Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” MATE – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” MATE Edition.

Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa MATE Edition

 Linux Mint 20.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20.1 MATE“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20.1 MATE

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 20.
  • Upgrade instructions will be published after the stable release of Linux Mint 20.1.

Bug reports:

  • Bugs in this release should be reported on Github at
  • Create one issue per bug.
  • As described in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, do not report or create issues for observations.
  • Be as accurate as possible and include any information that might help developers reproduce the issue or understand the cause of the issue:
    • Bugs we can reproduce, or which cause we understand are usually fixed very easily.
    • It is important to mention whether a bug happens “always”, or “sometimes”, and what triggers it.
    • If a bug happens but didn’t happen before, or doesn’t happen in another distribution, or doesn’t happen in a different environment, please mention it and try to pinpoint the differences at play.
    • If we can’t reproduce a particular bug and we don’t understand its cause, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix it.
  • The BETA phase is literally a bug squashing rush, where the team is extremely busy and developers try to fix as many bugs as fast as possible.
  • There usually are a huge number of reports and very little time to answer everyone or explain why a particular report is not considered a bug, or won’t get fixed. Don’t let this frustrate you, whether it’s acknowledged or not, we appreciate everyone’s help.
  • Please visit and to follow the progress of the development team between the BETA and the stable release.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


  1. Will the new Web App support browsers other than FireFox? I use Opera and really do not care for FireFox or Chromium. thanks.

  2. In the current version (pre-20.1) the only browser showing in the list is FireFox, so am I missing something?

  3. I have Opera (latest), FireFox (latest), Chromium, and Web Apps 1.05 installed. I can get Firefox and Chromium as available browsers, but it apparently does not show Opera.

  4. There’s a serious bug in the DOSBOX package (of Mint 20)
    Against previous .2 version .3 comes with that flaw. It may be due an incorrect Memory Map, that can be altered with Ctr-F1… (if CTR key was read).

    Because difficult to reach developers, or because people expect that someone say anything, we are alerting for the nuisance, external to Mint. Using DOSbox for development, with heavy use of the Ctr-Key, laptops with Mint cannot be used, only those with LMDE.

    Hope this reach someone in the corner between users and maintainers.
    Very good Christmas to all, clear from delusive fears.

    1. I’m guessing you’re coming from an Arch Linux based system? sudo update-grub is the proper format for Ubuntu based systems.

  5. “System improvements
    Compiz is no longer installed by default.”
    O what? that’s supposed to be an improvement? Why? Err… Hmmm… Argh! I suppose that makes it easier for devs but I liked having the cube desktop! I have used it in my old laptop all these years and now it won’t come by default? Please restore it back I beg you!

    1. Hi Josue,

      I’m sorry. It is indeed bad news if you enjoyed Compiz and not an improvement in that respect. It’s an improvement for everyone else if we stop shipping something that’s half broken and less and less supported though, it does increase the overall quality of the release.

      In Mint 20, not only did we learn that we shipped a version of Compiz which was completely broken (it had no titlebars, you couldn’t even move windows!), but we realized nobody cared about it and we only got to know about this 5 months later. This showed us the level of care we, as a team, had for Compiz. It showed the level of need, our audience, in general had for it (if a critical issue goes unnoticed that long, then you have to wonder exactly how many people do use it). And last but not least, it showed us the level of care the upstream developers of “this” version of Compiz (I say it like that because it’s getting forked left, right and center, and what we have here is some sort of Ubuntu-specific version) had for it and its compatibility with various desktops, they made a change which de-facto completely prevented Compiz from working at all outside of the box, without distributions providing DE-specific sets of configuration.

      I’m not ranting and I wish them well. When you install Compiz on your own you’ll see it won’t work out of the box. On our side I’m just glad we no longer ship it.

      Note: For people interested in Compiz. Compiz 0.9.x in Ubuntu is a distribution-specific version which was greatly impacted by the development of Unity, sometimes at its own detriment. I’ve no idea what’s going on nowadays in Compiz 0.9.x, especially now that Unity is no more. I’d like to mention the fact that some projects have forked Compiz 0.8.x though and are maintaining this. If you enjoy Compiz, don’t hesitate to give the 0.8.x fork a try.

