Apologies for the downtime

The Linux Mint web server was down for periods of time today and yesterday. I would like to apologize for this. The first problem occured after a library update broke the bindings used by Apache and we had to recompile the HTTP server. I personally blame Gentoo for this although Michael K. (the server admin) disagrees with me on this one. The second problem occured after I decided to add news on the start page. With every visit on this page trigerring a PHP generated RSS request and consequently database connections the server went down pretty fast. We found 33GB of logs had been generated overnight… Michael reminded me I hadn’t been very smart on this one and the news on the start page are now generated by a separated script.

It can be quite worrying for Mint users when linuxmint.com goes down as not only do the website, the forums, the software portal and the wiki go down, but that also breaks the start page, the repositories and mintUpdate from working correctly. Starting with Elyssa the repositories and mintUpdate will migrate to the file server. A company website will also be available and distinct from linuxmint.com so users have a place to go and to find news in case downtimes happen again.

Sorry for the downtime and let’s hope it won’t happen again anytime soon.


  1. Well you just made me feel a tiny bit better about my current screwup. Maybe tomorrow when I screwup again I can remember this.

  2. Blame Gentoo? Now now, lets not point fingers. We’re all in this together and if we don’t hang together “They’ll” hang us separate(ly). Go Linux –

  3. MINTY ROCKS!!!! LINUX ROCKS!!!! Thanks to all LINUX Forums for helping me to be on the path on finally being “Windows Free”. I will always keep one pc running WINDOZE, like the black sheep Stepchild no one will claim. But Linux is the way.. Rock solid, user supported, and an OS
    defibrillator for PC’s destine to be trashed.. I have several distro’s running and older machines and they run “flawlessly”, but Minty has really caught my eye. No Apologies needed!!! I have Minty running on
    an older PIII 700 mgz with 256 megs, 16 meg AGP.. Runs like a top!!!
    My little mule.. I have 8 apps running on it now and its just goes and goes.. Windows would be gagging for life and beating the HD to death.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Now how can you pay us back for the screwup? I reckon you should just release your next project and I am sure we will all forgive you. Keep up the great work, you guys inspire me. This is what is good about your distribution you guys keep it simple.
    Love the work

  5. Thanks for the communication. I think it’s always a good sign when people are honest about what happened!

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