Mint 10 & LMDE FAQ

Since Mint 10 RC was release, I’ve received many questions, so here’s a little Q&A:

Upgrading to Mint 10:

– Will I be able to upgrade from Mint 10 RC to Mint 10 stable without reinstalling?

–> Yes, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates that appear in the Update Manager.

– Can I upgrade my Mint system to Linux Mint 10?

–> Yes. Wait for Mint 10 to be released as stable, then follow this tutorial.

– After upgrading to Mint 10, my menu icons are tiny…

–> The size of the icons is now expressed in pixels. Right-click the menu, go to Preferences and change the icon sizes for favorites, applications, system and places to your liking (we personally recommend 48, 22, 16, 16).

– While upgrading to Mint 10, I’m experiencing problems with mintdesktop…

–> This was fixed, unfortunately it still affects you as you’re upgrading mintdesktop to its new version. Create an empty file called “Default” in “/etc/gdm/PostLogin/” and proceed with the upgrade.

Installing Mint 10:

– Does Mint 10 include mint4win?

–> Yes.

Using Mint 10:

– Where’s the update manager gone?

–> The Update Manager only runs on installed systems. It won’t run from the live session anymore.

– Where’s the Mint 10 user guide?

–> We’re working on it and it will be ready when Linux Mint goes stable.

– I can’t see application icons in the Software Manager, where are they?

–> Brief answer: In the package mintinstall-icons

–> In depth answer: We’re ambitious and so are upstream developers. Pushing for better software and more features every 6 months means that our vision of the desktop simply doesn’t fit on a CD anymore. We do want to please everyone and there’s no plan to abandon the liveCD, but the reference desktop for us is quickly becoming the liveDVD. If you want to experience Linux Mint as it’s designed and meant to be, you need to get the DVD edition. There’s two ways to do so, either download the DVD ISO, or install from the CD and click on “Upgrade to the DVD Edition” from the Welcome screen. The DVD Edition isn’t Linux Mint plus more, it is Linux Mint. The CD Edition is missing some of that (Java, VLC, Samba, DejaVu fonts, F-Spot, app icons in mintinstall,, artwork..etc) and so we recommend you upgrade to the DVD Edition using the welcome screen (or install mint-meta-gnome-dvd manually).

– Why can’t I share files and folders anymore?

–> You simply need to upgrade to the DVD edition, which includes Samba and nautilus-share. Click on “Upgrade to the DVD edition” in the welcome screen (which you can run by typing “mintwelcome” in a terminal), or install the mint-meta-gnome-dvd package.

– Which Virtualbox shall I install?

–> We recommend virtualbox-nonfree. As we upgrade virtualbox in the repositories, this package will always point to our latest available version. It also provides USB support.

– Which Flash package is the recommended one?

–> We recommend mint-flashplugin (32-bit) and mint-flashplugin-x64 (64-bit) which provide the latest version of Flash Square from Adobe. Upstream packages from Ubuntu are not recommended (they tend to be obsolete and run in 32-bit mode on 64-bit systems) and the same goes for nspluginwrapper. Do not install these packages in Linux Mint unless you’re experiencing issues with Flash or crashes in Firefox.

Look and feel:

– Is it me or is Mint trying to look like Mac?

–> Well… there’s a trend out there towards the glossy and the minimalist/slick looking… and to say that Mac hasn’t had an influence on this would be ridiculous. With products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and even with the lines of the iMac, and the glossiness of their OS, they’re setting the tone and acting as pioneers in IT. But that trend is also followed by Ubuntu (I think that’s quite established by now) and Microsoft Windows, it simply reflects the demand and the popularity of that kind of look, and it’s not only there in IT, it’s everywhere. Look at Web 2.0. Didn’t that start it all on our screens even before Mac changed their look? Look at modern kitchens, with their glossy black and chrome appliances, plastic corrian tops.. it’s there as well and it’s popular. The computer is becoming an appliance and its look needs to follow the trend that’s popular at the moment. Mint 10 is a step forward in that direction, and whether the influence comes from Mac or not, it doesn’t really matter. We believe it’s the right way to go.

