Release: Linux Mint 10 RC

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 10 RC.

Linux Mint 10

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 10“.

Known problems:

  • Splash screen resolution
  • Moonlight
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these problems and their solution, read the “Known problems” section of the release notes.

Important information:

As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 4 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive or USB port

Bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find in Launchpad.


Linux Mint 10 RC is available in 32-bit and 64-bit as a liveCD, via Torrent and HTTP download:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


    1. Joylove: Thanks for pointing this out. Though it’s probably possible to use the system with 256MB RAM, it certainly wouldn’t be a comfortable experience.. not to mention the time it would take to install. 512MB is recommended as a minimum for the Main edition.

  1. Downloading of course… looks very, very slick judging by the screenshot 😀 I wish Faenza icons were included then you’d have one beautiful desktop.

  2. I’m too eager and excited!
    The new version looks cool and elegant.
    I still prefer good-old black-color theme, though. 🙂

  3. Whats the recommended way to upgrade this? I don’t feel like fresh installing this time. And of course thanks for the effort to the whole team.

    1. Charles: The guide is being updated at the moment and will be ready with the stable release.

      Bobi, primski: If you’re experienced with APT, you can use upgrade to Linux Mint 10 the same way you upgrade any Debian-based distribution (change your repositories, perform an APT dist-upgrade). Note that this isn’t recommended though. We recommend you wait for the stable release and follow this tutorial:

  4. thanks Clem, appreciate it. I know my way around APT, i will give it a shot, i do have separete /home in case something goes wrong I’ll just reinstall. Thanks again.

  5. Beautiful new look. Congrats to the developers!!!
    One little thing (maybe it’s just my install?): The “Highlights newly installed applications” in menu causes new applications to have white font color which makes them very difficult to read.

    Other than that: I LOVE IT!!!

  6. @Nottyl: Somebody hasn’t had a close enough look as Mint 10 comes with a custom version of the Faenza icon set =]

  7. What DeNiro said! Can I update LMDE to have this theme and style? Or would I have to manually install the theme and Faenza icon set? I seem to remember some themes required extra downloads to display propery, which ate away at performance. Was this Clearlooks?

  8. The new theme is smoking hot. We hope you can fix the following issues that we faced with Ubuntu 10.10:
    1. MS true type fonts can’t be installed with Ubuntu restricted extras as the files seem to have been moved from sourceforge servers.
    2. We were unable to connect to internet via GPRS using Samsung wave mobile.

    1. Quick comments:

      – mint-x-icons and mint-x-theme are available in LMDE (in Romeo)
      – for the highlights in the menu, we’re hoping to make the color configurable

  9. “- for the highlights in the menu, we’re hoping to make the color configurable”

    Sounds great. I just saw the screenshot in the release notes and it looks better there than on my screen so I guess it depends on that as well. On my screen the contrast is really poor for white on the default background.

    Thanks Clem for the quick reply,

  10. Great work! I’m just wondering if I install the RC do I have to reinstall when the final comes out or does it update?

  11. @borsook yes, it works 🙂

    My primary OS is Windows 7 and the second is Linux mint, i love everything in linux mint.

  12. Great job on this release… Beautiful artwork, the first time that I have left the default theme. I didn’t think Mint could take it up another level, but this release shows that you can.

    My thanks to the entire team.

  13. Excellent, will be downloading tonight. I’ve been running Min 9 with the Maverick kernel due to trim support.

    Still looking forward to a 64Bit release of Mint Debian though 😉

  14. LOVE the new look! This is a beautiful implementation. Great job guys!

    I did notice that when installing software from the Software Manager, I was prompted for authentication with each application I selected for install. In the past, it seems that my credentials were cached while I had the Software Manager open. Very minor annoyance though. Thanks again for the best Linux distro out there!

    – 3d_Beef

  15. So I really like the functionality and ease of use of Linux Mint. The ONE thing preventing me from using Mint is the minimal amount of WiFi settings/variation with regard to security. I am sure there is likely someway around this, but my goal is to convert my family to switch from Windows over to Linux rather than having them just go out an buy several macs, which is their current plan. In order to go Linux, it needs to be easily setup off of one disk when they call on the phone asking how to get to the internet… Fedora works, but it doesn’t come out of the box with sufficient multimedia capabilities for them.

  16. well, I got bored waiting so added the julia repos to ubuntu 10.10. All I have to say is that this is fantastic (I assume the rc is very similar to what I now have). All I will say is that the minimize/maximize/close window icons could do with being a bit clearer as to which you are hovering over.

    All in all – great improvements over 9. Love the new theme. Love the menu. Good Job Team Mint!

  17. install went flawlessly…no welcome screen though.
    got my 32 bit apps working on the 64 bit install no bother.
    think memory usage may be a bit higher (10% or so) after login with no additional software running (compared to my install of 9 anyway).
    great stuff…thanks for all your hard work guys…appreciated.

  18. Looking good Clem! Congrats on the RC release. I like the sleek black theme on the desktop a lot! 😀

    Is the black theme going to carry over to the KDE release? When will the KDE RC for Mint 10 be available?

  19. Did the wireless issues get worked out for Mint 10 that are still plaguing Ubuntu 10.10 users? There are so many posts on the Ubuntu forums for wireless devices that can see a network but not connect (devices that work fine in 10.04 of many different brands) that I am cautious to waste the download if it will also affect Mint users. They are not driver issues, but bugs that appeared in 10.10 and not present in 10.04.

  20. Hmm – I seem to have lost my sound after the upgrade. Through the speakers I mean, Bluetooth headset is fine but it will no longer recognise my sound card.

  21. Clem, are the hardware drivers handled like Mint 9 on install? This gave me fits in LMDE which is why I came back to Mint 9. Thanks

  22. Clem,
    Thanks for the wonderful release. I’ve been checking out LM website for this announcement every day. Linux Mint is my favourite OS. Although I am currently dual booting with Ubuntu Netbook Edition, I think, I will clean install LM 10 after the stable release gets out. Looking forward eagerly for that.

    I’m trying to download the LM10 RC version but the download seems to be too slow, obviously, the traffic must be so high..! Can’t wait to try the RC.

    I haven’t seen the live OS yet, but the new theme isn’t looking very nice in the screenshots. The old one was much better. I was looking forward for a darker theme indeed.

    Anyways, great job LM Team. Love to see LM becoming world’s best OS soon.

  23. i use metalic theme for a few weeks in lmde, but i don’t see the icons in menu for the same period of time.

  24. *Reads #39* I R happy camper! (And running 3 Gb RAM.)

    4×4: You might have had some configuration in a separate /home-partition that didn’t play nice. If you didn’t make any exotic alterations to the panel or add a ton of applets, it might be as easy as completely removing gnome-panel in Synaptic and then reinstalling it, log out and back in. (If the problem persists, look through your /home’s .gnome-folder for configuration-files concerning gnome-panel. Rename, move or delete as you see fit until it works the way it should.) You should see the length of warnings the panel throws at me between upgrades! 🙂
    If that’s not to your liking, you could also add MintMenu to the panel. The panel might not look quite like the installed-by-default one, but you’ll have your menu.

  25. Thanks, found it out. The icon was to small, they look like dots. But just resize them, then everything looking good

    Keep up the good work Mint team


  26. I have a few problems with ubuntu 10.10
    my problem that sometimes happens is about keyboard layout. When I switch the keyboard language between Persian (IRN) and US English it keeps shifting between the two languages forever, and I get something like this: “یfسssیkg”.
    is this kind of problems fixed in mint 10 final?

    Thank You
    and…you know what… new theme is very nice and cool.

  27. At a first glance, seems there are great improvements. Congratulations, you made the Software Manager even better!!! Great job!!!

  28. Nice! Just downloaded it. just have to wait till I get home to test it.
    Sweet! thanks Clem and the hole dev team. Thanks.

  29. Well, looks clean, will see in time if it can replace my current selection of “BSM Simple Dark Panel” for theme + default Faenza for icons.

  30. @Carl
    Thanks 🙂 well actually someone was downloading at the time, and judging from the screenshot I wouldn’t have guessed that was some sort of Faenza 😉
    Well anyway I got it downloaded at last, tested it for a while from live CD, and I have to say, wow. Over here not even a single obligatory app crash, considering it’s RC. It’s polished inside and out, beautifully done. Everything works out of the box on my hardware (which can be a bit quirky with linuxes), I love the new menu options, the default choice of apps… I love the attention to detail, like adding “open as administrator” to Nautilus, easy gui to change button layout… this is really what Ubuntu should be. I can’t wait when I’ve time from work to install it to hard disk, I’m very curious to see how heavy it is on the resources considering it’s based on Ubuntu and with Gnome… but to my mind, this is the most desktop ready and user friendly Linux out there.

