mintMenu 3.1 planned in Elyssa

Lars Peter Clausen made significant improvements to mintMenu and the version coming in Elyssa brings a lot of new features, among which:

  • A graphical configuration tool for mintMenu
  • The ability to define for each application if you want them to start automatically when you log in
  • Drag and drop support to arrange favorite applications
  • Fixes around the memory leaks issues
  • Fixes around the delay issue related to installing/removing applications

The localization layer was also redone and currently supports English and French. Translations will be done by the community via the forums once the first versions get released in Romeo.

Also, we’re currently working on adding a way to see recently opened documents…

So basically, mintMenu 3.1 should be faster, more responsive, translated in more languages, bring more features and be more configurable.

We should expect it to be released in Romeo in a week or so.


  1. This is just great, i’ll be happy to translate it to Norwegian, but i’m no programmer so I dont write code. Could I translate it entry by entry and have someone else code it?

  2. Fantastic news Clem, it makes the release of Elyssa more valuable and helps us to install smoothly. The more features we find, the better is it for the whole new thing.


  3. Stianmu: Yes, it will be a simple text file to translate, you won’t need to look at the code and this will be done via the forums.

  4. Is there a KDE4 version of mintMenu planned eventually? I’ve heard KDE4 was designed to make it easy to make your own menus (and rightfully so – have you used the default one?)

  5. AWESOME! that all sounds very very good indeed, you have addressed all the problems i had with mintmenu and threw in some extra goodies! congratulations Lars Peter Clausen. I will install it asap and do some testing

    cheers Kynan.

  6. Contact me via mail for italian translation of this release. I found this 4.0 Daryna actually fast and stable. On another pc I installed Ubutntu (Gutsy) – one thumb up – but for Mint, two thumbs up.

    Good work, really really good work.

  7. Guyz, mintMenu is awesome, along with the other Minty stuff, it make Linux Mint to stand out of the crowd. Is there a way to implement a hot-key shortcut to the System Monitor, so that it would appear on ctrl-alt-del, like in windows? I know it could sound dumb, but it would really ease the life of “freshners” from Win**.

  8. wow sounds good!
    i have a question…will this graphical configuration tool include resizing the menu or make it work like the Windows’? IMO, it’s too big…Good Luck!

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