Language support in Mint 7 – Halfway there

Many of you answered the call and helped with the translations. As you can see below we already have full support for 15 languages:

Among other things, missing translations are holding the stable release of Linux Mint 7. There are 15 languages for which only some of the tools were translated. This is a pity as efforts were made by the translators and yet some of the tools will show up in English to users speaking these languages. Some other popular languages are missing here as well.

This is an on-going effort and we’re receiving more translations every day so I’m confident about this. If you can help with the translations, please visit the translations forums and help improve the support for your language:

The sooner we’re done with this the sooner it can be integrated within Mint 7 and the sooner we’ll be able to release it as stable.

Many thanks to all the people for the help we’re getting from them.


  1. <_<. I did the Marathi translations and one Hindi too, but my exams are going on, T_T there is lack of time

  2. For those who are thinking in translating, i can assure that you don’t spend more than one and half hour doing it. I done all the Portuguese within one hour (of course with a brake during), if there something you quite don’t understand check how they are translated in other languages like the French one (its made by Clem), and perhaps you might think in use some words or sentences in google translator.

  3. I didnt know that this was to be done or I would have started on the Hindi translations a long time ago. I have just finished mintWelcome in Hindi and will do a few more in the next few days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @b2bwild Hopefully someone can vet my work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It seems Japanese are delaying the release of Mint 7. So sad! I will try Japanese translation now.

  5. I just have to say I think it is amazing that so many have helped with translating. It just blows my mind that so many diverse cultures and abilities are represented within our community. Keep up the good work.

  6. If the missing language support truly is the only thing holding up the stable release, perhaps RC 2 could be released for those who’s language is already supported now?

    Maybe this has already been done, but maybe a release date should be frozen, and version 7 gets released with whatever language support it has by that date? More language support could be added via updates if necessary.

  7. To Joe above, probably u are english speaking and doesn’t affectt you the fact of getting a software, an intire O.S. in a language other than ours.

    Like Sarah says I think this is amazing and shows how alive is the community

  8. The “missing translations” represent 1 among 32 remaining bugs on my list.. so don’t worry, I’m not only focused on that ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll publish the list soon enough so people can track progress in real time.

  9. Clem it is amazing that so many people helping you at this process. Give us some time and I believe that in a few days you will have all the translations. I hope that I will have the rest of the Greek in two or three days.

  10. Ryan: Mostly triaging, 6 fixes accounted for, and only 4 of them done in the last 7 hours. The number should go down pretty fast tomorrow as more and more triaging is done and easy fixes are released. I’m keeping the best for the week-end you see? :))

  11. I’d contribute the Filipino translations but it’s not really a major language, and most Filipinos can understand English pretty well so it’s not really needed.

  12. dont get me wrong i love culture and americans dont know much about it but it is the most used language

  13. Do you need an Aussie translator, we do have some quirky words, such as sanger, G’day, Snag, Coldie, Bonza, Cober, Digger Etc Etc:-)))

  14. Tested my translation of mintInstall an i noticed that
    the Refresh, Find and Clean button isn’t translated.
    Other than that every works ok as i can see.

  15. I think the mode of sending in translations is quite cumbersome. Are there plans to enhance this?

    I think of a sort of spreadsheet like that in your post, where anyone can insert words, where old accepted translations are automatically inserted and a simple review mechanism is applied.

    Any volunteers?


  16. I have finished the rest from Czech language. Could someone from Czech Republic test it please, I use English settings.


  17. Just made* the Czech one for MintUpdate**. Czech it out. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    * copied most what the last translator did (sry buddy whoever u r ๐Ÿ˜€ ) plus made some revisions & my versions & translated what hadn’t been translated

    ** ironically the one mint application I don’t use at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. to Traga2whiskys//
    well,, at least for eastern asian languages which are in different language family, it takes longer than you think :s
    cuz they have totally different structure and vocabularies.
    it took about 4 hours for me to translate all tools into korean.
    for chinese, … yeah, it would be annoying.
    but i have no idea on japanese cuz i found that the translator usually uses loan words, not native words.
    (in fact i’ve refered the japanese translations :p)

  19. Friends from
    Come on! We are waiting for you to translate LM7 parts in your language to release it ๐Ÿ™‚ COME ON!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. The last missing module mintUpload was just translated into Slovak.
    Thank you Clem for an absolutely fantastic distro.

  21. Good job! ThorX89, you beat me to it! I was just about to post mine. My Czech is little rusty and I’m little slow too :-).

    Now can we get Mint 7 out please> I’m still on LM4

  22. fotono, you completed Japanese translation. Great!! And your Japanese is better than mine. Moreover I think the translation of a same word/phrase in the same language is better to be standardized. I will revise my translation following yours.

  23. I am missing languages from other lovely countries around the world
    who have your own native language.C’mon guys. Join the translation
    thread and support Mint’s tools into your languages.

    Help Linux Mint’s tools achieves a mundial great status.

    I think you are upgrading some mint’s tools (mintMenu
    mintInstall or whatever still based on current translations
    done for Felicia. Some sentences appear in English yet.

    That ones added since last version are not included yet. Am i right
    or Am I wrong? Or on going missing some sentences only.


    For instance: mintInstall – more info – informaรงรฃo extra (adicional)
    featured apllications – aplicativos apresentados

    mintMenu – keyboard shortcut – Atalhos de teclado

    Will there be other Mint’s tools upgrade versions to the Stable?

    Roberto – running Mint Gloria 7 Edition RC1 – and Felicia 6

  24. Catalan done and posted. It’s my first translation and I’m not used to it as a computer-oriented language (I generally use it in non-technical environments ๐Ÿ˜€ ), so I apologize in advance for any possible mistake. If anyone feels like making modifications to and/or correcting my translations, you are encouraged to do so.

