Some news about KDE CE

Boo uploaded Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna KDE Community Edition BETA 041 and we’re getting ready to “explode” it (i.e. It’s now up to Exploder to run some tests on it). All known bugs in BETA 038 were fixed so we should be getting even closer to a release.


  1. Boo does an amazing job with Linux Mint KDE. Thank-you everyone at Mint and I wish you all a fantastic release.


  2. Mint is the only distro in which I’ll ever even consider to try out the otherwise aotik esktop nvironment.

    Keep the Mint up!

    *****Breaking Windows is both easy and fun!*****

  3. Catze: Yes, the number after “BETA” is the build number.

    B41 was exploded and only 2 bugs showed up. I’m happy to release.. waiting on Boo’s final decision to roll out B42 or to release B41.


  4. I am new to Linux & tried almost all distributions… Mint KDE is by far the best for me!!! When the next release comes out can I just upgrade from the current release or do I have to make a fresh install?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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