Linux Mint Debian 201403 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201403.


LMDE 201403 Cinnamon Edition

LMDE 201403 MATE Edition


  • Update Pack 8
  • Cinnamon 2.0
  • MATE 1.6
  • Latest Mint tools and improvements
  • Support for EFI and GPT

If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian!

Important links

LMDE in brief

  • Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.
  • It’s available in both 32 and 64-bit as a live DVD with Cinnamon or MATE.
  • The purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (LMDE 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. LMDE 32-bit supports all x86 processors, non-PAE included).
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD drive or USB port

Download links:


MD5 sums:

  • Cinnamon 32-bit: ba865cdb8defc2114713037f43429bf6
  • Cinnamon 64-bit: bace9a8f23c9b6e984a5894669946122
  • MATE 32-bit: fa20dba24e4d321ad616b6037c06a79f
  • MATE 64-bit: 6192a558df6db67a10bda4e34deef22e

Cinnamon 32-bit:

Cinnamon 64-bit:

MATE 32-bit:

MATE 64-bit:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Hello Mr Clem why this release LMDE system requirement need 1 GB Ram? is for 32-bit or 64-bit. Thank.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Bobby. The Cinnamon 64-bit live session takes roughly 300MB of RAM once booted. During the installation this can shoot up to between 530 and 550MB RAM. With no Swap, space usage is also taken straight from the memory so it all depends on how many applications you open during the live session. If you launch anything heavy, such as Firefox, you’ll soon be around 650-700MB RAM. I don’t know what the theoretical minimum requirement would be, but 1GB RAM is definitely advised for a smooth installation. It might be possible with 512MB, maybe with the help of swap, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Great! These should be the main Mint distribution!
    We are tired of *buntus re-installations and proprietary DEB’s…

  3. Thank you all LinuxMint team.. 2014, LINUX RISING
    soon peope don’t even remember the name of parasite called MS I hope

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for your support. However, please be respectful of other projects.

  4. Thanks Clem and LM Team for all your continued work on LMDE! 🙂

    Edit by Clem: My pleasure. It was really fun this iteration. I won’t go in the details (or maybe later on segfault), but I really enjoyed working on the installer, EFI support and porting some of the new tools. Bringing Cinnamon 2.0 to LMDE was also something I wanted to do for a while (especially because of the situation with gjs in UP7) and I’m really proud of the results we got on both editions.

  5. Thanks for this latest and greatest Team 🙂 This is by far and away the best Linux distro now IMHO. Well done to all involved and keep up the excellent work.

  6. great! dl now
    hope it works on my w8.1 laptop with a dual boot

    guess I’m insecure or I would just wipe w8.1 off of it.

    +1 on sergio’s comment

  7. LMDE 2014. I have been waiting for this day. Thanks for all the effort…:)

    P.S. Just move to a Debian base exclusively its much better.

  8. Hi Clement, thanks for that 😉

    I love LMDE, for me the best of the work you are doing 😉

    I feel that we need a xfce version like mint 16!? with wisker menu and the great and complete control center…

    Will it be available?
    I am waiting for it 😉

    thanks for all

    Edit by Clem: I really enjoy working with Debian and I’m really happy with the quality of LMDE. I can see a few things which are better on the Ubuntu side, but also things that are better here with Debian. Overall I’d say they’re pretty much on par at this stage, with a little advantage going to Ubuntu because it’s frozen, thus doesn’t require people to read/understand the problematics related to APT upgrades. The big difference though is popularity and adoption. LMDE started as an R&D project, it was successful and so we continued it. Nowadays it’s as popular as one of our DE editions, but it requires maintaining on a different base, testing UPs and it is declined into two DEs. That’s a lot of extra work compared to a MATE, Xfce or KDE edition. It would have to become more popular and gather wider adoption from the community for us to put more resources into it. We’re giving it our best shot each time and we hope people will enjoy it, but at the end of the day our focus needs to reflect what the majority of our users want. LMDE is special, it’s extremely exciting to work on, it holds strategic interests (in the eventuality of a complete departure from Ubuntu for instance) and it keeps getting better. But it does need more adoption and we do spend too much resources on it already with the current level of adoption.

  9. Are there significant differences with the RC (which I have just downloaded) or can I install the RC and be fine?

  10. Is it correct to say, even if “the purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base,” that LMDE is not at all connected to Debian base through the Debian repositories, testing or otherwise? In other words, does the LMDE trust the Debian testing base enough to allow the user use the Debian repositories?

    Edit by Clem: It’s not a question of trust. There can be gaps between LMDE and Testing. For instance right now, LMDE is using GTK 3.8 whereas Testing uses GTK 3.10. Although most packages are compatible between one and the other, anything compiled against different versions of libraries isn’t necessarily compatible. I don’t think the LMDE debs for Cinnamon for instance would work in Debian Testing. You’d probably need to recompile them.

  11. I really love LMDE.

    Install it everywhere and always works like a charm.

    Clem for president. yeah ! lol 🙂

  12. I see on my old laptop kernel 3.2 or something tile that.
    This new version has a new kernel ? 3.11 or something.

    How can i or must i update this on the old laptop?


  13. In response to comment #3:

    The image conversion plugin is available already! Just run:

    # install image-conversion plugin for caja
    sudo apt-get install caja-image-converter

    # force caja to reload the plugins
    killall caja

    Enjoy! ;o)

  14. Question.

    I installed this ISO version on a USB stick with multisystem.
    When trying to boot i get an error. Saying i have to load the kernel first ?!

    What to do ?

  15. @Rene Reijnders, You never gave an indication of what distribution your running on your ‘old laptop’. If its lmde with update pack 7 than take the necessary steps to move from up7 to up8: (or just backup your hard drive and install lmde 201403 –with up8). The fact about your usb stick with a multisystem, you never gave any info as to what your using to have a multisystem on your usb or even why. People can help you if you don’t explain yourself or your problem…

  16. downloading now…. installing alongside my DEBAIN SID and ARCH installs…. just cause I think its awesome. The main version is not my cup of tea, as I stay away from buntu these days, but to each their own. Ill probably XFCE this and run kwin….. Thats my DE of choice, similar to cinnamon, effects wise and light weight like mate, even more so.

    Good work again!

