Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE RC1 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 6 XFCE Community Edition RC1. Based on Xubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, Linux 2.6.27, XFCE 4.4.2 and Xorg 7.4, Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE comes with a brand new “Software Manager”, FTP support in mintUpload, proxy support and history of updates in mintUpdate, mintDisk and a lot of other improvements. For a complete list of new features read: What’s new in Felicia XFCE CE?

System requirements and known issues:

You need 128MB RAM to run the Live CD or 192MB RAM to install. To install, you need 1.5GB of free space on your hard disk. Once installed, Linux Mint 6 XFCE CE can run with 192MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256MB RAM.

As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop. For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

Feedback and bug reports:

The testing will last for 2 weeks. Please report any bug you may find via the Linux Mint 6 XFCE RC1 Bug Thread and give us your feedback on this release by posting a comment right here on the blog.

Download Linux Mint 6 XFCE RC1:

You can download Linux Mint 6 XFCE RC1 via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 687MB LiveCD
MD5Sum: 6100723bceed8ad85115fffec7d16b8a

Torrent download:
HTTP download:


Northern America:

Rest of the World:


Have a lot of fun testing this release candidate and let’s all hope it will help us make a great stable release.


  1. LOVE 6 Felicia! Man Mint just gets better and better! Kudos! I am running the liveCD on my Macbook. Loads great! Takes a few minutes but runs just fine!

  2. I really look forward to test driving this wonderful distro!
    My only question is: 64-bit version available for AMD?

  3. I was installing an old portable which only has 192 mb, I had to use Xubuntu alternative installation because Mint needs 512Mb to install. Would be nice if it supported on installation low memory computers.

  4. Srsly, Mint’s enormous RAM requirements are keeping me from installing this on a friend’s computer (to replace Windows). As he and his girlfriend are noobs to linux but avid users of the internet (facebook, youtube et al), Mint would be the perfect distro for them — if I could install it on their machine w/256MiB RAM. Yeah, I know, I could do the mint4win install, and I did, however, they only have a 20 GB HD, and the sheer number of photos and stuff they have on their computer only leaves room for one OS (realistically). Also, Mint inside WinXP is a tad slow for their tastes on their PIII 600Mhz machine. So, what’s up, is a page going to be taken from Xubuntu on this one to somehow reduce the amount of RAM required? I should think that if you have an active 2 GB swap partition during install, your machine wouldn’t hang or fail…. Maybe an “Alternate Install” CD for Mint is called for, or perhaps a two-stage install….

  5. I currently run mint xfce 5 on my dell xps m1330 (4gb of ram,320gb hard-drive,) definitely above the the required minimum to run mint xfce. but that is why i love it. i just loved the way mint xfce was polished.. and to think that its a community edition. its just soo sweet. i would be a bit hesitant to upgrade to mint-xfce 6 due to some problem i with ibex (which are mainly upstream) most things that use to work in hardy are broken with ibex and because many of these things are upstream bugs it is going to affect mint-6. although i love to download it and try it out to see what happens keep up the good work. ( i frankly think that mint-xfce is the best xfce distro there is)

  6. I’m not new to Linux; I’ve had several other versions of mint. But I just upgraded my elyssa using the upgrade within the synaptic package manager and now I’m having problems with the color of pictures and words. They all have green blotches! Does anyone know where I go on my computer to fix this? Or should I downgrade back to what I had previously?

  7. This looks fantastic! D/Ling ISO now! Mint is always the best, tried every other distro and I end up here everytime.

  8. I have had people tell me that they got it installed with 128MB ram with a swap partition.
    I have no idea why anyone would need 512MB to install it to the hard drive.
    Just make and use a swap partition, if you have problems installing.

  9. @ Modest Ram
    If you can’t get mint to install, you could use the Alternate Install cd of Xubuntu.
    Then after install edit the sources.lst to the one in XFCE CE.
    After that just install the meta package.
    Make sure to remove the update manager from Ubuntu.

    I was looking into making a Alternate Install cd at one time but it wasn’t working out.
    Maybe I’ll try again after some of my other projects get done.

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  11. Is there a way on how i can transform my Linux mint 6 (On my aspire one) to work with XFCE? The main edition is a bit of an overkill, but i do not want to loose all of the customizations that i did to make it better for the netbook (Webcam, sound, less SSD writes) and all the stuf…


  12. I believe it’s 2.5GB of hard drive space.
    I’m not sure, I’ll just install with mint4win later to see the real number.

