Monthly News – May 2023

Hi everyone,

I’d like to thank all of you for your support and your donations.

The development cycle for Linux Mint 21.2 was closed a few days ago. Most of the projects have been tagged, built and added to the repositories for the upcoming release.

Xfce was updated to version 4.18.

CJS was rebased on GJS 1.74 / Mozjs 102.

XDG Desktop Portal support was added to all supported desktops (Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce). Among other things this brings a global dark mode setting.

This dark mode setting affects applications which support it and lets you choose between three options:

  • Prefer light
  • Prefer dark
  • Let the applications decide

Among the many apps which support it, some are light by default (Firefox, Xed, Thingy, Xreader) and some are dark by default (Xviewer, Pix). The setting is also supported by many Flatpaks and GNOME/LibAdwaita applications.

Cinnamon 5.8 is getting gestures support for window management, workspace management, tiling and media controls. Gestures will be supported on touchpads, touchscreens and tablets.

The Software Manager was given a UI refresh, better scoring/sorting algorithms and a tuned package list.


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Donations in April:

A total of $9,952 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 317 donors:

$730 (2nd donation), John M.
$647 (4th donation), Oliver G.
$647, kit jugendhilfe
$647, Roland M.
$108, Andreas L.
$108, Udo F.
$100 (36th donation), Fast Junkie
$100 (13th donation), Tomasz E.
$100 (6th donation), John
$100 (3rd donation), Far West Computer Consulting
$100, Hans Christian R.
$100, Mark M.
$100, Simon W.
$75, Geoffrey N.
$75, Robert Z.
$71, Philippe L.
$70 (3rd donation), Horacio M.
$65 (3rd donation), Marcus A.
$54 (13th donation), Bernard H.
$54 (8th donation), Roland H.
$54 (7th donation), Richard C.
$54 (6th donation), Jyrki A.
$54 (4th donation), Marco V.
$54 (4th donation), Philippe A.
$54 (3rd donation), John A.
$54 (2nd donation), Dominique R.
$54 (2nd donation), Germain G.
$54 (2nd donation), Martin L.
$54 (2nd donation), Matthias P.
$54 (2nd donation), Rolf H.
$54 (2nd donation), Vidar Jon B.
$54, Carlos I Z.
$54, Daniel K.
$54, Elmar V.
$54, Gerhard S.
$54, Harry B.
$54, Henning W.
$54, Jean-guy F.
$54, Judit A.
$54, Klaus W.
$54, Lars D.
$54, Marc M.
$54, Phil G.
$54, Torsten W.
$50 (71th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (5th donation), W G. M.
$50 (4th donation), William M.
$50 (3rd donation), William T. aka “Beel
$50 (2nd donation), W. K. .
$50 (2nd donation), Edward W.
$50 (2nd donation), Tlingit Tribal Art
$50, Alejandro R.
$50, Cody N.
$50, Derek H.
$50, Karl G.
$50, Mark F.
$50, Nicholas C.
$50, Rafael A.
$50, Robert W.
$50, Sammie W.
$50, William R.
$40 (6th donation), Kenneth R.
$38 (14th donation), Henk van C.
$36 (2nd donation), Theodore S.
$35 (14th donation), Bill S. aka “In memory of Madalyn my beautiful wife who passed on Thursday.
$32, Philip B.
$31 (14th donation), Adam K.
$30, Chris G.
$30, Kuba S.
$27 (2nd donation), Matthias H.
$25 (26th donation), Linux Mint Sverige
$25 (3rd donation), Jeff E.
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$25, John A.
$22 (35th donation), Peter E.
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$22 (13th donation), David Kelly aka “Daveinuk”
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$22 (4th donation), Antonio D.
$22 (4th donation), Rolf-jürgen G.
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$22 (3rd donation), Frank D. aka “highlandham”
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$22, Adam H.
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$21 (9th donation), Lamont C.
$20 (55th donation), Bryan F.
$20 (35th donation), John D.
$20 (20th donation), SecureRandom
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$19 (2nd donation), Toon V.
$16 (51th donation), Michael R.
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$15 (16th donation), Constantin M.
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$14 (81th donation), Johann J.
$11 (46th donation), Francois-R L.
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$10 (85th donation), Thomas C.
$10 (79th donation), Frank K.
$10 (32nd donation), Philip Woodward
$10 (28th donation), Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg
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$10 (2nd donation), Allan S.
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$10, Kenneth J Majersky K.
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$10, Nayab K.
$10, PF
$10, Philip Rowell
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$7 (6th donation), Geoffrey O.
$7 (4th donation), Andrew C.
$7, Przemyszaw T.
$118 from 32 smaller donations

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    1. Linux Mint is a great distro. My very first Linux OS. But my comment was deleted by the Linux Mint team. I am not sure what I wrote wrong. I only requested to update the Mint Welcome app, so if we uninstall Timeshift the app should remove the option of “System Snapshots” under “First Steps”.

