Nemo, Cinnamon 1.6 and MATE 1.4

I’m taking this opportunity to relay two pieces of Cinnamon news to the Linux Mint community.

Cinnamon 1.6 preview

The upcoming Cinnamon 1.6 was given a quick preview at


Nemo was announced as the new file browser for Cinnamon:

MATE 1.4

There was also news coming from MATE. In case you missed their announcement during the holidays. MATE 1.4 was released:



  1. Great news! Cinnamon is by far the most pleasing DE so far. I see you’re gradually adding configuration options to get back to the Gnome2 level of customisability.

    I have one request though, *please* make Cinnamon Debian (Wheezy) compatible.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks. It is compatible with Wheezy. We’ll never get to the level of customization of Gnome2/MATE but giving people the ability to configure Cinnamon the way they want (for popular options anyway) is important to us.

  2. Clem,
    exciting news πŸ™‚
    any ETA for them to be made available in lmde? i guess they will miss UP5.

    Edit by Clem: I can’t say for sure.. UP5 is waiting on a new feature in mintupdate which speed-test mirrors and updates your sources (we want that working before we release UP5). If they’re not in UP5, they’ll come soon after Mint 14.

  3. @Clem: in that case I have a bug to report. The dependency “libcogl5 (>= 1.7.4)” is not in the Debian repos anymore.

    Edit by Clem: Isn’t that dependency generated during the build? Do you get it when you compile Cinnamon on top of Debian?

  4. please is cinnamon 1.6 on it own or you can use it to update another, let say i’m using linux mint 13 can i update and work with cinnamon 1.6 at the same time.

  5. Customizing? Good news! I really like Cinnamon, and the one tiny change I always wanted was to be able to move the calendar to the middle, like Gnome 3 has it, just for the symmetry.

  6. will the upgrade to cinnamon 1.6 replace nautilus with nemo or this has to be done manually (i’m using LMDE)?

    Edit by Clem: Probably not, cinnamon is likely to “recommend” nemo.

  7. I’m happy to see work continuing on MATE, as I prefer it over Cinnamon. Now, if you’d just add some code to the preferences to turn the Caps-Lock key off, I’d be in heaven.

  8. I can’t wait for Mint to work on my computer again so I can use these new features. That is… if Mint will ever run on my computer again. The last Mint release left my two year old computer behind πŸ™

  9. Clem,

    I’m wondering if “Venkat Reddy” is having a problem with making the applet stick to the tray. After I installed this applet, it clearly shows in the applet list, but I can’t seem to get it to stick to the tray. When I check the applet to show, the Update Manager applet blinks, but no system monitor applet shows up. I’ve tried it in panel edit mode as well, and can’t seem to make it work. Probably something I’m missing since it’s only been recent since my trial of Cinnamon. So far, I really like what’s been happening with it, and I can use it just as well as MATE-even with the key differences between the two. Both are very usable in my book.

  10. @Clem:

    This opens the question: Will Cinnamon 1.6 also be made available for Mint 13 (by the end of the day it’s based on a LTS release).

    Most important question: Will Cinnamon 1.6 have…

    1- …the disappearing “Places” (once an app is installed/removed or a .desktop edited “Places” takes a leave and only reappears by restarting Cinnamon)

    2- … the funny empty space right at the clock to the right of the screen and the general oddity of the systray that it’s slowly drifting to the left

    3- … and the inconsistent placement of the Mint Menu (if you switch back/forth between the virtual workspaces you will see that on the 1st workspace there’s a small space to the left of the screen there it glues to the left border on the 2nd)

    4- … the somewhat way-too-high CPU load

    … fixed?

    Also, will Nemo bring back Folder Enblems and “Preview Music when hovering over an MP3|OGG|FLAC|…” with the Mouse?

    Edit by Clem: Folder emblems is a good idea. C1.6 should get into M13 after M14 is out. Bugs 1 and 2 are definitely fixed. 3 I’m not sure. 4 that depends on your specs.

  11. Clem, Will you create an Openbox edition ? It was a nice idea to have a Fluxbox edition but after Felicia it was discontinued. If you do could you please bring it back as an Openbox edition. Also, if you do create aOpenbox edition such as theming, a panel etc.