  17. Big fan of all the Mint distro versions, but since I like Debian a lot this one gets a big kudos from me!!

    Has anybody attempted a dual-boot with Win 8.1 in a laptop yet? I got me a cheap Satellite C55-A5190, I had a hell of a time installing any Linux on it….and I wasn’t even dual booting. The only distro that “sort of” worked was Ubuntu Gnome 64-bits, and that was the 14.04 beta 1 version

  18. Hello Clem, downloaded the newest version. Used Yumi from windows to install to the USB stick for testing. It can’t find the kernel image to load from the stick. The previous version didn’t have this problem. I think there is an error in the script, but not sure. Can you check it out?


  19. I wish LMDE used/customised the debian installer atleast as an option, that would make LMDE a real game changer, especially if you want to have an encrypted disk setup.

  20. With regards to LMDE and Update Packs:
    Does LMDE only receive updates when a new update pack is available?

    I always thought that LMDE only receives new updates the moment a new update pack is available. Meaning, if there is no new update pack for several months, then there will also be no LMDE updates for several months.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  21. Is it correct to say, even if “the purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base,” that LMDE is not at all connected to Debian base through the Debian repositories, testing or otherwise? In other words, does the LMDE trust the Debian testing base enough to allow the user use the Debian repositories?

    Edit by Clem: It’s not a question of trust. There can be gaps between LMDE and Testing. For instance right now, LMDE is using GTK 3.8 whereas Testing uses GTK 3.10. Although most packages are compatible between one and the other, anything compiled against different versions of libraries isn’t necessarily compatible. I don’t think the LMDE debs for Cinnamon for instance would work in Debian Testing. You’d probably need to recompile them.

    Why I asked the question? In the “normal” Mint with Ubuntu base, the repositories are in sources.list.d, and the file sources.list is empty. Okay, let’s consider that is to stop the “unsafe” Ubuntu upgrades from happening. But with LMDE, I found the same, that is the file sources.list is empty and the repos in the sources.list.d are only from mint.debian. Isn’t this the same thing as in the “normal” Mint with Ubuntu base, the lack of trust of the base repos? In other words, if the packages are not compiled by Mint and placed in the mint.debian repos, the user cannot use them and/or upgrade them, or if the user try to upgrade through the Debian repos, that action might break LMDE? Or would you keep on recompiling all that’s there in the Debian Testing repos?

    Anyway, I had been trying LMDE in the live mode and it is quite responsive. I am going to install it anyway for the real trying it out. Thank you for your work.

  22. Could not boot the Cinnamon DVD 64bit. All 3 options results in a reboot. Using HP 8100 Elite.

    Please help.


  23. I want to thank you Mint developers, I am using LMDE for a year and there was no major problem on my side. I am happy that I got the new version.


  24. “LMDE now includes the notorious sgfxi.”
    ‘Notorious’ means famous for a BAD reason. Can you clarify if this util is okay to use.

    Edit by Clem: Ah sorry.. I wasn’t aware of the bad connotation. I rephrased it accordingly.

  25. Problem in installation. I can’t do a good installation.
    Is difrent from others Mints. This is always necessary make an EFI partition? I make 3 partitions:
    1st EFI 300MB with boot flags
    2on / 55GB root partition
    3rd SWAP 6GB
    Then, Grub on SDA.

    I use an Intel NUC. Bios suport UEFI and Legacy.
    I have done all combinations but with no good results. The insallation finish, but when I restart, nothing happens.

    How can I install this Mint Debian?

  26. is cinnamon a meta-package? can i remove it all and then install whatever i want? thinking on lxde or i3wm.

    or doesn’t make much sense and i should use another distro?


  27. Hi

    Jut out of interest, are these release versions exactly the same as the RC versions from 2 days ago, or were any changes made?


    PS Thank you all so much for doing all this hard work! I’m on the RC of 64-bit LMDE / Cinnamon (dual boot with Win 7) and it’s working flawlessly on my HD 8440p laptop (with a SSD fitted).

  28. I have the RC (Cinnamon) installed with all available updates. Does this give me the same thing as the new release? Or should I do a fresh install?

    Thanks. LMDE is the future 🙂

  29. Dear all,

    Dual booting with Windows 8.1 (with EFI support):
    -which software you use to burn bootable LMDE ISO
    -do you change some BIOS settings
    -on which partition to instal LMDE boot loader

    Thank you for great OS

  30. Ignore the above question; I’ll wipe it and install release version, just to be sure (I see all the MD5 numbers have changed, so it looks like they are different builds). 🙂

  31. @yro84: ‘… What is the kernel version on the new LMDE?

    I have a laptop that I did the LMDE 201403 RC install on. And a Desktop that I installed LMDE 201403 released yesterday (Mar 02). With updating, both are running (‘uname -a’): ‘Linux xxxxxx 3.11-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.11.8-1 (2013-11-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux’

  32. FWIW. Installing ‘openssh-server’ today I saw these warnings in aptitude’s install text:

    WARN: /etc is group writable!
    WARN: /lib is group writable!

    I did ‘sudo chmod 755 /etc /lib’ to fix this.

    I believed this was an issue with the RC as well but got distracted with something else and neglected to report at the time. (This is on LMDE 201403 MATE 64-bit).

  33. I put the ISO on an USB stick with multisystem.
    It doesn’t boot this way and says, error, i have to load the kernel first.

    If i write the ISO with the standard image writer, it does boot.

    Error in script?

  34. Removed RC and installed release (64-bit Cinnamon) and it’s working flawlessly; totally fantastic job! 🙂 🙂

    One question: Does anyone know how do I revert to showing the list during boot (as opposed to the LM logo screen blanking it out)?


  35. hi clem:

    1. i am trying to install LMDE on an ‘asus eeepc 4G’

    2. the booting from a ‘usb drive’ works ‘exceptionally well’

    3. however trying to install it to an ‘8 Gb MMC’ :: I CAN’T GET AROUND THE ‘LANGUAGE SELECTION SCREEN’ :: the screen is ‘too big’ for the ‘small 7″ screen’ of the device to show the ‘continue option’

    4. what to do ?? => it worked well on the foregoing version of LMDE

  36. I Need Some help getting my sound working
    I, Running a Gateway 831GM Computer With The Soundcard Realtek High Definition Audio Model ALC880 I Can’t get sound to work not with anything
    nothing i try works

    I,m Running The MATE Desktop 64 bit
    Linux Mint Debian update pack 8
    please help this is a great release but the sound will not work
    my sound card is unsupported but at one time or another years ago it was

  37. Clem, would encourage you to consider releasing a pure Debian Testing version once a year if it become too much to continue support LMDE with update packs. Just install apt-listbugs by default, and caution the user about what they are getting into 🙂
    Alternately maybe consider getting Cinnamon into the Debian repository, I understand MATE will be.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  38. Thanks for this release. Live USB boots to desktop just fine. No problems with the UEFI. The wi-fi is not working, it is a Broadcom wireless on a Lenovo Ideapad Z585 laptop (June 2012) model. No driver detection tool? I shall try again, on next release.Thank you again for all your efforts. Cheers.