  31. Great release, a lot of work seems to have gone into the changes. And as usual, here is my constructive citisism:

    * The background of Nautilus is, as you probably already know, grey. It has a saddening effect to it. With an already grey theme I think it would work out better with the background white.

    * Have you looked into Nautilus Elementary. It’s a cleaner UI for Nautilus. Here is a PPA with the packages: Here is a screenshot:

    * The new icon-theme is a bit, and this is subjective of course, dark and clumsy. It replaces many of the icons that the user has come to associate with their applications, which is bad because what is familiar is good. And it doesn’t fallow any colour palette. The mixtures of colour are horrible at times.

  32. Any experiences with Realtek 8180l wireless cards?

    Maverick won’t work together with this oldie of mine, I hope Julia will rule it out.

  33. “marcus0263: Hopefully, we’ll have an LMDE 64-bit in December.”

    BEST NEWS EVER!!! As soon as I can get Dolphin to run smoothly in mint, I’m deleting my Windows partition altogether.

  34. @Csaba Mészáros: I have a Realtek rtl8187se that I had a lot of trouble with. I had to use the Windows driver for mine to work properly. You can download the Windows driver from Realtek’s website, then load it with a program called ‘ndiswrapper’ and use the Windows driver. Mint comes with a GUI version of this; in the menu, it is listed to the effect of ‘Windows Wireless Drivers.’

    @rh Y: When I found Mint, I got rid of Windows, and I’ve been much happier on my computer ever since. 🙂 I don’t miss Microsoft at all since I have programs that are cross compatible with anything Microsoft that I have a need for.

  35. I just set up the 64-bit version in Virtualbox and I am impressed. I like the color changes and the contrast with the menu Icons. The whole distro has a more polished, professional feel to it. Great work and I look forward to the final release.

  36. Very nice! I love Mint and couldn’t wait any longer so I just finished upgrading my Mint 9 to the RC by changing the repositories and performing apt-get dist-upgrade. It seems to work nicely.

    The only odd thing (besides 2 circular dependencies) I found is that you cannot update or remove mintdesktop using apt-get:
    sed: kann /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default nicht lesen: No such file or directory
    dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von mintdesktop (–remove):
    Unterprozess installiertes pre-removal-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 2 zurück

    The solution I found is to do “cp /etc/gdm/PostLogin/mintDesktop.tmp /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default”. While I do not fully understand the reason behind it, it does seen to fix the problem.

    Just in case someone else runs into the same problem. 🙂

  37. Hi Clem

    I’ve been using Mint as my main OS since Daryna, and I’m a big fan. However I’m a little unsure about this new theme. I know its all a matter of personal taste, but the “Metallic” grey is all a bit too Mac for me, and unoriginal. Don’t get me wrong the icons are awesome, but the rest of the theme leaves me considering switching back to Shiki, and at a time when Ubuntu is finally not ugly, I hope its just me!

  38. Congratulations for this RC release, Linux Mint is active and innovative. At the moment I love so much LM9 that will be very hard to move one. I will have to flip a coin and see.

    Linux Mint really Rocks!!!

  39. @ Tom

    I don’t think the new theme is too Mac. Honestly I have to say that the old mint style bored me a bit. The new metallic look and the awesome icon set combined with mint is in my opinion perfect.
    Best looking LinuxMint ever.

    But one point of criticism:
    If LMDE would have the same driver support like Ubuntu, I would be immediately a Debian user.

  40. 4×4 said: “Thanks, found it out. The icon was to small, they look like dots. But just resize them, then everything looking good”

    Same problem here – what was the default icon size?
    Also, the icons for SYSTEM and PLACES are not changing size.

  41. Congratulations for this new version …. I am already downloading ;).

    I am interested in new things it brings, and the style is very nice.


  42. congrats to all mint staff and developers for great distro my favorite since Gloria and i use side-by-side with windows and is an excellent tool,just in case some malfunctions boot of win7

    keep the amazing work.

  43. Are the new open-source broadcom drivers built into the kernel, or can they be added later? I tried the live CD and I still get the proprietary driver download tool for my wireless card… just want to get everything straight before I change… Julia looks great!

  44. YOU’VE DONE IT !!! You have fixed the sound card distortion that Ubuntu couldn’t fix since 10.10’s inception. I also am a great fan of your icons. I am looking forward to many hours with this Op Sys. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!

  45. I can’t wait to try out the new version. It looks way better. Every time a new is about to come out I try to tell myself to stay with work is working great, I don’t and it still works great. Thank Linux Mint dev team… love this distro!!!

  46. I am seriously impressed with my initial look. The theme is a nice change — and the improvements to the Mint Menu are very welcome indeed. I never used to use it — this might change my mind. Well done to all involved!

  47. when i read about the release of the Mint 10 i headed to the Mint website expecting to see the old green and black combination.
    but when i saw the new desktop i said …WOW….WOW.
    the wallpaper, the icons the bottom panel and the most important the Menu so sleek and multifunctional are mind blowing. i think this is the most beautiful, sleek, polished desktop in the linux world. congratulation to the team Mint.
    what i don’t really like is the windows upper panel. it is so anonymous. i think it should have a darker hue.
    but the thing that i don’t really like are the min/max/close buttons. they are soooo fade and it is really difficult to see them. i think they need some colors. this will make it easier to distinguish between active and non-active windows too. to many this may seem like too mac style but hey guys apple is not the proprietary of these button colors. this is smth that i don’t like in elementary theme for Ubuntu too.
    anyway now i am downloading the iso and i’ll try it soon.
    keep going with the great work Linux Mint.

  48. Posting from LM 10, running off a USB stick prepared with Linux Live USB Creator. Looks great so far. I’m pretty happy with Mint Debian on my main computer, but of course I just have to try this, and will probably install it on a separate partition or another machine.

    I haven’t done any in depth testing yet, but I can say I love the simple, clean, classy look of everything. Mint menu looks better than ever. Very nice! How you do it, nobody knows, but Mint gets better and better with every new release!

  49. The best Linux Mint release after Mint7.It looks wonderful
    A question What does upgrading to DVD version give me? can I install everything later anyways,right?

  50. Clem,
    Desparately waiting for this new release. Thanks for all the good work. The theme ain’t so good though. As someone already mentioned, it was looking too mac-ish. But thats just my opinion. Everything else looks amazing. Great job!

  51. Finished installing LM10

    -the installations seems a bit more sluggish (takes more memory?)
    -can’t seem to configure the Intel 855 Driver so no XV video rendering T_T (despite having it running in LM9 XFCE)
    (used the GTT Incherency patch in LM9 XFCE)
    -post boot the entire system takes around 250mb of ram compared to earlier incarnation (IIRC around 150mb for gnome and 100mb for xfce)

    Will try to tinker with the i855 fix till I find a solution or get tired XD (too bad a storm brewing here in the phil = unstable power)

  52. It looks a lot better, I was getting sick of the green overload.
    It’s more minty-ish instead of leafy-ish. Can’t wait for the final release, I’ll have to upgrade mine, and some of my friends’ installations. Congrats on the new release! =]

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  54. For whoever trying to upgrade 9 to 10 using apt, I want to share experience:
    I did apt update & apt dist-upgrade.
    Before doing that, I added “deb julia main upstream import” in the repo file.
    When I did apt update, there was no error shown. But once I did apt dist-upgrade, it complained something like “/etc/gdm/postlogin/Default is missing ..” and could not continue upgrade.
    So I copied “Default” from /etc/gdm/postsession, REBOOT, and did apt dist-upgrade again.
    It got lucky and succeeded upgrade – I guess.
    In the system profile it says “Linux Mint Julia 10”.
    So far I don’t see any major problem. I already rebooted and re-checked too.
    o, the menu icons became too small that I changed the size to 30 (right click “menu” – “Preferences” – applications, fev … and change icon size). Also splash screen is mission, which I don’t care.

    I like all Mints that I tried (Isadora, Debian Edition, and this Julia) although I like Debian Edition the best for its superior performance and superior updates.

    For the DEV team, Keep on great work!


    Clem, you and the Mint team continue to amaze! Everything “just works” so far, including my sound card, which is now fully supported (it was stereo output only in LM9)! Love it! 🙂

  56. Hi,
    Thanks for the new release, everything works like a charm… but I do not like everything.
    At the first look I didn’t like the new theme, after the first start I was in some way very disappointed, so I have change the theme to the simple Mint-X theme, and it was ok…
    But why on hell, those new Icons for the Application? For the Persons who like changing Icons Ok, but for a standard user that will use only the system, and will see Firefox with the Icon of Firefox it is very irritating. (How can I revert the original Icons?)

    I love Linux Mint, 10 is a good release and I will support it, but from the look af Mint10 I’m disappointed, but I will not claim to much, changing the theme is an easy task….