    2. Josue is right, I had the same reaction when seeing no Compiz on LM 20.1 arghhhhhhh.
      People did notice and complain, but many, like myself just look at fixing things ourselves before complaining or don’t know where or how to complain, github and launchpad etc are intimidating to us everyday users of LM!

      This video Compiz Cube Linux Mint 20 (Mate & Xfce) got 5.3k views in 6 months, from a channel with only 300 subs! Read the comments on it! People do use Compiz and being able to flick a switch in LM and turn it on has always stood out as a great feature of LM. Some of my most viewed videos are the Compiz ones. If you look on my channel you’ll see Compiz is my ‘thing’ (and LM) or even type Compiz into Youtube search and some of them will pop up.

      LM 20 had no ‘mint’ profile in the preferences of the Compiz Configuration Settings Manager (CCSM) and was set to ‘flat file’ rather than Gsettings as earlier editions of LM had been. I assumed the ‘mint’ profile was something the LM team did before releasing each new version of LM and perhaps it just got missed on LM 20 and would be fixed on 20.1 so this is a little disappointing to me also.

      I am not a programmer, however if you want someone to set up similar defaults as shipped on LM 19.x on a ‘mint’ profile for LM 20.x (LM 19 profiles don’t work on LM 20) I’m happy to help out. I’ve made a 3 1/2 minute video showing how easy it is to install Compiz and get a functioning desktop with title bars, moving and resizing windows etc on LM 20.1 here

      From your reply to Josue I got a sense of ‘Compiz is a pain and glad to get rid of it’ which I get, so once again if I can help out by creating a profile you can simply import into Compiz then please contact me as I would definitely like to see this feature remain part of LM Mate and Xfce into the future.

    3. Hi BJ,

      You’re putting me in an awkward position because the right thing to do is to ship without it, yet if we do a little effort we can indeed fix this situation. It’s hard to refuse, especially now that you’re spending time and helping out with it. Leave it with us, we’ll think about it and weight-in the pros and cons during the BETA.

    4. _Josue_

      I too am long time user of Compiz. I could not reply to Clem directly in this communication, but to respond to his titlebars not displaying on windows in a Compiz environment, one only has to check the “Windows Decorations” in the Compiz Configuration, as you probably already know. I’m having no issues with LM 20 running Compiz – it has many advantages, if one knows how to configure it’s features properly. It may be very true that it is not getting the attention it needs in development upgrades, but it still works fine (for me anyway).

    5. I’ve been trying to get the Mint team to fix Compiz before release for several versions now. If mint abandons compiz entirely, I’ll have to migrate to a different distro, or maybe fork Mint Mate and start my own distro I suppose. Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time anyway.

      If we CAN fix compiz and have it ship in a working manner before release, that would be great, but I provided plenty of data during the Mint 20 beta, and it was summarily ignored.

    6. Hi rhY,

      In 20.1 it was your feedback which made us realize we actually had no titlebars at all and to be honest I first though it was an exaggeration when I first read it. You had been emphatic about subjective aspects (maximizing the wow factor in Compiz config) before so I thought this was a matter of taste again. I find it hard to work with your feedback because it doesn’t isolate changes and single issues and because it’s a subjective topic so it’s hard to go forward and to agree on everything. But anyway, no, you’re not being ignored, quite the opposite. I was mad to find out we had been shipping this the way it was in 20, and mad at myself for letting it happen whether it’s through lack of feedback, lack of understanding/triaging or lack of testing. This is the reason we’re considering the removal of compiz and I have you to thank for bringing it to our attention.

