Linux Mint 7 Gloria entering testing phase

I would like to thank all the people who helped translating Gloria. The response from the community was amazing.Β  The ISO is being finalized today and it includes full support for the Mint tools in 37 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese/Br, Portuguese/Pt, Arabic, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Galician, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovenian, Catalan, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Marathi, Norwegian [nynorsk], Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hindi, Finnish, Hebrew, Serbian and Belarussian.

Basque and Bosnian are also partially supported.

The ISO is estimated to be around 696MB including fonts for all the languages mentioned above to be displayed correctly out of the box.

The Universal Edition will also include the related language-packs for all these languages to work fully from the live DVD and in a fully localized Gnome environment.

I would also like to thank all the people who helped in testing the RC1 release of Linux Mint 7. 51 bug reports were catalogued and analyzed. And after triaging them all and releasing some fixes we’re now in a position to finalize the ISO.

The spreadsheet below shows the bugs which were looked at:

The ISO will now go into testing, and once approved by myself it will be submitted to the team and seeking Exploder’s approval for a stable release. We release when ready and if anything goes wrong we’ll just take more time so I can’t give an estimated release date but we’re getting close and we’ll make it worth the wait.

Again, many thanks to all who got involved. Many improvements were made since RC1, both in terms of bug fixes and language support and that is thanks to you.


  1. Wonderful news! Thanks to everyone who helped out on this. Can’t wait to get my hands on Gloria.

  2. Clem,

    What goes into testing the ISO? Successful install on multiple machines? Just curious because I honestly don’t know.

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  4. Great work !

    I’m waiting it a lot. I moved from Mandriva and Ubuntu to Mint 6 and I can’t go back , you did an amazing stuff !

  5. Nice work by the Mint team as always. Not sure this is proper here but found Ubuntu 9.04 has a real problem with internal flash card readers and digital cameras connected via USB. I hope this has been checked closely in Gloria? Here’s to a great release!

  6. Awesome news, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Gloria since its conception. Will the 64 bit version come out at the same time as the 32?

  7. Really looking forward to the final release. 7 seems to be a vast improvement over 6, so looking forward to installing the final version of this.

    Great work Clem and to everybody who has translated the tools!

  8. Great job. I am working with the RC1 and its great. Is the KDE version already in work? Cant wait to install that.

  9. Ryan: It’s a quality process of ours, it consists in a series of tests, mostly done to prevent known regressions.. for instance we test mint4win in Windows, DVD playback, the fact that all apps open properly, that our tools fit in 800×600…etc etc.. It’s done twice at the very least, by me and by Exploder. On top of that I need to update the user guide and to get the Universal edition ready and tested as well. And then comes the release process itself.. syncing with the mirrors and all.. it takes time πŸ™‚

  10. Yay! thanks for fixing the Mintmenu shortcut key. Now this release really is my favorite of all time!

    The Speed! The Look! The Taste! The Feeling…! Keep on that way!
    I am poor but I’m gatherin some money to send you. I need doing it!

  12. great!!!
    Will there be a KDE version???
    If so, when will it be released???

    And, please, please, make it a CD.

  13. Clem
    Loved RC1 so I can’t (but I will) wait for the stable release.

    Thanx for restoring my interest in computers. Have been evangelising and installing Mint for family, friends + colleagues (for free, of course) with great success.
    I wish you and the team greater success with every upgrade for many years to come

  14. Looks good, i like the documentation about the bugs and the status etc. really nice done.

  15. Hey bro… amazing work you are doing with Mint. I have just one question: Will be possible to upgrade from RC1? Thanks!…
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile

  16. Clem, there are two different names for the languge used in Belarus’: BelAruSian or BelOruSSian – “a” and “s” or “o” and “ss”. Please, choose one of them, “Belarussian” is a mistake!