– I’d like to keep the theme, but I don’t like the brushed metal in the menu…

–> We anticipated the fact that the brushed metal would be popular but wouldn’t please everybody, so we made two themes: “Mint-X” and “Mint-X-Metal”. They’re both the same with the exception of the menu. If you change the theme to “Mint-X”, your menu will then lose its brushed metal aspect and look like the rest of the desktop. Also note that you can give apply a distinct theme to the menu than to the rest of the desktop. Go in the menu preferences and give it, say an Aurora look if you want.. you can make it look really different if you want.

– Can the border width be increased or the theme improved a little?

–> It’s hard to resize windows at the moment and we’re working on increasing the border width. This should be fixed with the stable release. We’re also in contact with the artist behind Clearlooks Revamp (on which Mint-X is based) and I’d like to work with him on improving things. He’s done an outstanding job on Clearlooks Revamp, and though I’m happy with the modifications that we brought to it for Mint-X, I’m sure he’s got a lot more talent and ideas than us to bring this even further, so we should expect to see improvements to it.

– Where’s Shiki gone?

–> On the DVD edition (either upgrade to it, or install mint-meta-gnome-dvd).

About LMDE:

– Will LMDE get all the new Mint 10 features?

–> Absolutely. LMDE will 64-bit support, an improved installer, bug fixes and all Mint 10 features this December.

– Can I get the Mint 10 look in LMDE?

–> Yes. It’s there in the Romeo section of the LMDE repositories. You’ll need to install the “mint-x-icons” and “mint-x-theme” packages.

Other questions:

– How come the blog and the website go down every time there’s a new release?

–> First, I’d like to apologize for the slow website/blog and for the downtime yesterday. Now, onto the good news. We optimised the way we’re serving RSS feeds and this should result in much better performance for our website.The blog was moved to the USA. You probably noticed the fact that you’re now looking at as opposed to website is still in Germany but it’s not sharing its server with other services anymore.Both the website and the blog now have their own dedicated servers. The forums and community website still share the same dedicated server in Canada, but this will change in 2011.


  1. Great Q&A, cleared some things up for me, one problem:

    – Can I upgrade my Mint system to Linux Mint 10?

    –> Yes. Wait for Mint 10 to be released as stable, then follow this tutorial.

    There’s no link here, so “this tutorial” does not refer to anything…

  2. “1. Borsook Says:
    October 21st, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Great Q&A, cleared some things up for me, one problem:
    – Can I upgrade my Mint system to Linux Mint 10?
    –> Yes. Wait for Mint 10 to be released as stable, then follow this tutorial.
    There’s no link here, so “this tutorial” does not refer to anything…”

    Hey, mint 10 isn’t released right now. So when it will be released – then will be link to tutorial. Any questions? 🙂

    Guys, thank you for Linux Mint! I’m glad to use it!

  3. In order to switch from LMDE 32 bit to LMDE 64 bit, will it require a fresh install? If so, will it be possible to keep my home partition (provided i choose the same username I have now)?

    1. 2noob2banoob: Yes you need a fresh install for this. And yes, if your home is in its own partition you can keep and reuse it.

  4. Great FAQ this clears up some stuff.

    Really glad to hear about LMDE being kept up to date. I hope to switch to that edition when debian comes out of freeze.

  5. Can I enjoy both GNOME and KDE alternately by installing them at the same time in the same partition on a single computer, so that we can Log Off from one say GNOME and then again Login to the other say KDE without rebooting the system. I’d like to know this because I’m planning to enjoy Linux Mint 10 GNOME and KDE 64 bit editions in this way. Is it possible or feasible?

    1. BK Singh: Yes, but we don’t recommend it. It results in clutter.. with your system ending up with both QT and GTK tools and software that do the same thing.

  6. Thanks Clem for the great post. It indeed cleared many of my questions. I still have one question in mind. Are there any plans to optimize the usage of system resources in the stable build? People like me running LM10 on netbooks and other slow performers would be definitely interested in this. LM9 was better in this aspect. But yes, 10 has lot more things than 9, was just curious if its feasible.