  25. To: clem

    Maybe we should to add a deb font package named “ttf-wqy-zenhei” (which includes in ubuntu repository, size: about ) to show Chinese Simplified well, and packages named “scim”, “scim-pinyin”, “scim-tables-zh” as Chinese input methods for Asian who use Chinese.

    If possible, I also can offer a very popular and important Wubi ime on SCIM for Chinese
    (down from here: )

    Thank you very much for your and our hard work! Chinese girls who used LinuxMint will remember and miss you, also boies and others, and me.

  26. If I install RC1, will i be able to update to the final version without any problems?
    When will the final version be released?

  27. There is a way to update from an older version to a newer with out problems? I don’t know if there is a way to upgrade any way ๐Ÿ˜› How we can Upgrade easy from an older version to newer? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 27 languages fully supported so far. Pretty good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Many thanks to all translators. Their effort will allow a lot of people to get to use this great operating system. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Clem, developers, maybe you will take a look at those tips & tricks about faster booting and maybe peek at my post in the Gloria RC1 announcement. If we can move around with a Mint so well put together I’m sure many users will follow this distribution. It’s actually the user-friendliness that gets the people out of their hard shells.

  29. Just release it already the remaining language files can be downloaded while installation or afterwards…

  30. I just submitted the Bulgarian translation of MintInstall. I would like to ask other Bulgarians to test it and correct the mistakes . Thank you for your hard work on this wonderful distro!

  31. i need to know if we can do it with mint update or do we need iso and so does other people so if you can and have time please let me know

  32. re j0s3 (39): I have found one mistake: Zpustit pล™i opฤ›tovnรฉm pล™ihlรกลกenรญ (mรก bรฝt Spustit …)

  33. joe: this is answered many times in more detail on the forums, you do not need the iso, but mintUpdate will not automatically notify you either.

  34. When is LM 7 going to be released? Is there a guesstimation? LM is my favorite distribution to use and it’s what I throw on Linux newcomers laptops in order to convert them to “the dark side”.

  35. ok thanks what forum is it in so i can see how to and figure it out otherwise i could always get the iso

  36. i wonder if a ppc version would be better for ps3 then yellowdog and you would be able to change res

  37. because if it can atomaticly detect wireless and set everything up then its better and you guys update more and are more dependable then fixstars

    just a suggestion

  38. Finnish finished! =) Just submitted the last few sections, too bad they didn’t make it to the stable. I also made a few edits to my previous translations, which seem to be already included in gloria. Will the edits be picked up or should i just repost those sections?

  39. vulcane: once clem has posted a message like “all translations above added”, the posts are unlikely to be looked at again. You should post the revised translation in full below that post.

    joe: A new architecture is very unlikely as it’s way more work than even the community editions’ desktop environments. However if a developer has a passion for it, it is possible.

    Chrisanthos, dr.frankinfurter: LM will always be released when it’s ready. According to twitter, down to 5 bugs as of Friday, and a huge translation effort this weekend, so hopefully …! my personal guess is this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. thank you yea i know it would be very cool though as for mint 7 looks not only faster but even better i cant believe that microsoft wont make something faster and look better its usually same or worse and slower i stick with 2k xp mint etc i do want a 3.0 ghz to make sure i can run for long time on systems although my computer says it can go up to 3060 socket 478 im not sure if that means replacing anything so yea if you know of the top of your head rsvp


  41. p.s the only thing that sucks on this cpu is its ide and cant find hard drives but with that proc i would be ok so rsvp if you can its not a hurry not getting it anytime soon

  42. one last thing off the question before ext4 when will it be used because i find gpu management awesome

  43. joe: again, the ext4 question has been answered in the forums, and is now way off topic for a translations blog post.
    p.s. the answer is it’s available in the manual partitioning stage, and may be the default in mint 8

  44. Bosnian is the same as Serbian – Actually it is a new language founded 3 years ago.
    So if you have Serbian it can be used as Bosnian!

  45. I hope it’s better than Elyssa.
    I tried the Ubunt 9.04 and my wireless does not work.
    My compiz does not work.
    It’s terrible.
    I hope those bugs are fixed before you release Linux 7.
    I really hope it work, because I love my Mint 5. Mint 6 had problems with my wifi also.

    Thanks for the hard work.
    Where can we donate?

  46. I heard all the bugs were fixed and you were waiting a day for more translations! Woot!

  47. If we install RC1 and then run an update before stable is released, are recent bug fixes since RC1 in the mint apt repositories?

  48. I would be more thant happy to help out with the bulgarian translations since Iแธฟ bulgarian ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope I can help

  49. well no offence but its a little hard to find your forum on all this i cant figure out where to look and the topic to look for

  50. I’m a little confused by “Included in Gloria” and “Translated” Does that mean that things that are “Translated” are not going to be included in Gloria, but can be added later?

  51. I think it means, they are translated and will surely be included in the stable version. They will probably update it soon. Yesterday, some more were labeled as Translated, but it was until today that they look as included in gloria. By “translated” they are accepted as correct translations

  52. “Bosnian is the same as Serbian – Actually it is a new language founded 3 years ago.
    So if you have Serbian it can be used as Bosnian!”

    Once Bosnian is out of the way it leaves only a couple translations for Basque.

  53. We have to wait for Basque and Bosnian now? :S OMG what are they do the users for those countries? ๐Ÿ™ Pfffffff

  54. I finished the Basque translation in Wednesday, but already appear as “not translated” in the list.
    There is any problem or is a matter that everybody is too busy witgh the testings?

  55. Is it possible to install other than English language for Mint Tools trough Synaptic? I am using main CD (not DVD) installable disk. Or I should download Mint7 DVD disk and install additional language from it?

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