  17. Thanks to Clem and the gang. Can’t wait to install a brnad ‘spanking’ new version of Mint 7.

  18. Hello clem.
    Doing a wonderful job with Mint, i have been using it since cassandra. I have but one problem. When it comes to torrent, only transmission works. I tried all others like Vuze. They get installed but wont run at all. Can you put vuze by default in mint 7. Anyway i appreciate your work and no problem if it cant be done. Thank you

  19. I’m really looking forward to Mint 7!! I’ve eagerly watching the this page waiting…I wish I knew more than English!
    Thanks to all who helped, and especially the developers!

    I hope the 64bit version is released at the same time as well. I use both it and the 32 bit.

    Please release [it]… let [it] go… πŸ™‚

  20. Clem, I really love what you are doing. You are a great person, not only that mint is a awesome distribution, I like your way of thinking, you don’t repeat just what all the others are telling but do your own thing.
    Props go also to all the other people behind ubuntu, especially Carlos, I just love the new gloaria theme and the login screen, always liked dark themes better, I know many of the developers don’t want to hear that, but my main reason for choosing Linux mint was the awesome look.
    Oh and clem, perhaps you don’t want to hear about that task anymore, but I wanted to tell you that you managed that israel thing really great, it was just right, it made many people think about that task, in my opinion the use of a linux distribution for political interests is wrong in fact, but you discussed it with the users, said you were mistaking and moved it to your blog like a real man and everybody is respecting you for that. I am from israel and the israel government doesn’t ask it’s people what they should do, they don’t discuss with us or with the palestines, they just ask america or other state politicans that are against palestine, that’s just the wrong way. Not many people in Israel think this way unfortunately. Sorry but I had no chance to post my opinion anywhere else, I just had to say this because it regards to me, most of my friends from israel just switched to ubuntu and stopped using linux mint now because they are idiots and don’t think about anything, but the ones who are still using it understand and respect your opinion and that is what really matters. I guess you won’t read this, but I thank you anyways.

  21. once again mint team! lots of filipinos are waiting for this release. long leave LINUXMINT team.

  22. “once again mint team! lots of filipinos are waiting for this release. long leave LINUXMINT team.”

    In fact, I’m one of those filipinos.

    Thanks Clem, many of my friends migrated to LinuxMint ofter trying Felicia, they love it. No Viruses, No Spyware, No trojans, No worms,
    just a robust, rock solid operating system.

  23. Excellent work. You and your whole team deserve awards for your diligence.
    You have impeccable taste in the capabilities you enable for a computer user. To give this free of charge is unbelievable.
    This is truly a labor of love.
    Much appreciated on this end.
    Will I be able to just upgrade RC1 or must I install fresh?

  24. Thanks Mint team for this great work! I am currently using RC1 on two machines. Do I have to install the stable release or can I go on with RC1 plus updates? Any difference?

  25. ( with apologies to Ian Dury & the Blockheads )

    In the deserts of Sudan, and the gardens of Japan
    From Milan to Yucatan, every woman, every man
    In the wilds of Borneo, and the vineyards of Bordeaux
    Eskimo, Arapaho, move their body to and fro
    In the dock of Tiger Bay, on the road to Mandalay
    From Bombay to Santa Fe, over hills and far away

    Hit me with your Linux stick
    Hit me! Hit me! Je t’adore, ich liebe dich,
    Hit me with your Linux stick
    Hit me! Hit me! Das ist gut! C’est fantastique!
    Hit me with your Linux stick, It’s nice to be a Mint-addict
    Hit me! Hit me!

  26. About bug: “If I go at the mint menu, and type in the filter in my language a word of a name of an application which is in my language again, it cannot find it, although I can see that I am writing exactly the same word.” The language used was greek, does this have anything to do with the character encoding?

  27. I have used many cameras without probs, but when I installed mint of a friends machine he had a camera with the sony memory stick and had nothing but troubles (fortunately for him) he was looking for an excuse to buy a new camera. but not everyone is so lucky. The sony memory needs a fix but I think this is more to do with sony propriety and owning patents.
    Nice work by the Mint team as always. Not sure this is proper here but found Ubuntu 9.04 has a real problem with internal flash card readers and digital cameras connected via USB. I hope this has been checked closely in Gloria? Here’s to a great release!

