Monthly News – March 2023

Many thanks to you all for your support and your donations!

Today we’re revealing some of the visual changes we’ve been working on in preparation for the next release.


In Linux Mint 21.1, we introduced the following improvements:

  • Mint-Y was turned into a less-accentuated theme with vibrant colors and new place icons
  • The old look was provided via Mint-Y-Legacy for people who didn’t like these changes
  • A selection of popular 3rd party themes (Yaru, Numix, Breeze, cursor themes..) was added

This was well received and it provided a lot of options for users to choose from.

That said, a few issues caught our attention.

The huge variety of themes and color variants created clutter and made it harder for users to locate a particular theme.

Some icon themes work well with some control themes but not with others. The welcome screen provides a way to quickly switch from light to dark and from one color to another but it has its own limitation: It only works with the Mint-Y theme and only in our distribution.

With this in mind we decided to design a solution which could work for any theme and any distribution and which would make it much easier to browse and pick without having to go through long lists of installed themes and without worrying about compatibility.

Oh, and the striped place icons weren’t as popular as we had imagined. This is something we got very early in your feedback. We worked on that too.


No brown

Brown and Sand are shades of the same color (same hue). We’re introducing color tones so one of them had to go.

No stripe

The stripe on the place icons was cute but it wasn’t well received. People wanted more variety when it came to colors. The stripe color wasn’t visible enough to work well with folder-color-switcher.

The stripe was therefore removed, making the icons look similar to those from the Papirus icon theme, which they were based on.

No mono icons

One of the really cool things about Gtk (the toolkit used by most applications in Linux Mint) is how it supports “symbolic” icons.

Symbolic icons are designed to provide good contrast and to be recognizable in all sizes. Gtk dynamically changes the color of these icons based on the background color which is behind them.

Have a look at the “Copy” menu item below:

This menu is from Nemo which uses symbolic icons. As you can see, the icon changes color and goes from black to white when the menu item is hovered. It matches the label.

In comparison, look at the menu item below:

This menu is from Caja, it uses a normal icon, also known as “fullcolor”. This is an icon which is rendered just the way it looks. Gtk doesn’t change its colors dynamically.

As you can see it doesn’t look as nice. The “Copy” label gets inverted to white but the icon keeps its original color and lacks contrast.

And this particular icon isn’t just a fullcolor icon… it’s a monochrome fullcolor icon. We use fullcolor icons in dialogs, in the app menu and that’s OK as long as these icons are actually colorful. The problem here is that this fullcolor icon is monochrome.

You see, the trend nowadays is to have monochrome action icons. It’s what we’re used to and what we expect. It can either be done correctly, using symbolic icons:

or done badly, using mono icons:

To prevent this kind of issue all the applications and projects we develop use symbolic icons. This ensures they look fine with any themes, whether the themes are dark, light or light and dark.

An application which uses fullcolor icons will only work well with some themes. An application which uses symbolic icons will work well with any themes.

Until now Mint-Y provided monochrome fullcolor icons. This was done to make fullcolor icon applications look nice (almost similar to the symbolic look) but at a cost. First it only worked with light themes, so each color variant had to be duplicated, to provide both a Light and a Dark icon theme. Second, no matter what, this couldn’t work with themes which mixed dark and light elements (Mint-Y-Legacy-Darker or Arc-Darker for instance).

This is Transmission, one of the few applications which still relies on fullcolor icons. It looks nice because Mint-Y provides monochrome icons which look similar to its symbolic icons.. but this application features the same theme compatibility issues as caja.

In Linux Mint 21.2 we will remove all monochrome icons and all Dark icon themes. In applications which still use them, fullcolor icons will default to Adwaita.

Whether or not they look better is subjective, but at least they will work everywhere.

Cinnamon “Styles”

The next iteration of Cinnamon will introduce a new concept called “styles”. A style has up to three modes: mixed, dark and light. Each of these modes can contain color “variants”. A variant is a combination of themes which work well together. The idea behind styles, modes and variants is to make it really simple to switch to something that looks great, and to quickly browse what’s there, no matter how many individual themes are installed and without having to find elements which match each other.

When you open the theme settings, you will see this:

In the style combo you’ll see popular styles such as Adwaita, Mint-X, Mint-Y etc.. choose one mode and the color variants will show up.

You can switch between styles, modes and color variants with a few clicks of a button.

If you want to tune things or select a combination of themes which isn’t proposed, you can click on “Advanced settings” and get back to the familiar settings window where you can choose each theme individually.


Mint-Y-Legacy was renamed Mint-L.

If you enjoy the “Darker” themes, it’s never been easier to select. And now that the mono icons are gone it’s compatible with fullcolor applications.

Two-tone place icons

The stripes are gone on place icons and each color received beautiful two-tones icons.

Here are a few examples, Aqua:


New colorways

In the past we tried to cover all the colors of the rainbow and to make sure they weren’t too similar to each other. This was a mistake. Most people like blue or aqua. We still need to provide variety of course, but it shouldn’t matter if two styles are similar, as long as they bring something tangible and they’re both popular.

So with this in mind, we brought in another orange combination. This one uses Yaru (from Papirus, inspired from the Yaru theme from Ubuntu):

And from blue to green we’ve got 7 beautiful variants. Here’s Teal using Cyan icons:

Distributions and 3rd party themes

Everything will work out of the box for everybody. We want Cinnamon styles to work well for us but also for other distributions and 3rd party theme artists.

Cinnamon styles are defined in JSON files in /usr/share/cinnamon/styles.d/. These files are read in alphabetical order and styles can override one another if they have the same name. This is done to let distributions and/or theme artists define their own styles. Cinnamon provides style definitions for Adwaita. Mint provides additional style definitions for its own themes.

