Linux Mint 19.1 codenamed ‘Tessa’

The second release in the Linux Mint 19.x series will be named “Tessa”.

Linux Mint 19.1 is estimated to be released around November/December 2018 and will be supported until 2023.

Linux Mint 19 users will have the ability to upgrade. This upgrade will be both easy and safe and it will be performed via the Update Manager.



    1. Ok installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics does the trick, but know mousespeed is way to high and cannot be adjusted with the gui. By the way tap to click in loginscreen worked since Mint 16 without installing anything. This is kind of a regression.

    1. So far Linux Mint 19 is already far better than Windows 10, can hardly wait for the first major bug update 🙂

  1. open Users and Groups under Users Tab click your user, then click the Groups on the right side and be sure to check “nopasswdlogin”

  2. That might be the time to upgrade to 19. Maybe one day you’ll fix the mouse lasso on Nemo, like OS’s have had since 1995.

    1. I did the 19 update over the past week and lost one of my desktops. Definitely back up all of your info and do a Timeshift backup.

    1. It’ll be a new version of Cinnamon, and maybe a few other bits. The core package base will not change, since that remains stable through the whole 19.x cycle.

  3. Reverted to 18.3 after trying 19. I was unable to get printers working and found it slower. Boot times where very long and the intel video driver caused all kinds of screen jitter. I will wait and see…

    1. I might go back to 18.3 also. Scrivener, Red Notebook, and several others do not work under 19 with no indication of a remedy. Not ready for prime time.

    2. concur with Terry. 19 is dead to me, all our computers have reverted back to 18.3. Cannot run Viber on 19. Timeshift is wretched.
      CAI ENG

    3. I reverted back to 18.3 from 19. I had issues with wireless staying connected, browsing network shares (windows and linux), slow internet when it did manage to connect. HP and Brother worked fine, Epson not

    4. Tested but never converted to 19 and will not until the upstream regressions make some kind of progress. I know just about every issue isn’t Mint’s fault, but if support for 18.3 runs out before the problems reported since the release are addressed, I’ll move to a distro with a different upstream base (I’ve already confirmed the best known of them will work for me now).
      Also, I don’t believe TimeShift in combination with accepting all updates is a better solution than we had before. That is a Mint issue; however, this can be configured to work the old way, so that’s OK, but I think new users may find the UX less satisfying if they get hit, and eventually, they will.

    5. Same here. Unfortunately Samsung Printer and Canon scanner are not working anymore. Was unable to fix it. Therefore back to 18.3.

    6. Yup, also had loads of problems with network printers, network shares, getting VPNs to work… A never ending number of issues.
      I know most of these problems come from the Ubuntu base but I was hopeful that the Mint devs would fix these problems. So I uninstalled Mint 19.

    7. Sadly 19 is a bad regression in my opinion. Never had so many unresolved issues going from 17 to 18. I beta tested 19 from day 1 of beta release and report several issues regarding printer driver, etc. Sadly none fixed. Also reported issues in deleting network sub-folders that are not empty – reports that they are deleted but when you go back and look (refresh the directory) they are still there.

      So like many other having to revert to 18.3.

    8. Went back to 18.3 MATE about a week after 19 came out. Just did not feel like MATE. I’m happily staying with 18.3 as long as it’s supported. After that I don’t really know what I’ll do but I doubt it’ll be 19x.

    9. Thought about going back to 18.3 also when my main astronomy program (Stellarium) stopped working on 19. Devs are saying it’s not LM but it works as advertised on 3 flavors of Ubuntu 18.04. Got it to work partially but is still unwilling to update the databases and to control my mount properly. But I decided to stick with 19 when I successfully got another astro program (Hnsky) to do the same work without problems.

    10. After distro hopping for about 3 months I finally came to mint 19 and everything just worked. Had to add the graphics ppa for my nvidia card but that was it. Everything’s been snappy! No long boot times and even prior to configuring the graphics ppa for my nvidia card; it was running buttery smoothe. Mileage may vary but I’m loving me some Mint 19! Can’t wait to see what .1 has coming.

    11. I have had no issues with 19 so far. IMO the fastest was Mint 17.x, but alas, it will stop being supported after April 2019…
      What would be really nice(though I know the Linux Mint team does not have enough resources for this), is cloud backup… Back up your home directory to a cloud server, then, next time you install(either on the same machine or another computer), after you connect to the internet and put in your cloud backup credentials, it will automatically download your home directory backup back to your computer. Even better than that would be, in each backup, detect which applications have been installed by the user, and automagically re-install those as well.

  4. Hope it addresses all the problems with 19.
    So many people, so many issues.
    18 was much more functional.
    Going to skip 19.
    Looking forward to 19.1.

  5. Great! 🙂 Knowing when to expect the new release is useful. I will most likely wait for 19.1 to migrate from 18.3 on my work machines.

    It’s obviously a bit early to know what the new features will be, but it would be nice if the automatic update feature in the Update Manager could be configured without manually editing the cron file. And it would be nice as well if the existing update blacklist feature would be used by default with the automatic updates.

    1. The main reason I started using Linux Mint was because it was Ubuntu with KDE already installed out of the box, that’s what sold me on the distro, but I’m not going to keep using it if I have to install it myself with possible glitches involved, I expect the distro I choose to already have what I want so when I install it I’m ready to go, I don’t have time to play around trying to make a distro into what I want or need, especially when it was already KDE in the past, and now Mint decides to abandon those people that liked it and used it. After 18.3 support is dropped I’ll be changing to another distro, there are plenty to choose from that are willing to keep using KDE for their fans. Good day.