    1. lovejames: We keep an eye out for older specs, for instance you can go in the prefs for mintmenu and disable the APT search engine and gain performance that way… you can also remove the brushed metal and gain additional performance, but no matter what you do, you’re still running a newer base, with 6 months of changes in every single upstream component.. more features, more code, more resources used… soon or later the netbook in question won’t be fast enough for the main edition. When that happens, LMDE is a great option, giving you the same desktop with a much faster base.

  7. Thanks for the extra information Clem. Just a few questions though:

    1) Will your dsicussions with the artist behind Clearlooks-Revamp include issues like the one discussed here:

    2) Also, as well as the title bar being widened – how about darkening? I also miss the circles around the top right window icons when they are moused over.

    3) Is there any chance that mintmenu could have its Places and System sections changed to an Icon bias, like this:

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. Intio: Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into that panel issue and the circles in metacity. Not sure about mintmenu, but I’ll consider this for Mint 11 as well, it leads to interesting ideas.

  8. Clem: thx for clarifying these issues.
    as a LMDE user its great to see your continued interest in such a kickass project. ur previous blog for mintX-rc, thx for linking the artists! quality work there.

  9. @lovejames

    The Linux Mint team is not really the manufacturer of the base system, they put their own tools and artwork on top of Ubuntu. A slow Ubuntu release means a slow Linux Mint release. (unless you use LMDE, in which case slow Debian means slow Linux Mint)

  10. Great bit of info! I’ve got my LMDE looking like Mint X now. 🙂 Good work on everything, and can’t wait to see what else is to come.

  11. “- Can I get the Mint 10 look in LMDE?”

    And who wants realy this new theme? I can’t see the texts. I need a glasses. The icons does not make a tematic pack, very mixed.

  12. Clem, thanks for this great FAQ. One question about LMDE: Will there be un update that makes the text dissapear in start and shutdowm? I mean, I want logo and dots from start to login and when I shut down the system.

  13. Can we also have liquorix or zen kernels included in software sources. Not sure if it’s the kernel or debian base, find LMDE to be quite snappy overall, except ocassional hiccup by Nautilus in starting up. For some reason Gnome seems to lack the punch visually unlike KDE which seems quite polished. Is there a possibility to have Gnome 3 shell available in LMDE as well, tried compiling but failed and gave up. Having that will give a good insight on what Gnome 3 will bring to the table.

  14. Is it just me, or does the new theme remind anyone else of Windows 98? I installed the two recommended packages (“mint-x-icons” and “mint-x-theme”) in LMDE, and… the main panel looks like it came straight from Windows 98. Or 95. Needless to say, I switched straight back to Skiki-Wise.

    Please, tell me this isn’t how it’s supposed to look. Tell me something went wrong or there’s more configuration that needs done or /something/, because… well, I will not be using this theme any time soon if this is actually how it’s meant to look.

  15. please clem can you add kernel 2.6.36 and not 2.6.32-5 how default please. add cinelerra 4.2 the new version and firefox please.want this LMDE 64 BIT be best with last kernel with support WLAN AR9271 and others and support fglrx ati radeon hd 5850 please.i Belive to you Clem you make this dist best please don’t add kernel 2.6.32-5 how in the LMDE 32 bit please this dist LMDE 64 BIT must be new with news.

  16. My subtle point is: Isn’t the metal texture a bit dark towards looking heavy? I feel it gets a little “suffocating” over long periods of usage. Would you consider lighting it up a minuscule bit?

  17. Clem…two questions for you…
    How about a KDE 32/64 bit version of LMDE? Is that coming also…How far down the road for that?

    Regarding font rendering…any chance of getting LMDE to match the high quality rendering of your normal base systems (ubuntu and kubuntu) ???


  18. Peter: This is not the proper place to make the requests, and requests for support of your WLAN and graphics card won’t help here anyway–Linux Mint is only a group of toolsets placed on top of Ubuntu, which is built with the Linux Kernel. Hardware support requests need to go to the kernel developers (

    For those asking for 2.6.35 kernels in LMDE, they exist already: please see Liquorix kernels (google it). I use it and it’s an excellent improvement in speed.

    The artwork is set for this release, and there are literally thousands of Gnome themes available online (google ‘Gnome Themes’). As Clem and team said, the new brushed metal theme is keeping with the newest trends, but it can also be changed completely.