  39. Decided to try LMDE. Glad I did. It seems quicker than Ubuntu based Mint. I’m using an SSD optimized for TRIM for LMDE and Windows7. Learning to use Gparted at the installation manually wasn’t nearly as hard as I had thought. Only problem I had with RC and the Final was the Mate panel at the bottom froze up a couple of times after installation. It has settled down after a few days and reboots. Thanks for my new OS.

  40. Well, I downloaded both the MATE and Cinnamon versions and neither one boots. Something is wrong with GRUB, I think, but who knows. I just wished it had worked out of the box, like Mint usually does. Maybe Ubuntu’s Boot-repair program will fix it.

  41. Cannot get the ATI proprietary drivers to install for love or money for my HD5670 on Mint Debian x64. Tried the sgfxi script (interactive and -N radeon – what an abortion in the first case and software emulation for Cinnamon resulted in the second) and the whole video driver experience is misery. Tried the forums too – no dice. The OS itself other than that is nice and more stable – at least on the surface – than Mint 16. Anyone got short, clear and concise instructions on how to achieve a driver install for that card? Please don’t do the typical linux answer of pointing me to a long thread or dissertation on the topic; I neither have the time nor vision (visually impaired here) to wade through it. A quick and to the point just-the-facts-ma’am would be appreciated vastly.

  42. @ Libeth

    Thought the release was slightly slower to boot [than the RC’s text version] by loading the splash screen, but I now reckon I was just imagining that (possibly the reverse is true). I’ll stop-watch both methods in the morning to see which is swiftest. Real reason is that I’m an old-timer and just like to see what’s happening; I feel cheated when it’s masked from me! 😀 😀

  43. Addendum:

    Software Manager is a complete mess. dpkg errors on almost every install of apps like inkscape, avidemux, you name it. Not at all pretty.

  44. Too bad it doesn’t work on my old laptop. It produces a long recursive list of errors:

    error reading /lib/udev/hwdb.bin: No such directory
    load module index
    unload module index

    Then after about 3 seconds of recursive error, generates:

    This Debian Live image failed to boot.

    Pleasefile a bug against the ‘live-boot’ package or email the Debian Live mailing list at , making sure to note the exact version, name and distribution of the image you were attempting to boot.

    The file /boot.log contains some debugging information but booting with the debug command-line parameter will greatly increase its verbosity which is extremely useful when diagnosing issues.

    live-boot will not start a shell. The error message was:

    Unable to find a medium containing a live file system
    modprobe: module ehci-orion not found in modules.dep

    /bin/sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off

    This was from compatibility mode as it won’t load at all on normal boot mode.

  45. Wow! So many comments already!

    One more time Thank you Linux Mint Team.

    I think I will get my main pc installed with LMDE. Battery usage will decide it!

  46. anyone can help me with samba? i’m newbie try use this LMDE, i’ll try use old config from mint 13 cinnamon, but not working in LMDE

  47. @ roj (post 73) I also had a dpkg message when trying to install Wine (and the installation didn’t complete; there were no Wine icons added to the menu). I rebooted and tried again; this time it worked, okay (and no dpkg error messages).

    The only other things I’d installed (prior to installing Wine) were PuTTY (SSH client), Leia (a UPnP control point), Linn Konfig (a Mono based tool for configuring Linn music players) and a few minor apt-get things like htop. None of these resulted in a dpkg error message being created and I’d rebooted the machine between installing them and attempting to install Wine, so it is quite puzzling why Wine cause a problem the first time I’d tried it, but not so the second time I did it (as nothing changed between the two other than the second time was immediately after a reboot, so unlike the first attempt, nothing else – Firefox, etc, had been opened and closed).

    Anyhow, after the odd dpkg installation issue (and sorting it via a reboot), I’ve just used the MP3TAG application (good Windows based tool for tagging music files) and thus Wine looks to be working well.


  48. LMDE 201403 is still working quite well from a fast, SanDisk USBkey, but sgfxi is so far failing to connect and download the accelerated graphics driver from the site, simply timing out and failing after repeated automatic Retry attempts.
    I will keep trying to get it to work but an old-fashioned driver plus dependencies would probably make life a bit easier?

  49. @Briain, roj: dpkg stuff in Software Manager is probably caused by mintUpdate checking for updates in parallel. You need to wait a little, the issue will go away when mintUpdate finishes its work and APT won’t be busy anymore.

  50. Makes good sense; I likely only waited a few seconds, but next time, I’ll give it a minute to sort itself out. Thanks for the tip!

  51. to Bruce R…

    That sounds like a problem with your network or Nvidia’s server was down temporarily.

    Running SGFXI was flawless for me and had to reboot twice to completed the job.

  52. Thank you, Clem and Mint Team for all your hard work. I’ve been using LMDE (xfce) since 2011 and it’s been my main OS at home. It’s the “Linux” I show off to friends and family.

    I have a new laptop arriving in a few days and I can’t wait to try/install it on new hardware. I’m still too busy with other things, but I think I can set aside a couple hours to play around with the new LMDE.

    I know Clem talked about this in the past, but I still think LMDE has more users than they realize. For one thing, if they’re counting linuxmint’s debian homepage hits, well, LMDE users are “advanced” enough to change their homepage or not use one at all (leaving all their tabs open). And of course, one download can install on multiple computers or placed on multiple USB sticks.

    Thanks again for all the updates and the new set of ISOs. =)

  53. Thank you, Clement and Team, for that wonderful job you have done. I have used LMDE about 18 months already, and all my family uses exclusively that same OS. I have “lured” about 10 users to LMDE already. That thank goes to Debian as well – of course. (LMDE amd64 Cinnamon)

  54. LMDE2014 livedvd will not work with my external hdd. Mint13 livedvd works fine. Both livedvd are 32 bits. Ext hdd is WD Elements 3TB USB3/2 with 4 primary partitions, the biggest is 1,5TB. Computer: Lenovo A57, Intel E5200 x2, RAM 3GB, USB2.

  55. LMDE 2014 03 is great. The only problem i heve is there is no sound in wine. wine installed fine on 2104 03 but no sound. what can i do to fix this?

