How to upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3

It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 19, 19.1 or 19.2 to version 19.3.

If you’ve been waiting for this we’d like to thank you for your patience.

1. Create a system snapshot

You can use Timeshift to make a system snapshot before the upgrade.

If anything goes wrong, you can easily restore your operating system to its previous state.

Launch Timeshift from the application menu, follow the instructions on the screen to configure it and create a system snapshot.

2. Prepare for the upgrade

  • Disable your screensaver
  • If you installed Cinnamon spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes), upgrade them from the System Settings

3. Upgrade the operating system

Upgrading to Linux Mint 19.3 is relatively easy.

In the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info. If there are updates for these packages, apply them.

Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia”.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

If asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.

4. Add packages (optional)

Celluloid, gnote, drawing and neofetch were added to Linux Mint 19.3. To install these packages, open a terminal and type:

apt install celluloid gnote drawing neofetch

5. Reboot the computer

Once the upgrade is finished, reboot your computer.

Commonly asked questions

  • If the upgrade is not available to you, check that you have the latest versions of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info installed and restart the Update Manager. If the latest versions are not yet available in your mirrors, switch to the default repositories.
  • This happens rarely, but if you ever got locked and were unable to log back in, switch to console with CTRL+ALT+F1, log in, and type “killall cinnamon-screensaver” (or “killall mate-screensaver” in MATE). Use CTRL+ALT+F7 or CTRL+ALT+F8 to get back to your session.


    1. Buenas tardes, tenia linux mint 19.2 y actualice a 19.3 pero ahora tengo problemas con los controladores de video mi tarjeta es una nvidia gt 520. Que hago? gracias

    2. There is an important glitch, in my case I was running 19.2 with Kernall 5.3, active and no dramas.
      After upgrade and re boot all was ok, BUT, they system was telling me to upgrade to Kernel 5.0.0.
      That is mad

    3. Richard said:
      “There is an important glitch, in my case I was running 19.2 with Kernall 5.3, active and no dramas.
      After upgrade and re boot all was ok, BUT, they system was telling me to upgrade to Kernel 5.0.0.”

      Do you have an old 5.0 kernel installed? Try uninstalling it, and see if the 5.0 upgrade goes away.

    4. Don’t know how to handle this:
      Driver Manager
      Package dependencies cannot be resolved

      This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.

      nvidia-304: Depends: x11-common (>= 1:7.0.0) but 1:7.7+19ubuntu7.1 is to be installed
      Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:3.3) but 1:8.3.0-6ubuntu1~18.04.1 is to be installed
      Depends: xorg-video-abi-23 but it is a virtual package

      Any ideas?

  1. Yet another great release with a painless upgrade! Congratulations and many thanks for all the hard work!
    I consider Mint the best choice in the Debian/Ubuntu family for private and business use. With the 3 desktop types, everyone can choose the desktop to their likings (Cinnamon in my case, to match my Cinnamon@Fedora preference, but that’s a different story), while still sharing a stable common base.
    I’m looking forward to LMDE4. Hope it is feasible to have both exist next to each other.

  2. Can someone detail for me the following: “If you installed Cinnamon spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes), upgrade them from the System Settings”, beacuse I am not sure if I installed or use it. Where in the Systems Settings is to look for the upgrade of this parts?

    1. From the System Settings app, click Applets, then click the the Download tab (and refresh cache if prompted), sort by installed (there is a drop down menu) then upgrade as needed.

      It is the same basic exercise for Desklets, Extensions, and Themes.

    2. Thanks a lot “cbass” for your explanations and your fast answer. The upgrade of my fujitsu esprimo mobile M9410 was running smooth without any problems. And this machine (that was designed for XP in the past (a little tuned with an SSD and 4GB RAM) runs like hell with this LM19.3 cinnamon.
      You are heroes for me! Please continue with your mission to establish such a great operating system! Your work enables to keep my system running over years. I wish you all the best and a wonderful merry christmas. Thank you!

    3. I just went to the start menu and searched one at a time for “applets” and launched it and upgraded what I had, then “desklets”, then “extensions”, then “themes”. I found that easier than looking for them in System Settings.

  3. Painless upgrade on my ancient Acer 5552 Laptop!
    Thanks to Clem and all the team for this early Christmas present.

  4. I’m on the 19.3 Beta … There will be an upgrande or am i fine this way ? Thanks to all the LM Team for your amazing work!

    1. If you install all Updates displayed in the Update Manager, you will be migrated to 19.3 automatically.

  5. Smooth update process, but my tray icon for Synology Drive is now missing. Has anyone a hint how to fix it? Have already reinstalled the latest version but it does not help. Thanks!

    1. Same happened for me with hubstaff application. Seems that affected apps don’t provide hidpi icons or something connected to the new hidpi policy.

  6. From apt install celluloid gnote drawing neofetch I get:

    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done

    No apt package “drawing”, but there is a snap with that name.
    Try “snap install drawing”

    E: Unable to locate package celluloid
    E: Unable to locate package drawing

    1. Thanks! I had the same trouble and after I reseted to the default sources I managed to do the upgrade.

  7. A 100% seem-less upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 and no glitches of any kind. All my applications & personal files preserved perfectly. A wonderful upgrade and once again a huge THANK YOU !! to all those great people in the Linux Mint team. Thank you for all your hard work, mint 19.3 is another fantastic achievement that is wonderful. You should all be extremely proud of this.

    1. Yes. And if 4.15 works with your hardware, you should stay with that, as it’s an LTS kernel. Alternatively, if you’re having problems, you can upgrade the kernel with Update Manager > View > Linux Kernels.

    2. No issues to report – just that talking about kernels – I was on LM 19.2 Cinnamon, kernel 4.15.(last version) and after update to 19.3, the Update Manager asked me to upgrade to kernel 5.0.
      I am not really sure if it was an intended behaviour..

    3. Three days after upgrade and I didn’t get kernel update. On another machine I got it right after restart. is something blocking kernel update?

  8. Smooth and easy upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 xfce on my Thinkpad T480. No issues at all.
    Its so nice to have xfce 4.14.
    Thanks to Clem and the team.

  9. Hi Linux Mint team,

    The Cinnamon panel launcher’s “Scale” animation type is pulsing once, before pulsing twice!
    Please add a new double pulse option (as it used to be), it could be a “Scale x2” option!

    1. On the YouTube channel you could teach how in the last two videos, how to create windows, insert buttons, text box, insert button icons, insert menus, use system notification messages, among other things …

      You could make simple examples to demonstrate these options such as creating a simple application or applet that uses these features.

    2. What is the name of the official Linux Mint YouTube channel? I haven’t been able to find it on YouTube, and there’s no link to a Linux Mint YouTube channel on the Linux Mint website.

    3. Thanks, Minessota Klei, for the link to the new Linux Mint YouTube channel! Only 2 videos, uploaded 3 months ago, since Clem created the channel. But, still good to know it’s there.

  10. @ Clem & the developers

    The update was flawless and I first thought that everthing was fine, but it isn’t. 🙁

    Cinnamenu is gone, thééé menu for me. It’s no longer in Applets nor in Cinnamon Spices so that it’s impossible to contact its developper.

    Please, Clem & guys, do something to bring it back. Je vous en conjure.

  11. Hi
    Many thanks for the hard work. Upgraded from 19.2 to 19.3 easily. infact, ive now upgraded a few times without reinstalling and its been flawless. thank you!

    im running in efi mode, dual booting, i was hoping for the revised boot menu, but im left with the basic text grub. can i change that? merry christmas @ Clem and the all the developers!

