Linux Mint 17.3 codenamed ‘Rosa’

The third and last 17.x point release will be Linux Mint 17.3 codename ‘Rosa’.

Rosa is a classic vintage Italian, Spanish and Portuguese name.

The meaning of the name Rosa is: Rose. Used as a sign of love and compassion, the rose is also the symbol of England.

In 1545, Ronsard writes one of the most famous poems in France. In “Mignonne, allons voir si la rose”, youth is ephemeral, beautiful but short-lived, just like a rose.

Linux Mint 17, 17.1 and 17.2 users will have the choice to upgrade, and that upgrade will be both easy and safe.


  1. Last point release? you mean for 2015? ….

    Edit by Clem: The release after 17.3 is version 18 (i.e. we’re starting a new base on 16.04, it’s another LTS). 17.x releases are then supported until 2019 for bug fixes and security fixes, but in terms of new features, after 17.3 we’ll start targeting 18.x. To give you an example Cinnamon 2.8 is planned for Mint 17.3, whereas Cinnamon 3.0 is planned for Mint 18.

  2. Great name for the best desktop linux distribution
    Please use the last plasma desktop and last kernel 4.4

    Edit by Clem: I think we’ll switch to Plasma 5 with Linux Mint 18 and keep the proven KDE 4 for 17.3. I can’t talk about the kernel just yet, it’s still too early for that.

  3. ya Beautiful Mate.

    …and I hope that (finally in 17.3), those loooong wait times are now reduced every time I try to open
    Menu->Control Center->”Appearance”, or right-click from Desktop.
    It takes to much time to wait for the Wallpapers, and Themes, … to come up.?

    Thanks for Mate!

  4. And don’t forget the song by Jacques Brel (in french):

    Rosa rosa rosam
    C’est le temps où j’étais dernier
    Car ce tango rosa rosae
    J’inclinais à lui préférer
    Déjà ma cousine Rosa.

  5. Will optimus/prime laptop users be able to use multiple displays? Because if nvidia is chosen as active, resolution changes are not possible (black screens).

    Edit by Clem: Which edition/desktop?

  6. Hi

    Just a quick note to let you know or a minor issue which appeared in 17.2 (Cinnamon) which was not apparent in 17.1. When I leave my laptop (HP Eletebook 8440p) it eventually suspends (as expected) but when resuming it, the display [back-light] is often set to minimum brightness (such that you can only just see the login area). Once I’ve typed in my password, I can then simply press either fn+f9 (intensity down) or fn+f10 (intensity up) to snap it back to visible levels.

    Hardly a major issue (it perhaps happens about 10-15% of the resumes) and I wasn’t even going to bother mentioning it, but as you are working on 17.3, I wonder if that’s worth a brief look (to see what changed from 17.1 to 17.2 and thus perhaps sort it for 17.3)?

    Apologies if that’s just my own laptop (and nobody else’s laptop), but as I say, 17.1 was absolutely fine (and I chose the upgrade path to get 17.2, not a fresh installation) so it does appear to be 17.2 related.

    Thank you enormously for all the hard work; 17.x Cinnamon is the best OS that I have ever used (who needs Windows 10)! 🙂

    Briain Wilson

  7. I really feel there is a need for some improvement in the feedback process.

    There should be a separate thread where users can vote their priorities against a list of features yet to be implemented. The list of features itself can be obtained through a forum thread where the users will post what they want from Mint in future (of course in a phased manner). Mint developers can then summarize the discussion and list out some practical (yes, definitely only practical) features that the user base is requesting.

    Again, in a separate thread, a poll can be started so that users can give priorities (in numerical order from 1 to 10 etc) to individual features. This way mint developers will have an idea of which features the user base is requesting with more priority for the immediate next version. If any of those features require additional resources, then even a separate donation drive / bounty source sort of thing can be started.

    The missed features of a particular version will always again come for the polls next time during the next release cycle.

  8. Hello Clem, happy Linux Mint user since the beginning, I think Cinnamon is the best desktop environment out there. Lately, though, it’s been less stable than in previous releases (currently running an up to date LM 17.2), having had a few unrecoverable crashes. I hope you will put some work into stability and refinement as main goals of one of the next releases 🙂 Feature-wise it’s fine as it is, at least for me.

  9. It so happen that a few months back this random thought came into my mind that the next release of LM should be codenamed Rosa. So this announcement is really a pleasant surprise for me. The reason why I thought of Rosa was because I was then reading an article about Rosa Parks, the famous American civil rights activist whom is also called by some “the mother of the freedom movement.” So I thought since LM motto is “From freedom came elegance” Rosa would be an appropriate codename for one of its release.

    Anyway, my suggestion for codename for the next release 18: Sara. No good reason except that it’s short and sweet and it sounds nice.

    Edit by Clem: If everything goes according to plan, version 18 should be ‘Sarah’ 🙂

  10. Looking forward to 17.3. Since the well-reported doubled apps of the 17.2 MATE upgrade has never been fixed, I admit I’m less enthusiastic about trying the upgrade this time. I’ll probably go with fresh install for all boxes.

    (That was calculator, network, software manager, time & date, users & groups — hope I’ve remembered them all.)

  11. Really enjoy what you’ve done and are doing Clem – thanks! Xfce saved old pc.
    Just a wish – setting for update manager to do just one update per day following power-on.