      We still have time in this BETA and we can still reconsider. I think no matter what we’ll work on a default configuration and see where that leads us, and then we’ll need to make a decision. If you’ve been thinking about migrating “for a long time” though, do. We don’t make changes to make people unhappy, we make changes because we believe it’s for the best. If there’s any doubt about that or if such a detail gets you so much frustrated then it’s already too late. We made tough choices in the past when sticking to LTS, when stopping the KDE editions, we’re not here to please everybody or to attract new people, we want users to be happy. If removing Compiz makes Mint better then it should go. I can think of quite a few distributions which shipped with broken components which didn’t even launch.. and it really annoys me to think that we’d now be on that list.

      Anyway, as I said above, it’s not hard for us to fix this and I can see it would make some of you happy, so we’ll see. Let us look into it again to see what we do for stable.

      PS: I like your analogy with baseball.. only we’re not baseball players. Think of Michael Jordan, he was good at something else than baseball and he didn’t need the distraction away from basketball (I don’t mean to compare Mint to Jordan, but since you mentioned baseball that immediately came to mind). We can add so many little things and develop support for so many little features in Linux Mint.. it’s something small projects do to attract users and get more visibility. There comes a point where this has a cost though and we can’t keep the same level of quality everywhere because we diversified too much. If we ask 100 Mint users, how many use Compiz? how many even know it’s there or what it’s for? This is not giving up on what matters, this is focusing more on what matters and dropping what doesn’t. Again, we will reconsider, I know it does matter to some. But this analogy isn’t very fair.

    7. Compiz Fix Better than previous one!

      The short explanation:
      Install Compiz etc, DON”T activate yet, open CCSM, preferences, change backend to Gsetting, activate Compiz, enjoy. This takes about 2 minutes to do and gives a usable desktop.

      The longer explanation:
      Install Compiz, Mate Compatibility, Plugins and CCSM etc, do NOT activate Compiz.
      Open CCSM, note NO selections on any settings, go to Preferences, change backend from flat file to Gsetting, go BACK and look at the settings, note sane/usable settings!

      Now enable Compiz and notice the desktop works, title bars, moving and resizing windows, screen edges/snapping etc, desktop is very functional.

      Some other changes I would suggest, under General Options, Desktop size, Horizontal Desktop Size default is 1, I would change to 4 (was set this way in earlier LM) so if/when users activate the cube it ‘works’ as I’ve had instances when only 1 horizontal desktop is enabled and the cube doesn’t appear to work, well a 1 sided cube isn’t a cube! thus it seems like the cube doesn’t work for inexperienced users, been there done that…

      Also consider un-checking Desktop Wall as it wasn’t active in earlier LM versions.

      Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube checked in version LM 18.1 19.3 hence activating Compiz made the cube work OOTB, checking Viewport Switcher gives mouse wheel ‘press down’ control of the cube (not preset on LM 18-19) if so desired, however this is personal choice and may confuse/upset some.

      Woobly Windows seems like it was checked/on in earlier LM versions. Gives users acknowledgement that Compiz is working and some fun or frustration depending I guess.

      lastly, earlier LM versions had a ‘profile’ called mint in the preferences when using Gsettings backend so consider exporting all the settings once you’re happy and then re-import as mint profile.

      Compiz is much more than just flashy effects. Other than typing I can control my whole desktop with just a movement and/or click of the mouse, so fast and easy to see all 4 desktops (or more if I want) in real time, but got to admit I love those flashy effects also.

    8. Clem, thanks for the response! You are great with the community as always. As you can see from the additional feedback here in the comments, there are many more people besides myself who enjoy Compiz. If you do a search for Mint and Compiz on YouTube, you will find thousands more.

      It would be difficult to ascertain the percentage of users using Compiz, but it would also be difficult to make a fair apples to apples comparison, as Cinnamon seems to be favored by you and the team, and it’s not turned on by default in MATE. So literally probably only 1 out of 100 users even finds the setting to enable it, which is why the issues with the default config (a trivial thing to fix it seems to me) flew under the radar for so long.

      I used the basketball analogy very specifically, and since you brought up Michael Jordan, let’s complete the circle: Compiz is Michael Jordan. Cinnamon is Hakeem Olajuwan, and XFCE is Spud Webb.