    1. apt install grub2-theme-mint grub2-theme-mint-2k

      After installing these, I had the new themed grub menu

    2. Start with trying out

      sudo apt install grub2-theme-mint

      Don’t use the 2k version unless the font is really, really small.
      Saves you alot of trouble..

    3. I have installed grub2-theme-mint-2k and it’s too big for my screen resolution. What should I do to move back to grub2-theme-mint?

    4. Hi Tanzim,
      I tried grub2-theme-mint-2k, too, and thought that the text looked too large. So, I just uninstalled it (using Synaptic Package Manager) and then installed grub2-theme-mint. Both options result in very low-res, pixelated text, though.

    5. RE: grub2-theme-mint-2k

      After changing the grub menu to a higher resolution, per Markus’ instructions, I found that the grub menu text does *not* look too large anymore with grub2-theme-mint-2k.

    6. ATTN: Clem

      Are there any plans to create a version of the *redesigned boot menu* specifically for *4K displays*?

  12. Upgraded to Mate 19.3, went perfectly as expected. I have been using Mint as my only os for a full decade now and doubt I will ever switch.

    1. Because forcing upgrade of the kernel is usually unnecessary and can cause regressions. If 4.15 is working for you, best to stay with that, as it’s an LTS kernel. If you have a reason to upgrade to 5.0, go to Update Manager > View > Linux Kernels. You could have done that in 19.2 also.

  13. Well, no big deal but did not get celluloid, gnote, drawing and neofetch in the upgrade. Not sure why and not a deal breaker, but mentioning it here.

    1. Pleas read above in Clem’s article section 4. (Add packages (optional))
      Celluloid, gnote, drawing and neofetch were added to Linux Mint 19.3. To install these packages, open a terminal and type:
      apt install celluloid gnote drawing neofetch

    2. Well, I’m pretty embarrassed… rushing to try the update i did not read all the instructions and did not run “apt install celluloid gnote drawing neofetch”. I hate when people don’t read the instructions 😉
      So all is good, apart from the fact that I’m still as dumb as before ! Sorry !

    3. RE: Gnote

      I’ve been using *Xpad Notes*, which has an option I like very much — the option to select *background and text colors*. (The light gray background is very easy on the eyes.) I don’t see that option in Gnote.

      I’ve noticed, too, that selecting Copy, Italic, Bold, Underline, etc., in Xpad Notes is much easier than in Gnote. You just highlight text, right click, and there’s a pop-up menu.

  14. An old bug might now come back biting. If people want now to switch to celluloid as their default (I just wanted, it seem great!), in Preferred Applications, the Video change doesn’t get saved. I noticed this already on 19.2. For me, it seemingly changes, but just going to the other tab and back, and there is VLC again.

    1. I’m sorry, I take it back, further testing showed that the default app DOES change. But after re-opening Preferred Applications, VLC is still there. Probably because I have .avi still set to VLC in file properties. I couldn’t undo this. All got fixed after uninstalling VLC. Sorry for the panic ^^
      Congrats to the great new release! <3

  15. Hello Clem & the team,
    At first, I want to congratulate you guys for the awesome new edition of Linux mint (Tricia). The upgrade process from 19.2(cinnamon 64bit) to 19.3(cinnamon 64bit) was smooth. I have encountered an issue so far.
    System reports app is showing a detected problem which I don’t understand what should I do. Here is a screenshot of it ( Please check it and help me with a fix.
    One more thing I don’t know about others but I still don’t like the boot splash screen animation, it looks old.

  16. – Actualización impecable
    – Un trabajo notable
    – La generocidad del equipo linux mint, innegable. Muchas gracias

  17. Very straight-forward, very easy to upgrade. Thank you!! Re: an easy to use drawing program that does most of what I need, I still prefer KolourPaint. Nine years now with LM as my main system. I will continue to financially support it!

  18. Many thanks for another amazing upgrade. Just finished installing on 6 different devices with no issues. Each release I think that the feel and polish can’t be improved upon and each time I’m blown away. You would think I would have learnt by now xD

  19. Upgraded from 19.2. Very quick and easy this time. Only one issue, was that Slack stopped working. Now gives an error:

    /usr/lib/slack/slack: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: xapp_status_icon_new

    The version is 4.2. But not a big problem. I switched to using the Snap, from, and that works without any problems.

    1. Yea so in my case, I also needed to install: xfce4-xapp-status-plugin. Otherwise I could not find the XApp status applet.

  20. I tried 19.3 Beta and did not like it. Ver. 18 also had a few problems but 17.3 was virtually perfect. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I learned that during 20+ years as a Programmer/Analyst and Consultant. Why does the Mint team keep trying to fix something that “just works”? I will stick with 19.0 for the time being. No upgrades.

  21. I’ve noticed a few issues arising from an update that didn’t appear under a fresh install of 19.3 Cinnamon:
    1) The Update Manager applet icon disappears. Neither of the icon hiding options are enabled in its preferences and I have the Xstatus applet installed and added to the panel.
    2) If you have VLC installed before the update and you install Celluloid then Celluloid is initially set as the preferred application for Music and Video but, randomly, VLC becomes reassigned as preferred for Video.
    3) You need to manually set the new Linux Mint icon as the mintmenu icon (and delete the default “Menu” text that wasn’t previously there).

    1. I’ve worked-around (1) and (2) thus:
      1) Go into the Update Manager preferences and toggle both options which can hide the tray icon on then off. The tray icon remains in place after this.
      2) I don’t really use VLC (it was installed with the Mint Codecs) so I just uninstalled it and its dependencies.

    2. Hi Neil! About the 3rd point could you please let me know how exactly I can change the old mint icon to the new linux mint icon on the left corner (so the main menu icon on the left corner as default)? 🙂

      Thank you in advance!!!

    3. @David:
      1) Right click the menu icon
      2) Select Configure…
      3) On the “Panel” page, activate “Use a custom icon and label” toggle
      4) Click the “Icon” button and choose e.g. “linux-mint-logo-filled-badge” from the Linux Mint category, close with Select
      5) Delete any content from the “Text” entry box and close the Menu settings dialog

    4. The new Linux Mint logo I prefer for a menu icon is the “linux-mint-logo-filled-ring.” The white ring border in this logo makes the menu icon appear more prominent in the panel.

  22. Thank you for the best OS, and thank you for the easy upgrade. 19.3 Cinnamon works very well, it uses some more RAM than 19.2 did.
    I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  23. Do I really have to set a root password now? Mint has never asked for that before, and now all of sudden it’s a “warning” that keeps popping up

    1. I had the root password already set, still it was reported that no root password was set. I checked it using the ctrl-alt-F1 terminal, logged in as root and gave the current password. It worked there without problems. So yes, you can ignore it, but for the better: set it! Login the terminal as yourself, do a sudo passwd and then set your UNIX password twice. Exit and try to log in as root. It works for me a long time already… BTW, the update went flawless on this Dell laptop. No issues so far:-)

    1. Revert to default repos and the update item will appear in the list.
      Therefore, to avoid any update issues, plz revert to default repositories first!
      Happy Holidays all.

  24. Not working, not appearing in the update manager. I’m also having a lot of problems with it lately, it keeps saying it can’t install updates.

  25. Thanks for the new Mint! Booted 19.3 first from a USB stick on my Samsung RV720. Screen brightness working now with Fn+arrow. But still original Broadcom BCM4313 Wifi is slow and intermittent using kernel driver bcma-pci-bridge *brcmsmac* and not the much better behaving wl. Combo Bluetooth BCM2070 OK now. Now to updating 19.2.

  26. Congratulations on the new Release! What a nice Christmas gift!
    Love the Nemo context menu customization and the crisper Icons.

