Monthly News – December 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Many thanks for your support and donations!

We had a fantastic release and it was an amazing feeling to be able to deliver it to you just before the holiday season 🙂

Bug Fixes

Before we move ahead and start working on Linux Mint 20 and LMDE 4, we’ll make a few adjustments and fix some of the things you expressed in your feedback.

First, I noticed some of you regretted the removal of keyboard shortcuts in Cinnamon’s grouped window list. When we removed this feature, we assumed it wasn’t discoverable and so very few people were likely to use it. It looks like we were wrong, so we’ll bring this feature back.

We finally managed to solve the 1px border bug which impacts full screen windows in Cinnamon, and we also have a fix for the screensaver lag. We’ll be pushing these fixes as package updates.

The new version of the System Reports tool was very well received but the root password notice confused a huge number of people. I talked to some of  our IRC moderators and it’s their number 1 complaint with the new release. We’ll review this and find a solution for it.

There was a packaging issue with grub2-theme-mint and grub2-theme-mint-2k. These packages couldn’t be removed cleanly. This is fixed now.

We’re chasing an issue with the clock format in Cinnamon. If you’re impacted, don’t hesitate to comment at

In your feedback we noticed many issues with the system tray and the XappStatusIcon applet. Everything’s in place on our side for this to work smoothly and we can’t reproduce issues here. If you’re impacted by a tray problem, please report it at, tell us which desktop you’re using, what your panel layout is (i.e. which applets it contains), and the list of your installed packages (you can get this with “dpkg -l”).


The MintBox3 is finally out, and not only were we able to play with it, we were able to send units to some of the developers in our team. As we go along I hope we’ll be able to continue to do that and more and more Mint developers will get their hands on it.

It’s an amazing machine and there’s nothing else quite like it. I was using an Airtop1 as my main computer so I was already used to the look, the form factor,  the build quality and the passive cooling… I didn’t expect to be that impressed with it, but the gap in performance really took me by surprise. I hope we’ll be able to gather our impressions and write a full review next month.

If you’re interested in the MintBox3 check the press release at

The MintBox3 is currently available for $1399 and $2499 depending on the specification:

  • The MintBox3 Basic is the entry model with Core i5-9500 6 core CPU, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB Samsung NVMe SSD.
  • The MintBox3 Pro is the high-end model with Core i9-9900K 8 core CPU, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB graphics, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB Samsung NVMe SSD.

This is a luxury computer and it feels really unique. When you show it to neighbors and friends the first thing they ask is “what is it?”. We know this unit isn’t for everybody, and it certainly doesn’t look like a budget computer or a commodity product. Since 2012, everything we’ve done with Compulab has felt really special. We’ve put our logo on some of the cutest and smallest silent computers and we’ve been really proud to be part of this. Today we’re admiring our diamond laser cut logo on a machine which doesn’t just look cute and unique, but which is also brutally powerful. This is the fastest computer I’ve put my hands on, it’s the best built machine I’ve ever played with, and it runs Linux Mint.


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Donations in November:

A total of $10164 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 636 donors:

$317 (4th donation), Mary A.
$162 (4th donation), Jack B.
$135 (4th donation), Jacques P.
$135, Adam W.
$120, Andrew Z.
$109 (4th donation), Oliver E.
$108 (8th donation), Heiko P. aka “CyCroN
$108 (6th donation), Johannes F.
$108 (5th donation), Uwe P.
$108 (3rd donation), Michael J.
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$100 (5th donation), Jan C.
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$100 (3rd donation), Robert E.
$100, Willi Müller
$100, Sebastian O.
$100, James M. aka “Buck”
$100, Jim R. aka “Renn Computer Services”
$75 (6th donation), John H.
$75 (2nd donation), Terry B.
$70 (4th donation), Troy O.
$60 (2nd donation), James F.
$60, Tomas D.
$54 (5th donation), Naoise G.
$54 (4th donation), Udo J.
$54 (3rd donation), Raik D.
$54 (2nd donation), Rocco C.
$54 (2nd donation), Stefan P.
$54, Miguel M.
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$54, Christian H.
$54, Eric D.
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  1. Merry christmas and happy new year to you too.
    Thank you and Mint devs for smooth upgrade. I can’t wait for Mint 20.

