Monthly News – February 2023

Many thanks to all of you for your support and your donations.

Linux Mint 21.2

In preparation for Linux Mint 21.2, the changes below were implemented.

Nemo 5.8 will feature multi-threaded thumbnails. Instead of generating each thumbnail one by one, Nemo will generate multiple thumbnails in parallel. This uses more CPU but it results in loading directory content faster, especially for directories which contain a large amount of media files.

CJS 5.8, the Cinnamon Javascript interpreter, will be rebased on GJS 1.74 and make use of SpiderMonkey (libmozjs) 102. The current version of cjs uses SpiderMonkey 78.

XDG Desktop Portal implementations are being written for Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce. This will provide better compatibility between desktop environments and non-native applications such as flatpaks or libAdwaita apps (though these are usually written only for GNOME anyway). Among other things this will make it possible for these apps to take screenshots or to support dark-mode.


Warpinator is designed to let people see each other and share files on the local network as easily as possible and without setup. Although access to the local network itself should be monitored/restricted in the first place, once you’re connected to it, you can see and interact with other Warpinator instances.

The SUSE security team recently performed a review of the codebase and highlighted some concerns. Discussions followed and decisions were taken to harden the security in Warpinator.

Security bugs (CVE-2022-42725) were fixed to prevent files potentially being written outside of the download directory in the case of a malicious remote copy of Warpinator.

Setting a group code became a requirement for the application to remain open indefinitely or to be started automatically after login. Only computers which share the same group code see each other and their communication is encrypted. This was done to prevent a malicious copy of Warpinator from pretending to be someone else on the network and initiate transfers, especially in cases where the target’s instance is set to automatically accept incoming requests.

People who want to casually share files now and then would communicate first, agree on timing and what’s being shared. They’d launch their instances around the same time and expect what they agreed on. In this scenario the lack of setup requirement is key and there is no significant need for a group code.

In preparation for future potential bugs or security issues, changes are currently being implemented to completely isolate Warpinator from the filesystem and make it technically unable to write anywhere other than in the incoming folder.

Warpinator is used in many different ways and in different environments. Whether it’s in an office with a secure network and a multitude of computers which trust each others and are constantly open to transfers… or on a public Wifi between two friends’ laptops, or even as we recently mentioned just you sending files to yourself from/to a smartphone, a steam deck or another box. We want Warpinator to work for everyone, to be as secure as possible in environments where it’s setup to be secure (with a group code, autostart, auto-accepting requests etc..), and to require no configuration in use cases where users themselves communicate first and don’t rely on the network to trust each others.

Server upgrades

We’ve been upgrading some of the servers. This caused a little bit of downtime in the past few days on the blog and on the forums in particular. We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience.


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    1. Not at the same time, but usually shortly after. While we go through BETA we’re still identifying bugs. After we reach STABLE we work on upgrades and porting to LMDE.

    1. You can change the icon theme in order to have the folders with different colors. The yellow with small color mark is just the default.

  1. @Clem,
    One thing that has been messing with my mind for a long time now is the GUIs look&feel integrity, specially theming.
    I’ve noticed that there are some applications that just disregard your personal theme. I’ve finally seem to have found a pattern: they are the gnome-disk-utility, the gnome-calculator, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-font-viewer, gnome-logs, gnome-screenshot… Well, you should have gotten the gnome-pattern by now.
    Why is this, is it the “regular incompatible” Gnome way of braking anything that is not Gnome or done their way?
    Is there any incompatibility between Gnome and Cinnamon and MATE (haven’t tried Xfce)?
    How easy or hard would it be for the Mint Team to fix this?
    Cheers in memoriam of Gnome 2.

    PS – I’m happy to see progress towards Mint 21.2. Could that be The One?

    1. You’re correct, this is the libadwaita effect in action across GNOME’s apps. In my case, I use Debian + Cinnamon, and replace all the GNOME apps with their MATE/GNOME 2 equivalents. MATE-calculator, MATE-terminal, gparted, MATE-system-monitor, etc.