  1. Wow, exciting news, thanks Clem and the other Devs! All the improvements look interesting, the gestures being the greatest news. Will definitely grab Beta.

  2. Cordial saludo al equipo de LinuxMint.

    ¿Es posible que exista un administrador de configuración gráfico de redes y otros detalles que ayuden a cambiar el grupo de trabajo y otras opciones para compartir carpetas correctamente y sin tanta dificultad?

    Actualmente, lo único que sirve para compartir recursos entre LinuxMint y Windows es un antiguo tutorial que es algo molesto de utilizar por lo mismo antiguo:

    Agradeceria respetuosamente si esta opción se implementa en la próxima actualización de LinuxMint en alguna herramienta grafica, sugiero trabajen en cosas más prácticas como lo anterior y menos cambios de colores y estética que ya es un tema muy recurrente y que ciertamente no es tan importante como la implementacion de herramientas que ayuden a reducir la breca entre la interoperatividad especialmente en comparticion de recursos entre diversos sistemas operativos en ambitos de red.

  3. Finally gesture support! I was waiting for so long for this feature. This will make everything so much better. If it works well, I will donate a little to support the development of Linux Mint and say thank you.

  4. One of the things I like about Linux Mint is the way changes & improvements & new features are implemented in small step changes i.e. No Massive shocks. No just dumping things on the end users. I love Mint and I think it’s WAY WAY BETTER than MS Windows and I also like that the developers really consider the end users. Thank you Clem thank you to ALL those involved in developing Mint. respect indeed.

  5. Hello:
    First of all, I want to thank the Linux Mint team for the great work they do. I will never get tired of repeating it, thanks to you I was able to leave Windows and stay in this wonderful world of Gnu Linux.
    Would it be possible that the taskbar has rounded edges, and that there is an application that allows to increase the horizontal space between the icons on the taskbar?
    Thank you very much and congratulations to the Linux Mint team and your loved ones.

    Translated with (free version)

  6. What about support of Intel CPU’s of 13gen at LM 21.2, which requires linux kernel 6.x. So far is major problem very poor CPU power management.

    1. Yeah, I think that because it is built off Ubuntu base 22.04 , and the kernel associated with it, they can’t move ahead of Ubuntu in terms of the kernel it ships with.
      You can use the Software Manager to update it yourself,
      but I guess the team want a kernel that has been tried and tested with this Linux Mint 21.x cycle so they can stand over it.

      It’s unfortunate, as I need audio fix made in kernel 6.1 while others need 6.2 as you can see here

      No biggie to update the kernel afterwards with Linux Mint – it’s much more difficult with LMDE. I had to change my Software Sources to Debian unstable which left me with a Frankenstein system … lol .. but the HDMI audio works – so that’s the main thing 🙂

    2. In this situation you can directly upgrade using a custom kernel.
      I personally would recommend you using Liquorix or the Xanmod (both kernel are tailored in performance in mind, however I personally never had instability with them), since you will just add the repositories and install the kernel as any other package, reboot and done.

    3. Ludolph,

      Do you mean that you need, only, a version of Mint with a 6.x kernel? If so, you can get it – not, admittedly, via Mint’s inbuilt tools, but by a kernel upgrade utility such as UKUU. I myself am running a 6.1 kernel and that kernel works fine in my machines.

    4. Could you recommend me the proper way how to prepare booting USB with Linux mint +Kernel 6.x?
      Because my main problem is the fact that boot with Kernel 5.15 on machine with Intel CPU gen 13 is nearly impossible.

    5. use the Debian testing netinstall, add mint sources, make do with that until later mint version has the right kernel.

    6. One of the easiest, and likely less approved ways, to move your kernel forward is to install UKUU. I can attest that doing so allows you to use the latest kernel that Ubuntu supports as bleeding edge under Linux Mint. Doing so is well worth supporting the individual that maintains Ukuu, Tony George.