  12. Nice name, here in Bulgaria we have a place called “The Rose Valley” – Розова долина (Rozova dolina). Most of the European rose oil is produced there. 😉

  13. Preempt awesome name “Rosa”, Waiting eagerly for new release, beauty and the beast combined package. this time the cinnamon should compete with elementaryOs about UI/UX 🙂

  14. And please tick Divide CPU usage with CPU count i task manager. Why is this option turned off? becaouse on my fx8320 it shows wrong cpu usage

  15. Oh no! I just finished installing 17.2 only 2 min ago… c’est la vie…

    Well done for the note to the French poet Pierre de RONSARD(1524-1585)

    Applying updates…

    Edit by Clem: That’s ok. All 17.x releases will be supported until 2019 and until then you’ll have the choice to stick to 17.2 or to upgrade to 17.3, so there’s no hurry and the choice is yours 🙂

  16. Good codename. Hope the operating system is as smooth as the name. Been noticing a bit of lag when running certain applications, even emacs. Typing lags. True, I’m on a VM but still, typing shouldn’t lag. It doesn’t if I use Ubuntu on the same VM software. And quite honestly, for most things, Mint seems to be better than Ubuntu. But there are just some odd tics that are annoying sometimes. Like I said, if some of the stability is improved, and the loading times decrease, I’m all for Rosa.

  17. Will linux mint 17.3 cinnamon integrate the choice to set different DPI in a dual monitor configuration? I’m struggling so much with 1 4k monitor and 1 HD. Only windows 10 does it easily now. I hope this feature will appear soon. Keep the good work, that’s awesome !

    Edit by Clem: I’m not 100% sure, but I think that’s not possible with Xorg. The wayland developers talked about implementing this feature but although promising for the future, wayland is still too early to consider.

  18. Reply to Brian Wilson: I too have the same brightness issue and even setting the screen preferences to off makes no difference. A minor issue but I’m sure it will be sorted.

    Edit by Clem: And did it work in 17.1? Is there an an issue on for it? We can look into it if we get more details.

  19. I love your choice to use LTS editions with easy upgrades in between.
    There are lots of people out there with PC’s running Win XP who look for safe alternatives, Linux Mint Mate is perfect for them. It is easy to use and it runs great on aging PC’s for browsing the web, office applications and media streaming.
    Thank you for great software.

  20. Last 17.x release ? :,) wow end of an era I guess, them best linux distro memories I have are with LM 17.x -s ~
    Great work 😀

  21. @zedidous @clem first in not directly possible!
    Different dpi is a compositor problem and not a wayland(is stable and features complete ) problem!
    Gnome 3.20 planning the support of different dpi with wayland!
    So first we need a cinnamon wayland compositor!

  22. I am happy if LMDE becomes a mainstream distribution. Relying on Canonical and Ubuntu for long term can be trouble which you people(devs) knows better than us. BTW, Let’s see what solution can be achieved regarding the systemd problem. is there any scope for openRC or other conventional solutions?

  23. John @ 44: if we keep R for the 17.x then we’ll hit Z on 25.x – saves you one generation! That’s what you get when you use Q and R for 17. Perhaps they can double up with X, Y and Z since there are only a few names. Then again, maybe they’ll think of something worse than female names. Diseases, perhaps?

  24. i like the 17.2 Cinnamon version very much, but there are some serious problems with Internet connection. (since the first uptades?? at begin i thought i was much faster than Windows)…. Means that pages often did not load or were loading very very slow… when i change to my windows vista partition, there is no Problem, and everything runs fine…hope that will be fixed in this version…. lets find it out 😉

  25. @Fegr I somewhat agree. However I too think Wayland is not complete let alone ready. Even if you could get the compositor to compile and work with cinnamon, what about all the programs that use X. As for it being stable on your system. What about the hundreds of configurations of hardware out there? Can you please explain further. Am I missing some point?

  26. Nice name Rosa for 17.3 . Sarah is a great name for 18 🙂 Well it’s my wifes name 🙂 (can you please remove my previous comment @Fegr and this text please Would hate to start a debate here. Sorry.)

  27. I’m an absolute novice to Linux at all. Few months ago I decided to have my early steps with Linux and decided for Linux Mint 17.x

    I’m so exited about what I found in stability, usability and applications that I’m close to switch my productive environment at home to Linux Mint.

    Just prepared an older HP Pavilion (dv9294ea) to be given as a gift to a 8 year old child to have it’s first steps on his own computer, not being uniformed by windows or apple and especially being much more secured. You might wonder how fast this old 17” notebook can fly, it even can play films.

    I will follow Rosa and beyond …

    Great work!

  28. Referring to comment 24 by ofb, I am also concerned about ‘in situ’ upgrading because of the duplications in the items mentioned in the current 17.2. I have not deleted any of them as the system works perfectly well.

    I also do not want to perform a fresh install as my PC makes that very awkward due to the case construction. Would the duplications cause real trouble. Can anyone comment on this?

    Edit by Clem: It’s not really a duplication. MATE discontinued some of their tools because they were more or less identical to the GNOME versions they were a fork of. So for instance, MATE 1.8 had a mate-calculator, but MATE 1.10 discontinued it and asked people to use the gnome-calculator instead (gcalctool). When you upgraded to 17.2, you pulled in the apps 17.2 ships with.. and for MATE 1.10 that means gnome-calculator. The issue is that we didn’t remove mate-calculator 1.8 on your behalf and so now you’re looking at two calculators 🙂 You can remove mate-calculator if you want.. we’ve been considering doing this for everybody.. we’re still considering it in fact.

  29. If i upgrade to 17.3 will i be offered the upgrade to 18 once released, or will i have to do a clean install?

    Edit by Clem: That’s a good question. It’s not something we committed to (at least not yet). It certainly wouldn’t be as trivial/safe as upgrading from 17.x to 17.x+n. With that said we can see there’s a high level of demand for this so we can prepare and make it easier than it was in the past. I can’t say for sure yet because it largely depends on some of the decisions which are yet to be taken for 18.x, but we definitely have upgrade paths in mind going forward so as much as possible we’ll be trying to make it both easy and safe (we already know it will be possible, we’ll need to make sure it’s at a level where we can actively recommend it).

  30. @Kaufhof — have no fear, the duplications are largely just interfaces. It doesn’t matter if you use the old or the new. The calculators are actually two similar apps, but this also causes no trouble.

    It’s simply sloppy that this wasn’t fixed when it was reported, and still remains unfixed. When it’s something so easy to see, and that affects every Mint MATE upgrade, confidence in the process is erroded rather badly.

