Linux Mint 10 KDE: User Input

Linux Mint 10 KDE is now under development as Kubuntu 10.10 is about to be released.
So now the question goes out to the community, what do you want added, removed or swapped from Mint 9 KDE to Mint 10 KDE?
Should all KDE4 packages be installed (kde-all meta package)?
Should chromium be added?
What packages can we rationalise?
New themes, layout, etc.
Or just keep it the same?
Help make Linux Mint 10 KDE the best release yet.


  1. I’m a GNOME fan but if you’ll ask me: Chromium should probably be added as an optional browser. New Themes and KDE4.

  2. I personally haven’t tried the KDE edition of mint. But something worth doing *if not already*. Making sure GTK interfaces automatically use whatever qt theme is set.

    And one personal opinion: Amarok sucks, has the most horrible UI ever. Only other KDE player i know that is half-decent is clementine. But hey, thats why i use GTK based desktops… because of that one damn music player issue.

  3. A ibus integration would be awesome!

    And also remove some gtk applications that doesn’t go with the KDE themes. I don’t think KDE users like their kickoff menu being taken up space by Gnome App icons.

    A new theme would be nice, the dark theme we use in Mint9 doesn’t look good at all. Mint should not stick to dark themes. It should be fresh and colorful.

    Add chokoq(the twitter client if i didn’t misspell it).

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  4. I think that you should give a chance to Rekonq or Konqueror with WebKit instead of Chromium. New colorful themes and some translucency + blur by defect would be great!

  5. 1. Can we not have a customised menu other than kick-off? Can Lancelot be customised?

    2. Good themes and good icon set please?

    3. If Chromium is to be added, then it must be integrated nicely(looks) into KDE with the help of “Kromium” or some sort of theme like in KDELook.
    Same applies to GTK+ applications if any.

    4. Please that Knetwork manager should be capable to connect DSL connections to the internet, if included.

    5. Guarddog is outdated. Please find replacements.

    6. Newest Amarok and Vlc must be included.

    7. I hope we will still be having instead of Libre Office and must be well integrated into KDE in terms of looks.

  6. i think
    – rekonq as default browser
    – remove old themes an put something new, ex. bespin
    – kickof should stay, its easier for beginners and easier in general
    – not sure about vlc, but dragon player would be nice to be replaced, its nice software but panels are working strange

  7. rekonq looks good but no plugins/extensions ATM.
    Once plugins/extensions are enabled rekonq can use chromium plugins.
    most media plugins work though if installed.

  8. I would like to see a pure Qt desktop.

    -Theme: Oxygen is still the theme that works best with a wide range of hardware and software. Though for uniformity with GTK apps, Qt-Curve is better. I think we should have vote on user submitted setups. Submissions should cover all aspects including KDM, KSplash, icons, color scheme, cursor theme, Qt, GTK, KWin, font, wallpaper. Oxygen-transparent could be installed for a more modern look.

    If you provide a general idea of what look you want to achieve, we can try to create some good themes.

    Suggestions: Faenza icon theme, Oxygen with a custom color scheme, Polar cursor theme, Droid Sans font, custom KDM, Ksplash and wallpaper.

    -Browser: Rekonq is a great browser in the making. I prefer it over Konqueror, but still it does have issues. In terms of integration with KDE, I would suggest either Opera 10.60 or Firefox 3.6 with the OpenSUSE KDE patches.

    Suggestions: Rekonq + Opera (because Firefox is GTK.)

    -Office and Graphics: I’m going to go with the KOffice suite… again to eliminate GTK; Kontact with its PIM suite.

    -Multimedia: digiKam with Kipi plugins, GwenView, Clementine/Amarok, VLC. VLC also being used as Phonon backend.

    -Other apps: Qt-transmission, Choqok, Kfilebox, Kdenlive, VideoCatcher, Konversation/Quassel, Knetworkmanager (works well for me with DSL and USB 3G modem).

    -Layout: Keep it clean… At most have a folder view on the desktop, with the default KDE panel setup.

    -Extra: Some useful command line tools would be nice. Top of my list are htop, aptitude, byobu, MOC.

    -Nepomuk disabled by default

    Of course this are all my personal preferences.

  9. I submit to “shane” with a few changes: most likely firefox 4 will be released before linux mint kde 10 will came out so i propose firefox,i like this new version,and it moves quite well!Also KOffice sound like a good idea.I say it’s quite mature for a medium user.Certainly Amarok should be included as default music player.
    About themes: i realy want somenthing different,not so dark!
    Ktorrent should remain the default bitTorrent client!

  10. Most of all, new theme. I mean, come on people! Every single distro except Mandriva keeps the default KDE theme. Oxygen is good, but too much isn’t healthy.

    Also, I’d rather not have a GTK browser as the default, and I heard there’s a new browser in Kubuntu anyway so we don’t we try that?

    Aditionally, like them above me suggested, I’d prefer a total Qt desktop.

    Last of all, VLC is a must!

    Only my €0.02 though, since I’m not the one making the project’s decisions 😉

  11. my wishes:
    -a Green-Thema for the KDE Version, I do not like the blue, even if Blue stay as default Theme, a green version of it as second choice would be great
    -MintMenu for KDE, KickOff is not bad, I think MintMenu is one of the most visible Improvments for Mint in general. If you start the desktop, one of the first thinks that new Users do, is klicking on the Menu…

    That’s all. An other thing, I have no Prblems to use GTK+ Application on KDE desktop, in some way o lot of very good Applications like Banshee (my favorite Music Player/Organizer) do only exist as GTK+ Version

    Good luck for Mint 10

    I suggest Chromium as default Browser for every Mint Version. (But I can life with Firefox…)

  12. My suggestions:

    SmoothTasks as a panel task manager replacement applet.
    Chromium as the default browser. Get rid of Konqueror.
    Please add Choqok.
    Replace the KDE Net Manager with the GNOME Net Manager, it’s better.

  13. Is this an ultimatum to Mint KDE..??

    Perform or Perish..Sounds like that…

    The last release of KDE was Awsome..Perhaps go on a similar trend…and include latest versions of Amarok…and Chromium or Opera as default browser…Also…I guess KDE Should have GNOME net manager…as it is far better…and the default browser or what ever you call Konqueror…should be removed…as I guess not many are using it…you can save the space…and use for other software…

  14. Chromium browser(default) and Firefox 4 browsers minimum…

    The recently released Broadcom wireless drivers

    OO 3.2


  15. What I find in KDE@OpenSUSE that I don’t find in any other distro is the organization. If you use KDE@OpenSUSE you will see that everything is organized, as if you want to open Firefox, you go to Applications -> Internet -> Web Browsers, but if you want to open an IRC Client, then you go to Applications -> Internet -> Chat. On the other distros, all the internet applications are on the same place, all mixed, which can be a little confusing for a new user.

    Another thing that I still think it’s better on GNOME@LinuxMint is the “Software Manager”. I agree this component on KDE is much better than it was before but it just feels “incomplete”.

    Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of KDE and you guys are doing a great great job! Congratulations 😉

  16. I would like to see in Mint 10 version the use of Moonlight so we could watch Netflix and integration of skype.

  17. I am a gnome fan, but if it’s about packages, I would like to have the drivers for the rt3090 wifi adapter supported in Linux Mint. Also as a developer I use TortoiseHg in my team, I have Linux users and Windows users I like when I can have the same tools in both environments (that have helped bring people to Linux), so i would like to have TortoiseHg in the repos too.

  18. Personally I prefer a stable 4.5.5 over an unstable 4.6.0.

    Here my comments:

    Appearance →

    Default Icon Theme: Faenzo for KDE
    An option to change of the color of the default theme (to green, red, white etc)
    Color scheme: Mint RGS (

    Desktop –>

    MintMenu for KDE or Lancelot (configured to look like MintMenu) instead of Kickoff
    Super key to show menu
    Super A to show system info on the desktop
    Super X to show shortkeys
    App launcher like Launchy/gDo
    GLX Dock (
    Grouping Desktop
    SmartNotify (unobtrusive notifications)
    Basket widget (
    “Taks manager / Switch to root” in the right click menu
    A places panel on the right (that is normally hidden) instead of the quick access browser
    In the desktop folder: Install / Help / Homepage / Forums /Trashcan / Tips & Tricks
    A shutdown on the right of the deafult panel

    System →

    Software Manager: Navigate through the software manager (app list) with keyboard. Only show complete info if user double clicks or chooses the info button.
    Software Manager: A direct install button in the software manager
    Installer: I like the new Kubuntu installer (the Chakra installer is also nice)
    Network Centre (like PCLOS)
    System Settings (like PCLOS)

    Apps →

    Webbrowser: Kromium (no Konqueror/Firefox)
    Backup manager: Backintime
    Office suite: Koffice (otherwise LibreOffice)
    ToDo/Task app/plasmoid
    System Cleaner (Sweeper)
    Personal Wiki
    A link in the media menu to install XMBC
    Some site specific browsers like Peppermint (gMail, Facebook,youtube)

    Success with Mint 10!!!

  19. I agree with chrome. Pure Qt would be cool but chromium is just too good.

    Wicd instead of NetworkManager.

    Not KDE 4.6 because it will be more bug prone than 4.5.x.

    Krita for graphics.

    Koffice for office.

    VLC if it looks right.


    Try to avoid overlapping applications.

    I don’t think all KDE packages should be installed. There is some stuff that is probably unnecessary for most users. But I’m not sure what everything even is so ignore me.

  20. will mint 10 be based on debian like 9 debian version of mint? or will it be based on ubuntu 10.10.. I am somewhat confused.. didn’t mint go debian base?

    just wondering?

  21. @brad: the debian base is only a version, like the KDE or fluxbox editon, to see if people would like mint as a rolling distribution

  22. Linux Mint KDE is based off kubuntu 10.10. If I find the time after I would like to make a mint 10 debian KDE or even an Arch based one. Linux Mint debian was just another release like main(gnome),KDE, xfce, fluxbox etc but a gnome debian base.

  23. 1 About themes: must be fast and green
    2 About browsers: Rekonq by default. (Opera 10.60 or Firefox 3.6 with the OpenSUSE KDE patches. will be good)
    3 GwenView with plugins
    4 Krusarer – good file manager
    5 kubuntu 10.10 has good network manager. i like it
    6 fix problems with Acer Aspire 5741g
    7 KDE 4.5.2 or >

  24. -kde-all matches the kitchen sink mentality of kde, so it gets my vote.

    -I like the default theme, but green would be more consistent with the other minty flavors.

    -I miss the mint7 wallpaper.

    -Chromium seems like an obvious choice.

    -Ditch KNetMan for something better; WICD or even Gnome NetMan.

  25. Make this release based on Debian itself, and drop the *buntu backend, PLEASE

    Make Rekonq the default browser but have Firefox and Chromium both available and KDE4-themed

    Wicd with the new Wicd-KDE GUI for network management; perhaps Mint could improve this a bit?

    Gtk-Qt-engine theme translater thingy always makes Firefox hang on close so QtCurve is often chosen instead. Perhaps Mint team could work on fixing the Gtk-Qt-engine thing upstream, to benefit every distro?

  26. give some means to add proxy authentication support which is a big problem for people wanting to use kde (including mint) behind authenticated proxy servers, especially while doing package management.For that purpose including synaptic which includes option for specifying proxy with username and password will be very helpful.Of course there are ways to overcome the problem by exporting proxy through command-line and then doing the tasks but it exposes the risk of revealing authentication passwords.

  27. I agree with making both Chromium and Firefox 4 default browsers ….think about all the questions “about best browser” that will disappear from the forums 🙂

    Include all the new, and recently released Broadcom wireless drivers.

    VLC as the default media player, absolutely yes!

    Green, MINT theme. Blue theme as an optional selection.

    Better, and more choices of wallpaper selection that KDE9.

  28. Please, no more useless aplications, I don’t think we need to have three different media players (gnome-mplayer??? Songbird???) or applications such as Filezilla, normal users don’t even know what to do with this, and users who know what to do can easily install them.

    Otherwise, if we’re going to have that many applications at least it would be nice if we have the chance to choose our applications when installing.

  29. so far i get main things is VLC, Google Chrome, Firefox 4, New themes, New icons, New wallpapers (Lot of great eye candy stuff) and last not

    if it possible in mint kde feature which make competitive with other is something like what opensuse and pclinux have ………..thats ………yast of suse or PC linux… Control Center type feature.

    wish you a best luck with MINT 10


  30. so far i get main things is VLC, Google Chrome, Firefox 4, New themes, New icons, New wallpapers (Lot of great eye candy stuff) and last

    if it possible in mint kde feature which make competitive with other is something like what opensuse and pclinux have ………..thats ………yast of suse or PC linux… Control Center type feature.

    wish you a best luck with MINT 10


  31. Some new themes would be great. Gnome in Mint has a definitive look. I can look at it and go, “Hey, that’s Mint!”

    Mint KDE looks like just another KDE. Worse yet, Oxygen and Air, while smooth, don’t seem as appealing to me as the mint color scheme used in the gnome version. The look for KDE does not feel very uniform to me.

