drivers.

  93. A quick PostScript – ironically, Ubuntu 12.04.1 is now working, albeit rather slowly, on netbooks and laptops.

  94. @davidmitchelstow (122) – You’re very welcome. Glad I could clear things up a bit. Oh, by the way, it’s Kirk M not Ken M. I don’t mind the mix up at all it’s just that I’m old and prone to confusion. I’d hate to start signing things with the wrong name. 😉

  95. i really forgot windows after switching to linux mint it’s awsome now and hope it will be..and please include any video converter,virtual machine and gadgets on desktop..

  96. Olá,primeiramente vim parabenizar por fazer um ótimo trabalho sobre o (Linux mint 13 – Cinnamon) é muito bom,rápido e completo. No caso do Mint14,seria interessante um sistema bem diferente uma mistura de (Window maker e Openbox) ia ficar um sistema super leve,mais leve quanto o mint13.
    Ou só o (Window Maker) <por sí só é um ótimo ambiente gráfico,e que os demais estão sugerindo,XFCE e LXDE,mais seria bem interessante o mint com ambiente gráfico Window Maker,eu baixaria sem dúvida. 😉

  97. For many people the system sounds are not important and is a theme reminiscent of Windows. Unfortunately in matte, cinnamon, gnome 3 system sounds …… where?, Were implemented someday?, For me if it’s important

  98. For those agitating to bring back LXDE: I was among those lamenting its demise, since LM 12 LXDE was a *great* distro for my hardware. Still, the lure of LTS proved strong, and I’m now running LM 13 Xfce. It is *wonderful*, and I can’t say I miss LXDE at all. Nor is LXDE that much (any?) “lighter” than Xfce. (My Tosh Satellite A100 boots to 1% CPU and 109Mb RAM, of 1Gb available.)

    In short, LM 13 Xfce really *is* a “light” distro, running happily on older hardware. Do try it — you might even like it! (I speak from personal experience.)

    By the way — isn’t post #92 spam??

  99. English version follows …

    Bravo !
    Mais qu’en est-il de la version Mint LXDE, attendue avec impatience par les possesseurs de netbooks ?

    Fine !
    But what about Mint LXDE, eagerly waited by netbooks users ????

  100. #GnomeWorldDomination

    @Ubuntu #forced_unity motivated me to upgrade to Mint

    For giggles I installed Mint 13 Maya (Mate) to an uber fast usb flash drive. It’s awesome… and will be better yet with XBMC, NFSv4, and other tunneling bits.. to use it’s remote session to access freeNAS (ZFS) for Minty entertainment anywhere

  101. Cant wait to try either. Had maya but switched to ubuntu. Ready to switch back to maya now and cant wait for nadia

  102. Russian names?
    Mint 15 – Olya (Оля, полное имя Ольга)
    Mint 16 – Polya (Поля, полное имя Полина)
    Mint 17 – Raya (Рая, полное имя Раиса)
    Mint 18 – Sveta (Света, полное имя Светлана)
    Mint 19 – Tanya (Таня, полное имя Татьяна)
    Mint 20 – Ulya (Уля, полное имя Ульяна)
    Mint 21 – Varya (Варя, полное имя Варвара)
    Mint 22 – Zina (Зина, полное имя Зинаида)

  103. @PB No I don’t prefer Ubuntu, I prefer Linux Mint. I am aware of and have tried and do not like Ubuntu as much as Linux Mint. I especially do not like the new Unity desktop. I want to see Linux Mint have more control over it’s product and that would eventually mean not being subject to the whims of Ubuntu. Unity in Linux won’t come, I don’t hope for it, but I do hope for a leading spear head of Linux and I want that to be Linux Mint. I now use two forms of LM and those are the KDE and the Cinnamon versions. I find the sound easier to deal with in Cinnamon than in KDE and yet I think a merging of popular elements of both would be great. Business is business, there is some “commercialism” in every approach because devs need to be able to use their time on their projects. PBS is even a bit commercial, even though it pushes for donations. I think doing both helps them. Debian is a rolling distro and that fascinates me, and though I don’t know this to be true, perhaps if that were to be the flagship Mint Team would have a bit more control and time, but I am also not against an OS using Ubuntu but also giving us a hybrid of cinnamon and kde. I hope this clarifies my position more. Selling a Mint Box is great and I think selling things that work with the Mint Box such as webcams etc. would be great too. I hope soon I can buy a Mint Box when it is available as a laptop. Know also that I do give a small amount every month for the pleasure Mint gives me, and I hope others will too, as small automatic gifts are easier to budget around than now and then big donations, not that big donations aren’t great too…

  104. davidmitchelstow@140

    I get that, and to be sure, I wasn’t saying that you actually “prefer” Ubuntu. To clarify, I was simply stating that your description of the ideal distro actually is very close to what Ubuntu envisioned at its inception. I believe it to still be their vision, but certain things can’t be helped–namely the disaster that is Gnome3. Enter Unity.