  31. hey together

    Wow…Rose for LinuxMint 17.3 is a nice name. It’s also the name of a plant. I love roses. What nice Choice.

    But one question: what will come after LM17.3 and beyond??

  32. @ 20 ttjimera

    your suggestion with Sarah is a good one. You remind me on the film “International Valvet”. There a joung rider – Sarah Brown – looses her parents in a terrible car-crash in the USA. Then she is brought to her aunt in GB, where she becomes a professional rider and also gets her own horse called Arizona pie. One day, she is picked as joungest rider for the Olympic Games in Australia.

    And as if it was all planed, this jound Rider wins the gold medal on these games and als learnes to know and love her competitor from USA and in the end of that film, the both get married and Sarahs new husband learnds to know Sarahs aunt…

    It’s an englisch language film that I love and this name Sarah for LM 18 just reminds me on that film. So for me, it is a good decision by Clem, that he took your decision.


  33. I’m using now 17.2, it’s great, I’m using Cinnamon, Mate, KDE and XFCE as the environments…I love Cinnamon, but needs more polishing for the themes and system tray icons, Mate is better in this area. BTW, thanks guys.

  34. please Guys make its networking system compatible with Realtek RTL8723BE wifi adapter so it can work with my system. Not able to see any wifi networks around. pLEASE!!!

  35. @ 18 Rehdon
    I also had some irritating problems after following the upgrade as recommended in the notes. I thought that by relying on the Update Manager everything would be fine.

    I suppose for a low intensity user that works, but I suspect that if you have many PPAs and the like this might not.

    Interestingly, when I did and I was surprised at how many updates actually were made. But the problems I had before disappeared.

    there is a nice discussion about how this all works at
    I strongly recommend that you read this before doing so.

    Beware of the law of unintended consequences – this applies every time we move away from a pure vanilla implementation.

    What is really great about Linux (and especially Mint) is that recovering from an (on my part) idiotic action is usually relatively easy and not nearly as time consuming as that other OS.

  36. Will optimus/prime laptop users be able to use multiple displays? Because if nvidia is chosen as active, resolution changes are not possible (black screens).

    Edit by Clem: Which edition/desktop?

    Edit by Alex: I use an ASUS laptop N56jr with Nvidia GTX 760m, Linux Mint 17.2. Driver installed, reboot, changed default to nvidia, again reboot. If I use the laptop without display attached, I can change resolutions, If I connect the 24″ (Samsung LS24D390HL) display, I can only use the native resolutions, getting black screens if changed. I think the driver is not setting up twinview properly. If needed I can be more of help, logs, screens and so on.

  37. Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 it’s wonderfull, i love it !!! Superb job !

    but in linux mint 17.3 will have possible to create a link from hd directory to desktop with dx mouse key ?

    in linux mint 17.3 in internet programs “xchat” instead “HexChat” and in Audio only “Vlc” and not “Video” ?

    Thanks 🙂

  38. Hi Clem,
    Thank you for LM. I think it’s the most usable and functional linux distro currently. Congratulations to you and to all LM developers…
    I’ve installed Cinnamon version on my macbook pro mid2012 and there’s only a problem: the battery drains very quickly….why…? 🙁 On LM forum many people have the same problem with macbook and other laptops…
    KDE version also freezes at boot (during mint logo)…the only way to go on it’s to shutdown from power button and restart…..then it works well…..It happens occasionally but is annoying….
    Do you think you can solve…?
    THX 🙂

  39. Will there be an upgrade possibility from 17.3 to 18?

    Very happy 17.2 Cinnamon user here, this is my first Linux distro and I simply can not imagine a better desktop. Do I have to reinstall when I want to upgrade to 18?

    Edit by Clem: I can’t say yet. It’s part of the goals. I mean, everybody wants a safe and trivial upgrade path between 17 and 18. It’s something we’ll have in mind when working on 18. It will be possible for sure. We can make it trivial very easily.. but will it be safe enough for us to recommend it? That’s the big question and it depends on a lot of things which aren’t decided just yet. We’ll give it our best shot and if we can’t make it as trivial as we did for 17.x upgrades, at least we’ll document it and guide people through it. With the slower LTS pace, this has become more important and we’re fully aware of that.

  40. Hi Clem and the rest of the development team.

    Due to the current problems and issues that I’ve been hearing with systemd (including but-not-limited-to the fact that it [just] does too many things. “Keep it simple stupid” [as is the Unix philosophy]. I also hate that it keeps a log of everything you do on your computer (something which can easily be exploited by someone trying to hack into your computer to find out what you do on it. (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, the NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, DCS, DHS, NRO, GCHQ, etc. etc. etc. anyone?))), will we be seeing systemd become a part of Linux Mint [in Linux Mint 18] (as [unfortunately] systemd has already become part of Ubuntu, and you guys just keep using the code from Ubuntu (even though you already HAVE code)), or can you *please*, PLEASE, *PLEASE* NOT use systemd in Linux Mint?


  41. Great news…
    Great name…
    Will we be able to see a codename; a female name from the middle east?
    Like “Selma”… (As all the codenames end with “a”)

  42. @ZenTiac
    Application will run with Wayland if the use GTK+3 or Qt5! Application who needs X run with XWayland. Libinput for input device! Wayland architecture only need an EGL-driver! Mesa supports EGL! Proprietary AMD with amdgpu and Nvidia next year!
    Most problems are left in the compositor and that the proprietary from Nvidia still not support EGL! (The beta-driver have some EGL-functions)!
    Next year KDE and Gnome have a fully Wayland-support! What I want to say that next year cinnamon or mate should slowly develop some wayland concepts. And Wayland support on end 2016 / 2017!

  43. Please, please, please give us an option to run systemd. I’ve been a long time user of LM Mate but just recently changed to Ubuntu Mate because of systemd. I know a lot of folks just don’t like systemd but it would be nice to have a choice. I love 17.2 LM KDE (thanks for fixing the annoying kde desktop icons) but only use it on secondary machines, not my primary, because of the absence of systemd as a primary init system.
    I did try to manually switch LM Mate to run systemd. Didn’t work out too good.