  56. Thanks to Clem and the team. LMDE-64bit works fine on our Dell M5040 laptop apart from giving a set of loud beeps at shutdown. One other thing was that, I couldn’t find a way of editing the format options as I prefer to keep the /home partition. However, I went with default option shown ie format / with ext4 with a blank for the /home partition with no problems. Downloading Skype from their site worked fine, too. Thanks again.

  57. I have accidentally upgraded gtk 3.8 used in LMDE with 3.10 from Testing. Any idea how can I downgrade it?

  58. FWIW, after a brief setup, I went with the real Debian Linux instead.
    Thanks to Clem however for bringing Debian to Mint.
    But the original is still the best if you want Debian.
    IMHO of course.

  59. Thanks for the hard work.

    I’ve installed last week the RC version, and made dist-upgrade. Are there any other differences to this final version?

    Also, I have a problem with the python-smbc package, as I cannot install it, and so I cannot add any windows shared printers:

    aptitude install python-smbc
    No candidate version found for python-smbc
    No candidate version found for python-smbc
    No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.
    0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Need to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 0 B will be used.

    Again, thanks for the hard work!!!

  60. Hi

    @ Thomas: See posts 49 and 146 (the latter being my post) on the LMDE RC page ( I had the multiple instances of Caja issue whenever I emptied the desktop ‘waste bin’ in RC 64-bit Mate version; it’s the reason I gave up and moved to the Cinnamon version of 64-bit LMDE (which is working flawlessly).

    Bri 🙂

  61. But this is not good. I think this bug is somewhere with new ISOs, because with my old LMDE there is no problems. Old LMDE was installed from previous ISO. And previous LMDE was pointed to Debian testing.

  62. All I can say is Thank You. I only use Intel, including graphics. I only use 32 bit Mate. I installed LMDE RC last week and am both happy and impressed.

    The “only” comment I can offer is to have a good instructional installation video published as an installation guide. I did find an old one on youtube – which may be sufficient.

    I am thankful for Clem and his crew for allowing us to secure our desktop OS future.

    Jack H.

  63. I have been waiting for this is a long time to put on my media server home and now am very happy very clean and beautiful. I hope to see a Enlightenment edition that i can run on my laptop..

    Thanks a million great work

  64. I installed LMDE Mate, with success. All is ok, BUT could write in japanese… installation and setup are working for ibus-anthy and I can change the icon in the systray… maybe there is some problem with keyboard configuration??

  65. Hi,
    I created an live USB with LMDE 201403, and it boots succesfully. After installing LMDE 64bit Cinnamon (replacing my Mint 16 Cinnamon installation on sda1), the installation ends with a warning that the bootloader can’t be properly configured. It should have been installed on /dev/sda. I tried to manually install grub, but I did not succeed. Does anyone know what could be wrong

  66. AT LAST!!! 😀 i have always perferd Linux Mint on the debian based Dist’s 🙂 but i always had the small iritaded feeling that i have been running Ubuntu in the “core” of my Minty Linux. this is GREATE NEW!!

    feeeeels so much better knowing that i can install and use Mint and know iam not running in a pimped out Ubuntu..

    i know, i know its not that mature of me, but i rely dont like Ubuntu at all…. cant put my finger on why… but as i said, GREATE NEWS!!!

    will download and install LMDE sooon 🙂

    btw, is there any way Linux Mint can do this with RedHat also, Like Fedora? or will Red Hat denie Linux Mint people to do a OS based on RedHat Fedora?

    i like Fedora cuz i work alot with RedHat and CentOS servers, almost 90% of knowledge with Linux and Linux commands are within RedHat based OS.. i never get used to or rembeber the proper “debian” commandlines, for example “sudo apt-get update”, “sudo apt-get samba” 😛 but i have noticed Linux Mint have been more compatibility with different types of HardWare.

    for ex. i can get my AMD GPU drivers to work proplery in Mint, but not in Fedora 20 🙁 my GPU-Hardware is HF7950 in Crossfire config.

    but still iam n00b in general regarding Linux compared to all of you people on this community. and most of my knowledge in Linux is RHEL and CentOS for server use in different setup’s and working task’s

    so this news about Linux Mint-DE made me happy, but LMRH would be epic 😀

  67. First off, THANK YOU for LMDE. It has proved to be my personal favorite Distro thus far from all tried over the years. It works great on my laptop hardware especially w/ integrated CPU/GPU and i appreciate the Minty Freshness that Debian gets from this project of yours.

    Not only do i use LMDE daily, but i’m also often found both letting other users know how much i enjoy it & prefer it, as well as noting how many articles written appearing online seem to entirely miss LMDE’s existence entirely, even when specifically writing about Linux Mint.

    I prefer Debian. I love Mint. I have used & got sick of Ubuntu over the years, issues with constant breakage of packages, failed upgrades, etc. When i made the decision to switch to a Debian distro, i tried many. LMDE quickly stood out as being the best suited for me, my hardware & desired experience. *Especially MATE Desktop, which LMDE works great with on my laptop.

    So, Now i see tons of articles appearing online in response to Clem’s #27 response here, saying LMDE is doomed… It’s not going to survive because of a lack of user base, adoption, resources, etc.

    What i’d like to point out is simply this:

    If people forget, neglect LMDE existing in nearly every single article written about the TOP LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS, how DOES THIS AFFECT USER ADOPTION? The techies online that preach about Mint, Neglect LMDE & now hype its demise i believe are largely to blame for lack of user adoption.

    LMDE isn’t difficult, it’s not buggy, in fact i’ve found it far more stable than Ubuntu Mint even with added repo’s such as KXStudio. This is reality.

    I sincerely hope that the response Clem gave which people have neglected to acknowledge re: LMDE : “holds strategic interests (in the eventuality of a complete departure from Ubuntu for instance)” is indeed the case.

    Maybe instead of writing about the demise of LMDE, more Linux afficionado’s could actually write about it to begin with.. and then collectively decide if it’s user adoption is failing. In my view, they are the issue here, not Clem, not the Linux Mint Team.

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind, i feel strongly on this. LMDE is my choice of distro and i’d sorely miss it if it were given up on. Hang in there, keep up the great work & know that some of us out there are praising your work daily on LMDE. 🙂

  68. @Monsta
    I just checked MD5 and they matched.

    Probably it’s because I booted it via USB Flash Drive?
    I’m using YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator. I’ve have no problem with YUMI with Fedora, Ubuntu and LM Main. It’s the first time I got problem with it, with LMDE.