  6. Will this update address the issues with trying to run Window applications via Wine? Tried using the linux version of Teamviewer then the Window version via Wine and both would not work.
    I’m a newbie to Linux Mint, well Linux in general, but I want to switch from Windows but NOT if I can’t get applications running. There are many things about Linux I like, but the learning curve on installation and making things work third party is draggin me down on switching.

    1. Teamviewer worked fine on Linux Mint 19 Mate for me. You just have to install it, then restart your computer and it will be in your main menu.

    2. Teamviewer is a native Linux application; do not try to use the Windows version. To install it in Linux Mint just double-click the installer (teamviewer_13.2.13582_amd64.deb). Everything else will be done for you by the installer. Let me know if you have any problems.

    3. I was a newbe about five years ago and remember the slow learning curve. There just wasn’t a lot of help for new people because the experts take a lot for granted. Eventually I figured it out by reading these posts but there should have been more links to on-line manuals like Wikipedia for some of the really stupid questions. I have had issues with slow printers also and may have to down grade soon to keep the marriage going another year! I keep telling it is her fault for sticking with Windows 10 but it’s little hard with this this distribution. Her windows laptop has been sent out for repairs three times already and we paid a lot more for it than Linux. Over all Linux Mint is much better and this is the first time I have had any issues with it. Usually I am the problem not the operating system.

    4. @Julian:
      Have you managed to get “Teamviewer” running on Linux to successfully connect to Android devices that run “QuickSupport for Teamviewer”? I read that v13.x does not (yet?!) support this and one is supposed to use v12.x. Neither of the two allowing me to do this.
      I genuinely hate to say that from M$-Windows this in fact works.
      If you have a solution to this for Teamviewer (Linux) -> Android device, please share it.

    5. There definitely is a learning curve. A lot is assumed to be common knowledge and after you get used to it, it’s easy enough. Not having to deal with viruses and other nonsense is well worth learning the nuances of Linux Mint. Not having to constantly install updates is well worth the hassles.

  7. Could you put emphasis on performance and resources consumption?
    Linux Mint 19 feels heavier than 18.3.

    We really need Mint to be lean and fast.

    1. Would be nice if there’s people willing to join the team and whip us an LXQt or openbox (refer to ArchLabs, a sharper tribute of BunsenLabs) editions.

  8. No problems with version 19 at all, at least nothing that I could not fix. I consider myself a very satisfied customer.

    It helps to understand that there are difficulties in creating an operating system that will work effortlessly with all hardware combinations. Let the user also put his/her shoulder to the wheel and if help is needed, post a question on the Mint Forum.

    Thank you, hard-working Linux Mint Development Team, for a fine computer operating system.

    1. I agree, another satisfied customer, thanks to all the Linux Mint Development Team, for another fine computer operating system.
      There have been more than the usual number of fixes needed but I can not think of any that are down to Mint, they have all been due to the Ubuntu base change from Xenial to Bionic which has been a real problem including regressions in several areas. Well worth the effort in the end.

    2. Actually I am a happy LM 19 user. No issues that I couldn’t solve. The 19 version I am running is stable, beauty and flexible ( different Apps and HW used) … So great Job of the programmers and thank to them so much for the continue development of Linux Mint.

    3. I have not had any problem in the change to Linux Mint 19. Everything I use works correctly. The printing on my Epson, via wifi is perfect. The system boot is maybe a bit slow, but then it’s very fast. In my work I use Win 10 and the opposite happens: it starts very fast but then it is desperate to open any program. It is true that my computer is somewhat more powerful.
      Many thanks to the whole team.

  9. Mint 19 Cinnamon and 19 Mate are working really well for us overall. We have many machines running fresh installs of 19 and are not having any issues. For the machines we upgraded from 18.3 to 19, it was smooth overall after we completed the forced upgrade process. We did have a problem with some test VMs that were running in Virtual Box which were upgraded from 18.3 to 19 that would not mount their shared folders. Other than that, its been excellent.

  10. Just installed 19 on an acer c710. All works great except the touchpad. Using a mouse for now but sure would like a fix for the touch.
    Nice job on everything else.

  11. Hi,

    some ideas for the next LM Cinnamon:
    1) allow the Calendar applet to be scaled ? (e.g. allow the user to drag with the mouse the upper left corner of the applet to scale it up) align vertically the CW (now they are upper than the days)
    2) integrated EQ in the sound applet
    3) the new main menu layout, already in the roadmap
    4) fix the bug in software manager (e.g. if I install “pulseaudio” effects or a new software witch ask for additional packages to be installed, after pressing the continue button the window does not close and the installing progress bar (in software manager window, upper right corner) does not follow the progress)

  12. Irrelevant to topic, but a bug report:
    Mouse settings do not work properly. It has acceleration setting but somehow it never feels right. It is too inaccurate in tiny movements. Try to make small (1px) movements and you will see that it jumps more than that. You can play with acceleration and precison but the issue is always there… I checked lots of fixes on the internet and none worked. Btw, I have logitech G402. I tried other mice and issue still exists.