  57. just playing a bit with Mint 10 (or X as it seems to be called) in VM and it’s a really beautiful release. Until now I’ve always replaced mintmenu with gnomenu since it’s customizable but I just tried the “install missing packages” function and it’s really impressive – but most of all; can it get any easier to use Gnu/Linux?
    People still often describe you as geek/nerd etc. whenever they hear someone’s using Gnu/Linux but it’s features like this in mintmenu that make using Gnu/Linux a lot easier and more comfortable then any other OS (being familiar with both Mac and Windows). Whole family was converted to Gnu/Linux (and in particular Mint) by Mint 8 and if this excellent Distro will continue to improve like this I’m sure prejudices based on ignorance will eventually fade away. Keep up the excellent work!


  58. Just installed using mint4win 64bit. Installation went fine. Upgrading to DVD edition and language support is perfect. I’ll provide bugfix in the near future if I find them.

    The only thing I do not link is the mac-like scrollbar. I always prefer the Windows One. Is there a way to change them without changing theme?

    Gorgeous job guys!

  59. I too do not like the new theme. It is a bit “wannabe Mac”. i think the shiki theme has a much cleaner and professional look.
    But hey, you can offcourse change it if you want to.

  60. After my usual first cautious play with a 64-bit LiveCD session I have to say that it is looking very good as unlike Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10, the quick addition of ubuntu-restricted-extras and then all my media favourites was actually possible and the new grey theme and colourful icons could well please more folk, but time will tell.
    However, the fly in the ointment could be Julia’s GParted 0.6.2 which, unlike Isadora’s Gparted 0.5.1, keeps inserting 1MiB of unallocated space when new partitions are created, which then seems to be responsible for some ‘glitches’ in other operations ?
    This isn’t unique to LinuxMint but has occurred with versions of PartedMagic and Ubuntu. With my newly restored eyesight I will try to investigate further and then raise a Launchpad report.
    Meanwhile, Isadora remains my everyday use, favourite distro.

  61. Linux Mint is getting better with every release. I enjoy it so much that it is now my main OS.
    Can’t wait for the full release of Julia.

    Keep up your excellent work. 😀
    Best Regards

  62. @CaptHilts – Mintmenu can be and it has been so, customized to the same degree as Gnome menu. Unless I’m missing something you can do with Main menu but not with mint?

  63. cool, very cool. Maybe too cool. I really don’t know if I like the theme.

    But I know what I don’t like: There is no usable Google Earth in the repositories. Don’t know who’s fault that is. But because I use it nearly every day, I have to stick to Mint 9.

  64. Wow. I am SHOCKED by how amazingly fast, stable, clean and nice this release is. FLABBERGASTED!!!

    I still can’t believe VLC isn’t the default video player.

    That’s my only complaint though. Can’t wait for the Debian edition!!!

  65. @Bruce: The 1 MiB unallocated space is intended. SSDs (Solid State Disks) need an partition-block alignment which is mostly a multiple of 128 KiB. With 1 MiB your are on the safe side. Do a search on “alignment SSD” and you will see, that things have been quite complicated without the automatic alignment.

  66. When upgrading from Isadora to Julia, the mintdesktop package cannot be upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2. An error message from Synaptic reports that there is no script in the new version.

  67. The ‘ignore update’ feature seems very useful. But given that Mint also supports the option to ignore entire classes of updates (by level), I think it would also be nice if there were an opposite feature for updates that are ignored by default. I.e. an ‘update even when it’s disabled by default’ option.

  68. @borsook – I was thinking along the lines of changing themes (as for functionality mintmenu seems to be superior tho). Cause mintmenu is a bit big but with the new background it looks kinda cool actually

  69. I can also confirm the same problem with package ‘mintdesktop’ as “Brian49”. At first i thought it’s just a buggy package in the repo and it will update eventually just fine, but it’s not working, something must have borked it.

    This and ‘mintmenu’ was missing icons, had to remove the .gconfd folder and recreate it to get them back.

    Other than that, APT upgrade went smooth as it gets.

  70. I tried to install Linux Mint 10, but I could not, because half the file copy process hangs and displays an error that does not advance, so that I could not do it.

  71. Congratulations to Clem and the Mint team, on another job well done.:)

    I have already installed Mint 10 RC and trying it out.
    I like the different, new look and theme.
    So far, it is working very well.

    Wishing you more successes in the future:)


  72. @Joylove – Hi, Linux Mint gnome will run just fine with only 256mb of RAM. Linux Mint Gnome 9 with Google Chrome open shows about 240mb of ram in use on the system monitor, when I first boot up. After about 5 to 10 minutes it is showing 380mb ram in use. The way Linux is it will run good with less ram unlike windows, but if you have more ram like I do Linux will use it. Linux Mint runs fine with only 256mb of ram, but will use more if you have more. Think about it ram is faster than a hard disk, so Linux work fine with small ram but if you have more it will use it to speed up the pc. Ram not is use is just a waste, when its the fastest thing in the pc.

  73. pretty nice release – all works well on my asus netbook – only software packages are not completed yet ? googleearth is just a package to build – not really installs googleearth as it does in mint 9 (but maybe that will be fixed in the final release ?)

    otherwise very good and stable version – fast – i installed it with docky activated and the realtime sunlight wallpaper – looks very slick

    if i continue to update will i have the final release at the end ?

  74. Have anybody tried to use it with Realtek 8180L wireless card?

    It doesn’t work in Maverick. Hopefully will be O.K in Julia

  75. @Jeffrey Devries

    With Firefox and 3 tabs opened total ram consumed is 304mb.

    With free -m

    joylove@joylove-linuxmint10 ~ $ free -m
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 487 449 38 0 8 131
    -/+ buffers/cache: 309 177
    Swap: 767 212 555

    Tend to experience lockups when browsing folders with images (probably the thumbnailer doings its task) and on some occasions when running Firefox. Will try Chromium later.

    Installed Openbox and replaced Network Manager with Tint2 as an alternate interface to Gnome (consumes only 70mb upon boot)

    Currently running LM10 on a 1.5Ghz Celeron M with 512mb ram (-8mb for video)

  76. Nice OOBE. The new theme is a big improvement. Lookin’ forward for the final version. RC seems to be stable enough for daily use. Bon Chance!

  77. Just when I thought Mint couldn’t get any better, you release 10 and it does! Thanks for the awesome job folks, it’s your best work yet!

  78. What about translations this time?

    Personally, about the look… Metal surface should look a lot plainer, there’s too much scribble-scrabble on it.

  79. The last version works very well for me.

    However my laptop screen is so bright, I can not use the keyboard keys to reduce screen brightness. Hope this new RC will be help to save my eyes and upadtes follw final release 🙂

    Thanks for the gr8 work.

  80. Just fired it up. Love the icons; not so sure of the overall theme but it is very clean and easy on the eye. As a personal pref, since I use mint on a netbook and often have it hooked up to an external monitor, could you enable the “do nothing” option when you close the laptop lid – the “blank screen” option switches off the external screen after a few seconds of no mouse/keyboard input:

    As always, great work yet again.

  81. The Good: The mint parts. The new icon set, boot screen, and theme are all wonderful.

    The Bad: Ubuntu/Kernel regression 2.6.35 that disabled sound on my Intel HDA. Was an easy enough fix by adding two lines to alsa-base.conf.

    The Ugly: Having to use an alsa mixer to raise “speaker” volume to get sound each session. Compiz seems to have gone wonky too. The PPA version 0.9 doesn’t work at all for amd64. The 0.8.6 official version seems uber buggy, from the wallpaper plugin rendering my wallpapers completely transparent, to ignoring defomation, to effects leaving visual artifacts on my screen after the fact.

    Makes me look that much more forward to the upcoming (rumored December by Clem) LMDE 64 release. Mint 64 with a stable upstream without Ubuntu history of breakage, plus a rolling release! bring it on. LMDE 64 will be the last OS I ever need 🙂

  82. ah yes another glitch with 10RC

    /etc/apt/sources.list contained entries for ubuntu’s archive but with mint’s dist scheme:
    deb-src julia main
    deb julia restricted
    deb-src julia restricted
    deb julia universe
    deb-src julia universe
    deb julia multiverse
    deb-src julia multiverse

    I changed this to:
    deb-src maverick main restricted universe multiverse
    deb maverick main restricted universe multiverse

    which fixed the error (which affected update-manager, synaptic, etc)

  83. Installed last night without a hitch. Had no trouble activating drivers, etc. The only issue I have run into is streaming hi definition channels. The video is choppy on those but great on you tube, google videos, and everything else so far. It is exactly what I have come to expect from a Mint distro. Very nice.

  84. Looks great for backgrounds and icons, window colors leave something to be desired, especially top panel. Switched to Carbon, much nicer. Live CD loads really slow as does Ubuntu CD. Can do LMDE install in same amount of time. Will stick with LMDE and wait for 64 bit version to be released.

