Monthly News – November 2023

Many thanks for your donations and for your support!

I’ll be brief today because we’re a little bit late in our schedule. The holiday season is coming and so is Linux Mint 21.3.

Linux Mint 21.3

The ISO images for Linux Mint 21.3 are currently in QA. We’re almost done with the testing. We’re expecting a BETA release this week.

Nemo Actions

Right-click an .iso file. You see “Verify” and “Make bootable USB stick” in the context menu? These are Nemo actions.

Until now actions were provided by packages and we only shipped actions which were useful to most people. These two actions, for instance, are part of the mintstick package.

Starting with Cinnamon 6.0, you’ll be able to download, enable and rate actions the same way as applets, desklets, extensions and Cinnamon themes.

Actions will be a new type of Cinnamon spices.

We’ll see a huge variety of new actions popping up in the community and available in Cinnamon.

Wayland Support

With Linux Mint 21.3 and Cinnamon 6.0 we’ll start providing experimental (as in ALPHA) support for Wayland. As previously announced this won’t take priority over Xorg, we’ll take our time to fix Wayland issues, but we’ll start accepting bug reports nonetheless.

We have a dedicated Github repository for issues related to Wayland, whether they need fixing in Cinnamon, in an XApp project, a Mint tool or anything software project we maintain:

Other News

Hypnotix recently received the ability to set favorite channels. It will also feature the ability to create custom channels. If you have a link to stream from, whether it’s live or not, you’ll be able to turn it into a custom TV channel. This makes it possible to use Hypnotix without any playlist or any IPTV provider. You could even use this to create channels for your favorite YouTube music videos.

In Slick Greeter, the login screen, the alignment of the login box is now configurable.

Bulky, the batch file renaming tool, received support for thumbnails and drag and drop.

In Pix, video playback now takes the video orientation into account and automatically rotates it.


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  1. When copying data, e.g. to a USB drive, the Nemo graphical environment (progress bar) only shows the progress of reading data from the source to RAM/SWAP memory, while the progress of writing data to the destination is hidden. This is fine if you copy data from a pendrive to a hard drive, but it is dangerous if you copy data from a hard drive to a USB pendrive. Unfortunately, the Nemo file manager does not have a Plugin for Linux Mint with a fix for the status bar when saving to a pendrive. Therefore, you should still be especially careful when disconnecting disks, because it may result in data loss or damage to the pendrive, it is troublesome especially for ordinary users, for whom I installed this system to do a good deed 🙂 From what I read, this error was reported in Ubuntu 11 years ago and still not solved:
    Temporary solution:
    I hope that over time this error will also be fixed and our data will be more secure.

    1. I seriously doubt that it will be fixed. Because I think that it’s not considered a bug from the server perspective, which is what the Linux kernel is primarily made for. They don’t care about desktop users. On servers, lots of large file operations happen and for various reasons (performance, data safety, network traffic etc.) they are not immediately flushed. Nobody really tests these “server defaults” on desktops, or how they affect average desktop users, and they never will. The file managers on our desktop environments are basically at the mercy of the kernel.

    2. I always right click on the device in the nemo sidebar and select “eject” or “safely remove drive” to verify that all file operations are done. If you do this from nemo, and not the desktop entry, you will get a notification telling you it is safe to remove the device.

    3. The work-a-round I use is to open the terminal and enter the ‘sync’ command. That makes sure buffers are flushed when it comes back with the prompt.

    4. I had many incidents with this. Now, I only use USB keys and disks with LED. Even when Cinnamon says I can safely unplug them, LED i still blinking. You can’t rely on Cinnamon, Nemo or other software for this.

    5. Would be very appreciated if this issue was fixed to display progress of the write not the read.

    6. You can always open a terminal window and type the ‘sync’ command and wait for it to return to the command prompt.

    7. Thank you for your tips, I use them and everything works 🙂 It is only bothersome for less conscious users who want to use the computer normally and this applies to all Linux distributions.
      This is my favorite system, I use it every day and I am currently testing the beta version 21.3, the changes are only positive.

  2. I’d like to have tools to calibrate and manage screen colors calibration (with DisplayCAL), printer and scanner calibration. And tools to easily add a computer into an AD (Active Directory, ApacheDS, FreeIPA, Red Hat Identity Management, Synology Directory Server, Linux Schools, NethServer, Samba Active Directory from Tranquil IT System, SambaÉdu, SAMBA+, Seth, Univention Corporate Server, Zential…).

  3. Hello Mint!

    _Any chance of updating TLP in Mint 21.3?_ Here is why I ask. A new version of TLP, with significant enhancements, is out. However, its developer has provided no binaries, nor even instructions on building from source, but only (along with the unvarnished source code) the statement that the new version will be available via . . distribution repositories.

    Thanks for your time (and your OS!).

    1. you can use ppa instead to upgrading tlp 1.6, here’s how:
      1. open a terminal
      2. type “sudo apt-add-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp” (without quote) in the terminal
      3. an then type sudo apt update && sudo apt install tlp. when prompted type y to proceed installation.

    2. I wish to respond to a reply to my comment. That reply is by Reno Sifana Paksi. I see no way of replying to that person’s comment. So I must reply to my own comment (!). I wished say the following.

      – Thank you for the information about the PPA.
      – I cannot find the webpage to which I referred – the one that seems to offer no upgrade path. So long as I cannot find the that latter page I cannot ask tlp to correct the mistaken impression at issue.
      – The PPA package seems to be working. So that’s good!

  4. Nemo Actions…
    I currently use my own custom “Nemo Actions” which are in the directory “~/.local/share/nemo/actions”
    What will happen to them ?

  5. Virginia on the horizon! We’ll soon drop the anchor and the intrepid vagabonds will explore the misty Wayland. Captain Nemo is ready to take action!… Happy to hear all those great news 🙂

  6. > Re: (Nemo Actions) They’ll continue to work.
    BTW, in 2024 I’m celebrating 10 years of using Linux Mint. It’s going to be a big party, I’m going to invite all my neighbors and show them Linux Mint.

  7. Hi team, great work as usual, been using Mint for past 2 years and never going back to W 🙂

    Any chance of having a Spice manager app, so all of them can be managed from a single point?

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