  13. Would 19.1 still use the 4.15 kernel?
    I’m asking because I need the 4.17 for my touchpad to properly function and I’m not a fan of ukuu.
    i2c_hid i2c-SYNA3602 is partly working (no button only touch) in the 4.15 but it’s on and off each 4.15 updates.

  14. how many MegaBytes for Upgrade from Tara (19) to Tessa (19.1) ? but iam using usb stick broadband and limit charges brother’s. uhm….

    are this after upgrading, can solving problems like a normal running WPS-Office ? but, i’ve problem in Linux Mint XFCE/MATE/Cinnamon (LM 19.0) must be install Libpng12-0, after install or re-install WPS-OFFICE not running.

    please help me guys, i’m so sorry, i’m passive written english.

  15. Very happy with 17.3 but look forward to trying out 19.1.

    Recommend the focus of 19.1 be almost entirely on bug fixes, not new “bells and whistles.”

    Ideally I would like the install package to give the user choices as to which apps to install. Sometimes “less is more” is actually true, although this is a very un-American viewpoint..

    Best Regards to the great team!

  16. Everything I read about laptop batteries says they will last much longer if they are charged to 80% instead of 100%. It would be nice if the power manager would allow the user to set 80% charge as a default, with an easy option to charge more fully when desired.

    1. Yes, perhaps even 40-60% for long-term storage. Certainly leaving a laptop plugged in and 100% charged all the time is no good. But is it even possible to ‘hold’ a battery at 80% or whatever? In reality it’ll just be doing millions of tiny discharge and charge cycles when the machine is running…

  17. some bad guys who some in Chaoyang people and gang member inject your upgrade link try to give me fake software like steam and skype. i am not sure you can protect your upgrade is safe. of course i hope it’s safe because win10 is totally trash, the linux is my only hope to keep my private. good luck!!!

  18. Have you ever explored the possibility of having a secondary fullscreen mode for mint menu? I’m not taking about just resizing the existing menu, but something that would give a good overall view of all software installed and uses the available screen estate better.

    1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but Cinnamon was started specifically to get away from that kind of thing when Gnome ditched its old menu. If you want that kind of thing, why not use Ubuntu?

  19. Well It looks like I’m one of the few who is happy with an OS that I didn’t pay for….
    Yes it’s slower on the startup and gitters playing video in VLC… Tho the default player works fine…
    Other than that…. I think its fallen over 3x… V1 installed when released…
    18.3 fell over at least once a day for me so this has been a BIG improvement for me….
    Thanks for the great OS!!!!!

  20. Thank you, Clem, and all the team. I did find difficulties upgrading via the earlier instructions and went back to 18.3, but when I downloaded the version 2 ISOs for both MATE and Cinnamon and did a fresh install, both versions were fine for me. I use MATE on a Samsung 110 netbook and Cinnamon on a little Mintbox-like Fitlet. Things may be a little bit slower (but I can’t really compare now) but I do love the newer colours and feel of things in Mint 19, so I am very happy that I upgraded. Thank you for persevering through all the difficulties. Like kyphi, I appreciate you guys so much for dealing with the unending complexities of adjusting to so many different setups. I think your 19.1 upgrade through Update Manager will help simple folk like me.

    1. I couldnt have said it any better Nic. I’ve had no problems with Mint 19 (fresh install) on my laptop and have been loving the look, feel and just entire experience. Kudos to Clem and the Mint team for once again making a fantastic product!!!

  21. Is there any plan about supporting wayland? (I know the issue with nvidia)
    Any target date/release, or at least what are the pre-requisite to start supporting it? Will you just use/port mutter. What will happen with all the customisation you bringed until now to muffin?

    1. Since Mint is geared toward stability, i would expect Wayland support to come as late as possible.
      Probably not coming in the 19.x series…

  22. I upgraded yesterday from linux mint cinnamon 18.3 to 19 but for some reason the desktop effects don’t seem to be working. How could I fix this? Effects are enabled, but it makes no difference what effects I choose from the settings.

  23. I use many Mint 18.3 PC’s for daily use & only one Mint 19 PC for initial OS testing.
    I prefer Mint 18.3 & find Mint 19 a disappointment. NO root mode Krusader !!!
    The icons on Mint 18.3 are perfect. The icons on Mint 19 are awful, worst icons are
    Firefox & Bleachbit. With fixes, Mint 19 may improve.
    But for now, I recommend Mint 18.3.

    1. You can still switch back to the old icons in Mint 19.
      System Settings > Themes > Icons > select Mint-X instead of Mint-Y.

  24. usually use lubuntu but had issues with it on one machine in particular. sort of got talked into trying mint 19.0 and i must say, very sweet os! everything works absolutely perfectly. couldn’t ask for anything better.

  25. I’m waiting anxiously, version 19 is slow at startup and openarena does not run, apparently it’s an incompatibility in the video

  26. for the people who had problems with 19.0 Linux Mint. Did you try download version 2 of 19.0?
    I did and my computer seems to run fine.

  27. had one issue with LM 19 that stopped me upgrading from 18.3, my vpn but solved it easily. to stop dns leaks added:

    script-security 2
    up /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf
    down /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf

    to the end of the ovpn file and used an applet called vpn look-out for a kill switch.

    LM 19 works flawlessly now! great job

  28. Very happy with ver.19 Cinn. 64 Bit. First time fresh install and no problems at all. Merged very well in my small windows based LAN. Printers work OK.
    Nice to know about ver. 19.1 🙂
    Congrats for the excellent work and a BIG THANKS!