    Gnome3 Shell will be available in the Debian Testing repo’s soon enough, the Debian project just needs to finish moving the current Testing to Stable. To make sure you make the transition, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and point it at ‘testing’ instead of ‘squeeze’.

    Clem, as always it’s another beautiful, polished distro. Keep up the good work team!

  19. Question: Will Mint 10 solve my wireless problems?

    Only recently installed Mint 9 but as a complete newbie to Linux I’m having a nightmare trying to get my wireless card working (BCM4213). catch 22 since is I don’t have an alternative internet connection to download the STA driver etc from the repository. Does MINT 10 come pre-installed with Broadcom drivers? Eg. it finds and configures my wireless automatically so i don’t have to pull my hair out?!! I want to embrace Mint but have fallen at the first obstacle…

  20. After installing Mint 10 RC, it refused to boot.
    Re-installed and selected to manually edit the partitions. I have to mention I had an SD card plugged in at the time. Turned out that the automatic installation places the boot loader on the SD card.
    Selected the hard disk for the boot loader and all went fine.

    Mint 9 converted me from windows 7. And I’ve loved Mint ever since.

  21. I agree with Peter: Add the 2.6.36 kernel now that it has been released. While it is not difficult to update the kernel I would rather have an up-to-date OS at install instead of having to do it later. Also, can you please keep the themes from 9/isadora? I like the metallic theme but also like what I am currently using: Being able to switch back and forth would be a big plus.

  22. Glad to hear LMDE is moving forward. Its the only version of Mint I’ll use and a nice packaging of Debian testing. Will you be including Gnome 2.32 in the next release? And are there any further thoughts about a KDE 4.5.x version?
    I also wanted to mention that there have been rumors on Distro Watch about Squeeze going stable this December and we all know what that means for the Testing repos lol. Interesting timing in any case.

  23. Whether, Linux mint 9 hanging problem in few systems is addressed? I am eager to update from Linux Mint 8 to LinuxMint10…. How to upgrade? Or fresh installation is required????
    And is it LMDE which will be released will be based on stable version?????

  24. Clem, I love the new looks and all, but still I belive the logo should be the next step, its starting to look old and a little 90’s. Are there any plans on polishing it to a more modern, fresh look? (Not changing it altogheter, just updating it to 2010.)

  25. if you are running Mint 9 and you have a HP Pavillion dv6 and your wireless is running okay, DO NOT UPGRADE, the WIFI is broken again in Mint 10.

  26. Clem – you and the team are doing a marvelous job. Have always loved your system. Been with you shortly after your inception. Tried RC10 and one of the first tasks for me is to install my printer. I have a Brother MFC-5370DW with Brother’s print drivers. After installing the print drivers I am unable to find or install the printer. I am anxious to see if this will work in the final version. Without a printer, of course my system is relatively useless. BTW – this is the first RC I have ever tried and like your new OS. Printer works fine in Mint9.

  27. Linux Mint is great…
    …but, i have a problem when i want to try Linux Mint 10 live cd. When i put cd in rom, my keyboard and mouse dont work at all. Same problem i have with Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian 6 testing. Any clue?
    Sorry for bad english

  28. Having issues with the Mint-X and Mint-X-Metal gtk themes. They look nice on the screenshot but after I’ve installed them, they look like the Redmond theme when I enable them… Anyone else having this problem or knowing a solution?

    P.s. I enabled Romeo to install them and disabled Romeo again right after, dunno if this has anything to do with it. Also the metacity and icon themes look just fine.

  29. I really love the new mint10 rc release. Except that my mouse creates new folders seemingly all on its own and can quit being able to click effectively or even move the arrow around the screen. It starts off fine usually but then devolves in the order I just mentioned. Yet, I don’t want to go back to mint9 because it is so well put together and so incredibly beautiful. So adaptable even for a newb like me. I kept all mint except the inclusion of the ubuntu-studio start up music which I love. Clem you give us the best of all worlds and I am sure everyone thanks you. When my financial situation improves I will send a donation again. Great job on mint10 rc and really anxious to get the stable version. Your LMDE project sounds so exciting it makes me want to learn a bit more about computers. People use your systems easily and then they have so very many opportunities to learn. I wish OSs were in every school so kids could go beyond seeing themselves using a computer just like a TV and see the possibilities springing from understanding it more.