    Right now, Ubuntu actually has more of what you wish for in Linux Mint, and that is “more control” over their development, or some might even call it destiny.

    My point is, perhaps one day, Linux Mint will have that type of control, but I don’t think LMDE is necessarily the road to that end. Remember, Ubuntu tried a Debian based distro, and it worked well for awhile, and certainly gained them a strong foothold. While technically, Ubuntu is still based on Debian, they have forked pretty sharply in the minds of many people. In reality, Ubuntu is Ubuntu, a virtual independent distro. Look at how many other distros are simply Ubuntu based. It is essentially it’s own package base. Linux Mint has a long way to go to get to that point, if that’s indeed what you would like to see.

    For me, I just want things to work out of the box–like most everyone else. And I agree wholeheartedly, that Linux Mint has given me that. On the other hand, we can discuss the various reasons for why certain things are “broken” and need to improve. But unless I am willing to become a developer, or contribute much more than I am right now, I really can’t expect better, nor should I.

    I, for one, love your idea. I just feel there are too many planets that have to align for that to happen anywhere in the near future.

  105. For desktop usage, I am loving Mint over my Macbook Pro. I still use Ubuntu for server/webserver applications…but Mint is awesome. Can’t wait to see what the new version brings.

  106. What are you thinking about windows 8 VS Mint 14.
    Before windows 8, Linux was awesome.
    Just think how far windows is now by developing windows 8.
    All Linux distro is just colorless if you compare with windows 8.
    A huge modification is required if we wish to see Linux is alive then.
    But there is not major development in next release of Ubuntu so as Mint.

    May new Linux user will switch to windows 8 again.

    Its so sad.

  107. Hi!
    I’d like to inform you, that Mint 13 and his Debian “brother” gathered very positive review from polish PC IT portal, 🙂
    Here and here (sorry for the direct links, but it’s polish site).
    It’s generally a review of a couple of Linux distributions for beginners or those, who would like to try something new/fresh.

    I’m using Mint 13 on a SSD Intel drive – it’s Cinnamon version and it’s blazing fast (too bad it doesn’t like my OLD GF FX5500 gfx card, though ^_^)!

  108. hola! Espero que Clement responda a la comunidad que clama, y pide, la necesidad de LXDE. O bien que diga algo, que nos diga qué opina sobre LXDE o qué piensa hacer. Somos muchos, muchos, los que esperamos esa versión. POR FAVOR.

    (Translation by Google)
    hello! I hope the community responds Clement crying and calls, the need for LXDE. Or say something, tell us what you think about LXDE or what it will do. We are many, many, we hope that version. PLEASE.
    Clement can not ignore how many times in this blog, in this post, the order of lxde.

  109. Is a Cryptsetup+LVM installation available via installation process?

    * Cryptsetup partition and then LVM or
    * LVM first and than encrypt logical volumes

  110. Please reconsider the default login-screen and the wallpaper (from Mint 13) – they’re pretty off-putting, and while it is easy to change, but for first-comers to Mint (or Linux, for that matter), it gives a pretty bad first impression of the system 🙁

  111. I would love for next version of Cinnamon to have Super-LeftArrow to dock current window to left half of screen, Super-RightArrow to dock current window to right half of screen, Super-UpArrow to maximize current window, and Super-DownArrow to minimize current window.

    Edit by Clem: It does already (testing it with 1.5.3 here).

  112. My desktop decided to chew through all my internal hard drives recently, so I’ve been disc jockeying different versions of LM on CD for a couple months now, and I just wanted to thank you for making it so solid; it’s a pain going back to factory settings when I need to reboot, but LM is awesome enough that I don’t even mind. I haven’t even bothered pricing new hard drives yet, if you can believe it. THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER

  113. It will be, I think, the usual neat and classy work. Thank you for your effort. As long there is MATE, I’m happy. But I’m waiting for the CHAR PALETTE — availble in Gnome & Mate — to be ported on Cinnamon. To have it only on Firefox as an extension isn’t practical or really useful. And you cannot imagine how much it is crucial for non English speakers users… Take care.

