Uninstalling applications just got easier!

A last minute innovation was added to mintMenu 3.1 just before it reached code-freeze.

You can now uninstall any application by right-clicking on them in mintMenu and by selecting “Uninstall”.

A little window appears to show you the corresponding package name and its dependencies. You can confirm or cancel, and that’s about it really…. the packages get removed.

For menu entries without a corresponding package, the window asks you if you want to get rid of the menu entry or not.

Steve Jobs was showing his new Apple Air at CES 2008. If we had the money let me tell you.. I’d be there in all these conventions making a lot of noise about this 🙂

Don’t you love it when things get easier? Many thanks for the people who posted about this and similar ideas in the suggestions section of the forums.



  1. I have one thing to say. Wow!

    That’s great!

    I’m glad I moved from Ubuntu, which I loved dearly, to Mint which I love even more. 🙂

  2. Oh by the way.. you’ll want to be careful with this. It does ask you for a password and it does list the dependencies but if you just don’t pay attention to the fact that you’re gaining admin priviledges and don’t review the dependencies of what you’re removing you might be in for a big surprise.. some of the items in the menu are closely tied to Gnome and actually have major parts of the desktop depending on them (gnome-panel, gnome-terminal, gnome-session could be gone before you know it). So power to the user.. yes 🙂 But make sure you look at the dependencies before you click on the button 🙂


  3. I agree with Bruno, that it should be a warning when the application you want to uninstall had dependencies that afect other applications.

    Anyway it’s a very nice step forward.

  4. MacBook Air == Flop

    1) Price: Eur 1.699,00 for standard, +~1200!! Eur = 2.868,00 Eur for 200 MHz more and 20 GB LESS HDD

    2) ONE USB port, miniDVI and ONE Audio-out. No Audio-in. That’s ALL! No more physical connection options. Only those three! (One microphone is built-in. So you can imagine the quality of the recorded audio…)

    PS: Did Apple finally ditch “FireWire”?

    3) NO Ethernet Port!

    So if I want to connect a mouse AND ethernet AND/OR external HDD I need an USB switch. If I had a small lightweight notebook like this, i did not want to connect a USB switch all the time to use it.

    So, imo: Huge Fail!

    Waiting for eeePC instead =)

  5. WOW, just wow. Mint just keep getting better and better, this is actually an option I have been missing.

    You coders are the best!

  6. Woooah Clem!! A remove tool that can break your system is not good. Especially when it’s so easy for a beginner to do this. You need to sort thing out before Mint 5!!!!!!!

  7. Looks nice, I like it. Still has a leak somewhere, though. It’s running at 28 megabytes after about 45 minutes of usage. That and MintUpdate, at 80 megabytes, are still by far the two biggest memory uses, outside of a running Firefox.

  8. my home machine uses the Ubuntu Gutsy monkey, and my notebook thinkpad t61 uses Minty. The OS is in a mint condition. I feel I miss the add/remove option from Ubuntu. If it is there, and also it gets updated applications, it will be easier.

    the webbased applications helps, but they somewhat lacks version, description etc. Wish it will get better.

    I look forward mint with E17 – it is suppose to reduce the clunkiness and increase the beauty.
    keep up the goodwork.

  9. great!
    im running ubuntu 7.10 but im planning to switch to mint ASAP,
    this is exactly what linux needs, simple and easy to use features that everyone can appreciate 😉

    good job guys.

  10. Tried it and still prefer good old Synaptic. Maybe after some more tweaking it could be great. Might I suggest a simple GUI Add/Remove conglomeration of everything that is mintInstall similar to Ubuntu.

  11. Great job,Clem
    But I found out that some applications that were installed with Wine can’t be removed.
    I know I should be more specific. But could somebody verify this please?
    Thank you,

  12. Its a great feature….can anything beat that in terms of simplicity and ease.
    By the way..i miss the Add/Remove Ubuntu feature…hope MIntInstall will be Uninstalling apps as well.

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