  28. Love it. Thank you Clemens & team.

    Have found two more computers in my acquaintance which will get an upgrade from an obsolete Redmond OS to Mint Glorious Gloria πŸ˜‰


  29. I’ve organised people who are fluent in my home language so we successfully translate the next release of Mint; we need it in our home language! Famba Mint-Fambaaa! South African folks!

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  31. Just thought I would let everyone know that the final release is in the process of being tested now.


  32. I think it’s amazing that just a week ago we had a dozen or more languages still needing translation. Thanks to the efforts of the awesome Mint community, we are moving on to the next step towards a stable release. Way to go everyone. I’m proud to be a LM user and community member πŸ™‚

  33. Amazing job with the transation! Running the RC and can’t wait for the final. πŸ™‚

  34. Two questions that recur several times in this list that I haven’t seen answered yet.
    1. Is there an upgrade path from RC1 and/or Mint 6?
    2. Will the 64 bit edition be released at the same time or is that treated as another “community edition” that will hit later?

    As more and more of us go 64 bit only, this becomes a very important question. I look forward to the day the 64 bit is considered the primary release….

  35. If this is released today, will make all the sweeter my first day of summer vacation

    great job.

  36. I also would love to see all of the features of the Mint Gnome version incorporated into the KDE version. But, I use the Main version most because of the features and I like it a lot.

  37. LOL! I feel like we are all at a Bachelor party waiting for “Gloria” to pop out of a cake!! Can’t wait, Linux Mint is my favourite distro! I thank everyone in advance for the work that you do.


  38. Clem,

    I want to let you know that I tried LinuxMint last month, since I never install another OS in my system. I have two ideas Clem it is up to you, but I think it will make the OS pop out. Can you change the MENU LOGO on the task bar on the lower left hand side where it says MENU pop out just like Microsoft has the START button with a background color that different from the rest of the task bar.It will look nice if it can happen. Because I have a bunch of Haitian friends that I installed the Mint7 for that come with that idea. Clem, also the menu that pop up after you login, when you click on the user guide which I think is a PDF file it doesn’t it display an error on the browser. I think maybe you knew about it already.
    Those are my idea, but believe it or not LinuxMint made me forget about Microsft.

    Great job.


  39. Were the new translations that we wrote in the forum, the ones inside the today’s repository’s packages? Because I found some differences.

  40. LinuxMint 7 sounds glorious!XD

    I wait with enthusiasm and now that my Felicia’s GRUB has no fix – yeap, I tried everything and nothing helped me, sorry – due to the reinstallation of Windows on my machine (I am a sincere, yet I need it for certain tasks).

    By the way, has not thought about a program that works from a LM LiveCD / DVD, based on a backup of the installation made on the hard disk and restore the LinuxMint GRUB destroyed by Windows? It would be great.

    Well, now my best wishes for success of LinuxMint 7 is gloriously total.:D

  41. can’t wait for the x64 version of linuxmint7, it might be the best thing to be released this spring/summer!

  42. Ubuntu isn’t as user-friendly as they want you to think. I’ve always had major issues with the distro and finally I said “Screw it, I’ll just install something else”.

    I found out about Linux Mint a long time ago when I was trolling the StormFront forums. A couple of rednecks were bitching about how Ubuntu has an African name and can’t be used. They talked about Linux Mint, and I downloaded it to see what might happen.

    I loved it! There is no superior distrobution available. Linux Mint is the prettiest, most user-friendly, fastest, and quite safe.



  43. Cool, I’ve been using Ubunbut for a long time, but since the release of Felicia i’ve switched to linux mint!! keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

    will donate soon!!

  44. Mint is super system! I wait 7.0 system – best system of the world! Good work development team. Best regards …

  45. I canΒ΄t wait anylonger…pls release it now! hehehe…just kidding, itΒ΄s to show ya that I liked all others Mint versions…and Im waiting for this one….
    Congrats to all Mint staff!

