Repositories were down, working fine again.

Edit: The repositories are working fine again. Sorry for the downtime and the inconvenience.

Original message below:

We’re experiencing problems with the server hosting our repositories. As we can’t access it remotely we’ve ordered a manual intervention and we’re currently waiting for this to happen.

In the meantime you can use Linux Mint just as you did before but:

  • mintUpdate will be slower to refresh (it will try to download the latest safety rules from that server, then timeout, then work normally)
  • you will see error messages when updating your APT cache
  • the website will be unavailable
  • you SHOULD NOT upgrade from Mint 6 to Mint 7 (wait until this problem is solved before upgrading, otherwise you’ll miss all the packages maintained by Mint and you’ll only get an update on the Ubuntu package base itself)

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We’re trying to fix this problem as quick as possible.


  1. Apparently it’s to do with Grub. It’s too soon to say what went wrong and if it was the result of an attack, a mistake or a malfunction.

  2. OK, problem solved. Grub was reinstalled. It seems it was either a mistake done on-site (changing HDDs or something) or a malfunction. No traces of an attack. The repositories being signed we know for sure they were not compromised.

  3. I thought things seemed slow yesterday when I ran Mintupdate. Thanks for the heads up. As always Clem I appreciate the excellent communication.

  4. Phew. I thought that there was something wrong with my Internet connection or my computer was reacting badly to Mint.Guess it was neither of those.

  5. Thnx again for a great distro!! it seems that each version is by far better than the previous!! By the way mintupdate is still down in Thessaloniki, Greece 🙁

  6. Looks like it is down again, trying to update right now and getting fails on updates from a few different repos.

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