      Now, I agree that wobbly windows are stupid and annoying, and I’m not advocating for that one plugin. However, as several other users have pointed out, having a great compiz cube OOTB is a game changer that really puts Mint out in front.

      I didn’t mean to seem miffed. I’m an IT guy, and have been thinking about making my own Mint/Devuan/Compiz fork for some time now, as the Backend for Devuan is so much better than Debian, and has been since Debian 6. But then, I’m a nerd who works in datacenters, so maybe I’m all alone on that one.

      Again, here’s my demo showing a default Mint/Compiz theme that I think would be really compelling.

      I’ve even customized the taskbar, theme, and several aspects to be very minty.

      You’ll see in the demo that I also use the mouse zoom feature ALL the time. I often use Compiz on giant TVs that are not very close to me, and this makes it easy to read things from across the room. One of the primary reasons I’m doing this is because my eyes are getting worse by the day as an IT professional in his mid 40s, and forcing them to focus farther away is the number one way to promote their longevity and usefulness.

      My feedback isn’t just about taste or subjectivity. This is is a tool I use every day for work, at several offices across the western united states.

      Give us a good working Compiz config out of the box, enable it by default in the MATE addition (along with the superior darker Y them), and I’ll gladly send you some litecoin for your efforts, and we can see whether people like it or not.

      As it stands Cinnamon and MATE are too similar. This would be a way for them to really branch out and shine separately, further enhancing the lead MINT has as a distro in the usability and out of box functionality department: An area most distros seem to stumble badly in repeatedly.

      Thanks again for the response, and thanks for the great OS. I’m a mint fan and will be probably forever, unless you sellout to Microsoft or Apple or something.

      Merry Christmas Everyone!

    9. Clem hi, just to add a couple of voices / votes for compiz, both myself, and all41 are long time compiz users, and long time “active” Mint forum users (helpers) as well.

      Neither of us complained, or send “bug” reports.
      We did both replied to this thread
      We both just fixed our compiz, and moved on. Believe me if anyone posts a compiz problem on the forums we will (and have) help(ed) them out.

      It is too bad that rh Y was the proverbial squeaky wheel, or as I would have to say excessive whiner, I mean an hour plus video that contains the words “Linux sucks”…really, got greased.

      To rhY, you said “I’ll have to migrate to a different distro, or maybe fork Mint Mate and start my own distro”. That is a great idea, then you can stop whining about Mint.

  6. mate-terminal issues a warning when closing it with multiple tabs open. It would be nice if there was a preference option to bypass this warning. I use the terminal frequently, and I know what is in the tabs, so this option would just make my work flow a little bit more efficient.

  7. When I attempt to open PIX or RHYTHMBOX I get blown out of my session and I have to log back in. I am thinking that should not happen. Makes me think other things might do the same.
    BTW, leaving out the Compiz thing suits me just fine.

    1. I tried a reboot and got the same result. However PIX appears to work fine when I boot from the live image.

      On the Mint 20.1 SSD, I have installed things like Okular, VirtualBox 6.1.16, and Wine. I don’t know if this would provide any clues or not.


    2. Information Update: My video board is a GTX 1650 and when I outlined the problems above I was using the “Nouveau display driver”. I have now installed “nvidia-driver-455” and PIX and RHYTHMBOX appear to be working properly.

    3. Hi Jerry,

      That’s concerning but it doesn’t really explains what happens. Check in dmesg, X11 logs or ~/.xsession-errors for clues as to why your session dies like that. That’s not normal at all.