  29. I have found that it is a bit easier & better, result wise, when you make a fresh and new install rather than trying to “upgrade”. I flip flop a couple of good hard drives when doing it. Download and and fill in the new Mint version. When all is set, hook up the second hard drive with your older version, with all your documents, photo’s, saved items, etc., and move ’em or just leave them on the drive and add to them as time goes by. When the next version comes out, give it a little time to find and work our the bugs and than do the same sequence thing with the hard drives. Never lose anything, and always have the latest in operating systems at the same time. Of course, if your running a Laptop or some such that will be quite different. I am talking about Desktops.

  30. I have tried only the 19 live version so far, didn’t try to install yet.
    On my ASUS VivoBook Pro (15.6″ 4K screen, i7-7700HQ, NVidia GTX 1050) the system hangs after a minute or two
    Since I use it for work I won’t risk to crash the machine (although I have some free space waiting).

    I’ll see if the upcoming version will solve, meanwhile I have everything I need for my daily routine, only complaint with 18.3 (and it’s not the team’s fault) is the screen scaling, but I have set up a “lores” profile that runs at 2048×1152, good enough by now

    Keep up your amazing work !

  31. I am using Linux Mint 19 XFCE as my daily driver and I am very happy with it! Stable, reliable and very fast. Nice to hear that this great version will be even better with the upgrade 😉

  32. Olá, bOM dia a todos, …
    eu tenho uma questão sobre actualização dos Kernels, que me está a confundir. Eu tenho um PC co um CPU AMD: Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T, quando vou instalar o Kernel linux ele insiste em instalar também os pacotes: intel-microcode e o iucode-tool, para além do pacote linux-image-generic.
    A minha motherboard é uma ASRock 970M Pro3 e a placa Grafica uma Nvidia GeForce GT 1030.
    A minha questão é se eu sou obrigado a instalar os pacotes da intel que o mintUpdate que instalar juntamente com o Kernel e se não vai criar conflitos com a minha arquitétura do PC baseada em AMD ???_!!!_???
    … eu tenho o Linux Mint 19 Tara 64bits e o Linux Kernel sem os pacotes intel que desinstalei manualmente, será um BUG no mintUpdate querer foçar a instalação dos pacotes intel !!!_???_!!!

    1. Você devería postar essa questão em, não aqui no blog, e seria melhor escrever a questão em inglês posto que aqui no blog é a linguagem “oficial”. Tem um fórum de usuários de Mint em português em
      Agora tentarei responder a sua pergunta. No Mint 19 a instalação dos microcódigos para Intel e AMD é obrigatória, não importa a CPU que o seu computador tenha. Não tenha medo de fazer a atualização porque não vai criar nenhum problema na sua instalação de Mint.

  33. Hello Clem and the rest of the Mint team! I’d like to know if it’s possible to make all the x-apps honor app-specific user settings? For instance, I prefer xreader to always open maximised (Fitts law, you know) and though it does open the same document maximised, when I open the different one it goes back to defaults (ie. opens in the center of the screen).

  34. Well hope you can re-establish the old so well known and loved ‘polish’ like in MInt 18.3.
    As in Mint 19, lots of apps now lost its uniform look.
    So no reason for me to upgrade any further just yet.
    Linux Mint should try make an equaly ‘polished’ Arch Linux based distribution.
    As I am now using Arch to learn more about Linux, the more I like it.
    Ubuntu well they seem to slowly mutate into ‘Winux’?

  35. I did a fresh install of v19 Cinnamon last month, and found that it boots faster than v17.3 did. I have had no issues so far. OS is smooth and fast, videos play without trouble in both the new media player and VLC (and YouTube), and my mouse performs normally. I don’t have a printer, so can’t comment on that. I am very pleased with v19, and I’m looking forward to 19.1!

    Thank you Clem and devs for your hard work. Mint has been an amazing OS since I started with v14, and my household truly appreciates your efforts and work. We are an all-Mint house!

  36. Hello,
    I have a PC AMD:
    Versão Linux Mint 19 Tara 64-bit;
    Kernel Linux 4.15.0-34-generic x86_64;
    MATE 1.20.1;
    CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor × 6;
    Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
    The mintUpdate in the instalation Kernel Linux 4.15.0-34.36 insists in installing the package of Intel: intel-microcode and iucode-tools. Is it normal the instalation of intel packages on a PC with AMD architecture? Or is it a bug?

    1. It’s not a bug. Those packages were pre-installed, so you’re simply getting updates. However, having an AMD CPU they’re useless for you. It doesn’t hurt updating them, but you might as well uninstall both.

  37. Hi there,
    Will Tessa include cinnamon 4? Looking forward to it when i decide to jump from 18.3 to 19.1.
    And thanks again for all your works appreciate it alot!.

  38. Hi, 2 days ago i made an install with Mint 19, worked fine, but i have an issue with Netbeans, either with version 8.1 or 8.2. somebody has a hint as “why” ? (Of course i tried to do a lot of things…)

  39. Hi, i posted but may be my post has been “lost” ? I said that i installed Mint 19 two days ago but i have issues with Netbeans, either with version 8.1 or 8.2. Anyone has the same problem and has any clue about why ? thanks.