  85. I have been playing with this RC in a virtual machine for a couple of days now. I have to say that the icon set is just amazing, never before have I been so impressed with a default icon set.

    One of the reasons I first looked at LinuMint was that I like dark themes like Shiki. But looking at this new theme I think I may have been converted! Very nice.

  86. In my opinion, Ubuntu is still more elegant than Mint. Mint lost focus, the elegance.
    This mix of icons I did not like (faenza + elementary green icons).
    With great difficulty I can read texts with this new theme, this white and very light green theme.
    The official wallpaper is so ugly, dead. In fact, all of them. My eyes burn with this green.
    Someone needs to be honest and sincere in this blog. good luck!

  87. I hope I will find current shiki-mint theme in LM 10. I have tried LM10RC and new theme, but I really don’t like it. New theme and black wallpaper make my eyes tired very fast.

  88. Thumbs up. Looks like another great release. The new metalic theme looks awesome. It’s just too bad there isn’t darker alternative or dark theme from Mint 9. There also seems to be no way of changing the green in mintMenu. But it runs fine on my spare drive. Just in time to replace the glorious Gloria on my desktop.

  89. Where is the update manager icon?? And application icons in software manager??

    I think that Ubuntu is much more wannabe-mac than Mint. Ubuntu has window buttons located on left and two panels. Color doesn’t make Mint look like Mac in my opinion. I like that new look! 😀

  90. Linux Mint 10! I’m just playing with it wow what a awesome release, I am just waiting for the final version to install on my laptops and then give the cd/dvd and p[ass em on!!

  91. WIll it run on ASUS eee PC 4G out of the Box with all Hardware, sleep mode and all ? had much trouble the early years on eee PC 4g with pretty much ANY distro. today i run jollycloud 1.x on it. never seen something running better until now.

    Any Experience Reports on That?

  92. “The Bad: Ubuntu/Kernel regression 2.6.35 that disabled sound on my Intel HDA. Was an easy enough fix by adding two lines to alsa-base.conf.”

    Please, use anything but Ubuntu’s kernel. It sucks!

  93. A definite improvement over 9, and a much nicer experience than Maverick! I am really very impressed indeed. Well done to all concerned. Thought, I have to second the sentiment expressed by The Great Sudoku about LMDE64!

    My only gripe is that there is no volume control on the taskbar, and I cannot find any way to add one. I have to use the volume hotkeys on my keyboard (which work perfectly, and produce the little notification popup).


  94. I love LinuxMint. I love how stable and easy to use it is. It’s the only OS I dare to put on my mom’s PC without the slightest concern. I loved the Shiki-Look when it first arrived on LinuxMint and still think it to be one if not the best gnome-theme. But – like you – I’ve become fed up with it and so the arrival of a new theme for LinuxMint 10 seams to be a good thing… and it is, mostly.

    One request though:

    Please, please loose the cheesy brushed metal look in mint-menu. It reminds me of an old and ugly iTunes-Theme. The dark background colour in Nautilus isn’t very eye-pleasing either. I actually like the new icons, even if I’m afraid that they’ll confuse a lot of newbies (e.g. -> my mom), especially if it comes to basic things like Firefox, etc.

    I really hope you guys will tweak this wonderful new theme so that it outshines the old one.

  95. If there is one thing that has to change until the release it is this: The border-width. It is absolutely impossible to grab those 1 pixel wide borders to resize the window. And all the new users shouldn’t have to learn about alt+middleclick resize function from some other person before the system becomes usable.

  96. Wonderful! So Julia is finally here! Downloading now!!!! Looks sleek and a lot sexier than the the previous versions. Can’t wait for the final version to come out, this being an RC and all. From the screen shots it seems like the panel has taken up a slightly MACish look. Love the steel-grey color though. Definitely seems more sophisticated. Just wish a dock had been included… something snappier and faster than the usual “Docky”. Thanks for a great distro people… Love it. Completely out-of-the-box experience! Keep on rocking the Linux world

  97. Superb and rocking…well done…improving day by day. I have started using Linux Mint 8 as my primary OS in my work and where ever I can use for the last 11 months now. Thank you guys.

  98. I think is great this version, but i like much better the green aspects i hope you use green aspects for final version. And thanks for this great O.S linux mint is at the top with ubuntu in the linux community. In my work the servers are Debian and the work station are Mint 9.

  99. CARLOS FELIPE: “Someone needs to be honest and sincere in this blog. good luck!”

    Funny, it sounded more like your subjective opinion, than anything else.

  100. Great job Clem and the gang! I really like the new theme and icons. I tried Ubuntu 10.10 and my ATI video and Broadcom wireless were acting up. No problems with either using Mint 10 RC x64. Keep up the good work.

  101. This new theme is very nice. One small usability issue I have with some themes, and unfortunately this one, is that when moving the cursor to the far right, or far top right of the screen to either close or scroll a maximised window, I have to move the cursor a few pixels nearer the scroll bar or close button to have any effect when I click. I may sound picky, but it has been a convenient feature.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  102. @Rovanion

    +1 windowborders are impossible to grab, and thanks for the ‘Alt+middleclick’ trick for resizing.

    MintDeveloppers, please increase border-width. I only want to add that Mint is my main desktop since LinuxMint 7, I really love it, thanks.

  103. wow, what i can see on the screenshots looks greeeat! waiting for the final release.
    the only thing that worries me a bit – i hope the new release will not consume too many resources =)

  104. BTW tried updating the kernel. Apparently reverting to the previous kernel is no longer available upon boot (grub menu).

  105. Is it possible to make ( so it is in Windows XP Internet Explorer ) in the list of visited web sites, a red sign on the right side of every visited web site to delete this site, only. So not all web sites must deleted from the list?

  106. Just finished installing both 32bit and 64bit RC’s of LinuxMint 10. Loving it. Loving it. Loving it. I’m very tempted to put it on my netbook to see if it fixes my Flash stuttering problem.

    Keep up the great work Clem!! Inedible distro as always!

  107. I think you should keep the old Shiki dark theme as well – as an alternative to the new light metallic look. I’d certainly appreciate that because I’ve never been a huge fan of light themes, regardless of how polished they were :).

    But, just in case you won’t keep it, I’d just like to ask if there is a way to install/import the old Shiki theme in Mint 10.

  108. Haekel Says:
    October 19th, 2010 at 12:05 am
    The solution I found is to do “cp /etc/gdm/PostLogin/mintDesktop.tmp /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default”. While I do not fully understand the reason behind it, it does seen to fix the problem.

    great! Now it’s all correct

    Thank you

  109. Hey, looks nice. I like the Faenza+Elementary mix icons.
    But the theme… i really don’t like the metallic look. We should stop mimic (old) OS X look & feel and get a proper identity (like Nimbuz did for OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana).

    I mean, the decorator looks a lot like elementary theme and the Brushed metal is very distracting and less “fine”.

    The LMDE theme is very nice, why don’t go in that direction.

    Also i think that Murrine (or aurora at least) is the key to use a modern gtk engine.

    For a dark theme there’s Elegant GTK which has a mint edition btw…

    Please, don’t take it only as a rant. Just i wanted to show my opinion about the look (which for the icons looks great, but the theme itself lacks of that “touch” wich shiki has (among some new ones too)).


  110. Does this fix the keyboard and mouse problem? I tried to install Linux before and after i installed my keyboard and mouse would not work.

  111. I’ve looked at the theme for a while now and I can’t get used to it. I still think it doesn’t look professional. Linux Mint had his own identity with the shiki-wise theme. If you do a theme that is inspired by another OS, it looses this. I also liked the greenish wallpaper better.

    The green/black, for me, is Linux Mint, please please please, don’t use the brushed metal as OOBE.

  112. Hi, looks great! It there a way yet to change the hi light of new apps??? That would be nice, I can’t read the white… Other than that, this is the best OS in the world!!! I started with Mint 7, and that is what got me started with this great project!

    (PS: Wine is not working… None of them are)

  113. I take back what I said earlier. There is something in the upgrade that distorts the sound card. So long Ubuntu

  114. It is really nice Clem…and unlike what some said, the default (mac-like) metal appearance looks really good, so definitely keep it!

    Two bugs i noticed (this is just running on the live cd) is:

    1) When i add applications to “Favorites” on Mint Menu (after two additions have been added) they are not appearing in the favorites list…
    2) Still have a problem that when coming out of the “Screensaver” mode it seems to mess up the url bar in all your web browsers…

    I use Chromium and after coming out of screensaver, if i type in the url bar at the top of the browser, the “drop down url history” disappears and the only way to get it working again is to open and close any application, then it reverts to normal…

    It isn’t a problem in Mint KDE only Mint Gnome, apparently…please look into that, Clem…Thanks!