    A few small inconveniences I noticed:
    – The “Simplified window settings” unfortunately only allow for shifting the 3 standart buttons of the windows title bar from right to left instead of the in depth personalisation we were allowed before. Given that GTKApps alrady flood their CSD Headderbars with symbols I had adapted to only displaying the Close-Button in Window Titlebars without minimize and maximize(like Gnome does out of the box). It was also possible to move the menu Icon of CSD Apps over to one side for easier access. These unfortunately are no longer options avaliable now. Would be nice, if you do not intend to restore the full customization, if we could at least have a predefined “minimal option” with only the Close-Button in a standard and mac version.

    – Celluloid seems to replace the useful Keybinding for displaying video/audio stats (“i” respectively “I” for the toggle)of MPV with a simple display name of file functionality. Not sure if that can be fixed on your end but video/audio codec information would definitely be more nice to have available.

    – It would probably reduce confusion if the cinnamon menu options had a ‘resize’-link to the panel options in the select custom icon section in order to resize the freshly selected icon. Took me a minute to figure that one out 😉
    Enjoy your Holidays folks!

  27. First of all, to all the people involved in Linux Mint, I salute you, you have done and continue to do a great job – THANK YOU. Update went smoothly, few minor additional tweaks for my setup.
    There is one thing that @Bernd asked and is also happening to me:
    Can anyone explain why after adding “XApp Status Applet” tray icons for some applications disappeared? Hover and click on the area where the icon should be still works, just the icon is not shown. Is there a way to diagnose and solve this problem?
    For now I clicked ignore to the error in system reports, but I’d like to do it the right way (if there is one).

  28. Great and fast update. Installed really smoothly and quickly on my Thinkpad.
    One question: The new feature s mentioned “System Reports.” What does this icon look like? I am not seeing anything new in my system tray, and I do not “System Reports” among my applications. Am I missing something?

    1. As mentioned in another comment:
      > sudo apt install mintreport
      I had the same problem and it worked for me! 🙂

  29. updater has updates…. and so it began for me.
    Then the new System Report started and said 19.3 was available.
    And after that and a reboot, some more minor system fixes.

    Like a spray of WD40 on a rusty bolt, the new logo has yet to penetrate. Start screen is fine, then the old logo on the Menu start and the default background. And Cairo dock won’t budge off the old logo either. I can see the new icon files in the /usr/…./icons/… folder(s). I guess by LM20 the WD40 will have had time to soak in a bit deeper.

    Otherwise, a smooth upgrade and as always a fine job from the whole team.

  30. I have upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3. It looks nicer but after restart the boot menu is still as same as previous version. How to fix this minor problem? Thanks a lot.

    1. I found the solution to change the boot menu. Please run command sudo apt install grub2-theme-mint-2k or sudo apt install grub2-theme-mint depends on display resolution then run sudo update-grub.

  31. Linuxmint xfce has been my daily driver for all most a year now and being able to upgrade easily one more reason why.

    Thank you for all the work.

  32. Great work folks. Upgrade went flawlessly. I got one exception after the reboot and sent in the report but all is working well.

  33. Hello. Great news. But why there isn’t an popup window to inform the user that he can upgrade his Linux Mint like Ubuntu ? With three buttons, Now, Never, Later.

  34. I installed the Beta version and encountered no problems, and found I had been seamlessly upgraded to the Release version yesterday while upgrading. Brilliant work, Mint Team! Thank you so much.

  35. Well done Mint Team! It has never been easier than 1, 2, 3! I have upgraded to 19.3 and everything works and feels smoothly as ever!
    A big thank you to you all!

    1. I upgrade successfully but charge n wifi icons is bigger n not getting adjust by panel configuration Nd my start button is still the same can anyone help me Plzz

  36. Upgraded from 19.1 MATE to 19.3. MintMenu fails repeatedly – when opening the menu and frequently when opening or minimising applications:

    “mintMenu” has quit unexpectedly
    If you reload a panel object, it will automatically be added back to the panel

    I found lots of references to the problem from several years ago related to a Python upgrade, but nothing current.

    I restored the system to 19.1 using timeshift and tried updating to 19.2. This time on reboot I got:

    “The panel encountered a problem while loading MateXAppStatusAppletFactory::MateXAppStatusApplet”

    plus the menu fails as before. I then restored to 19.1 again using timeshift. On reboot, still got the MateXAppStatusApplet error (why?) but the menu error has gone.

    1. Hmmm… something strange going on. I just upgraded an old laptop (with a recent clean install of 19.2 MATE) that I use for testing and building LFS. It downloaded a LOT more stuff than my desktop did, and when rebooted, it showed a new logo which the desktop didn’t. The update manager then showed an update to kernel 5.0.0-32, and when I installed that and rebooted it immediately showed an update to 5.0.0-37!

  37. What is “XApp Status Applet”? I can’t run slack, ending with symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: xapp_status_icon_new as Chris posted yesterday and was told to add XApp Status Applet, but I don’t know what is is/how to add it, there is nothing like that when I try to add a new item to panel.
    Also blueman-applet fails with the very same error.
    How can I fix this?

    1. Well I don’t know, but I had to download xapps-common and libxapp1 version 1.6.8-tricia from, because even after successful update to 19.3 I had versions 1.4.9 of these packages. How can this happen? God knows how many other packages are still outdated in my installation…
      Both slack and bluetooth applet are working after upgrading of these two packages.

  38. I just jumped from my Linux Mint 19.2 (old sweet) Tina Cinnamon Edition to 19.3 (hot new) Tricia Cinnamon Edition…)))
    Me and my ThinkPad are happy. The only 2 things we both still miss are: scan from Samsung SCX-3405W via Wi-Fi (printing works somehow) and use the fingerprint scan module… But it’s ok, as long as the other stuff is fine.
    Thank you!!!

  39. Great job as usual: I have upgraded to Linux Mint 19.3 MATE today and all works like a breeze! Congratulations to Clem and all Linux Mint Team!

  40. Upgrade to Mate 19.3…
    there was a problem – the laptop stopped responding to the Fn + F7 keys, at 19.2 it worked because I often used these keys …
    I went into Cinnamon – the keys Fn + F5 / F6 / F7 work, actions with brightness occur …
    but Mate – main desktop …
    What will we do?

  41. Thank you guys for your hard work regarding the release of Linux Mint 19.3. This release is flawless as usual.
    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing, Merry Christmas in advance 🙂

  42. Upgraded from Cinnamon 19.2 to 19.3 and now my network monitor applet (vnstat) is not compatible. Might not seem important, but I have a data cap on my DSL.

  43. I must say I’m very impressed with 19.3. I upgraded yesterday without a problem. The only thing I don’t have is the new redesigned boot menu. I looked through the previous comments on this post and found out I had to install the following:

    apt install grub2-theme-mint grub2-theme-mint-2k

    Then I had the new boot menu. Perhaps this should be added to the upgrade instructions? Just a suggestion.

  44. Why am I being forced to upgrade? Tina (19.2) was optional. My updates will not work unless I upgrade. Feels like a hacking attempt to me so I will not be upgrading.

    1. There should be no reasons your updates shouldn’t work if you stay on 19.2. Upgrading to 19.3 is optional just like 19.2, 19.1, 19.0, etc. I’m still on 19.2 on my laptop and my updates (via the update manager) come in just fine.

  45. On only one of my computers Timeshift does not start from default menu on bottom panel. It does run from Welcome Screen, an icon created on bottom panel, or from custom menu bar created on top panel.

  46. Wow, was not expecting the upgrade until nearer Christmas!! Upgrades to all my LM machines went like a dream, perfectly smoothly and very quickly. Thanks SO much to Clem and the team for continuing to improve a wonderful product. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, a Happy and Healthy New Year, and enjoy a well earned break away from it all.