    7. Normally the answer would be the Edge ISO version:

      …but it seems the last Edge ISO was for 20.3 (with kernel 5.19) while we’re heading for 21.1… not sure why no newer Edge ISO is made available

      Meanwhile as a cumbersome but effective workaround you can take your PC’s disk out, put it in an external casing, plug to another machine, install Mint to it, apply updates including the newer kernel and then put it back on the new machine. Linux handles head transplants very elegantly 😉

    8. For those saying you can’t get kernel version 6.1 through the standard Ubuntu repos, that is incorrect. You simply need to install the OEM kernel: apt install linux-oem-22.04c

    9. An Edge ISO for Mint 21.2 is planned so that should work better. Also there’s the oem kernels in the repositories for LTS ubuntu that will enable support for newer hardware. The higher the letter, the newer the kernel build (they will not show in the Update Manager kernel list, you can see them in Synaptic Package Manager)

  7. Clem, thank you for the update. The Software Manager is one of the highlights of the Mint experience; I look forward to the improvements.

    A question I have (and asked late last month, deep into the comments section, so please pardon the repeat) is around the release of LMDE 6. I believe a summer release in 2023 is a change in the cadence of the last couple releases (roughly 7-8 months after the then-latest stable Debian base). This is a pleasant change, and I’m wondering a) what led you and your team to work on LMDE sooner and b) if this change will start a new release schedule moving forward.

    Thanks! This looks to be an exciting summer for the Mint project!

    1. @Jessy

      In that note in last month’s blog, he meant that Debian 12 is due for release in June, not LMDE6. Other than investigating a bug report or two from folks testing Bookworm, we won’t begin work on the new LMDE till after the Debian release.

    2. As I am sure the Mint team has noticed, many of us are starting to prefer LMDE over the headline Linux Mint release. Please keep the LMDE work coming!

  8. Clem, that #@(%ing Sucuri is still blocking access to ALL Mint pages from my VPN provider’s connections! I have to use an anonymous link to view the site (which also disables my font-adjusting add-on, causing readability of pale fonts to plummet). Also can’t use your RSS feed to know when a new article has posted. I hope you can do something about Sucuri’s overly aggressive gatekeeping.

    As usual, thanks for all the beautiful work on Mint! You guys continue to astound.

  9. Hi Clem, just wanna say a short thank you. I really love this distro, I don’t want to switch. You put a lot of care into meeting the users’ expectations, making great software and making it look polished. You’re the best. <3 Mint

    1. Standard color will be the same as in 21.1 but without the stripe. The new settings will make it super easy to switch to blue/blue.

  10. Thanks for the constant effort to improve Mint.
    I’m looking forward to using touchpad gestures, it was something that was missing. Perhaps for future developments they can also integrate the Power Profiles [something that GNOME and Plasma already have], it would be something very useful for installations on Laptops, at the moment I use the Power Profiles applet, but I think it is something that should be by default in Cinnamon.

    Thanks in advance!.
    PS.1 I hope that for Mint 21.2 they can update the Flatpak version, there are security and compatibility improvements that are necessary.
    PS.2 I hope you can consider adding the Tela icon theme, it is one of the most complete

    1. Yes, power profiles would be super helpful, as well. I’m not an expert but my feeling is that Linux is in general worse in battery management. I installed Linux Mint on my XPS13 three years ago and I immediately noticed the shorter battery lifetime in comparison to Windows. I have also an older XPS14 and battery performance dropped, as well. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Linux is very common on servers and battery lifetime is not relevant in this field.

  11. I see Mint 21.2 is sticking with kernel 5.15 for LTS and 5.19 is due to expire in August 2023 … will kernel 6.2 be pulled in since ubuntu is using that now, or at least kernel 6.1 since it was deemed LTS?

    If not, will LMDE 6 be using kernel 6.1 like bookworm is? I may decide to switch from ubuntu based to debian based Mint for the support in the newer kernel version.

  12. Great job!

    Can we expect an improvement: renaming a file/folder using a gentle/slowinf double click, as in KDE?

    1. That’s already available in Cinnamon’s file manager, Nemo. Go to:
      Preferences > Behavior tab > Behavior section: Click on a file’s name twice to rename it

    2. That’s already been available in Cinnamon for quite a long time, actually.

  13. Can you please add in the default Cinnamon calendar applet (bottom-right) multiple time-zones (locations)? Thank you

    1. I think there are applet that have this function, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement. They could also add opening the calendar when double clicking on some day [like in elementaryOS]

    2. Replace the standard one with World Clock Calendar and you’re good to go. I did it to show the 4 different time zones my company works in.

