Faster downloads

One of the things Linux Mint has been really bad at, since the beginning, was at providing users with satisfying ways to download its releases. Very few mirrors were available and they were manually synchronized with the main server. This will hopefully change with Linux Mint now supporting rsync and developing a new network of download mirrors.

By Monday, the new system should be in place and we should already see 3 new mirrors become available:

– University of Crete (Greece)
– ploppGROUP Internetservices (Germany)
– Heanet (Ireland)

The biggest difference of course is that these new mirrors won’t simply mirror a particular release but they should stay available all the time and for future releases as well. If you’re living in one of these countries this will probably come as very good news to you. If you don’t and you happen to know about mirrors please tell them about us and that we’re looking for them.


  1. have you considered using bittorrent protocol?

    it really comes in handy right after the new release, when (presumably) the interest in .iso is the greatest, as it allows to offload the traffic from mirror to users downloading it, and if the cloud is big enough, maximum download speeds can be achieved (at least here in poor Serbia)

    these are some of linux-only trackers, and there are torrents that are still alive, even though they are released in the beginning of the year (which shows it can be a popular method of distribution)…

    and of course, it’s free 🙂 should’t hurt to try (although they’re in process of moving to )

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