  47. H
    Help ,i have a small problem, as the “suspend” system gives it, after resuming, the desktop pops up and after 2s it turns black, I have to light up manually from the function keys Fn + brightness, on 19.2 I also did, I don’t know why

  48. Clem and team,

    This was the smoothest upgrade yet. Even managed to bump the kernel to 5.3 without issue.

    Thank you all for all the hard work put into this release. Magnificent.

  49. I don’t have the option to upgrade in my update manager, why? linux noob here and I just wanna upgrade to tricia the soonest.

    1. Go into settings or through the Update Manager and in “Software Sources” click on “Restore the default settings”. After you upgrade you can go back to the mirror you were using. I had to do that to get the upgrade.

  50. Thank you for adding the Disable Touchpad when Mouse is Connected feature. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

  51. Good Morning Linux Mint Team,

    Thank you so much for another wonderful upgrade for Linux Mint 19.3. I just upgraded my laptop and everything is working fine thus far except for Timeshift. It seems to hang when I try to do a backup, it just hangs and the time keeps incrementing. I checked the logs and did notice that the rsync command has an extra “i” versus the 19.2 version. Pasting logs below. But other than that, wonderful job and thank you all as always.



    [11:02:40] rsync -aii –recursive –verbose –delete –force –stats –sparse –delete-excluded –link-dest=’/media/dsmith/DBKUP/timeshift/snapshots/2019-12-17_11-28-55/localhost/’ –log-file=’/media/dsmith/DBKUP/timeshift/snapshots/2019-12-19_11-02-38/rsync-log’ –exclude-from=’/media/dsmith/DBKUP/timeshift/snapshots/2019-12-19_11-02-38/exclude.list’ –delete-excluded ‘/’ ‘/media/dsmith/DBKUP/timeshift/snapshots/2019-12-19_11-02-38/localhost/’
    [11:02:40] RsyncTask:prepare(): saved: /tmp/timeshift/qrgxczoS/2019-12-19_11-02-40/
    [11:02:40] AsyncTask: child_pid: 21249

    1. Did some further troubleshooting when I got home and saw in /var/log/kern.log that the drive I was using for the Timeshift backups had write and I/O errors, so pls disregard my post and thank you again for a wonderful distro.

  52. Yea folks, great release once again! However, properly you want to add the following (optional) package as well to the list (was not installed yet before Tricia): xfce4-xapp-status-plugin

    Good luck!

    1. To answer myself. I just complete removed ‘mono-runtime’ package and therefor all related packages from my system. Lets hope everything keeps working.. 😉

  53. Mint Team

    Nice Christmas present…Thanks. Had to switch to the default mirrors but other then that…no problems with the upgrade.

    Again Thanks and hope you and your families have a Happy Holiday(s)

  54. 1.Huge boot time after upgrade to Mint Cinnamon 19.3 and kernel 5.0.0-37
    $ systemd-analyze && systemd-analyze blame
    Startup finished in 11.458s (kernel) + 58.225s (userspace) = 1min 9.684s reached after 58.214s in userspace
    23.420s ModemManager.service
    21.151s udisks2.service
    17.532s ubuntu-system-adjustments.service
    16.852s accounts-daemon.service
    15.279s lightdm.service
    15.277s plymouth-quit-wait.service
    15.064s mnt-Soft\x2cJocuri.mount
    14.956s mnt-Diverse.mount
    14.012s networkd-dispatcher.service
    12.823s NetworkManager.service
    12.120s speech-dispatcher.service
    11.781s thermald.service
    11.773s hddtemp.service
    11.758s rsyslog.service
    11.560s kerneloops.service
    11.452s systemd-logind.service
    11.409s dev-sdb2.device
    10.697s alsa-restore.service
    10.295s gpu-manager.service
    10.295s pppd-dns.service
    9.462s vboxdrv.service
    6.908s wpa_supplicant.service
    5.865s colord.service

    2. After upgrade I installed celluloid and uninstalled xplayer and .. surprise … all the video files downloaded after that time have no thumbnails in Nemo unless I reinstall xplayer

  55. Thanks. The upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 went flawless. However, after upgrading, when I run Oracle VM Virtualbox the menus have tiny small font and very big icons. Any ideas how to fix it?

    1. Hi, same here. It happens as well with gimp 2.10 and I guess other applications. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !!

  56. This was my first upgrade since coming over from Windows a month or so ago. I had Mint set up just the way I wanted it and was apprehensive about upgrading. Fretted over it all day before finally pulling the trigger. The whole thing, including reboot, took less than two minutes and everything looks great. Gotta love a team that can roll these things out smoothly without borking every other thing. Glad to be aboard SS Mint.

  57. Upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 went without problems, however, after the upgrade, Win+1 (2,3,4…) don’t work like they used to. In 19.2, they worked like in Windows, i.e. opened the corresponding program pinned to the launcher panel. After the upgrade, a small textbox pops up in the lower right corner.

    This is driving me nuts because I can’t find what caused the change or how to undo it. How do I get the old behaviour back without reinstalling?

    1. It seems this feature has been removed as per the below which came up in testing.

      On the link on 12th December, in reply to the comment:-
      “One minor note – keyboard shortcuts for the Apps pinned to the panel don’t seem to be working. That is: windows+1 for the first app, windows+2 for the second, etc.”

      Clem stated “This was removed Tim, along with some other features in this applet. GWL is very important but it’s full of bugs and it has an overly complicated design. We’re simplifying it more and more to make it more stable and easier to maintain.”

  58. Tried the aggressively promoted Celluloid vs. the proven VLC. No difference at all. While playing the same very videos, the CPU load is exactly the same.
    The only benefit is that Celluloid is directly compatible with Wayland and should be far more efficient in Wayland-based environment, but Mint seems to be far for the first distros to implement it in practice.
    ps. My system uses Athlon II X4 CPU and nouveau. Situation may be someway different with proprietary video drivers and/or CPUs with extended command sets.

  59. Updated from 19.2 -> 19.3 with no issues, however the System Reports do not appear to be working.
    Anyone else experienced/fixed this issue?

    Well done LM Team, another quality issue – and I love the ‘Washing Machine’ 🙂

    1. Installer systemd-coredump dans le gestionnaire synaptic
      C’est ce que j’ai fait et cela fonctionne, je suis passé sous 19.3 Tricia Maté…
      Joyeuses Fêtes

  60. Upgrade 19.2 -> 19.3 [cinnamon] without problems. After upgrade:
    sudo apt autoremove
    apt wants to remove mint-backgrounds-tina. Why? Is this really intended? apt does not care about the installed Tessa & Tara backgrounds…

    See ya

    1. That happened to me too. I removed it, then installed it again from Software Center. Now autoremove no longer wants to remove it.

  61. 19.3 has had one issue on both machines that have been upgraded. There is an audio pop on almost all sounds. Have never had this issue in any of the upgrades from 18.3 on. Searched the Internet and found the fix. So far so good. Other than that all is good. Thanks LM team.

  62. After trying an upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 using Update Manager, the Update Manager itself stopped working, plus a message saying the upgrade had failed (although neofetch said it was successful.) Solved everything in Terminal by,

    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt upgrade
    $ sudo apt autoremove

    19.3 now works fine.

  63. I’m a little disappointed with the changes in icon only taskbar. Its not possible anymore to switch applications with super + 1, 2, 3. Its super awesome for productive, all major OS has it and it was removed for no reason. And its impossible to enable it on preferences. Why ?