  40. When do we get a mouse wheel scrolling speed settings? I’m new to linux but afaik there’s no settings for this and I’m tired of using page up down and arrow keys for scrolling. The default speed is so slow, so so slow. Please do something about it.

  41. i’ll probably stay with 18.3 KDE until i find a much better replacement for it. i tried 19 on my other laptop and it’s not as great as the 18.3 version as of now. will be waiting for Tessa if it’s more reliable.

    1. I do so, too. Until there’s no file-manager as good as Dolphin with all of his functions and the great Onboard-Onscreen-Keyboard isn’t working in all cases, I will stay with LM 18.3-KDE. Or change to another distribution.

  42. Der Grubloader wird bei Silvia 18.3 nach mehreren istallationen nicht in die efi als Ubuntuordner reininstalliert.
    Obwohl Partition Efi sda1 bei der installation als Grubloader ausgewehlt wurde.
    64 bit system amd GPT Der PC startet nicht mehr. Bessert euren Efi-Fehler zuerst in der Silvia aus.
    Saemtliche Reparaturversuche scheitern mit sudo apt-install grub-efi-amd64 auch wenn man dev/sda1 dahinter angibt. Keiner findet im Linuxforum eine ordentliche Loesung. Es ist nicht Lustig wegen dem Fehler 10xneu ueber Stick installieren muss und die Partitionen wieder neu erstellen darf, das dies dann ab und zu klappt. Hab im Monat nur 200 GB zur Verfuegung Und ich hab nur Linux installiert und kein Windows 10 nebenbei drauf Bitte bessert das auch fuer die neue Version aus.

  43. I know that 19.1 will be based on Ubuntu Bionic Beaver,
    but do you think it will be possible in any case to have the last version of Gimp?
    Gimp 2.8 is several years old and the last stable (2.10.6)
    introduces a lot of news and improvements. Take it from other sources
    is not so goof for it causes some alterations or the packages are not complete…

  44. Linux Mint 19 XFCE working great for me.
    After the initial hangups of day-1 install I used another distro until Linux Mint got fixed. Since the fix, I have been a happy camper and everything is right as rain. Thanks Clem and team!
    I am reading the above complaints of the new update and backup system. I don’t use the backup. I am too used to my old ways and only do fresh installs. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. Mint 19.0 working fine on my fairly modern desktop. However, with my older lappy, a centrino duo, would not work even with a fresh install. Had to go back to 18.1.

  46. I hope you’ll fix that darn sound app/applet/whatever.
    i have creative x-fi fatality pro
    When mint starts there are only 2 option to choose Analog Stereo Input/Analog Mono Input. And these are for playback.
    After switching betwen digital and analog back i finally have all modes for sound card.
    But wait. there is more:
    the stupid app has never been able to unmute the center/lfe channel since as long as i can remember.
    I always after installing mint have to go in alsamixer and unmute the channel.
    But wait. there is even more:
    muting front channel in alsamixer will mute also side/rear. And to restore sound i have to selecte digital/analog out again
    Seems the center/lfe channel cause no problem with mute/unmute

    I even installed pulseaudio 12.2 with same results.

    So i hope you’ll fix your darn sound disaster

  47. The package scidavis (data analysis software)has no installation candidate in Linux Mint 19. It installed and worked in 18.3

  48. LINUX MINT 19 a mi me funciona muy bien, tuve algunos problemas con el wifi pero ya quedaron solucionados.
    Espero con mucho agrado esta nueva actualización se que sera para mejorar aun mas.

    Muchas gracias por compartir la información.

  49. I’ve upgraded to Mint 19 and like it. Really happy for 19.1! 😀 A request: can you please update mintsources? It always uses Mint-X icons and the old button style tabs, even when upgrading everything and using Mint-Y icons.

    1. Yep, I agree. Also surprised how much smoother it runs on upgraded hardware.
      The install was slightly glitchy but nothing that coldn’t be overcome by trying.

  50. My brief, incomplete LM19 Odyssey
    Installation phase
    Linux Mint 19 64bit Mate v2 LIVE-CD crashed – several attempts needed
    (1) frozen windows
    (2) bluetooth not working
    BIG PROBLEM — PASSWORD stays w ENGLISH … nuisance when using ie yzäöü etc

    After Installation
    decrypt password reverts back to default= English, hence dont use pw keys that change under different idioms
    like zy.- etc

    Several freezes after update
    Solution: Keep on working, behaviour disappeared

    BIG problem
    NO shutdown, no reboot — only hard reset
    Solution: Add to grub “acpi=force” ==> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi=force”

    BIG problem
    several USB SSD which were formated under Win10 1803+ not mountable – NO popup notification …
    Under older Mint “Inconsistany complaints of NTFS”
    Solution: ???

    BIG problem
    Font size of many apps dont get adjusted to customized settings- – instead stay small ie
    Solution: ???

    Default font contrast not very eye friendly (lacks contrast)
    Solution: ???

    Keyboardlayout default cant be permantently changed (always reverts to English)
    Solution: ???

    no icon on taskbar (Problem since 17.x) – lol
    Workaround: AllTray

    Application interface
    When selecting several apps for install at same time/in row, not all get installed then
    Solution: ???

    Minimzed window doesnt restore fully – 2 attempts needed
    Solution: ???