    Otherwise, the Mint version of KDE has a nice selection of software for every day tasks. I do request Chromium, however. Firefox is just too clunky nowadays, IMO.

  32. @shane: I second lefty.crupps’ suggestion, Mint could drop Ubuntu altogether as a base and concentrate fully on Debian, stability would improve across the board and a rolling release would really make a difference for many people on both i686 and x64.

    Other than that, I would like to see delta debs to be finally implemented in order to save bandwidth when updating… perhaps this is truly an upstream issue but more resources from the derivates could help out.

  33. I uninstalled the KDE version and went back to the Gnome desktop. It was my first real experience with KDE. Nice looking but a little too much going on for me. For what it’s worth, am I the only one here that still likes Firefox? Come on, the Chromium browser is good but I wouldn’t want it all the time. It doesn’t handle downloads the same way and it’s not as changeable as far as looks. I like Firefox. Keep it.

  34. well personaly I wouldnt touch KDE with a barge pole i find it just too confusing, but I do agree that it would be better to put the time and effort into being purely debian based, i dont know what ubuntu do to their software but they seem to have introduced so many bugs which dont exist upstream

  35. I really think you should allow users to install the graphic drivers they download from the nvidia site through these commands using the “real” terminal:

    /etc/init.d/kdm stop


    These commands were possible up to Linux mint 7 or 8, but never worked on linux mint 9. I’ve been trying for weeks, asking help from the forums and stuff but nothing worked…

  36. kdenlive is a very good program, so you can add it. reconq is pretty good and fast, so chromium is not required. a new theme with blurs and trasparency, but also some new wallpapers “10-isnspired”. To change the netbook interface could be a great think, because now a lot of people have a netbook, and it’s the sector where windows is loosing users, so make it more intuitive and good looking will be great!! hope i’ve been helpful 😉

  37. make a green version too, and include an equivalent of silver theme for gnome which is in romeo repository, would be a good alternative for black theme.
    and it would be also nice to have a kde debian based version too.

  38. an also delta packages (like in Pardus) would be very cool , especially for LMDE.
    Are there any cooperation between Debian,Ubuntu, LM, and other debian based distros on that.

  39. i have always tried mint kde and have ended up with gnome.
    1. when switched to classic menu and back to kick off menu, kde icon replaces the mint icon.
    2. when launching application, the application icon accompanying the cursor blinks instead of oscillating as in other kde distros.
    3. i love mint menu in gnome and want to see it in kde as well.
    i thank the entire mint team for such a wonderful user friendly OS. Had it not been for mint, i would have still being using windows.
    i will definitely try kde again.

  40. Personally , my biggest problem with linux mint kde 9 was Knetwork.It could NOT connect DSL connection and it had many problem with wired and wireless networks. ex. i could not edit auto eth0 in knetwork and it didn’t show my created DSL connetion.
    Secondly , it has many similar application.To photo management five players and …It would be nice to choose one application for every task and add new packages for new tasks like kdenlive for video editing and choqok for social networking etc..
    at last I think it would be great to have a full kde environment instead of a minimal one.Kde has many usefull features that DOSN’T include in the minimal packages.
    And last but not the list , please remove plasma netbook interface that included in Kubintu 10.10 because it completely usless for desktop pc’s.
    Thanks for such a great work of linux mint kde.

  41. Need to be installed:
    – Fluendo gstreamer mp3 codec (seems flash also vlc need it to make it’s sound works.
    – bcmwl kernel for broadcom wireless driver (because I should download all the dependencies via other connected computer and installed all deb files manually to install broadcom wireless driver, it’s very inconvenient!)
    – Chromium browser (it’s a nice and suitable browser for mint)
    – Add feature to apply system wide proxy setting, (seems that the proxy setting don’t apply the system wide, because I use kopete and nothing work in proxy, and I don’t know how to change it via kopete setting)

    About the themes, layout, KDE meta package, I think it’s nothing to change. 🙂 (The blue theme is very awesome!!)

  42. I’d like to see more help files.
    If something goes wrong and you have to go to Konsole you can spend hours searching for the right commands to input and then still have to try to get the syntax correct.
    It would be so much easier to have a database help file in the system to help in case of problems needing to go to a console.
    Also 64bit question is Mint more stable in 64 bit then Ubuntu when it says not recommended for daily use I find after a time a few weeks it starts to seem unstable and I have to reinstall.

  43. Well, I have a doubt.

    I think that pulseaudio is included in Kubuntu 10.10. I hope Linux Mint 10 KDE will include it too.

    The main reason is to use Gmail Voice Chat inside Gmail. It requires pulseaudio, and it is not possible to use it in the current version of Linux Mint 9 KDE, as it uses ALSA. I will decide my installation of Linux Mint 10 depending on this feature… Gmail Voice Chat works better than Skype, at least in my case.

  44. I would have only one wish – Switch back to Network Manager with Gnome applet !
    Looking forward to Debian rolling version 🙂

  45. Definitely I would like to have a SmoothTasks improved as the default task manager. You know, it would be great to have all the functionalities we could expect for such a great piece of software.
    Better integration of mint system tools and maybe a kmintmenu or improved lancelot.
    Maybe time has come for Rekonq to replace konqueror?
    And why not have a great icon theme?

    Please, become the reference distro for KDE 🙂

  46. – Remove Konqueror; Dolphin and Rekonq are excellent default apps.
    – Do not add Chromium by default, keep it optional.
    – Smooth integration of Firefox in the KDE theme.
    – Theme: make it bright blue or bright green, not dark.
    – I agree with AKiRa121: the number of apps that are installed by default should be reduced, or give us the choice to choose at installation time.

  47. My suggestions:

    so far i get main things is VLC, Google Chrome, Firefox 4, New themes, New icons, New wallpapers (Lot of great eye candy stuff) and last

    if it possible in mint kde feature which make competitive with other is something like what opensuse and pclinux have ………..thats ………yast of suse or PC linux… Control Center type feature.

    wish you a best luck with MINT 10


  48. I think parcellite, dnsmasq and gthumb viewer is a necessary thing in Linux Mint 9. I always installing that for my PC’s & for my friends system. Also VLC needs a latest update, but check the problem with playing VCD’s that happened in ver. 1.1.2 and v.1.1.4, but it’s working fine in v.1.0.6. Blueman is also necessary with KDE Bluetooth bcoz, i think KDE-Bluetooth have less services offered…

  49. Can you make my toshiba satellite A300 suspend. That would be great. gnome,KDE and Fedora all of them doesn not seems to work i have been trying for 3 years.

    Thanks in advance

  50. i would like
    -a blue-green wallpaer with a lighter colored theme
    -rekong und firefox both installed
    -Vlc or Kaffeine instead of gmplayer
    for the menu i can not decide since i ve got issues with both.

  51. Consider having an installer that would preinstall the necessary Nvidia drivers on the live cd or keep it as is and allow the user to install them afterwards. Do NOT follow the latest trend that Ubuntu 10.10 and Fedora have that forces you to hit F6 and select ‘nomodset’ when using the live cd. (This should also be considered for Gnome, etc.)

    After I tried to install Kubuntu 10.10, I had a blank screen and it’s almost seems like it’s discrimination for those of us who prefer an advanced graphics card over the intergrated one.

    Sabayon installs the Nvidia drivers for you before you even look at the live ‘installation’. I like that and for now, it is my KDE of choice. I’d rather have Linux Mint KDE though, without having to jump through hoops like one has to do with the latest Ubuntu and Fedora distros.

  52. 1. Take out all the redundant software. How many media players do we need?

    2. Make Chromium default browser (and the only preinstalled browser)

    3. Make a theme that is similar to the other Mint editions but better because KDE looks way better than every other DE.

    4. Include MintMenu instead of the crummy KDE menu.

  53. I love being able to add feeback, this is nice.

    I say go with more of a “minimalist” approach, just go with a base install and let people add what they want to it. Someone mentioned smooth tasks instead of the default KDE task manager, that would be nice. Chromium would also be nice but it only takes me a minute or two to download, no biggie. Multiple media players are just redundant and unnecessary. And, PLEASE, no Wine in this version. Let people who want Wine install it themselves, like you do on your main distro.

  54. To echo some comments, reduce the redundant applications. For the DVD, I’d rather see more apps doing different things than the multiple apps doing the same thing. New users should see the breadth of Linux Mint KDE’s capabilities via the Live DVD. The depth of app availability for each task should come after the install. Which brings me to…

    I find that new users to Linux are blown away by Synaptic, the Software Manager, and the Software Portal on Showcase this. Demonstrate that the Live DVD is the just tip of the iceberg for what’s out there. After install, make it a startup popup message (disable-able, obviously). “Want to browse thru our open source software library? Click here.”

    Have Firefox be the default browser on the Live DVD, as it’s easy for new users. To paraphrase what someone already said about Filezilla, anyone who wants Chromium already knows how to get it.

    Add whatever you can for video & networking driver support on the Live DVD. Nothing drives away a prospective user faster than poor video or not being able to connect to the Internet.


  55. says

    please it would be very kind if you delete my duplicate post number #35 (October 11th, 2010 at 7:01 pm) and post number #56 (October 12th, 2010 at 6:51 pm)

    also i like to add we want a very stable release we also like latest or atleast close to latest drivers of nvidia or ati in ubuntu 10.04 drivers are very old we have to add external PPA xstat for that

    please also start a same kinda thread for gnome suggestion as well.

  56. Thanks for a great system. It is my desktop of choice. I love Mint 9 KDE as is (cool blue is relaxing, but I second the earlier comment of missing the mint 7 background, with the raindrops).

    My only desire for change is that when I shut down I always see an annoying TTY session close box which has to be acknowledged before it will shut down. Can that be eliminated? (if nobody else sees this box, then just ignore me)

  57. Would be great if we can have the following:-
    1) Vlc (A must)
    2) Chromium
    3) Customized Menu (Mint Menu or Lancelot)… Kick off should go away.
    4) Super + D -> Show Desktop
    5) Super + E -> Show Dolphin
    6) Clementine

  58. Guys,
    In my opinion,

    Should continue:
    Yakuake, backup system, themes, programs, audio and video (but without exaggeration … no three programs video and sound. VLC and Amarok are sufficient).

    Should be withdrawn:
    The themes and wallpapers that are ugly patterns of Kde …= p
    Change login theme …
    Apply a theme in grub would be great.

    One thing that would be revolutionary would be if I had the option, during installation, we could choose what we want in the repository software after installation.
    And when he is installing, it downloads and installs the software for use after completion of installation of Kubuntu.

    Thank you for listening.

    Lucas Pereira Caixeta
    Brasilia – Brazil.

  59. Bangarang instead of Dragon (or even Kmplayer/Smplayer)
    Greenish theme
    Optional: Opera or Midori/Konqeror/Rekonq instead of Firefox, for reasons of desktop-integration

    I don’t know if I’d make VLC the default mediaplayer, for desktop/Qt-integration, but I’d take it greatly amiss if it isn’t in the repository at least. It’s a featured application in mintInstall, isn’t it? (Uh, mintInstall IS present in Mint KDE, isn’t it?)

  60. 1. Chromium for additional browser.
    2. Right click menu to be optimized – only needed things like creating new document, application menu (not removing desktop activity by false click).
    3. Kickoff K-menu by default – or mint menu (style) if possible.

  61. I use mint 9 now,…i chose it over ubuntu because it had popular codecs built in. Don’t change a thing, I love it the way it is.

  62. I’m surprised many want a green theme instead of the blue, I prefer the blue, it’s still a minty color, just helps differentiate the KDE version. I also liked the theme from Mint 9, it was slightly different than the default and definitely not too dark. (of course I tend to like darker themes, easier on the eyes than bright ones)

    Tweak to Lancelot to make it more minty, better menu I think that default KDE
    Super key to open menu would be nice

    I don’t suppose you’ll remove Amarok, but I have really tried to like it, but it sucks. The best reliable player for me is still Songbird (still gets new versions though not supported so I know it won’t be included). Clementine I guess would be best alternative then.

    Keep with Firefox, while Chromium is good, it’s not extensible enough for me, plus what does it matter, easy to install it if you want it

    I am looking forward to a Debian based Mint KDE to see how that is. One thing I dislike with the Kubuntu based one is the system tray. The new icons for clipboard, usb, volume, etc are just one color and so the colored icons with it, look odd. What was wrong with everything being in color?

  63. Hy! I tried out the Kubuntu 10.10, and this new sound application with the pulse is a SHIT! No channel config, just that idiot thing from the Ubuntu. I hope, in the new Mint wont contain that awful idiotic mixer. I like the old alsamixer style, I dont want this “new, idiot-friendly” gadget! Please, cut out this pulse-shit.