  8. Clem thanks for your reply. I wish I could reply directly to your reply but I can’t find the way.
    I don’t think that the community doesn’t care about Compiz, it’s just that it is not noticeable for several reasons. For example I would have complained about Compiz not working everywhere (here, at the forums, posting issues at GitHub, and I was going to do it.) if I had tried installing it but since all my machines already run some Linux distro or (specially) some Linux Mint Version, all I did was download the ISO and do some testing with a live USB version. I didn’t go through the process of trying every single thing I usually like having in my desktop experience when I do a full install because I assumed that quality was going to be kept. I’m here still using MInt KDE and I will miss it so much when the LTS time expires and I will have to upgrade to something like Manjaro because KDE is no longer being shipped for Mint. So if Compiz is a dying project, I’m afraid I will have to do something like that for my Mint Mate machine or maybe it shall remain like that forever, as it is a quite old machine I only use to do some non critical stuff. If Mate lacks Compiz, it’s just another XFCE for me, it lacks any of the eyecandy that made it interesting for me. I think some boring people are bashing the idea of a nice desktop experience and others are following the trend, they don’t care that one of the reasons people like me use Linux is the beauty of a cool desktop environment.
    They think having lots of nice effects is just useless and not productive, and they are wrong.
    We need more promotion for that! We should not allow the classic experience to die!

    This is youtube video is from back at 2007 when Windows vista was boasting a way more “cool” desktop experience than Windows XP and yet Ubuntu Beryl was beating that with less effort and hardware requirements

    and then there’s…

    Oh and someone managed to have it all in Ubuntu Mate, come on, do we want people migrating back to Ubuntu because we can’t give the same desktop experience?

    So, maybe not this release but maybe for Mint 21 or something please?

    1. I’m not saying Compiz isn’t a good WM and I’m certainly not saying it’s not cool. I completely understand why people who love it do love it. This isn’t about the quality of Compiz itself (and when I talk about Compiz 0.9 I also don’t mean 0.8), this is about us shipping it by default and expecting it to work fully OOTB as a result. There’s no question it failed us and we failed it here. We need to learn from our mistakes and this one really questions the place compiz has in our default selection. It’s not something users use much, it’s not something we test often, and as it turns out it’s not something that continues to work the way it did without maintenance.

    2. Clem,

      It’s clear by doing a quick mint compiz search on YouTube there are THOUSANDS of people using it.

      All we need is a default config that works. If you want to point at .8 or some other fork, that may be a good idea. Up to you. And please ignore the haters. Lots of us use Compiz every day all day and love it.

      Again, I’m happy to help you more directly with all of this. If you need a Compiz Maintainer on the Mint team, I’ll handle it all for you, manage the compiz community, and also maintain the default config as necessary on a per release basis.

  9. Other than Nouvea I haven’t been able to get any of the available proprietary video drivers to work with Mint 19.4 and 20.1 with my Nvidia GTX 760 card on MATE at anything above 640×480. They install and show as active, but I’m limited to 640 x 480 after selecting them after I reboot.

    Nouvea works at 1920 x 1080, but isn’t much use with Minecraft, for example.

    19.3 Tricia works fine with all the proprietary drivers. I haven’t tried any other Mint variants like Cinnamon or Xfce.

    1. dkms status is blank before I download and install 455 via driver mamager. Afterwards it says ‘nvidia, 455.38, 5.4.0-58-generic, x86_64: installed’. But I can still only get 640×480

      I notice that the nvidia app is missing from the Applications menu? Perhaps that’s relevant?

    2. $ dpkg -l | grep nvidia
      rc libnvidia-compute-455:amd64 455.38-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 NVIDIA libcompute package
      rc nvidia-compute-utils-455 455.38-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 NVIDIA compute utilities
      rc nvidia-dkms-455 455.38-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 NVIDIA DKMS package
      rc nvidia-kernel-common-455 455.38-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 Shared files used with the kernel module
      rc nvidia-prime 0.8.14 all Tools to enable NVIDIA’s Prime
      ii nvidia-prime-applet 1.2.5 all An applet for NVIDIA Prime
      ii nvidia-settings 440.82-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 Tool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver
      ii screen-resolution-extra 0.18build1 all Extension for the nvidia-settings control panel

    3. Hi Phil,

      The driver isn’t installed. You should have nvidia-driver-455, also these packages marked as rc have been removed after they were installed.

    4. Clem
      Thanks, I’ll try re-installing. Odd that they were removed after installing as I re-insalled 20.1 this morning just to make sure that it wasn’t any of my own efforts sort things out were causing the problem in my earlier install. It’s a fresh re-downlad and install on a USB stick too.