    1. On the link on 12th December, in reply to the comment:-
      “One minor note – keyboard shortcuts for the Apps pinned to the panel don’t seem to be working. That is: windows+1 for the first app, windows+2 for the second, etc.”
      Clem stated “This was removed Tim, along with some other features in this applet. GWL is very important but it’s full of bugs and it has an overly complicated design. We’re simplifying it more and more to make it more stable and easier to maintain.”

    2. That feature existence is one of the most important reasons for me to chose Linux Mint and now they removed it? Disappointed.

  64. Just installed 19.3 with Cinnamon. Terrific. Best version ever. Many thanks to all the Mint team for all your hard work and for providing us with the best distro in the multiverse.

  65. Tried this and it failed miserably.

    The upgrade complaining about dpkg being in use then ‘mintupgrade’ updated and it then failed to run (“mintupdate ‘gi.repository.XApp’ object has no attribute ‘StatusIcon'”). Luckily I remembered to backup the system with Timeshift.

    Anyone have any clues what might have failed here (I know the information is scanty)?

  66. I upgraded, and have a couple problems…

    First, every time I login, Dropbox now tells me that I need to install their proprietary daemon, even though it’s already running and if I go ahead and download it, it runs a second instance of it in my notification tray, so I have to quit one. Dropbox was functioning perfectly fine before the upgrade.

    Second, and also every time I login, I’m getting a triangle with an exclamation point in it on my notification tray. When I hover my mouse over it, it says, “Add the XApp Status applet”. However, that has already been added, and the System Settings Applets list shows that it is enabled. When I click on this triangle icon, the System Reports tool comes up, but says “No problems were detected.”

    1. This may not be how all this works, but a thought… Could this be some sort of race condition between the normal Systray applet and Xapp Status applet? The Systray starts up, and the system doesn’t detect the Xapp Status applet yet, so it throws the error just before it runs?

  67. I have the problem with the new grub menu (like some others here) that the resolution is much too big.

    i used the following commands:
    apt install grub2-theme-mint grub2-theme-mint-2k
    sudo update-grub

    Can anyone help me to set the right resolution for the grub menu?

    1. I found a solution that worked (for me): 🙂

      Start to grub menu – type c – then command: vbeinfo

      Remember or note down the supported resolutions.

      Then boot Mint and look at the comments of /etc/default/grub file:

      # The resolution used on graphical terminal
      # note that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE
      # you can see them in real GRUB with the command `vbeinfo’

      I simply uncommented the GRUB_GFXMODE line and set it to 1920×1080.

      Finally in the terminal the command: sudo update-grub

      Reboot -> That’s it! 😀

      I hope this will help others with the same issue…

    2. Hi Markus,

      When I enter the command vbeinfo in the grub menu, the response is “command not found.” So, I guess your solution will not work for me.

    3. Thanks Markus!

      The command videoinfo *did work* for me in the grub menu to show supported resolutions. Odd that etc/default grub only mentions the vbeinfo command, which does not work for everyone.

  68. Very good. The desktop installation process was infinitely faster compared to previous versions. Once installed, I rebooted Linux Mint 19.3 Xfce, and also noticed faster loading the system.

  69. I want to know if I don’t want to use neither xplayer nor celluloid then can I remove them both without any further problems?
    I use SMPlayer so I already have MPV Player installed but don’t need xplayer or celluloid.

  70. “… neofetch were added to Linux Mint 19.3.” You’d better call it oldfetch, there is a retro logo… Maybe, you will give the logo a revival in ten years… If there will be the same discussions? I’m just kidding, like the new 19.3 very much! 👍

  71. Hello,

    Right click is ko on my laptop but ok on my desktop.
    I use Mate Flavour for both.

    Am I the only one ?


  72. So smooth. I mean the upgrade & the responsiveness of the GUI. Never thought my 8 yeas old laptop can feel so fresh any more.

    The thing with the kernel. I’m on 5.3 and update manager wants me to downgrade to 5.0. Dunno, should i?

    1. I’m on 5.3.0-24 (from Ubuntu repo) right now and there is no request to downgrade on my PC.
      I wouldn’t do the downgrade as long as everything works fine.
      I had to use a later kernel because of my sound HW (Intel atom with i915 chipset)

    2. Do you have an old 5.0 kernel installed? Try uninstalling it, and see if the 5.0 upgrade goes away.

    1. Upgraded from 19.2 Mate to 19.3 Mate OK
      Dell Optiplex 760 with 8 Gb of ram.Works like a dream.
      This is still the best linux distro by far.
      Keep up the fine work Clem and the team

  73. Thank you for the hard work and for this quality release. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I would like to highlight a small issue. When KeePass2 (installed from repository) is running, the Systray icon is missing and a black square is visible.

    1. If you hover the mouse above the SysTray all the icons gets highlighted excepting Steam icon (Steam should be started)

  74. Unfortunately I am unable to upgrade using the update manager since the update manager freezes every time the moment it comes to the requirement page. Cant tick the check box, cancel and back button dont respond and the apply button is greyed out. Any idea?

    1. Same here on one (Intel Atom) PC with I915 chipset and amd64 instruction set.
      Had to use the TAB key to tick the checkbox and to be able to continue.
      Upgrade went fine, celluloid was already installed (from PPA) and kernel still in us as expected.
      No problem on my other Intel i7 PC, though !

  75. I have been using Linux Mint for many years and I am impressed by all the improvements with each new version. Exception job on Linux Mint 19, 19->19.1, then 19.1->19.2, now 19.2->19.3. flawless few upgrades process. Congratulations to the entire Linux Mint team and thank you for being a wonderful part of the FOSS.
    Happy Hanukkah and / or Merry Christmas (or enjoy any other holiday during this time). Regards, Ari a.k.a. Alex

  76. Upgrade done. Just a trick to keep vlc in the installed packaged: with xed create a “vlc.pref” file with content
    Package: vlc*
    Pin: release o=Ubuntu
    Pin-Priority: 800
    Save it in etc/apt/preferences.d
    Restart Linux Mint. Vlc is now in the category of manually installed packages, and it will be updated as vlc in Ubuntu will be.
    NB: if vlc is still is the “can be deleted” list of packages after reboot, uninstall it an reinstall it.

  77. my caja cannot generate video thumbnail since upgrading from mate 19.2 into 19.3 , remove xplayer and replace with celluloid. any fix for this?

    1. This might be caused by nemo still looking for xplayer thumbnailer to create previews. You can just delete /usr/share/thumbnailers/xplayer.thumbnailer so that nemo will pickup /usr/share/thumbnailers/ffmpegthumbnailer.thumbnailer.

  78. Upgraded from Tessa today, all works with no issues, all my applets appear to work as before. Thanks for the great upgrade.

  79. I just upgraded from 18.3 to 19.3. It worked really well, I didn’t find any bugs yet. Thanks to Clem and the whole team! You are great!

  80. hi linuxmint I have 2 nautilos file managers and nemo it is necessary to have the 2 or which is of the system maybe install one by mistake or have the 2 is ok thanks

  81. I absolutely love celluloid! I’m baffled this didn’t exist sooner. Now even more when I realized, that disabling “Enable client-side decorations” makes it look even better and more fitting to linux-mint. I would like to suggest that this should be disabled by default on linux mint.
    Thank you for this amazing OS and for always keeping the general user first <3

  82. This works great, thanks.

    However, I don’t really get the new player. I had a Gigabyte Brix N2807 connected to my TV, running Mint for 2 years. I later upgraded that machine to the Intel NUC6CAYH, only because the older Intel Graphics in the Brix did not support H.265 and the slow Celeron could not deal with this using software codecs. The newer Intel Graphics 500 added H.265 support which the NUC6CAYH has handled perfectly using both VLC and the Mint Player.