  2. Hello from Brittany, France.
    I’ve got an Airtop 1 with Nvidia Geforce 1060xt, precursor of the MintBox 3, for more than 2 years. It’s a really incredible machine, really expandable.
    I really love it. I use it with an ASUS ROG @3440×1440. The combination is great.
    But if I play some graphical heavy videogames (e.g. Civilization VI), the temperature becomes too warm for my HDD inside (about 70°C) that makes them crash (Intel Raid /home partition). So I’ve decided to replace them by SSD.

    As a former Mac user, I really love Linux Mint 19.3. The quality of Linux Mint makes me feel having a computer better than a Mac, better than nowadays Mac, as great that Mac was before (Mac OS X before 10.7, younger versions are awfull, with execrable and incredible expensive hardware…).
    May the Force be with Linux Mint team !

  3. Dear Clem and the Linux Mint team, thank you for all that you do! I appreciate you.

    In the future, I hope that you will consider partnering with a hardware manufacturer at a more accessible price point. The MintBox 3 looks like a beautiful luxury product, but the target market seems extremely narrow. Outside of some industrial settings, I believe most hardware enthusiasts would opt for higher performing components rather than an expensive fanless case + cooling solution. At the lower end of the market (where I think there is much more demand for pre-built computers), $1400 price for the “basic” version seems like it’s priced far too high to recommend to causal users.

    1. It would be interesting to see how 19.3 and Cinnamon would run on a higher end RPi 4. I don’t know, and have not seen anywhere if Tricia and Cinnamon will run with the proc supplied and 4GB RAM , but that would be pretty cool – less than $150 USD (sans monitor) for a tiny, tiny computer. I have a 3B running Debian I believe, may have to check it out….

  4. Happy Holidays to All!

    Once again, congrats to all contributors of Linux Mint! 😉

    The new Mint Box looks like a beauty. A much anticipated successor to the previous lineups. Well done!

  5. May I wish all at Linux Mint a prosperous and productive year in 2020. Many thanks for all the hard work the team has put in during the last year, continuing to develop Mint as an attractive and useful operating system that meets the needs of its users. Sláinte!

  6. Merry Christmas and happy new year! Really excited to see the Mintbox 3 is available to buy now! I’m going to order it this summer after construction of my little workshop is complete (got nowhere to put the Mintbox just yet). It’s fanless construction will be ideal for some of the things that will happen in that workshop (wood dust).

    As always, thanks a million for your awesome OS. 🙂

  7. Clem…feature request, please add undo “move”, “rename” “delete” to the right click context menu in file manager and probably desktop? can it be implement?. it so useful i use it a lot in windows 7 especially “undo move”. i’m just done tried playing with lm variant on distrotest, decided to go cinnamon…>_<

    1. On my machines, “Rename” is already in the right-click context menu in both the file manager and the desktop. You can go into the file manager preferences and add “Delete” to the right-clck context menu as well (one of the first things I do after a clean install as well as “Copy To” and “Move To”.

      I can understand why ‘Delete” is not added by default. It can be a bit dangerous to those users who haven’t seen this in a right-click context menu before or understand that clicking it bypasses the Trash bin and just simply deletes the file/folder.
      I can see where “Undo Move” might come in handy though.

    2. i dont mean as in just delete and stuff…i mean undo delete(example: you misclick del instead of backspace, cause you know some laptop keyboard layout is ughhh…)…i know pressing delete gonna make it go to trash bin but rather than going there to restore it, a simple “undo delete” click from context menu would be faster to use.

      as for delete you mention, why would it bypass trash bin…i dont think that how it should work normally, like how pressing keyboard button, “delete” the file goes to trash bin first, “delete” again in trash bin make the file gone forever…only way to bypass trash bin is “shift+delete”…maybe that delete context menu need to readjust, or just make 2 of them, one “delete”(delete stuff normally to trash bin), second one “securely delete?”(like file shredder, bypass trash bin & have a few option of shredding file…i normally use 3 passes overwrite in ccleaner on windows 7 before but in linux there no such thing as ccleaner). would be a nice feature to have. 🙂

    3. yikes…even using keyboard delete button doesnt give warning like delete context menu…might wanna add delete confirmation warning even for normal delete…btw sorry for my english and excessive use of “…”.