We also made it relatively easy for artists to generate Mint-Y icon themes. Here are SUSE and Gulf examples:

If you’re interested in defining Cinnamon styles or generating your own Mint-Y colorways don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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  1. Hi Clem great job as always next future will could change material state of cinnamon oriented to qt5 like Kde for example ? i think will be more good looking cinnamon anyway in my heart i hope who kde will return to the flavour of this great linux distribution

  2. Hello
    Love Mint (Release Linux Mint 20.3 Una 64-bit MATE 1.26.0), but it seems to be more and more complicated and difficult to use ( window edges at 1 pixel). I stayed at 20.3 because it became difficult to find programs that used to be part of the distribution.
    If there were no themes or mention of themes, I would be very happy as they are not the reason I use Mint.
    Anyway thanks a lot for what you do.

    1. It’s a Mate (GTK) feature, not Mint issue, other distros using Mate are also affected. You may check for another theme from, maybe Menta/BlueMenta/TraditionalGreen themes have better border sizes

    1. yeah i want an auto schedule light and dark theme. might also schedule wallpaper selection for it too.

  3. I’m really happy about the improvements. Now choosing themes will be easier. I don’t like adwaita too much, but if it resolves theming issues, let mono icons go. Thank you!

    1. Same here. the current state of the default installed theme (just selecting dark and teal on initial launch)…. is perfect. Absolutely the best anywhere! I would like to keep it and not change again. Maybe in a few years time, but 21.1 is really the peak for me in 12 years of using Mint.

      If some people don’t like the folder stripes, let that be another theme. You cannot please everybody at once. Some will like a pointy mouse, others a rounded one, some like stripes, others not. We are all individuals, that variety makes the world interesting.

  4. First of all, thanks for the great job!. I think the way you manage the themes is great, hopefully in the future you will implement an option to switch them to day/night mode.
    I would like to inquire about a feature not found in Mintinstall, would it be possible for you to add the ability to sort the search results of the app and software categories? I mean something simple like alphabetical sorting, ranking, reviews, etc. Thanks in advance

    PS. I hope you can update the Flatpak version to a newer one that fixes security bugs.

  5. Thank you for your work.

    It seems to me that the new – newly universal – style that you propose for selected menu items has a problem. The problem, in short, is that the selected item does not stand out enough. Here though is some detail – and a proposed solution.

    The problem owes to this combination of state of affairs: the unselected items are rendered in black type; and the selected item in a white-ish grey type on a washed-out green background. The result is that the selected item does not look much more ‘selected’ than the unselected item. I imagine that the solution is: use a more vivid background colour for the selected item, and, for that same item, a more vivid – visible – foreground colour.

  6. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Mint user right now. I’m so glad you guys took all our feedback and shaped it into such elegant solution. Can’t wait to see all these neat new features in action. Just one humble request thou, could cinnamon screensaver get some love in this development cycle, with everything being round these days i feel like maybe something could be done about the user avatar ;). Again as always great job guys.

  7. @Clem and Team, thanks for listening to the Community, giving feedback and implementing steps forward.

    Regarding the color of the folder icons, personally I think they are too vibrant, just my own personal opinion and yeah I know that’s the trend nowadays. But (again in my own personal opinion and (lack of) taste, I find the Aqua theme too bright and the Blue one too dark. I’d personally chose something a bit more sober, around 20% Aqua and 80% Blue.
    How hard and feasible would it be to implement a way to finely select a color (MATE had this years ago) and then generate a custom icon scheme according to that user’s selection? That way everyone can be pleased.
    And how hard would it be to create a tool where the user has a window representative of a theme and can click on an individual visual element (icons, window title bar, buttons, controls, etc.) and use the color selection tool mentioned above to customize one’s theme?

    By the way, one hint about custom installed themes not working well on root applications: creating a symbolic link of that theme’s folder from ~/.themes to /root/.themes/ can solve this. I’ve tested this on Mint21.1.
    And I know, writing on the root account is something to never take in lightly, especially when automating settings from behalf of the user.

    Cheers and keep up the good work towards Mint 21.2.

    1. If you want your themes to work on all applications, move them to /usr/share/themes instead of ~/.themes. That is the appropriate place to put them for use system wide.

      As for how feasible or hard it would be to create a tool for a user to tweak their theme they way you ask? The answer would be not very feasible and very difficult. Mate dropped this for a reason. Not just to take away choice. That worked ok in the old Gtk2 era but nowadays themes are vastly more complex and complicated and something like that just isn’t very workable anymore.

    2. @JosephM Thank you so much for replying me with some innards of theming. Well, that has become something way too complex, it seems. So for it to become easily tweakable it would have to be made so from scratch and intent, and this is precisely the direction GTK3 is going apart from…
      TLDR: With GTK3, forget it, son.

      Regarding the proper way to install themes, thank you again for clarifying.
      For all the downloadable themes I see around, the instructions are to install them into your home folder. And (at least where I’m at in Mint 20.3) Mint also installs themes there when using it’s Themes definition settings tool.
      At a user level it makes all sense installing it into your home folder, but then it can break root apps theming.
      A regular user shouldn’t need to know root and system stuff and paths, but making the right AND easy AND safe decision on a user’s behalf is not a trivial question. Having Mint’s Themes definition settings tool install themes to the /usr/share/themes folder? It’s not directly user writable, it would need to ask for administrative permissions. Write it there AND / OR to the user’s folder? Needing administrative permissions to install a simple theme?
      Again, not trivial questions to be taken lightly when deciding the best for your OS and your users, I understand.

      Thanks again JosephM for all your clarifications and cheers.