  44. @53 for x application Xwayland!
    Input device : libinput!
    Wayland architecture need an EGL-driver,
    Mesa supports, amdgpu too! Only proprietary NVIDIA left
    (beta-driver have some EGL-functions)

  45. hello, how about … I want to say to fix or ensure the smooth operation and compactness with bios … I use a Dell Inspiron 3521 and lapto have problems when installing UEFI mode goes well until change grub legacy BIOS and also lost my machine overheats the processor walks in 70 ° C suddenly without any application running

  46. Can’t wait to test drive the new Openbox functionality. Been using Openbox as a session over my Mint 17.1 and it is great.

    My older Nvidia GPU won’t play nice with Cinnamon, MATE and their window managers, but Openbox does. It solved my long-lasting video tearing issues and I can finally play all the Steam Summer Sales games I spend all my money on. 😀

  47. Wishlist for LMDE17.3 or LMDE18:

    Ambiance-crunchy-themes and radiance-crunchy-themes
    nicer default-Wallpaper for LMDE17.3 or LMDE18
    Vibrancy-colors-Icons from the ravefinity-team

  48. Bonjour Clem,

    Je voulais savoir si dans la prochaine version de linux mint 17.3 (cinnamon), il y aura une option pour augmenter le son de plus de 100% (comparable à Ubuntu)? Et quelles seront les nouveautés? (blueberry bluetooth, search provider…).

    Vous faites un travail impressionnant pour cette distribution. Je l’utilise au quotidien elle est simple, robuste et rapide. Merci pour votre travail (vous et l’équipe).



    Edit by Clem: Le son peut deja etre booste au dela des 100%.. pour les fonctionalites a venir, nous en parlons au fur et a mesure sur

  49. Who cares about Waiting times! They are the least of Mints issues. I think they should fix the mintx icon issue. You know the one where once you remove it it also removes libre office and mint-sources does not work. The same is for the mint background packages. This has been pissing me off sence LM 15 and the issues are still not fixed. If I want to use my themes and not mints I should not worry about it breaking my system. Clem had made a post on the forums about redistrobution guidlines and one of them was removeing mint branding, HOW EVER YOU CAN’T DO THAT IN MINT 17.X, because they all depend on each other. I have been pointing this out for years now, AND IT IS STILL NOT FIXED!! Boot times and preformance are the last thing the LM Team should be working on. I think they should make the themes and icons indipendant of cinnamon. This is not just an issue with Mint, it makes packaging the latest cinnamon a PAIN IN THE ass. You want to use cinnamon on suse, TO BAD BECAUSE YOU NEED TO ALSO INSTALL ALL THE STUPID THEMES AND ICONS FOR IT TO WORK! I pointed out the same thing with XFCE and Nemo. Nemo is better then XFCE’s native file manager, but to isntall nemo you need at least 5 packages one of theme is cinnamon-common. Then there is the fact that cinnamon still needs Gnome terminal, why! Gnome terminal sucks because you always have to right click and then click ‘show menu bar”. I can’t be the only one who is getting tired of gnome’s left overs. Then there is you kernal tool introduced in mInt 17.2. One issue that your forgot, YOU CAN’T EASILY DUMP A BAD KERNAL! I tired install kernal 4.0.2 and it gave me issues with the wifi, so I tried to uninstall it, yet there is no option in your tool, let alone to reinstall a older kernal. I wanted to use 3.16 witch is stable and even recomended by linux mint. I had it installed allready but I could not switch to it. I had to go to sympatic and hunt down all of the 3.16 files and reinstall them, then I had to remove the 4.0.2 kernal files, and I still could not get rid of kernal 4.0.2 because your tool lacked two options remove kernal and reinstall and i had to reinstall after a resulting kernal panic. Then there is all the issues with new versions of pulse audio putting out nothing but audio garbage and no one seems to give a shit! That is a verry big fucking regression and while it is not the Mint teams fault I am still going to mention it. That is not includeing all the dumb fucking issues caused by ubuntu from removeing ffmpeg and the pulse audio from their repos and replaceing it with their solutions and useing links to make us think we got the real thing.

  50. Clem: would it be grate having a “concept” that links all the wallpapers in the next release. for instance if the next one will pe rouse, having images that in some related way points to the name. “rose” it could be the name of a street, a little flower in the picture, i dont know something like that… even the option of include a watermark in the wallpaper to know what version am i running… sometimes i get confused to know what computer in my office is using wich version 😀

    Thanks again for this nice distro, i got to support some users from windows today… imagine the problems… malawere all over the place. i love mint

  51. Thank you and LM developers for the consistant and steady progress.

    I run 2 monthly beginner LUGs, one aimed at Seniors citizens, and
    another for all Linux Newcomers. We recommend using LM 17.2 MATE.
    On my desktops I use LM 17.2, on my laptops I use LMDE2. Personnaly
    I would prefer having Linux Mint Debian Editions (LMDEx) instead
    of depending on Unbuntu based releases.

    I note that LM 17.x, being Ubuntu based, uses “vino-preferences”
    from “vinagre” for Desktop Sharing. It works great on my desktops.

    Desktop Sharing using “vino-preferences” is not in the Debian
    based LMDE2, and it is not in the vino package in the LinuxMint
    LMDE2 repositories. As “vino-preferences” seems to be deprecated;
    any future Ubuntu based LM release won’t have “vino-preferences” either.

    Refering to
    I understand the “vinagre” developers have decided “vino-preferences”
    is somehow redundant. The developers weren’t clear where or how,
    and an alternative wasn’t suggested.

    What will LM 17.x (or LM 18.x) use in the future for a Desktop Sharing
    server? Also, what can LMDE2 use now?