    Perhaps I should I save it as Debian image instead of Linux Mint one.

  69. Thanks, Clem, for this new UP. Not yet installed, but can’t wait 🙂
    I’ve been using LMDE since 2 years now, and it’s my favorite distro, from far. I really appreciate the “semi-rolling” and yet very stable scheme ! Hope it’ll enjoy a long and more and more popular life !

  70. @KenWeiLL I too had problems with a USB boot created using YUMI. It’s a fault in YUMI, I think. I used “Universal USB Installer” instead (single distro on the USB).

  71. I use LMDE from UP7 and Ubuntu base.
    I built Japanese Linux Mint site, but a reaction is good.
    Thank you for having member release a splendid thing!

    There is the movement that I install LMDE 201403(Cinnamon) newly and am worried about.
    A sound of the failure comes out by shut down.
    The item is displayed with “VirtualBox”.
    The machine which installed LMDE is true environment and does not install VirtualBox.

    I installed 201403 RC before, but this problem occurred from time.
    This thought that it would be settled in an official version by a rudimentary problem.
    However, I leave it by comment because solution was not considered to be it.

    I will expect it to released Ubuntu base in future.
    Probably this should have a big effect to Japan!

  72. in first tanks for new lmde

    perhaps a bug ? :
    cinnamon crash when two screens are connected
    -> disable mirror mode
    -> apply
    -> and cinnamon crash
    if you disable one it’s ok.

    thanks for you help?

  73. LMDE should be the MINT’s main edition, with MATE, CINNAMON, KDE and XFCE. Time to say bye bye to Ubuntu.

  74. Thankyou for this os I’m very impressed. Software Manager is being a problem though, double clicking VirtualBox does nothing, other programs fail to install as something else is using apt (no other progs or terminals open) sometimes clicking install again succeeds in installing the program. 🙂

  75. Installed LMDE Mate on my old 32-bit laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400). The Wi-Fi wasn’t recognised initially. I tweaked the network settings a bit and rebooted a couple of times and eventually it was OK, listing available WI-Fi SSIDs. Not sure why this should happen.

    The other weird thing was when booting from the Mate USB (before installing) about 15 identical Caja windows opened on the desktop, each showing the contents of the desktop. I saw the same problem (but worse) with the RC (Mate). In fact, one time, the Caja windows kept appearing and I had to do a hard power down of the laptop.

    Anyways, I’m liking the new release of LMDE Mate. I had used Cinnamon previously, but decided to try Mate since my laptop is so old.

    A huge thanks to all the Mint team for this new release.

  76. News to Clem and team Critical crypto bug leaves Linux, hundreds of apps open to eavesdropping
    This GnuTLS bug is worse than the big Apple “goto fail” bug patched last week.
    Ask you in this distro be ot not be fixed this bug??

  77. Hello LMDE Team 🙂

    After reading about the GnuTLS bug discovery, i took it upon myself to look for an immediate solution to patching this vulnerability on my LMDE system.

    I have used ‘gnutls26-doc_2.12.23-13_all.deb’ from via direct DOWNLOAD link & installed.

    My hunch is that i should not apt-pin this and let LMDE update to it when this update is officially pushed. Am i correct in a.) How i’ve gone about updating this issue immediately & b.) Assuming i’ve no need to apt-pin and allow LMDE to update to this when pushed?

    Thanks in advance for insight on how i’ve gone about this and if it has any unforeseen potential consequences in re: to LMDE official updates which i assume will happen to address this. 🙂

  78. LMDE has come of age. UP8 was the first one not to break anything. The update wss done using the update manager and all went smoothly. I did do a quick re-install of my Nvidia driver before the restart, but just as a precaution. LMDE Mate edition now looks and performs better than anything I have ever tried. I would say that it is now ahead of the UBUNTU edition in all respects.

    Thank you team for a job well done.

  79. over all this is a nice release.
    using lmde 64 bit mate at this time ^^
    just I cant install nvidia driver. sgfxi can only see my intel card.
    and the fn key stop working in installed version(worked in liveCD), so at night i have to use sunglasses in front of my laptop, cause I cant decrease the brightness ^^

  80. Re: My question on GnuTLS. I found the somewhat half-confusing post here @ after 2 days of wondering what to do, not getting an official update & no direction from the community using LMDE elsewhere.

    I suppose everything happens for a reason. This experience has made me decide to move on from Mint & go openSUSE tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed LMDE and wish things were current, secure & a bit more concise w/ support but i understand Ubuntu is the focus.

    Thanks for the 6 months in Mint Debian land. It was fun.

  81. @n1xtr1x:

    are you sure?


    “This package contains the documentation for the GnuTLS 2.x legacy version”


    dont install if you not understand what you install

    sry for my english

  82. Any truth to the rumour that a KDE version can be expected in about a month or so … I have tried the Mint version but it leaves me cold as I have used KDE since its inception and like it.

  83. @n1xtr1x

    I too view LMDE as the final future for Mint, replacing Ubuntu as the core of the distro. If Mint is to survive and prosper, this is an inevitability. That being said, judging from my latest experience, some rough edges need to be smoothed out still, although I have to admit that they are far less prevalent than in previous versions. A seamless solution for video driver installation is sorely needed and the issues I experienced with Software Manager, while easily explained, simply should never have happened at all.

    Once things like that are addressed, this distro will finally achieve the independence and pre-eminence it deserves.

  84. Does the finished work on LMDE mean that Cinnamon will be finally entering the official Debian sid/testing repositories any time soon? It’s nice to be able to keep up to date through official repos rather than recompiling from source every so often.

    Edit by Clem: No, it’s unrelated. Cinnamon works fine in Debian, but since testing and unstable are rolling distributions it would have to be built continuously. That’s something Debian has to achieve. If we were to build debs for Sid or Jessie today, they’d only work for a little while until these distributions upgrade a critical component and we’d have to make new debs again then. We’re happy to talk with maintainers of all distributions and we look forward to getting more in touch (we’ve had some contacts already) with the ones from Debian. The current situation is that they’re looking at version 1.7, which has three issues… it’s unstable (even numbers represent stable branches.. 1.6, 1.8, 2.0), it’s old and it’s tied to a GNOME backend they upgraded and which isn’t compatible with it (gjs, gtk etc..). They should be able to move to 2.0, they could even use the Mint packaging as is.

  85. Thanks so much for the debian base, no re-install distro. No re-installing is the key and probably the future. Try pushing it more on this point to get more adaption.