  114. I’m pretty sad to hear, generally, so much Gnome 3 bashing. Gnome 3 with a couple of extensions (like panel-docklet and axe-menu) is gorgeous, fast, modern and easy to use (I spent years trying every significant desktop environment). The extensions system is very powerful, and so far, I had fewer problems with it than with Unity / Cinnamon / KDE /…

    I’m so sad to see schisms in such a small community. Most of us are well aware that so ALL environments lack manpower. Why reinvent the wheel, and split the efforts again and again ? It seems the community will never learn from its mistakes. Well, it’s my opinion which obviously differs from yours, and we’re all entitled to our opinion. However, I can see so many people around me (both tech-oriented and noobs) that are completely lost / unsettled / disappointed with what is happening in the linux ecosystem. I’m ashamed there go through so much trouble and now hesitate to advise them a Linux distro.

    I thought Mint, through LMDE and the gnome shell extensions was definitely in the right direction. With all those recent forks, I think it’s getting a bit surreal / crazy, taking the Mint team resources into account.

  115. So looking forward to the new release Nadia, seems like i have done nothing but update just recently. I use to be a big Gnome 2 fan and would not move from the Linux Mint 10 build as it was so stable. Now its been discontinued it made me look at the new cinnamon and once i got use to the way it did things i`ed like to say it is Lovely and all most on par with the old Mint 10. I did try the Mint 11 & 12 but was not moved to use them as they were a bit unpredictable for my system.

    Thanks again for Mint 13 Maya Loving the taste of Cinnamon.

  116. To all the guys who are interested in LXDE, there is one “peppermintos”. Search it in google or distrowatch and you will find it. Its LXDE, ubuntu based, uses Linux Mint’s software center and update manager etc. etc. Just check it guys, who knows some of you may feel satisfied. Otherwise Zorin lite is there as someone else has also quoted above.

  117. “Ubuntu 12.04.1 has been released today”

    means that mint will release 13.1,2,3 and so on or not?
    if not somebody from mint team should tell how to integrate the updates because if i’ll make an install in 2 years will be complicated with 3000 updates. now are 500 and over 500mb.

    a short answer from mint team means 2 minutes.

    thank you!

  118. I’d like to add a few lines to Bobby’s post above…

    There are also various threads & guides in the forum on how to make your own lxde-version of Linux Mint (Based on Ubuntu as well as Debian) none of them are that hard to follow – I actually tried a couple of them myself – so the tools are out there if you really want them. I’m actually quite happy with the one that I set up for myself.
    (And yes – it does look and feel “minty” enough for me)

    Also – instead of calling for a return of something the team already discontinued, why don’t you all show up in the LXDE part of the forum and pull together a Community Edition? Considering that there are a decent number of skilled LXDE fans in the forums it shouldn’t be that hard to get one up and running…

  119. > Yves Lortie Says:
    August 26th, 2012 at 8:32 pm
    I tried both the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Maya for a while. I didn’t like Cinnamon, so I removed it and decided to stay with MATE: it is efficient, stable and let me do what I want easily. What more can we ask of an OS? <
    Mate is right. But Cinnamon is not bad either. Xfce with some hacks does a great job. Lxde is light but can be made as big as one likes.
    Still no flashy sqares on the desktop in stead of icons… So, I'am very happy these days.

  120. Please make gpt/uefi work out the box in Linux Mint 14. I couldn’t bring myself to format my Asus g75v to mbr/bios to get a dual boot with Linux Mint 13.

  121. I’m very happy with Mint13 Mate. As to those that don’t like the default colours, it’s so easy th change things. I get the impression that they’re new to Linux and are former Windows users, where it’s not so easy to change the look of the desktop. Just download any pixture you want, right click on the desktop, click on add, find the pix, click on it and it’s there!

    As to those that mentioned the update manager problem in Mint13 KDE, I used the menu item, and it worked. Update did hang on installing Muniupdate. I waited about 5 minutes, then logged out and back in. Ran update again and it showed 424 updates. Took only about 30 minutes to complete those.

    Thanks Clem, for a superior distribution and listening to the users, not like some of the other popular ones.