    4. @ReUser,
      Ah, I understand now. Yes Shift+Delete works on Mint like it does on Windows. For now, I’d just go into Nemo preferences/Behavior and under the Trash section uncheck:
      “Include a delete command that bypasses Trash”
      As well as (If it’s checked):
      “Bypass the Trash when delete key is pressed”

      That should stop and accidental deletes on the keyboard, especially on a laptop/notebook (I agree, some laptop keyboard configurations are pretty horrible to work with). These changes also include the desktop context menu as well. Shift+Delete will still work.

  8. Congratulations to the team for this unique piece. And thank you to the entire LinuxMint community. I am 32 years old and I have use almost all the linix distributions there are, I must confess that I didn’t try Mint just because it was the most popular but now that I have tried I understand why. I can say with no doubt that is the most stable distro I have ever use on my life. I would like to have the money to buy me a MintBox3, looks amazing and I love silent machines.

  9. Hi Linux Mint team,

    Thank you so much for offering us the wonderful Linux Mint 19.3!

    Happy new year to everyone in the community 🙂

  10. Congrats to this wonderful new 19.3 version!…

    Let me to just give 2 suggestions for the 20th series:

    1. Let us to have an icon for the Accessibility Settings on the iso desktop, so that the ones with some disability, like me, or the elderly whom need some magnification of the screen can access it almost immediately when they first open the distro from the USB, DVD or wherever else they have it on.

    2. Let us to have an accessibility note on the welcome window as well as a link to the Accessibility Settings for the very same reason expressed on the first suggestion.

    Very minor things that I think relatively easy to do. Otherwise, me thinks LM to be the best OS out there!…

    Have a wonderful 2020!…

  11. “First, I noticed some of you regretted the removal of keyboard shortcuts in Cinnamon’s grouped window list. When we removed this feature, we assumed it wasn’t discoverable and so very few people were likely to use it. It looks like we were wrong, so we’ll bring this feature back.”

    Thanks for listening us! This is why i love Mint <3

  12. Same as Otàvio, thumbs up for bringing back the shortcuts and listening to us!
    I started with Mint years ago, escaping from a closed-source blue OS, I felt home, and still feel after 7 years. Tried other distros, but I have never found something as polished and customizable that could feel home.
    Loving the customizability you brought into Cinnamon,

  13. Clem and team,

    Thanks again for another great Mint version, 19.3. Linux Mint brought me over from Mac OS ages ago – it was my first Linux distro and still my favorite.

    Your mention of LMDE 4 is getting the masses excited. There has been a lot of forum discussion lately since you announced the new codename a few months ago. One of the more interesting discussions has been why you continue to use Ubuntu LTS as a base for Mint instead of basing on Debian itself. After all, you are doing the LMDE work anyway, as your fallback plan. Why not cut out the Ubuntu middleman and switch to LMDE as your primary distro? The value added in Mint has been the unique Mint stuff like mintmenu, Cinnamon, great curation of helper apps and excellent theming and design choices. Long ago it seems like piggybacking on Ubuntu was a great decision, (“Mint is Ubuntu done right”, as people used to say), but now it seems as if you have your own identity and loyal following and don’t “need” Ubuntu any longer, I wonder if you given any thought to developing your primary Mint distro right on top of Debian in the future, rather than basing on Ubuntu. In a forum post this was being discussed, someone said: “Anyway, don’t argue with me, I’m not dev team anymore, argue with Clem, he’s usually happy to answer such things if asked in a comment to the monthly blog.” So following that suggestion, here I am asking in the monthly blog…

    I’m not here to argue, nor am I an advocate to change the way your do business, I just love Linux Mint and would love to hear you and the team’s perspective on why you still base your primary distro on Ubuntu vs Debian. I suppose it is Ubuntu’s 5 year LTS, but there may be more to it.

    PS. In LMDE4, can you bring back the Mate edition? I love Cinnamon, but Mate does seem to take up less resources in older and virtual machines. I know we can install it ourselves but you guys do such a great job with Mate in your non-LMDE releases, I would love to see that Mate design harmony back in LMDE 4.