  12. how customizable is Nemo? for example, I’m currently using Nautilus and have my file browser set up to see (and switch btwn diferent views) the “tree” view of my file system in the left panel and I have a location bar at the top so I can type filepaths into it for easy navigation.
    Is this able to be implemented in Nemo? and is there a link for more info on Nemo?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, everything that’s in Nautilus is in Nemo since it’s based on it. Some features work differently, but none were removed.

  13. I’m very excited about both Cinnamon 1.6 and Nemo. I moved to Xfce because it runs on all of my computers and I really like it, but at least on my laptop, I’ll also run Cinnamon. Honestly, Cinnamon’s a lot more fun to use than Xfce, but I can make Xfce exactly the way I like it and I can do almost the same with Cinnamon. The one thing that I’d love is (and IIRC this was on the list a while back, but it might have been dropped) the ability to install stuff from inside Cinnamon Settings.

  14. I’m still having trouble getting over the fact that teams all over the world are working for free to create all this freedom and elegance for us. Clem’s commitment, vision and ethos seems infectious–both to developers and to users. He and his team are heroes to me. There, I said it. You are the true, ahem, X-Men. ;/

  15. I have 2 requests/questions about Nemo:

    1) Is it 100% compatible with nautilus? I mean, if I use dropbox, U1, cairo-dock applets or any application that interacts with nautilus, will it work (fully) out of the box? Maybe a simple symlink (a fake nautilus) would do the job, but the user should not get issues with other softwares because nautilus (the gnome standard as I know) is not installed on his system. I had these troubles with caja (as good as it may be), for example.

    2) I understand that Cinnamon 1.6 will be backported to Maya. Please be sure to maintain the actual integration with nautilus in this edition or offer a smooth way to replace nautilus with Nemo (then recheck my first point).

    Edit by Clem: 1) No, but that will come in time. 2) That’s not an issue, nautilus will still be there and you’ll still be able to use it instead of Nemo. When it gets backported you’ll just get access to it, it won’t force you into migrating to it.
    Thank you very much for the good work!

  16. Wow, 184,000+ lines of old code deleted. That’s some pretty massive cleanup.

    Will 1.6 support having panels on two different monitors?

  17. I am flabbergasted. This is so amazing. I think I learn something new every week using mint. I didn’t know that Mate was more configurable than Cinnamon but I like Cinnamon because it gives easy ways for those of us not so knowledgeable to configure things a bit also…

  18. Hi Clem,

    That’s great news, would you know if the random freeze Cinamon is gone ? (as experienced in the LM 13 RC ?).
    I’d hate to reinstall only to discover that it is still there …

  19. I’m really happy to hear about Nemo replacing Nautilus.
    Are there plans for a decent file search function accessible by the right-click context menu planned? (think Agent Ransack in Windows which can search by name, type, size, etc for example). For me, lack of this GUI based functionality available by default was one of the biggest shocks/disappointments when moving from Windows to Linux.

    Keep kicking butt Clem and Mint developers!

  20. In reply to Comment #13:

    Quote Clem: 4 that depends on your specs.

    I’m running Mint 13 Cinnamon x86_64 on two boxes, one is a Phenom II X6 1100T (6-Core) / 16GB / GeForce GT210 and the other one a FX8150 (8-Core) / 16GB / GeForce GT550 (I hope that’s powerful enough, though I like to apologize for having just lousy 16GB; the motherboard doesn’t allow for more). Also the “Turbo Mode” of the CPUs where they can shutdown cores to increase the clock is turned OFF.

    Since I switched to Mint 13 (from Mint 9) the overall load on the CPU was/is _WAY_ higher than before. Example…

    When watching a Video in UMplayer (vdpau accelerated) the playback actually LAGS when I bring another window into the foreground or when I click onto some item in the bottom panel.

    When the system sits there completely idle it seems to have great fun with itself as sometimes the CPU load spikes up (I can even hear it on the CPU fan that goes up). Monitoring the CPU shows that from time to time it spikes up to full clock on at least 2 cores instead of remaining at the relaxing 800MHz. This NEVER happened with Mint 9.

    When the screen fades to the lockscreen (and turns the monitor off shortly thereafter) the CPU spikes again.

