News on the Start Page

Our most talented artist, Carlos Porto, hit again! This time he redesigned the Linux Mint Start Page to include the 3 latest stories from the Linux Mint blog. Not only does the result look great but we’re hoping it will bring news from the team to Linux Mint users who would not necessarily know about the blog.

Note: Carlos also designed the Mint logo, the website, the forum theme and the software portal.


  1. Much better, Clem, great job. Just a little bit of content makes a world of difference!

    Looking forward to LinuxMint64!

  2. Clem:

    I like the idea but not the format. Also I think that there is a lot info that can be added in that start page.

    I think that you can add:

    Tips and Tricks
    Latest Forum comments
    Latest Software portal additions

    As I said the idea is good but I hope and I’m sure that it will get better.

  3. By the way,

    What happened with the server last night?? The Linux Mint site was down.

    Just wondering.

  4. I liked the idea too.

    Articles, news from worldwide about Linux Mint or anything else that
    can be very relevant could be included,

    Magazine – # 5 – page 34 (Distro) Linux Mint Kde CE – In Spanish
    Argentina ( for instance) – links from important Linux Sites etc.

    As English as the blog default language then, only in English

    I agree with elbeto

    Tips and Tricks
    Latest softwares added to Software Portal

    Latest forum comments (no)

  5. It was a real surprise when I saw the new start page. I think it is a huge improvement, one that i didn’t know was needed, but it works. a great way for us users to feel we are being kept informed when we forget to go to other sites. thanks very much.

    I feel so much a part of this community now, yet I have never done anything to deserve it. One day I will!

  6. Looks great but what has been a bit annoying to me is that after you make a search the options of Images, News, etc are not present in the results page. It makes me switch back to the original google/firefox start.

    Using the search field in firefox now also sends you to your custom google search and I have know option to switch my search to images for example.

  7. Great addition – I had not actually visited the blog before and this drew me to it! As a new user this was a helpful addition. While some of the other link suggestions may be nice – I’m of the mindset to keep it simple and make sure it continues to load really fast! Also, I’m not sure if this is a change, but did you recently add the “images” link to Google? If so – that’s a welcome addition. I know there has been much discussion about the “google-lite” version search that google allows you to put here – but I keep using it to support Mint!

  8. What about the home page of the website? Could that not show the latest blog entries as well?

  9. belovedmonster: It’s planned. Carlos is looking into this. For the main page we’re planning to replace the announcements with blog news but also to have a place for featured stories (similar to what you can see on right now “Ubuntu 8.04 coming soon”, or on with “innovation awards, lotus and the summit” stories).

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