  122. @PB 146 Thank you for the clarifications. I don’t think that LM needs to be independent in a total sense, but it should strive to be the front end spear of many developments and I think Cinnamon is a great example of that. I love that I can program easily the music and picture at login and even have, as I do, random login pictures. I love eye and ear candy and I love things to work easily right out of the box. Windows does this by being such a huge part of the pc trade that many make things just with windows in mind. Mac has some of this now but began and still uses its own hardware that it sells to work on their OS. I believe that we should take a course like the Mac by teaming with hardware devs, selling laptops and PCs and smaller devices with all the tweaks in for the amazing free programs that are most popular to work. I would not be opposed to a merger of some of the ubuntu teams working on its base and mint being the quality and image control division. Yet, with Cinnamon out I think that merging that with KDE capabilities while keeping the core out of the box final touches of mint could be an incredible merger. Now KDE I think is falling behind but if some of their devs joined the mint team and worked on merging cinnamon and KDE function to include a wide range of applications that actually work cold be awesome. Even this could still be the tip of an ubuntu spear that could pierce through the trade barriers of windows and mac. I do have a hunch that much of this may already being done by mint team behind the scenes or at least considered. Yet a low cost or free OS for the developing world and the poor very much appeals to me. So the current work is great for that and I would encourage people to donate for that cause so that mint could be in the hands of kids around the world as teaching aids, and an aid to world peace. Your thoughts?

  123. I have LM 13 Cinnamon on my desktop and LM 13 Mate on my Netbook. Having tried many distros from Slackware, Mandriva, Suse, Kubuntu and of course Ubuntu I finally found Linux Mint. I’ll continue to use Cinnamon as my main DE as I find it to be more elegant and as effective as Mate. For someone coming from a Windows environment, Linux Mint with Cinnamon is the way to go.

    A big thanks to the Linux Mint team, and keep up the good work.

  124. One thing I’ve never understood and perhaps I’m just not observant:

    Does Mint ever get the kernel updates that Ubuntu does?

    For example, if I’m running Mint 9 and 10.04 gets myriad kernel updates over its lifespan (which it has), does Mint get them too? I don’t recall ever seeing Mint kernel updates…

  125. i use LMDE , its running nice 🙂 mint 13 is nice with me but ubuntu version arent compatible with RT2870 , i dont blacklist but i must activate on the ubuntu way …, (found on google , search string : ubuntu tplink w311m) with Debian work out of the box 🙂 i do work now with Mate-desktop because mintmenu not availble on the 4.8 xfce 🙂 but mate-desktop on lmde is nice too 🙂 i hope in the future Mint can Base on LMDE not on ubuntu :), with own repo´s and a own ppa system 🙂

  126. @davidmitchelstow-170 : Perhaps you mean something like this (although its with Unity, but can be checked) :-

    And this is the otherway around :-

    And to add the fuel to the fire : Cinnamon with KDE integration + with menu like Elementry OS (luna) or I would say just put the Unity Dash (no left side unity icons) in the cinnamon panel with modified menus (to avoid unnecessary clicks). Of course I will be using the cinnamon panel with modification as shown in above video. Ha ha ha don’nt take it seriously guys its just my view.

  127. @davidmitchelstow and @PB : I was adding some fuel to the fire. Anyway, if later on you will be able to read my comments; good; otherwise it hardly matters now. Bye.

  128. Will 14 have web app integration like Ubuntu 12.10? It’s not necessary but it would be cool to have it, especially when Mint is always that bit better all round in my opinion.

  129. Hey, what about making updated isos like canonical do?

    I just installed the Mint 13 KDE in my secondary partition and get about 400mb of updates… It will be really nice to have the ISOs updated.

  130. @gosa and @bobby I don’t know what “under moderation” means so I can’t comment on that. I have tried LXDE and although mint did a nice job of it, in my opinion, it seems that those in the know seem to prefer xfce as an alternative for a variety of reasons. Have you tried it? However, I believe the main thrust of mint is to attempt to create a highly usable system or two and concentrate their efforts there. That makes sense to me and duplicating efforts in a very similar category of appeal would not seem wise to me. Might I suggest you give xfce mint a try? I hear it is excellent and a low demand on system resources. Yet realize that as costs go down system resources and the fact that say Cinnamon or Mate already are fairly light are factors that must be considered. There is a move toward laptops and smaller devices and this needs to be considered too. However, I don’t think that putting boxes along the left side is either visually appealing or useful, Mint is a great compliment to Ubuntu, and a definite improvement in my opinion.