  64. What I ever missed in mint dvd is usb-modeswitch and usb-modeswitch-data (for cell broadband connection), build-essentials, automake1.7, git-core, soundkonverter, qt-recordmydesktop, yakuake and more blue themes. I think as a dvd iso image, it can provide much software than the opensuse 11.3 one, which provides gnome, kde, lxde and other software. We can have at least the minimum to compile software. Then, I think the dvd may provide software in a way a user without a fast internet connection could have multimedia working, cell phone connection, could compile sources downloaded from the internet (generally light)besides more fonts, icons, qt ant plasma themes. Check the opensuse dvd to see what I’m talking about. Look, it’s not a flame, I’m a mint user too!!

  65. I have to add a +1 for Chromium as an optional browser. Every time I try Rekonq I’m so disappointed I remove it from my system. Chromium (beta release) is so nice it’s my default browser, especially with the right theme. (I can’t say which theme I prefer since Chromium doesn’t have a way to ID the current theme.) Regardless of which browsers are available it definitely needs to be integrated with Qt and the desktop, especially since we’re talking about a KDE distro. In any case please dn’t make Firefox the default browser. Not everyone loves it, especially with the decisions made by the devs that made Fx3 bloatware and the new need for Remove-ons to regain long expected behaviors.

    I also think Mint 10 KDE should use KDE 4.5 and have additional themes available, if only to give new users additional visual options right out of the box. We definitely need some lighter theme options as not everyone loves a dark look to their desktop. Cathbard has some great themes and icons which could be great addition to the initial options if it’s possible.

    Smooth Tasks would be a perfect addition to the base system. As someone who moved from GNOME and AWN to KDE Smooth Tasks is easiest task list to configure and use. It’s a shame I have to specifically find and download it for a fresh install.

    Replace Dragon as the default media player. I’m not sure about Amarok (it still doesn’t seem as easy to use as Amarok 2 was) but VLC’s more user friendly than Dragon. Either way we need a way to select multiple files in Dolphin/Konqueror and be able to open them in a single player window. I do a bit of downloading audio and video files and it’s a pain in the rear to try to open them and find a new window for each file opening. VLC may not be perfect but it’s a better option than Amarok or Dragon. While on the subject of media players why on earth is Songbird and the GNOME version of mplayer installed by default? I doubt Songbird is universally loved, especially if comments here are any indicator, and the GNOME mplayer boggles my mind. Why would any GNOME app be a default install on a KDE distro? If we know about it well enough to want to use it we can install it ourselves. In any case I honestly believe a KDE distro should showcase KDE/Qt apps, but GNOME ones.

    Most importantly, please put the ISO on a DIET! Not everyone can burn DVDs, and when I started looking at alternatives to GNOME-based Ubuntu Mint 9 KDE was the only distro that refused to go on a CD-R. I know flash drives are probably the most used ways to store data in a portable format and 4gig drives are under $10US, but does a newcomer to Mint KDE really have to find one of the only distros that can’t be burned onto a CD? I would have made my switch to Mint weeks sooner if I had been able to use a LiveCD.

  66. I’m a GNOME fan but if you’ll ask me: Chromium should probably be added as an optional browser. [2]

    Mint 10 Gnome needs now a new theme because Ubuntu now is very beautiful.

    I miss the Universal Edition […] I hate to install the language package on-line.

  67. Any way to remove dependency on mysql server? I know lot of components depend on it especially plasma, but anything to have stock desktop consuming only 100-150MB after power-on would be a good start. Once you start chrome/firefox and other apps, memory usage shoots through the roof. Somehow aptosid and pclos seem to get this thing correct with less memory usage. Would be very keen to have Mint both kde & gnome to do the same.

    Mint Debian looks good in that respect, but it also has dependency on evolution which is difficult to get rid off.

    Nice to have a very basic desktop that boots fast, is snappy to use and have the users add what they want ;-).

  68. don’t know, actually, given that KDE is highly customizable.

    I kind of miss the “uninstall” menu item that I had in Mint Gnome’s pop-up menus. No such easy way to get rid of a piece of cumbersome software in KDE: you just have to fall back on either mintIntsall or a good old-fashioned terminal.

    I see no point in having Kmail by default. same thing for Konqueror.

    I don’t want Chromium (which I loathe) in there by default. Firefox is great as default browser.

    also, I don’t really see the point of having Koffice.

    Mint KDE should remain blue by default (mine is all black & white).

    that’s basically it. mint 9 KDE is great, so I guess you’ll come up with something cool anyway.

  69. BostonPeng wrote: “Most importantly, please put the ISO on a DIET! Not everyone can burn DVDs, and when I started looking at alternatives to GNOME-based Ubuntu Mint 9 KDE was the only distro that refused to go on a CD-R. ”

    OK, the shut-up time has come for you. I’m very pleased with the Mint, because they are one of the small group, who FINALLY release their distros on DVD!!! Nowadays, most people are very frustrated about onCD ISO-s. Now, at the beggining of the Blu-Ray era, the 95% of people have got blank DVD-s. (When I go to buy some CD-s, coz’ I must write a CD image, the dealer laugh at me, (REALLY! Laugh at me!) and says, that I am not normal, that I buy CD-s!) In my city, the CD-writer are more expensive, than the DVD-writer, because more harder to get one!!! Buy a DVD-writer, it is not so expensive! Sorry for the violent style, but this thing (the mint DVD-ISO-s.) is one of my favourite reason to stick to this distro.

  70. I will ask for just one thing:
    Please, include the rt3090 wireless driver in Linux Mint 10! I want to use Mint on my Wind U135 netbook but the wireless is not working!
    Mint 9 was great! Mint 10 will be awesome!!!!

    Best Wishes,

  71. Should thinking there of maybe having like a popup that is displayed during the 1st login, asking the user what browser they would like to install. Firefox, chrome, chromium, opera etc.

    Wouldnt be that hard to do i say for a programmer to create and it leaves the choice entirely up to the user so everyone should be happy.

  72. There’s too many video/media players in LMDE. Also I keep ditching pulseaudio to get my SBLive 5.1 working properly the easy way.
    Dolphin should be in. Cairo-dock as well!
    Proper bluetooth integration (file sharing with my phone) would be nice.
    Does Amarok still suck?
    Like cra1g321 mentions, asking the user what software he wants would be nicer and cleaner than having to have to remove all unused software after installation.

  73. well, actually, it isn’t a real issue anyhow. It is so easy to remove the default browser and replace it with whatever you fancy that I don’t quite see the point of squabbling over it.

    however, there’s definitely a lot of stuff in KDE that no average KDE user will ever get to have any use for.

  74. Instead of people saying which media player they like best, perhaps some sort of list on the computer listing them all? Installing is a fairly easy task for novices so perhaps giving them the choice will promote giving them a try, after all if you don’t know it exists you won’t try it… Half of these browsers people are commenting on I’ve never heard of!

    And a full list of all software on the OS as standard and what it does, a bit of an extention to the ‘how to install mint’ instruction book perhaps?

    I am reluctant to change (like most people) and prefer firefox due to experience, if there was another browser I’d remove and install firefox, afterall I’ve only ever used firefox and IE and ff works for me.

    Colours: light, bright & mint looking – generally this area in Mint is very good in my opinion, and I look forward to seeing yet another excellent choice in the next distro.

    Reliable, quick booting, logical menus, basically the ideal OS :o)

    I know it’s in alignment with Ubuntu releases but perhaps one major release per year, or being able to upgrade the existing OS every six months without installing a full OS every time would promote more people to change their OS to the latest one. A-la Debian I know…

    The thought of upgrading my OS fills me with fear if the dual boot fails to load properly, saving & backing up all my files, browser favourites etc, then reinstalling everything, it’s no easy task every six months to get right.

  75. I wood like to see emerald themes and compiz by default installed on KDE.
    – With plasma desktop works a nice aero Emerald theme, and Avant dock
    – KDE network manager i had problem in the past with DSL connections, even now i tested Kubuntu 10.10 and i couldn’t connect through DSL
    – I will recommend “Playonlinux” software, it is great to attract windows gamers on Linux
    – TVtime with tvtuner saa734 works only with hack’s – this is a general problem to all distros.
    – Keeo open office

  76. I’am Italian therefore excuse write. I would like in Mint 10 the speed in the boot and in the application, this is the fiist goal. As a second I would like a more massive introduction of 3D desktop

  77. As for gnome mint should have its own menu, no more kickoff
    Should be a rolling release
    Possibility to update to latest kernel (great idea debiat testing branch) without rebooting
    Songbird as default player
    Chromium only in repos or personalyzed version with no google “invasion”
    More “updated” distro

    For the rest: mint’s the best

  78. Most laptops these days have a touchpad. Using a separate mouse with the touchpad still enabled is a pain because touching it inadvertently causes focus to move essentially at random.
    The Windows systems supplied with these laptops often have a mouse driver which, optionally, disables the touchpad for this reason.
    Is there any simple way to incorporate this facility into Mint Linux – even disabling it manually?

  79. There seems to be a consistent problem in setting up file sharing either between MS & Linux computers or even between two Linux computers. It would be great if something like qShare /ftp file transfer(, was a function of Dolphin. This would at least two computers running the Mint would have no trouble sharing files. It would also be a big advantage over other systems.

    Thank you, Cliff Hebert

  80. To add to my previous post. You have one of the most stable KDE iterations. I hope that you build on it’s stability. No I don’t think it is two busy or hard to learn. However, one of the reasons I switched from another distro was because of you clean layout. I would have to agree with some other post regarding Chromium being the default browser.

  81. As someone very new to linux I recommend keeping Firefox as it helps migration from windows.

    Networking is crucial and needs to be simplified especially the issue of proxy setup for updating

    Less redundant software, I don’t want 5 different audio players, if I find I don’t like Amarok after using it for a little while,I can find an alternative.

    Add a express or custom installer so you have the ability to choose which software you install.

    Improve installed help files by making them more tutorial based so people can rapidly adapt to linuxMint

    As a new user I don’t know about the wide variety of software or menu alternatives to comment

  82. Hi Boo,

    In Kubuntu 10.10, The installation window is too small and we can’t enlarge it.

    The installation takes more than 15 minutes (USB key), the screen saver is enabled and the power management also, then we have a black screen that appears, so we must reactivated with no mouse or keyboard.

    The keypad must be activated at the beginning of installation.

    I think Mint 10 must have a plymouth theme, and “Open as root” in the menu.

  83. I would suggest:

    Knetworkmanager to have a preloaded list of providers as the gtk version does
    The desktop set as Folder view on the folder Desktop by default
    Avoiding overlapping applications (songbird/amarok for example)
    Firefox with a better integration,
    KDE 4,6
    Removing fortunes

  84. Bienvenido sea el LM 10 KDE, es un excelente sistema operativo que opera en mi laptop desde marzo del 2010. Estoy muy agradecido con el equipo de KDE y LinuxMint. Estoy promocionando el uso de Linux

  85. Forgot:

    I better search tool integrated in Dolphin instead of kfind which reminds still of the find tool in win 9X. I know there is strigi but it never worked for me and it seems pretty annoying that one should first configure a nepomuk server in order to search files

  86. i use mint 9 KDE and i love it, i think that kde-all metapackage should definitely be installed and i think that chromium should NOT be installed by default, firefox is more recognized, universal, and useful. also chromium doesn’t fit in with mint’s aesthetic. an important note: chrome may be faster than firefox 9assumign both have no addons), but only with 1-2 tabs open, as soon as you have 3 open, firefox is faster.

  87. More themes an eye candy.

    A configureable install.

    I mean you have a dvd install base ATM it does irritate that almost 3 gig of dvd space goes wasted.

    Have a recomended install with a base number of components (that follow the live dvd) an expert install that allows users too select there web browser music player what packages install an don’t install. Even if its just minor things like web browsers an other components.

    A dubian version of KDE would really be nice.

  88. LM KDE9 is so beautiful and works so nice on my laptop that I have 2 request only:

    1.- Keep it blue
    2.- Surprise me with KDE10

    Linux Mint really rocks!!!

  89. cant wait KDE 10, but please Graphics Program Should be installed by default like GIMP, Inkscape, Blender & Scribus, so graphic anthusiast can be work with mint KDE 10, hopely it can be done… thxs

  90. Please replace kdenetmanager with gnomenetmanager, or something that works. I’m having issues of intermittent drops using my ethernet connection on kde. When I used mint 9 gnome edition it was rock solid.

  91. Mint brought me into the Linux world. I started using Mint 9 KDE as soon as it came out and love it even more than Mint 9. I definitely like the look of Mint 9 over KDE. Chrome is a must. Can’t wait for the next version!

  92. Minitube LM KDE 9 never worked to me. I want Firefox as the default
    browser (It worked great, anywhere i go on the internet). For Chromium
    browser, i dont care about it. It can be installed from the repos after.