    1. Things are getting worse for LMDE with every new version. LMDE3 is not only narrowed to cinnamon, but also cheaply made at all. I still use LMDE2 with my custom kernel, because 3 is just hardly usable for me, and since I went to LMDE from Ubuntu, there is no way back to this crap for me again, even as LinuxMint. I’m afraid LMDE4 makes me switch to pure Debian for good.

    2. The message of Clem “Before we move ahead and start working on Linux Mint 20 and LMDE 4, we’ll make a few adjustments and fix some of the things you expressed in your feedback.”

      Seems to mean that the publication of Mint 20 have priority over LMDE 4.

      LMDE 4 may be therefore released more than a year after the release of Debian 10 on which it will be based.

      Debian 11 should be released +/- in summer 2021. If Clem continues to take its time to publish it, LMDE 4 will be almost obsolete when it is released, what I regret and what I do not understand the interest. He can only disappoint his audience by doing thus.

      As LMDE is much better than Linux Mint based on Ubuntu it is an invitation to adopt it, but since it is not properly maintained, it becomes an invitation to quit Linux Mint for Debian 10 Buster.

      It is unfortunate that Clem is not aware of this and that he thus scuttles his own work.


    3. With LMDE so far behind Debian, perhaps they should skip to Debian 11 for LMDE so it isn’t as far behind. Just skip Debian 10. This is why I asked the original question? Why continue to use Ubuntu LTS as base, why not go to Debian as base. That would reduce the workload of producing more versions, both a normal Mint and an LMDE. But I am sure that there are very good reason, such as Ubuntu doing some heavy lifting on device drivers or security updates. I do hope we will get some more background on the next blog or in a reply to these comments.

    4. LMDE concerns only 9.1 % of users :

      This must be why it is not a priority for Clem ;(

      My workstation is no longer under Mint due to its refusal to develop LMDE 4 within acceptable deadlines, Clem to lose users… I am not the only one to have changed OS for these reasons. I don’t give modest financial support eithe. It’s a dream that ends and another that begins…

  14. Happy new year to everyone at Linux Mint and all the users everywhere.
    I started with Isadora Fluxbox that’s Mint 9 and I am still with Mint, Mate as desktop.
    The Compaq laptop that I installed 9 on is still working not daily but I start it up every couple of months and still love it.
    The evolution of mint in all those years is one of the best of all Linux distro’s I have seen and tested over that time.
    Clem and team my thanks for the best Linux and keep up the good work.
    One question some more support for WiFi is needed, one example, RTL8812au is working until kernel 4.15.70 and not with 4.15.72 under 19.2
    I still have to test with 19.3 and higher kernels.
    Same problem with the USB WIFI from MI, never got it to work but no problem under win10 which I don’t want to use anyway, that’s the desktop of my father, but still it’s plug and play, no need for drivers.

  15. Root password problem
    Put a one line explanation and a link to a page describing the alternatives.
    Change the button to “Defer this decision” and “Ignore this item”. Keep the “Ignore” wording consistent with some of the other applications that have the same choice.

    LM 19.3 is working fine on all my computers. I cancelled the software manager screen when the root bit appeared. I then read a post with useful info. Both my machines now have root passwords. I would have liked the option to “Decide later” or similar and a reference to a discussion.

    I am switching from Nemo to Pix for browsing directories of photos and videos. I prefer the Nemo left hand side directory display but Nemo appears to be slower with every recent release. I think it is thumbnail generation. I may switch off thumbnails in Nemo.

    Combining the best of Nemo and Pix for browsing media would be ideal.

  16. The MintBox3 is send from where ?
    When it comes from the US it will be way to expensive for Europe because of the import duty.

  17. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Ha mintbox 3 finally out! Not sure if I can hold off my urge to buy it… it looks slick and has really nice specs. Just would have wished for a “beefier” graphics card option. Choices, choices.

  18. Hi Linux Mint Team, congratulations for more one work well done and have happy new year!

    I have an suggestion: Show an notification when the battery is low when we’re watching videos in full screen, many times my laptop is shutdown, because I just put my battery in charge when the OS ask for them.