    Looking at the specs for both machines and by taking the overall performance of the NUC into account (slow as f***), you cannot tell me that the GPU does not do any work on H.264/H.265 at all? If not for the upgraded Graphics 500, what in the world would make that machine do what the Brix could not? The to additional cores in the slowest CPU in the history of CPU’s? A faster L3 cache which none of the machines even have?

    Could it be that Intel has taken some advantages of SoC’s and added some built-in workload-handover where the CPU itself hands over some specific tasks to the GPU? I do not believe that the CPU does all of the decoding. It took that machine 4½ hours to upgrade Mint 19.2 -> 19.3 which my desktop did in 3 minutes and my laptop in 15 minutes (Laptop is on WiFi). Pretty sure that it would max out the CPU, if it had to decode an AVI file.

    The new player cannot handle network transfers/delays. At least not on the NUC. I tried playing a video from the desktop via NFS and it froze 3 times. The other 2 players have had no problems with this. Local files seams to work.

  83. I updated the from 19.2 to 19.3.After updating still my GRUB is same as there any work around to update as in the specification

  84. The upgrade was a breeze. I only was disappointed when the new Grub theme could not be found which i resolved it after reading posts here.

  85. After unmounting an external drive in Nemo, there is no longer a notification that the drive can be safely removed. Is this intentional or a “hidden feature”? This feature was very useful after transferring data to the drive, as it could take some time before all the write-operations were finished.

    1. I can confirm this issue exists and agree the notification was very useful, so it it could be put back it would be much appreciated

  86. I am new to this game. Now having said that I went from just playing around the web to trying to learn the what why and how of Linux just a few months ago. This morning I read this article about Mint 19.3 and looked at what could happen and since I do time shift once a week I said why not and clicked on the upgrade system tab. I am now running Linux Mint 19.3 with not apparent side effects, got to love the ride, O by the way I am 72 years of age.

  87. It’s nice to see the continuing trajectory of improvements. Upgrade – 19.2 MATE to 19.3 MATE – was fairly smooth on two machines, but there were some issues I noticed.

    Software sources is the biggest stumbling block for non-expert users. Of course this can be glitchy at *any* time, with mirrors (even Evowise) going awol and needing to be changed. However upgrading seems to make the problem compulsory, because the newly upgraded OS is set to defaults in the US and UK (not ideal when I’m in Australia). It would be much better if it could continue using the existing mirrors.

    System Reports or whatever it is recommends adding the applet thing for notifications (sorry about vague terminology, I’m not in Mint at the moment). This was not necessary on either machine, so of course following the recommendation results in double notifications.

    If a machine has old kernels still installed from an earlier series than the active kernel, the Update Manager wants to update that older kernel series as well. Easily dealt with by uninstalling the old kernel(s), but confusing, and unnecessary time & data usage if updates are applied to the old series.

  88. Is possible to use previous version of icon only task bar ? I really really miss the win + 1,2,3,4 to switch the applcations. Why it is gone ?

  89. Thanks for all your efforts. I tried 19.3 but have reverted to 19.2 as my elderly pc has started making intermittent popping noises on this latest release, (I tried and have the same problem with the ubuntu 19.10 flavours). I have used Mint since the 13 release and in my opinion you always produce the most reliable and pleasing linux distributions, well done!

    1. Hi Mike.

      The upgraded kernel has defaulted to power saving for audio, which can save significant power on laptops, causing a popping sound when audio begins, and possibly shortly after audio ends. If this is what you’re experiencing you can disable it with this command in the terminal:

      sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/snd-hda-intel.conf <<<'options snd-hda-intel power_save=0'

      It will take effect after a reboot.

    2. Can I say a huge thank you to MrEen for replying and for the information which has cured the problem. It is very much appreciated, and now I can happily use 19.3 on this old laptop.

  90. Installed the 19.3 Cinnamon update on 2 of my computers.

    However in each case the add on applications, Drawing, Gnote, Celluloid and Neofetch were not installed. I see above that we are supposed to manually install them. Any reason they’re not included and automatically installed. Not sure what it means to say these are included in 19.3 but then you still have to manually install them.

    1. You did not install 19.3.

      What you did was replace your package sources from the once use by 19.2 to the once used by 19.3 and then did a package upgrade, which upgrades existing packages on your system, just like when you do an upgrade at any other point.

      Included means that it is included in the 19.3 installation media. So if you format your PC and reinstall Mint using the 19.3 media, there will be no need to manually install these packages.

    1. If you upgrade, Gnote is an optional install as explained above. Gnote replaces Tomboy if you install fresh from the 19.3 ISO.

  91. Tried the update from 19.2 to 19.3. Got a message, that a config.file was not as expected, manipulated. Choose to see the differences. got an endless list of extensions related to filenames. Noticed, that hitting enter scrolled through that list. t the end I got a double colon but could not choose anything. after waiting some time I had to kill the entire installer. Rebooting failed because apt was running, doing nothing. So I killed apt and opened a shell to sudo reboot.
    I understand, that the install is not complete so I decided to use timeshift for the very first time to restore the system to 19.2. When I told (the probably new installed) timeshift the necessary parameters (Partition etc.) it started comparing files. After that step timeshift told me it started analyze a protocol file. In the middle of this process (450000 from 650000 files) I hit the not disabled ‘Weiter’-Button by accident (Continue, the middle button). Timeshift stopped working. So I had to start over and watch timeshift comparing files and reading 650000 lines again. After that I got a window showing files and folders starting at root. Unfortunately I was curious to see what other options were in the drop down showing “Alle Dateien hinzufügen” (add all files ?) Again my nervous forefinger triggered the mouse button and selected the option “Erstellen” (create ?). Again I was stuck, because timeshift didn’t let me switch back to “Alle Dateien hinzufügen” (add all files ?). So again I had to start all over and this time I reached the point, where I shown a window telling me that timeshift will change data on sda1, my root dir, AND on sdb1, my home dir. I explicitly told timeshift not to save my home dir. I do this regularly with rsync and a cron job on a separate external disk. I know how to handle this and thought it would be wise, not to change a proven system. But now I am afraid, that timeshift will destroy my home and I have to restore everything from my backups. and I know this will take a considerable amount of time.
    I am kind of frustrated and am thinking about downloading the 19.3 Iso and install my system from scratch.
    any good idea someone?

  92. I made the upgrade and now Xfce won’t open anymore. I log in, and it takes me right back to the lightdm greeter screen. I’m typing this from cinnamon right now, and I’ve got to say I like XFCE’s panels better.

    1. Same here. The log in screen doesn’t show options for Cinnamon/XFCE and defaults to cinnamon. I tried reinstalling mint-meta-xfce and similar packages, with no results. If anyone figures it out, please drop a note.


    1. Hi Eggert,

      Did you try *switching to the default repositories* in Update Manager, as Clem suggested at the end of the upgrade steps under “Commonly asked questions”?

  94. Updated OK but catfish no longer finds files in my pcloud folder ( it worked perfectly before)
    Tried removing catfish and reinstall made no difference.
    (NB kfind does work)

  95. I set root passwd as recommended and logged into root-account-> handled error message – I`m doing this for years now and almost everything is fine. But one annoying thing, mintreport does not save a note or realize that root-passwd was set (user- & root-account). While I am logged in root-account, mintreport tells me I should set root-passwd… Maybe you could integrate a type of a “done-list” or “recognize-function” in mintreport, that sees which tasks are already done…

    See ya…

  96. Would you please add “Fusuma” to the default Linux Mint installation?

    > Fusuma is multitouch gesture recognizer. This gem makes your linux able to recognize swipes or pinchs and assign commands to them.