    3. I’m assuming you are talking about the ability to install themes from Cinnamon’s Themes settings tool. The intent of that was for downloading Cinnamon themes. There is no need for those to be installed in /usr. Over time people have just started including GTK (application) themes along with them. So it wasn’t really meant for that in the first place.

  8. Hello, I have a few questions for you,

    – Which Linux Mint 21.2 kernel will it come with, given that Ubuntu LTS recently upgraded to 5.19? (In your article you quoted Mint 21.1 instead of 21.2 it seems to me)

    – What is the future of the Ubuntu-based version of Mint given that Ubuntu is more and more snap-focused that you don’t support this package format?

    – Has LMDE 6 development started, given that Debian 12 development has started?

    – Will Cinnamon eventually be compatible with Wayland?

    – Can we hope soon for Cinnanon compatibility with multi-GPU laptops as offered by Gnome since its version 40?

    Best regards.

    1. Did you notice the date when they announced that Ubuntu was abandoning Snaps? April 1st…

  9. Hi! I’ve been using Linux Mint for years and I really like it, it’s installed on all my computers and my immediate family’s computers, even on a gaming computer (Steam).

    In all my time using Linux Mint, I have only collected two main problems that cause problems for non-professional users, people in my family, they are people in my family who don’t even know they are using Linux 🙂

    1. When copying, for example, a large number of photos from the computer to the pendrive, the copy bar disappears, suggesting that the copying has finished, which is not true because copying to the pendrive has not finished. Sometimes this ends up corrupting the data on the flash drive.

    2. Computers have automatic system updates turned on. If the computer is in the process of updating the system and the user wants to turn off the computer at that time, only the option to put the computer to sleep is available. There is no “Update and close automatically when update completes” option.

    If so, can I report it somewhere?


    1. I have the same issue with point 1.
      I also agree with point 2.
      For me, these things are more important than font icon colors and other less important things.

    2. I agree with pendrive issues, also when unmounting, ejecting or safely removing a USB drive in Nemo I get a notification “the drive can safely be unplugged”,
      If I right click the drive and select “safely remove drive” from the desktop I get an audio sound but no other notification and if I right click “eject drive” from the desktop, I get no notification at all. If this inconsistency can be addressed it would be nice 🙂 LM20.3 Cinnamon

    3. I would also like to emphasize the importance of the 2nd point. It happens quite often to me, when shutting down the office computers in the evening after having been on suspend, I have to wait until updates are finished and the window for shutting down is accessible again. So this additional button “Update and close automatically when update completes” would be quite useful. Thank you so much for considering this idea of Jarosz.

    4. I foresee a problem with automatic shutdown in an office environment. You would be leaving the computer unattended where an unauthorized person could have access.

    5. #1 has been a problem for me. I’ve had drives corrupted because Safely Remove and Eject didn’t work properly. Very frustrating.

    6. I totally agree with both points. Please make usage of usb stick, external hdd etc more reliable, please, please, please.
      Also it could be great if we can have a copy verification tool with gui like teracopy or fastcopy from windows as i cant find one for linux.

    7. I wrote my own copy program, and after copying I compared the checksums of the source file and the file on the flash drive. The checksums matched, but the file on the flash drive has not yet been fully copied.
      Conclusion: This is not a LinuxMint bug, it’s a low-level bug.

    8. Agree.

      1) I don’t trust the OS regarding copying files. In this case, I would run sync to make sure the cache has been committed to the drive. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen in several websites examples sync being ran twice in a row.
      Regarding file integrity, if a copy operation fails mid work you get a partial corrupt incomplete file left on the destination, presenting itself as apparently OK. And that’s a NO NO regarding file integrity and Linux should make sure this does not happen, but this goes beyond my ability of understanding.

      2) Yes, also this.
      This is why I don’t recommend automatic updates to non technical users. Try to explain them you can’t shut down your computer when you want to… The Update And Shut Down option makes all sense.
      I personally also don’t have them enabled, but for people who have it and are not in a hurry to shut down, I recommend the use of qshutdown, very nice tool. Give it more than enough time to complete updating and then shut down your computer. Or go to the Terminal and tell it to shut down somewhen.

      “3” – Since we’re talking about automatic updates, Firefox’s (at least here on the ESR version I’m at) when it is open and updates itself on the background, it becomes unusable, forcing you to restart to update. If you’re in the middle of online work on some webpage using Private Browsing, say hello to data, workflow and Private Windows opened loss. That’s another NO NO for me regarding updates.
      Suggestion: Allow Firefox to keep on working and only update when it is restarted. I remember not so long ago when it used to work this way. But since it seems Firefox on Mint is now under the Mint Team’s hands, they can do something about it, I’d appreciate it!

    9. Yes. I wish to have the notification “safe to remove usb drive” pop up when i right click on the desktop icon for the drive and click eject, not just when i eject in nemo.

    10. Couldn’t agree more with the 1st point. One day, I copied a linux mint iso on my usb drive and it was quicker than i expected it to be but i still safely ejected it not thinking too much of it. Once i tried to boot from it, I would get an error requesting to load the kernel first, I knew secure boot was off as it’s a common cause of this so I was scratching my head around it until someone on the forum suggested to type the “sync” command.
      This is something that should either be seriously addressed or at least informed to newbies upon a new installation.

    11. And NOT to forget this annoying long-standing”enumeration bug” on lvm/luks encrypted drives… . Huh? It simply means you cant mount 2 identical Mint OS platters. THE 2nd will fail. why? Bith have same name, but diff. hardeare IDs…..Big Fail…

    12. @DaveW:

      No, you’re not “leaving the computer unattended where an unauthorized person could have access”. You can do that if you want to, but you can always lock the screen so only authorized users can unlock it with their passwords. The updates are still working in the background with the screen locked up.

