Daryna KDE CE B44

BETA 044 should be released this week.

BETA 044 is out and available for download 🙂


  1. Do you think that it will be possible to upgrade from this to the final version without having to reinstall the whole thing?

    Also, what are the main issues remaining in beta 44?

  2. Hehe… as excited as I am about this, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s been “2 days away” for months now LOL. I’ll be the first to download it when it shows up, but why don’t we just say “It’ll be ready when it’s ready”, instead of these constantly missed deadlines?

  3. Of course, there’s always the chance I could look like a complete ass 😀

    Congrats team – VERY much looking forward to using this when it comes out on a CD sized ISO 😀

  4. Hi,

    We don’t do deadlines and as far as I remember I never ever said this edition would be released on DD/MM/YYYY. People asked for more transparency so they got more transparency. The truth was that we’ve been thinking “2-3 more days” for a while now and each BETA has shown tiny little bugs which made us say no to a release.

    We always release “when ready” and we don’t commit to any deadlines but if there’s pressure from the community and people want to get news on where we are and when we think we’re going to release we can only give them vague answers and “yes.. maybe two more days, hopefully” kind of answers. What’s the point estimating when you only really know something’s ready when it really is?

    Enjoy the BETA.


  5. Clem,
    As always, Thanks so much to you and your team for all these wonderful gifts that you have given to us.
    As to your methods, I would say the proof is in the pudding…and to this point, all the Mint pudding that I have tasted has been sweet indeed.

    Just keep on doing what you’ve been doing. The state of Linux Mint today reflect some very good decision making.

    You have my vote and my thanks!

  6. I’ve always like the “When it’s ready” release date. It really makes for a great product just as Mint 4.0 has been.

    Excellent work to all who were involved in making this release a reality…

  7. Can I ask you why this KDE version doesn’t include the little Ubuntu-made frontend to install proprietary drivers? There is a specific “restricted-manager-kde” package for this, after all 🙂 I had to manually track down the package in Synaptic and install it, while in LinuxMint 4.0 the GNOME package was already there.

    I hope it will be there in the final version! 😀

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