Daryna KDE CE coming soon…

Somewhere in Australia, Jamie “Boo” Birse is working hard on the KDE edition of Linux Mint. The system is stable and ready and a few final glitches need to be resolved. Among the changes that were made by Boo in the latest ISO, is a complete new look and feel based on the black artwork by Agust (also used by the Main Edition) but with the Gadi blue logo replacing the traditional one.

Have a look:


  1. downloading now! As a KDE user I am eager to get my hands on this one!!

    Will post comments and feedback after a few days toil and plunder!

    KDE yumminess….

  2. The kde mint Beta has enabled me to get rid of my windows os …. I’ve been trying to go over to 100% linux for years but there have allways been a few things that ms xp did but ubuntu didn’t ….. not anymore …. such strong software …… well done Mint people!!!

  3. I have to say, that looks to be the best default KDE setup on any distribution I’ve ever seen. It baffles me that other distros don’t have more pride in their interface and make it more attractive. Great work, guys.

  4. Curates egg, great in spots. Root log on does not work. At that it’s 100% better than main release which won’t even load on my box, (Gnome won’t come up despite trying every listed tip)

  5. very nice i thought it was kde 4 first time i looked at it :p

    i hope to try it with kde4 once it goes mainstream

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