  30. I meant to say that I wish your OSs were available in every school to expand in a gradual way the students computer skills while having the fun that can be had with your systems. Fun and learning should go together.

  31. “- Will LMDE get all the new Mint 10 features?

    –> Absolutely. LMDE will 64-bit support, an improved installer, bug fixes and all Mint 10 features this December. ”

    Actually, the Mint 10 features are already usable in Linux Mint Debian. Just activate the Romeo repository and perform a regular update via the update manager 🙂

    P.S. love the new Menu – you removed the annoyance of disappearing things by clicking on headlines as I proposed just weeks ago. Might be a coincidence – but thanks alot for that!

  32. Could you explain a bit more about how to get the Mint 10 icons in LMDE? Where is this Romeo and the LMDE repositories? I’ve tried looking for the files you mention in Synaptic Package Manager, but can’t seem to find it. What am I missing? Thanks!

  33. I have Huawei E220 USB Modem. It works with LinuxMint 7, but not with LinuxMint 8 and 9. How is that with LinuxMint 10?

  34. Can’t wait for LMDE 10, especially as related to a new installer. Any guesstimates when that will be, even if it is in RC mode, although I’m not sure that would be applicable since it is a rolling release. Thanks so much for all of Mint.

  35. @Mik: Do you know if the wireless driver for the DV6 is the same as for the HP TX2? I’m having trouble with wireless too.

  36. @Craig – About the Ubuntu font. It’s already included in Mint 10. I have it in Mint 10 64 bit. I don’t know if you have to upgrade to the DVD edition via the Welcome screen or not but it’s always been there in my particular install.

  37. Will some of the new features find their way by updates into the current LTS version? I am just wondering as I am still indecisive whether to install Mint 9 or Mint 10 on my computer.

  38. My experience with the website lately has been mixed. If I’m up late, say 2:00am EST, the website is fast. Today at 11:39 am is is slow to load.

    I like Mint 10 RC. Since you have a link to the DVD full version provided on the Mint 10 cd, could you please provide the recently released proprietary Broadcom wireless drivers on the DVD ? Some other recently released distros have been able to do this. A big PLUS.

    For other readers, consider Mint 10 as the first Mint Distro offering to support ssd (solid state drives) in the kernel.

  39. Hi,

    thanx for the very nice release, it is beatifull.
    I had some Problems installing it using a proxy.
    It just stopped after creating the partitions. There was no error message. It worked fine with a direct connection to the internet.

    So now you know 😉

  40. In the process of Installing The RC on my netbook ( Toshiba NB205) I got an error installing a Bootloader on my Hard drive. I am Erasing the entire hard drive to install, and it wont continue even when I tell it to not install a Bootloader, Or change the Sector it wants to install it on. Idk what to do.. It wont cancel either

  41. Thanks Kirk M…although i was wondering if they are or will be available in the Debian edition also…i ran the Mint 10 gnome RC and saw that they were indeed in there (even in the live cd)…

    I know Clem is very busy..but i hope he will find a few moments to comment on my question about whether a KDE version of Mint Debian will be coming soon…And if it is possible to get the same font rendering in LMDE as the base ubuntu/kubuntu versions have…

  42. Is it possible to get the brushed metal texture on any of the windows and applications? I have only noticed it on the Mint Menu.

  43. Clem..U guys doin a good job . But i have been a netbook user for the past 3 years and using fedora. As they have bleeding edge software and apps, fedora is CONSIDERABLY faster on netbook platforms,unlike ubuntu and linuxmint. What solution can u find to solve this issue as i am very eager to switch over to Mint(nearly 20000 packages) as i am not comfortable with packages in fedora(only 2000)

  44. Hello

    I just saw the new artwork and mintmenu for Julia. I love the new looks! How can I add the artwork (icons, theme etc) to LMDE? Or will it just roll in?