    2. Not a single app shipped with Linux Mint uses libadwaita. So that’s just false. I’m not sure what’s meant by “disregard theming”. I can’t think of a single default app shipped with Mint that doesn’t theme correctly. The only difference is some apps use headerbars and others do not. The one’s that use headerbar’s won’t use your titlebar specific theming if you are using Mate or XFCE. But that’s because they don’t actually have a titlebar. They still use your GTK theme though. And these apps aren’t limited to Gnome apps. Several of Mint’s own apps are the same.

  2. Is there a version of Warpinator that works with Debian(not LMDE)? I am trying to run the program, but I get a prompt “cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ from ‘grpc._cython'”. Missing dependencies?

  3. First, thank you for continuing with the commitment to make LM even better.
    Clem, would it be possible for LM 21.2 to implement a scroll bar in Themes [Applications/Icons/Desktop] instead of those up and down buttons?. Having more elements makes it look more messy, which can complicate finding the desired elements.
    P.S. Please consider the ‘Tela’ icon theme [by github user ‘vinceliuice’], it’s one of the most complete.

    1. Slider is better than what we have now, but with so many themes installed by default I suggest that the ‘themes/ icons’ menu shows only the theme/ icon types in the default color. Color variants can appear if the user clicks the theme/ icon type, and then he can make a more granular choice. I’m not sure if I’m clear.

  4. Just to say thank you for your ongoing effort to make Mint better and better. I believe everyone will welcome the changes you announce in this blog post 🙂

  5. Clem, Will be getting VLC 3.0.18 in 21.2? It is there in LMDE5. I ask because I cannot cast to my Android TV using VLC from 21.1 but can from LMDE5.

    1. no, since ubuntu isn’t getting vlc 3.0.18 in lts, however you can install it yourself from a third party PPA or by using flatpak

  6. in the next release, can you make it so that when someone turns on the screen reader in the mate version that the log in screen be accessible and feature the settings from the live system, I’ve seen other linux distributions do this and its really cool

  7. Hi Clem,

    Will the icon theme be updated in the next version ?
    Now that the folder icons have been updated, the app icons are starting to feel a bit dated.
    I’d gladly use the included Papirus theme, but its folder color don’t match the Mint-Y themes !

    Also there was some discussion to improve the folder icons after last release (specifically regarding the ribbon), any hope to see some progress on this ?

  8. Thanks for everything you folks are doing. Looks great.

    I don’t suppose that finding a way for us to sort the applications in the “Software Manager” is anywhere on the to-do list is it?

  9. Hi Clem,

    – Blog Refinements

    1. How do you feel about just showing an overview (header and first few lines) for each entry, full content once clicked?

    Currently, when navigating from to the blog it can be a bit confusing, thinking one is viewing the whole blog entry, only to find comments are hidden because its actually an overview, until the same article title is clicked again.

    Above change may also simplify navigating older postings while searching for a specific date/entry.

    2. Improved clarity, is it possible to move the comments reply button so always appears below the last comment posted (in a nested group), rather remaining just below the first comment? This one seems to catch may out, since observe replies posted in the wrong locations.

    Thank you for your time & help, appreciate you’re not able to reply to every post but know you read the comments.

  10. Hello,

    I would like to ask a support question<, I have asked question previously on forum, but no one could help.
    I have no problems with Linux mint versions 20.3 & earlier. Something seems to have changed in later versions
    where thew USB will not boot Linux Mint & I get cannot find Grub platform errors or a similar Grub msg & it just hangs. I have tried multiple USB sticks & multiple computers with same results. Both of my computers are Phenom II X4s uprocessors and Asus motherboards, one is a Crossfire 2, other mother is a M2N32 Deluxe. I use the USB stick writer application to create the bootable Linux Mint after verification. Please help someone TY.

    1. Try Ventoy. It’s much easier for making bootable USB keys: format the stick with Ventoy, then just copy ISO files onto it. As many as you want.

