The Mint Newsletter – issue 67

* News about Mint

The first RC of Mint 6 Felicia is released

Release notes here

We want the community to test it thoroughly the next two weeks

Much of the new stuff in Felicia will be ported to Mint 5 Elyssa

In fact if you have enabled Romeo (our unstable repository) and installed/updated you will find Felicia familiar.

It took a large effort to create both the main and Community Editions (KDE, XFCE and  Fluxbox) of Mint 5 which means that we have not had the time to add new artwork and new Mint tools as much as we wanted

We intend to add Wubi (in Mint WLMI) before the final version is released and also have metapackages with new artwork around the time of release

We have changed the way we work on new editions which will make it easier to create metapackages. We hope to have metapackages for the different Mint desktops in the future

* News about Linux

The GNOME Foundation gets official support of Motorola and Google as sponsors and members of the GNOME Board of Advisors

Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver

Linux boots in 2.97 seconds

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

Security flaw in VLC – patch released. If the Linux versions are effected the one in the Mint repositories is not secure, you need 0.9.6 for that

Microsoft director delivered the keynote at ApacheCon

Hybrid SLI and CrossFire unstable, says Microsoft – bad news for laptops?

Data losses hit 280 million people

Chinese hack into White House network

WPA Wi-Fi encryption (partially) cracked

Fake WordPress site distributing backdoored release

Inmate hacked prison network, broke into employee database

Most users continue to use Internet apps — even after being told they’ve been compromised

* Hardware news

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* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment.

Enjoy life



  1. Patience 🙂
    Not all that long – the delay for the Community Editions in Mint 5 was due to problems that we now have solved
    Work on the Community Editions have already started
    Fluxbox may skip a version in Mint 6 it was only just released

  2. I have an idea for you.

    With every version of Ubuntu and Linux Mint I’ve yet installed, I’ve had to manually apply a bunch of speed tweaks after installing, to optimize my system. It occurred to me that since these tweaks apply to nearly everyone that might use Mint, it would be great if they could be included in the live CD. They’re all pretty simple changes to conf files, and can be found at .

    I’ve noticed a dramatic performance increase with these, and it would be great if everyone who uses Mint could take advantage of them without having to apply them manually.

  3. You actually forgot to mention that on Nov. 9 Clem and Merlwiz79 have completed the packages and metapackages that should enable anyone to restore a broken Mint installation (GNOME or XFCE), or, theoretically, to transform an installed Ubuntu system into Mint!

    That is:
    –Main edition: mint-meta-main, mint-meta-gnome, mint-artwork-gnome (conflicts/replaces mintartwork-bianca).
    –XFCE CE: xfcemint-desktop, xfcemint-default-settings, xfcemint-do.

  4. @ Béranger
    No I did not forget I just don’t think they are released yet
    Early next week things should happen in that area (and other)

  5. mint-meta-gnome seems to be missing a lot od apps, including Firefox. Maybe we could get this cleaned up before the final?

  6. To Sharky and Jason:

    I’m looking at the tweaks you want included, the first one, changing the journaling mode for ext3, states the following:

    “data=ordered mode effectively solves the corruption problem found in data=writeback mode”

    It then goes on to show one how to change data=ordered to data=writeback. Why would I want a tweak that increases the possibility of data corruption?

    That alone makes me think that the rest of the tweaks should be looked at more closely, though I’ll admit the changes to seem harmless from a “won’t damage your system or data” perspective.


  7. does anyone here use a SONY VAIO FW ?? i heard that it has problems with the brightness control in ubuntu, but i dont know anyone who has it and uses mint.

    Im getting one this xmas… if anyone here uses a SONY VAIO FW, or any other version for that matter, plz email me

    jungar193 at

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