  45. when is mint 10 final releasing and hw different is it from the RC??
    u guys keep up the good work, by the way mint 10RC looks very modern and feels like a main stream desktop.. gud luck tc

  46. @Jesse
    I totally agree with you about having the brushed metal texture to all windows borders. that would be a wonderful idea a very good looking and would give a wonderful look to the desktop. that would be specific to linux mint.
    or at least if you don’t want it as your default look please give us the possibility to customize and give windows the brushed metal look.
    Mint-X metal should have that look. Mint-X may keep the current look.
    what do you think Clem?

  47. The live-usb-creator is not working at Mint 10. It is a black screen writing boot: pinscando … Looks like a missing file. Have you seen this?

  48. Excuse me
    O live-usb-creator não está funcionando no Mint 10. Fica uma tela preta escrito boot: com o cursor pincando… Parece que falta algum arquivo. Vocês já viram isto?

  49. I’m all for 10 with better eye candy but equally and especially for LMDE I hope that light DEs suchs as LXDE,XFCE and/or Fluxbox are being given serious consideration.I’m not a cheapskate and I don’t plan to stay on old computer rigs but I truly think that there’s ample Mint fans/observers who’d really appreciate options for SPEED.

    Looking forward to December,all the best to you Clem and ALL Linux Mint team + longtime gurus and users! 😀

  50. C’mon guys, Clem’s sure too busy improving the upcoming releases. Give him a break lol.

    He’s a human being too, for heaven’s sake. Can’t he have same free time? 😀

  51. > – While upgrading to Mint 10, I’m experiencing problems with mintdesktop…
    ? –> … Create an empty file in /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default and proceed with the upgrade.

    Clem, is it supposed to be a file named “Default” in /etc/gdm/PostLogin/ or one – of which name then – in the newly to be created directory /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default/?

  52. please clem kernel 2.6.36 stable add how default with support wireless wlan ar9271,ecc. please add how video editor cinelerra 4.2 last update and add lives and openshot and kdenlive. i believe to you made best dist linux rolling LMDE 64 bit KDE and Gnome and XFCE,LXDE,FLUXBOX please.I Want be best dist LMDE 64 BIT

  53. dear clem: iam from egypt. love mint very mush but mint 10 i have problems with compiz . why dosnt work well as i used wiht mint.this problem facing me with lmde laptop dell insporn 510m .please help me

  54. Will Nautilus elementary be included in the LMDE repositories anytime soon? It has a cleaner, more compact and more beautifil gui than the default nautilus version.

  55. Countdown to the next release, when near the end of the release cycle, on the homepage (like ubuntu and fedora) is a good idea, imo.

    Helps build even more excitement for the next release.

  56. Hi all i use Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit why you use LMDE?is best ubuntu debian not me like very ugly but Ubuntu is best is ridiculus kernel liquorix on debian why i not can add my kernel 2.6.35-22 on debian?

  57. 1) Écran de veille se met au au bout de 5 minutes d’install….( l’install dure 20 minutes )
    2) Gestion d’énergie cochée aussi à 5 minutes
    3) Toujours pas de pavé numérique activé dès le départ d’installation …Important pour les claviers sans Fil !!!= pas de leds…
    4) Le gris souris de l’ensemble fait penser à l’approche de la Toussaint….
    5) Toujours pas possible d’agrandir la fenêtre d’installation ???
    6) Les commentaires de l’installation sont en Anglais , et ce malgré le chois FR ???

  58. Which new features of Mint 10 will go by updates to the LTS version? As I am still indecisive about which Mint version to install on my computer.

  59. Thanks Clem! Your dedicated efforts in replying user queries are just great and you are doing a wonderful job. May God always be with you and you keep on doing good job. We all wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts. “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth only triumphs) and you are true to your Karma.

  60. @JOHN: With regard to performance of DEB distributions on netbooks, the Debian edition flies along on my Asus 701. (630MHz, 2GB RAM)

  61. WTH? This morning’s mint update screwd up my laptop. Everytime i boot all i see is whilte and black virtical lines and it seems i’m being dropped to a terminal prompt. Can’t start X and can’t read anything to be able to troubleshoot either.

    Linux 10 RC
    Nvidia chipset (yey)

  62. love Mint. With each new version of me is a problem with Skype. In the version of Linux Mint use the skype-static-oss_2.0.0.72.In Linux Mint 10 RC this does not work. Skype 2.0.0. 81 is a disaster. Is it possible to have older versions of applications? This opportunity will give great strength of “Mint”.
    Thank you. Be Healthy!