    1. You can use an applet, i dont remember some battery applet and you can customize it when to remind you of low and critically loww battery, not sure if it shows them in full screen but try

  19. Happy New Year to all and many thanks for the work on an amazing O/S. I updated from 19.2 to 19.3 on 2 machines, including a 13 year old Acer laptop and the process was flawless. However my main computer suffered a catastrophic breakdown a short time later and had to be replaced. Installation on a new computer with the series 5 kernel was also fast and effortless. So great to not have to use the O/S that was pre-installed.
    I have a request for linuxmint 20. The Backup Tool works well but could a feature be added to it to allow scheduled Home folder backup similar to the automatic Timeshift feature? This would be handy in case one forgets to make regular backups.
    Wishing the entire Linux team a great New Year. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, Barry.

      Timeshift already has the capability to backup user/home directories:
      Timeshift > Settings > Users (tab)

  20. I installed a new copy of Mint 19.3 (Mate) when it was ready and had been mostly happy until it started giving me a blank screen (black screen of death?) and then a new log-in box. This happened 4 times while editing a page in Gnumeric and once while editing a page in Libreoffice Writer. Logging back in is always successful but of course any unsaved work is lost. Version 19.2 is still on another drive and I have reverted back to it. I seen no disadvantage in returning to 19.2.

  21. I congratulate all developers and users on the upcoming new year 2020. I wish the entire development team health and success in further development of the best OC Linux nint.
    I have 2 laptops. The first Acer predator, the second Lenovo. Both laptops are new, everything that I need works for them. Acer 2018 and Lenovo 2019. It was an old MSI but burned out due to a voltage drop in the mains. Sometimes in Russia there is a problem with downloading updates and repositories, very low speed, but these are little things in life, but in the rest everything is fine. All the best!

  22. I cannot install the multimedia codecs package from the software manager in linux 19.3, it shows me not available and if I try to install the offline codecs package it does not install completely, please do something, thank you …

  23. I cannot install the multimedia codecs package from the software manager in linux 19.3, it shows me not available and if I try to install the offline codecs package it does not install completely, please do something, thank you …

  24. Many thanks for a great release. I do have one problem; since the December 30 update to the Grub2 boot menu, it does not recognise any of the systems (Windows or LM) which are installed on sdb on my wife’s machine. Fortunately, Timeshift provides a solution for now. On my machine, all works well. I hope there is a solution for this problem in the near future.
    Best Wishes for the New Year.

  25. I use Mint for a long time and love it! But I feel a lack of agenda integration with the system clock (it needs rework for sure). And I wonder why KDE uses less resources than Cinnamon. I like KDE but for me it’s too buggy and doesn’t have a very good Cinnamon menu (it’s the best-organized menu nowadays). And if qt is better why people are still using gtk?

  26. Had mixed experience with Mint 19.3 X86_64 that I found quite buggy; unusable, due to old keyboard issues still there…*

    However the Mint 19.3 Cinnamon version seems to work well.
    This is not the first time, so if you prefer MATE desktop; Fedora 31 however harder to install is a better choice.
    Wondering if Clem, one day will consider “beautifying” Fedora Linux; like he did with Mint, that could be great.

    1. I have both Fedora 31 and Tricia on this Lenovo x230. 31 was not difficult to update to, I am happy to say that the two reside nicely here. The Mint is for me, the Fedora for more professional projects involving Cent OS and RHEL.

      Go MINT!

  27. A very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020 for the whole Mint team, free software and for all men and women of good will.
    May the year 2020 bring peace and understanding to our troubled planet.

  28. How is the 9900k cooled in the MB3 Pro? I can’t even see the room in this box for even a slim cooler. Please don’t tell me that for that price there is no cooler for this chip. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

  29. I wish I had more money to buy my dream PC and add Mint Cinnamon. I’LL stick though with my garbage PC due to lack of money.
    What I want from Mint 20 is just an updated version of for Linux pre-installed. I know I ask something difficult. Noob here…

    Happy New year to all…

  30. Hi
    Why my mint 19.3 after upgrade from 19.2 is booting so slow

    CPU: Dual Core Intel Core i5-3337U (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 2462/800/2700 MHz
    Kernel: 5.3.0-24-generic x86_64 Up: 13m Mem: 1742.0/7866.3 MiB (22.1%)
    Storage: 223.58 GiB (19.8% used) Procs: 212 Shell: bash 4.4.20 inxi: 3.0.32


    1. Hi, Bastek.

      You might find a clue to your slowness here:
      cat ~/.xsession-errors | grep -i failed

      Otherwise, consider backing up your user/home folders to external disk and performing a clean install of Linux Mint 19.3.