    I like all the apps i have installed and some of them i can choose
    one at a time according to my desire. Minitube out, at least for me.

    Please, don’t change the Look and Feel of the LM KDE because it’s
    simply beautiful and clean unless you have something better to ship
    with LM KDE 10 “Julia”. I will not remove LM KDE 9 “Isadora! from
    my computer even when LM KDE 10 is out. I will keep the 2 versions
    installed ( other computer) because i want to stay a bit longer with LM KDE 9. I love it. Ok, the 2 aliens from Gnome can be be welcome –
    Network manager and Gnome Mplayer. KDE 4.5 latest version if it is
    possible of course. Go, Go Boo send us that fantastic LM KDE as always. Please don’t to forget to remember…Keep LM KDE 10 BLUE.

  93. Being a KDE user, I am really looking forward to Mint 10 KDE, Mint being an awesome distro and all. However please do not use the KDE network manager as in the Mint 9 release. Please use the gnome network applet as in the Mint KDE 8 release, that worked beautifully for me.

    For those of us with 3g usb modems, it would be great if tools such as wvdial and usbmodeswitch were installed by default. In most distros my huawei usb modem does not work out of the box, I need to boot to vista, download the debs for wvdial, usbmodeswitch etc, boot back to Mint / Kubuntu, use dpkg on the debs then I can connect to the net. It would be great to not have Vista on my laptop at all and have the ability to use my Huawei modem out of the box.

    I would also like to give my thanks to the Mint team for a great distro.



  94. I forgot to mention this in my last post. Use the kde smooth tasks applet for task switching by default, its much better than the normal kde task manager.

    Is there a possibility of getting a mac like bar like awn etc, for kde running by default out of the box?

  95. “Alan Says:
    October 13th, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    Thanks for a great system. It is my desktop of choice. I love Mint 9 KDE as is (cool blue is relaxing, but I second the earlier comment of missing the mint 7 background, with the raindrops).

    My only desire for change is that when I shut down I always see an annoying TTY session close box which has to be acknowledged before it will shut down. Can that be eliminated? (if nobody else sees this box, then just ignore me)”

    Same here. It bugs me to see this window come up after I have initiated the reboot or shutdown sequence!

  96. How I love it when users who ain’t use KDE comment to make a KDE Distro better.

    1. Please no Firefox 4, you even could take opera, it looks the same, but Chromium sounds really great for me
    2. I personally would remove Kopete and take something else instead, but thats only a personal idea.
    3. Please NO run-of-the-mill KDE-Theme. A (optional) green theme would be great, but only having the same KDE as ALL others with some other programs sucks.
    4. Having KDE 4.6 would be great
    5. A QT-Desktops sounds even great
    6. I personally prefer the configuration-interface from LM 9 KDE instead of the LM10 one, but thats a KDE-thing i think.
    7. Better support for Video Cards, like in the GNOME version… but thats also a KDE-thing xD
    8. PLease! PLEASE! Spare with GTK Software… (wasn’t that said by the QT-Thing?)… even firefox@kde slows down the system, an beeing fast and simply is normally one of the main features of LM.

    all in all… make it one of my first choices for a KDE system, just like before 😉


  97. @Rajiv Bajaj:
    I think the cairo-dock would be a great mac like bar. But there are sometimes Problems with the docks, so I think a running-by-default bar is not a great solution. There are also users who dislike a dock.

    I think the Webcoding-Tool “Bluefish” should be added to the new Linux Mint 10 KDE. And also new themes please 🙂

  98. I would like one distro 100% (or 99% :P) KDE.
    I would like too see the software center in Qt but i dont know if possibol.

  99. Please add chrome in default Mint10.
    Also KDE 4 with feachers.
    Multimedia staff (audio- video players with codecks) is good to have.

  100. i’m basically Ubuntu gnome user but i wish that italc should be included and it would be easily configurable master interface and also should be able to configure client easily and client should be installed by default on every desktop install.

  101. I am a simple user and that’s what I would like to see in Mint 10:

    1. Both Chromium and Firefox 4 default browsers – agree with lots of people about it.
    2. Green MINT theme. The Plant Mint is green, isn’t it? Blue as an option.
    3. VLC as the default media player. The best for me at present.
    4. Skype – a MUST !
    5. Latest drivers – of course, but it is obvious, isn’t it ?
    6. KDE 4.5.5, do not rush for 4.6 for now.
    7. No need to run away from (K)UBUNTU. It is very stable and Canonical are doing a great job.

  102. I’m looking forward for a new menu for KDE. I don’t know, I have always liked KDE but I don’t like the Kickoff menu. I think porting the Mint Menu to KDE would be awesome, with just that possibility I would probably leave GNOME (which I love too). The Kickoff menu just makes my life too complicated.

    Add Choqok, it’s a great client for and Twitter.

    I advise, since the Gnome version of Linux Mint is moving to gray, to also change the Plasma theme to Air and the KDE theme to Oxygen or something gray or clear, and use the Faenza-Cupertino icon theme ( and you may change this to a green tone, it doesn’t matter it will look great anyway.

    Last but not least, the Mint Software Manager must also be ported to QT so that it integrates. Let’s be clear, for God’s sake: there’s no decent package manager for KDE. KPackageKit in my opinion doesn’t works well (too much clutter).

    I’m well aware porting tools to QT isn’t an easy job and perhaps impossible for the moment but anyway for any future release it would be great.

  103. Very important, easy desktop extend for use with video projectors, i have tried but i could get only twin desktop, it will be a great tool if we can easy extend the desktop like in windows.

    – Green will be a great color
    – Octoshape installed –
    – Quicktime videos support

    Thank you very much, i think this is the best distro ever.

  104. I have to agree with some statements from others:

    1) Gnome network manager by default. The KDE network manager still can’t connect to my network at work. Or you could use WICD, but it seems less user friendly last time I used it. I had to go in and change a file to connect hidden networks.

    2) Too many media players. VLC is definitely a great media player. Maybe it should be made default. It would be nice if you could allow multimedia keys on laptops to control VLC. Not sure how realistic that is but its one reason I do use Amarok at all.

    As for things others haven’t said:

    1) Why not use Chrome rather than Chromium. With the more recent versions it is working great. You could have an icon on the desktop that installs Chrome as I have seen done with Firefox.

    2) Passive nofications. Something that was optional in earlier versions of Kubuntu (not sure about Mint KDE). Not sure if this can be brought back. I usually install colibri for this reason. One small warning I can give about colibri is that notifications that say “extra packages can be installed to increase functionality” don’t work. You can’t click on them. I had to disable colibri to click on them.

    3) I don’t really use Kwallet. Again probably a personal preference.

    4) People may disagree but I find qBittorrent to be a better client than Ktorrent. I feel it has more options and a better interface. Might be a better default.

    5) I nvr use Miro not sure if anyone else does. If so I’d be interested to if anyone else finds it useful. 😉

  105. I agree with the comment that said make it a Full Kde experience. Don’t put gnome applications in a Kde Desktop… theres plenty of, better kde replacements…….. save the space for kde/qt instead of having gtk crap on mint kde………..

  106. I just want it to work.

    But if you could remove all that crapware like MiroTV, would be nice too.
    I also don’t think it’s logical to have so many GTK apps in an QT environment…

    That aside, Mint KDE will surelly be AWESOME!!!

  107. we should have nice themes, nicer icons, and also maybe try to get libimobiledevice working? it’s probably a bug and its not at all mints fault but my ipod touch has never been reckognized by kde. if you can fix that that would be great. also, continue with your great work:)

  108. Hey Boo!

    You guys did a great job with Mint 9 KDE. I say keep everything almost the same, so its not too much work for you, including same versions along with Kubuntu.. Just the lat

    What I’d like to request would be the following:


    – If possible UBUNTUONE integration would be amazing

    – Akonadi Desktop Search on by default! It works amazing when its properly setup and configured properly. There were some hiccups before, but I believe that was Kubuntu’s fault. I had to download some 3rd party debs to rectify it. But then KDE 4.5 backports also fixed that up.

    – VLC for Phonon (it plays just about anything)

    – Keep Konqueror for the sysadmins like myself… i understand not everyone is a fan of it, but its the most powerful application and what made KDE popular in the first place.

    – If ‘Kromium’ is proven and stable with the ability to add all the extensions and KDE integration like ‘kget’ i’d like to see it. Otherwise CHROMIUM as the default. If Chromium is the default…any way to get that working with KGet???

    – I’d still like to see Firefox with KDE integration also included but not as the default.

    – Libre Office as this is the general direction of the community

    – If this is going to be a DVD release again, please add some KDE Games. I’m sure a lot of people love them.

    – If VLC does work seemlessly as the Phonon backend then i’d like to see the default frontend as Kaffeine.

    For Graphics:
    – AquireImages – Nice and simiple
    – Xsane – For the big projects
    – Digikam
    – Gwenview
    – Kolourpaint
    – Krita

    For Internet:
    – UBUNTUONE (if not Ubuntuone, then at least DropBox)
    – Ktorrent
    – skype
    – Limewire or Frostwire

    For Multimedia:
    – Amarok
    – K3B
    – Kaffiene
    – minitube
    – miro
    – VLC

    For Office
    – LibreOffice
    – Kthesaurus
    – Kdict

    – Marble

    – Lbreakout2
    – Chromium BSU
    – Frozen Bubble
    – OpenArena (lol, i’m sure you’d win some fans here – this would be a WOW(!) factor)
    – “KDEGAMES”
    – If you can some how manage to get the original KSnake from KDE3 in here or if you know a port to KDE4 for it, I’d love you!

    – Yakuake

    I’d also like to see if I can get involved in helping you. I’ve got 8 years of Sysadmin experience, all in Linux. Can you point me in the right direction?


    Zubin Singh Parihar

  109. How about adding some more themes that have other than the color green. Right now Blubuntu is the only option unless you want the earlier Ubuntu themes. And how bout adding Gyache the Linux version of Yahoo Messenger?

  110. Hello!

    If could be possible, include argyll and dispcalGUI, the package in maverick was compiled on ppa and installs, but fails to start spyder 2 colorimeter (the old version or argyll works fine with the same hardware and firmware).

    Also, if may be a wish list, please include wine installed in a way that may could run photo$hop from clean install.

    Also,please count me on the group who request for a default theme that may make gtk and KDE apps as the most uniform possible, in order to get a improved nice appeal for the new version.

    But over all, thank You very much for Your great work, I change to kde mint, but after release of Kubuntu 10.10, I downloaded an installed it and now is my main work distro, is incredible the improvements, so I just wonder that this version with the great works and magic of MiNT team will be a marvell!

    Thanks again and best regards!

  111. Ease of use:

    1. If we want to help KDE, more than anything else we should include mouseover popups for controls.

    It took me a long time to acclimatize to KDE because it wasn’t at all clear what anything did. What’s that thing in the upper-right corner? What the heck are those things in the system tray? What does the little “wrench” mean?

    2. Find a way to make it easy for people to understand what the heck Activities are. I still don’t think I know.

    3. Fix window placement. For reasons I don’t understand, new windows open at a suboptimal size (eg, the bottom-most or rightmost bit requires a scroll).

    4. Make GTK apps behave as much like KDE/QT as possible. You’re already ahead of Kubuntu in this respect (where Firefox stands out like a sore thumb). Keep it going!

    5. Don’t make Rekonq or Dolphin the default browser. Chrome or Firefix are fine; they work better for more people, and die-hards can grab something else if they need.

    6 (which is really #1 again) Give the interface a good once-over by a non-KDE-using QA team. Have them find things that don’t make sense or (and this is common) are ambiguous. It’s really not clear to a new user what “Akonadi” is, for example: three lines of text to explain what’s what would go a long way.

    Mint KDE is about the only KDE-based system I’ve used for any length of time specifically because it smooths over the rough edges very well. Keep it up, set a good example, and you may find yourselves doing for KDE’s usability what Ubuntu does/did for GNOME.

  112. First off no Gnome network manager. If you change the network manager it should be wicd.

    Firefox, Filezilla, Gimp, DigiKam should be included. Songbird or will it be known as Nightingale. Amarok is fine but Songbird/Nightingale works better for creating playlists.

    Gecko plugins for Firefox.

    OOo, Kmail. And how about either or both Bluefish Kompozer.

    Rekong web browser is a waste

  113. Would be nice if there was a cd copy that works like a floppy disk.

    Like format a cd copy to cd delete from cd and the likes.

  114. just to emphasize the fact that KNetwork works much better for me that that stupid Gnome-network-manager applet whose many glitches bored me a long time ago.

  115. Spanish language (of Spain) out of the box. Actually, I have to install it on Firefox and Open Office after the installation of the Operative System. I think theré´s enough space in a DVD for several languages packs.