    BTW, On LMDE2 I use currently use the “Remminia” client and “x11vnc’
    as the server for Desktop Sharing. Besides use for off premises access, they work better locally than using a KVM hardware switch. Using “x11vnc’ is awkward compaired to “vino-preferences”. Adding the KDE equivilent pulls down more than 105+ pakages.

  52. Well I don’t think that “Rosa” is a suitable name for an outstanding Liinux distro like Linux Mint. I would have prefered “Rosette”.
    At least in my country, saying that I’m using Linux Mint “Rosa” would lead to think that I’m using something specially designed for gays.

    We use to call “Rosita” the women named “Rosa”, in order to show appreciation and a affection to a woman.

  53. In regards to kernel, whether for 17.3 or 18, something >=4.1 would be of use to me. To get my hardware running on my ASUS x200CA (a VERY popular laptop ’cause it’s dirt cheap) I had to install 4.1. So I think Mint is starting to lag a bit on the kernel front.

    For the record, I have confirmed that there were at least two revisions of X200, one which runs fine on Mint 17.x and a second which does not (the touchpad is not recognised and is unusable) unless the kernel is manually upgraded.

    Other than that, I have full faith in the team! Still very happy with 17.0 but I am finally getting converts from Windows at last!

  54. HI

    I am looking for a distro replace windows 10, I use steam,youtube,and listen to music and use kingsoft style software and want to give linux a go.

    To quote a another user “The third and last 17.x point release will be Linux Mint 17.3 codename ‘Rosa’.”

    Does that mean that this distro will come to an end soon (I assume all distro’s would,but 16 years ago I started with Redhat Fedora so I guess not).

    I am tossing up between this and ubunutu. I know that may sound like a “dirty” word of this forum but I would like to start learning linux again and have chosen between mint and ubunutu.
    However would like to know which one would be able to last for a few years (similar to a windows release) even though I am completely going away from windows now.

    Kind Regards

    Edit by Clem: Not at all. It just means the next release after that is version 18. As for the 17.x releases, they’ll still be supported until 2019.

  55. Will Linux Mint MATE include systemd or will be optionnal ? I’m installing it on old computers and I read everywhere that systemd is heavy and slow.

    Edit by Clem: There’s a lot of FUD both in favor and against systemd, I wouldn’t read into it too much. Version 17.x doesn’t use systemd by default.

  56. Will the upgrade from Linux Mint 17.X to 18 involve completely reinstalling the operating system and software? Or will 17.X users be able to upgrade online without reinstalling their applications as before? My bet would be a complete reinstall will be necessary.

    Incidentally, my second girlfriend was called Rosa and she broke my heart and so I’ll probably wait for Mint “Sarah” to come along before I abandon Mint 17.2.

  57. May I ask you to tell me please, do you plan in Linux Mint 17.3 or future, the panel can be move not only top and bottom and to left side like in ubuntu?
    Thank you very much.

  58. LM 17.2 caused trouble on systems with older NVIDA-graphics. Afaik because of bugs in the open source drivers. Are these bugs fixed in version 17.3? Or are the buggy drivers still in use?
    Greetings from germany!

  59. This is still the best Linux operating system I have ever used. Enjoying the xfce version of 17.2 and looking forward to 17.3. Im still finding bugs in the cinnamon version. Bluetooth does not always work correctly but does in the xfce version. Hopefully all of this will be ironed out. I find the xfce version to be without any flaws.

  60. Looking forward to the new update. I just wish that Google would correct the problems that they have with Google Earth 64-bit for Linux. Thanks to the LM community, in getting my Google earth operable, again! Other than that, I love my LINUX MINT!!!!

  61. Have been using Mint for several years now. Really like it. Have been considering switching back to Gnome from KDE. I guess a fresh install would be the best way. Any comments. Keep up the good work Clem.

  62. I tried installing Linux Mint 17.2 on an external HDD. ow I’m not techy at all and it seems that every time I click something I am told I have to go back do this or that setting and nothing tells me how or where to find what I need to do. Isn’t there a distro out there where I can click install and have the install run?

    These are the kinds of things that keep a lt of us away from Linux

  63. I would like to see one new linux mint in the future with the name Marie that name is an ode to a hero to me. Or do you only use ladies names ending with an a?

  64. mint team is moving like a tortoise. slow and steady but stable.

    i thought we will get kde plasma 5 in the coming next release. but mint 18 may be coming next year may be with kernel 4.

    in the meantime i will stay with Netrunner 16 till mint come with kde 5.

  65. @zepe
    are you able to install Windows or Mac on that external HDD without problems?
    all kidding aside, you need to be more specific about what those error messages say… and what methods you are trying to install with. is the proper place to look and ask questions. good luck!

  66. Linux Mint since late 2009 – early 2010, the perfect distro for old PCs or new builds looking to save on an operating system. Having tried to build back in early 2010, but wasn’t quite ready & can say with confidence that Linux Mint is fully ready for any user that has used Windows or Apple/Mac in the past. Very simple installs, updates are easily done when building & keeping both tech/non-technical users very happy! I got lost along the way (2011-2013), due to Linux distros not being @ the utmost simplest design for non-technical users & having to keep the user of the build happy is #1. Thanks for a great O.S., look forward to testing & building with Mint in the future.

  67. Hola.
    Rosa, la más hermosa. ¡Pura vida!
    Que sea como su nombre: Equilibrada, inteligente, dirigida a
    la humanidad, alcanzando profundidad.
    Gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de la excelencia Linux Mint 17.3
    con un nombre tan emblemático.

  68. Clem and crew,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Still the best Linux Desktop by far. Your efforts and support of your community are second to none!


  69. Hi! In mint cinnamon 17.2 on my notebook i have problem. I use wireless optical mouse, and it don’t work. Afret reboot if immediately press some button on mouse – it works. What the problem? How to solve it?

