Language support – Mint 5

In Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna the mint tools were only in English. We’ve worked on this and internationalized these tools. The community then translated them and we’re now in a position to say that Linux Mint 5 Elyssa will fully support the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, “Brazilian” (as in pt_BR), Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

10 other languages (Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Irish (gaelic), Norwegian “no”, Norwegian “nb”, Dutch, Portuguese (pt_PT), Slovak and Serbian) are also partially supported. For these languages some of the tools were not translated yet.

Other languages are also supported by the system (as in previous versions of Linux Mint) but with the mint tools in English.

If your language is not fully supported don’t hesitate to translate the tools yourself. It’s easy and you can do this directly from the Linux Mint forums:


  1. Me too. I ran Ubuntu for the last few years and I have just migrated to Linux Mint last month. So far, I am very pleased. Good job, guys.

  2. I’ve just finished the translation of all the mint tools (greek modern). So, greek language is fully supporting Linux Mint tools.

  3. Iam teacher from Indonesia. I and my students use Mint 4.0.
    Can I join to translate the Mint Tools for Elyssa ???

  4. Thanks guys for the tranlations to the Brazilian Portuguese Language

    Congrats! Pretty good ones.

    So Linux Mint with the next upcoming release of version 5
    (Elyssa) will have fully language supported.

    I think that your job is going to help too much Mint’s
    users here in Brazil. Many more users will come along, I hope so.


  5. I see Dutch is only partially supported.
    Where do i need to sign up to do the rest of the translation?
    Or spell check the other translations?

  6. @bayu dj
    I think the best would be to create a new topic in (“Development -> Translations”) and begin with the translation.
    On the froum you and your students can then ask all other questions.

    @Milli: same goes to you ^_^

    [I have not joined there since German is already fully translated for Mint 5.0]

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