  86. Something is seriously wrong with Cinnamon 2.x and the Accessibility Zoom. I had thought that gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom was the problem (clearly Cinnamon is NOT compatible with all Gnome graphics functions since that app refuses to run in a pure Cinnamon environment such as Mint 16 or LMDE) so I eliminated it. However, even after a fresh install, inserting a usb flash drive or random zoom in / zoom out functions via the keyboard still freeze the OS to the point where a hard reset is required. I raised two bug reports on this ( and and nothing happened. This is a show-stopper for me or anyone who uses the Accessibility Zoom function: Cinnamon Breaks It.

    Can someone please address this?

  87. I really like LMDE.
    The only thing holding me back is the inability to install to multiple hard drives (I have a SDD + HDD)
    Once that is introduced, I’ll be hopping onto LMDE.

    I sometimes install to various other computers and I’ve ended up putting LMDE mate / cinnamon on all of them.

  88. is there anyway through which i could install it alongside windows ??? I find no partition manager when i ran installer in linux mint deb ed. would it wipe my entire disk??? i have data on my other partitions and want to install safely.

  89. lmde 201403,
    tried the mate and cinnamon as rc and final release.
    both worked seamlessly.
    definitely the the to go distro for anyone interested in an advanved distro that’s also usable by the beginner

  90. To those having trouble with installing video drivers using sgfxi, whats wrong with using the driver instalation tool provided? Its worked perfectly for me.

  91. @steve
    it doesnt see my nvidia card to install. it can only see my intel card. may be because it is an optimus card?

  92. @garrick

    Yes, sorry for my mistake with what package link i posted. I actually updated it but given the issue being not officially addressed when every other distro is fixed.. Led me to entirely ditch LMDE.

    So, While there’s a somewhat confusing forum post for those who look for it, leaving nearly every LMDE user unpatched thus far, I’m enjoying life patched as of 2 days ago in openSUSE land lol.

    I appreciate you pointing out my error though here so others don’t make the same mistake… Especially since this isn’t fixed yet for LMDE users.

    It would have been nice if you had pointed out the correct way to update though here.. I guess it wasn’t that easy for you either. ;-p

  93. Hi Clem. Thank you for Great work.
    one thing is strange for me:
    as i know Ubuntu is based on Debian and also LMDE is based on debian too, So, why LMDE is not comptible with Ubuntu?!

    Edit by Clem: Some Ubuntu patches break compatibility with Debian. Some libraries are renamed. Language packs and locales handling differ etc.. Of course it’s both binary and package format compatible, and simple debs will work in both distributions but that’s as far as it goes.

  94. In LMDE 201403 MATE 64-bit. When I attach a camera (an power on) via a USB cable I’m seeing the following in the syslog:

    Mar 6 17:10:57 xxxxxx kernel: [40608.120457] traps: gvfs-gphoto2-vo[3805] general protection ip:7f902c3cc0d0 sp:7fff756cf0b8 error:0 in[7f902c3c8000+16000]
    Mar 6 17:12:31 xxxxxx kernel: [40701.884312] gvfs-gphoto2-vo[2496]: segfault at 38 ip 00007f7d5edfe0d0 sp 00007fff3b9959e8 error 4 in[7f7d5edfa000+16000]

    I believe ‘gvfs-gphoto2-vo’ is referring to: ‘gvfs-gphoto2-volume-manager’?

    And. The camera’s sd mem card does not mount for browsing with caja. Not an issue for me since I use ‘gtkam’. Anyone else seeing this issue?

  95. I think adoption would be much better if it was touted as a separate distro (which it is). Promote it on a web page with it’s own domain name. Send a message to Ladislav to start tracking it on separately.

    That’s pretty much it — though it could use a catchier name that can match with an available domain name. Like Mentha Linux (at or MintDeb (at

    This wouldn’t cost that much to do, you know, and would give us a much easier way for the community to promote it, too.

  96. @n1xtr1x

    if you write something about security issue paste always link to the
    official announce or other source

    you can always try fix this on your own risk from debian testing repository (maybe recompiling source package is good things for LMDE, i dont know) :]

    use what you want ;), personally dont need your opinion here

  97. Sorry, in spanish my instalation

    LMDE 32 bits 2014

    -Instalar LMDE versión 32 bits y reiniciar. Instala el kernel 486-NOPAE.
    -Conectarse a Internet.
    -Instalar kernel multi-core y multi-CPU – kernel 686-PAE con sus cabeceras.
    El kernel PAE reconoce todos los cores de la CPU, hasta 32 Gb de RAM y los Atom modernos.
    (Si hace falta, cambiar los repositorios en el menu de admistración, pueden estar sobrepasados)
    -Si no existe crear una terminal de root:
    -Añadir al escritorio un nuevo widget.
    -En comando: gksu mate-terminal
    -Reiniciar con el nuevo kernel, si funciona, borrar kernel 486:
    -Abrir una terminal de root o usar una terminal normal usando sudo
    -Determinar cuales son los kernels instalados:
    dpkg –get-selections | grep linux-image
    -Eliminar los kernels que no queremos, No borrar el kernel generico
    sudo apt-get remove –purge linux-image-x.x.x-xx
    -Activar firewall:
    -Linux Mint trae el firewall ufw, se usa mediante comandos, pero con gufw, gráficamente.
    Si no está, instalarlo.
    -Añadir al escritorio un nuevo widget.
    -En comando: gksu gufw
    -Arrancarlo, marcar desbloquear y arrancar.
    -Instalar teclado virtual:
    -Instalar xvkbd.
    -Añadir al escritorio un nuevo widget.
    -En comando: xvkbd
    -Cambiar icono por /usr/share/icons/mate/32×32/devices/gnome-dev-keyboard.png
    Al añadir un USB, se dispara , sin límite el prorama CAJA


  98. Clem: “LMDE is special, it’s extremely exciting to work on, it holds strategic interests (in the eventuality of a complete departure from Ubuntu for instance) and it keeps getting better. But it does need more adoption and we do spend too much resources on it already with the current level of adoption.”

    I am making two suggestions in order to raise the adoption of LMDE to a level, which it deserves.

    1) Stop undervaluing LMDE! Advertise it! I am just quoting the Mint web site ( )

    “LMDE in brief
    Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.”

    This is an extremely unfelicitous opening mildly speaking. There are many Windows XP users out there, who are potential Linux users after the end of the support of Microsoft in a few weeks. The vast majority of these people have a very moderate Linux knowledge at most. They don’t want to replace XP in order to become beta testers of a “Testing” version of an operating system (OS)!