    I have no clear idea what’s going on. While you and your Team did a magnificent job in delivering a sane, and usable, Desktop there’s something “off” (compared to how the system behaved back in Mint 9).

    If it’s related to Cinnamon I hope it can fixed, if it’s related to Gnome 3 then they did a formidable job in delivering the worst crap I happen to know no matter what Shell is sitting above the core stack – and I’m using Linux since 1995.

    – B.Jay

  21. Hello Clem and Team (and mint community),

    I wondered I you’d have taken a sneak peak at the E17 environment, as it looks really fast (like beating LXDE fast) and eye pleasing. Of course, it is not really mature now, but, who knows ? Maybe with some extra mint twist… would be great on netbooks !

    Can’t wait till that Cinnamon 1.6 is on my main PC !

  22. I am curious about this release. I started off using Mint 13 with Cinnamon but switched to MATE because I felt that Cinnamon still had some important bugs and wasn’t as feature complete as MATE was. I hope that Cinnamon 1.6 will change that.

  23. Excellent work dudes! Cinnamon it’s the better GTK+ based desktop! It works smooth and perfectly… It’s absolutely awesome! I think that you could add the ZukiTwo/ZukiTwo-Dark GTK+3 theme (it uses alpha channel on window borders) and the ROSA icons theme by default. There are my favorites themes, and I’ve some problems to install the ROSA icons. I’d copy the icons folder in the “rosa-1.0.26.tar.gz” package file to the “/usr/share/icons” directory but the the theme just don’t appears in the icons themes list of the Cinnamon configurations window. I downloaded the GNOME version of this package from the official ROSA project website: – What I’d wrong?

  24. I am really impressed with Mint 13 Cinnamon. After using (extensively) Unity, Gnome Shell, Xfce, and KDE, I was about ready to re-install Windows 7. You guys have finally achieved what Linux needed: a slick, modern desktop that’s still highly customizable. I can not express my gratitude enough.

  25. B.Jay@30

    At home, I have a similar configuration, although not quite as stout as you, and I notice the same weird spikes. By the way, I love your sarcasm about the insufficient 16GB of RAM, if it was indeed sarcasm. I have 4GB of RAM, which is a pittance by comparison–surprised I can even get to the Grub screen with that. Processor is a Phenom II X4 965. At work, I have an Intel Core i5 and it too spikes on processes that just aren’t that labor intensive, at least compared to how they were in LM9 and 10. However, I think this has been an issue for some time, but I believe it may be more related to the latest Linux kernels, as much as it saddens me to say. I do believe the latest DE’s also play a role, but once the kernel hit 3, I believe there have been other issues introduced. Proprietary video drivers have also been impacted, and at the same time, have their own failings to bring to the table. In other words, it’s like a synergy of regressions throughout the entire community, and with third party driver developers (especially video) that have resulted in this sub par behavior.

    I almost hate that you brought up LM9, as it is my absolute favorite release so far. It is disgustingly fast compared to what we have right now. I finally bit the bullet, and committed to LM13, but now you have me second guessing. Thanks for that. Just kidding. Although, it is nice to know that somebody else recognizes the grim reality that new is simply not always better. This is a monstrous billboard for that truth.

    On the other hand, the fact that I can use both LM13 with both MATE and Cinnamon reliably (barring the said inefficient behavior) speaks volumes about what Clem has accomplished so far. As far as “shiny new releases” are concerned, Clem really has the best options available.

  26. @PB : yep, I was using linux Ubuntu on my netbook flawlessly until the change to gnome3/Unity and the kernel upgrade to 3.XX. Now, even Xubuntu is slow on it. Everything is slow, and the battery is very bad used (allΓ©luia, jupiter applet exists). Since then, I don’t stop changing and trying some said “fast” distros that all lack of essential ergonomics, or aesthetics, when they are not simply dead. What a shame. Even LMDE could get slowy. Fortunately, the E17 environment seems to be a good deal for little specs devices, with cutting edge aesthetics (and SO DAMN FAST !) somehow making it good for the bad kernel. I would love to see the mint team take a look at it !

  27. I cannot get the PepperMint and WildMint themes to work. I get a message that Aurora engine is not installed, which it is.

    Is it a known incompatibility of MATE?