    13. It could be a hardware issue. I have 12 pendrives and some of them works as you described, and some works as expected.

    14. Hi! I checked it many times, it’s not the hardware’s fault. I suspect that the progress indicator concerns reading from the source and not writing to the destination, it disappears when everything has already been read, but it does not mean that it has been saved because some of the data may still be in RAM/SWAP memory. Perhaps this is because Linux is not originally designed for small computers.

    15. Copying to a slow external device, a flash drive, is observed on ALL Linux distributions.
      This is a huge low-level mistake.

    16. Indeed, these are points for concern. Mint is a reliable OS and issues 1) and 2) need to be resolved….

    17. Having the same issue as #1 – at least on my USB flash drive. After the copying gauge window has closed itself with 100% reported copied, the copying of those files is still completing in the background until some minutes afterwards.

      Thank-you for your attention. :^D


    18. I have the issue mentioned in Point 1 too. After some research it seems that my motherboard’s USB Controller is the culprit, but there is no appropriate driver for Linux to fix these issues. So here is what I do instead:

      First, if the pendrive has a status LED, I check that to make sure the transfer is finished.
      If not, I open a terminal and run “sync”. sync will only exit once all read/write operations to (in this case) the pendrive are completed, thus giving a slightly more accurate status on whether the operation was finished or not.

  10. Will the long-standing Mint-X theme be retained?
    It has allowed those who prefer a more old-fashioned look to maintain a stable look.

    Will 3rd party (user written) nemo actions and scripts be supported, possibly as part of the apt update process?

    1. Not an official response but I don’t see Mint-X going anywhere anytime soon. In fact it was just recently rewritten in sass to make maintenance easier and a dark variation was added. It also gained Gtk4 support.

    2. Very glad to hear mint-X will still be around, whilst I do play with the new themes on various machines, on my main machine I still prefer Mint X. That said I do much prefer the planned new icons to the “striped” ones. Mint just keeps getting better and better

    3. Mint-X is still a mint theme. It’s no longer the default, but it’s still supported.

  11. I’ve been using Mint for years.
    I left Windows and I’m never going back.
    I’m a Java developer, I use Eclipse and MySQL and everything works perfectly!
    For me, it’s the best linux distribution out there!

  12. Hello,
    I finally switched to linux mint about 6 months ago after lurking for years. The start was a little bumpy, but then after that it has been nothing but a joy to use. Thank you very much to all the people involved to make this distro such a great one :).
    I would like to use this opportunity to mention two minor feature requests that I have been holding in my head, my apologies if this the wrong place to ask. I can totally live without those, I just wonder if this is something you ever considered:
    -in windows I did found very useful to be able to “copy” a file or folder and then right/clic: “past shortcut”, to create somewhere else a shortcut to this file of folder. I did find the alternative in cinamon; it can be achieved by creating a simlink with “ctrl+shift while drag and dropping” the file or folder to the place I need. I would find very useful to have this option accessible from the right clic context menu.
    -displaying the “avatar” from the user in the login screen. It’s not something which was bothering me, but then I recently created another user account for my young son on my main computer. I noticed then that to select which account you are going to log in with, you only get to see the names of the users as a vertical text list. It could be nice to have the option of displaying there each user image (avatar) next to the corresponding user name. It could make the start page a bit more friendly, especially for younger users.
    Thank you again,

    1. “-in windows I did found very useful to be able to “copy” a file or folder and then right/clic: “past shortcut”, to create somewhere else a shortcut to this file of folder. I did find the alternative in cinamon; it can be achieved by creating a simlink with “ctrl+shift while drag and dropping” the file or folder to the place I need. I would find very useful to have this option accessible from the right clic context menu.”

      I’m still using Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon edition, so I don’t know if it’s changed, but in Nemo you can go to Edit and then Preferences to find Context Menus. There under Visible Entries you can check “Make Link”. Then it will appear in the right-click menu and function like Windows Create Shortcut feature. (Right click a file or folder, choose Make Link to get a shortcut right there which you can move wherever you like.)

    2. Thank you Maria! It didn’t know the “make link” was available in the preferences, that’s great 🙂

  13. I hadn’t been aware of the changes in 21.1 until yesterday when I was testing some distros I have fallen behind on. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found and am even more impressed by what I’ve read here. I have heard many times that Cinnamon is dead, has fallen into disrepair, and will likely be abandoned at some point in the near future. I am so happy to see that this is obviously not the case. Thank you for all your efforts to keep Cinnamon one of the best desktop environments.

    1. Definitely not dead or in disrepair, I have been using it since LM17 and it just gets better and better!! I am gradually converting my family members to the advantages of Mint over Windows (one of which is I do not get called on for support as it just works and is amazingly reliable!!). Clem and the whole team are amazing and also they do listen to, and respond to, concerns raised and what the users want as far as is possible, and for that i am very grateful

    2. Where have you heard that?! Cinnamon has never been anywhere close to dead or in disrepair. It’s been under constant and very active, heavy development since it was first conceived of. The Linux Mint team is always doing amazing work with it, even if I sometimes complain about some aspects of it (sorry, Clem and team when I do)!

  14. This is probably the best response to the community’s concerns that I’ve ever seen. I love that about this distro! Linux Mint team is awesome! Thank you for addressing our concerns in an appropriate, flexible, and effective way! Amazing work!

  15. Thanks for the nice work. However I would like to suggest something more operational : can we have in Cinnamon a sound indicator from which to choose directly the output source, the input source and the input (mic) volume, like the one in Xfce panel ? This is the main reason why I stick to Mint Xfce.