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  14. It’s a pity Mint XFCE does not try to be lighter… I know it’s close to Xubuntu, but repeating that mistake may not be the best idea… And it’s not only about the RAM required to install but also HDD required. Esp since distro like TinyMe take up less than half of space.

  15. I did not notice the previous comment – if it’s 2.5 gb than it’s twice of what Xubuntu needs! and 4 times Tinyme!

  16. I tried Mint XfCE CE RC1 in a computer on the college with 192mg Ram and processor 900 mgz. Of course i did not expect a too fast performance but the result was satisfactory.
    In one of my computer with a 1 GB Ram i don’t need to tell you i got a Mint XFCE CE DE LUXE Edition
    All i need every day in the palm of my hand. At this moment i am running Gnormalize and making my mp3 in hight quality.

    You know, I don’t like “Poor” XFCE Linux Distros. I love XFCE DE LUXE Editions like Mint XFCE CE and other like that out there.

    A splendorous artwwork and the Mint tools complements this Mint XFCE RC1 edition.

    I have found bugs for this RC1 and some of them match the same ones already reported on the forum.

    Well, this my personal opinion. You can have yours, even not agree.

    I expect the best for the the Linux Mint XFCE CE final edition.

    Now about Debian:

    I like Debian – Is Debian a DE LUXE Edition? No but the
    fastest, charismatic, human Linux Distro in the world
    It is only Debian and i like it.

  17. Yes, I would politely like the AlternateMint CD with Green instead of RED and LINUX MINT as the BIG TEXT and Welcome to Linux Mint Alternate CD and it should also have a live section that will use a SWAP partition or make a file called hello-mint.swap if your PC doesnt have much ram, Luckily, the reqs for Linux Mint Install is 384 to install 290 to use. Thank you “Modest Ram” for mentioning Mint-AltCD

  18., just install xfcemint from the repo’s. Thank you for asking and we all think this is good. I guess.

  19. hi there, after installing mint 6 XFCE, my comp will automatically log out if the CPU usage reaches 100% for over some period of time.. why is this happen??

  20. looks good and drives well
    the desktop switching is a pain when using a laptop if you are using the touch pad …is there a short cut key to switch desktops manualy
    good distro keep up the good work

  21. Just finished checking out Linux Mint and the fluxbox distro of linux mind. Have to say I was impressed. I’m a winXP user and have been keeping an eye on distros, testing to see which ones I like, and Linux Mint is doing a great job!

    Everything worked on my HP Pavilion ZE4400 with no problems at all.

    I did notice the the system monitor was reporting a high CPU usage when the processes were only using about 10% it was reading around 50%. I know it wasn’t working that hard because the fan rarely came on during my test.

    Can’t really find any other faults with it. I think for a XP user moving to Linux this distro will be very easy to get used to.

    OH, one feature that I’m waiting for. . .
    magicJack (VOIP usb phone) now has a port to mac and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone ports this to linux. That’s the last thing I’m waiting for, then I’m 100% linux and windows can kiss my *** 😀

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into distros like this!

  22. Hello
    Like on other distribs (exept debian-xfce), i don’t understand why repeat the choices in settings included already in xfce settings manager; and have also redondancy in mintconfig and in system menu. The consequence is difficulty to read those extra large and multiple menus.
    The look is bazar. Sorry but you are repeating the mandriva’s errors whith a redondant own menu.
    One choice in the right place must be the guidance: for example how to explain by phone: you ‘ll find it in settings or in system or in mint config or …everywhere!
    I’m trying your package and except this major bug it is good job.
    -the right clic on desktop by default to have menu
    -switch workspaces using the mouse by default, and pager item in the panel
    -the all print config menus at the same place
    -choices of languages when we start live session (cd is full?)
    -where is there a simple menu to just change host and domain name?

    sorry for my poor english and little bravo and futur big bravo?

    maybe modify the /etc/hosts localhost name name

  23. Hi andso. What one person like, there will be 10 people that dont like it. I think we can all agree that it in all it is an excellent distro.
    I dont like the way Kubuntu comes up with the list of languages, but maybe Mint can do something not as obvious as kubuntu, but still easy to use. Perhaps Mint could allow for a extra menu item (in the pre-boot phase) that says “select lanugage” This would make me happy and hopefully provide better support for others.
    What do you think??

  24. @adam:
    it is xfcemint package you want there, 😀
    @linuxman_au, you can do this using the noted key, any key and then go to select language link on the keyboard (usually {I dunno, maybe Ubuntu’s binding?})

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