  70. This is great news, as brand new linux user cant be happier.
    Would suggest to review and upgrade/update wifi chipset recognition, have had issues with HP laptops. Quite annoying if we talk a friendly linux version that’s working great and should encourage users to install. should be working straight away

  71. I wouldn’t mind if Rosa would actually allow me to install it on my computer…

    A couple of weeks ago I tried to install the Cinnamon version of 17.2 but got stuck trying to boot the live-usb. Booting freezes just after “stopping samba auto-reload integration live-cd [OK]”

    This particular problem seem to have a few workarounds for already installed systems, but I don’t know how to get past it with a live usb. (The weird thing is that XFCE-version works…)

    My thread in the forum:

  72. Man oh man, 17.2 JUUUUUST came out and you guys are already talkin’ about 17.3. Heck, I’m still running 17.1! Should I get Raphaela installed, or wait for Rosa? Should I wait for Sara…? Decisions, decisions… Hats off to you, Clem and LM team for making every new release feel like Christmas morning. Sometimes though, you make it hard to choose between what’s been released and what’s just over the horizon. All I know for sure is, I’ve been loving Linux Mint since Maya, and it’s been keeping a 9 year old laptop in service all this time. God bless ya.

  73. @LowTekk: usualy a wireless optical mouse act like yours. I’m using too such device. If you don’t press a buton after a time (3-5 min?) it just freeze. You have only to press a button. Mine work like this, even under windows.

  74. Update: I’ve just reloaded my old Inspiron 1525 laptop with Raphaela MATE Edition, and I’ve noticed quite a bit of a change in the feel of the system. It’s not something I can put my finger on(other than the fact that kernel installations via Update Manager worked without a hitch), but it somehow feels more responsive. If anything, something’s been done to either the sound drivers or PulseAudio because I’m noticing a distinct improvement in sound quality out of my old hardware. If the transition from 17.1 to 17.2 was this startling, I can only IMAGINE what 17.3, let alone 18 will bring. Thanks so much for your hard work, Clem.

  75. To all Windows Steam users. This may help. Out of my 500+ Steam games, only about 140 are currently supported by Linux. Although the number of games are growing I still need Windows to play them all. So I use both Operating systems. Be careful not to erase Windows :). You may need it.

  76. If I could suggest a name for the Mint 18: “Sanja” (Sanya)

    It’s a Slavic name signifying girl beautiful like a dream.

    We all expect future release to be exactly like that 🙂

  77. Kindly look into this matter to populate and to understand how NTFS format is still important as a primary partition. Actually I have 1Tb external HDD, and I love Linux so want to use portable linux on it to use this hdd to boot or operate any system using USB. But i am facing following problem: no doubt windows is more popular then linux and all gadgets also supports windows based partition like NTFS,FAT32, on the other hand ext is not supported to all the gadgets eg. Mobile,Tablet via OTG or any LED TV and Music Players.(all supports NTFS,FAT32). so here it is become a limited operating system and we can’t use these ext type of storage devices anywhere. for the above problem if you provide me a solution like i can create a additional partition on the same external hdd. but sill it will nor work neither resolve the above mentioned problem.

  78. @Clem: super super love to you dear Clem for actively considering to provide an upgrade path from 17 to 18. I can’t thank you enough for this.

  79. I hope 17.3 will include (not as some add-on) better support for external monitors. I hope that one day Mint will bot to the last monitor active if there is one connected otherwise it will default back to the laptop display (this is an option mainly for laptops I suppose)

  80. Well … good that I switched to kubuntu 15.04 and btrfs last weekend anyway. The news that 17.3 will still be using KDE4 makes me feel that I made the right decision … Using Plasma5 at work on Fedora 22 and could not deal any longer with having only KDE4 at home … maybe I will switch back when 18 is out, but at the moment this seems not really likely as kubuntu really surprised me

  81. In Russian word rosa(роса) means morning dew. And there is a Russian linux distribution named ROSA. I’m afraid that this would lead to certain name problems, if they’ll find out:)

  82. Ronsard wrote:”Et Rose a vecu ce que vive les roses, l’espace d’un matin”. Rose lived the same life like any rose, the time span of one morning.
    Hoping this 3rd update to Linux mint will last much longer.
    Cheers, Peter

  83. Cinnamon devient meilleur à chaque nouvelle version.
    Ça serait sympa d’intégrer le cube comme dans mate et pourquoi pas les fenêtres en gélatine aussi.
    Les plugins existants ne fonctionnent pas.
    Bonne journée Clem.

  84. It’s not the right place to ask, but why do you put Firefox 41 in the mint-sources?
    This is the second time that newer packages were placesd in the mint-source without the translations. My firefox is in english, hope the german translation will come soon, otherwise i had to look how i can switch back to the ubuntu version of firefox.

    Hope things like that don’t happen too often, this is annoying. Also this update “destroyed” my firefox-profile, the search box settings were gone, a new tab doesn’t open with my old settings…

    Edit by Clem: Hi Daniel, I’m really sorry about this. We temporarily set this as a level 5 update until we come up with a better solution.

  85. Reply to comment #16 Parijatha Kumar

    Have you checked Linux Mint’s community? There you have a place to propose new ideas and vote other people’s suggestions and proposals
    Also you can go to the forums where there will always be someone to help you with anything, no matter how technical.

    I’m sure Clem is also well aware of what happens there and suggestions are heard. It is very well known that Linux Mint is one of the distros where the community is heard and improvement we suggest come true if they are possible and desirable.

  86. Hi!

    would it be possible to give us the option of installing the 3rd party GPUs drivers during the installation process instead of after? I’m asking this because on 17.2 when I install on my main PC with an NVidia GTX745 I get corrupted fonts and have to install the drivers blind since I can’t read the name of what I’m installing.

  87. Hi Clem: Thanks for your reply.
    Maybe “Backport” or “Romeo” would be a better solution until the localization is completely ready. Or call it “mint-firefox” like “linux-kernel-generic”. So the user has a choice what he want to use (firefox ←→ mint-firefox, linux-generic ←→ linux-kernel-generic)

    Edit by Clem: Hi, it’s all sorted now and the level is back to 2.