    1. In system settings => Sound => Output you can choose the sound output device (Analog, HDMI, headphones, etc.)

      For incoming sounds, select the tab just next to “Input”… This settings are only possible if supported devices are connected to your PC

      You can also access it directly via the “Volume” shortcut on the right in the taskbar and then click on sound settings.

  16. These changes are awesome! I already liked 21.1, but I agreed too to user concerns. I asked myself why those changes weren’t made, and it turns out you were just waiting to implement them properly. That’s how good software is actually made!!

    I’m loving all the changes and I already look forward to next version. Back on Windows, I didn’t want updates at all, but damn, you are making me love them.

    We have currently switched three family computers from W7 to Mint, and I’m not looking back. I’ve opened Windows just a few times (maybe around 5 times in nearly a year) for some .exe installers (with files that I later use for Linux). I still haven’t learnt Wine. Once I get there and I learn how to properly sandbox it, I will probably don’t come back again 🙂 Everyone is happy using Mint! So really thanks for this awesome OSS!!

  17. I have a question about Mint-Y-Legacy (or newly called Mint-L) theme: is there a way to increase minimize, maximize and close buttons like it was in Linux Mint 20.3? I really love this legacy theme and I would like to continue using it but those three small buttons are really hard to click on and I’m looking for a way to make legacy theme look exactly the same as it was in 20.3 version (with big minimize, maximize and close buttons).

    1. Another reason to remain on Mint 20.3 for me and the Mint Team needs to go back to fixing the under the hood features/issues and stop with the UI changes for a while. And that’s just too much UI changes there for no good reason. I’d really like to see more efforts at resolving GPU and Graphics compatibility and support issues and on getting Linux Mint ISOs that ship with Intel’s OneAPi and AMD’s ROCm/HIP packaged with the ISO so Intel and AMD GPU compute acceleration is accessible from Blender 3.0/later editions. But maybe that’s going to be a question for the MESA developers there Instead. But I’m really disappointed that the Blender Foundation dropped OpenCL support for Blender 3.0/later editions while there is now that Rust Based OpenCL Implementation being worked on top give Linux/MESA some more up to date OpenCL support finally.

      Mint Legacy UI should be an option chosen at instillation any time there’s a radically new redesign for the newest Mint editions as I’ve downloaded and installed mint 21.1 on a USB for a look see and I’d rather have the UI theme that’s on 20.3 than the one that’s on Mint 21.1.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with Mummby. If developers said the UI looks should not be the reason why to use an OS, then why they are making UI changes, instead of making the OS better? Visible changes just irritate people and drive them away, because changes make the OS unfamiliar. I would also like to stick to looks of 20.3 or at least 21.0, and I would also skip the looks of 21.1 in the installer if it were possible – with the spinning rainbow mouse cursor, it looks like a toy got from a circus. It’s not Linux Mint any more if it does not look like Linux Mint.

  18. A good step forward. Can I ask that some consideration is given to the Dark Themes? I feel there is need for a more obvious colour difference between active and inactive windows. Whilst there is a font colour change, the panels background does not. For some of us with less than perfect eyesight, for whom the dark panels are important, can you please consider making the background of the inactive window say 20% lighter ie more grey?

    1. XFCE has an option under compositing settings, you can make the inactive window to look lighter / translucent, while the active window remains accented.

  19. Hi Linux Mint team,

    Thank you very much to all of you, I really like Linux Mint, the expectation is great for the news (^o^)//

    Please give KolourPaint attention and love!!!

  20. I admire the way you work on things. Thoughtful. And the sense od urgency with which you solved the particular problem with themes that appeared in LM 21.1. Honestly, my bow. The new theme picker looks modern and solves the problem of too many theming options mingled together in one window. New folder icons – great. Thank you!

  21. Oh darn. I rely on Mint-Y-Dark-Brown for my desktop theme because it looks great and makes the white letters in the menu easily readable. Dark-Sand looks anemic compared to brown, and it’s not dark enough to make the white letters in my menu very visible.

    Generally, my biggest problem with Mint has to do with text and icons being difficult to see. And I’m not even that old. I just like to avoid eye strain as much as possible, so I value elements that are clear, sharp, large and with good contrast.

    I’m trying to decide what to do now that 19.3 is EOL. I have read that Metacity High Contrast window borders will no longer work in 21x. Without it, the minimize, maximize and close buttons on windows are so tiny on my monitor, they’re virtually invisible! (The Adwaita play and pause icons shown above look pretty invisible to my eyes, also.)

    At least the awesome Cinnamenu is still supported in 21x. I much prefer that to the default menu!

    1. You’re probably a lot smarter than I am with technology, but I thought I’d share a comment. This might be totally obvious and laughable to you, but you can change fonts and their sizes. I press the Windows key on the keyboard and type “Font Selection” and change there. You can right-click the taskbar and make things bigger there, too. I’m “not that old” either and have to make stuff bigger—I recently put Mint on my parents’ computer and for the life of me could not remember how to make stuff bigger but was relieved when I remembered how! Sorry if I’m stating the obvious :]

    2. You’re correct that Metacity is not used in Mint Cinnamon any more.
      In Mint 21 & 21.1 I use this method to get min/max/close window buttons 50% larger, plus coloured window title bar for active window:
      Its a simple matter of dropping the gtk.css file into ~/.config/gtk3/ folder and refeshing cinnamon.
      You do have to uncomment the last section of the code to get the bigger window buttons.
      Not sure how it will go with 21.2 when that arrives.