  28. @PB (Re to Comment #37)

    Thanks for confirming the odd “CPU spikes for no good reason” behavior. At least I now know I’m not chasing an Ghost in the Shell… err… System.

    As for my comment about the “just 16GB”: it wasn’t meant to sound sarcastic or to offend someone, I was hoping for a good laugh. So, in case someone from the developer team took offense, it wasn’t meant that way (though I’m still sorry about the shabby, inadequate, configuration of my systems ;)).

    I did a test with Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 (booted from USB Stick) and some of the odd things are gone (though there’s now that obstacle that is Unity staring into my face). The CPU only spikes when…

    – … the desktop fades to the lockscreen (that would at least confirm that something in Gnome 3 is to blame – why am I not surprised?).
    – … I launch an application that claims some resources – i.e. Firefox – but that’s not exactly a surprise at all (In LM13, when the system sits there twiddling thumbs, ‘top’ only shows the Cinnamon process being King of the Hill when the CPU spikes).

    I couldn’t really test Mplayer in the live session as it uses the Nouveau driver and not the proprietary Nvidia driver; no vdpau HW accel.

    But you are right… I, too, miss the speediness and smooth operation of LM9 as well (not to mention Compiz Fusion and the “slapped into shape” setup I had up and running there with AWN (kicked out gnome-panel)).

    I still stand my point that a rather small team of developers (our beloved Linux Mint guys) showed off the Gnome guys by several magnitudes about how a sane and usable desktop is being done; too bad we have to rely on the worsening-as-we-speak underpinnings of Gnome 3 … no matter what De Icaza (or the Gnome Devs themselves) say; they are not staring into the abyss, they are already falling into the abyss at supersonic speed. They, themselves, trainwrecked the Linux Desktop on a epic scale and are still in total denial about their epic mess-up.

    Anyway, enough of a rant. I’m looking forward to Cinnamon 1.6; if it solves some of the problems that bug me (me wants ‘Preview Music on Mouse-Hover’ back … pretty pleeeez! With choko icing and cherry on top!) I’ll happily donate the equivalent amount of a “Tiles 1.0 Professional” license to the team.

    – B.Jay

  29. B.Jay and haagentis,

    I can’t confirm this as I am not sitting behind it right now, but in all honesty, I don’t think KDE is even as bad. Sure, it takes just a little more resources at idle, but it would be interesting to compare it during the various processes that we use it for, to see how badly it spikes. It may be surprisingly tame. I can’t say for sure though. I still say that it’s the kernel that is the largest player. What Clem said about this behavior depending on system specs makes me lean even a little more heavily in that direction.

    We tend to forget about things we don’t see unless they are completely broken, and just fail to support a particular piece of hardware–namely the Linux Kernel. Rather, we focus on things staring us right in the face–namely the dismal failure that is Gnome Shell riding on Gnome3.

    I suppose my point is, it’s a hot mess of things that need fixing to achieve the good synergy that we’ve become used to. It’s not just the DE disaster. This makes it all the more interesting to see how this all washes out. Hopefully, this is a pearl in the making, but there’s too much to complain about to tell just yet. Unfortunately, we can’t actually blame just one group, or person, like Clem. He has accomplished far too much. He may fumble a little with the ball that’s handed to him, but he is obviously attempting to bring at least a little of what we had.

  30. MATE 1.4 released
    Removed nyancat from the mate-desktop about dialog

    WHAT THE F***?

    Edit by Clem: Afaik Perberos added a build option for it, the nyancat didn’t leave without a fight πŸ™‚

  31. Just a thought. I am accustomed seeing which files are being moved/copied successful or not on the CLI. This is one thing I would appreciate as an option in a file manager.

  32. Just wanted to post up and say thank you so much for Mint and Cinnamon. I wasn’t someone typically offended by the move to Gnome shell or Unity, but since discovering Cinnamon it has won me over with its cool, easy going desktop. Amazing work!

    I wanted to post up also a link to a window decoration that works so well in Mint, and I think you could look at it for the default for the next Mint release. It’s called VeryVerySneaky here > Not sure if this is the done thing, but could be worth a look for you. I’m using it now on Cinnamon and it’s just lovely.

    Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  33. Great news !

    Will the “Change User” feature be available, like it is is MATE ? Definitely THE missing feature for me and my family πŸ™‚

    Go on guys, great job so far !