    I notice the Ubuntu fonts are installed but not be used by default…and you to change it in applications fonts settings in Control Center..
    Wasn’t sure if that was done intentionally or not…

  115. The new slick installation screen is a great improvement, especially if you are a slow reader!
    I personally find the new theme to be a vast improvement as I always felt the old standard theme to be more suitable for a Funeral Home, this one is much more welcoming. Mind you I will probably still tinker with it!!
    I am currently running the 64 bit version on my main Mint 9 64 bit box in Virtualbox and everything I have used so far is working okay.
    I’m looking forward to upgrade my computers once the stable versions are released. Well done Clem and the rest of the Team.

  116. Great job everyone!
    It feels smooth and the look is OK. I would like to see an extra set of themes installed by default, though. I believe that a variation of Meerkat would be nice.
    Also, the new set of icons in the Menu is awesome.
    All in all, it’s the constant quality of a distro that has spoilt its users and followers (i.e. us) by offering nothing but the slickest and most efficient in terms of operating systems. Many thanks, guys

  117. being using mint 10 for a while. there are smths i really was expecting to see.
    1.more themes available, new ones not the same themes from older versions
    2.other wallpapers included that are not mint branded or mint artwork. some nature wallpapers wouldn’t be bad.
    3. and the most important think, the Application Icons in the Software Manager. i was really waiting for that. make an impressive look and easier to identify the applications.

  118. I think that in the next release you should have an option in the installer to install packages at mint os instillation like fedora has done in the past. I really support thi idea.

  119. every time I download the .iso the disk has 1 error on on my 4th disk downloaded from torrent and mirrors. any ideas?

  120. I have to say Clem this release is wonderful!

    I tested it in VMware, nice and smooth.
    Installed it on a test box, a Zotac mini PC with dual core Atom and nVidia Ion 2, 64bit smooth as silk
    Installed on my Netbook, HP mini 311 32bit, smooth as silk
    Then put on my main rig, Shuttle XPC, hex core with ssd main drive and again smooth as silk.

    Tested with my work VPN and WebEx all went without a hitch.

    Awesome release and so far no issues and as impossible as it can be, every release is more polished than the last. You’ve got another winner here my friend!

  121. @ej64
    RE ej64 Says:
    October 19th, 2010 at 11:58 am
    @Bruce: The 1 MiB unallocated space is intended. SSDs (Solid State Disks) need an partition-block alignment which is mostly a multiple of 128 KiB. With 1 MiB your are on the safe side. Do a search on “alignment SSD” and you will see, that things have been quite complicated without the automatic alignment.

    Thank you, that begins to explain why it was introduced for NAND-based SSDs, but doesn’t explain why it creates problems for NAND based persistent Mint on a USB stick, but please see Bug #664275 for fuller details.

  122. This is a great release, but I’m having problems with the following issues:

    ***The HDA-Intel bug, here , present in this release has rendered the tvtime program useless for my computer.

    ***I cannot do fullscreen youtube videos with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, using my onboard nvidia 6100 video chipset (I’m not using the restricted drivers because they cannot properly produce my monitor’s 1366×768 resolution and make the fonts blurry).

  123. Any progress on creating an alternate CD installer to offer full disk encryption to Mint users? It is the only common feature that Brown (purplish orange) and Blue offer that we do not have yet.

  124. This is a great release and I’m truly enjoying it, but I’m having problems with the following issue:

    ***The HDA-Intel bug,here, present in this release has rendered the sound tvtime program inoperable for my computer.

  125. I have some problems on my Lenovo 3000 N 100. “online” APT installation resulted in crush during boot. After fresh install major problems with resuming my backup (errors + self disk dismounting). Many apps resumed from backup not working and not possible to reinstall (e.g. Chromium doesn’t not start). LiveCD was not working OK either (checksum of iso was OK). Some other problems. Isadora has worked perfectly OK…

  126. disapointed by this release, it’s way slower than ubuntu 10.10
    and there’s no even java installed by default, java is installed by default on ubuntu

    1. wall: Oracle/Sun java is installed on the DVD edition. OpenJDK is installed in Ubuntu. The performance of both systems is almost identically the same.

  127. I love this theme! Finally, you gave a little love to the Gnome! KDE always seemed to get all the bling. I’ve moved back to Mint from 10.10 because you’ve added Style! Thank you!!!.

  128. Realy wonderful work. But two questions remain.
    1) Ist there any chance that there will be a PPC version? I mean, it’s based on Ubuntu which has a PPC version.
    2) Will the new artwork be part of the Debian Edition soon, too? Would appreciate this.

    Thx for response.
    Pierre from Germany.

    1. Pierre: There won’t be any PPC version from us (ever), though we’ve seen community projects and PPC versions of Mint before. The new artwork and all the new features will make their way into LMDE, at the latest for its newer release this December.

  129. Clem, you are a genius! I am writing this using the Mint 10 RC and I could call it official release. In my own humble opinion, this (upcoming) release is the most beautiful and solid release. Wow! what a change and cool decision to go on `Elementary` way. It is so there, beautiful then I do not wish to tweak the default theme. For the first time in the Ubuntu history, CPU sensor ( X-Window ) does not `stick` over 1% on mimimum usage…

    I had Ubuntu 10.10 for 3-4 days and when I saw Mint 10 rc, I jumped to it and now using it for my main dev machine….

  130. Holy crap, that’s what I was going to write! It’s okay to look like MacOSX, as long as you do not castrate the user. And, clearly, this is not the case here. Thank you, Clem and the team, for letting me think about every release “Now, that’s the best distro I’ve ever seen”!

  131. Wow, thanks for the very fast response from you, Clem! One more point to hit install right away. 🙂 But if I’m honest I have to say that it’s no surprise that this community stands above the fast majority of Linux communities out there.
    It’s a little sad that there is no official PPC version but if comunity PPC versions are out there and work, they would do, too.

    Wonderful news for me. I love the artwork and the Debian Edition. Using it besides openSUSE in every day works.
    Thanks for all the great work!

  132. Sir… I really love your development of Linux Mint… but if I can make a request… I wanna request a pre-installed GPU driver for ATI ot NVIDIA… so Linux Mint can be used with full GPU support even in Live Mode or after the installation process, user doesn’t need to install additional driver again…

    In my country the ISP is DAMN SUCK…!! only 64 Kbps…

  133. ive tried over two days to install this distro ,ive got mint isodora on my old dell laptop and i love it ..the 10rc i finally managed to install on the other pc ..but although it looks great it freezes after about two minutes of use ..nothing works and have to shut down the pc freeze

    the pc has an intel celeron processor 3,46 ghz ..512 mb ram ..any ideas as its driving me bonkers a total newb with linux so please go easy on me with the techy jargon ,im still learning ..thanks ..

  134. Those of you that don’t like the desktop/window theme, window border width, icons, main menu etc. You do know all of this is configurable, right? You can change all of this in about 5 minutes.

    IMHO this is the best looking Mint yet, Clem. Very professional and nicely done.

  135. Very nice new system. You can’t debate about tastes, as the saying goes, but I really like the metallic theme.

    However, the local repository needs to be fixes before the final release. The script in /usr/share/local-repository doesn’t work because the package dpkg-dev isn’t installed by default. If possible, I’d like this local repository to be enabled by default, but I guess you would’ve done this if it was easy to do.

  136. Hello…how about more control over grub at installation like Mandriva…choose drive and menu list…

  137. Ah the 10RC is here. Time to get this along with Fedora 14 come final release day. Thou shalt respect the Linux Distros and their many flavors.

  138. Can confirm that the only problem that I encountered was with the menu icons being too small, they appear as full stops. Easy solution is to resize via the various menu preference screens.

    Everything else worked straight out of the box, well impressed this is the first time I have been able to upgrade without some horrible little niggle to sort out and its only an RC!

  139. 这么多人留言,看来很受欢迎吖,我从Mint8的时候开始用的Mint,一直用的都是它。

  140. I really like the new look! However I’ve got a little problem. On previous releases, I could use the Restricted Hardware Drivers to install the wireless driver for my HP TX2-1380la just from the Live CD but now, it says that I need an Internet connection to download the driver. Any ideas on how I can fix this without resorting to a wired connection? Thanks in advance.