      Best of luck!

  31. Just to say: ALL THE BEST in the New Year, Mint Team and Mint Users! May the power of Linux be with you 🙂

  32. just great.I cant connect to my bluetooth device.Please dont say its great.Its as always version for developing.

    1. No issues with BT working on the MintBox I installed 19.3 on. I did do a clean install though – every bit of hardware the MB has is recognized and functioning as it should be.

      And what could be greater than a beautifully functioning OS that has such a huge support group? I do hope you are able to figure out your issues. Good Luck!

  33. To day I was upgrading from 19.1 to 19.3. It is first time I do an upgrade this way. One reason is that both electricity and internet is so dam unstable there I live. But now I took the chance and it was a fantastic surprise how easy and fast it was, did not even needed to restart the computer after upgrade finished. So a BIG thank you to the wonderful Mint team.

  34. All the best for 2020 too. Thank you again for Linux Mint 19.3. I am running it on two very different computers without any problems at all. That’s exactly what I want: an OS should stay out of the way and don’t cause problems.

  35. Il installed Linux Mint 19 on my HP N 15 laptop. It worked OK, but I noticed that I could no longer use my trackpad. Since then, whatever the Linux distro that I use (and I have installed and used several) I have no trackpad.
    I brought the laptop to a certified computer technician for repair. When I came back the following day, he told me that “the operating system — meaning Linux Mint — had hit the hardware” and that there was nothing he could do. I use a mouse now, and stay away from all versions of Linux Mint.
    I never had any hardware problem with any other Linux distro.

    1. Diagnosis: hardware destroyed by Linux Mint

      Told by a “(microsoft?? 😉 ) certified computer technician”.

      😀 😀 😀

      Thank you. You made my day. *LOL*

  36. I love my operating systems, all of them, and I love Lenovo hardware. I have been dabbling halfheartedly with Mint in one form or another for more than just a few years and figure it’s time to evacuate or get off the pot. I have always been stuck with Windows for work, but have finally been able to break away fully 3/4 of what I do at home to Linux. Enter the 19.3 update.

    I have a Linux MintBox 2 I have had for a few years, just sitting idling along with whatever flavor or distro I wanted on it at the moment, so, I decided to refresh it with an upgrade of RAM to 8GB and a 512GB SSD. Talk about a screamer! So it’s going, I used a USB stick and did a fresh install, works like a champ, no detrimental issues – totally happy! So, I upgraded this, my X230 with 16GB and a 500GB disk, dual booting with Fedora I couldn’t be more happier – AGAIN! Installed Tricia on a T450, it’s back on the shelf waiting assignment. I have a 4TB disk in a caddy that I have backed up multiple computers to over the years, I decided to connect this up to the MintBox and maybe play a bit with using the MB as a head unit for home storage. I am thinking of another 4TB disk (I have three more) connected to the MB and trying out some sort of software mirror or some such thing. I also am in the process of upgrading my home network with better higher end hardware, this is all coming together so cool!

    The whole install and update process has been so totally smooth, I am SO pleased! I have not thrashed the apps so hard, but I am sure it will be nothing phenomenal I can always find a way.

    First stumbling bock was remote access to the MB, it’s little – tiny in fact, and there is no way it’s taking up any space to have to sit in front of to admin it, so I went through a few VNC iterations and finally settled on RealVNC, since I had already been using it for a few years admining various RPis from my tablet. I did try some of the ones that say they are for cinnamon but they all required to much body twisting to get to where I finally decided to move on. In the end, for me, settling on RealVNC was the best choice.

    Thank you to all of you that have made this OS such a joy to use. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Carl,

      This is shameful. We don’t autojoin this channel but we do recommend it. I’ll talk to the mod team to amend the rules first (as mentioned by one of the protagonists, this behavior isn’t yet against the rules..) and then we’ll expect more than that from people in this channel. I’m sorry you had this experience.