    Edit by Clem: Hi. “Switch user” is there in Mint 13 (Cinnamon/MATE/Xfce editions). It’s in the menu under “New Login”. It’s an MDM feature. In MDM 1.0.6 (which is coming in Mint 14) it also adds support for gnome-screensaver and mate-screensaver, so you’ll also see a “switch user” button when the screen is locked.

  34. As a Windoze7 user and fairly new to Linux, I thought I would test out various versions to see which was the better. Linux Mint 13 stands out as the best I have used, testing via VMWare first. I think Unity desktop sucks as an interface, and Mint`s version of Gnome is more intuitive.
    Tried using Hybryde Evolution, as it allows a new user like me to switch desktops for evaluation. Still prefer Mint, the only thing is, version 13(and a couple of magazine reviews said this), its still a bit buggy,despite downloading all the updates. Apps sometimes hang, or the system hangs,requiring reboot,(v11 was more stable). Maybe v14 will sort out the quirks.
    Well done to the Mint team, I`m (nearly) a convert, and have this dual booting with Windows7

  35. Dave@48

    I’m not sure exactly how “new” you are to Linux, but welcome aboard. As indicated by your comment, there are some issues right now, and it makes sense that you perceive LM11 as a bit less buggy. LM9 and LM10 are oodles better than even LM11, but that’s a bit subjective. From my personal experience, I prefer LM9, as I have mentioned an annoying amount of times.

    On the other hand, even though I’m often tempted to revert back to LM9, I try desperately to stay the course with LM13. If you only knew the mire that Linux users have had to wade through, really since LM11 came out, you would clearly see the astronomical amount of work that LM14 represents. It’s still needs improvement no matter which DE you choose, but Clem is pushing out significant changes at least weekly it seems. But your experience says it all really, Mint just always seems to offer the best overall package. It’s not perfect (nothing is), but I still keep crawling back for some reason.

    I think if you give it a fair shot, which is seems like you fully intend to, your “nearly” converted status will change to “Windoze7?…..Who?”

    Truthfully, I still have to resort to Windows from time to time, but equally as true, is it’s a gnat’s hair away from never.

    Have fun!

  36. Hi ,
    i wish the new cinnamon have the function to import openvpn files.

    i used xfce before,but i always crash when i use chrome.

    and now i switched to cinnamon.and i like it.

    and it can’t import puff openvpn ,so i have to switched to xfce to import and then switched back.

    Anyway ,well done you guys.

  37. Is there a way to get Nemo to run with Mate? I can run it from a terminal, but I can’t seem to get Mate to boot up with anything but Caja. I know it’s not exactly made for that, but until I can actually use Cinnamon on my hardware, it’d be nice to have at least this.

  38. Love to hear some comments on running LM13 Mate/Cinnamon on older equipment. Posted in previous blogs but no response.

    Up to LM9 and Ubuntu 10.10 I loved how a solid desktop could marry a modern underlying OS with a good turn of performance on, say Celeron laptop with 1.5G RAM and yesterday’s Radeon X200 chipset. These days I can’t find anything that performs reasonably on there, except for Ubuntu 12 with Unity removed and running E17 instead. The consensus is that MATE is “lighter” than Cinnamon, but how does it compare with, say, stock Ubuntu 12.04 w/o Unity and with E17, or stock LM9, Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?

    Am I correct in thinking that LM13/MATE is the closest current distro to say Ubuntu 10.10 running Gnome 2.x in terms of resource usage?

    z. πŸ™‚

  39. I’d like some form of Cinnamon that could run without the vid accel. It’s easily the best looking and set up version of mint but my nb isn’t expandable unfortunately.

  40. Hello Clem, Hello Mint Community

    I like Cinnammon better everyday, It is now almost perfect except for some “freeze”, implying “hard reboot” coming with Chrome and Firefox…probably linked to “video acceleration”. I do not quite understand why this provoke interference with Cinnamon.

    The look and feel of Cinnamon is really quite perfect, exceptional I should say with a little tweaking.

    My only observation relate to the welcome screen which could be graphically simplified. The image of the little computer connected to the world…seems a little outdated….But this is not of major importance. Same remark for your Mint logo…I suppose you are faithful to it because it was your first image. For these two graphical items…why not envisage possible choices?