  14. Will the Mint-X issue with dialog windows be fixed? I can’t see which dialog option I’m selecting when using keyboard to navigate.

  15. Thank you Clem and the team for all your hard work!!! Please consider bringing back KDE plasma edition. 🙂

    1. +1. Plasma 6 looks like its going to be great. A mint version would be wonderful. Does anyone really use XFCE Mint anymore ?

    2. Answering to @Bob. Yes! I am using XFCE Mint, and trust me; no other XFCE (including MX Linux and LMDE 5) works such smoothly on my HP-15-da0296tu, Intel i3-7th, 4GB RAM machine. My laptop is quite old, but only Mint XFCE performing well. I tried almost every distro and every desktop environment.

  16. Very good news for the gestures handling ! Does it include 1 to 1 gesture for expo/workspace switching and zoom in applications such as xreader/evince ?

  17. Thanks for all the diligence!!

    There was a past notification of problems with installation on a Secureboot machine. Will this be resolved by the release of 21.2? I have a Windows box I’ve been meaning to evolve.

  18. Linux Mint is the only distro that manages to keep me as a faithful user, it’s been 8 years that I only use Mint, mainly with Cinnamon.

    Clem, if possible I would like to ask for 5 improvements for Cinnamon, I believe they are simple:
    1- Allow changing the wallpaper every N seconds, currently the minimum is 1 minute;
    2- Allow merging wallpaper from different directories (something like the Variety app does);
    3- Allow placing different wallpaper (in slide) on each monitor;
    4- In the Cinnamon menu put an option to change the layout, something similar to the Cinnamenu applet;
    5- Make it so that when clicking on the Bluetooth applet it appears if we want to allow the receipt of the file if there is any file pending receipt, if there is no file to receive when clicking on the aplet it opens the bluetooth manager.

    That’s it, sorry for putting these items here, I still have to figure out which page I can contribute ideas to the project.

    1. @Jhonatan

      Good idea about the wallpapers. I agree. A minute is too long. Animation resolution down to a fraction of a second would be awesome. Imagine a desktop picture of a loved one smiling, winking and blowing kisses.

  19. Are the Linux Mint Forums having issues today? I can get to the main page for the forums, but any area I try to click on (“Beginner Questions” for example) results in an instant error response of “http 502” (Backend or gateway connection timeout).

    1. Forgot to add: The error page shows the connection failing between “Sucuri Firewall” and “Hosting Timeout”.

    2. Clem – Why not put a message here to explain what is happening?
      Or on the home page?
      Or somewhere?

    3. Clem – thank you very much for putting a message on the forums page. Much appreciated.
      Just for interest, the message reads:
      We’ll be back soon!
      Sorry for the inconvenience. The Linux Mint forums are not available at the moment.
      The team is doing maintenance work to improve the database performance.
      We expect to be back on Friday.

    4. SMG and Xenopeek are migrating towards a database engine which doesn’t lock tables. They’re hoping it will significantly improve performance. Because of the size of some of the tables this migration is taking a while.

    5. Another thing I have noticed is that the Community website has changed.
      Now the tutorials are no longer there.
      They have been moved to somewhere that needs one to register.
      We still have tutorials in the forum.
      Maybe that’s enough?

      Clem – there was one by you about installing Mint on a Mac.
      It was about eight years old, and so probably out of date.
      I could actually do with one – preferably in the forum – because someone has a 2008 Macbook laptop.
      I tell him it’s not safe to use and he should install Mint,
      He doesn’t know linux and I don’t know Mac.
      What do you think about tutorials?

    6. Forums now working. Excellent!
      Any thoughts about tutorials on community website?

  20. after nearly a decade of using mint i think its time to go back to windows. i cant take the freezing desktop anymore. ive changed browsers, ive tried everything. this is never going to be what people want it to be.

    1. After more than 15 years of using Linux Mint and other distributions, the Mint main system, I also come to a similar conclusion. It always amuses me that in the monthly news appearance the main theme is COLORFUL ICONS etc. And things that didn’t work like that don’t work anymore. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the enormous work put in by the team
      to work on the release of the new Mint. On the contrary, it is my main system and I like it very much, I appreciate it for its simplicity without unnecessary fireworks for the fact that it works and works well, but it looks quite old. I think the Mint team is going in the wrong direction. For me personally, it would be good to go mainly in the direction of LMDE, but this is my private feeling.

    2. For the record, I can’t really recall Mint Cinnamon ever freezing on me but it may have happened a few times over the many years I have used it.