  116. I just LOVE Mint (all flavours 🙂
    But, I have Gnome on my desktop and XFCE on the older Toshiba A30 laptop. They all run compiz and emerald just fine. On my desktop machine I have installed the awesome burg and burg themes instead of the grub. It adds such professionalism and when the computer starts I can’t wait to get into things. I also use Netmeter in screenlets but I downloaded the far superior version from the compiz website. (hello)
    In Synaptic I would love to see color-coded compatible apps that are safe with kde, gnome, xfce, etc (or with all). Yes?
    Can Mint be improved even more? Well, for me it has everything, but maybe the help forum, but I know they are all volunteers there. Maybe a Mint Newbie forum. Many, many thnx.

  117. When you think about it, Mint has all those lovely codecs that make life great…. and then some of the best tools around that can make real use of them get left out!

    Let’s have the addition of Rosegarden/Lilypond for the musicians and, most importantly – let’s have Kdenlive for those of us who slice and dice the moving pictures……

    I’d also like to see goodies like Scribus-ng already there… and maybe the latest Blender – with the correct repositories set up to enable proper updating – and not forgetting the blleding edge ‘wine’ instead of the one that always lags behind?

    It’ll never happen… but I can dream, can’t I?

  118. Oh – and given that the Kde version is already on a DVD – lets have some proper development systems – like the full Mono suite and the full Qt suite!

    There’s a lot of angst over Mono and .net…. but it’s here to stay and I thought Mint was supposed to be about making a great system – one that has maximum usability. As a .net programmer, I’d like to see the latest Mono installed and ready to work – including the IDE!

    PS – there is such a thing as cutting off your nose to spite your face!

  119. Personally I love what you have done with Mint 9, however, there are a few changes I immediately make:

    1. install “Ember” theme (nice, subtle dark theme, less “bling” than Oxygen; more in line with the “just works” Mint ethos, IMHO)

    2. change virtual desktops to 2×2

    3. change view desktop shortcut to “meta + e” (compiz style)

    4. change switch to desktop [direction] to ctrl + alt + [arrow key]

    5. install smooth tasks

    6. enable horizontal scroll and scroll cruise for my touchpad

    7. put the taskbar on top and use a size-fit panel on bottom for all of my shortcuts (maybe a way to auto-fit a KDE panel to shortcuts, docky-style?)

    8. hide all non-essential items in the system tray.

    I understand much of this is personal preference, and testament to the customization ability of Linux, but I think some of these can be easily implemented to improve the “out of the box” user experience.

  120. I’m not sure if going pure KDE/Qt is the way to go. The goal of Linux Mint is to create an easy to use operating system “out of the box”. In some cases Gnome software is just easier to use.

  121. I really missed the Hard Drive Device Manager in Mint 9 that Mint 8 had. Can we bring it back? Gpart should be installed by default as well as a screen capture util and Skype, and VLC.

  122. My wishlist
    1. Mint menu for KDE (or atleast option to install Mintmenu in KDE)
    2. Super key to access menu
    3. VLC player installed by default
    4. better KDE Network manager ( mine seems to default back to auto profie every time i restart my machine )
    5. shortcut key to shutdown in task bar
    6. Keyboard friendly distro 🙂

  123. Ubuntu One Support

    It would be great to add “ubuntu one” support.
    I know is not included in kubuntu either, but why not in Linux Mint Kde.


  124. Having tried a host of Linux OS’s over a period of 8 years Ubuntu,Mint, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Red hat, Mandriva,Mepis, Gentoo all updates and many versions, I have finally found the best Linux replacement to Windows XP. IT is without doubt Linux Mint V9 a super OS which works so well in Both 32Bit and 64Bit versions WITHOUT DOUBT THE BEST LINUX OS.
    Please retain all the present aps and just add more to satisfy the wims of all users dont remove anything as each individual may choose to do this any time they wish.All the other linux OS’s have endless problems that never get sorted out! I have nothing but praise for this OS. Absolutely SUPERB!!!!.I have added VLC, Picasa, K3b,Audacity audio editing,Skype, iplayer,Open Shot video editor,Lives editor.
    What I would like to see is a Blue Ray Play and record HD program for my BD-HD-DVD player recorder.CPU Frequency scaling monitor.
    My HP Printer Scanner Copier is an HP F2480 which works perfectly with Mint and Ubuntu.
    Please make my Day with Blue Ray!!!! Thank-you Team well done!

  125. 1. More drivers!!! If you do nothing else in this version, PLEASE help improve hardware/driver support. I have a WUSB54GSC that is a nightmare to get to work on Linux. Driver support is the #1 reason why Windows is still my primary operating system. Let’s be honest here, LM9 aside from hardware support is a pretty good operating system already. The only thing in my opinion that really needs work is the hardware support. In fact, if every release concentrated only on drivers and nothing else, LM9 would become a much greater OS.
    2. Find a way to work around PulseAudio, if possible. It’s a tad buggy.
    3. If you plan to use the latest versions of kde and fancy special effects, make sure they work well. I’ve heard some less-than-positive stories about newer KDE versions, so I’d be a little wary about that kind of thing. (I personally am a Gnome fan, however).

  126. Hi,
    I would like that LinuxMint10KDE version would not have the 8 characters limitation that it has in Kubuntu 10.10.

    I tried Kubuntu 10.10 but I soon switched back to Ubuntu 10.10 because this (in Kubuntu 10.10 kdesudo did not recognize any password as it had more than 8 characters).

    In Ubuntu (and all other distros with GNOME and with KDE, as well) I can set-up password with any length and with any symbol without problems… In Kubuntu it seems this is a problem since long (in previous versions of Kubuntu, symbols in the password could make kdesudo not to recognize the password, also).


  127. Yes to Chromium! I like Opera to even though it’s not FOSS. I love KDE4.x (KDE3.x was ugly). I prefer KDE4.x & E17 though I’ll look at Gnome3 when its finished. My main bug though with KDE is kde-games being a dependency. KDE is simply to large as a default install on an older computer & a lot of people don’t use kde-games etc. KDE should be more modular (i.e. less infra-dependencies) like Chakra’s brilliant KDE-Mod. I wish the KDE guy’s would take up the ideas behind KDE-Mod as at least an alternative flavor of KDE. I also love rolling releases so I’m a BIG fan of the proposed LMDE-KDE & a future LMDE-E17. Why no E17 flavored Mint? With the next release of E17 coming up could this be a good time to re-consider its inclusion in the Linux Mint range? Oh – and how about the installer having (along with a ‘standard/default’ option) an ‘advanced/custom’ option that allows you to chose which apps to are installed during instillation. This would be great for a DVD install where you could include a large range of apps (without the user being forced to use such) and would be even better for a special ~4.7GB ISO – a bit like PCLinuxOS’s KDE ‘Full Monty’ version. It would help newbies who might be unfamiliar with a package manager and allow greater customization for non-newbies.

  128. I really like Linux Mint. I made the switch from Fedora not too long ago. A few things that I would like to see are more media player options (Amarok is kind of tricky to use), ability to easily customize splash screens, login screens backgrounds, etc. Also, I more themes, screensavers, icons, and cursors are always fun to play around with.

  129. In my opinion mintmenu and new theme should be priority. Why is mint kde blue and not green like the default gnome is, this is meant to be linux mint with kde, so it should try and include all/some of the key features of linux mint and some of the most notable ones when you look at it is its green theme and mintmenu.

  130. Hi Boo,

    Here are some suggestions from forum for Mint 10 Kde.

    – Installation window is too small, can’t enlarge it.
    – Disable the screen saver and power management during installation.
    – Keypad activated by default.
    – Uninstalling the software by right click (like Gnome).
    – Choice of browser during installation.
    – Allow remote installation.
    – Installer must be improved.
    – Keep the color blue, but bring a new customization “Mint 10”.
    – Have graphical tools who can easily change the plymouth and Kdm screen.
    – Improve Kickoff menu or Lancelot.
    – In the search window if you type a name of software installed but not found in the repository, give the opportunity to install it.
    – In the search window if you type a name for software not installed but not available in the repository, give the opportunity to search through the web.
    – Keep kdenetwork yet.
    – Keep mintInstall and adapt to QT or keep only Kpackageit.
    – Keep the following software: K3B, Digikam, Kdenlive, Kaffeine, etc..
    – Have “Open As Root” in Mint Kde 10.
    – Add beautiful themes (like LinuxMint9 blue9-4v2 splashcreen, icons H2O, a plymouth theme Linux Mint Kde, a nice bootsplash theme, a beautiful theme like MIB Ossigeno KDM or another, a beautiful gfxboot theme, sounds, themes cursors, etc..).
    – Icon “mycomputer” like OpenSuse or Mandriva (see package kio-sysinfo), icon home folder, icon trash on the desktop as Mint Main (Gnome).
    – Add the following software: pysdm, Unetbootin, Remastersys, Clonezilla, SimpleScan.
    – Have a guest session available to the KDM login.

    To change in kubuntu 10.10:

    – The installer kills grub.
    – Rekonq asks again to download proprietary software at the first boot time then they have been selected before.
    – Problem with plymouth and nvidia drivers.


  131. Lancelot is much more responsive than kickoff, so i’ll suggest it. Or make a mintmenu for kde.
    Firefox and vlc are a must.
    In addition i’ll suggest including Stardict/bailoo/qstardict (without the dict files but with options to install them easily).
    nepomuk search should be enabled by default.

  132. Some more thoughts:

    1) Single click desktop panel button/widget for switching between ‘Desktop’ & ‘Netbook’ Plasma Modes instantaneously.

    2) An alternative KDE menu (a ‘KMintMenu’) widget like the Gnome one planned for Mint10-GnomeEd.

    3a) An integrated app for installing alternative Window Managers & Desktop Environments. [I saw this feature integrated in the Hungarian Linux distro BlackPantherOS.] It should have options to choose installed environments, those listed at login and default environment, etc.

    3b) Having alternative desktops optionally installed during installation of Linux Mint via the Mint installer would be good too.

    Example pictures of the desktops environments should be displayed for 3a) & 3b).

    E.g. I like KDE4.x & E17 but plan to check out Gnome3.
    Suggestions 3a) & 3b) would make this easy and also introduce a newbie to alternative desktop environments. With 3b) & the Mint installer you could have a ‘basic default’/’skip this’ option.

  133. ask microsoft kindly for them to make you a directx installer that installs directx extensions to linux and this should also autoboot pc dvd games for instant install to play pc games properly yipeee ,ok its a dream but dreams can come true ,ask them to make it a pc game runner loader for linux put it on memory stick to buy ill buy 1 straight away,its the only thing that is lagging on linux other than that ,ask game makers to also allow it to be built in to run on linux aswell this would help cant see big deal to them as they make same games for ,all consoles and pc , so im off to bed to dream about this happening in my lifetime lol.

  134. I was thinking that a place where you can build a personal version of Linux Mint. A selection of interchangable parts. Like Gnome Kde ect, then a question about your browser, next Office app etc, etc…… Hope you understand the general idea.
    The more parts, the more personal it becomes.One Operating system yet many operating systems.
    It my be long winded but you could then save your options for next time. Everyone gets what they want.

  135. Add simple FTP file transfer into Dolphin enabling computers with like operating systems to transfer files easily.

  136. One thing I really appreciate about Mint is the default selection of software seems hand-picked and crafted to fit most needs right away, and it all fits neatly together. I found the software selection in the KDE edition to be lacking the same scrutiny. It almost felt like Coming from openSUSE, KDE seems to take a back-seat in Mint.

    What I want to see in the next KDE edition of Mint is the same careful crafting and well-chosen range of quality software on par with the main edition.

  137. Everything Dupo said!

    I think firefox is too bulky. I haven’t used chromium, but if it’s lightweight and fast, I’m all for it! I like the speed of kubuntu 10.10 so try to keep that please 🙂 I also prefer the way the launcher works (click based instead of hover) because it’s faster/more efficient (especially under heavy desktop usage).

    I really like the idea of installing optional eye candy items! You could have a “custom” install of this eye candy package where the user gets to choose what exactly to install (see Dupo for eye candy suggestions). I also think it’d be cool to have different options for how many programs are installed during installation. Like super light, light, default, custom, etc. That way, the user can sort of customize their OS to suit their needs, without having to uninstall things. I’m not sure if Mint normally installs a flash player by default, but that would be pretty awesome if you could. Even if it was just an option during install, that’d be nice…

  138. I see the [stable] Iron web browser has been released… I have not tried it yet, but is it a good (faster) alternative to Chrome?

  139. You have to make chromium default. It’s the best geek choice. Firefox is bleeding users among the technically savvy.