    3. Tony W, thanks for your suggestion, you saved my day. In a test 21.1 system, I just downloaded the css file, put it in ~/.config/gtk3.0/ (after renaming the one that was there to BACKUP), restarted cinnamon and it works.
      I have colorful window titles with a clear separation from the title bar to the rest of the window, like in 20.x.
      The lack of clearly visible window bar/title and buttons was the main reason why I did not upgrade to 21.x and stayed in 20.3 in my main system.
      Now i can upgrade to 21.1.
      But if is this is so simple (and possible), to have color window titles and buttons, why does not the Mint team gives this possibility officially?

    4. @Toni W, thanks for this one. I’ve saved it to check it out properly later.
      One of my complaints was that I had a hard time distinguishing the active window from the background, leading me to close the wrong window by mistake.
      I’m on Mint 20.3 and I’ve installed the CBlack theme, it makes the window (minimize, maximize and close) buttons colored, so I can easily know which one is the active window. This works on Mint 21.1 too.

    5. @Ev: Thank you for your reply. Yes, I always increase the fonts and icons as you mentioned, but it’s a good tip for anyone who might not know.

      @Tony W: Thank you for posting the Github link. I saw that in the forum but haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I’m glad to know that’s a good option.

      I have LMDE5 on a laptop and I’ve been testing LM 21.1 on a new mini desktop but it seems better with LMDE5 also, for some reason. (Perhaps because they both have AMD Ryzen processors? I don’t know.)

    6. There is also a text scaling factor in the font settings. I have a new laptop with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and I set the scaling to 1.2 to help me read things. You can also set a scale factor in the display settings as well and I use 125% there. It helps a lot.

  22. I have been using Mint for years on our 2 aging computers, currently using Mate to reduce the hardware resources required
    One of them is 32-bit with 1 GB RAM which works fine with Mate 19.3, but now that 19.3 is EOL I need to make a change
    I would have liked to use LMDE 5 on this one to keep the consistent feel between the 2 computers, but the RAM can’t support Cinnamon demands
    Will there ever be a Mate or Xfce version of LMDE to support these older but still operable computers, or do I need to bite the bullet and learn MX Linux or another distro ?

    1. @John, consider installing zram on that old laptop. Basically it is a compressed swap in memory. On that computer it can hit a little bit on the CPU but it makes all the difference.
      I have an old Intel Core Duo with 2GB of RAM, it has zram first and then HDD swapping. And no SSD, all spinning rust drives. It is slow, of course, but it doesn’t even gets suffering, and I can open a lot of windows and applications and it still manages to work just fine as a replacement computer. I’m looking at a SSD for it right now, in front of me.

      You can install zram by installing zram-config and you can configure it on /etc/default/zramswap . Make sure to reboot afterwards.

  23. Thank you for Linux Mint! I can’t wait to use LM 21.2 Cinnamon!
    Can I have one little request?
    I really, really wish to be able to change the color of tooltips. I personally would like green, but a friend of mine would like blue.

  24. Some Cinnamon configuration files use the name of the user in the home path instead of using ~. It’s bad because if you want to use these files in /etc/skel after configurint Cinnamon, they won’t work. For example, in ./.config/menus/, ./.config/cinnamon/backgrounds/user-folders.lst etc.

  25. Cannot be easier and less res.cost effective just apply fn filter.invert to selected icons of menus?

    and assuming all user changes in themes will b like a kid painting the walls of room for first time. Couldn’t be like adjustable & reversible filters applicable to ribbon and menus of certain apps

  26. Good idea to clean up the Dark Mode issues .-)
    Please do not forget about a suitable icon set for LibreOffice in Dark mode! There is a “Colibre Dark” available for installation (no idea where it comes from, if it is complete and if it can be used):
    The “Colibre Dark SVG” does not seem to be a good option as it looks blurred compared to the “Colibre Dark” version:

    Thanks again for your great work, Henrik

    1. Yes! Please! What Henrik mentioned!
      Using the default dark theme, the symbols become unreadable / unrecognizable, especially when they are toggled. Dark grey on dark grey with dark grey doesn’t work that well. Of course you can change the theme / style or install third party icons, but while you are on it anyway, this would benefit mint greatly, working streamlined out of the box.

  27. On LM 21.1 I have four user angles. Moving from one corner to another and to the next, after some time when I switch back to my corner, I only have the background on the Panel and I have to restart cinnamom. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t.

  28. I have four user accounts on LM 21.1. Moving from one account to another and to the next, after some time when I switch back to my account, I only have the background on the Panel and I have to restart cinnamom. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t.

  29. Hi all, great news! I am excited to see the new color variations and location icons.
    But the screenshots here only show the icon view. How does it behave in list view? In the old themes up to Mint 21, the selected folders were hard to see in list view, because folders and highlights had the same color shade. In Mint 21.1 this problem was solved because folders and highlights had different colors (yellow and aqua).
    Will the future themes provide a good contrast in the list view? Are there also screenshots for this?

    1. You can go to Advanced Settings and select different icon and theme variants.

    2. That’s a good point. And what if I want the folders and the theme in the same color? Do the selected folders in list view then stand out well against the selection color? Maybe by a white border around the selected folder or by changing the folder color when it is selected (like Dolphin does in KDE)?

  30. A big thank you to Clem and the team for constantly striving to improve.

    [quote]Tony W
    In Mint 21 & 21.1 I use this method to get min/max/close window buttons 50% larger, plus coloured window title bar for active window:
    Its a simple matter of dropping the gtk.css file into ~/.config/gtk3/ folder and refeshing cinnamon.[/quote]

    Fantastic Tony W, i love it.
    This was a pet hate of mine – not being able to tell one active window from another,
    all the black (dark grey) titlebars just blended into one another before i installed this file.
    Now I just need to create a link to this css file
    so i can install this everytime I install a new version of Linux Mint or LMDE.
    thanks again for this

    1. Just to be clear, I had nothing to do with devising this css file, that was all done by Allan Crooks.
      If I recall correctly, there were a few attempts by different people in the mint forums to improve the window titlebar and buttons but Allan’s solution was the one that worked best for me.