    NO automount of 2nd Disk
    Solution: Add line to fstab “/dev/sdbx /media/username/disklabel ntfs defaults 0 0”
    ie /dev/sdb3 /media/linuxmint/VM ntfs defaults 0 0
    or better use the UUID instead of /dev/sdaX (the UUID can be easily found under “Disks” App)

    FOlder colors
    Missing several color options, ie yellow, teal, light green
    Video folder doesnt change color when applied

    Doesnt work properly (cant togle between on/off
    Solution: Start gtk-redshift ONLY
    no redshift adjustment?
    Solution: LinuxMint forum? or command line ie mint@mint:~$redshift -O 6000K

    AND PLEASE finally stop using YAHOO as your default search engine —- grrrr

  51. Someone already mentioned that Deleting non-empty directories on Samba shares doesn’t work. Nautilus removes those directories from screen and does NOT show any error message! But when you refresh or go to upper directory again you realize that in fact nothing was deleted at all. This is a real show stopper for any user or company who has to work with samba shares. We heavily rely on samba shares and I didn’t see this problem for months. Now our samba shares are a complete mess. Over and over full of directories we thought had been deleted. :-/
    Seems to be a problem between Nemo’s/Nautilus’ gvfs implementation of delete operations and current samba versions. I think this should be fixed asap, as there are a LOT users and companies affected that don’t even know that their directory structure is degrading over time. Nothing lost but I think you can imagine what serious confusions happen if users stumble upon outdated – actually formerly deleted – material! In our case this is also a data protection issue.
    When you search the internet for “Mint 19” and “Samba” you find a lot of affected people in forums and there are also bug reports but I don’t see any real progress. Please have a look at this thread:
    There are also some bug reports:
    But I don’t see any real help for production systems. A quick fix in Nemo is really needed here!
    Many thanks for your attention!

    1. Must have overlooked this posting. This is exactly my problem as I wrote a few posts below.
      Question to Clem: In the linked thread the affected user is pointed to using Thunar as file manager. I tried this and it seems to work for now. I don’t do any programming and have no idea about creating bug reports somewhere but are you completely sure that this is a bug in samba but not nemo? Thunar has no problem to delete non-empty directories on the same samba share where nemo is still failing. And I don’t have controll over the server the samba shares are on – some unix machine in the basement of my university. So I’d just like to have a working solution apart from installing and using a second full blown file manager on my computers just to be able to delete stuff on samba shares. Seems to me as a competence confusion. This might be a (already fixed) bug in samba but the users don’t benefit from the fix because they don’t have control about the servers they connect to. nemo and nautilus – in contrast to e.g. Thunar – is not able to talk to recent buggy(?) samba servers. So please don’t push the problem away but instead try to fix it on the client side as Thunar handles it. Don’t want to be over demanding because I like your work very much but your answer does not help me. Hope you understand. 🙂

    2. Hello Clem,
      thanks for your answer. Unfortunately our file servers run samba 4.5(?) under debian 9. And I’m not able to change this. So filing a bug against ubuntu doesn’t help. Please try to implement a workaround in Nemo as other file managers do! I suppose, the faulty samba versions will stay in the wild for many years. 🙁

  52. Mint is a fine system, but I have one complaint. Could you add some more color to the default mint theme? The one we have now is a bit too grey, sort of washed out. Other distros are mostly vibrant with color. Blue would go well with green, I guess. Perhaps color the icon lines or mix the default grey with some warmer color? That’s all I have problem with. Thank you for your excellent work 🙂

  53. Just a mini suggestion : I noticed that the archive manager could not open .7z files ( “ error occured while …” ) , then I tried the same files using another Debian-based distro, the same Archive Manager (File Roller) even with a lower version (3.22) , and everything was ok.. So I opened Synaptic and installed p7zip-full (and p7zip-rar by the way), then it became all-right.

    So, (since Mint is known best for being the most out-of-the-box distro) could p7zip-full and p7zip-rar be already installed by default?

    Additionally; (i.e.) there’s a plugin for Thunar for the archiver to take place in the context menu. Likewise, it mustn’t be that difficult to make a “Compress with … ” link in Nemo right-click menu.. (at least for File Roller but also for the ones installed later; i.e. Peazip, if possible..)..

    P.S. I know there’re workarounds for this, and also it’s not an issue to open the archiver first and to click “new”.. but it would be nice to see them out-of-the-box especially for the newcomers.. And I thought it’d look really complete..

    Thanks again to all Mint Team…

    1. I had a bug with File roller as well. (it was very slow)
      I now use engrampa which comes from the MATE DE but you can install it with synaptics and you don’t need to install the rest of MATE’s stuff.
      Just my $0.02

  54. Updated my HP laptop from MATE 18.3 to 19 and this thing flys now. Qcad, music and videos are the main things I play with. Only thing I have noticed is scoll is not setup on the pad but I don’t use it so no big deal for me.

  55. Have tried LM 19 on HP Thinbook 14″ ; Realtek 8723DE wifi module & Bluetooth modem driver missing; was able to get wifi running but no Bluetooth; Read that driver is build in kernel 4.17 and above; untill then sadly W10 is needed on that laptop; And in LM 19 Ksnapshot replacement “full screen” option results in white screen of death – because of that I’ll gratefully(!) keep LM 18.3 on production machine. Thanks LM-team!