  140. J’utilise Linux MintKDE en français. veillez à ce que les accents soient reconnus sur les noms de dossiers ou documents sur les disques externes. Merci
    Sinon c’est très beau et cela fonctionne très très bien. Merci

  141. I like LMKDE 9 but more themes by default would be great.

    another thing as a photographer a better photo manager by default would be nice. Anything that supports raw formats I personally like F-Spot

  142. Hello all,

    I’d rather see SRWare Iron as an optional browser.
    Why? The explaination is rather simple. Chromium has a lot of privacy issues, because it’s made by google. If my information is correct, Google inc. works with the US gouvernement. They save all your credit passwords and web passwords… You ca

  143. I’m sorry, my browser acted wierd, so I couldn’t finish my sentence.It just submitted my post by itself

    You can by those passwords and things for about 50 bucks. So, just use Iron, it’s a mod that without those “Google issues”. There’s only one disadvantage: it doesn’t update by itself. It has to be done manually.

    I’m sorry if my English is rather bad or disturbing.

    Greetings from Belgium,


  144. I’ve only just installed Mint KDE today! So I can’t add a great deal, other than to say that application choice is, in my view, a bit of a ‘red herring’ since it is so very simple to install software.

    More important are things like the themes, fonts, QT, menus – the things that are more difficult to customize (at least for new users).

    Eye candy is lovely, but more important is sound performance, Wifi connectivity and graphics drivers. (ok and widgets. 🙂 )

    I’ve always wanted to like KDE but for some reason found it annoying, but I must say, I find this version stunningly beautiful, and installation (with ATI drivers) was a breeze – I’m seriously impressed.

  145. Hi Boo,
    I recently moved to Mint Gnome because of problems with KDE, but I would like to be back to KDE, so I would suggest the following:
    1. Applications:
    – Agree with previous views in that “the number of apps that are installed by default should be reduced, or give us the choice to choose at installation time”, thus allowing to burn a live-CD instead of a live-DVD.
    – Add VLC player and consider to remove redundant multimedia applications (I had problems with audioCDs when using amarok, kaffeine and even dolphin; the latter could not “see” anything inside the CD). VLC works perfectly with audio and video from any kind of source (even, image colours look better than with Dragon player).
    – K3B is OK.
    – Improve dolphin management of UDF volumes (in my laptop, recorded CDs with that format do not open in KDE, whereas no problem in Gnome)
    – I would keep Firefox. Personally, I see no advantage to have additional browsers/file managers like Konqueror (again, avoid redundancies).
    – Gwenview with plugins for viewing/simple edition, and Digikam as photo manager. Gimp could be removed (or optional).
    – Openoffice is OK (Koffice not enough mature).
    – Kmail unnecessary, as most users probably go for multiplatform application Thunderbird.
    – Keep “startup disk manager” utility.
    – I would replace Guarddog by Firestarter; the latter is easier to configure and makes its function.

    2. Desktop experience:
    – Improve UTF-8 characters recognition for non-english users (gnome does not need any change to display correctly, for example, letters with accents).
    – As previously suggested, desktop icons for “my computer” and “trash bin”.
    – Only one desktop folder view, please remove microblogging one
    – Mouse right-click “open as root”.
    – Classic view of menu with “recent documents” and “recent apps” activated by default.
    – Green theme similar to that of Gnome in addition to the blue one.
    – Last but not least, I agree with Ketan comments’, specially “when launching application, the application icon accompanying the cursor blinks instead of oscillating as in other kde distros” and “love mint menu in gnome and want to see it in kde as well”.

    Thank you very much for your attention to these comments and, of course, for the very good work of Mint guys, both Gnome and KDE!

  146. Hey, yeah! +1 for Lilypond + Denemo/Noteedit/Musescore – I’m using Denemo (through LMDE) a lot more than I thought I would. Noteedit is about as good in my books – and probably more powerful – but I personally prefer Denemo; I find it easier to work with.

  147. Can you PLEASE either get rid of the “fortune” messages that pop up with konsole or at least add a option to get rid of it in konsole?! Those things are so obnoxious, and it took me FOREVER to figure what exactly it’s called so I could google how to remove it. I actually gave up at one point and installed another OS because I was so frustrated with this.

    I really don’t think these ASCII quotes inspire elegance by any means, and it takes an unnecessary amount of time to figure out how to remove them! Granted, I’m a novice, but still it was nearly impossible to find through google search how to remove this feature without knowing that it’s called “fortune”.

    I randomly stumbled upon it after opening /root/.bashrc in Kate. It seems like a small thing, but I like my GUI simple and elegant like the rest of the beautiful UI in Linux KDE 9!

  148. +1 for choice of browser
    an idea is to open a package manger during install so that the user can select what additional packages he/she would like to install/remove from the default for example pysdm, unetbootin etc
    also things like right click -> run as admin

  149. Hey Boo,

    Just a bit of practical thinking here.

    1. Don’t get rid of Firefox. The browser has nearly 32% of the market share world wide for all browsers and near 100% as far as Linux distros go which most likely means most Linux users use it. That being said, I’ll humbly suggest you add the Google Linux repo by default in Mint 10 KDE and have Google Chrome (stable) installed as well by default. That way, those who prefer Chrome can just select that as their default browser when they first start it. There’s no need to just dump one for the other.

    2. Keep Filezilla. Enough Mint users actually do use it for one thing or another to justify keeping it in the default install IMHO. Besides, it has a very small installed footprint.

    3. I agree in removing certain overlapping applications installed by default. The latest stable VLC would really be nice as it’s pretty much guaranteed to play anything. It shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for a dedicated music app like the default Amarok though, since that’s a dedicated app. No opinion on what music app is the best as I’m rather deaf.

    4. And you bet, it would be a fine thing if Mint 10 KDE had a uniquely Mint type theme even if it meant delaying the release a bit. A touch of green which would be very KDE-ish rather than smothering it in green if you know what I mean. 😉

    5. Packages. If you (“you” meaning “everyone who might be interested”) take a close look at Mint Main and how well the installed packages have been chosen (Not all Gnome packages are installed and neither are all Ubuntu packages for that matter plus certain unpopular Ubuntu packages have been removed and more popular equivalents have been put in their place as well) you’ll quickly come to the realization that the KDE desktop can benefit from the same weeding out. The KDE team and, to a point, the Kubuntu team appears to stuff everything they possibly can into one DE as if they’re afraid of not covering all bases at all times when all bases don’t actually need to be covered. This ain’t baseball, baby, it’s Mint. 🙂 Certain apps like Filezilla, KB3, Kate, Xchat, Open Office, Firefox, VLC, Amarok (or whatever) and the like need to stay but, as has been said before, many overlapping apps can be removed for a leaner install.

    Hmmm, way too wordy. Bad habit of mine. Looking forward to Mint KDE 10!

    6. Latest Broadcom drivers installed by default? Absolutely! Woot-woot, yahoo, yay, yipee, etc anmd so on. You have my 3256 votes!

  150. Please take care of the kernel: it happened in Maverick that the RTL8180L wireless drivers are installed, yet they cannot see any network neither in KDE nor in GNOME version.

    Please repair the kernel!!!

  151. Another request:
    Although you aren’t KDE developer, please do a small remix and include easy and understandable removable media auto-play options for the 3 basic CD/DVD operations (at least), like we have it in GNOME:

    Movie DVD -> Select application to watch
    Data DVD -> Select application to browse (or copy)
    Music CD -> Select application to playback it

    With that, KDE would become again my favorite desktop

  152. found that moving from mint 8 to 9 lost drivers for older video.
    if can not be included maybe a link or something to install them rather than having to use terminal commands.

  153. have kde 4.5.2 installed by default and have a live Cd for people who don’t have a dvd burner or usb drive and a choice to choose which browser to install after first boot up

  154. I’d like to see the default Network manager applet go back to the Gnome version rather than the KDE version like it was in the first version of Mint KDE. The Gnome version recognizes a lot more hardware, especially phones and broadband cards.

  155. make a live cd for people without usb drives and dvd rom drives, make it a option to delete a file without sending it to the trash like in the gnome version of mint, make kde 4.5.2 default

  156. I think you should remove enough packages to fit it on a single CD, then add a link on the desktop that installs them. (Like with Kubuntu and it’ s Firefox installer)

  157. Linux mint is good but, i get so stressed becoz i have to switch to windows each time i need to do proffessional staff with corel draw, Photoshop, adobe illustrator.

  158. Hey guys is there anyway you can get Grand2onPC ver and ————————————————————
    grandMA 3D
    Current Mode: grandMA2
    Desk: Series 2 ( (Streaming: 2.0.0)
    MALighting.UI.Docking 2.2.3902.19998

    i know its a windows base software if i could get this to work with wine that would be great!

    thanking you in advance


  159. Well..

    1) Browsers – NO on chromium, period. Konqi RULES! This is KDE!

    As for the post about 32% of use by fireturd? And 100% use in Linux? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!
    0% use here and never will be used.

    Konqi should be the DEFAULT for:
    a) BROWSER


    3) VLC is a must since amarok is borqd and dead. Long Live amarok, Long Live VLC…

    4) CD – NO! NO! NO and NO!!!!!!!!!!

    5) Networking – VPN and all other missing functions for DSL, cellular etc. ie: wvdial and usbmodeswitch.

    6) Remove that whacked media player what ever it was something tv or what ever.. VLC and amarok only.

    The following is especially for the poster Becky:
    8) NO MONO!


    Absolutely NO WAY on both counts! Qt and other non monoboi stuff, fine. If you want to develop in that environment then you need to go back to that w os.

    10) Nepomuk DISABLED!

    11) Make so that the extra crap I don’t want doesn’t try to remove the KDE meta package

    12) ftp – kftpgrabber!

    13) Desktop – DEFAULT to a NORMAL DESKTOP not the stupid plasmoid mode.

    14) Resolve the issues with NVidia drivers or remove the offending software ie: Plymouth so the NVidia drivers can be installed.

    15) NO WINE!

    16) Fix *buntuland fubars: ie: Include GIMP, replace the Java with OFFICIAL oracle java as usual.

    17) KMyMoney with FULL OFX Direct Connect Support

    OFX DC connects DIRECTLY TO THE BANK via KMyMoney… online banking has nothing to do with a web site.

    18) REMOVE:

    19) FULL HPLIP installed like in previous versions.

    I am all for adding more software to fill the 3GB of space thats normally wasted on each DVD ISO. More the better…

    Themes – Include more so that a choice can be made… and use something closer to KDE 3.x for the default… something that does not look like it needs oxygen to start with.

    As for “themes” related to how the various programs look… who cares.. the various widget systems Qt, gtk, etc.. have their own look… who wants to have every thing look the same.. boring…

    20) email – KMail as the default.. This is KDE!

    Keep up the normal great work on adding whats needed by new and power users from the start ie: codex, java, etc…

    More software even multiples of related is a good thing!

  160. “FULL HPLIP installed like in previous versions.”

    What if I have only Samsung? I don’t want to remove all the hplip’s garbages. It’s better to have a good repository for those drivers, than to have a CD full of nonsenses:
    – A perfect working networking
    – A good and stable system in background

    The rest can be done after the installation.

  161. Kernel 2.6.37 apparently is set to solve Broadcom Wireless driver issues, so it would be nice to have that on board. Khd Record is a great program for recording. The dependencies are solved here: it is a more versatile recording program than Sound Recorder. Rhythmbox should be assessed as the default Music player, it would be nice to have a version of Rhythmbox made for Radio stations ie reporting of tracks that are played as a standard plugin and although the standard GUI is great, it could be
    dressed up for radio station use.

    Mint works perfectly in Mac and there should be mention to Mac audiences that they can have linuxmint

    Internet Cafe software should be discussed, as cafe’s are a entry point for people to see linux at work, likewise schools inviting edu versions.

    Re KDE the old 3.5? system was about the best ie as seen in Mandriva 2008, The 4.? editions are not as nice – my opinion.

    Thank You

  162. Thanks for all your effort…how about more control over grub during installation like Mandriva does…a chance to edit list and place grub on different drives so as not to change original mbr…

  163. A streamlined KDE to show what KDE goes for regarding Gnome and something “different”. Like Koffice instead of openoffice in the standard gnome. Kopete as messenger (it is the best messanger ever produced in my opinion), kdenlive for videoediting etc. A full packet OS, on pair or beyond what they can offer in mac’s OS but for free!

  164. I asked some ubuntu users what their favourite apps are (apps didn’t necessarily need to be gtk apps). These were the results:

    Clibboard Manager: Pastie
    Download Manager: Jdownloader
    Menu: GnoMenu
    Password Manager: KeePassX
    Mail Client: Thunderbird
    Backup Tool: rsync
    DVD Ripper: Handbrake
    File Manager: Nautilus
    BitTorrent: Transmission
    Dock: Docky / AWN
    Photo Organizer: digiKam
    Music Player: RhythmBox
    VideoEditor: OpenShot
    IM Client: Pidgin
    Video Player: VLC
    Browser: Firefox

    For Mint KDE edition such a poll would be nice. We can also compare the KDE apps with the above apps and see if there are features which are missing and could make the KDE variants more succesful.