  31. Hello Clem and all Linux Mint team,
    I’m really impressed with Linux Mint and Cinnamon which looks much better than any other environment, I use it much and I advise other people do the same
    I only hope that the problem of huge CPU consuming by Cinnamon will get proper attention in some future releases, sometimes it gets 95% of CPU (12700H Alder Lake)

    1. “sometimes it gets 95% of CPU ”
      This means the correct graphics driver is not properly loaded and you are running on software acceleration. It’s unfortunate but happens a lot on Intel HD graphics. I don’t think it’s an issue with Cinnamon, I see this a lot over on the Forums. Intel graphics just suck on Linux.

    2. This is a firmware bug with the kernel and certain Intel processors. How to tell? Open up ‘System Monitor’ and the first CPU will be stuck at 95%. A soft reboot won’t fix it. If you do a hard power cycle it will go away until it gets stuck again. Do a search on the term “runaway kacpi notify”.

  32. Wow, Clem! I’m impressed. You really care about the features that you do implement! Can’t wait to make a theme and an installer using the beautiful new chooser!

  33. The changes look neat and organized. Very nice work! I always appreciate that Mint actually listens to user feedback and responds like this. Looking forward to the point release!

  34. After seeing the new themes settings panel, I only hope that 3rd party themes are still be fully functional. I use Otherwise I will leave Linux Mint.

  35. I’ve got nothing but good regards for entire Linux mint team. @clem good to see these improvements. Waiting for the release!

  36. >Cinnamon styles are defined in JSON files in /usr/share/cinnamon/styles.d/.

    Where are the technical details of how this will work or where is this being discussed so that people can make suggestions/feedback. I’m concerned about these files being stored in usr/share/cinnamon when it may be better to do this in a more DE agnostic way. For instance, could these styles/colorways files not also be used in other DEs like MATE or Xfce? Would these files also not be better stored in their individual theme directories, that way a 3rd party theme folder could be downloaded and moved to ~/.themes and it would have the styles/colorways included? If people need root access when installing 3rd party themes then it seems less likely that these style/colorways files will be widely adopted.

  37. Ne pourrait on pas programmer dans le temps les créations d’instantanés de TimeShift.
    Elles ralentissent mon laptop pendant trop longtemps à mon goût, et bloquent même l’accès à certains services.

  38. I just upgraded my newest laptop from Mint 20.3(HWE 5.15) to Mint 21.0 and the update was OK there but I noticed that instead of remaining on 5.15(HWE) I was updated to Kernel 5.19 and that’s fine there as that’s the latest HWE Kernel. And that’s all fine but the version of Blender 3D(3.0.1) that ships with Mint 20.0 is too new for me as I’d rather stay on the Blender 2.8 or 2.9 series that still utilizes OpenCL for GPU compute and not ROCm/HIP that’s not really officially supported by AMD for Linux Mint(My Laptop has an AMD processor with Vega integrated Graphics and a Discrete mobile Polaris GPU). And AMD’s never going to support ROCm/HIP for Polaris GPUs for GPU compute while with OpenCL Polaris GPUs are supported for that Industry Standard OpenCL GPU compote API.


    Now there’s Mint 21.0 and my MESA version’s jumped to Mesa 22.2.5 with the next version of MESA after that having Initial support for that Rusticl(OpenCL written in RUST) support but the Blender Foundation has dropped support for OpenCL with Blender 3.0/Later editions but Blender 2.8/2.9 editions still utilize OpenCL. And I wish that the Mint Maintainers would have had the option to remain on the older Blender version there unless they where willing to package AMD’s ROCm/HIP and Intel’s OneAPI(For Blender 3.0/later) with any Mint edition ISO that ships with Blender 3.0/later as that’s what’s used for the for Blender 3.0 GPU compute instead of OpenCL.

  39. Adding blur to cinnamon will make it look even more attractive to many and attract more users for sure. It’s not functional feature but a bit deal with respect to looks in the market. Just give a toggle for those who won’t use it.

  40. Thanks for your hard work. can you add a sound for clearing the trash in the sound settings? Because both macos and linux have this function

  41. The new two toned icons, are OK, and I will not complain about such details, but I do not see them as an “improvement” over already existing (in Mint 20.0) Mint-X-Blue icons. Which were also two toned, white plus color, and also had a gradient to them, perfect IMO. Question, will they remain unchanged ? Please say yes, or keep them. And yes, thanks for all the hard work on a superb iteration of Linux. I prefer the MATE edition, but have to tell you that it is your Mint Menu (Advanced MATE Menu) that makes your MATE the best. Why am I being blocked by sucuri?

    1. I’m pretty sure Mint-X isn’t going anywhere, although its development has slowed a lot and takes a back seat to Mint-Y. I would love to have a fully dark-mode capable Mint-X version after seeing their basic dark-mode version of it (made for their Cinnamon dark mode enhancement a while back — works with things like the Terminal and GTK 3+ programs, but it’s lacking full compatibility to GTK 2 and QT like Mint-Y’s dark version has). The devs have informed me that they have no intention of putting that much more work into Mint-X. Which is a shame. It’s the best non-flat theme on any OS. I’d love to see it get more love. I’m absolutely not a fan of flat themes (I’m especially not a fan of Mint-Y — way, WAY too flat, not even shadows or anything for depth), so Mint-X is the only thing I can really use and enjoy.