      Just Googl “ventoy”.

    2. Try making sure the boot mode in your BIOS is set to EFI/UEFI and not legacy. That fixed a similar issue for me which I encountered during my migration from normal Mint to LMDE.

  11. Folders open in Icon View is there as way to make them inherit the same ordering as was chosen for List View so they show up ordered as is currently selected/sorted in List View? And Ditto for Compact View.

    1. Yep, go to Edit > Preferences. In View, you can choose how new folders should display, and you can tick the box to keep parent’s view as well ! 🙂

  12. Hi LM Team
    I use Hypnotix a lot, nearly every day. I would love to have the cursor hide automatically when in full screen mode. Is this a possibility? Thanks a lot for all your work and ideas.
    Regards Lars.

  13. Just a comment on the warpinator program. I had never used it, (because I am comfortable with scp, and rsync) until someone recently asked on Mint forums, about sharing with win10, since I have a win10 drive on one of my thinkpads,(NOT that I need or use it) I thought I’d give it a try. Frankly I was VERY impressed at just how easy the program is to use. VERY intuitive as I did not read a word of documentation to figure out how it worked. So, Warpinator, though maybe not “my” thing, IS definitely a good program.

    Question, these new ‘security’ fixes do not affect it’s easy of use ?

    1. >> new ‘security’ fixes do not affect it’s easy of use ?
      Not really, if you are just doing occasional transfers between your own machines you can use it ‘out of the box’. Alternatively, if you want to setup automatic acceptance of transfers from anywhere in your network, or restricted trust issues anywhere, just add a common group code to the machines you do trust. See more in Clem’s writeup above.

  14. Hi everyone. I apologize if this isn’t the appropriate place to ask this question. Is there a way to get Night Light on Linux Mint? I’ve been using L.M. for over a year and am thankful to have it instead of the alternative, but really want Night Light like other distributions have. I keep trying others out, but want to stick with L.M.

    ***I REFUSE to use Redshift. It is extremely user-unfriendly. I couldn’t get it to work right on two machines. Plus it said something about requiring location services. No. NO.***


  15. Brilliant work as always! Despite being a Linux user for several years now, Linux Mint remains my favorite distro.

    One question, however; would it be possible to set Nemo up to spawn each new window as a separate process by default, as mentioned in this feature request?

  16. I run Cinnamon everywhere – my Mint machines and others. I was embarrassed last night in front of 100 people when the Pix slideshow would not exit on pressing esc. It just hung the app, Ctrl-F4 and some other frantic actions eventually go a Force Quit. As Pix is based on gThumb, I installed the latter and tested it on the same platform. No problem.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to 21.2. I am very impressed by the current release which brought a fresh experience to what was becoming a boring series of minor changes (to the user). I realise that under the hood.. different story.

  17. Is there a way to get Night Light on Mint? I want to continue using Mint, but really want Night Light like other distributions have. I WILL NOT use Redshift. Not sure why my comment wasn’t published.

  18. 21.1 has some issues which weren’t there in the previous release(s).

    1. Display Settings – nice thing this is included in the right-click on the Desktop, but one can open these settings indefinitely, which is not right, only one window should be open. Moreover, when opening Display Settings, the monitor ID stays on top of everything and I mean everything. The system doesn’t seem to decide which display is the default one (which is obviously the laptop display), instead randomly chooses one (either the laptop display or the external monitor).
    2. The ‘Move to the other monitor’ option doesn’t seem to work for Star Conflict game when it is launched and I’m trying to move it on the external monitor. I have to tweak the settings and eventually I’m forced to choose the external monitor as the default one, and even so, still shows on the laptop display, then minimize the game again, then restoring it usually moves to the external monitor or I need to specifically choose ‘Move to the other monitor’.
    Moving this game to the other (external) monitor was properly working on the previous releases (20.X) without tweaking, so it is not a game issue. It works fine for browsers, apps or other games like Transport Fever.
    The ‘Reset to Defaults’ button does not set the Built-in display as the Primary, so there’s not really a default display that the system is considering (it should be the Built-in Display), instead it kind of switching between them.

