Linux Mint 5 “Elyssa”

Elyssa is a variant of Elissa and it is pronounced “eh-LIS-sah”. It is of Greek origin and its meaning is “from the blessed isles”. It was also the name of the 1st Queen and founder of the Phoenician city of Carthage, known by the Greek and the Romans as “Queen Dido”.


  1. This name is a great choice, I had feared it would be “Eliza”, and that’s not so attractive in my opinion.

    Thanks Clem!

  2. Clem,

    Should I switch from Dayna? I’d seen your earlier post.

    Just a question to post those YouTube videos. You know me.

  3. to make VLC start automatically when you insert a DVD

    preference -> removable device and media

    replace “totem %m” with “vlc %m”

    i agree vlc is better than totem xine with the dvd menus and more stable.

  4. I agree with throwing Amarok out. It is a great player but it has too much in common with KDE. First thing I did after downloading Clena was getting rid of Amarok and KDE stuff.

    Rythmbox is quite a good choice – but Exaile is also nice. For me one of the important things is the startup speed of the music player – on my system Exaile beats everything.

    As for video players – VLC is a superb choice but…. I don’t know about you but I have always had problems with getting it to view subtitles correctly. Native speakers don’t need this but it is a must for some of us. VLC is also using more CPU power (when playing HD content) then mplayer.

    I would vote for smplayer – a well designed GUI for mplayer.

  5. eliz will be a good name. like mint it also has 4 letters. Why don’t you keep all edition names simple, with 4 letters length.

  6. I like Amarok it has so many features and one of the few you can actually burn cd’s with. Managing my iPod is a very easy too. I started using Ubuntu and switched to Mint for the multimedia and nice appearance. One of the first things I did being an iPod owner and ex-windows user is look for something that compared to iTunes. While Rhythmbox looks like iTunes it is lacking many features. So I did quite a bit of research and ended up with Amarok. I admit there was a little bit of a learning curve but now I love it.

    I’m wanting a simular theme on the Gnome edition as is on the Xfce editon. If you haven’t seen it yet it is much more elegant in my opinion.

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