  42. I have a few themes myself, both desktop and icon themes.
    I would very much like to get in touch with you about how and if my themes will line up with you plan for styles. Also what tools you may have to make themes/styles.

  43. Upgraded 6 systems from Mint 20.3 to Mint 21.0 and had only one issue with one laptop that hung up late in the upgrade stage on some repository/other with an error 100. But I was able to restart the upgrade again after quitting and restarting mint upgrade. But now all my systems have the legacy key warning issue and I wish there was a tool to migrate the keys to whatever new key/keyring system is being unitized on Mint 21.0 later. The online how-to solutions are just confusing me more so there really needs to be some Mint 21 legacy key conversion tool provided there to do that for any keys relegated to the legacy keyring.
    I’m done upgrading for a while until I’ve had time to research Mint 21.1 so I’ll be on Mint 20.0 for a few months maybe.

  44. “Mesa 23.1 RadeonSI Enables Rusticl OpenCL Support
    Written by Michael Larabel in Mesa on 12 April 2023 at 07:02 AM EDT.”

    This headline from Phoronix and I’d like for the Mint 21 series to get that Version of MESA and for there to be a Legacy Blender 2.9(PPA/Other) variant that can be be installed on Mint 21 as that’s Still using OpenCL for GPU compute and hopefully my 2 AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor’s GPUs(Integrated Vega and/or discrete Polaris) will be able to be utilized by Blender 3D(GPU Accelerated Cycles rendering) once that Rust Based OpenCL gets Established as part of the MESA Drivers that ship with most all the desktop Linux Distros.

    Currently Mint 20.0 is Mesa 22.2.5 and really I’ve got to downgrade the Version of Blender that ships with Mint 20.0 to the last Blender 2.9 release because that’s still utilizing OpenCL and not ROCm/HIP(Blender 3.0/Later Editions). I’m going to probably have to uninstall Blender 3.0.1 and see from there if the Radeon Vega Integrated and Polaris Descrete GPU on my newest laptop will work with MESA 23.1 as I have never been able to utilize Blender 3D GPU accelerated Cycles rendering under Linux and Polaris Discrete GPUs are not getting any ROCm/HIP support from AMD(Only Vega/later Generation GPUs) . So if MESA 23.1 supports OpenCL(Rust Based) then that’s the only viable option(Blender 2.9 legacy) for me there on my laptop with the RX560X GPU.

  45. While I see people concerned about colours of folders and whether they should have stirpes or not,
    I don’t care what colour they are or if they have stripes, dots, dogs ears or binder holes in them.
    What gets me is this. It started on the thenth or eleventh.
    mint update. The Linux Mint Update Manager 5.9.8
    And this is what happens.
    The repository ‘ ./ Release’ does not have a Release file.
    I think that updates may be important, but maybe not.

  46. I really wish Linux Mint would bring back Window borders in Cinnamon. Some custom themes look out of place without Window borders. All other updates being made look great.

  47. Great news!
    Please improve Nvidia Graphics propietary driver support for next release (I can’t get it working without black screens or the need of manual editing system files), and please improve audio management (Linux mint doesn’t see some of my audio input devices).
    Thanks for your work!

  48. Why was there no mention of apt version 2.4.8 getting support for Phased Updates and on a few laptops that I have that are all on Mint 21.0 currently I’m getting 4 updates held back there on laptops that are running the LTS Kernel 5.15 while on 2 of my newest systems( laptop/Mini PC) that are running Mint 21.0(HWE Kernel 5.19) I’m getting one update held back on those 2 systems. And I had to roll back one laptop(Mint 20.0/LTS Kernel 5.15) to an earlier Timeshift snapshot once I learned nothing was wrong with my system and that I should not have forced the updates to install Via Synaptic/apt.

    But apt getting Phased updates and that’s newsworthy to include here at least and Synaptic needs to be updated by Canonical to actually explicitly state that the updates are being held for phased release as that’s not done in Synaptic currently and end users confused as to why those updates are available in Synaptic but Mint Update’s saying that the system is up to date.

  49. Please build about two new copy features for NEMO, that today are state of the art while copying (like in Windows 10):

    -0-100%-Display of copied files (till now):

    Visible display of how much percents copied(%), while copying files with Nemo (like copy-function in Windows 10 while copying files, etc.).

    -Pause-Button (clicking on/off for pause):

    A visible clickable Pause-Button is today state of the art (like in Windows 10), while copying files, because it is possible to do a pause, to do other things with Computer, etc. (e.g. while copying a lot of files for hours, etc.)

  50. it would be great to have round corner windows also in the lower part so it’s more coherent and have more compiz-like window effects (there is a wobbly extension and the magic lamp and desktop cube are missing, thanks a lot.) clem I don’t understand why you don’t want a return of compi effects on cinnamon.

    1. Clem, try to round the edges at the bottom in the future anyway, it will be very nice and stylish, maybe there will be opportunities to do it.
      Also, if possible, please implement blur or transparency around the edges in the future, thank you!

  51. thanks clem for the reply regards compiz will there be in the future for cinnamon? ps.i abandoned ubuntu for mint i think your operating system is the best.

  52. I find the new icons to be very confusing. For example, the save button in text editor is now a down-arrow, which means “download” in just about all the other software and service I use. I wish this hadn’t involved changing the icons. Text editor’s “open a file” isn’t even something I can parse any more. Is it a typewriter?

    Whoever changed all the icons to new ones should really have run it past users first. My mother isn’t very computer confident, so tryign to explain to her that all the buttons are different is going to be a trial!

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