  88. What is the status of a virtual keyboard that is available at login with MDM? This is not just a tablet issue, but a real issue for people with disabilities who need alternative input options to a standard mouse, even on a desktop. Right now, Linux Mint is inaccessible if you can’t login. I’m not a full-time Linux user but have been experimenting a little. I see some people have tried Onboard (really great features btw), but I haven’t yet found current or simple instruction on how to get that to work in Mint with MDM, without going back to Unbuntu.

  89. I do believe Hi-DPI function is buggy for some programs/menus being cut off etc hopefully this will get fixed/redesigned to work soon!

    Edit by Clem: We can improve it a bit (for instance at the moment we’re improving MDM’s hidpi support) but we can’t fix everything. Many applications still aren’t scalable and that’s not just up to us.

  90. Just suggestions: change the name of segfault in to something for simple and familiar. of course this would make sense for programmers and linux script writers but for more general users they would avoid this site because they don’t understand it

  91. Has anyone else had trouble using the update_manager to get point release When i check the pool index I only see is this a typo that broke the update manager tool or do i need to redirect my sources to something else before I upgrade for MATE? 17.2 to 17.3? Please RSVP.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Lee. Refresh the cache (i.e. click the refresh button). We’re indeed at now.

  92. Mint 17’s have all been very solid for me and my two boys who are growing up with Mint. They like it better than the windows used at their school. Steam helps a lot, too. But LibreOffice is so much nicer to use than MS Office and Google Docs. I’m going to start showing them how to compile soon.

  93. When XP service stopped I immidiatly change to Mint 13 om my Medion E1210 minilaptop it worked very nice. Recently I installed a solid state disk and I chnged to Mint 17.1. I worked also very nice.
    For the wifi i use an extra G-SKY USB adapter and that make the signal much stronger.
    When I did the upgrade
    2015-8-19 from 1.02 to 1.03 and the 2015-9-10 upgrade
    the wifi with Thunderbird and Firefox was terrible.
    When I got the upgrade of 2015-9-23 (lots of obuntu stuff) it was working perfect again.
    But now terible again after upgrading to the last upgrade from
    2015-9-24 and 2015-9-25 and 2015-9-26!!!
    Can you figure out wat is wrong and if I can go back to the level of
    2015-9-23 I will do that. But now I dont know how?
    Thank you in advance

  94. Mint-Mate update is working today from the download pool. Thanks to whom ever toggled the switch to turn it on. Please ignore yesterday’s query about update now superseded.

  95. If your Update manager is stuck on then press icon key [refresh] wait for downloads to finish and the press update to A system refresh will show updates for Firefox, disk-utilities, and other misc optional updates. Warning don’t slect grub2 updates or your boot loader might get clobbered. As always clone your disk before you experiment with software updates using “disks” manager or gparted.

  96. If your Update manager is stuck on then press icon key [refresh] wait for downloads to finish and the press update to A system refresh will show updates for Firefox, disk-utilities, and other misc optional updates. Warning don’t select grub2 updates or your boot loader might get clobbered. As always clone your disk before you experiment with software updates using “disks” manager or gparted.

  97. Rosa is good name, bud unfortunately it causes some association with dubious ROSA distribution…

    And, please, try to fix in 17.3 the bug of oxygen-gtk theme, which causes Pale Moon browser to crash and makes its menus translucent and unusable!

  98. Are there any thoughts/discussions on reducing the number of different edition and focusing more on Cinnemon? All things to all people is fine I guess, but it must be taking it’s toll on development and validation resources?

  99. Rosa is nice, eh!

    Mint a little late for the party,by not using Plasma 5,
    I Will be using Kubuntu until Mint can put it together!
    Thought Mint was Progressive, but obviously, sadly their not.
    Hope everyone is satisfied with old tech. I,m moving on, like anyone cares.

  100. At the beginning I want to apologize for my English, (Google Translate helps)

    And now with version 17.3 of KDE. if this is to be the last version in line 17.x it would be good if it contained the KDE version 4.14.3. Ubuntu hasn’t packages with this version, but apparently there are some private developers PPA, where they are testing the release of KDE. Can it be possible to somehow get this version from them and attach to Mint 17.3 KDE ?

  101. bad choice…
    ROSA is a Russian company developing a variety of Linux-based solutions. Its flagship product, ROSA Desktop, is a Linux distribution featuring a highly customised KDE desktop and a number of modifications designed to enhance the user-friendliness of the working environment. The company also develops an “Enterprise Server” edition of ROSA which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  102. Salut Clem.
    Petite remarque par rapport à la dernière version de Cinnamon.
    Le nouveau gestionnaire de transfert est très bien mais, à mon avis pourrait être amélioré sur 1 point.
    Il est très bien que les transferts se fassent l’un après l’autre mais cela est embêtant lors de la suppression de fichiers.
    Pour moi, les suppressions devraient se faire en parallèle lorsque des copies sont en cours.
    Cela éviterait de devoir attendre la fin des transferts pour voir si les fichiers sont bien effacés.
    Bonne journée.

    Edit by Clem: Tout a fait, de meme pour les creations, la navigation et les changements de nom. On est d’accord la dessus, mais c’est difficile techniquement.

  103. Mint is great – many thanks!
    (in the process of converting all my friends and family to it 🙂

    Though, a few requests:

    +++ Easy/native/PnP (intel) FakeRaid support, as in Ubuntu Server;

    ++ Mint Xfce with easy and unified Desktop, arbitrary, high DPI selection;
    (and why not, arbitrary GUI DPI in Cinnamon too – rather than just GUI “double/normal size” selection)

    ++ Mint Cinnamon with vertical panel / Xfce-style deskbar option;

    + Update Manager with the ability to maximize ALL sub-windows / consoles;

    + OS installation GUI window with the ability to be maximized, rather than just having fixed size;

    + Improve compatibility/installability of latest Nvidia CUDA Toolkits and respective drivers (now 7.5, and beyond as they come).