    Firefox icon ugly
    wifi comes and go

    ALFA AWUS036H Wireless G/B LAN USB WiFi Network Adapter

    Manufacturer Alfa Standard 802.11g/b
    Model Number AWUS036H 1000mW
    Chipset Realtek RTL8187 (aka RT8187L)
    OS Compatibility Win98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7, Linux & Mac* Speeds 54mbps

    * Support IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standard
    * USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
    * High Transmitter Power up to 1000mW max

    Specifications :

    * Standards : IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g
    * Interface: USB 2.0 mini USB
    * Data Rate:
    o IEEE 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
    o IEEE 802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
    * Frequency Band : 2.412GHz – 2.4835GHz ISM band
    * Transmitter Power: 1W Max.
    * Sensitivity for 802.11b:
    o 1, 2 Mbps (BPSK, QPSK): – 96dBm
    o 11 Mbps (CCK): -91dBm
    o (Typically @PER < 8% packet size 1024 and @25°C ± 5°C)
    * Sensitivity for 802.11g:
    o 54Mpbs (64QAM): -76dbm
    o 48Mbps (64QAM): -71dbm
    o 36Mpbs (16QAM): -78dbm
    o 24Mbps (16QAM): -80dbm
    o 18Mbps (QPSK): -81dbm
    o 12Mpbs (QPSK): -82dbm
    o 9Mbps (BPSK): -85dbm
    o 6Mbps (BPSK): -91dbm
    o (typically @PER < 10% packet size 1024 and @25°C ± 5°C)
    * Data Modulation Type: BPSK,QPSK, CCK and OFDM
    * Security: 64/128bit WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA (TKIP with IEEE802.1x), WPA-PSK and WPA II
    * Supporting O.S.:
    o Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
    o Mac v10.4 and 10.5
    o Linux 2.6

  142. Looks nice, but I think you guys should have went with the SO X theme or even his clean Lambda theme. Both are sharp and minty fresh.…?content=133625

  143. Wow!! This is so cool, and FAST! I first tried it out in VMware workstation 7 and it simply flew. I was so impressed with how refined and smooth it was, not to mention the looks and new additions, that i just couldn’t wait for the final release and installed it on my system. It’s a brilliant piece of work. Well done to all concerned. And now I don’t even have to scratch my head to install minitube 1.1 manually, as it installs from the software manager. can you tell I’m still a newbie? I’m just looking forward to the day of the final release. If this release candidate is anything to go by, and it is, I just gotta get my hands on the finished article. Nice work guys. 🙂

  144. As much as I love this stuff I always end up back on windows a few weeks later.. I put mint on my netbook thinking it would run faster than windows 7 but it didn’t, browsing is slow as hell and anything which contains any kind of flash just cripples things.. the battery on my netbook lasts for 6 hours almost under windows, on mint it lasts for 3 and a half. It’s that darn flash plugin which I need so much that is crippling things.. Oh yeah.. Before I get attacked.. I am a flash developer and as far as I can see, every distro i’ve ever tried has nothing for people like me.

    I also didn’t buy a £190 graphics card so that I could have the functionality of a £30 one.

  145. in general my thoughts about mint 10 are more than positive.
    but there are 2 thinks i want to ask Clem.
    well try to increase the bottom panel height. what will come up is not a eye catching view. it has always been like that with every distro release of Mint and Ubuntu. you can find tutorials on how to fix it if you Google but why isn’t it fixed once and for all? the same thing happen when you try to make the whole panel transparent. it not possible to make the whole panel transparent for some themes. why isn’t that fixed? i don’t know.
    and smth else.
    i like the way mint is taking regarding the look and feel . the new desktop looks very beautiful. the aluminium gray is very modern as even Clem has mentioned earlier. and my personal thoughts are that the look and feel of the distro has a important impact in its success. everyone like to have smth beautiful to look at and show off everyday no?
    but what i want to ask is: why can’t the mint aluminium gray look as polished and sleek and modern as the MacosX aluminium gray? why it has to be fade and not have the right strength? i know that the mint team can do that.
    so these were my questions Clem.
    thanks for the wonderful work.

  146. What is the username and password for the Linux Mint 10 RC
    I use Ubootin for transfer the .iso file to my usb drive

  147. The new look is absolutely clean, and very appeasing. I always look forward to the releases and this is my favorite so far. I’m just a simple user using office applications for school, internet browsing, and checking email.

    In all seriousness the Mint team should go public if you can agree to a corporate constitution upholding what you’ve done in the past.

  148. I really hope that this has the same wireless capabilities as Ubuntu 10.10. So far Ubuntu 10.10 is the only distro available that my wireless USB works without hassle. Really hoping that Mint 10 does the same. 🙂 Will let you guys know how it goes.

  149. My primary OS Win7 and the second is Linux Mint, i love everything in linux mint.I like the new Look! For Me THE BEST.
    Well done. Many thanks from the PORTUGAL.

  150. Trying to boot the 64bit version from a stick and only getting as far as the splash screen, if I restart the xserver I get to the login screen but cannot login because I don’t have the user and pass.
    I have run the check cd option at bootup and it says everything is fine.
    Pressing escape to view the dialogue during bootup shows that the system cannot seem to find the correct folders on the stick.
    I have used both unetbootin and the usb creator in mint9 to create the image on the stick but both have the same problem.
    I have a Radeon HD2660pro is this problem related to the issues with radeon drivers at the moment.
    I seem to recall I had problems with ubuntu 10.10 but I least managed to install it 🙁

  151. BEAU-TI-FUL. Icons, metal theme. Just don’t like Firefox icon. Well, it’s a classic. You can’t change it so agressive. “Yes, we can.” You’ll say. Ok. : )

  152. Salutations Clem & TEAM!
    I actually installed LMDE on my maIn laptop…just lovin’ it… the whole rolling update THINGY, and the Debian benefits…
    …but… since I have been a Mnt Gnome fanatic since Mint 4…
    …downloding right now, getting a second desktop machine reaady!!!
    … you know… ONE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MINT. It always manages to surprise, & IN THE GOOD WAY!

  153. Just one more thing, unfortunately on the downside, I used to install VMware Workstation 7.1.2-301548 (64-bit) using App-Runner 0.4.9. I’ve installed it this way many times since I first started using Linux and have never had a problem. Now it won’t install at all. I consider VMware Workstation the best virtualisation software out there and don’t want to have to rely on virtualbox. Why doesn’t App-Runner no longer work? I noticed that it doesn’t even install in Ubuntu 10.10.

  154. Thanks Clem. Note that on start up MintMenu often “quits unexpectedly”, 2 x Reload seems to get it going. Thinkpad X201 need to restart network-manager to get it to recognise mobile broadband (but the 2.6.35 kernel does have gobi support at least). Seems to be a bit slower than 9 in operation, but perhaps I am wrong? Easy install process and pretty much everything worked straight out of the box. regards M.

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  156. Very impressed about your distro, I a Fedora/Ubuntu user, a week ago I decide to download Mint for testing, to be honest I like it very much, I love the user friendly, the hardware support and the way user can install and download any application they want, or uninstall a application with just one click. I am doing the test on virtual box but I am planing to test Mint on my computer, so I will do a fresh install even though I have to erase Ubuntu but I don’t care, but I am very surprise about Mint and looking forward to download the Stable version.

  157. looks sleek,powerful and beutiful!!
    worlds most versatile distro just got even better!:)
    is there any change in login screen?can we have theme support for login screen now??

  158. n thnxs 4 toneing down grrenish…i nvr admired green that much 🙂
    i hope d final version gives a metallic touch to themes…

  159. Thanks for Mint 10 – I’ve “accidentally” used it just now and it’s a great experience 😀

    I have been recommending Mint (and burning live CD/USB) for friends who is new and wanted to try out and install Linux by themselves. The latest installation was yesterday with Mint 10.

    But then, I have not been using Mint all this while because I am more used to KDE (currently with Debian Squeeze, that’s why I dare to recommend Mint :).

    What happened was, I am away from the internet connection and noticed that I had not install openoffice on my new laptop. Remembering that I have a live usb with me, I booted up Mint 10 and that solved my problem.

    After trying it out “consciously” myself, I now truely appreciate how polished Mint 10 is. The minor “problem” that I faced is cjk support, it will be perfect if Mint comes with it activated.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you and your team for the great work!
    and feels good that I did give the correct recommendations to friends.

  160. A feedback.

    Noticed that when I boot up the laptop using the live-usb (installed using unetbootin in Debia), the brightness control of the laptop is disabled and the default brightness is set to very dim, so much so that it is practically not visible.

    Hope this info is useful.

  161. Finally since Mint7 everything works again as expected (which was not the case with Mint8 and Mint9). Back to the roots, combined with even more features and stability. The only thing I don’t like is:

    The overall visual theme SUX. I wished there was an option to have the Ubuntu themes “Light” and “Dark” integrated, which look way better and are more comfortable than the the ones installed (8 of the 10 preinstalled Mint themes are simply ugly, including the brushed aluminium).

  162. I think Linux Mint 10 is the best linux distribution out of the box I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I’m an arch lover, but when the new LMDE comes to light I’ll thing if it’s time for a change.

    Thanks for your work.