  19. Thanks for the good job LM-Team,

    my question is: will the signed secure boot loader paket “shim-signed” be updated with LM 21.2 work?

  20. Clem, could you consider adding a System Monitor access to the taskbar for the next version?. Some applications sometimes hang and freeze [or even crash] Cinnamon, I would like to have a quick access to kill processes.

    Thanks in advance

  21. On my local lan I run LM21x MATE with 4 desktops( ethernet ) and sometimes 2 laptops. When Warpinator works, it just works; but, often it doesn’t. Freqiemtly, it is a matter of booting two systems within a minute of each other to get them working. So, I often have resort to fusefs, rsync, SFTP, Syncthing or a thumbdrive to copy files. Am wishing someone will make a man page. My hope is that a man page might give some additional information that might help me figure out the irregular connectivity. Have explored all the built in GUI settings.

    1. HI
      I started using FEEM after someone on this blog suggested it a few years ago, before warpinator. Wapinator was cumbersome at first, so I never gone back to check it out (will do once i notice there are not many ppl having issues), as Feem works well enough for me, and can be used on Windows and Android. I seldom use Android, and don’t have use for Windows any longer.
      I hope this helps you, without in any way disparaging Warpinator.

    2. What version are you using? There was an issue recently fixed that your difficulty connecting could potentially be attributed to. 1.4.5 includes the fix for that.

  22. I just discovered XFCE has some sort of color/display profile that has a couple options that act as a blue-light filter/Night Light, so I am installing Mint XFCE. It seems to be very fast. I am writing over KDE/Plasma on one of my PCs; that was way too flashy! Yuck. All I wanted was Night Light and had to use that distribution.

    *****Please consider adding Night Light to Mint!!!***** Redshift is not good. I see so many comments mirroring my thoughts when looking for help online.

    *****Please consider adding scaling.***** From what I can see, there is only one option—200%. 125 and 150 are what I would like for myself and the elderly family members I recently installed Mint Mate on. (I think I might put XFCE on that instead, this is much simpler and snappier!).

    I am happy to have found XFCE, I think I will replace my Cinnamon PC with it also!

    1. I discovered the “D50” in the “Color” area is also in Cinnamon (a sort of blue light filter). “Scaling” is available on the newest Cinnamon also—at least on a newer computer of mine. So looks like everything will probably be converted to Cinnamon now. Oh my.

    2. Bernhard, thanks for the note. I’ve had the QRedshift page bookmarked in my browser for over a year now but don’t think I ever tried to install it. I saw it said something about downloading a zip file so never continued. I just have an interest in computers–I’m guessing my abilities are pretty low compared to those here! Whenever I see “zip” I have nightmares of Win95 and never being able to get the files open as a kid! Ha. I like to keep my system as “clean” as possible with no installs from “who knows where”–I imagine this download is safe, but I’d rather just have “Night Light” “baked in” to the system from the start. You’ll likely have thoughts on this. I’d like to reiterate how grateful I am to have this alternative to MS!

  23. Hi, could window management be improved in Cinnamon? The window which lets the user select the app to open the file with doesn’t remember its size after it has been resized. And the default pdf reader launches in a window of unpredictable dimensions. The start menu changes its shape slightly when its recent files section contains anything…. Improving these little issues would make Cinnamon even more polished.

  24. Hello Mint team,
    as I use LM21.1 Cinnamon on my Fujitsu Lifebook and happily waiting for LM21.2, my wish would be to have the possibility to set an acoustic signal in the Power Management Preferences: today, “When battery is critically low:” “do nothing” or “shut down” I would propose a new setting: “beep once”.
    Thanks to have a look on this suggestion and maybe take it into account for lucky Linux Mint Laptop/Notebook users.