  63. I love to try this RC, tried several time to install it. I believed this release not so friendly to my nvidia 9400GT which I won’t be able to boot into x, in grub name it nomodeset, vesa etc etc.. none of the suggestions work through. Hope the final release I can see something different, by the time I’ll stay with opensuse 11.3. Waiting the final release with passion!

  64. Need to have the Broadcom drivers. I have shared the LiveCD with people and not being able to get online with a wireless connection is definitely a problem. Not everyone has a wired internet/network connection.

  65. @OS2User You are correct. Create an empty file called “Default” in “/etc/gdm/PostLogin/” and proceed with the upgrade. I have confirmed that it works. Clem, please correct the FAQ.

  66. @ivaylo

    You can easily do this yourself. Go to Synaptic > settings > repositories > Third-Party Software. Then change Debian testing to Debian squeeze, change the security one from testing/updates to squeeze/updates and change the multimedia one from testing to squeeze. Then your system will be based on Debian Squeeze which is the upcoming stable branch.
    Alternatively you could sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace all occurences of testing with squeeze.
    If you think squeeze is too new, these methods should also work with older branches like lenny.

    P.s. I haven’t tested anything I’m saying here myself since I’m happy with testing, but I’m confident it should work.

  67. I think it is a shame to see the update manager disappear from the live DVD. I can understand that the CD edition is crammed with features so that some things need to be left out, but the DVD edition could be allowed to grow even to nearly the capacity of a DVD (say 4.2 GB), so why skimp on basic functionality?

    The main thing that attracted me to mint 7, and then to mint 9 was the excelent functionality of the live DVD, since I don’t have a spare drive to install it to (I tried installing on a 16GB USB flash drive and failed), though I do intend to get one when I can afford to.

    I often boot the live mint DVD when I just want to browse the net, because it seems to run much more smoothly than on Windows, with less waiting for the hourglass (once it is booted), especially once Windows is loaded up with all the anti-virus and Internet security software that it needs, though I have to boot Windows if I need to run MS Office programs, or other Windows programs, or if I need to use my DVD drive.

  68. it would be nice if some packages will be uninstalled after installation,
    for ex a person with nvidia doesn’t need amd/ati video drivers, so why
    not uninstall all that useless legacy video drivers:

    xserver-xorg-video-all and all other.

  69. I wish to make linux mint installer different than ubuntu 10.10
    it is so bad
    and can install packages within dvd without internet
    and install and remove DEB packages with software manager like ubuntu 10.10

  70. I’ve used 64 bit Julia iso cd to update.
    “Dropped” Julia into Isadora partition WITHOUT re-format.
    OK the optional apps like Opera and Kaffeine need re-installing from Synaptics but the desktop remains as was and those apps’ settings have been restored.
    Very pleased with the way it has gone thanks.
    The system reports FULL use of all of 4 GB of ram on this PC.
    Infact the ease of installation really masks the sophisticated programming effort and the amazing technology within.
    Very, very impressive and what an example to the competition.
    If only Husse was still here to see it now . . .
    With a little patience I observe the features in the control centre are accessible via the system menu, preferences and administration and so on.

  71. Already installed LM10 as the main system, it immediately solved a number of software issues I was having with LM9. This one is staying on the lappi even though its still beta, its great!

    Love the look and feel. Thanks Team!

  72. hey guys, I love Mint with a Passion and want to donate. Is there a way ppl can donate to a P.O.Box and send in cash that way? This is such a good distro of Mint… I know that $3000 a month barely covers the time and effort that all of the programmers have put into making this a great OS. I’m not sure how many programmers there are for this project, but I know that you have to split it amongst youselves, ($36,000 for however many project managers there are, minus the costs.)

    I know some ppl may say they don’t have the cash or aren’t “rich”, but think about it, we’re getting this really awesome distro for free.I know that it’s the Free Software Foundation’s philosophy to provide free software, but think about it. If we dont’ donate money to this tremendous OS, then the project will die and untimely death. That means no more Mint, no more updates. I’m sure the programmers are paying for servers, electricity, etc; that we’re all using by downloading this amazing O/S.