    5. Hi Phil,

      Make a snapshot right before you install the drivers, so if it’s a bug with the driver manager, you can troubleshoot and reproduce without a re-installation.

  10. Hello! Sorry to bother, the sums are given for Cinnamon, could you please tell me where I can get the ones for Mate?

  11. Hi all, I am very much looking forward to LM20.1, but unfortunately no menu icons are displayed in LibreOffice 6.4.x. Why? Is it because of the GTK3 backend?

    1. Hi Ralf,

      I think so. It affects all distributions, and it’s more and more common. GTK3 killed button icons a while ago and their design guidelines are really against menu icons as well. The toolkit even went as far as not displaying them when the code says to. gtk_image_menu_item_set_image() is deprecated, devs will get deprecation warnings when using it and gtk_image_menu_item_set_always_show_image() needs to be used sometimes when you really want your app to actually do show an image.

      Cinnamon aligned with the absence of button icons a long time ago, we all agreed on that. But we’re still resisting on the menu front. There already is a debate between members of our dev team, some of us clinching onto them and some of us thinking they make the DE look old/classic. What I can tell you though is that this is a trend, fashion if you will, and GTK clearly made its mind on this issue. Expect to see less and less icons in menus going forward. In GTK4 imagemenuitems won’t even exist, you’ll have to make your own widget if you want that, not every developer will.

      I personally find them both useful and nice looking but if the global trend is to remove them I also understand it will eventually result in making interfaces which still use them look cluttered and outdated. We make a DE and an OS though, not a toolkit, so this decision isn’t ours and it’s not something we need to fight in the long run, like many visible changes, it’s something we’ll embrace very slowly and progressively.

    2. Hello Clem,
      Thanks for the quick and detailed answer. I find menu icons helpful, but other people don’t. In the KDE environment, for example, the menu icons are still displayed in GTK3 unfortunately not. Anyway. I wish the Linux Mint team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021.

    I like linuxmint – i use the mate edition and i use compiz.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – do not drop compiz support!

    and i realymbet i am not the only one – may you only ask the the right people if they are using compiz 😉

  13. Clem,

    could you say, in brief, what happened to Vino? It was broken in about Ubuntu 18.04+ so that it could not auto-start on session start (from Startup Applications menu in Mate). And, respectively, in Mint 19.x. This was fixed in Ubuntu 20.04 – but not in Mint 20; on the contrary, it was removed from the menu. Now in Mint 20.1 I cannot even create an entry in Startup Applications manually – it is not stored after re-login.
    Vino itself does work properly, I only have to connect the target machine via SSH and launch it manually, with explicit indication of the DISPLAY variable. This is not a big issue, but it would be better to make the auto-start feature work as it was designed.
    There is probably another way of starting it as a systemd service, as typically there is only a single user at the target machine and it is known in advance. But I don’t think it is a good practice to use systemd for user-specific settings.

  14. Oh, really? Is it possible to eliminate compiz completely, without a whole tail of system-wide dependencies? I’ll do it immediately. Never did I use it, and never shall. Another sensless toy of “bells & whistles” category.

    1. Yeah, because having a superior zoom in feature for those of us with less than perfect eyesight is definitely a “Bell and Whistle”.

      If you don’t like Compiz: Don’t use it. Don’t ruin everyone else’s lives by advocating or it’s removal.

      And yeah, you CAN remove compiz if you want: Open a terminal and apt remove compiz. Ta da!

  15. Clem, another proposal for the installation procedure. If SSD is detected rather than HDD, and RAM is 4GB or more, do not configure swap file or partition. Instead, install zram-config automatically by default. These days the new machines have plenty of RAM for it. And even the early-2000’s DDR1 machines can usually be easily upgraded to 4GB. In fact, I think zram swapping is the best configuration even at 2GB.