    Fusuma doesn’t show in the Synapatic Package Manager nor the Software Manager.

    What do you think?

    Thank you

  97. I upgraded with no problems; however, I do have one small problem:
    How do you change the background color of the XApp status applet?
    And if not possible, how do you remove it?

    1. It is not easy but I succeeded opening the right click menu by hitting the right pixel on the side of the applet. It does not seem to be possible to change the background color; however, it is possible to remove it.

    1. @Panji – I’ll help Clem out by answering. You will get a better response if you provide some more detail – steps, upgrade/fresh install, environment, etc. I can assure you that if other users have issues getting TimeShift to run after the upgrade, it would be well-reported here, so it’s likely something specific about your situation. The more info you can provide, the more likelihood you’ll get a solution. “Please fix” sounds rude.

  98. I’m a new user of Linux so I hope I’m not asking something rather stupid. Not sure if it’s a bug, but I see it as a loss of functionality from the 19.2 (Cinnamon):
    When I move a program window to another workspace the panel icons for the particular program are not highlighted (active) in the new workspace so I cannot access them using the mouse/touchpad (only exception I’ve noticed seems to be Text Editor). I’ve also noticed that the File (explorer:) icon in the panel does not always show all the instances/windows that are currently open, so I cannot access some windows using the mouse.
    Overall feeling is: the mess starts when I ctrl + shift + alt + –> a program window to another workspace.
    I tried to find the solution in the panel and workspace settings, but to no avail.
    Has anyone noticed similar behavior?

  99. I upgraded,all went well. But now I have a bug.
    When open a window-like any thing, Files or browser ect. There is a info in the panel that some thing is open. Some times and not all the time when I close a window, info in the panel goes away and I get a replicate rectangle about 2mm above the panel, black background white fonts and this ghost image stays there until I restart the computer. Please help.

    Thank you

    1. I am replying to my own post. After installing new updates, problem disappeared. Plus some how my battery is lasting much longer. Thank you to the team


  100. I use Tomboy and I have the keyboard shortcut ctrl + b for Tomboy search. The command is “tomboy –search”. What command should I use in Gnote to make it in one step? Can you give me some advice?

  101. @Clem: Regarding Update Manager and Timeshift, is it possible for you to add a feature that will create Timeshift snapshot every time user clicks to update Linux Mint? An alternative feature for users who prefer this instead of scheduling weekly/daily/monthly snapshots. So i can choose between whether i want Timeshift to automatically create snapshots via weekly/daily/monthly schedule feature or whenever i click to install updates in Update Manager. 🙂

  102. @Vieng
    Keep cool! It’s Christmas time and turn of the year is coming sooner… Most of us have to make preparations, so there is not much busyness expected… Happy new year!

  103. Merry Christmas Ladies & Gentlemen,
    Thank you for all your efforts and continued success in your future endeavors. I am not certain where to post the problems I have encountered with Ver. 19.3 Cinnamon release. So, forgive me for posting here.
    1. The NVIDIA video card would not go to the proper resolution, remain in 1024×768 res.
    2. The wired network would not work if a fresh 19.3 is installed instead of updating from 19.2.
    So, as I am not as familiar with the OS, I have resorted to returning to Ver. 19.2.
    Hope this helps and even perhaps other users would provide solutions.
    Thank you much again and May you all have a very Happy 2020…

  104. I’ll preface this by saying that I haven’t used this feature in a while, so it may not have worked in 19.2 either, but… After upgrading to 19.3, I tried to open my Google Drive account through Nemo. It said “Invalid credentials”. So I went into the Online Accounts settings, and all of my online accounts (my two Google accounts and my Facebook account) said credentials had expired. I tried multiple times to log back in to each account, and every time it still said that my credentials had expired after successfully logging in. I deleted all accounts from there, which said it couldn’t remove the accounts from the keyring. Is this a known problem? Is this a Mint problem? Ubuntu problem? Gnome problem?

  105. I just upgraded from 19.1 to 19.3. It was quick and flawless 🙂
    XApps improvements are very visible. I wasn’t expecting this much difference.
    Thanks a lot.

  106. Hello and first thank you for the new version! But I have got probs:
    I didn’t go to 19.3 with upgrade but installed the 19.3 new on the machine.
    Evereything ist fine but it isn’t possible to shut down the PC. There is a black screen with the LM-Sign – and that’s it. What could go wrong?

  107. I like the new Mint icon, it’s round, fluid like the update that went wonderfully well! Congratulations to the team and happy holidays!
    PS : the LibreOffice suite is allways the that’s not very recent 😉

    1. LibreOffice runs very stable on my LM-19.3 installation, but Minters are hands-on people
      I. – Download LibreOffice here to a folder:
      – Install downloaded deb-packages with: sudo dpkg -i *.deb
      II. If you don’t like the the way above, use Flat , AppImage or other way as described on the same page
      Have fun!

  108. linux mite et nickel mais on veut plus de choix comme rentre les application sur Windows sur linux parceque la sa devin insupportable je suis rester des 2 jour sur linux mite et je suis repartit direct sur Windows le problem c’est vous pouvez le faire comme CrossOver
    mais il demande de payer ou bout de un momonent

  109. Unfortunately upgrade causes network loss. Rolling back to 4.18.0-25-generic kernel restored the network. Anything higher kills it.
    Network: Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet vendor: Micro-Star MSI
    driver: r8169 v: 2.3LK-NAPI port: f000 bus ID: 18:00.0 chip ID: 10ec:8168
    CPU: Topology: 8-Core model: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X bits: 64 type: MT MCP arch: Zen+ rev: 2
    L2 cache: 4096 KiB

  110. Dzień dobry

    I znowu problem, po aktualizacji zniknął przycisk menu (mate-menu, mintmenu).
    Żaden sposób nie pomaga na przywrócenie go.

    Należy najpierw naprawić uszkodzony pakiet ale jak?

  111. I got a new MintBox Mini 2 Pro 2 weeks before Mint 19.3 went stable so I was quite new to how to update it to 19.3 while keeping the apps I already installed on my system… so I tried to only update the packages but ended up with black icons for the 3 Power off icons in the Main Mint menu and a feeling that the update was not complete.
    I then installed it on a new partition and could see what I should have. Big difference… I tried to install a multi boot menu but ended up with problems because the MintBox doesn’t turn off completely even with the Power Off switch and the changes I was doing were not always working…
    So… I ended up installing it as a new installation, re-installed the apps I wanted and wow… it was worth it.
    I like Mint 19.3, except for a few changes I don’t agree but I can live with that. It’s working great with themnew kernel and all.
    Great Job to the Mint Team.

  112. Power Statistics on LM19.3 Cinnamon, Kernel 4.15.0-72 shows an error message:
    Processor wakeups per second: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UPower.GeneralError:cannot enable timerstats

    (PC: Ryzen 3700x, Gygabyte Aorus Elite X570, Nvidia GTX1060)

  113. Have been working with 19.3 for a week after upgrading from 19.2, now few days later, on booting it, after login, desktop environment does not appear, only the Computer, Home and Trash icons are present. Pressing right clk mouse I can get ‘open in terminal’ option. What should I do to get back the desktop environment?

  114. I just upgraded from 19.2 to 19.3 and everything’s fine!
    Thanks to the Mint Team !
    Happy New Year to you all !

  115. We cannot have Firefox crashing on us in mint 19.3 when trying to take care of some business on our computer. Everything is lost and we have to start all over again. This never happened in mint 19.2.

  116. Oh my lord it’s even more amazing!!! I love Linux Mint! Tried about 12 distros and I’m a sysadmin for about 6 at work along with the generic MacOS and Windows. Linux Mint is such a good work / personal OS!!!