    For me, it doesn’t matter what kind of apps are used (mono, gtk, qt, java etc) as long as it’s the best app for their use (one app only) and the apps fit together in one look and feel. To satisfy both points is of course the challenge for the KDE team.

    For the browser debate there also could be a screen where the user can set their default browser (firefox, opera, konqueror, chromium, rekonq, midori). The user can download one or more browsers and set on as the default. So there is no browser in the release itself.

    If Chromium is used then maybe it’s good to use the Kromium theme (, I also like the incredible startpage (

  165. can you make skype work on it, because in the previues version as much as i tried to make it work on Kmint it didn’t, not like mint gnome it work’s v easy!

  166. I have tried Kubuntu 10.10:
    1) Rekonq, even though it is not a bad browser, doesn’t seem to have an obvious import feature (unlike Chromium) to import bookmarks, passwords,etc. from e.g Fire Fox. If Chromium can do it, why not Rekonq? I don’t see, that Rekonq can do anything, that Chromium or Firefox can’t do. Hence I would like you to inlcude Chromium or FF as standard browser.

    2) KMail is a pain. Since you do make Thunderbird the standard e-Mail client on Mint Main, don’t you want to include it into Mint KDE?

    3) Since Amarok seems to be a bit of an ‘either love it or hate it’ program, it would be nice to have VLC player included.

    4)KPackageKit seems to be very power hungry. It keeps both of my (aging) cores busy (at over 90%) for quite some time, when starting up or changing to a new cathegory. Unlike the current software manager in Mint 9, which works rather quickly.

    5) I am using the proprietary Nvidia driver (installed via “Hardware Drivers”). When working with couple of windows open, 2 or 3 websites with flash content in FF, the graphics card core temp is at about 84-88 degrees in Mint 9 Main (GNome). In Kubuntu 10.10 with the newer version ( driver installed, it runs up to 112 degrees, with similar workload. Don’t know, whether it is the driver itself, or the plasma desktop.

    6) The whole system (intel core 2, 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, GeForce 7100GS 512 MB) seems to work a lot faster under Mint 9 Main, then what it does under Kubuntu 10.10. That sort of difference in performance was not noticeable under Mint KDE 9 nor under Ubuntu 10.10 compared to Mint 9 Main.

  167. * KOffice, so much lighter! It’s about time.

    If only Google would take it and create GoogleOffice, to compete with OpenOffice, just like ya did with Webkit…

    * Mint looks.

    * KDE apps, but the essentials only.

    * Leave OpenOffice out, better 2 default browsers.

    * Peppermint webmenu integration

    The stablest and fastest you can get.

  168. I mainly use Gnome but I’ll give my 2 cents anyway.
    – A green, minty theme would be great. Almost all the KDE distros use the same theme and it’s a little boring. I like Mandriva’s KDE implementation, is less confusing than the KDE default.
    – Smplayer as default media player (mainly for video/DVD). Songbird is buggy and slow, for music, I prefer Audacious.
    – Firefox is ok for me, but the new browser from Kubuntu 10.10 (can’t remember the name) integrates very nicely with KDE.
    – OpenOffice or LibreOffice, KOffice is not that good yet.
    Keep up the good work!

  169. I hope Mint 10 KDE is as good as Mint X Gnome. Mint X Gnome looks really good, aesthetically pleasing, confused now, if i should install that over Mint Debian or let Debian continue to run the way it is 😀

  170. 2 things

    1 in ubuntu 10.10 wifi connection did not work hope you address this in the release of mint kde or gnome 10. ( hp dvla 7000 laptop)the wireles did not work at all

    2 all 64 bit version should include flash 64 bit installed as default.

  171. I think the installer should let you decide what packages you want installed and have more choices. I think Chrome should be a default package. Konqueror must go. ReKonq sucks, can’t see how it’s any better than Konqueror.

    A centralized system manager just like how OpenSUSE has with YAST2 (this should be included eventually, having utilities all over the place is just annoying.)

    Include all the wireless drivers and keep Filezilla, why would you want to remove such an epic FTP client?

  172. “What if I have only Samsung? I don’t want to remove all the hplip’s garbages”

    Why is there the need to REMOVE something USEFUL? ?

    WINE, mono disease, and other tainted patent/ip/trademark/copyright trap stuff I can understand the need to remove… but HPLIP? ?

    If this is a laptop and you walk in to my office and need to print? ?? A few clicks in HPLIP and your all set.. not if you’ve removed it…

    Put in the Samsung software if it exists? I have no problem with that.. my problem is including tainted packages WINE and mono disease.

  173. i would like to see more of a windows type theme
    or like add insted of thees desktop enviorments kindof make like a more explorer thing like in windows, but if not then i still like linux mint!!

  174. Theme: I personally liked nuvoX theme from older Mint KDE editions. Only suggesting.
    Menu: Lancelot and/or MintMenu rock!!!!
    Chromium: in one word, NO. Konqueror deserves a chance.

    Other KDE packages: sounds good. A Dropbox integration, such as KFileBOX would be nice. KFTPGrabber wasn’t so bad, either. I miss Kaffeine player, waaaay better than Dragon, but not for KDE4.

    The complete KDE metapackage? Well, it would be easier not to find broken packages like in some Kubuntu versions. I agree that Amarok GUI sucks so much.

    I don’t like mono very much either. But generally speaking, I think that software included Mint 9 KDE was cool.

    I look forward to see Mint 10 – sure will be great!

  175. Please add chromium. The more themes the better. Skype, google earth, inkscape, etc. Make this easy to use with all the goodies. I can do ubuntu myself and add all this crap but what makes this helpful is if it is done already. It’s all about the user experience, so far you have done a great job. Keep it going. cheers

  176. keep the kde mint menu the same dont change it like it is in gnome mint 10 rc but put the icons like mint 10 gnome


  178. LMDE-KDE would sure be way better than another Kubuntu:P There’s entirely too many *buntu respins and you guys have proven you can do Debian. It’s faster and more stable and makes more sense than building on a rickety bike with big training wheels.

    Or…building from an Arch core seems like it would be better yet. Going to pacman and a good AUR helper (maybe with a custom front-end) would provide much better package management and dependency tracking than APT/Synaptic and could prevent some breakage.

    A customized Lancelot would also be cool.

  179. I would like to see web cam support for yahoo messenger & aim messenger! So far, MSN, Gtalk, & Skype all support the webcam feature! That is 1 of the biggest things Linux is missing! Otherwise, I love Mint! P,S! Also can you all make Linux availble on ooVoo? That is another messenger client with web cam functions! PC & MAC support it, so lets add Linux to the list!

  180. I like the way the comments seem to be going.

    Hey guys, we don’t we base Mint KDE on Slackware and include all the things we can find on

    Now I understand why K. Mandla said distro developers shouldn’t ask their users for input.

  181. please add repair option.
    when windows is repaired it is hiding mint linux.
    please rectify this and add option for bootloader.

  182. In response to those that want ubuntuone I’m putting in a vote for Dropbox instead. It allows you to share files with others. Also, it is cross-platform.

  183. Why is it always change things? Get it all working first time would be better. Having battled to get both my headphone socket and wifi working at the same time (wifi set up 1st time but no headphones followed by getting headphones working only finding wifi now screwed) I can say it ain’t all working now.
    Mint is customisation and now is way better than the Ubuntu family but it still is not fully user friendly. Gnome sets up wifi & printers easier. Ubuntu 9.04 had Konqueror at it’s best (and I didn’t mean Kubuntu). So as an app then that version of Konqueror with the Copy to option back would be a starting point.
    The point was Ubuntu let me have Konqueror & Mint should get the best apps from Gnome & KDE that make setting things up easier.
    Just read the barrage of things that don’t work (broadcom !!!) and the continued things we have to do just to get our machines working.
    I have used Ubuntu, Mandrake, PCLinuxOS, Mint Gnome & KDE and others so I don’t care which. PCLINUXOS 2007 had my wifi working off the live cd without me doing anything. 2010 doesn’t. Ubuntu 9.04 was good now it isn’t. Changing things breaks things. xmms good xmms2 bad.

    So apps would be Audacious, Audacity, Rubyripper, dvdrip, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror (as above) ksh 93t (something to actually use rather than that bash baby) Virtualbox 3.2.8? so I can run Solaris (ksh 93d still). VLC LibreOffice (dumb name) a Wine that can find a Win 7 partition (businesses send me Presentations 2007+).
    So Music, Video, Office WiFi Hi-Fi. We can add anything else later.

  184. @Nick Slack would be great too, couldn’t find a more stable foundation than that!
    However, I doubt if we’re going to see them change their base in the immediate future, but if they did it would be wonderful! In the meantime, LMDE will have to suffice for my Minty moods and for KDE 4.5.x, PCLOS is brilliant.

  185. As much as it would be nice to see a pure KDE system, I’d like to see Thunderbird stay on as one of the default mail clients. I went back to take a look at Kmail today. It seemed to be slower to me, the interface isn’t as nice, and configuration tools seemed a little more confusing than Thunderbird. Not that I couldn’t figure it out. But we are going for ease of use.

  186. Just thought of something else. If you do use Thunderbird the following extensions would be great to have by default:
    1)Gnome integration – may seem strange for KDE, but it should allow Thunderbird to use KDE notifications also.
    2)Minimize to Tray plus – So the mail client will minimize to the system tray and notify when new mail arrives.

  187. OK, now I’m adding comment # 248 (at least 😉
    Without having rad through all of the above I feel that my input may be of democratic value only:

    1) Menu: No kickoff menu, please. I tried hard to like it and still find that it just wastes my time and does not use my screen efficiently. A Mint-menu on Qt would be embraced by many. If Mintmenu-Qt is not an option, Lancelot may be. Even the classic menu is better than kickoff. I used to use Tasty-Menu on KDE 3.5, don’t know whether it exists for KDE4.

    2) Browser: Reqonq has a small footprint which would give place for more other stuff. An option to install either of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Konqueror as part of the welcome screen would be nice.

    3) Look and feel: What about two or three pre-configured “activities” for KDE: Internet, Systemadministration; Homeoffice. Many people do not make use of activities because their concept is somewhat “hidden”. A set of preconfigured ones (to start and modify) would certainly be useful and give Mint-KDE an own touch.

    Please also depart from the “standard” KDE Look as much as the Mint team likes. I regularly appreciate your great taste.

    4) Take care about a good integration of GTK apps.

    5) Audioplayer: I would prefer Clementine over Amarok, but thats purely because I’m computing in 1024×768 and Amarok’s layout apparently demands more space … other than that: Minitunes is small and nice (but rather limited feature-wise). Goggles Musicmanager is really FAST (nothing in this world ever completed scanning my entire collection that fast), fairly OK in features and it’s very small as well. It’s not Qt, it doesn’t theme with the rest of the Desktop but heck it does pull in only two rather tiny dependencies and it performs really well. It’s my default on Linux Mint Debian.

    6) Office: I think OpenOffice has no real alternatives, however, I would personally leave the choice to the user (via opting in the welcome screen par example). First, OOorg is a big block on the CD/DVD. Second, some do in fact prefer other Office Suites. Third, some in fact do not need any office suite. Fourth, some may now prefer goOOorg, or LibreOffice, or other OOrg derivatives (for political or whatever other reasons).

  188. yeah and 7) Anything else than knetworkmanager if possible. Wicd or even ceni (ncurses based) are more comprehensible, more straightforward, more reliable. Knetworkmanager just still isn’t quite there from my user-perspective. Maybe one can “borrow” the networkmanagement from Mandriva/PCLinuxOS?

  189. I really apprechiate your work!
    I love Linux Mint, though a better webcam and inbuilt microphone support would be very helpful! So it becomes easier to use programs like Skype …
    Thank you!

  190. I’d really like to make a strong point here, as this seems to be a big problem with Mint (webcam and sound issues) and many many forum threads are dedicated to these problems 🙂 So if you could change something there, that would be marvellous and many people will benefit from that!

  191. Please check that Akonadi works properly.

    I tried Kubuntu 10.10 in the last few days and it is almost unusable as Akonadi processes start all of a sudden taking more than 50% of my cpu and causing so much hard disk activity to freeze everything.

    Besides the Kubuntu people made every single Kde package dependent on Akonadi, so there is no way to get rid of it.

    If you can, try to fix this bug and avoid such a stalemate situation.

    I am not going to use kubuntu, I would like to keep on using mint KDE

  192. Firefox is a pretty standard browser just about anyone switching to mint would be familiar with it: anyone that has used Mint KDE before should know how to remove it if they don’t want it and install another browser.

    Keep KDE base apps but don’t bloat it like so many people seem to want. I’d personally rather download a 700MB CD than 1GB+ DVD.

  193. 1. Can you fix/improve KDE’s proxy settings — particularly Auto proxy URL feature?
    2. Is it possible for Mint to devote couple of devs to get SIPE plugin from pidgin working with Kopete?