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  104. I tried many Linux distros and there really is no other Linux OS that can match the Linux Mint, I used to complain about being all green but even now that’s gone! All I could wish for was for a better support for the graphics cards NVIDIA and AMD, that we could have a up to date version as soon as a new driver got out, other than that this OS is a dream come true and for that my many thanks, I will someday donate because all the people who works for this OS deserves our support, it’s good to come home and turn on the PC and feel good while operating it, many many thanks for all your work.

  105. Greg@170

    You need to define progressive, but if not, I’ll define it as follows:

    Progressive is a fancy word/phrase for “hope to heck it doesn’t crap the bed.”

    And you’re right about at least one person, I don’t care what you do. I need a PC to work.

  106. PB@173

    Funny how I can get other distros to work without the “bed crapping” ordeal. I too need my PC’s to work so we are the same feeling in that. Linux mint cinnamon is a fine platform and I use it daily, on two of my computers for work and play. I also use other distros on two other computers that are moving ahead in good clean stable code. No offense meant to mint or to you PB. Just say-in! And have a good night.

  107. Is there any chance that you can re-enable support for the soundfusion cs46xx module again. It’s in the latest alsa, but I can’t get it to work.

  108. Greg@174

    No offense was taken in the least. It’s just important that we define various expressions that we use. In your case, “progressive” was an operative word. One definition of progressive simply implies moving in a forward direction — slow or fast. It doesn’t specify the pace. Another definition of progressive relates to “new” ideas. The context of your comment suggests you were using the latter.

    Additionally, it’s obvious that you are an advanced user, since you “can get other distros to work” without crapping the bed. Indeed, I’ve been there. I can get others to work if I spend enough time. I contend that most users could do the same if they wanted to put their lives on hold to get their “progressive” PC working the way their “old” one did. It’s up to what each of us wants to do, and has the time to do. The brain is a powerful thing, it can not be overstated. But life gets in the way sometimes, and progressive in your context isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for many users. No shot at your approach. More power to you. But remember this, Mint, even without KDE 5, is indeed progressive in a very literal sense, and many users benefit from the particular pace that Mint is taking in this regard. In keeping with “best out of box experience” it’s important that Mint choose wisely the pace in which they progress with “new” ideas.

    I will finally say, that just because a distro holds to your definition of progressive, does not mean that all others who do not are “old” tech. DOS 3.3 is old, but not as old as DOS 3.1. This is a relative idea, as are so many things — it can never be stated as absolute.

    Have fun with KDE 5.0.

  109. Hello,

    I see that Mint publishes GPG-signed checksums. This is great – it’s more than most distros bother to do in terms of security.

    But they are not so easy to find – it involves browsing the directory contents on a mirror.

    Would you consider making the GPG signatures more prominent so that more users can make use of them? Perhaps a pair of links (one for the checksum file, one for the sig) in the table at the top of each download page eg:


  110. Thanks to the Linux Mint team for their great work.

    I’m using LMDE 2. LibreOffice 5.x has been released but i’m not seeing any update in the Update Manager. Why?. Should I install it by downloading it from their site or using PPA (if possible).

    Once again, thanks Linux Mint team

  111. Hello…!!!

    Fist of all, I would like to thank you for all of your good effort you have done so far.

    I think Linux Mint is the Best Choice out there especially the Cinnamon Edition.

    Is very very stable and it has the Best Apps already installed.

    I can’t whait till the 17.3 release…!!!

    Could you please tell me when will be ready for download ?

    And hope some day the Linux to have Applications as good as MacOS.

    Keep Up with Good Work,Enthusiasm and your Brilliant Ideas how to

    make Linux Mint Better and Better.

    Be Good…!!!

  112. There is another distro already named ‘ROSA’, number 72 in the DistroWatch hits rankings. Won’t this cause some confusion to those of us not so deeply committed to Mint.

  113. Clem and Team,

    With the exception of the cut / copy / paste weirdness in Nemo, I find 17.2 to be a marvel of stability and comfort, certainly much more so than Windows 10. The work you and your team have done is superlative and vastly appreciated. It is truly a pleasure to use an OS that does what you want it to do, when you want to do it, with quiet precision and speed.

    Thank you so very very much and I look forward to 17.3 – I will delay implementing my hardware upgrade until it’s out so as to fully enjoy it.

  114. For Intel graphic user, on Mint 17.2 KDE I tested kernel 4.1 and now hibernation works, but Sentinella (or libsysactivity) crashes. A pity, because Sentinella with a working hibernation is an excellent combination. I’m considering installing an old Nvidia GT220, hoping nouveau and kernel 4.1 can tango without any hiccups, even though I’m quite satisfied with my HD4600’s 2D performance (games for me just mean Doom in Shockwave).

  115. Thank you for this wonderful operativo.Tanto system version based on Ubuntu as based debian.Mate and Cinnamon work very well, but there is a bug in both matte and cinnamon on tv connected to pc to hdmi not save the configuración.Y always use the sound output analagico as the default instead of the output hdmi.Espero pronto.Gracias to correct this bug again for creating this wonderful operating system and use these fantastic graphics environments.

  116. I am very pleased with the Linux Mint 17.2 I have enjoyed its simplicity and ease in which I can set it up with wifi and HP printers.I look forward to introducing others to Linux. Keep up the good work!

  117. To a innovative And clever bunch of guys & dolls.
    Thank you so much for developing this operation system. I always wondered if it could be possible to make this type of system available to us all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I was informed about this linux mint package and I am now just getting to grips with what is does. Baie Lekker ding.
    Best Regards

  118. I would like the facility to rotate a screen 90 degrees so that I can print longer web pages.

    Edit by Clem: That’s already there.. and it works in all editions afaik. Check the display settings.

  119. Can you add an Amiga theme to linux mint.

    You have Redmond , but no amiga theme’s .

    Something with a workbench 3.1 look would be great.

    I cant be the only Amiga user out there that uses mint, there must be others out there.

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