  56. Have tried LM 19:
    1) on HP Thinbook 14″ ; Realtek 8723DE wifi module & Bluetooth modem driver missing; was able to get wifi running but no Bluetooth; Read that driver is build in kernel 4.17 and above; untill then sadly W10 is needed on that laptop;
    2) in LM 19 Ksnapshot replacement “full screen” option results in white screen of death – because of that I’ll gratefully(!) keep LM 18.3 on Acer production machine.
    → Thanks LM-team!

  57. Will LM 19.1 offer by default android phones conectivity.
    e.g. using GSConnect/KDE connect? Ubuntu 18.10 plan to do this.

  58. Thanks Clem and Team! 😀

    Linux Mint 19 seems to be one of the few Linux distros that actually *work* on my hardware! Debian, Devuan, PCLinux and others don’t seem to handle my Asus motherboard or ancient integrated AMD video like Mint 19 does. I know a lot of that is the kernel, but even with the same kernel, Mint just seems to work best. Thanks for breating new life into an old box!

    I had to tweak the GRUB2 settings and I’m running JWM instead of the installed Xfce, but everything seems to be working smoothly and without the problems I encountered on other distros.

    Thanks again! 😀

  59. Hello Clem,
    I love Mint 19 but the SAMBA (gvfs) support of nemo is broken. I’m not able to delete not-empty folders in samba shares. Reproduced it on different LM19 machines. This is not good but way worse is that Nemo doesn’t show any error message but instead removes the “deleted” folder from screen. But when you revisit the upper dir you see that in fact nothing has been deleted. This fist came to my attention when I “deleted” a folder and after that – without changing the dir in nemo – tried to rename another folder to the name of the “deleted” one. This produced an (german) error message like “this name already exists”. Later I realized that the old folder was still there. This bug is VERY annoying! If you have nothing than samba access you have to manually delete all files and folders in sub, subsub and subsubsub folders to actually delete something. :-/
    Please try to fix that!

  60. Wow, most post here are from people, who returned back to LM 18.3, like I did. I hope LM team will listen and do needed changes to return from Winux to Linux. I hope. Do not get me wrong…Linux is excellent OS, but last changes…………………

  61. I am a new Linux user – ex Windows XP. Mint 17 was installed by my uncle. I have problems upgrading Firefox and/or installing Google Chrome. I also have a problem connecting my HP DeskJet printer. Will upgrading to Mint 18.3 help with my problems?

    1. Ina, if it’s 32 bit, Chrome supports only 64 bit.. I guess upgrading will also upgrade Firefox…

      But if you like: we (at least me) can describe how to install the latest; the newest 19.0 from the very beginning one by one, with great pleasure, nothing to afraid .. (after downloading the suitable .iso file – – , how to write it on a usb and how to start the pc via that usb – live session- and then install it with just a few clicks i 10-15 min…) ..

      If you like to do so; you just decide which desktop you like most (roughly: Cinnamon is the most polished, Xfce is simpler and lighter, Mate is somewhere between.. ) and also (please tell) the specs of your pc. (simply you can search in the menu) .. and copy & paste (backup) your necessary files to somewhere else (to a usb etc.) for preparation..

    2. I forgot to say: my printer -and scanner, all in one- is Hp Deskjet, too and I had no problems , I began using Mint from version 18.0 .. I guess it may also be ok with higher versions – i.e. Mint 19.0 uses the kernel 4.15 (more up-to-date-) , ( in Linux , the necessary drivers are included in kernel (unlike Win.)..

    3. Sorry, I forgot to say the best and the most important thing about Linux: You don’t even have to install it;

      After downloading & writing the .iso on a usb, you can use it from the usb (even for ever 🙂 ) (and even connect to internet and do everything) and this way see if the printer -and others- works or not.. We’ll tell how to do, with pleasure…

    4. You Update Manager will give you the option to upgrade Firefox when its available for your distro. its automatic.
      Theres an open source chrome in Software updates in your Menu .
      Also tools For HP Printer tools.

    5. Hi Emin
      Thanks I will be grateful if you can help me. I can only find Software Manager and Product Manager on the index. (I am actually quite “stupid” with programs. ) I am using a Dell Latitude D620 and if I remember correctly with an 85gig hard driv. My uncle devided the hard drive for Windows XP and Linux Mint. Should I rather delete Windows XP completely?

    6. Hi Emin

      ‘n Gryskop moet net partykeer haar kop gebruik…haha I know….you don’t understand …. A greyhead must just use her head…. I played around and found Synaptic Package Manager and whola found “updatable packages” and updated Firefox. Now to get my printer working……

  62. Several year user (sounds like a drug user confession) on previous machines.
    Bought Ryzen 5 Lenovo 330S, installed 19.0 and have been fighting a few problems, namely no wifi and black screen on boot.
    Bought TP Link USB wf dongle after figuring out the grub addition code “noapic” in attempt to dl latest updates and drivers after several failed avenues to install Realtek driver via usb stick.

    No change with latest kernel or updates.

    Are these problems (vega graphics, Realtek driver) fixed in 19.1..?


    1. These problems are most probably coming from upstream (Ubuntu), not Mint itself.
      Did you check on Ubuntu forums?
      Good luck anyway!

  63. Been using Mint 19 XFCE since it first came out and have never had any problems. Mint 18.3 Cinnamon gave me fits whenever there was a kernel or Nvidia driver update; no such issues with XFCE.

    Consider making BTRFS the default file system for /; it works so much better with Timeshift!