    I use KDE4 at the office and the above two cause me
    1. use static proxy settings (which has its limitations for several sites)
    2. use pidgin but then it doesn’t gel with the KDE desktop as much as Kopete would (for instances, searching online contatct in Krunner etc)


  194. I have just started to use linux.
    I started with linux mint 9.
    Now as I see it has a lot of softwares are pre-installed.
    My suggestions are-
    1) Add Chromium
    2) Add VLC media player
    3) Install Wine
    4) Some new themes.
    that’s all.

  195. I just want a new version of wine
    and needed softwares to upgrade wine later
    pre-install compilers needed to install wine etc….

  196. The most troublesome aspect of KDE is the networkmanager and WIFI. Can we have the gnome network manager instead which has allways been easy to set up and trouble free.
    I gave up on Mint KDE 9 purely because of the network manager I have read countless comments on Linux community web sites about problems with KDE network manager, time for it to go !!!!!.

    Thanks. Mike.

  197. Long live Shiki-Wise, Gnome-Wise and Correcamins!

    Please don’t remove Shiki-Wise, Gnome-Wise or Correcamins as Theme options! LM9 Debian Default theme with Correcamins is the best theme of all time imho.

    Kindest Regards,

  198. wicd is great, but it does not support mobile broadband(yet) so kde/gnome networkmanager is a better choice imo…

  199. I am a Chinese, I like KDE for its good performance. But when I try to input a Chinese simplified using ibus IM, I came up with a lot of trouble. It’s really let me down. So I wish mint 10 would have a good supported input method, really important!!!!!

  200. Verona007, while I respect your right to want a LiveDVD and understand the logic that drives the desire please keep in mind that not everyone has the benefit of using a DVD burner. I’m disabled and don’t have the resources to buy the new burner, especially since the DVD burner I’d been using for several years died as I was trying to move to Mint KDE. As Christopher Patrick said, not everyone has the ability to use a usb flash drive.

    On top of all that, I’m under the understanding that one of the biggest selling points of GNU/Linux is the right of users to be able to choose apps and formats that best serve how they want and are able to use them. Telling a user to “shut up” doesn’t do anything to promote this part of Linux and may in fact push users to other distros. That’s unfortunate because from what I’m seeing Mint KDE may just be the best KDE distro out there. Unless you’d prefer that KDE users with older hardware stick to Kubuntu and it’s admittedly poorer implementation of KDE. I know I’m glad to have left Kubuntu for Mint KDE.

  201. I was very happy by live boot LinuxMint 9 GNOME version in compatible mode. But, normal mode, it hangs…
    Even, Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 was not booting in my PC. So, if linuxmint team, look into this problem for KDE version and GNOME version as well… will be grateful..

  202. I would like the following packages included in Mint KDE:
    For browsers, office packages, media players I quite like the welcome menu idea with the alternatives. Only the standard KDE packages or the ones that require the least resources could be installed by default.

    May I suggest that, if possible, there comes a solution for the “dmraid” bug which can cause problems during installation (for all Mint versions). This is irritating and might scare off quite a few newbies from linux.
    Could the “Back-up Tool” be improved so that it remembers the last back-up settings?
    Sound and Skype is a pain in KDE…

    Otherwise I am quite happy with Mint. Thanks for all the good work.

  203. How about automounting samba network shares via smbnetfs? In Daryna I recall it was performed with fusesmb, but as it was buggy it was not included in the next releases. It would be great to see all the shares mounted in the workgroup as their machines boot up. It is more efficient than including these shares in fstab. LM KDE 10 will rock, I’m sure.

  204. Hi, I have Linux Mint 9 KDE and I have big problem with connection to internet … I have notebook Asus x5dad and I must start wifi manager from software with “fn” + “F2” … that didnt working and I cannot connect to net … can you fixed this problem please ? (Sorry for my english :-))

  205. I would suggest including the files and settings transfer from Gnome during install, into KDE 10, especially for those of us who are sporting dual boot HDD’s. Also a wider range of drivers for HW that’s a little older, especially for Logitech……keep up the great work Boo

  206. Chromium with a KDE friendly theme would be nice. VLC and Dragon Player are all that’s needed for playing videos.

  207. at BostonPeng Says:
    October 19th, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Linux mint KDE is a good distro. But when you say kubuntu is poor. I am one of the many long time distro users and reviewers and I can personally tell you Kubuntu has turned a 180. If I was still new to linux I would imagine i use Linux Mint KDE…but as for the most smoothest graphics and performance out all distro’s I run on 23 computers and flavors I hands down give Kubuntu 10.10 the thumbs up..with that said and back to the main reason to post. I would Like to see Name Linux in the branding as in Linux Mint KDE…mainly because Linux is the top uniforming name that new users can relate to the non Linux Community as well as all Linux Distro Communitys.

  208. The new installer is causing me problems. When I install to the entire disk it works, but I like to tripple boot and Ubuntus new installer does some really messed up things like installing over half of my other /home partition when there was plenty of empty space. It didnt appear to have the option to install manually like I was used to.

    My suggestion? Ditch the Ubuntu installer, both for Ubuntu-main and Kubuntu.

    Also, see if you can install the Nvidia drivers by default rather than require installation, since the installation seems broken and I am not sure it was fixed upstream yet.

  209. Why not have a CD version and a live DVD version at the same time?

    Also, DVD should include apps with the understanding that not everyone has broadband….believe it or not, a DVD burner is cheaper than broadband. You dont even need DVDs anyway, just a 2gb USB drive will do….if you can afford broadband you can afford to install a DVD sized image. $20 for a pendrive, good for thousands of installs.

  210. And why is KDE using PulseAudio?

    I dont get any sound at all ever when PulseAudio is in use. Not on my primary computer. Its a nightmare.

    I am almost considering leaving for another distro over nothing else but to get away from PulseAudio.

  211. This goes across all versions, it would be good in “Software manager” if individual packages could be ticked for a group installation, instead of waiting for the individual packages to install, I then could pick all my programs and leave the system to install them all at once. A bit like synaptic.

  212. For virtual box, just go to their website ( pick you package (32/64) download and install. works every time for me without extra settings.

  213. If you install Virtualbox using the Deb from the website it does not work. I tried this last night with Linux Mint KDE 9. Even if the DKMS package is installed you still need to download the Headers. This problem does not seem to be present in other editions of Linux Mint.

    This could be frustrating for someone that is just starting out with Linux. 😉

  214. I do agree

    In Mint-9: Yes, I encountered the same some time ago.
    In Mint-10(Gnome): Flawless install here (once again, as in 9)
    with the newest VirtualBox 3.2.10.

    Maybe they saved space on the install medium in not including the Headers with Mint-KDE. Bad move then…
    WE NEED TO LET “boo” (the Mint-KDE developer) KNOW THAT THE HEADERS ARE IMPORTANT, including, possibly, for other uses.

    I’ve got an idea :

    We should give this problem to a class of 1000 Linux newbies…
    we could then bet whether 0 or 1 or even 2 of them find out the exact error message, find out what version their running kernel is, download and install the Headers and then restart the VBox install process recompiling the Vbox-modules…

    I believe, ONE will make it. There is always ONE smart person within a crowd. Too bad for the other 999. It pays to be a winner!!

    So much for user-friendly linux.
    So, developers, please take note…

  215. I am running Linux Mint 9 KDE 64 bit satisfactorily. Once after an update the system was not able to restart properly and hanged in between. Then it was repaired using system recovery options in the GRUB Options menu flashed at start up. After repairing broken packages and files my system was able to start. But I lost the default Mint 9 KDE initial startup beautiful graphics screen, instead of that now I think the system has adopted default KUBUNTU 10 startup screen.

    I love Linux Mint 9 KDE and all its default settings. How to get them back after they are lost due to some mistake or error? Kindly include some remedy for this in Mint 10 KDE. Update reversal and system restore options as in Windows 7 are also required in Linux Mint 10 KDE.

  216. To continue on the Virtualbox note. Another problem that newbies might have is that you need to add yourself to the Vbox group to use USB devices in Virtualbox. Could users automatically be place in a Vbox group that is present by default on the system? Not sure what if any complications this would cause.

  217. First thanks for Mint 9 over the years I have look at Hbuntu but I would go back to Windows just could not do what I needed to do but I have had Mint 9 on my pc so IO can boot into one or the other have

  218. Hit enter did not mean to so let me pick up on this I have windows 7 and can all most so do everything with Mint 9 if you could make A mint 10 KDE like the Mint 9 Main that would be nice thanks once more for your hard work.

  219. Too large to read all…

    It must be opensource software by defect, but with easy access to restricted software/hardware drivers. I like to choose before the instalation. Any desktop must be with full compatibility with the applications installed. That’s the reason I don`t like Kubuntu.

    Could be good if the DVD contains the optional desktops to install, like Fedora or openSuse.

  220. Please no Gnome Application. I dont like the new Ubuntu 10.10. It looks like more and more Windows.

    Sorrz but this it what I think about.

  221. To Heptet:

    Don’t expect Yahoo to realese Messenger with cam support for Linux any time in the near future. If you like to use Yahoo’s Messenger accounts with cam support use Kopete or Gyache, they work much better than messenger does in its native Windows.

    Is not LM mandate to create applications on demand but to put an excellent OS together.

    Linux Mint really Rocks!!!

  222. Before settling on Linux Mint 9, I tried out a few other distros. Ubunutu 9.10 being the first serious trial and then Ultimate Edition 2.7. Ultimate Edition Just had too much “thrown in” for my liking and there were multiple applications which did the same thing as each other. One thing I did like about it though. Wine-doors was preinstalled and worked fine. I’ve tried installing wine-doors myself in ubuntu and mint, and it installs, but fails to run properly. The first time you start it up, after the screen to input your name. There are no packages in the list to install. I would love to see Wine and Wine-Doors installed in Mint 10.

  223. not a fan of meta packages. sometimes things to wonky when you remove (or attempt to remove) individual apps/drivers/etc. that were installed using a meta package.

  224. ibus integration in the sense that CJK input can be activated even during live_cd.

    I demo the live_cd to a group of students recently and noticed that their are 2 things that I am unable to demo using the live_cd

    – restricted drivers, need to relogin after install (fair enough)
    – cjk input, again need relogin after install (could be improved)

    whereas most other applications can be started immediately after install.

    A howto to enable ibus can be found here if you are interested

  225. The fonts in Gnome seems to look better than in KDE sometimes – will the KDE version use the same fontconfig, cairo, etc packages as the Gnome version? (with some KDE centric distros GTK apps can look off)

  226. -Green has become the corporrate identity of Mint. A green KDE theme would indeed be nice.

    -I like the idea to have a list on the desktop that lists software, grouped according to tasks.

    -The single QT4-based video player that consistently works for me is VLC.

    My 3 cent on the browser wars in here:
    – I like the idea to boost the publicity of the less well known FOSS-browsers
    -A QT4-Gui would fit KDE
    -I switched back and forth several times between Reconq and Arora. Both are QT4-webkit-based. Every time Arora had better functionality and less glitches. I’d vote for Arora.
    – Google very much owns the development process of Chromium and it already is far too powerful. I don’t like the idea to make Chromium the dafault browser at all. Geeks who already know it, are aware of all implied consequences and risks and are still fascinated by it may install it. But Average Joe coming from Windows will continue to use what he get’s preinstalled and I am uncomfortable with the idea that Mint contributes to Google’s might _despite_ all those FOSS browsers that work fine.

    -KOffice instead of OpenOffice/LibreOffice and GIMP. Why not?

    -If Strigi/Nepomuk don’t work without glitches, you should have a patch that removes any buttons from the control center that hint at their existence. I think you’d just need to comment out some lines of code!? Unfortunatelly, it won’t be possible to completely remove those pieces of software, or will it? Anyway, it’s anoying to be reminded that these things don’t work. I install Recoll for desktop search, be it KDE, Gnome, XFCE, or LXDE.

  227. FOSS browsers – what I wanted to say: browsers that are developed by a reasonable stable community effort rather than by some company releasing code post hoc- like Firefox, Arora, Reconq, and Midori.

  228. Hi Boo:
    A few suggestions…

    1) despite what some say…please do include the kick off menu..many of us love it and like kit much better then the classic method…one can always right click and restore classic view, so i don’t know why those people say get rid of kick off..they don’t have to use it if they don’t want to, but why eliminate it for those who do like it?

    2) not that crazy about the black trim around the “kick off” and the bottom panel, etc…perhaps a more kubuntu silver type color or a “metallic mac like look” such as the new mint menu in Mint 10 has…Or perhaps some type of variation on the mint menu…but please keep the slab menu option…

    3) When you have time after the Mint 10 release, i hope you will consider doing the KDE version of Mint Debian..that would be awesome! If you do, please offer both versions (32 bit and 64 bit)..

    Thanks for listening…

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