    3. Same here. It’s extremely rare nowadays for GNOME or Cinnamon to freeze. If you get freezes you need to start by understanding a sure way to ALWAYS make the freeze happen. Then hopefully, unless it’s hardware related, a developer can reproduce the issue and that can lead to a fix.

    4. My Mint froze in the past a few times but it only happened when I booted from a USB stick. Later I discovered that it happened because in that case the amount of memory to use was seriously limited. My installed Mint never freezes. How about the memory limit in the ‘General’ section of the Settings – doesn’t it work?

    5. This must be a rare case. I guess a decade long linux user, just solves the problem or thinks of switching to another distro. I experienced a freeze lately and disabled hardware accelaration in firefox and it is gone.

    6. I don’t have the solution, but here is my freezing experience, maybe someone can relate and/or figure out something from these lines.

      I have been using Mint for several years now… and I had never had a freezing issue until some months ago when I changed my PC. I had an Acer Aspire 3 PC with i5 gen 8th (Skylake) and updated it to an Acer Aspire 3 with i5 gen 10th (Tigerlake), both with Intel integrated graphics. When the freezing started on Linux Mint, I updated the kernel to the lastest one available and it didn’t fix the issue. Then I migrated to Debian Stable, same thing. Now I’m using LMDE, same thing. Almost every time it freezes I’m doing some browser related task… it might be watching a YouTube video or sharing my screen on a video call. I’ve tried using different browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox) and it keeps freezing. At the beginning, I tried to click a lot of times on the screen (like if those clicks would unfreeze it) and sometimes the session was closed and I ended up in the login screen ready to start a new session. Now when I notice the screen freezes I simply leave it alone for 10-15 seconds and it continues normally (no more sessions suddenly closed).

    7. I have an issue with freezing. I reinstalled Linux Mint after a backup. Everything works smoothly. So I beginning to reinstall apps I used. So when I reinstall two appimages based in eletron: PCloud backup and Zoho Mail ,freezing start to happen again. So I uninstall this apps and mine computers stop freezing.
      Perhaps there are an issue over appimage and electron based software. Perhaps apps installed outside repository could be a problem.
      Now I’m using just apps from repositories and freezing stopped.
      My workaround to this software issue was use Firefox browser access to this services.

    8. What version of Windows would you go back to? Mint runs extremely well on my computer but Windows 11 cannot even install. But I think the issue is personal choice and enthusiasm to make that choice work. I have a friend who got me started in Linux. He prefers Windows overall but uses Linux for web-surfing and cloning Windows. I prefer Linux Mint Cinnamon for all my computer work and play. CAVEAT: I have my computers custom-built with Linux in mind. Windows machines are also built that way, with Windows in mind. I would pay for Linux Mint. Wait. I do when I donate. It happens that Windows donations are mandatory. So if Windows works better for you, awesome.

  21. I have four user accounts and when I switch from one to another, a black panel background appears with no icons on the left and right. When I click on the panel bar with the mouse, a black menu without subtitles develops and I can’t click on Start Cinnamon Again, I have to do it manually. And this problem occurs every day, regardless of whether I reinstall Mint from scratch.
    I would like to mention that my computer is of a good class with a good processor and a lot of RAM for linux or windows requirements

  22. Hello, Clem, many thanks for your work. Some time ago, if I’m not mistaken, after updating Cinnamon to ver. 5.4, some system keyboard shortcuts stopped working. In particular, the increase and decrease opacity shortcuts no longer work, and the only way to increase opacity is to use the mouse wheel on the window title, but this does not work for all applications. Is it possible to fix this broken functionality?

  23. I was using LMDE5 and with no problems. But I recently changed Wifi card for a Wifi6 one and after looking for a solution with no positive results I finally tried to update Kernel.
    I did this, found in a LMint blog but I don remember which one (thanks to the person who posted this):
    apt install -t bullseye-backports linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64
    After reboot, wifi conection was ON and working fine. aybe LMDE will come with a kernel upgrade enough to make this work too, but meanwhile i am using K6 and I don know if this is a good idea or not, though all is working perfectly now.

  24. Doing uname -a shows this:
    Linux mipc 6.1.0-0.deb11.7-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.20-2~bpo11+1 (2023-04-23) x86_64 GNU/Linux

  25. Hello, just a suggestion about Bulky. For quite some time I was trying to easily rename files according to the pattern samename (1), samename (2), samename (3) etc, so with all files having the same names but different numbers. Now I know how to do it, by typing ***** in “find” and newname (%n). A newbie will have problems finding the solution. Could you just indicate this method in Bulky itself?
    BTW Waiting for Victoria with lots of positive emotion

  26. One of the things I like about Linux Mint is the way changes & improvements & new features are implemented in small step changes i.e. No Massive shocks. No just dumping things on the end users. I love Mint and I think it’s WAY WAY BETTER than MS Windows and I also like that the developers really consider the end users. Thank you Clem thank you to ALL those involved in developing Mint. respect indeed.