    Maybe they stop reading immediately after reading this phrase and decide to try the Ubuntu based edition or Ubuntu itself. Ironically such a decision tendentially leads to a less(!) stable system, because Ubuntu (and Linux Mint versions forked from it) are based on the “unstable” branch of Debian, but of course this fact is not stressed ;-). I am suggesting such a wording instead:

    “Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian, which was launched in 2010. Once installed, the system is kept up to date with regular Update Packs. LMDE is especially geared towards users, who are aiming for an operating system with permanent support.”

    Another example for undervaluing LMDE:

    “LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT. Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.”

    First of all I don’t think, that there are more “rough edges” in LMDE than in Ubuntu. And I don’t find LMDE less user-frienly. Personally I experienced less “rough edges”. And I don’t think, that Ubuntu and its forks are requiring less knowledge of Linux, dpkg and APT. One thing, which can really become kind of a hurdle is the installation process. That leads to my second suggestion.

    2) Create a more user-friendly installer

    In my opinion the installer is the key for the success of Ubuntu and its forks. Their installers are almost foolproof. Even noobs are able to install it alongside another OS or as an exclusive OS on a computer.

    It should become possible to install LMDE as a noob (without partitioning the harddrive, there should be a proposal like in Ubuntu). There should be an option: “Format the complete harddrive and install LMDE on it”.

    But I would refrain from including an automatic dual boot installation option. Debian stands for safety, stability and freedeom, and encouraging users to use it alongside Windows contradicts this.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the deeper understanding of APT needed by LMDE, don’t be fooled by the apparent ease of use. This is a Mint product, we’d provide you with the same ease of use on any given base. Where it will get tricky and your skills will be put to the test is when we open up the next Update Pack. At this stage you’ll start upgrading and in LMDE much more so than in Mint it will be important to know package management concepts, to know where to find help, and to read and follow the available forums and documentation. Regarding success and popularity, of course we like to grow, but not at the cost of attracting the wrong audience and consequently disappointing people who might have come for the wrong reasons. If we think there are limitations it’s important to note them.

  99. @Monsta typed: “you’re making it inconvenient by posting a support request here instead of the forums. …”

    Please forgive me for the ‘inconvenient’. BTW, I wasn’t asking for a support but was just wondering if others were seeing errors, too. With that typed, I can understand your annoyance with me since I see now that this issue has been around since AT LEAST… LMDE Update 7!

    FWIW, I did do some Internet searching on this issue but came up nada. Also have been lurking in the LMDE section of the LM forums but again had not stumbled on to discussion of this issue.

    So thank you for pointing this LMDE newb to the link in your #152.

  100. Sorry my english is poor, in spanish:
    LMDE 2014 Mate 32 tiene un error que abre sin limite ventanas de CAJA, basta con insertar una memoria USB.

  101. This is my first time running LMDE and I like it a lot so far. I have been running Mint for years, since before 9 for sure. Loved Mint from the first time I have used it. Keep up the terrific work. This distro is the best!!

  102. Les agradezco su trabajo, pero no pensaba qwue eran unas chapuceros.

    Edit by Clem: It’s not easy to keep SPAM at bay. If a few people get annoyed because their comments don’t immediately appear, that’s a small price to pay. I’m sorry you thought yours were deleted, they just needed to be approved and that took a bit of time.

  103. Hi Clem, thanks for mint.

    Edit by Clem: Off-topic/unjustified opinion removed. You’re very welcome.

  104. Upgraded yesterday, without big issues. Excellent work, thanks !

    Only 1 remark : the shipped html5 MDM themes are not very appealing, and especially the default one, which have a really ugly background … not very important, but … well, would be a simple way of impressing people at first sight 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for the feedback, we’re planning to change it in the next iteration. If you have ideas or suggestions please send them our way.

  105. Tried to install it. Install fails at the “grub configuration” phase.
    Grub is not installed/configured, /etc/fstab empty, no user added, networking does not work.

  106. @Steve (142)

    What utility is that? Mint 16 has a driver tool to install proprietary drivers but I can’t find an equivalent in Mint Debian. Maybe I’m missing something?

  107. Lamento mis comentarios, pero la version Mate 32 funciona fatal.
    Sorry for my comments, but, the Mate version work very bad. The script launching Caja have a infinite bucle open the program witouth limit.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, this is due to 3 separate issues in dconf, systemd and caja itself. The systemd issue was “mostly” fixed already. For dconf I’m afraid there’s very little hope. For caja we’re hoping to fix it in MATE 2.0. It’s the most annoying bug in MATE since version 1.6 (when caja migrated to gsettings) but it’s also proven to be a real challenge to fix. The entire dev. team has already spent a great deal of time on this bug and so far unfortunately without results.

  108. Great Version but:

    I need to install real NVIDIA drivers. Then Noveau drivers pack is too hard to disable or uninstall drivers pack

    without the real NVIDIA drivers I can not edit videos or play games that need the right driver. When I want edit video, the video stop and the system too and need reset system

    I will try disable or uninstall Noveau pack drivers

    sorry my English


  109. On my mini laptop, acer one 722 if i start caja, caja keeps getting opened ? could you please fix this in an update? i cannot work on the computer when a 100 windows pop up.

    (Any kind of “windows” popping up for that matter is very anoying.)

  110. How soon till we get Xfce LMDE Debian back, or actually what would it take to bring it back, and what about minconstructor how will we users get that again.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Victor, both projects were discontinued.

  111. No more mintconstructor?!?!?!? Nooooooooooooooooooo… why? I enjoyed making my own XFCE version and putting it on a USB to use on different computers.

    And I just want to mention that I like the login theme. What I really really like about it is that I can just type the password without typing the username first and without any extra clicks — the cursor prompt is already in the password box. If you do change the themes in the future, please make sure the password is ready to type, like it currently is, or at least have such a theme available. Thanks! =)

    Edit by Clem: Yes, it’s configurable in “Login Window”, by default it preselects the last logged in user so you only have to type the password. Regarding mintconstructor, we just stopped developing and distributing it but it’s still there on the Web if you look for it and it’s still licensed under GPL as free software.

  112. Hello,
    I downloaded the LDME Cinnamon for 32 bit, and am installing it on my laptop. It gets through the basics, but it hangs at the ‘setting hostname’ and won’t go any further.
    Internet is working and I already have Mint on this laptop, so any help would be appreciated.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Alex, tell me the details for your installation (hostname for instance) and try to run it from the terminal (with “sudo live-installer”) to see if you get any error showing up.

