The Mint Newsletter – issue 85

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” released!

How to upgrade Mint 6 Felicia to Mint 7 Gloria

Gloria is a success! We have more visitors to our forum and irc than ever before.

The Monthly Stats – May 2009 confirms the impression – the best ever month

The forum was flooded with spam on May 30 and 31. On June 1 we implemented counter spam measures in the registration process. The result is truly amazing. From what I (Husse) can see as admin this stopped about 50+ spambots from registering every day!

mintCast Episode 15

* News about Linux

Ubuntu Picks Up X Input 2 Support In PPA

Canonical developers aim to make Android apps run on Ubuntu

HP snubs Moblin, rolls out Mi Linux-Atom netbook

Linux distributor joins Moblin

KOffice 2.0.0 Released

The CentOS-5.3 i386 Live CD is released

According to IBM a Global Survey Shows Linux Desktop Easier to Deploy Than Expexpected   The survey has also been interpreted as the exact opposite..

Transmission 1.61 Plugs CSRF Hole – a cross site scripting vulnerability in the browser interface – anyone using a version prior to 1.61 and the browser interface is at risk

550 Days Later, Unreal Tournament 3 for Linux Appears Dead

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

OpenSolaris 2009.06 released

Compliance Is The Goal – FSF on the lawsuit against Cisco

“Ubuntu One” name creates confusion (Mark Shuttleworth’s response)

* News about IT

New DNS Bug and Fix Announced

EU pushes music industry to open up online rights

IBM exec calls Vista the best recruiter for Linux

Google Wave a new communication service introduced

Russian company Digital Sky Technologies takes $200m stake in Facebook – value drops

Pornographic videos flood YouTube

Mozilla Labs Introducing Jetpack, Call for Participation

University of Michigan first to sign new digitization agreement with Google

* Hardware news

A Laptop Cooled with Ionic Wind

Gainward and Palit blast AMD for their GPU product policy

* Other news

eBay fakes: L’Oreal fail in High Court test case

* Comic of the week

Credit goes to cathbards-grove

* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment.

Due to the apparent success of Gloria and subsequent growth in the number of posts in the forum I find it difficult to do everything in time.

That is  why this newsletter is so late

Enjoy life



  1. Thanks a lot Husse for another great newsletter. If it weren’t for this I would have no idea about a lot of cool projects happening in the community. Stuff like Ubuntu one and jetpack.

  2. first 🙂

    I`ve tested moblin on my HP mini 2133.. it`s not for netbooks imo =\
    lags, lags, laags!!! ew >_<

    Mint is my choice 🙂

  3. First – you spelt mintcast wrong. 😛

    Also, a little disappointed that the same cathbard comic as before has been used.

    But otherwise good.

  4. Oops
    A b that should not be there
    Will correct it
    Did I use that one before 😕
    Hmm have to make a list of the comics or something

  5. Why does the link “How to upgrade Mint 6 Felicia to Mint 7 Gloria” send me back to the home page? And can you really do this instead of a fresh install?


  6. I’m a little late to say this, but I just wanted to say that the upgrade from Felicia to Gloria went smoothly, and everything works great! Gloria is terrific, and I am eager to see what the future holds for Mint!

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