  131. @David Mitchel Stow : Let me first clarify what “under moderation” means. All the distros put some software on their blog or site to check that they don’t get SPAM, VIRUS, UNNECESSARY and ABUSIVE COMMENTS etc. etc. So these types of commnets goes in moderation (in other way where a spam goes in email). If someone makes a comment first time it also straight away goes in moderation. So, distros assign this job to a person normally called “moderator” whose job is to check all the above types of mail and on finding out some genuine comments, post them on the blog, of course this takes time, how much, can’nt say. These days I have also seen on some sites that if you write the name of some other OS or some other sites then also your comments won’nt appear, although I do not put Clem and Linux Mint in that category. Hope I am able to clarify, at least some extent what ‘under moderation’ means.

    Actually my ‘under moderation’ comments were directed at your and @PB comments. My mistake, I could not clear it. I just simply put some video links of Utube, showing how to merge KDE in an OS and vice-versa, and giving my personal views as to which OS menus are better and should be tried to copied in Mint Menu if possible.

    In the end although I have decided to keep myself away, but seeing some confusion on your part, I think it was necessary. Its time to rest now.

  132. @David Mitchel Stow : My comments appeared at post 178. Have to say THANKS to the “Moderator”.

    Edit by Clem: You’re welcome 🙂 Sorry for the delay. We need this to fight spam and sometimes it takes a little longer than we’d like for us to moderate things.

  133. Clem, I say continue to use MATE in Linux Mint “Nadia” because it’s very stable and good !
    MATE seems better than Cinnamon.
    I say do not give up yet with MATE !

    Linux Mint is the best !!!

  134. @Bobby – Don’t take your comment being thrown into moderation personally. This blog is powered by WordPress and I’m positive that your comment went into moderation automatically due to the two links you included in it. One of the “Discussion” options in WordPress is usually set to throw any comment that contains 2 or more links into moderation by default. Your comment was thrown into moderation by an automatic function in WordPress, not by any action of a moderator.

    Edit by Clem: Indeed. We do delete comments now and then but it’s extremely rare. Most of the time it’s because it’s off-topic, non-constructive, aggressive or because it contains something inappropriate. If that ever happens to you, just rephrase your content (it’s got to be family-friendly), be constructive and respectful and it will definitely go through… well unless it’s about politics, religion, sensitive things like that or that it promotes a website/product or something. If your comment was fine but got deleted, it’s likely because it had 2 or 3 links in it. If that’s the case, either contact us or rewrite it with the links removed… when that happens it goes straight to our spam folder and there’s so many spams in there, it’s very likely we’ll never see it.

  135. clem

    i think is more important to tell us if the lts iso will have updates or not like ubuntu which is now 12.04.1 instead to explain why some comments are deleted. now are over 500 updates and in 2 years 2-3000.
    if mint team don’t have the time to do this kind of work somebody should write how to integrate the updates.

    i cannot understand why it’s a secret in the linux world and also here to speak about backup possibilities for the system. i have found that the best software to do that is redo backup & recovery (OPEN SOURCE!!!!) because is simple clear and make everything in 10 minutes. the backup solution from the system is not usefull because it takes a lot of time.
    the lack of information is not usefull for anybody!!!
    some of the people are beginners and hwo have a system to promote must make known some tools that are very important like this one. it was not a pleasure to install the system every day because this is the solution offered everywhere for all linux systems and i cannot understand the reason!
    then there are tools like offris, gofris and lethe (deep freeze) which are also very good and can help beginners to avoid everyday instalations because makes learning (tests) possible without problems. could help also when a family have only a single computer but the problem is that any developer cares about.
    so everything is here for a better life with linux but why simple and good when everything could be complicated and worse?!
    this is the reason that linux has only 1% users!

  136. in fact I really enjoy use linux and a big fan of it now. even i use it more than the one who introduce me to it. now i’m using linux mint 12 and i really love it and wish it was made for me only. please wat will i do if i wanna use pictures as my screen saver because i prefer using pictures than it going black when the time come for the screen saver to come. lol

  137. Gracias, espero para actualizar mi version 13 KDE 64 y por favor no coloquen a Calligra como suite ofimática, conserven LibreOffice que anda super bien.

  138. This post is dedicated to linguistic and chronological meta-information related to Linux Mint.

    “Linux Mint 14 will be named “Nadia” and should be available at the end of November 2012.

    In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, Nadezhda “Nadia” Chernyshevski is Maya’s best friend.

    Nadia is pronounced NAH-d’-yah. It is the English form of Nadya, which itself is the pet form of Nadezhda and is Russian for “hope”. It’s also a variant of Nadiyya which, in Arabic, means “moist, tender, delicate”. ~Clement Lefebvre”

    Nice name. Do note, however, that Nadya/Nadia (“Надя” in Cyrillic) is not just a Russian name, it’s commonly found in all Slav(on)ic languages, e.g. Bulgarian (and its politically constructed dialect Macedonian), Serbo-Croatian, Belorussian, Ukranian, etc.