    Mint has made me fall in love with Linux. If you’ve used other distros, you know it takes time to learn Linux for the end user, and to get your box set up.

    Linux Mint makes it simpler. I believe that every end user should give back. Everyone should donate a dollar, two or three to keep this cause alive. And, no, there is no shame in them asking for money to keep this project afloat. We’re all getting a bargain. If we all donate even just $1 or $2 a piece, it would cover the or more dollars, then it will keep the servers afloat. And don’t say, “Well,I’m not rich enough.” I’m sure you’ve used $1 or $2 for a Value Menu Item.

    We should all give back to these programmers who’ve given us so much. It’s only fair, IMO. BTW Mint Crew, I didn’t know there was a fundraising drive going on, or I would have given something. But, in honesty, wishes there was another way for ppl to give besides PayPal.

  73. Love the new look of Mint 10! Brushed metal FTW. I like the new/updated software set too.

    Unfortunately, the RC is fickle as everything with my hardware. Wifi was touch and go in 9 (Atheros9285), now just broken, along with my Nvidia card (330M). 🙁 Compat/removal issue with the noveau driver? LMDE on the other hand, has no such problems. Bad ubuntu, bad.

  74. TO MOONINITE.- I completely agree with you and I support your ideas. There are 9319 registered users in the Linux Mint Community and lots more who are using LM on a daily basis. If we give $1 each a month, it is less than the cost of a cup of coffee, the help that developers will receive will be tremendous and that will benefit us all, whoever can contribute with more cash than that the better. I’m inviting the community to come with ideas like Mooninite’s and conceive a plan to support the project. This has to be a users initiative. What do you think? Can Clem set up an ideas forum to promote it?

  75. I am having problem with Mint 10 on a usb. It will install with unetbootin and startup disk creator but when I plug the usb into my laptop it goes to a black screen and says vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image

    anyone know what is wrong?

  76. I’ve tried mint 10 in hp mini 210 but my touch pad didn’t respond well as in mint 9. i hope this problem dismiss in the stable one! thanks.

  77. I wish to improve software centre to looks like ubuntu’s one
    so I can know which provided by ubuntu or installed from deb package
    and can install them with software centre not gdebi
    like ubuntu 10.10

    I tested LMDE 201009 but the packages are corrupt
    and I couldn’t install deb packages
    Iwish to make linux mint from fedora not debian
    because anyone can install with packagekit easily and rpm packages too

  78. @twodogs

    I had the same issue for a while, it has something to do with the video drivers. Simple workaround is to either type “help” of “live” after the “boot:” option. In my case I had to type “live”, then the system started as normal.

    Another problem that you might encounter is a blank screen during the loading of Linux Mint. In my case, I restarted, but this time added “nomodeset single” as an extra parameter in the boot screen (remove “quiet splash –“).

  79. Now I got a problem myself, maybe someone can help me. When booting from an USB stick, I get to Linux Mint 10 without problems. however, when choosing the “Install Linux Mint” option, my monitor turns blank after the 4th option (after choosing the keyboard).

    I will check if this problem is also present in Ubuntu 10.10, but eventually I would like to get Linux Mint 10 up and running!

  80. Hello Clem, in the section “Using Mint 10” is recommended LiveDVD, so
    I wonder if the DVD will include several translations, allowing off-line installation.
    thanks in advance

  81. Correct me if I am wrong, but if LMDE is 100% compatible with Debian then can I install Squeeze, add your repos to my install and just add the mint packages on top?

  82. Accidentally found a solution for my problem mentioned here above.

    When the screen turned blank during the install on the hard disk (it is still on and gets a signal, but everything is black), I did the following;

    1. Pressing alt+F1 gets you to a terminal screen, i.e. you get some kind of image feed again.

    2. Then, pressing alt+F3 retuns you to the installation screen within the graphic environment of LinuxMint again. Now you will see the window “Who are you”.

    I am a beginner, so this might be standard knowledge to all of you. If not, I hope this helps someone who faces the same problem I had.

  83. So will Mint 10 DVD Edition install to USB? Cause i really need samba for this older laptop. How big does the USB stick need to be ?

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