  46. While you are testing, does the installation succeed, when:
    1.) the chosen FS for 2 logical partitions “/” and “/home” is anything BUT ext[n] (f.e.: JFS)?
    2.) GRUB is selected to go into the PBR of any of those 2 partitions above (to be chain loaded by an already existing boot manager)?

  47. Hi I’ve one question, I upgrade some Ubuntus versions like 8.10 to 9.04 but after the upgrade I think all of the features like Themes or Pop-up Ballons new style was installed but I depress when I tested the upgrade and all of the visuals are not installed, in linux mint i never do an upgrade by console we can do that to upgrade felicia to gloria? and we have all of the features? like the logon screen and more? thanks and sorry for my english I’m not a native english speaker

  48. Is it safe to say that one could install RC1 and simply mintupdate to the final release when it is available?

  49. Does anyone know when is this version going out??
    I am a newbie on Linux Mint.

    Thank you to all the team.

  50. Just wanted to say that I’ve become one of those obsessive compulsive people. Since hearing that Mint 7 is in final testing, I check the website every 15 minutes now. Does this mean I need Prozac?

  51. In my personal opinion its already good to go. Of course I only use the English versions because that’s my primary language. I’ve already been switching everyone over to Gloria 7 RC1 instead of Ubuntu Jaunty. I’m Waiting with Baited Breath for the 64 bit version though.

  52. @Radimir

    I thought the fix for windows overwriting the Grub loader was to run the liveCD and reinstall GRUB.

  53. @Radimir

    Or, I can just keep reading down a few more posts and see that you already took Hamburn’s advice. I need a beer.

  54. To 66. Brett,

    Sorry, buddy, SuperGrub said ‘Error 15” to all. Best is, I think so, to put a new copy of Linux Mint in root and lose three our four hours to update it ( I do not like this one because already I had my machine working at sharp with Felicia… I am mourning… πŸ™ Yes, I need three beers, too, and a litlle box of Kleenex…)

    Thanx a lot for your good will!

  55. 32-bit LinuxMint7-RC1 is already my default desktop, but I’m really looking forward to the definitive release of this and the 64-bit version, ‘when they are ready’.
    Meanwhile a tip for those with removeable media problems. Use Package Manager (Synaptic) to search for, mark and apply ntfs-config and then look for it under Administration as ‘NTFS Configuration Tool’. Use it to select fixed ‘drives’ for mounting, complete with remembered desktop icons, but also go on to Enable write support for internal and external devices !
    Beats messing about with the etc/fstab file and then automatically mounts inserted media cards and USB sticks !

  56. I have a suggestion, mint update should have a interval of like 5 hours not 5 minutes. I put mint on a computer the other day and with the 5 minute update the wireless adapter would crash.

  57. Thanks to all who have given me their valuable advices: Alexio, hanbum, Brett … And Clem who allowed it. I am delighted that fans of Linux Mint are concerned about newbies as Radimir πŸ™‚

  58. Mint 7 is great :). Today Gloria tested and the only I can say is WOW :), but I change default firewall because the Gufw is too simple.

  59. I am going to be implementing Linux on my work system, wish….for me to be able (with a right mouse click) encrypt/password protect individual files and folders so my employees cannot snoop at financial information.I have read other ways around it such as just installing as root etc, but its pretty busy at work and I dont really have times to log off/logg on/terminal etc etc.

  60. Michael, you can simply protect your user profile from othe local users with a single command:

    sudo chmod 0750 ~

    To lock your workstation quickly you only need to press Ctrl+L. Alternatively, you can set your wallpaper to bump in and lock your workstation along with it. It will require your user password. All these are very simple ways to handle your need.

    Anyway, with Linux Mint you do have an “Encrypt” option in the right-click menu and you should normally be able to handle the requirements – creating/importing a key. But if you don’t succeed in creating yourself a key and use that to protect your files and folders, simply take the advice above. Good luck! πŸ˜‰

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