  117. Hi iAm a Windows 7 user my Computer Is small pc mini i want to switch to linux Here is my pc spcification
    Processor intel 1.66ghz 2gb ram 256gb storage
    Can linuxmint run smoothly on My pc.
    My softwares are
    Vscode windows office
    Vlc media player
    Your feedback is highly needed.

    1. If you can run Win7 smoothly, you can probably run Mint smoothly. I use your softwares and I switched from Win7, everything smooth.

  118. This is typically….

    all new; no one needs IT, and does not do anything to IT!

    the point is, IT is working very well!

  119. That was the only Mint upgrade that failed miserably for me, got locked out completely, couldn’t even login through a TTY, no error messages or anything. Thank god for recovery root shell + Timeshift, sticking to 19.2 for now. For those that are curious, boot to recovery mode, enter root shell, “mount -o remount,rw /”, then “timeshift –list”, then “timeshift –restore” choose the correct snapshot/hdd for bootloader, wait for a reboot and bam working system again.

    1. Ignore my previous post, somehow my /etc/profile.d/*.sh scripts got messed up sometime between making a timeshift and updating to 19.3, after I fixed that Mint 19.3 works great. Thanks

  120. NUC Barebone NUC7PJYH2 June Canyon (with Pentium Silver J5005)

    I’m planning to get one of these for Windows 10, but I also plan to run some Linux distros on it (first of all, Mint).

    Could anybody help me choose the right one ? I couldn’t find something 100% legit on internet.
    I asked the Gigabyte support and the answer was: Gigabyte did validate solely Windows 10 on this hardware.

  121. Upgrade went smoothly.
    The only issue I’ve noticed so far is that the Screensaver Settings are missing a tab,
    the one where we choose a Screensaver from a list.

  122. Update Manager does not launch. Newbie here – HELP! Desktop: Cinnamon 4.2.4 wm: muffin dm: LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 19.2 Tina

  123. Tried an upgrade from 18.3 on a laptop – this failed too – boot-up taking an age and X is failing to start.

    Another Timeshift restore.

    That’s 2 failures out of 2. This experience has made me rethink about doing in-situ upgrades with Mint.

  124. Upgrade from 19.2 to 19.3 worked fine. Unfortuantely, samba and access to Windows Network does not work anymore despite not having changed anything. Linux computer not recognized on Windows network nor can access Windows network. Access to network printer is possible and pinging network computers, too….any idea what has changed between 19.2 and 19.3?

  125. Thank you for your great work and the good instructions! My upgrade went without any problems and without any hassle.

  126. I am still on LMDE 2 Betsy 32-bit,Kernel Linux 3.16.0-10.586 i 686, Mate 1.18.0. Is upgrading to version 19.3 as simple as your procedure suggests, or is there some other factor that I should be aware of?

    1. I don’t think you can upgrade the Debian Edition to Tricia 19.3 (which uses Ubuntu 18.04 as base). It says:

      “It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 19, 19.1 or 19.2 to version 19.3.”

  127. Upgrade to 19.3 MATE from 19.2 went smooth but the drivers for the NVIDIA GP106 does not work. In the driver mgr the Nvidia-driver-435 is recommended and is also chosen, but when the system starts the resolution is really low and in the monitor preferences the monitor cannot be identified. I have noticed that if I restart and choose system settings instead of the Mint version 19.3 in the boot menu the system stops, restarts, and a question is raised if I want to modify the system settings (BIOS?). One option here is to continue, and if I choose that all is well. So I need to enter system settings and confirm continue and all works. What is wrong here?

  128. Hi , Update Manager won’t launch any more. I’m updating installed software using apt.
    is there any way to upgrade using command line ?

  129. Hi. I don’t know whose fault it is, but Firefox crashes a LOT. If memory serves me, Firefox started crashing a lot when I was using 19.2 (not long ago). Regarding 19.3 MATE, to get rid of the ugly, misplaced, and “loud” (bad pun intended) Volume Control icon (if that’s the right term) from the notification area of the panel, go to Startup Applications, click on the “Show hidden” checkbox, and uncheck the Volume Control checkbox.

  130. After upgrade I started to have problems when put PC do sleep.
    It seems, that it’s related to kernel, as I tried 4.15.0-70 and everything is working fine, but every kernel after that:
    when trying to sleep my computer with above 2 kernels, first time computer goes sleep, then I wake it up, and when want to sleep it again, the computer sort of goes to sleep, but what really happens, it also freeze.
    After second round, computer does not respond, cannot wake it up, cannot use CTRL+ALT+F1-F6, power switch does not react, nothing.
    I tried it multiple times with above kernels, always after second time this freeze happens.

    Can anyone confirm it?
    Normally I use a shortcut CTRL+LEFT ALT+S to sleep it (though I cannot remember if I set this shortcut myself or is it build in).
    With kernel 4.15.0-70 I can sleep computer as many times as I want to.

    1. I had some smaller suspend problem after upgrading LM Xfce from 19.2 to 19.3 (the setting “suspend on lid closed” was not followed anymore). That was important to me so I rolled back to 19.2 and upgraded in terminal, even tty (TUI/VT, accessible with Ctrl+Alt+some F key. That may vary between machines. On my present laptop it’s Ctrl+Alt+F1 to F6, and F7 it’s to go back to desktop. ‘s On an older laptop was Ctrl+Alt+F2 to F6, while Ctrl+Alt+F1 was to go back to desktop.) The commands I used are those here ( Also here (

  131. I love Linux Mint. It’s the only OS I use in the recent years.
    I welcome all the new features and improvments, but I wish the Nemo deserve more attention.
    Nemo is the best file manager out there, nothing matches it, but it’s still so buggy, like move all files into another folder, and few things like adding shortcuts to all the menu items and listing all the shortcuts being used including the ones from the plugins, and improving the search, it would make it absolute top-notch.

  132. What is the recommended option of upgrading between LM versions in CLI? (`mintupdate`package is not available I think) — I had problems with the GUI updater (resulted in power manager settings not followed in Xfce — no suspend on lid-close), but the upgrade resulted in a perfect system when done in tty/VT (Ctrl-Alt-F1) following this (

  133. Clem, tell us if it is a Firefox problem or mint-19.3 problem. We do not want Firefox crashing when doing our taxes. Say something!!!!!!

    1. Hi George,

      Can you share more information on the crash and what the issue is? What’s your version of Firefox, version of Mint, architecture (32 or 64bit), which website makes it crash, can you make it happen reliably and if so, how? etc etc.. We’re not aware of an issue here. That said there are frequent Firefox updates so things can break but we also get fixes pretty fast.

  134. Hi,

    All my comments are, obviously, based on only my experiences with my own personal computer. Despite my constructive criticism of Linux Mint 19.3 MATE, it’s still the platform that runs MY personal computer. As fantastic as GIMP is, I did find it intimidating. To be fair, I’m not an artist and I’m not a photographer. VLC is just too great to not have. Of course I installed it!! I really like the new, circular, Linux Mint 19.3 main menu button icon and the strangely satisfying action of clicking on the panel notification area update icon. Suspend is, at long last, working most of the time.


  135. Hi! Upgrade procedure has been interrupted by “no space left on device”. However, it seems, the main part was completed, since the computer boots into a new system. Still, I’m curious, whether it is possible to finish the upgrade procedure? There should be an upgrade log somewhere, right?

  136. I have mint 19 xfce 64bit . When i go to timeshift it says `not available`.
    When i try to update it says: An error occured during signature veritication. and more…
    And it is not possible to copy that text.

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