  113. I echo the login theme sentiment of Zorro. Having to type the username and password was an obvious oversight and REALLY tedious.

    Edit by Clem: It’s just the way it was designed back in the days. MDM was inherited from GDM 2.20 which itself took a lot from XDM. At the time computers weren’t local home appliances as they are now and remote distributed client/server environments were far more relevant. One was expected to input his/her username first.

  114. @roj. (173) The Device Driver Utility is there on my LMDE . You must have something wrong.

    Edit by Clem: No Roj has a point. He’s talking about mintDrivers. Unfortunately, this tool is only a frontend and the backend behind it is Ubuntu-specific.

  115. @roj

    I’m running LMDE 201403 MATE 64-bit on two machines. There IS NO ‘Driver Manager’ (executable ‘/usr/bin/driver-manager’ in LM16) installed on LMDE 201403 on either of my two machines. I have done searches in ‘synaptic’ and aptitude for ‘Driver Manager’ and come up with zero results.

    If you need to install proprietary display drivers you need to follow the instructions listed in LMDE’s ‘known problems’ link found near the top of this page.

  116. @Clem. So how did I manage to use the device driver utility to install my Nvidia drivers? Or is roj not talking about installing video drivers etc?

    Edit by Clem: Prior to 201403 you probably used DDM. In Mint 16, there’s a completely different tool called mintDrivers.

  117. @Martywd

    Yup – I know all of the above (as corroborated by Clem). Unfortunately, as iterated earlier, the script doesn’t work, at least not for me.

  118. Have been waiting for this !!

    A big thank you to all those involved.

    One quick question before I start download.

    Does 201403 use ffmpeg or avconv libs?

    Thanks again


  119. LMDE is good in many thing, BUT get some hurting times with bumblebee and ibus…
    I had to install Bumblebee for Debian, but in the config files, many path don’t match with LMDE… So I wasn’t able to correct all thing and had to go back with Mint 15 (work out of the box).

    So seems that LMDE use debian rep, BUT seems to have unmatched paths when installed prog.. is it possible? Or did I something wrong?

    PS. @zetaka01 (post 157), thank you for the gossip about caja’s windows bug

    Edit by Clem: It’s possible. Can you tell us more about the paths and how they differ?

  120. The hostname is laptop (I tried different hostnames thinking this may be an issue but not so) I have done the sudo live-installer and it still hangs. The laptop is home use within a wireless network.
    mint@mint ~ $ sudo live-installer
    java version “1.7.0_21”
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.3.9) (7u21-2.3.9-5)
    OpenJDK Client VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)
    Color: #d4aa00
    Image: /usr/share/live-installer/timezone/timezone_11.0.png
    Coords: 679.0 341.0
    Closest timezone Australia/Adelaide
    Color: #b71f54
    Image: /usr/share/live-installer/timezone/timezone_10.5.png
    Color: #b71f54
    Image: /usr/share/live-installer/timezone/timezone_10.5.png
    mount: unknown filesystem type ‘crypto_LUKS’
    Failed to mount /dev/sda5
    Template path: /usr/share/live-installer/slideshow/template.html
    Content path does not exist: /usr/share/live-installer/slideshow/office.html
    –> Installation started
    umount2: Invalid argument
    umount: /target/dev/shm: not mounted
    umount2: Invalid argument
    umount: /target/dev/pts: not mounted
    umount2: Invalid argument
    umount: /target/dev/: not mounted
    umount2: Invalid argument
    umount: /target/sys/: not mounted
    umount2: Invalid argument
    umount: /target/proc/: not mounted
    EXECUTING: ‘mkfs.ext2 /dev/sda1’
    –> Mounting partitions
    —— Mounting /lib/live/mount/medium/live/filesystem.squashfs on /source/
    EXECUTING: ‘mount -o loop -t squashfs /lib/live/mount/medium/live/filesystem.squashfs /source/’
    —— Mounting partition /dev/sda1 on /target/
    EXECUTING: ‘mount -t ext2 /dev/sda1 /target’
    –> Indexing files
    –> Copying files
    File “/usr/lib/live-installer/”, line 188, in init_install
    self.do_copy_file(sourcepath, targetpath)
    –> Writing hostname
    File “/usr/lib/live-installer/”, line 354, in finish_install

    It is a standard laptop which has had various linux installs on it.

    Edit by Clem: I can see the problem. It can’t manage to mount /dev/sda5 because it lacks support for encrypted drives. (mount: unknown filesystem type ‘crypto_LUKS’). Please feel free to create an issue on github for this and we can follow up there during the dev. cycle.

  121. Which Debian distro should I select for other package repositories? I’m a bit confused as to ‘testing’ in Debian vs ‘semi-rolling’ in Linux Mint. Jessie or wheezy?

    Edit by Clem: Jessie, but with care. It’s best to install what you need and then to remove the repository.

  122. Ok I LOVE Linux Mint ( even though I’m still terminal phobic) but I gotta ask, Is the release a LTS? or does Mint evn have an LTS? only reason I’m asking is that I came from Ubuntu an d12.04 was a long term support and 13.10 was only a short term support

    Edit by Clem: Yes, Mint 17 will be LTS and there’s a possibility we might stick to LTS for all releases after that.

  123. “Edit by Clem: Yes, Mint 17 will be LTS and there’s a possibility we might stick to LTS for all releases after that.”


  124. I’ve been really appreciating Mate lately, after spending a while using Crunchbang on my main machine (I tend to go back and forth between the two). Thanks again for all the hard work!

    Question: I have a home file server running standard Debian stable (with Gnome Shell). I’d like to convert it to LMDE Mate. WHat repos should I use and is there a Mate metapackage that I can use to install the whole shebang?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  125. How to update the current LMDE to this version instead of a fresh installation? Or is it possible to do so? Thanks!
    My current version:

    PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint LMDE”
    NAME=”Linux Mint LMDE”

  126. Glad to hear it is a LTS because I downloaded and burnt the 32 bit version, it will be installed on a older computer ( E machine T5082) that has 2 gig or ram and a 500 gig hdd, 400 of which is for Linux, 100 is for windows XP, only because the computer is so old that the only windows game I do play only gets frame rates of 2-6 on Play on Linux or Wine

  127. OK I tried to install Mint Debian, but I can’t, as son as I reboot it says to remove the cd so I do and then it boots to 16 Petra , what am I doing wrong?

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