  25. I’m on Mint 20.3 and my system reports is now offering to upgrade to Mint 21 so there no complete instructions available for what packages should get purged on my system before I can upgrade as I have PPAs for FF ESR(all of my systems) and latest version InkScape(my 2 newest systems Mint 20.3/Kernel 5.15). I really may just wait for longer until I decide to update beyond Mint 20.3 until I can find sufficient reasons online to go beyond Mint 20.3 until 2025. But I am noticing that the standard InkScape version that’s on my 4 older laptops that are using Mint 20.3(Kernel 5.4) has become unstable and is crashing every time that I close InkScape without saving there work.

    And really I which that the Mint Team would have a serious talk with the Mozilla about fixing the quality of FF’s Spell Checker to at least include more technical terms and the names of some of the more prominent Opensource Software packages and how that’s spelled/written. I really hate it when Updates to the US English spelling dictionary for FF overwrite my manual additions there to that default FF spell checking dictionary.

    1. Hi Adrian (hopefully same one),
      Apologies, realised missed replying to your helpful (last months) “gsettings set org.x.reader page-cache-size 200” zoom followup reply. Since January blog entry comments are closed, replying here instead.

      Thank you. 🙂

  26. I’ve apparently got 2 variants of the rtl8821cen, rtw88_8821ce WiFi driver modules loaded on my system and one set is the Out Of Tree Opensource Driver(That’s now assigned to 0 “Used By”) and one that’s now the In Tree with the Linux Kernel……………..And the In Tree rtw88_8821ce driver does not like to maintain internet connectivity very long while the Out of Tree(DKMS Build) never has such issues there maintaining connectivity ………………..And I’ll state this that the Network manager than ships with Cinnamon does not like to inform me when Connectivity is lost even it’s stating that I’m connected……..But I want to utilize the Out Of Tree rtw88_8821ce Opensource driver as the In-Tree rtw88_8821ce driver has the connectivity maintaining issue. And the Linux WiFi maintainers need to look at the Behavior of the Windows versions with the Windows version WiFi Network Monitoring software informing the users with a popup(Above the Trey Icon) if the WiFi that one is connected to is still connected but that connection is offering Limited to No Connectivity(Poor or Degraded service) and the windows WiFi subsystem will actively try to obtain better connectivity while the Linux/Cinnamon variant will not warn or attempt to get any connectivity back and one has to experience a web page request not being serviced on Linux(Mint) before the user must then manually check there and usually that requires turning the WiFi Slider Off then Back on again to get that connectivity back!………. And The Driver Manager has no method to further manage the Out Of Tree Driver/DKMS or have the Out of Tree WiFi driver chosen as there driver of choice over the In Tree Linux Kernel packaged version. The Realtek Curse continues unabated on Linux!

  27. I installed today LMDE 5. After update all the folders Mint Y are gone, except the yellow ones. Is that normal? What to do?

  28. And Conky Manager is not working in LMDE but is not a problem in LM 21. Please, solve this, if possible. Little things but for some people could be important. I think that is not too complicated to be solved.

  29. Mösyö Clem naber, Mint’in en sevdiğim tarafı Güncelleme Yöneticisi, Mint KDE Plasma sürümü çıkarsana be hadi be noolur be, Macron’a selam CcC MİNT REİS CcC

  30. I am running Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon (5.6.8)
    Minimising (click on “-“) PulseEffects window ( flatpack or packet) bugs.
    I lost it completely , I have to reboot to open it again
    Closing its window (click on “x”) works normally.

  31. A KDE bismuth like active, automatic tiling window manager add-on would be gordious on cinnamon desktop, and I also really looking forward the cinnamon’s wayland support.

  32. Great job team! I want to thank you for LM. I run it on my laptop solely and do my web design business on it. My question though is what options are there for better battery life? I installed TDP but it still is a loss of time. It still is worth switching away from Windows lol. WordPress and other web design tools are flawless. I love Cinamon!

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