    Compared to Ubuntu (exception for 10.4 which was nice) the Mint framework is now a pleasure. I always feel some kind of pleasure when my screen is filled up with the desktop….and also when I use the Mint menu. This kind of pleasure is really important. With Windows (not OSX) I always had the impression to enter in a supermarket.

    In a word….Your success is almost complete…because of the visual pleasure of opening your computer!

  41. Greetings Clem and the Mint community!

    I wanted to give thanks for making the Linux experience pleasant again. Mint 13 was certainly a breath of fresh air; and the Cinnamon desktop is also very functional, neatly organized and clean.

    I’ve been using Linux since the mid-90s and have been extremely discouraged to see the dumbing down of the Linux desktop take place across the whole spectrum lately.

    Now I’m using M13 as my main work platform, and have been quite satisfied so far. My other desktop WMs/DEs to compare with are OS X and Enlightenment/E17 (on an Arch-based system.)

    There is of course always room for improvement. My biggest issue with Cinnamon right now (being that it is a fork of Gnome) is its memory+cpu footprint. It tends to get quite sluggish after using it for a day or two; so much so that I have a cron-job to SIGHUP the cinnamon process each night. Obviously not the best solution, as windows get thrown around the desktop, but it works.

    The system btw. is a “so-so” Core2 Quad 2.4Ghz w/ 8Gb RAM and an Nvidia Quadro 400 gfx card, so it should be fairly ok for most use.

    What would be really interesting is if Cinnamon would consider using some of the (extremely) low memory-footprint toolkits and/or renderers which are being used by Enlightenment (another project I am of course a fan of).

    It would truly rock to have the speed of E17 and the userfriendlyness of Cinnamon combined into one smooth package.

    Then again, I am hearing rumours of a massive code cleanup; so hopefully there are some speed gains to be had there as well.

    Keep up the good work! I hope Cinnamon 1.6 and Mint 14 both turn out to be successful.

  42. I have a 2yr old Toshiba laptop. Runs perfectly. I tried Gnome3, Unity, Cinnamon, Xfce and finally Maya with Mate. The one thing I noticed about the Unity/Gnome3 implementations was the ‘Hot Corner’ and showing workspaces. Well if you have Compiz, use ‘Scale’ gives Hot Corners/Edges or Mouse or Keyboard or if you mouse has numerous buttons you accomplish the same thing. ‘Expo’ gives you workspaces with either Hot Corners/Edges or Mouse or Keyboard. The best part of this is that my system on bootup uses just a bit over 220mb. No need for way out hardware. Fantastic job Clem, Mint Team and the Mate developers. Can’t say it often enough, GREAT JOB.

  43. You ask that I use Yahoo because they share revenue with Mint. That’s a good reason, and I thank them for it. I don’t use Yahoo because I don’t get my WOT ratings. Google and Duck Duck Go are compatible with WOT. When Yahoo is I will be more than happy to use it. Anyone who supports Mint is OK with me but, of course, it must work. If you know of another reputable and effective site rating app that works on Yahoo that would do it. Will McAfee ever work on Linux? Life as a penguinista may be a bed of roses but there are still a couple of thorns.

  44. Please let’s have a poll on Mint Fluxbox and openbox
    Please please .They both are the best window Manager or de as you may call it.
    Low on memory usage and high on functionality.

  45. Bamm,

    If you are wanting to upgrade from Mate 1.2 to Mate 1.4, there are details on the Mint Forum under ‘Desktops & Window Managers’, Section MATE.

  46. I am loving all these changes!
    I switched from OSX to Linux 9 months ago and distro hoped all over for the first 6 months then settled in on Mint/Cinnamon. I like everything about the cinnamon project. I think it is the very best of the recent generation of desktop environments.
    I also fully support the move from Nautilus to Nemo. I completely agree with the reasoning behind the change.
    Lastly I wanted to say I am happy to see Mint is really attracting a lot of attention recently. You guys are casting a shadow on Ubuntu!
    Keep up the great work.

  47. Clem, is it ever going to be possible in Cinnamon to have fullscreen apps over the panel when switching focus to another app? This is comparable to having a Compiz window rule gnome-panel below, or using wmctrl to switch the panel below the desktop.

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