  16. Very disappointed to see the installer bug (default in BIOS) has been ignored. Checking GitHub, responses from the dev team seem to be searching for excuses, just cosmetic, upstream, etc. E.g.,

    First, no, Ubuntu does not have this problem. Download an ISO, install in VBox and see for yourself. Second, no, it’s not cosmetic. Confusing for newbies and bad practice to use a logical partition when not needed. Indeed, with this bug, using two primary slots where only need one.

    Folks, you broke this somehow, you should fix it. IMHO.

    1. Apologies. Repeating my own test, I get the buggy installation with the current Ubuntu ISO. I have an Ubuntu VM with the expected (single) partition. Perhaps I did that manually and forgot. In any event, please feel free to remove my earlier comment (and this one) to prevent confusion. If I could withdraw or edit my earlier comment, I would. And thanks for your efforts.

    2. Suggestion. As this is an upstream problem, perhaps add it to the Release Notes, together with the manual install workaround. Alternatively, create a new support document for problems of this type. The need to disable hardware RAID is a frequent stumper for newbies. The long-standing bug when installing to USB drive (installs boot loader to sda even though specify sdb) blindsides lots of newbies looking to test Mint without modifying their hard drives; again, there are workarounds but not easily found. Not a bug, but hybrid boot stops many newbies cold; scenario: ISO boots in UEFI but Win7 was installed in BIOS mode; workaround: force BIOS boot of the ISO; how is a newbie supposed to know that? I’m sure ya’ll (the dev group) know of many such issues, but hesitate to add all of them to the Release Notes. A separate support doc would work, though, wouldn’t it?

    3. Note: The Win7-installed-in-BIOS-mode problem persists even if the system was later upgraded to Win10. That’s one of the reasons this is such a non-obvious problem.

  17. I was really glad when LM 19 brought back full Compiz and even more so in 20 when I saw that Emerald was also included. I did have some problems in 20 with no window borders, but after playing with it a bit and looking at some posts, I figured out that while I still had Macro as my window manager, I could go into the CompizConfiq settings manager and in ‘Effects’ check ‘Window Decoration,’ and then in ‘Window Management’ check ‘Move Window’, then switch to Compiz as my window manager, everything worked great. Perhaps Window Decoration and Move Window could be turned on by default? Compiz is not broken, just a bit squirrelly.

  18. Clem,Thank you,Thank you,i knew mint 20.0 was not working that all with compiz,but thought that the Beta tester would see it,so was sure when i try mint 20.o that beautiful mint mate 20 would work,no noting ,was very disappointed,but just read last day or so it will be fix in mint mate 20.01,so got to try it and it’s working great,just like mint mate 19.3,so a big Thank you so much.

  19. Merhaba…..!

    GNU/Linux Mint dağıtımının çıktığı 2006 senesinden beri sürekli ve düzenli takip etmekte idim.Ta ki sizin 32bit desteğini sona erdirerene kadar….Şuan yalnızca sistemimde;
    /dev/sda1 : GNU/Linux Mint 17.3 LXDE x86
    /dev/sda4 : GNU/Linux Mint 19.3 MATE x86 sistemleri kurulu….

    Önerim şu….

    Yakında kararlı sürümü çıkacak Mint 20 için bir kereye mahsus 32bit desteği vermeniz mümkün mü?

    Birde varsayılan dosya yöneticisini değiştirmenizi öneriyorum.Mesela yeni dosya yöneticisi Polo File Manager olabilir.Burada konusu tarafımdan açılmıştır.;topicseen#msg27189


  20. Now that the github page for MATE Beta has been archived and no more issues can be created, I don’t know where to go in order to report a new bug. And this is a new one, unfortunately AMD and Linux don’t play along again and as a result, after logging in, I get this mess at my desktop screen:
    I also had that when experimenting the live session build (iso on pendrive), I managed to work around it by starting up using compatibility mode. Shame. I guess I’ll stay on 19.1 with kernel v4.15 as v5 only messes up with my hardware.

  21. One last thing, Format and USB image writer are broken: Authentication error. Must boot in Mint 19.3 installer (rock solid) to make a bootable stick.

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