    1. How is it much different than using RSYNC with a standard file system like EXT4, please?

      And do you backup on an external drive?

      I’m considering using a 32GB thumb drive for backup.

  64. Linux Mint is a Very Best Distros of Debian System And Stablity , Security , Fast Boot Loading is a More Than Other Distros . I am Very happy for Upcoming Linux Mint Version 19.1 Thank You

    1. In the autumn of 2020, it will be “Linux Mint 20 users will have the ability to upgrade”, it will be your chance! 🙂

  65. Early adopter of LM 19 Xfce here. A few applications no longer worked, including Biovia Discovery Studio Visualizer. Will probably keep LM on one of my six linux boxes, but keeping LM 18.3 on the others, at least for a while. BTW, the Mint implementation of Xfce is the best of any distro — it is functional and aesthetically pleasing right out of the box.

  66. I just downloaded Mint 19 Version 2. How is this different from the original 19, and how will 19.1 be different from 19v2?

  67. Why does for weeks now “apt download mint-meta-codecs” not work from within LM19 Mate 32b Live-DVD?

    Ign:1 cdrom: Linux Mint 19 _Tara_ – Release i386 20180626 bionic InRelease
    Err:2 cdrom: Linux Mint 19 _Tara_ – Release i386 20180626 bionic Release
    Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs
    Get:3 ubuntu bionic-security InRelease [83.2 kB]
    Get:4 ubuntu bionic-security main i386 Packages [137 kB]
    ……. snipped……….
    Get:34 ubuntu bionic-backports universe i386 DEP-11 Metadata [5,100 B]
    Reading package lists… Done
    E: The repository ‘cdrom: Linux Mint 19 _Tara_ – Release i386 20180626 bionic Release’ does not have a Release file.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

    Executing ‘apt -r download libavutil55 libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrwb0 libswresample2 libvo-amrwbenc0
    ……. snipped……….
    vlc-plugin-base vlc-plugin-qt vlc-plugin-video-output vlc vlc-l10n vlc-plugin-notify mint-meta-codecs’

    Usage: apt command [options]
    apt help command [options]
    ……. snipped……….
    E: Failed to execute:
    ‘apt -r download libavutil55 libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrwb0 libswresample2 libvo-amrwbenc0
    ……. snipped……….
    vlc-plugin-base vlc-plugin-qt vlc-plugin-video-output vlc vlc-l10n vlc-plugin-notify mint-meta-codecs’
    E: The process or trying to execute it exited with status/errno: 1

    The packages were downloaded into mint-meta-codecs.tgz. This archive contains all the packages necessary for an offline installation.
    mint[at]mint:~$ ls -l mint-meta-codecs.tar.gz
    -rw-rw-r– 1 mint mint 197 Sep 26 18:23 mint-meta-codecs.tar.gz

    Doing the very same from within LM18.3 works as expected.

    [Note: shown Output slightly modified to get it past the Sucuri upload firewall’s html-code filter]

    1. Hi,

      We know about this issue. It’s because of a change in aptitude but it’s up to us to fix it. We’ve a PR for it in git, although I’m not sure it downloads all required dependencies.

    1. Only NVIDIA can work on their drivers, nobody else has the code, it’s proprietary. That said, we’ve been working on input lag, rendering, vsync, performance and many aspects of muffin (the Cinnamon window manager) a lot.

  68. I do not know if I can trust Timeshift . I certainly don’t know how to use it in the given context .
    Besides Mint 17 KDE and Mint 17 Xfce , I now have installed Mint 19 Cinnamon and Mint 19 Xfce .
    I have one big partition in Ext4 on my PC that I can use for Timeshift snapshots .
    But I have seen that those snapshots all get the same name “Mint 19 Tara” and of course date and time .
    There is no way to know which of these snapshots is made by Cinnamon and which is made by Xfce .
    Unless I make notitions every time of which edition combines with which moment, I can not know what to choose if I ever have to restore …
    Furthermore I have my doubts whether Timeshift functions correctly in this situation .
    It works by comparing with the last snapshot , what if that snapshot is made bij Xfce and I am in Cinnamon now, considering to make a new snapshot ?
    I keep using an external system backup program that I can rely on, until this misty situation has cleared up !

  69. In Linux Mint 18, only Blue-Submarine and Green-Submarine handles the Mate “Character Palette” app correctly. All other configurations render the character selection bar incorrectly once a character has been selected. That’s probably not a Mint issue, but you should be aware of this.

    I didn’t try out Mint 19 yet.

  70. Hi
    I got Mint 19 MATE and I LOVE this distro. I have 5 other distros but this is the one I prefer, even better than Cinnamon. Only one little regret, the stand by mode does’nt work.
    Thanks anyway for this great job!

  71. I have installed Linux Mint 19 dual booting with Windows 10 on my laptop. I was unable to write any file to windows ntfs drive because it say read only drive. How to enable write access to the drive?
    Also, I always fail to install Nvidia driver is there any solution?

  72. Please fix wine problem in 19 i only can use playonlinux and its slow process to open exe’s because ubuntu 18.04 has that problem 🙁

  73. I installed Linux Mint “Tessa” 3 years ago or so and it was very fast. I’ve updated it as time went on and I am experiencing a slow down and a few black screens. Should I be doing a clean install of version 20.3 to get the speed I once had? Or should I just install Tessa again as a clean install and not do any updates?

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