    If we also include the fact that there are large diaspora communities of these ethnicities/nationalities in other countries (and some of them name their children with those names), and that some people in my countries nowadays give their children foreign names for the heck of it (or for a sort of ‘deemed prestige because of foreignness’), it could be argued that these names (as well as any foreign name in general, and by ‘foreign’ I mean foreign or less common for your language or homeland) are becoming somewhat more wide-known and popular thanks to inter-sociocultural borrowings, and also because of Linux Mint and the Internet as a whole. 😀

    @ Comment No. 142
    (“Imhoteps Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 1:51 am

    Russian names?
    Mint 15 – Olya (Оля, полное имя Ольга)
    Mint 16 – Polya (Поля, полное имя Полина)
    Mint 17 – Raya (Рая, полное имя Раиса)
    Mint 18 – Sveta (Света, полное имя Светлана)
    Mint 19 – Tanya (Таня, полное имя Татьяна)
    Mint 20 – Ulya (Уля, полное имя Ульяна)
    Mint 21 – Varya (Варя, полное имя Варвара)
    Mint 22 – Zina (Зина, полное имя Зинаида)”):

    True observation (and nice suggestions), but not entirely accurate. Most, if not all, of those (female) personal names aren’t only Russian, they are common to all countries which have a Slav(on)ic language as their national language.

    Also, since it’s the Linux Mint team who decide the nickname/code name for each release of LM, we can’t really be sure which name will be selected for each new major release – it’s their call after all. 🙂
    Plus, it’s more interesting when the code name is a secret before it’s revealed to the (LM) community, isn’t that right? 😉

    The list of past names of LM appears to be a mixture of many (quite common) European names (some of them could even be considered to have become pretty common throughout the whole continent of Europe and beyond, thus making them somewhat cross-continental due to cultural borrowings or their existence in multiple languages since time immemorial).

    More linguistic curiosities:
    Polya (short for “Polina” – “Поля” (“Полина”) in Cyrillic), Raya (could be the short form of many female personal names, it’s also found as a full-form personal name), Sveta, Tanya and Varya (a similarly sounding, yet somewhat unrelated name is Vyara (“Вяра”, which in lowecase also means “belief/faith” in Bulgarian, Russian (I may be wrong about Russian, you should look it up just in case) and perhaps in some other Slav(on)ic languages.

    According to, the LM team has thus far used 14 letters (for 17 editions if we count Nadia – because v2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 used the same initial letter (“B”), and 3.0 and 3.1 both used the same initial letter (“C”)) of the total 26-letters-long basic modern Latin/Roman alphabet (including LM 14: “Nadia”) as initial letters for their 17 releases of the LM Main Edition (the 17th is the upcoming Nadia), which means that future LM releases (after Nadia) have 12 more Roman letters to use (which, if we count the 2-releases-per-year release schedule, gives us 6 more years, or 12 more editions, of LM releases in the future, provided that Clem and the rest of LM team (will) keep developing Linux Mint in the future (as the case appears to be), and that humanity survives that long…

    Here’s to hoping for 13 more (good) editions of Linux Mint (including the upcoming Nadia) and beyond! 😉

    P.S. Sorry for the kind-of-off-topic comment, I still think that it is linked to the topic, so I ventured into posting it anyway. Feel free to delete it if you find it too much off-topic. Anyway, enjoy the last days of your summer everyone (or winter, if you’re in the other hemisphere, if I’m not mistaken). 🙂

  139. I’m a big fan of linux mint but, I’m facing problems nowadays like at os choice menu it says “frequency out of range”, the audio output isn’t that much good for my speakers & the sound sometimes vanishes form the file but it goes on smoothly in windows some1 plz help me. BTW I’m lookin forward to NADIA….

  140. Hum… what a pity! I kinda liked Linux Mint!

    I’m sorry to say that but, guys, I find the Desktop Environments you propose really unusable. Can’t you stop with those application menus ? They remind me Windaube… Activity-centered environment is the way to go! Wake up!

    I guess I’ll have to switch again. Ubuntu Gnome Shell Remix will be my new friend 🙂

  141. Can’t wait for Mint 15, if it,s going to be called Olga I am going to leave my good old Julia and install Olga for the sake of my daughter.

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