    (Regarding the Mint-X theme I believe it’s better than the Ubuntu’s ones, but an option for a dark-panel would be appreciated)

  163. To the Mint 10 team, kudos and an awesome job. I am a Linux noob so if I missed something please say so. To the team please, turn off the Canonical-Census ping in Mint RC. I tried turning it off via terminal sudo apt-get remove canonical-census. Even though it says it removed it, it’s still there. I entered this via terminal: sudo apt-cache search canonical-census and I get back the following response: canonical-census – send “I am alive” ping to Canonical

    I don’t mind a bit helping out the Team and padding your stats BUT it becomes annoying when you are blocked out from a website because the OS is phoning home and all you get is “I am alive”.

  164. I downloaded 10rc, and have two issue, one “sort of P1”.
    When installing into a VMware guest, on a
    on a 4ghz i7 intel with 6 gb ram,
    in the
    “where are you?” setup section,
    that does stuff concurrently
    with some file copying (noted below),
    caused the ability to pick city to appear
    broken, slow, struggled for 3 minutes
    to pick my (toronto, canada),
    appears the paralleled task happening
    while pick city,
    just kills this one screen (of the install).
    I think many people would give up and scrap the install at this point.
    It may because of a install from vmware.

    vmtools from vmware desktop, failed on kernel headers, but just used open vmtools in
    mint10 repo, and that got me the vmtools support i needed (i.e. full screen graphics, etc).

  165. 77.

    I dont like to be a nag or anything… but i tried LM10-RC ‘out of the box’… it doesnt support (or even allow the activation) of my broadcom wifi network cards… LM9 does and thus i am hesitant to move forward cause if i cant have my internet for research then there is no use to switch to ‘a better / advanced’ version. Thus for those of us suffering with the proprietary garbage drivers please allow support of of the box… or people like me wont want to move to the next iteration bc internet is ingrained in our / my culture that we cant live w/o it…. i know its only RC version so its cool… and i found nothing else so far wrong with it (i like it a lot actually)… so keep up the beautiful work cause you guys are the best i know of… and plz allow support in the future !

  166. @Andy DCH,
    I am able to boot Mint 10 using unetbootin (in Debian) and installed it into a USB thumbdrive.
    You may want to check the md5sum of the image that you’ve downloaded and try again using unetbootin

  167. I got the same problem with the RC ISO trying to boot from USB getting a boot error…The RC doesn’t seem like its bootable from USB and I don’t want to burn it to a CD afraid of getting the same error…I’ll just wait for the final release.

  168. Hi Everyone,

    I am an accountant (which I never wanted to be) doing accounting job though one of my brother currently living in Australia used to use Linux long back while I used to sit beside him and watch complex commands.
    Last year I came across Ubuntu site and started Ubuntu and after one month I switched to Mint.

    My experience with Mint is fantastic and it never gave me any trouble. I am not sure if I have placed my comment on correct place or not but I would like to Thank Mint Team and all people who are supporting it.

  169. for the launch of this release as you do when Microsoft launched Windows 95 which use “start it up” by the Rolling sotne in this case, “Julia” by Robin Gibbs ???
    Joking aside, it seems to me that graphically gradually you’re copying the Mac

  170. I’m an Ubuntu user, however this time I didn’t upgrade to Maverick since I was planning to install Linux Mint 10.
    However the current version of Ubuntu supports MP3s out of the box (while installing) and flash only takes 2 click.
    SO I’m wondering what is one compelling reason, why I should install Mint?

    Also when will the final version for Mint 10 be shipped?


  171. I’m giving it a try to see if it’s a “better Ubuntu”, as I’ve read recently in several blogs 🙂 Downloading NOW.

  172. For the first time with a Mint dist, the LED indicator, on my Acer Aspire One D250, for WLAN activity lights up!! Jippii.

    Now I am waiting for a fix for the “built in microphone out-of-phase-error”. (One must set one of the L/R mic volume controls down a bit)

    (Both those problems are also found in LMDE, so it might be a Debian issue)

  173. Mmm, sort of like the theme but seems a bit bland in places after trying the (beautiful?) Ubuntu 10.10.

    All working OK except two things; In Rhythmbox my Ipod Shuffle is detected but the songs don’t get displayed (same problem in Ubuntu 10.10 mind you). And can’t get rid of the resume from standby password nor unwanted battery notifications, via gcon-editor.

    Anyone else having these troubles?

    Anyhow it’s only the RC so guess this will all get sorted – knowing the Mint team’s renowned attention to detail.

  174. I had severe issues with Kernel 2.6.35 on ubuntu 10.10/Mint 10 RC
    to resolve i had to downgrade to 2.6.34 ubuntu 10.04 kernel.

  175. Really I hate the Linux Mint logo on every single wallpaper. You’re the only one in all OS universe who have that habit.

  176. I have been using Mint 10 sine one day after it was released. I used the easy backup to reinstall the programs that I always use. And it works like a charm! No problems at all. (HP Compaq 8710w laptop).
    Another wonderful realease. As far as I am concerned, make it a definite release!
    Clem & the team: Thank you very much for another outstanding distribution!

  177. Hello everyone, I’m from Brazil and I’m loving Linux Mint 9. Soon I will be doing the download of the Mint 10. Congratulations on this beautiful work. I am sorry my English because I’m using Google translator.

  178. Greetings.. i need help.. iam using HP 6735s notebook. and win 7.. tryed to boot up mint 10 x64.. but it says to me some errors, premition denied.. or if i boot it from bios.. setup stops at “checking battery state”.. i tryed everything but nothiing works.. OS is on the cd.. what should i do ? if you need some detail infos, i will write everything..


  179. Awesome release. I am using Linuxmint for almost 2 years now .. at work at home and with every release it gets better and better. Really awesome job guys.

  180. Congrats on another release. Not even the stable yet and I can’t tell otherwise. Got really annoyed with issues I was having with Helena 64 last week, thought I’d just go for 10RC now anyway and everything is great.

    Liking the new icons, startup is really impressive, my wifi now has decent connection strength, however I still have slow download speeds at many different times of the day. One minute 500kbps, then 1kbps the next. This happened in Helena, and was worse there, but a shame this is still a problem for me.
    Also wish we could get back to a more configurable login screen, like with Felicia for example.

    Anyway, aside from these, I’m happy. Keep up the good work and good luck for the full release.

  181. Thanks a lot for this release. But there is no wireless drivers in it. In order to install them i must connect with cable. It was very simple in Mint 9 , after install i could just connect wireless and download all the updates. Please fix this . Thanks a lot. Waiting for final release!!!

  182. Linux mint 10 rocks! Thanks to the team for you hard work and dedication. I installed Linux mint 10 RC-64-bit and I was very pleased with the new look. But why was VLC player not included. I hope it is included in the the final version.

  183. Hi,

    Thnx for the great work.
    Surely gonna try this one, but…
    I DO hope the green interface still is available? There ARE folks who love it, you know…

  184. Отличная работа! Кстати, очень легко переходить из Windows на Linux этим дистрибутивом. Надеюсь что он станет еще дружелюбнее к пользователям. Так же хочется чтоб он оставался бесплатным. Спасибо за работу ребята! Ждем официального Релиза!

    Сергей, Украина, 23 года.

  185. Great theme and wonderful icons.
    Is it possible to decorate gnome-commander somehow? Its mime-type icons are ugly.

  186. Hi, is there gonna be a option for full disk encryption and like other people ask is the green shiki-wise gonna be available at the full-dvd version??

  187. Thanks Clement & Team, LM is my OS sinc LM 7. What a nice evolution….Better taste, hard work in every release. I like too mucho this new look, it`s very elegant & funtional. I`m member, i`ll donate soon…..

  188. Greatest Distro Yet. I was using opensuse 11.3 previously but this is better.Waiting for Mint KDE 10.Guys can you please include utility to change brightness like xbrightness in opensuse.
    Thanks great work keep it up..; )

  189. Clem, thanks for Mint 10… Realy good jobb! Every ting works just fine! Wow for a UI and smooty working OS! Supert Supert!

  190. My mouse and keyboard dont work at all when i put Linux Mint live cd in cd rom. Same problem i have with Ububntu 10.10 and Debian GNU/Linux 6 testing. Anyone have same problem? How to fix this?
    Mouse and keyboard are PS/2 connector, not usb, and my computer is old 1 year.

  191. Well I am soooo… disappointed, I have now tried both the 32bit and 64bit versions and both of them hang at the same place booting up.
    The live disc gets to where gnome should be kicking in and it then just hangs there with the bootsplash and mouse pointer showing, ctrl,alt & bkspace will restart gnome but then I get the login screen which I can not do anything with.
    I have tried both usb and CD and it is the same for both.
    It’s odd because Ubuntu 10.10 and LMDE both booted and installed as did Mint 9.
    Really unhappy because I can’t join in the fun 🙁

  192. Using Mint for the past 2yrs.Replaced windows in 2 of my laptops and 1 desktop.Use windows only in virtual box, if required.

