Daryna User Guide

The Daryna User Guide was released as a PDF eBook for people to read and to comment:


If you find mistakes or if you have any comments don’t hesitate to give us your feeback.


  1. Looks good.
    During the partitioning section, it would be very nice to have a more ideal setup described, such as moving /home to its own partition.

    Also, might be good to mention something about the bootloader?

  2. Thumps up people, excellent work! Linux Mint, including a printed version of the Daryana User Guide, will make migrating users to GNU/Linux a breeze.

    I’ve got work to do… 😉


  3. It would be helpful to have access to the pdf from the installed distro. Since i couldnt connect to the internet with mint, it was impossible to figure out what to do to connect since i didnt have access to any instructions.

    Also, while i understand why the restricted drivers are not on the cd, it does make it difficult to install the drivers without having an already established connection (i use dialup :s and mint did not recognize my modem).

    also, when i managed to get an internet connection (a friend’s dsl). i downloaded a few of the programs from the software portal, i couldnt get any of them to install – using the password that i set with my main username gave me an error message about sudo (the path shown in the install indicated that it was the main account/main username which would be used in the install :S


  4. I have installed the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.1 but after browsing the web I found your site and I wanted to use Linux mint on my computer. Is it possible to update the ubuntu version that I got to linux mint right away or is it better to have a fresh install? Thanks

    ubuntu noob

  5. Hi Derek,

    You can “mintify” Ubuntu but you can’t upgrade to Mint from it. Although both distributions are compatible they’re not the same and you’d have to go back to Edgy if you were to find a common ancestor between them.

    I’d recommend a fresh install.


  6. Hi the link isn’t working and am trying to get a copy of Daryna_User_Guide.pdf..If some 1 could help me ????

  7. … maybe there should be an archive link on the home page specifically for user pdf documents. That would be very handy indeed!

  8. hey guys …the link isnt active n i needed a copy of the pdf ….anyone intrstd in sharing?

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