  27. I read that Linux Mint crashed with some users.
    Using Linux Mint Mate or Cinnamon without any package outside repository I had not freezing.
    But when I installed two packages based on appimage and electron, in case , PCloud drive for cloud backup and Zoho Mail foi email and calendar I noticed unexpected crash that made me curious about.
    So I made a new installation, after full backup ,and reinstalled everything, some time after , freezing occur, so I uninstalled software after software and discovered this problem with appimage electron based software and I don’t use it regularly, just start and exit with no backup in background, and using web access instead.
    I hope helped someone with same issue.
    After all , I want to congratulate Clem for this fantastic work in development of Linux Mint.
    Thanks for all.

  28. Last week, I tried to use the Mail Merge Wizard in Libre Office on LM Cinnamon 2.1. I need this tool to send “personalized” emails. Everything works fine until the wizard has to send the emails. LO hangs. I have this issue on 2 computers and a friend of mine has this issue too. I installed Ubuntu 23.04 in VirtualBox and there the Mail Merge Wizard works without any problems. I’m now using the virtual machine to send these emails. Has anyone the same issue on LM? Is it a LO-bug or a LM-bug? How to use the wizard is explained in detail here

  29. Clem and Team, you guys are awesome. 21.2 will only ship once it is Mint-perfect. Unlike other OSes that ship on a fixed date, bugs and all. You have our (the users) support and respect because you provide a truly superb distro.

  30. I am using Linux Mint for some years and appreciate the ongoing teamwork to improve the program further and further. On another PC I ran Windows 10.They want to upgrade to 11, but I refuse. Windows is a shamble. Even with paid security programs the interference is unbelievable, constantly and unabating. But the way Linux is going, and that around the Globe, is a good direction. I am a non expert
    Thumbs up.

  31. Hey, Clem=) Please release LMDE 6 in your beautiful Xfce flavor, shouldn’t cost you that much calories.

    Thank you.

    @Bob. Yes, Xfce rocks:D

  32. Downloaded the 21.2 mate beta , installed… no issues, everything works properly on my computer.

  33. I ran Mint Cinnamon 21.2 from a USB stick this afternoon. Here are my observations:
    1) previously I thought new tooltips and notifications would bother me a bit, but I like them as they are implemented,
    2) thumbnail generation in Nemo is faster; it would be nicer if thumbnails were generated down the display row by row than at apparently random places, but it’s mere aesthetics
    3) the resizable Mint menu unfortunately is capricious – in most cases while testing it didn’t remember the size I chose for it, mostly it got bigger if I rremember it right. This erratic behaviour is easily noticeable and unfortunately looks really bad
    4) when I enter the advanced theme options, there is no animation when switching between add/remove etc (on pressing those buttons). This nice smooth animation is present elsewhere in the settings menu, so now it’s lack spoils the experience a bit. I know, it’s a minor complaint, but Mint is known for its polish
    5) I can’t use the new gesture functionality on my desktop, so I won’t tell anything about it
    If I criticize, it’s only because I care about Mint, it’s my distro of choice, period. It’s obvious a lot of effort has been made to improve this beloved Linux distribution. Thank you for your work, it’s appreciated.

  34. More on 21.2, observations of Mint’s fan.The green folder color could easily be the default one, it’s so fresh… The pdf thumbnails could have a frame around them, when their first page is white, almost nothing is visible in Nemo’s icon view. With a ton of pdf files the effect is bad. Please set default document view in Xreader as ‘continuous’… I made a second check of Mint menu scalability – still fails to retain the size that was manually chosen. Checked the iso file, used a different USB stick but no change.

    1. Yes i have been testing 21.2 since yesterday and i was wondering the same thing as i use the traditional layout.
      i was looking forward to 21.2 but this has left me a little dissapointed

    2. It was only a preset of settings which can be configured individually. We had it there for a while in the welcome screen for people who were used to it, so they could bring it back easily, but it’s not something that made sense to new users so eventually it had to go.

    1. It’s a color variant which describes the entire style, not just the icons. Here it refers to Aqua controls with Sand icons.

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