    When is the stable version set to release ?

  193. Love the installer. Its great how it copies files while you choose your location and stuff. Saves a little bit of time. And its cool how you can flip through the information about Mint while the install process finishes up.

    The theme is nice too. Those who don’t like it can change it. If you think you can create a better theme I’m sure Clem is open to ideas. If he likes it. He’ll use it. He liked this one, and so do many other people.

    To those who claim they had a ‘hang’ at the splash screen when the cursor popped up: It appeared to hang for me at that point as well. But I just waited, and sure enough everything loaded just like it was supposed to. And After installing there was no ‘hang’ anymore.

    Also as a regular Mint user you’ll learn there isn’t a set release date. Mint is released when its ready. Clearly having a deadline tends to cause developers to ship releases out with bugs that should have been fixed prior. *hint hint* Ubuntu *hint hint*.

    Anyways, from my experience so far this is a fantastic release. Even for not being final yet. Theres some great ideas being implemented. And I think ‘Julia’ will continue to uphold Mints reputation as one of the best Linux distro’s available. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

  194. Oh my goodness! Reliability of Debian with a beautifully crafted desktop experience. This is the distro I have been seeking. Consider me a proud user of LinuxMint henceforth!

  195. lee8oi I take your point about leaving and waiting but I did just that for over half an hour and still nothing there is obviously something about mine and other peoples systems that the installer doesn’t like.
    Just wish I could track it down to what it was but the only things I have seen are that when booting up it complains about the discs possibly not being a debian distro and not being able to find any packages and when I tried it in safe mode it hangs at detecting the battery.
    Only trouble is I am using a desktop!!!

  196. Hi Gazz,

    i had same issues but i used unetbootin to install it to pendrive and also i burnt it in cd i booted from cd and pendrive was also inserted
    bootup was so fast Please try it.
    Note:if you try to boot from pendrive it will give errors does not work properly with unetbootin.

  197. Gazz,
    I’ve had booting issues in the past that were caused by the disc drive. Somehow it was misreading the disc, and failing at similar points in bootup. Trying different discs/distro’s had different results. Some didn’t fail at all. Others failed worse. Changing the drive usually fixed the problem or gave me a different problem (I have a stack of old junk drives I flip through, so I probably just swapped bad one for bad one.) But eventually I found a drive that would let me boot, and got the installation done. If you boot using usb drive and get different results, then maybe this could be true for you too. Hope so anyways 🙂

  198. Arghhh I could kick myself, I had it running, I used the nomodset option with the stick and it was running so like a clever *** I thought I would try it with the CD.
    That didn’t work so I went back to the stick and put in nomedset just as before and it wont fire up it’s sticking just like before Arghhh….


    I do hope the final release will have this sorted 🙂

  199. Oh I forgot to say from what I saw Mint 10 looks GREAT I love the new theme and icons and considering it’s a live disc its as fast as some installed distros I have used in the past.
    So well done to the Mint team you have surpassed yourselves and every other distro out there

    lee8oi the stick boots up fine on my laptop so I don’t think that is the problem, I am convinced this is something to do with my Radeon 2600HD in the desktop

  200. soo love this! i find it funny now that you guys switched to elementary for windows and such, so now i dont have to add it anymore!

    so far it works pretty good, but has locked up twice and does not like to switch audio from headphone output to onboard speaker output and vice versa…. but its a release candidate so im confident that those issues will be dealt with before the actual release.

  201. I have used LM since 2008 .. its the best distro with no discuss ..
    LM10 is nice .. i am using it for 10 days .. thats fine ..

    EXCEPT … N wifi network no go … hope the release of the fix comes soon ..

    Great job Clem & gang ..

    STALonge ( Brazil )

  202. I really really really really really really really like this version of linux mint! The new theme and icon set make it look so polished!

  203. Yipee finally got it installed, I had to use the Radeon.modset=1 option in the end but it finally allowed me to get to the installer.
    But then when it was installed I could only start gnome in safe mode. Fortunately I had this problem with Ubuntu 10.10 as well so I started Jockey-gtk from the command line and installed the restricted drivers and once rebooted I could start normal Gnome.

    So if anybody still cannot install this and they have a Radeon then at the grub install menu press tab to edit the boot up line clear quiet splash and replace it with Radeon.modeset=1 or nomodeset and that will hopefully allow you to play along as well 🙂

  204. Hi Clem! Thanks for your – and your team – great work! Why LinuxMint logo disappeared from Menu button? Current “sun” do not suit to our distribution! Best greetings from Poland.

  205. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying LinuxMint 10 RC since last night and so far I love it. The start menu button as well as the menu themselves are fantastic. As an Ubuntu user I can tell you that I’m in love with LinuxMint and there is no question that I will continue using it after its final release.

    To me Mint is the most innovative and beautiful distro today.

    Merci beaucoup et a bientot.

  206. looks and feels great, nice work!

    would be cool if it had the classic screen-savers like worms, and you
    could have different wallpapers for each virtual desktop.

    I used to use Mandriva, that got a little bloaty, small and fast is what we want!

  207. Oh, on the “requirements screen” is says ensure the pc is connected to a power supply, if it wasnt you couldnt read that. duh!

  208. Well, further to my post at No.284 I’ve now decided the Ubuntu theme is just too full-on. I now really love the subtle Mint 10 theme and believe I will stay for yet another year (just how fickle am I – a few pretty colours and my head is turned?!) Oh, got Ipod and Rhythmbox working OK now, I just deleted my existing Ipod shuffle ‘Music’ folder in Nautilus and all went smoothly from then on (gconf-editor still not working correctly re.’notify’ though, it would appear).
    Hmmm, I really should join the Mint Forum – save all this lurking around in the half-light.

  209. Am getting right now. Looks very slick from what I can see, much better than Ubuntu. Then again, isn’t always the case. Gonna run it in vmware and check it out. Can’t wait for the KDE edition.

  210. I don’t like to try RC versions, but yesterday I received my new PC from Dell, an Inspirion Zino HD, and I couldn’t wait the final release launch to install Linux Mint.

    I installed it with dual boot with the genuine Win7 and everything perfectly works. The ATI mobility radeon 4250 HD graphic card was immediately recognized… also the wireless card.

    I like a lot the installation process, where the files are installed while you are setting up other things in the system. If before of Mint 10 the installation was very fast, now it’s amazing.

    About the theme and the icons… WOW, I like everything but the Firefox icon, but as I use Chromium, it doesn’t matters… I have to say that I’ll probably miss the black + green theme.

    Congratulations to Clem and all the Linux Mint team… you have made a beautiful distribution.

  211. My first impressions of LM10RC are very good, with pretty much everything working out of the box, including my Visioneer OneTouch 7100 scanner, which did not work on either 9 or LMDE.

    I am noticing one apparent problem. After bootup, and sometimes during normal run, clicking the Menu brings up only the background dropshadow and not the menu display, although even with just the dark fuzzy rectangle, clicking on it performs the required actions–in other words the buttons work even though they aren’t displayed. Clicking again on the Menu button brings up the proper menu display. This happens consistently after a logon, and occasionally after that.

    This is on a 1 year old Asus eeepc 1000HE netbook. I have Win XP on SDA1, LM9 on SDA5, and LM10 in SDA6. I’m using Win’s bootloader and used bootpart.exe to set that up. Grubs are installed in their respective partitions, with no swap as I have 2 gig ram, and boot is /. The graphics is Intel 945GME. I removed Compiz, and gnome compositing is on.

    This is a minor annoyance, but thought I’d log it for posterity…


  212. Loved this linux.

    I’ve switched to the linux so many times from windows. And now finally i got something which I can use easily. It’s cool. A better linux for someone who wants to enter in the world of linux.

  213. Hi,
    thanks for the great work!
    I only have an annoying problem with a wireless network adapter (rt73usb). I must always run the command: “iwconfig wlan0 power off”, to get properly work the net. But, anyway, it’s a fantastic distro!
    (I’m sorry, I only speak a little english)

  214. I installed this about a week ago and love it. I wasn’t a fan of the mint menu in previous versions, but I love the new search functionality and now use it daily. Well done!

  215. Iam using Mint Linux 9 and am very happy with it. However I am not able to connect to Broadband Internet connection in my country India.Can you please guide me how to configure the internet connection wired or wirelesss?

  216. While Mint 10 RC might be a great distro…there are some things that need to be fixed……you can’t resized any windows with the curser, they just won’t resize. Other than that, it works great on a home made Dell Latitude D810…

  217. Oh!!…another thing, also not able to hold left click button and move the scroll bar up or down…just figured that was important…cheers

  218. Great stuff, as a newbie with linux, i must say this is brilliant, Everything worked out of the box, brilliant, it couldn’t do that with XP on my pc, i am now a Linux user and not a Windows user any more.
    Well done Mint team.

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