  37. Thanks for this wonderful version, Clem and the Mint team ! After upgrading, which went like a dream – three minutes on my main box – everything worked from the get-go, with the exception of the root password notification, which at first had me – and I understand from the above, others as well – wondering what had gone wrong. I quickly realised that nothing was broken, but to receive a notification of that type in connexion with an upgrade can be a tad intimidating….

    Once again, I’d like to repeat a previous request for the 20x series : for elderly users, whose eyesight is no longer what it once was, it would be useful to have the option of making the colour of arrow cursor automatically contrast with the background, thus rendering it easier to detect. A minor matter, but of greater importance than one might think for this category of user….

    Once again, many thanks for Linux Mint !


  38. Hello,
    Thank you for the great effort, I have used Linux Mint for 3 years on my laptop “Lenovo IdeaPad P400 Touch”.
    I tried the live version first, it worked gread, But once I installed it … I could not use it because the Graphic is crashing, so I could not use anything on the system! no graphic driver detected and no network driver detected (Wifi and Ethernet).

    I switched to ubuntu to continue working on my project, waiting for the fix.

    Thank you

  39. Recently switched from Windows 7 to Linux Mint. To operate the brother printer/scanner/fax had to roll back to 18.3 Mint Sylvia which I really like. The printer is a J265w. For now this makes a complete system which is fully functional and works well. Mint is similar to Windows in many respects. Mint does have slightly better resolution than windows 7 but the terminal window once learned makes Mint far superior to windows . Very pleased overall.

  40. A very big Thank you to all of the Linux Mint team for the amazing holiday gift! Happy New Year! Thanks for providing an intuitive and stable OS.

  41. Hei everybody!
    I am extremly thankful that I am able to work with your side.
    I hope that I explained my situation at the moment.
    If not contact me.


    Manfred Piller

  42. People’s Cinnamon → it seems most of us require `Simplified Chinese` while the sophisticated and creative ones we relay on need ´Tweak Tools´ as an inherent evolution process… ‥better open and transparent with depiction log of telemetry trend aspects. Showing both are essential.

    Best already w/o KDE counting traditional 1-click UNIX category
    Uwe Hametner

  43. Hi, Clem
    Thanks again for a great LM 19.3
    I made a fresh install on my new Dell i3-1005G1 laptop with built-in graphics.
    On every boot I get notification that video driver is missing and no hardware acceleration is supported.
    How to fix it?

  44. Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia” Cinnamon! did updates on this today, there was the kernel, and two others. did a reboot as it told me to, typed in first password and it wouldn’t make it to the second! it gave message “Failed to connect LVMETAD” then it went to next line with “Initramfs” and that is where it froze., and wouldn’t go any further. Any ideals? was it a bad update to kernel, and or is Tricia still in beta testing, or whatever one calls it? Thanks for any help, encase I decide to reinstall Tricia, later on! I went back to Mint 19.1 To big of a pain to have to redo everything just to have to do it again after installing updates because of a flaw in update. Regards!

  45. Hello sir,
    I am facing a serious problem after update. in this laptop Intel Celeron Dual core Processor used. before this update the processor temperature near about 60-50C but after this update its temperature goes to 80-102C.
    what i will do now. When I use choromium mainly that time i faced that problem.
    thanking you

  46. Hi and thanks for Linux 19.3. I am approaching 75 years and have had it with MS updates wiping out my files and programs every time they “push” out their unnecessary updates. I have recently installed Linus Mint 19.3 on my HP Envy 17 laptop and it works great!! Although there is a learning curve to it from where I was, it is wonderful to work with an OS that is designed to make users feel at home with it instead of frowning on users, as other OSs do!
    Oh I have a lot of learning to do but most of the info I require can be found online somewhere. It works great on my laptop and I do thank you so much for it.
    Unfortunately I am in no position to provide financial backing now, but hopefully in the near future I can.
    Again so much thanks from me.

  47. Hello,

    The Update Manager updated the Linux kernel to 5.3 in Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon 64-bit. Could the ISOs at for Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon 64-bit please be updated so to have the default Linux kernel as 5.3?

    If this is not possible, are you able to please advise the default kernel on the ISO for Linux Mint 20?

    Thank you

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